Beaver State herald. (Gresham and Montavilla, Multnomah Co., Or.) 190?-1914, January 25, 1907, Image 1

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Or« Hiatorical 8oci«ly x
City Hall
■ X K
’’ z 1
Volume J
New Company Is Purchasing
Large H Jdihgs on
East Side.
|«|irrl»l tn th« Hvrsl‘1 I
PORTLAND, ORE,, Jan. 2fi, 11107—
It will doiihllv»» interest the r.-iidvr» "I
11 ••• ll< •raid to know someHdug id tin-
movement* of the Mount IL»» I Electric
K-dlwav, inasmuch as it will likely pass
n-ar Gresham when it ia built. Mci-aii
judge of the real in i-ntioii» and pui |»>«e»
of the cump.iiiv bv its invi-stimut»
Through H C. Col b the c ilnpnuy has
puridiasi-d on the East Hide Is-tween
*.'*),<x*i and fd'i.ixxl in vacant lot» and
block* on East Mark »trie«, whi' heon
Ill-eta with the Base line road Further
to Hie eastward agt nt» of th...... ...
have I h -'- ii aecuring option» on pioperty
wherever |«>*»ible. It is judged that
the eompanv ha» ample mr.itis nt its
I hi ■ k, and that It w ill build the railway
to Mount ILssl. Il certainly has the
most extensive holding» <d any comp-ini
in tin- way of water J»»wi-r Iwvond the
Handy river, where it I»»» bad men at
woik for several years i-lcariug (nr Ihr
canid to its |».wvr-plant site ut the
month of Bull Run.
According to Attorney 'I 'I Mi'ler.
one of the promuti r of the enterprioe,
it has more than * Kl. ikiii hor»v |«iwer ;
or rather, that it can dvveliqs- tli»t
iiiui'li |»-wi-r at its station, with which
to operate it* cars to Mount ll*»»l Just
who are financing the i literprla»- is not
known. H C. Cobb, a conaerative and
■iM-v'-safill I’oitland Imsine-S man, is in­
terested and i» i-oiidiii ting its real «•»•
late negoUi'tions.
Cuiistruelioii of this road is of u-t
i tn I»>r t a i>e<- to Portland and the entire
county. It will tie one of the finest
■cento routes in the world, and will
mean more for Multnomah county than
will even lie conj«mture<l. The aiuasi'ig
feature is that such lailwayhas not la i n
limit years ago, or that the <>. W I’..
whl<;ii baa a huu Cazadero lu»* not liwilt
tliia Mount ILssl railway.
reaching into a virgin district it will tap
the grandest country on tlx- earth, and
make it |»>»sil>l» for tourists coming to
Oregon to reach tie- fool "f Mount H<«»1
in C'liitort ami without loss of time.
Di»eo»enng Pike'» Peak.
They have been making quit* a liai
In Colorado •tils summer over tin- dis
covery of I'lke's peak, as though It
had lieen a hard tlilug to do.
While It la true that It would have
remnliieil i>mll«covei*<l aa yet In Its
grandeur Mid loneliness If sotue one
hadn't lin| pr’icd nrouiid. still the vu
Ihuslnsts ■•■oiilil hardly claim that dm-
covering It was its dlttlenlt u task a»
findlug n •,ei»!|ii In n bayntack.
The tu> iiutalii hadu't crun led lu a
bole, unr ras It Id dug I m -M ii U ii sage­
hush wh«n Pike li>ip!>eiied along. A*
we understand It, It was standing
Its lui»e waiting to lu- dis
Great redit Is doubtless du» to thv
Intrepid explorer» who hriiHlinl pnsl
th<* Incjann nini took thia grand ohi
iuountii.n In ■ mt of the cnhl. Imi «1111 a
abort flighted
man w atild have to
w ho t- mid pllsH It without UOtiglllg
•ometbiOg. It I* oo very, very obvious.
Number 4.
Improvements In Swift's Plant.
Seeking Location for Stoic Wjrks.
Sudden Death of Fremont Bryant.
We are Indebted to Hiiperintritl II II
Young for hi* kinduesa in allowing u«
over theHwift packing plant at Trout­
dale till* week Maliy improvements
have liven made during Hie |m»t year.
Modern lavatoriva are furnished for the
men, whii-h are provided with plenty <>f
water, soap and towels and a chlnsin.m
employed to keep everything clean, no
spilling and no dirty method* are al­
lowed, everything lias la-en brought up
to the highest standard of sanitation.
Atwell LAO men are employed at 'lie
plant, and dally kill sismi 1W cattle,
.’tub sheep, andDOft head of bog*. About
700 hogs have ren-utlv been shipped ill
from Nebraska, which is cerbilnly not
»|**nking very Well for Oregon's f.irmvrs.
The coin|sinv are making insili improve­
ments tn t lie phmt, smong I hem living
the Installation of a new ice tnai-hine,
which will more than double the pre­
sent i-i'pHi-itv. They have also recently
installisi ml tanka and are now slice« »a-
fullv lowing oil as fuel. They expect to
move I » St. Jolms inside of a year.
T. 8. Wilcox aud Robert Walker of
the firm C. W. Babcock A Co., Stone
Work«, of K'«ota Minnesota, were in
Greaham laat Friday and took dinner
with A Mever*.
Messrs Wilcok and Walker are looking
for a ha-ation on the |«>-ific coast for a
branch office and yard where atone can
1« work'll and [»»I in readineaa for
building* and «hipped advantagronsly
to the larger cities on the coast. They
thought very favorably of Tacoma on
account of it* central location, no definite
action will lie take' until they have
consulted the home office.
Fi'.m here they went to A*t >ri.a and
will viait Han Francisco and I>>» Angle*
before returning to Minneaota. C. W.
B.ila-ock A Co., employ als.iit 2J0 men
a« workers of atone and the town in
which they di cide to ha-ate will certaiulv
1« henifite I by the industry.
F. B. Stuart, of Stuart A Co. Greaham
and hi» mother, were cslied away sud­
denly Tneaiiav last, to WiMailand, Wash,
on account of the tragic death of Mr.
Stuart'a brotber-in-law Frcmon' Brv»nt,
a prominent lumlierniari of that place.
It seems Mr. Bryant was walking on
the N. P. track near tbe I-ewia river
bridge Tuesilay, going from bis home to
a r inch that he nwneil a few mile* from
town. Being bard of hearing it is
»uppisieil he did not hear the train warn­
ing and the inevitable resulted. He
a a» lifted from the ground and thrown
| on top nf the boiler of the locomotive,
death must have lieen instantaneou, as
hi* neck was broken.
A coroner's inqn> «t wa* held to deter­
mine tbe responsil ility.
Lxiat August the deceaaed lost a son
by drowning. The widow, a lister ol
Mr. Stuart, and three children are left
I to mourn the loss.
Death of A. J. VanJever,
Resolution by Gresham Grange.
A. J. Vandever died at the home Of
Mr». Emily of Hurlburt the 17th of
Whereas, the toll charged at the
January. He ha* lieeu a sufferer for a Oregon City h»-k* i* taken from the
long lime, he leaves a widow and two profits of the producer, whether shipped
J onathan bourne ,
At the ri’Riibir thrrlhif <»( l/’titii
»ons to mourn his hi»». He was bnrie I by rail or water, la-caUHv it lessens the
(«rung«« hint Saturday m I nmi I I
Who»v i-lection I i«t June it* I'tiited State* Senator for Oregon ha* just been rati­ Sunday from the Union ball by the W.
competition b«-tween rail and water
• »t the order uvre |»r«r»«*nt. Thin war»
fied by the Oregon Legislature. He will aerve for the term of viz yea'».
O. W. and Fonest-rs of the World in transportation, and the toll, when
tlif'duv < f the hr» ad content (or which
Douglas* Cemetery at Troutdale.
freight is shipped bv water is direct y
|*rof«M>m>r IxMit had offered 1» oo an flr*t,
issess iole to the prisin-er; be it unan-
|.'l mi id * ¡1 »»-«<>n«l mid |2.00 km n third
lierai J to be Mailed tarier
Are You One of This Kind ?
imoiwlv “B- rol .’ed by Gresham Grange
prize. Mr*. A EiMHtii«’«’» won fir nt priae.
ft is »aid th it there are aomu people
We haw repeatedly la-en a»ke«l, “why
No. 271). That we petition the congress
Many fine loaven of hrvud ware on
don’t we get our paper on Saturday ?" in this country who will go ten mile* to
of the Unitdl States to build lock* at
< ihiliiti«*n.
Ford Metzger wm arreste 1 last Tues­ Oregon City and operate them for the
We confess we du not know. Wv have buy a pair of »hoe», if they can Have five
In the iiltrriHXin. Mr*. II. I . Vail of
tried our very best to get the paper in­ cent» <m the tranaaction. of course day on a charge of keeping hi* saloon benefit of the people.
I vi ninu Start iran^e inntalh d t lie ofliccra
to the mails in time to gel tin- Herald to they pay cash for them, then come liack open on Sunday contrary to the law* of
<»( the grange. ViMttng inriiih-r« |»rvwnt
all it* home people on Saturday. All to the home merchant and a-k him for the State of Oregon. He has asked for
arr»*: M r olln* Manon, II» hm | ¡liver,
the pn|»-r» for |»iints on the O. R. A N. groceries on time, la thia a fair deal1 time within which to plead.
State lxi‘l\ St» w uni, Mr. and Mm. Fred
Co, I’oitland, Montavi'hi, Heilwood, with the home merchant? Why not
Crane, of Rockwood, Paul Otlornr and
lients, etc. invariably leave <ire»lian> on try and treat the man that is doing hi* ■ log did last week, in consequence
teotber. W A. Y * ting, Aili ta. State
A Joint Installation
the car leaving here at fip. m. Fri­ l>e»t to *«-rve your want* (as reasonable whereof there is sincere griei in the
St»*uard, and F. M. <»ill, Slate Iteputy.
day night. The papers for Sandy, Orient, a* j«»»ihle) in a more considerate wav? Kuegg f. roily. as well a» regret on
Clover Circle No. 302 and Clover
It wan a very nuc» * mhil grang«* meeting.
Welch*, Salmon, etc. al1 leave (irvaham if you have any money to apend give the part of “Joe’s admirers.”
| Camp No. 318 W. <). W. held an entho-
1 ji*l tti’E’k the«d!hrin <»t Rramdlville
on the mail car Saturday morning. This
Grange were iiiatallvd hv County l»e|>uty
The ads in this week's Herald are »iagte meeting at the Vl,**jnian'* hall
should insure the Herald to all it» rend­ guarantee a npiare deal and an easier
Maaler IL W. (»ill. J<»lm Wrlbea. in
gathers. It will pay every one last week tiie occasion being a joint,
er« in thi« district on Saturday. It ba*
i installation. Organizer Davidson was
Mi nter, Edna Burrell, Ijcvtiirer ami
la-en proven, however, that there are ad* in The Herald and tell the merchant to read the ail* as well as the editorial,
present and not only installed the officers
Mir»n .hnnina, S«fretirry. About fl fl y
some w lio do not receive the paper <m
of both camp and circie, but gave us at
metiilrrm were prearnt.
that day. This baa caused a g<»»l deal
Mr*. J. H. Hoss, who has been quite i splendid talk on the henifits of Wood-
ut HieeaUafaclion, and must therefore hr
ill, is very little better.
i craft, after which a delicious luncheon
Result of the Cold Snap.
Hi» Bitter Regret
was serveil. Officers of the Circle in­
laHiking to thi* end, we have employ­
The Herald lias had more than it*
Rome *im burning away merrily, and
stalled were as follows: P. ti., Nellie
Nero was scraping away at the unpop ed another practical printer. Mr. Win. usual share of misfortune this week,
have »ent in -a change in your subscrip- Metzger; G. N., , Hester Lawrence;
ular tune “There'll Be n Hot Time In H. Woodard of Castle Rock, Wash , who caused niiwtly by frost. The engine was
Adviser, Emma Manning: Magician,
the Old Town Tonight" when middeiilj will join the Herald force next Monday. put out of business early in the week, t ion a nd it does not appear witliiu two
Emms Metzger; Clerk,
Minnie Clana-
he laid down lila fiddle nud burst Intn
Commencing with the next issue we and we did not get it repaired in time to
Banker, Amelia
Mewhirter ;
propose to go to press on the last form of relieve Hie rush of work that had been
Attendant, Rose Metzger; Captain of
‘‘What Is the cause, your highness, the Herald, not later tlian 1 p. m.
accumulating through the week. After
The Naugh-y Pilgrims.
Guards, John Palmquist; I. S. Grace
of tills suiMeu »bower?" naked n can
■pending a very strenou« time, the force
It is a great corr fsrt to the rest of Iaiwrence; O. 8. El ward Meurer;
tlotia attendant. "Isn't Rome burulng Thursday of each week.
In order to get the correspomlence in were able to get a portion of the work U* who find It rather trying at tines
fine nnd damly and ain't the mlseratil«
Musician, Lucy Metzger ; Manager,
time it should la* written and mailed to off our hands the last of the week, and to t>e a perpetual example to the young
Inhabitants roasting to death?"
to learn that the pilgrim fathers wen- Emil Palmqutot.
"True enough." replied tbe tyrant u* Monday of each week. Correspon­
things coming way again.
only human and -hat some of them
through Ills tear*, "nnd I should lie the dents *t Montavilla, «Jioiild send in a*
worked quite industriously at it.
happiest limn alive, but. oh. there i* many local* a* |«i«ail»le on Monday ami
Secretory Long has been digging
Oil Meal For Horae*.
Sorceaafnt Sheev lloabanery.
one thing leeklug!”
the lialaiicc (lionkl la- mailed not later
The one great so-ret in successful down luto tl>e reconls with a deodor­ Oil meet is rt<ote in the nature of a
"What la It, a few barn-la of kero than Tuesday of each week. Will our
■beep husbandry Is having a well de­ ized muck rake av 1 he finds that some tonic than a feed a« far an horses are
“No. It Is not that. Here ! am doing lanple kindly keep thia in mind and act veloped purpose i s i foundation upon of those whom we werv- taught to re­ concerned, Some horsemen feed as
which to labor. 1 he mm who goes In­ gard ns model clt'zens were only so I d much as one a-id a half or two pounds
the beat I can with tills miserable fid accordingly.
to sheep with the 'Mention of entering spots. And while ns suspicious char­ of oil meal w!*»n fattening horses for
dl(- when I could ndd so much to the
a field where he may practice entch-as- acters they dh'i't approach to tbe market, but tinder ordinary circum­
misery of the people If the photograph
Having your own way Is easy If you cntch-can Is ; ilng tn fall sooner or later. heights attained I y the present Massa stances this Is too much. However, a
find I km - ii Invented nnd I had one ruu
get the right people to Indorse It.
Profitable ah. -p liisbnndry Is not an chusetts legislate -e, they did the best small amount Of oil meal can be prof­
nlng ou every coryer."
r iterprlae that i-an be success fully op­ they could In thst direction, according itably used in every stable. For the
There Is only one tiling easier than erated upon such a basis. On the other to their limib-d opportunities.
horse out of condition it is an excellent
However, if we will look el »sely Into tonic. In using It we world advise
Hornet lines capturing a thing I» tolling flow a thing ought tn» be done hand, the num’w ho. t>eforc he goes In­
anil that la failing to make good when to sheep. Io»ks ah mt himself, studies the Ilves of niont any people, no matter only a small amount—say a handful—
child's play compartii to letting it go.
you try to do It yourself.
hl, conditions. Investigates the de­ what pretention» they make, we will along with the ether grain feed. When
mands of the market and then formu­ usually find tliar they can prove rela­ fed in this way it is not expensive, but
When some men start the furnace fir«
Sonic people lie by Instinct, simc by lates some well defined purpose to con­ tionship to Ada n without nincli of un is a very valuable a Idition to the ra­
cheerfully It la evidence that they ar,
force of habit and some by tin* hour at stitute a base upon which to found fu­ effort, so we nu y throw tbe maotle of
trying to aqua re themselves.
tion. It has a m'klly laxative effect on
so much per. The latter Is to be rec ture operation Is the one that Invaria­ charity over tbe pilgrims, nieauwhlle
the bowls, tones up the system, smooths
An minitcur poultry raiser la a* long ommended when viewed commercially, bly makes a success of his chosen en­ keeping up an mdustrious search for the hair and has a generally beneficial
the lieatn in our owu eye.
I but either of the former from an ar­ terprise.
on ligure» aa lie la abort on eggs.
tistic standpoint.
New Arrivals this Week!
T hem
r I
The Best at
the Lowest
Í fob '
Recent Purchasers of Ranges
The following
us. since January
have purchased Ranges of
1, 1907:
A. Hevel,
C. H. Sloop,
C. Lewis.
Car Salt,
Car Olympic Flour,
3 Cars Feed,
Brown Shoe Company’s Shoes
Rubber Goods, Men’s Furnishings, and all other lines, have been materially strengthened
during the past week.
We can undoubtedly satisfy you all if you are in need of anything in
our line.
Call and we will do our best to please you.
Our lines are the most complete of any in the country.
Our new Garden Century Flour, $1 Sack
Have you tried eur century flour, if not come along be­
fore it is too late. One sack to each family as an intro­
Seeds have arrived ductory order at $1 per sack, regular price $1. 15. Noth­
ing superior to it in quality.
Our line is complete, containing
everything you could ask for, such
as Dining Chairs, Rockers of all
grades, sizes and shapes, Exten­
sion Tables, Book Cases, Bed
Lounges, Couches, Iron Beds,
Springs, Mattresses, Kitchen
Treasures, Dressers, and Sewing
All new and sold to’ you at
terms to suit you.
Gents' Furnishings
Our line is complete and we
can furnish you all that you
could desire.
We ask that you investigate
this line of goods before you
buy elsewhere.