Heppner gazette. (Heppner, Morrow County, Or.) 1892-1912, February 09, 1911, Image 1

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    Oregon I f f 1 1 v i i h, 1 Soclnty
City II Mil
V V.THE io,, :
VOL. 27.
Spring Excitement.
The first free open-air entertain
ment of the season was furnished
a large number of Heppner citi
zens yesterday morning. One of
Morrow county's prominent farmer
citizens drove to town in his two
horse-mobile and hitched the team
to an electric light pole in front of
Thomson Bros, store. From some
cause, unknown to deponent,' it
After More Jerseys.
C. K. Pointer, of Lexington, de
parted for the Willamette valley,
Tuesday morning, to purchase an
other carload of Jersey milk cows
and heifers. He recently shipped
np a carload and bad no trouble
whatever in disposing of them to
the farmers in the Lexington neigh,
borhood, and'tbe most of the new
shipment are already spoken tor.
took fright, broke loose and hit the j Qa(1 to eee the interest the people
pike for home. It passed the Ga
zette office a moment later under a
full head of steam, and about a
hundred yards behind came Char
ley Thomson on the trail, determi
nation depicted on everv feature,
And speeding like a full blooded
race horse. The team kept the
road until it passed the flouring
mill, so did Charlie, but just before
lie overtook it, Fred Crump stepped
in front and stopped, thus spoiling
Charlie's grand achievement, but
Dot until be had proven himself
the champion sprinter of the town.
Accute of Striding-.
E. E. Chamberlain, of Clinton, Me
boldly accused Bucklen's Arnica Salve
of stealing the sting from burns or
ecalda the pain from sores of all kinds
the distress from bnilg or piles. "It
robs cats, corns, bruises, sprains sod
injuries of their terror," he says, "as a
healing remedy its equal don't exist."
Only 25c at all druggists
are taking in this matter of intro
ducing good milk stock, and the
wisdom of this move will be seen
before many months roll around.
Splendid Address.
Dr. W. E. Vaughan came in on
the delayed train Tuesday night,
reaching the church a few minutes
after 8 o'clock, and found a very
good crowd awaiting his arrival.
Some bad cone away because' of
the late hoar. He delivered
splendid address, taking as bis
abject The Two Sons of Zebidee
who asked the privilege of setting
the one on the right and the other
on the left in the Lord's Kingdom.
He emphasized the importance of
looking after the boys and showed
up the tendency of this age.
Foly Kidney Pills are a reliable reme
dy for backache, rheumatism and urin
ary irregularities. They are tonic io
action, quick in results and afford a
prompt relief from all kidney disorders.
For sale bv all druggists.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Cochran, of
Monument, visited their daughter,
Mrs. F. W. Turner, this week.
Pleasant Party.
A very pleasant time was had at
the residence of Mr. and Mrs. S,
E. Van Vactor on Saturday eve
ning by a 6mall party or young
people. Miss Grace invited in
few of her girl friends to spend the
evening with ber and to make the
occasion even more pleasant and
enjoyable, Mrs. Van Vactor ar
ranged to have a fev boys present
also, so the young folks altogether
bad a most enjoyable evening
Games were played, and cookies
and coffee served as refreshments.
' There were present: Raby Cor
rigall, Margaret Bradley, Marie
Hager, Eva Herren, Janet Craw
lord; Ellis Minor, Ray Rogers, Sid
ney Qallock, Marshall Phelps, and
Harold Cohn.
Back Again.
W. T. McNabb and family, who
have been residing ip Idaho, near
the city of Nez Perce, have re
turned, with their stock and farm
ing implements, to their old home
at lone, and will again take up
their abode in Morrow county. It
has been three yearB since Wes
left this county and he has con-
vincea nimseit tnat our section is
ahead of the locality where he has
been. Farming in this county is
much easier, and the final returns
better and more satisfactory. It is
a pleasure to note the return of
such people to this section, and we
hope that Mr. McMabb will be as
successful here as he was in former
years. After all, it is bard to stay
away from Morrow county, and we
shrll not be surprised to hear of
many more doing as these people
have done. 1
The FinisSi
ot Minor & to. a btg sale comes
this week. All those desiring to
save from 30 to 50 per cent, on first
class merchandise are requested to
hurry and buy their Dry Goods,
Clothing and Shoes before- Satur
day, The reduced prices will be
withdrawn after February eleven.
Why not do your trading this week
and save big money instead of
waiting? Buy your supplies now
instead of paying regular prices
later on. - .
Minor &Co. have an established
reputation for square dealing,
therefore you can depend with con
fidence on auy statement made in
their advertising, no exaggeration
or inflated values, nothing but best
goods at lowest prices is what has
built up the biggest business enter
prise in Morrow County.
Publicity Committee Meets With
Grand Success
Heppner Business Men and Citizens Subscribe Very
LiberallyOver $1100 is Result of Three Hours
wont. Morrow County's Resources to Be
Thoroughly Exploited During Coming Season.
Meeting a Success.
Those delegates who attended
the tri-state meeting of the Farm
ers' Union at Walla Walla last
week, have returned and pronounce
the meeting a success. The atten
dance was not as large as expected
yet the representation was good
from the states of Washington
Oregon and Idaho, and somethings
that the farmers have been work
ing for were definitely settled, and
good will come out of the delibera
tions of the convention. This
meeting bandied some big ques
tions, and there were some warm
discussions on different subjects,
bat it only cemented the fraternal
spirit between the farmers belong'
to the union, and will be the mean
of bringing about many things that
the farmers are working for. The
editor os this paper enjoyed the
convention very much, and feels
greatly repaid for the time spent in
attending. The knowledge gained
there will be of use to us in the
Cards are oat announcing the
marriage at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. E. D. Godfrey, St. Johns,
Oregon, on Wednesday evening,
Feby. 1, 1911, of Ruth Bernice
Godfrey to Bertell Mason. The
young couple will be at home to
their friends at. lone, Oregon, on
and after Feby. the 25th.
X is
Your New Spring' Suit
Is Waiting;
For You HERE
to Order Even
Everything Made
the Prices
The New 1911 Spring Samples .
certainly models of beauty as well as
weave. Just the exact shade and the
texture you have pictuted in your mind
for your Spring suit.
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All pure wool fabrics.
With a guarantee of perfect satis
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you keep the money.
The CasH SKoe Store
As a result of less than three hours work on Monday.
the soliciting committee of the Morrow County Boost
Club, consisting of Messrs. W. S. Wharton, Clyde Brock,
ana J L. WiJkins, raised the splendid sum of 1100 as
Ileppner's donation to the work of advertising- the re
sources of Morrow County.
This committee was appointed some time ago, and
the preliminary steps taken to get funds together, but the
actual work of soliciting had not been taken up, and some
were beginning to fear that the work had been forgotten
and that the Boost Club had gone to its long sleep, and
there were even those among us who had dug its rave
many times, but the work of the committee and the
prompt and liberal response that they met with, disproves
such a theory, and adds strength and encouragement to
the cause of putting Morrow County on the map.
Heppner is alright and so are her business men. The
proposition of publicity funds is settled, and ' our adver
tising will go ahead without delay. The county is also
responding, as we understand that at this time D. E. Gil-
man has raised something over $400.00 in his field, and
the towns of Lexington and lone are yet to be heard from.
The following is the list of the Heppner boosters, and
if you have not joined the ranks its time for you to get
on to the band wagon and toot your little horn for
Absolutely Purs
Tfso only tsfdstg powtfsp
mada front Royal Grape
Cream of Tartar
Application for Liquor Li
cense Cause of Lively
Bank of Heppner f 50 00
First National 50 00
Palace Hotel 50 00
DEGilman 50 00
W PDutton 25 00
Morrow Wbse Milling Co 50 00
Gilliam & Bisbee 40 00
Minor Broe 50 00
GCMillett 50 00
Minor & Co 50 00
Vaughn & Sods 40 00
Thomson Bros 35 00
Andrew Rood 25 00
Slocnm Drug Co 20 00
Sam H-iihes. 25 00
Hiram Tash 5 00
WW Stewart 20 00
Oscar Borg 15 00
EG Noble 20 00
ED Brown 10 00
MikeHealev 20 00,
Thos. Brennan 5 00
NE Winnard 20 00
M A Leach 5 00
A M Phelps 20 00
PTHolcomb 5 00
J L Yeager 5 00
WP8criyner 5 00
J W Cowins 5 00
WWSmead.... io 00
CE Woodson 20 00
8 E Notson 10 00
J C Hayes . 10 00
C C Patterson... 7 50
Nonamaker S & L Co 25 00
WO Hill 1000
F E Boy den 10 00
Geo J Carrin & Sods 40 00
John Bresnan 5 00
A E Patterson 10 00
J M Hayes 20 00
Hendricson A Gnrdane 5 00
Case & Dix . . 16 00
Patterson & Son 10 00
HL&VVCo 20 00
Star Hotel 10 00
R.M.Hart 5 00
Heppner Gazet e 10 00
Otheo Crawford.. 10 00
JobnByland '. 5 00
J. B. Hoddleaton 5 00
Heppner Times : 10 00
A S Akers 20 00
Tbeo Anderson 10 00
Life Trails
A large and appreciative audi
ence greeted the Rev. W. L. Air
heart last Friday evening to hear
his lecture "Life Trails."
The lecture was well recieved by
those present and Mr. Airbeart
proved conclusively that be bad
made Ijo mistake in choice of sub-
jects. His delivery was good and
his subject was handled in a man
ner that showed his ability as a
scholar and thinker.
Iu his pictures of the trails of
life the contrasts were plainly
drawn; the one leading down in
the valley where there is darkness
and gloom ; the other along the
hillside of sunshine and hope.
To those who view life seriously
his lecture was more than interest
ing, and after bearing it we believe
that very few of os would choose
the lower way, bat rather the way
along the hillside where we can
have the sunshine of life as we
It was easy to perceive that he
had made a stu.lv of life and hai a
very bro&d and comprehensive view
of the subject.
We have no hesitation in Paying
that it Mr. Airbeart should decide
to. deliver bis lecture at other
points, his audiences will bt? given
a treat that is worth much more
than the admission fee.
I3y referring to the advertising
columns, you will note that the
big sale at Minor & Co. closes Sat
urday. This has been a genuine
bargain sale, and all those who
failed to take advantage of it cer
tainly missed an opportunity to
get bargains. The sale all the way
through has been conducted on the
plan of absolute fair dealing, and
haa been a puccesa in every way.
Yoa should avail yonreell of the
closing salea days and be convinced
that what we eay is true.
City council met in regular ees
sion at the city hall on Monday
evening, with Mayor Woodson and
councilmen Minor, Humphreys,
Aiken, Kirk, and Noble, present.
The application of Pete Eaton
for a liquor license was the means
of opening up a lively discussion.
The license committee reported ad
versely on the petition,' but the
qaestion being presented to the
council, tha body refused to sus
tain the report and proceeded to
yote to grant the license.
The issue was raised, of course,
upon the qaestion of the right of
the council at this time, under the
provisions of ordinance No. 123, to
grant any further licensee. The
license committee beiu? C. A.
Minor, Humphreys, and Noble, the
two former held the view that no
further license could be granted.
Mayor Woodson stated to the coun
cil, before a vote was taken, that
he Would not support the granting
of further licenses under this or
dinance, and that if it was the in
tention to d 3 so he would refuse to
sign a license thus granted; that
before undertaking to do this the
council should first annut the ordinance.
The council then proceeded to
l H. - ...
vine ou me question or grauting a
license to the applicant, and the
ayes and nays being called foi, the
vote was as follows: Ayes, Aiken,
Noble, Kirk; nays, Minor, Hum
phreys. Upon further discussion, how
ever, the vote was reconsidered,
and the matter of gtauticg the
license left as reported oa by tha
litvnse committee.
Bills allowed as follows:
II. A. Emersou, interest on bonds
paid August and October, ?-"m0.2.j;
U. A Emerson, principal nud in.
terest on bonds, !?4,0,"S Go: interest
ou 816,000 bonds, SloO; Umik. of
Heppner, exchauge, J?".f0; E.
Walbridge, labor. $10 UO; J. C.
Hayes, care t f rrisyie-. ?3 f,
Heppner Gazette, nrintine. ?e."5:
A. M. ?lccuni, lumber. 7.;.0; 1).
V. S. Reid, surveying, -J.oO; Minor
v Co., merchandise, $10 50; .T. A.
McCraw, salary. S7j: J. F. Will
iams, salary, $1G 30; U. A. Eai.Tson,
salary, $8.33; Wm. Ayers, labor,
$2; Light & Water Co.. current.
199 60.
Ordinance No. 12.T repealing all
ordinances now on the books of th
city in conflict with ordinance No.
123, was presented and read third
time and passed.
Urdmance Jso. 12o, re'atins: to
construction and repairing of sid-
walks, wm introduced and read
first time.