Heppner gazette. (Heppner, Morrow County, Or.) 1892-1912, August 05, 1892, Image 4

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The Genuine HAMBURO TEA it pul nj in YELLOW WRAPPERS
irith Facrimile Signature of VSIIL FRESE.
REOINQTCM ft CO. Agents. 8am FRA-JCiFOft
Ferbaps Yon Don't Km J
i Invitation to r-.II an-1 see free tc.t. nT our Clinic
;i..u. i to.i i-. M. La(, at -..,
avaiiU, pC8lnii(I),
IM-ll IV,
1 3 our iu
""""i" i,e.-irii or Mir-erf uoiih
or Vole mill l;irlhiiiurk.
plication is Yf-iiuiied. It
Wo extend a:
V'i- till mail oniers same day rn.
If n-'t pi represcmi 'I e trill rein i
Hair Jioul the luce, Js'evit UI..I Arm
iMiuleino a paste, ouiy ati vp minutes
is on wen mi, yutniilil m its e", it. Jt disw.kca mid dei.tn.ve the
Ji'liic.es ol tlio hair wilhoiit ii.us!iKhtestpain. injury ordisiolora.
li.m til (lio Most delicate Ekn. TrU. Imp I'm, ii nn ii...
t'lirstoro flint promote t lie Ilu.r has i o ennr I. Ii I. '..,. .'.,.. .. ' u
!y mw a luxuriant growth of hair unless hereditarily bald. 'Taloneis is n,t a ilTudTcafl.m
i s aindiad. Naluio ciil not provide tlml iro should wear arov..ri..i. tv... ti.a i....... t.-J.
: &Tm (-kin) la nlire, so are the roots, and "Queen Hairier" applied to tho rurface onensth.
..m-lci and give, nourishment and vitality to iho roota. Oco boltlo will cuTioco tho most Elic!!
O' 'ta iiiiTils. Try fr. J'noe. f I .no per liotlle. e. v .Bpncl
UUr.tr APill-uuUn'; cpowuero. rorm) applied to the ynrtt allars f TcMiIre rr.niratlnn
-tur ON 00 LINE" (liuid. pure and haroileM), when applied ,0 th,ikin restore, and braolSca
ttit t."ii.
ion: removea and nreventa lan. bunburo. Kreckles 1'lnn.w i i . .
ii.-.ui.fi orrnnrai ion ononnt h evoellAd. A ain.lM annli.ii.. i...r- ! w '
,d iiilonaUue improrca tlie cotnpleilon Try it; if not delighted with it, return the boi'tland".
will r'-r.ui'l your moni y. One Jiotllo will restore the complexion. Price $1 00 "
Q.igr.M Ton.rr Co.: Your preparation formula! latter a careful analysis), I am free to sar are
harm Wi, and certainly fflcctuatlf used according to directions. J. Hesse H ri M l. i,,,
lteiolt by r.O. urder, KenLslered Itter, or Draft to home office, and mention tbuj inner
Ww-tn i ii-ci w, iittat,, 1. 1 ., vinciNNAT!, O
KI-.I SamMlea ol onr Uoodi and iiow to be Beautiful
(Local Agents Vai
' lent for two stampa.
contD r
Or. G. F. Wcbfj's
Electric Holr DrHs nt
Ijtpliiuces, liz.
I'rolupPin, Chlorosis,
Painful Mfiiikifl,
Sominal W(!iiknC3.T
ElToutflof 0:iuiubiu,
Pulpit itluii,
rural ys is,
NrrvouH Uobiltty,
Slclf Iloa'luclio.
II irnia.
In in iiia.
Kidiioy Coinpteirits,
Ot'noiiil D.rbtlity,
Loss of Moiwfti v,
lipik'psy, t'tt., ot--.
Ii7"Houd for Catalojfuoa and ToetimoxiialB.
r.cntor and Palenteo, Uniiod S'ales
ir.i Foreign Coimti
Tho Doaf Made to Hoar by Electricity I
lnrcntoil In April, XS01, Patented in Jnne,
yet thousands 1'ioi lalui its lluiiili'r.
ful mid 1'crfn l ltcsulb) I
Any oni. dM or yonntr, whoso rar
(3i iini is uiibrnkcn fan lie uitulo to henr
anil ( onvoino in oriltiiury tonos, nnd ho
cutcil hy Dr. O. F. Wulih'e Ulectrlcill
A jipitrutup mr 'J'rontititj Ih ul ni'SH. An
KU'c'ti'ii-Iiledictil Hotly Ilntlery with np-rlimu-os
Inventeil OHpLHilnlly fur treat,
tiifr lirnf nofls und tlio liscmojs which
linnltKM-d it.
yeiid M (iciitfl for my Electro-Medical
Theory und l'rnutire. ttoscribluir U'eat
sicnt. IX piiKeB. Addrea
B. B. BLISS, General Agt.
On Sale
Kansas City, St. Paul,
Lenveii lleppner, 8 n. m.
ti:5U p. m.
, . ,(ll:L'BKW1 Lillnher, 10 lullua of Ueuunur. ttl
what la known aa the " 1
I'KR 1,000 FEliT, KOt'fiH,
" " " CLEAR,
- ?10 (Hi
17 to
r'.wjn.-i i,uuu ILH'T, lUlill llilluil.
I. A. 1KI
ton, Man'iir
a Soientifio Americas
ISii.tn, M"iii.jr iui
W J IT "
ITa t"'
Iltliai,aa Hleenera,
Ccilunlat Hleepem,
Reclining Chair Cars
and Diners.
Hlnnuiors l'nrUnnd to 8n FrmiciHiio
every four days.
For rn it'll ami gciier.il lnformntion call on
Dt'i.ot Ticket AKPiit,
J. C. J LA. WW
Hcppuer, Oregon.
For lnformntion nril frno llandhook write to
Ml' NN Aa.,:tii HuuAHWAY. Nkw Yokk.
Dldoitt bureau for MiH iirinti pat"iitn In America.
Kvory pHtent taken ouf bv s tn broi.ftit before
the public by a nut ire given free of chaise iu the
jeRientifif gmctiau
Lnrcost iMreulntiiin of any selentttte paper In the
world. Hpleii.llillv llliisfrateil. No liitelllnent
nun) should he without it. Wneklv, .'1.00 a
ear; at. fit! six nioiillis. Address MtlNH & CO,
'Uni.ltiUKU.s.Ail Itmadway. Mew York.
Cloae Str.riy of the Enemy the Pirat Im
portant Duty Biting and Sucking
Speclea Must Be Trcuted Xlf1'erently.
Dortlcultural Education aa VIowed by
Emory E. Smith.
At tho Stanford university at Palo
Alto the faculty arranged a course of
popular lectures on fruit and tree cae-lui.-s.
The public were invited and
many fruit growers from the stnte at
tended the lectures.
The opening lecture was by Professor
Jonn ii. Lomstouk on the " Methods of
Cguting insects. "
. "The first principle to be kid down
regarding the methods of fijditina in
sects, " he said, is that eacli species of
insect to be fought must be made the
: Subject of special study.
I "The most important feature in the
structure of insects as faring on applied
entomology is the structure of the month
1 parts. Roughly spenking, the different
types of month parts may be classed un-
der two heads the biting and the suck
I ing. Biting insects can be destroyed by
I means of poisons applied to the surface
I or the plants, lhe sucking insects, when
they attack a plant, push their beaks in
to the tissue of the plant and suck its
juices. It will be readily seen that any
poison applied to the surface of the plant
win not oe taken up with tho tood of
the insect, but may remain upon the
plant as harmless to the insect as mere
Another feature in the stucture of
insects which is of interest in this con
nection is the structure of the orgnnsfor
breathing. Insects do not breathe
through their mouths. If the body of
tue caterpillar ba examined it will be
found to consist of a series of rings or
segments, and if the side of the insect be
examined with a magnifying glass there
will be seen upon each of these segments
a minute opening. This is a breathing
hole or spiracle. It is believed that the
action of certain insecticides is to close
up these spiracles. Thus it seems prob
able that many of these washes which
are so efficient in the destruction of in
sects owe their efficiency to the (act that
a, delicate film is formed by them over
the body of the insect and thus (lie spir
acles are closed and the insect suffocated.
"A know.edge of the different stages
in the life history of the insect is cf
prime importance to one who would
combat it. For it often happens tha s
the insect is much more easily destroyed
in one stage than in another. "
Emory E. Smith lectured on "Horti
cultural Education. "
"Speaking broadly," he said, "horti
culture is a science. We aro yet as but
children plucking flowers by the way
side, while great fields of possibilities
Btretch out beyond.
"In California certain branches of hor
ticulture are assumingproportions which
so far as can be seen, will in a few years
make the leading industries of the state.
" Horticultural education if begun
early would do much to turn the thoughts
of our youth toward rural rather than
less ennobling pursuits, and away from
the glamor of our modern cities that are
so remorselessly burning out the life
and energy of the nation. "
The lecturer recommended that horti
culture be given more attention in all
grades of schools from the primary to
the university. He said: "Could horti
cultural education in its fullest sense be
once popularized it would be one of the
most powerful influences in correcting
one of the most dangerous features pre
senting itself in our national economy,
by building up thickly settled rural dis
tricts and checking the mad rush of our
youth to the cities, thus solving, at least
to a large extent, a problem upon which
nearly every great mind has spent itself
in vain. "
caiino it raves money m cun.-.tructiuii
with the faimer. I craure it favi
lalnir, nominally. So I fear that 1 thai
have but scant sympathy from thost
most interested in "this.
1 tell you, gentlemen, if you were 1.
investigate the matter you would traci
many a complaint directly to the mill
pump. Not impossible to keep it clean
Well, no, nothing is impossible, but it i
clearly impracticable, and let uie tel
you I have been in creameries when
everything, including the floor, was kepi
as clean as a pin, but when 1 put m;
nose to the milk pump, there was smel.
enough to flavor tons and tons of butter
I do not blame the manager. 1 knov.
that neither 1 nor anybody else can kee
it clean, and the only cure is to bury l
deep in the hole where the buttermill.
tank used to be. Surely it is haitl
enough to keep the creamery sweet ami
clean without adding the pump ami
the greasy, sloppy rubber hose, wliicl
is another aliomination, and should b
made as short as -possible both as K.
length and life.
Every creamery should bo built on
the side hill plan, and if the land is a.
flat as a pancake anevated drive can
be constructed so as fnoarsliver the milk
high enough to let it Iiow into open con
ductors; or if you object to the drive
way, why not devise some quick 6ysteui
of elevating the milk? 1 confess it makei
me tired to see no improvement on tht
old slow hoisting crane used today tht
same as it was thirty years ago in the
first co-operative cheese factories, and 1
can understand why boys obj set to hoist
ing the milk that way an extra six oi
eight feet. With small eight gallon
cans 1 would r'eCouiend the following-
nave me weigu can low enougu so tnai
the cans can be dumped from the plat
form on a level with the wagon and with
the top of the weigh can. Then have t
quick hoisting apparatus by which tht
weigh can, after being weighed, is shol
up and dumped into the receiving vat.
ine time lost m hoisting will be gainer
by the whole weigh can being dumped
at once instead of running slowly on
through a faucet. I got this idea from
Mr. Roe when 1 asked him to devise
some quick way of elevating the milk
that would do away with that milk
With large cans, all that is necessary
is to invent a quick and easy way of
hoisting and dumping them, and 1 mosi
sincerely hope that you will turn youi
attention to this matter. Whenever the
butter can bo sold within a week I grant
yon that the keeping quality plays but a
small role, but iu most cases you have to
figure on from three to four weeks as
the lifetime of the butter from the
churn, and although our export is small
only 0.000,000 pounds last year the
keeping quality depends chiefly upon an
extreme attention to cleanliness, from
the cow to the tub, and although 60
much is written about the secrets of the
Danish system, 1 can assuro you there is
nothing iu it but perfect cleanliness and
strict attention to every little detail.
Address of J. H. Monrad.
C. 8. r.flnrt Ofliee. Th. fi.iK'n, fir., .Tune 7, l?.
l'(!iiil,tl:it ha . Inir l)t en entered lit thin niliee
by 'I heron E. I-VII. hlth! .it lii'lnt of .lohliiui K.
I-ell, for iHlhire to comply ulili law m to 'Jim-I
Kirk. J C, Ht'iipner. Or.-
tt.-i.i.-t .htii.- i; i.n n..h
mitt ajt-w-e, Hopixier. Or.: home 11 mt l:ft
u tier; cult lu hhuie au j iM Bide, underbit on
, 1ks7
HUIILUUHT, Asst. lieul. 1'itss Ant.
'.SI WinlilMstonSt.,
Portland, Okkuon.
JStin Frnnolseo
And all points Iu California, via tho ML Hliastu
route of the
Southern Pacific Co.
The (treat hitihway thi-miRk California to all
pointn Kiutt and South, (irmid Heonic Houto
of tho Pacific l ottHt. Pullman HuHet
blee pert, Beeoud-clitBH bleepcrta
I Attnched to express triune, nfTordiiift superior
tu'iouiuiodHtioim for Bevoiul-elnnn paftHenwrtt.
Fur ratm, tukeiH, (deeping ear recurvation,
etc.. call upon or addreto
R. KOKU1.KK, Manager, K. P. KOtiKKH,
(icn. K. & V, Agt., Portland, Oregon,
A BHt.
Catt'e branded and earmarked aa shown almye.
fiuraet K ou right ahoulder.
Mt cattle ranire in Morrow and Umatilla ooun
tiee. 1 will pay $lO0.0U for tha arreet and eon
Tiction ot any person steeling oiy atoek.
' C
Weak, NeiVGUS or iq Fail
It rum some long slanilitm ailment, or feel
(hut youi constitution (nervous system)
ih failing, or that some afllietiou liu
taken, or is taking, permanent hold ol
yon, which you have been, anil are still,
unable to throw off or control, whether
iu the first or last ntnge remember thai
Dp. Greg
And Appliances.
iuuI syatcm of home treatment will enrp
No medical or other mode of electric treatment
can at all compare with them. Thousand of
women who (taller for yearn with complaints
peculiar to sex. have been completely and per
uiaueiitly restored to health. No fewer men
have at to been cured.
Kleetrle treatment for diseases bucr ted, pro
perly applied, In peilect and hua no ood subnli
tute. lhe ii reran Kleetrle Helt and Appliances
are the only ouch in eicteiKO that supply
'Ihetireuu KU-etne Foot Warmer, price fl 00
keepN the leet warm and dry and U the only
genuine Kleetrle Indole.
I'eople ho have paid their money nnd been
cured can tell you w hat hat been done for them
In a w ay that w III convince van. Complete eat
aloKuc of testiinonlalH, prices, etc., lie. Circular
501 Inter Oeenu liuiMiuK, Cliitaijo, 111.
.'lev LI
en 1
ni 1
H.-.u... la. n in. II tk,
W, tit.. 40 in. f In. 11 to.
.li.,lu,ll Him... illn. tn. 91b.
af W !l iWrfiiltv t t tv li ii'oiii-i wtlh 4tmn itiill.'
ltrli, SuMtr.lnn. S.ui m iiftnn itr laruoulKri to
W tiaVMIt "Hit tn..,n.
WftIM XlhaWl'.irj bv "!tlH . liin
I .-rniUt Bl w.irl. 'P.r
tl. lilnek mini A (Vi. itave an esolusfve
Cleneral .Mernliantliae store Stockmen
naniitit do lietter than patronito 11.
Ulackmau A Co., of Utippuer's Pioneer
Uriok. B,
Grain for Poultry Feed.
There are a great many plants pecul
iar to other countries which, like this
Coast, have warm, dry summers, which
are most valuable for grain and forage.
Such are some of the snrglmms. This
family has long been specialized in the
line of giving the most sugar from the
juices of its stalks. Yet there are va
rieties and species that give great crops
ot nne seed, good tor poultry and ani
mals. The stalks and leaves also make
a great amount of fodder. Kaffir corn
is a sorghum of this kind, largely grown
with profit in our interior valleys. The
"corn" lias many uses as unman food
that we do not appreciate. Teosinte is
nn allied plant, giving immense crops of
choice fodder. It should mature ils seed
in our interior valleys which it does not
do East. Judge Samuel Miller of Mis
souri thinks the Sajo bean will produce
more food per acre for man and poultry
than any other plant. The plant grows
in bush form and is eictly cultivated
and handled. The great food plants of
the future for man and animal will,
without, doubt be evolved from the bean
or the field pea family.
rtee. ami Fruit Culture.
Every fruit grower who observes cor
rectly and who has examined the sub
ject confidently nsserls that the honey
bee docs not and cannot puncturo the
skins of lruits so as to partake of their
juices. They have not the tools to cut
through the skins. They simply have
long tongues with which to lick or lap.
Other insects nnd birds can and do
puncture fruits and if the juices are
quite sweet the bees follow in the wake
ot such marauders and partake. Bees
in late summer and autumn, in Califor
nia; and many other insects, birds and
animals are hard pushed for moisture
and resort to juicy fruits and succulent
vegetables for it, Then bees and yellow
jackets swarm to the drying fruits and
grapes for moisture and sweets. Instead
Some of tho Renrets of Siuweaa Which
lie Huh Learned.
First the creamery operator has learn
ed that to be successful and enlarge and
build up his business he must make
dairying profitable to the producer
of milk. Herein lies all the law and
the profits.
lie has learned that the operator and
the dairymen are joint partners in busi
ness, between whom' there must always
exist the most implicit confidence. They
work together to adtl to the' common
fund of knowledge, from which eacS
continually draws without reducing the
capital stock.
lhe operator learns the patron's end
of the business by breeding, feeding and
milking cows himself. He preaches of
the benefits of feeding corn ensilage.
ami snows bis own silo as Ins text.
lie seeds his own fields to clover, anil
illustrates the value of a balanced ra
tion and the truthfulness of the feeding
tables with cuts and diagrams of his
own bias cut com ensilage and early cut
anil well cured clover.
fie advocates the special pnrposedairy
cow and proves his faith by his works
lie buys, breeds and milks some one of
the dairy breetls of cattle.
He advocates the feeding of milk pro
ducing foods, and furnishes his patrons
with bran and oilcake meal in any
quantity at the bare cost of carload
He practices godliness ami preaches
cleanliness, daily illustrating his mean
ing of tiie terms by keeping clean within
and without his creamery.
He gives to his patrons the benefit of
all improved methods ami appliances by
using in his creamery the latest im
proved machinery for the handling of
milk and malting of butter.
That his patron may not despair of
keeping tip his herd of gootl milkers of
Ins own raising, he scalds the separated
milk ami returns it to the patron in con
dition that it remains sweet twenty-four
hours iu the hottest weather.
He watches the markets and sells in
that which brings him continually the
best prices, and by making butter ol
uniform tine quality builds up a trade
with customers who wait for the arrival
of his product
He encourages the breeding and feed
ing of great butter producing cows by
paying for milk according to its butter
value, and by the one and same process
takes away a great temptation hereto
fore in the pathway of the dairyman
and tloes equal anil exact justice to each
Ho studies bacteriology nnd the
changes in milk produced by various
bacteria and the endless complications
resulting from their work in varying
1 have described to you the ideal
creamery oiierator. and 1 must confess
that not ail come tip to this high stand
ard of excellence. Many are striving
to do so. In particular the BalKtak
test is being very largely introduced and
of being injurious to the orchardist
nearly the whole family of liees proper gives universal satisfaction to the pat
are of the greatest benefit in distributing i rons. and many creameries have heated
Corn! lleeanao It Cannot 11a
Clean, S.j. an expert.
That milk pumpl Do you know 1
feel inclined to class it as a worse curse
to our creameries than that under
ground, stinking buttermilk tank. Do
you know 1 suspect that even in Den
mark, where there is no lack of help to
keep everything clean, the milk pump
is at the bottom of the complaints that
have been made lately about the keep
ing quality of the butter. The milk
pumpI regret to say, seems to be very
their separator skimmilk to 1"0 dens.
F . during the warm months, and this
also gives great satisfaction to patrons
and creameries. Address of C T. Den
nison. -
Dadrjr nd Creamery.
In the spring when the calves come in
Whr.t It la Composed of and low to
lui prove It.
The external part of the foot consists
of three parts the wall, composed of
fibrous material so closely laid together
lhat in a healthy foot which has not been
fpoiled by foolish horseshoeing or tho
Implication of oil or hoof ointments they
iresent a smooth and shining nnd ap
parently solid appearance; the sole,
which is composed of a scaly or leafy
material, which falls off of its own ac
cord when it becomes too thick, and the
frog, composed of a fibrous substance
like India rubber, which, like the scales
of tha sole, falls o!f of its own accord
when it has attained a certain distance
from the secreting membrane. The wall
of course bears a greater share of tho
weight of the horse, especially toward
the toe, whero it is the thickest, bnt the
sole and frog are also designed by na
ture to bear a portion, and in his wild
state they- undoubtedly rest on the
ground. The frog also is of great serv
ice, as we have already seen, in dimin
ishing concussion, assisting the power
ful flexor tendon in Hexing the foot and
in preventing slipping.
The wall is firmly attached to the
pedal bone by between COO and 700
horny leaves on its surface, which in
terlock with a like number of lleshlike
leaves, formed by the membrane cover
ing the bone, being raised in a kind of
plaits. Still further, to strengthen this
attachment nnd to enable the wall to
bear the great strain that is upon it, it
at its posterior part bends sharply
around under the wings of the pedal
bone, where it is still provided with
lamina? or leaves. It is thus that what
are called the bars of tho hoof are
formed. A theory is entertained by
some that on account of this interlock
ing of the bars and the pedal bone,
what is called the expansion of the
heel is impossible: but any one who has
seen a shoe that lias been ou some time
removed will have noticed that the heel
has considerable lateral elasticity, as the
shoe is glazed at that part, and some
times even wrought into a groove.
In regard to the material of the hoof,
the opinion seems to be generally ac
cepted that black or blue hoofs are
composed of tougher horn than white
ones, and as the fibers of the wall be
come softer as they are deeper, it is
supreme folly to allow the farrier to
rasp and polish the outside of the hoof.
All he has to do after the nails are
driven is to turn down the points of the
nails on the face of the walls. Soil and
climate have a good deal to do with the
size of the foot. A dry, sandy soil has
a tendency to grow feet less circular in
form and therefore more concave in
the sole than softer clay hind, and it is
of importance to keep the foot rather
soft and flexible than hard and brittle.
Where there is a tendency to the latter
state it is a good plan to stuff the feet,
and there is uo more effective material
for this purpose than cow dung mixed
with clay.
A foot defective in substance or form
rentiers the best looking horse of little
value for work in the cities. Therefore
use a stallion that, whatever his other
defects, is right at the ground. If your
mares are defective there, liy the use of
such a horse you may escape that defect
in the produce. If you are laying in
new marcs, have them right at the
ground, short in the leg, clean and flat
in the bone, sound in joints, deep m rib,
long below anil short above, and finally
bretl from a kind of which you know
Something that is good.
in connection with this it may be
stated that the Farrier's company of
England give diplomas to working
blacksmiths who have attained sufficient
proficiency iu their business. But Mr.
Lupton, of Richmond, England, con
tends for an advance on this plan and
savs that every shoeing smith should
learn the anatomy of the horse's foot,
and- that the knowledge so acquired
would be of great value to the public
and likely to bring a correspondingly
greater return to the smith who owns it
Live Stock Points.
A correspondent of the New York Sun,
who lives in Montana, anil has had much
experience, declares that it is the root of
the loco weed, and not the leaves, that
poisons live stock. The root is slight
and easily pulls out with the leaves
which animals bite off. They chew it
tip and swallow it, hence the fatal ef
fects that follow. The writer. Mr. Sie-
ber, says that every haystack in his
neighborhood contains more or less of
the leaves, but they are harmless. We
have here an opinion that is worth heeding.
Did you ever think of preparing ensi
lage for tho liens' It is tho next thing
to green feed itself for them in winter.
Where yon have a silo for the cattle,
throw a little of the ensilage to the
chickens several times a week. Where
yon have no large live stock to make a
silo for, make a little silo for the
chickens and fill it with green grass,
oats or rye, and feed liberally to the
hens in winter. One writer who has
tried it declares that winter ensilage for
the hens increases their egg laying
powers fully 10 per cent.
Even when the hogs are in pasture,
keep ashes and charcoal where they can
have access to them freely. To a hog
there is no delicacy like charred corn
cobs. Do not feed corn to hogs in tho dust
The hoofs of a stallion colt must be
looked after more carefully than those
of other colts. He is early placed in
confinement and kept there, so that his
feet have no chance to grow naturally.
This class of horses is therefore more
apt to have unsound feet than others.
One man who claims to be an expert
says lumpy jaw in cattle can be cured
by opening the lump with a knife and
putting into the wound a "chemical
compound," the nature of which he does
not explain. It is probably some kind
of a caustic, ho
The Standard of Hnnte Fleah.
Recent developments in the horse mar-
ber Oilture hntry No 27ii-', ilnti-d Nov. 1
upon tlie u '4 . i. and li;Ml'. si-c. -1i. 'In
S il 1M K In Mnrroiv i-iiii nlv lin-min h 111, u . !
tu the raneelliulon ot bh'IiI eiilrv: coiiti-sliiiit I Keeney. KM
aih-KliiB tliut sulil .liMhiia H. Fell, anil his helm, I ac', ,"' "lnba on 1
have lulled to comply with the Tiinticr Culture
I law, mat lie lallen in ureiik or caiim'to lie broken,
i live acres ol wiitl tfiiet u itliin one vi-ur u;.. r en
1 try. or in Im-t hah ilone nothing tu Ymnph .i ltli
j the leiinireiiieiitH ol the 'ItinU-r t'nlti.re lawn,
the nahl parties are hereby suiiiiiiiineil tn appear
! at this ullii-e on the liilh ly of cpu-u:lier, IMU,
f ut 10 o'elix'k a. tn , To respond and liirniBli testi
j inony L-onreriiliiif snid alk-yeil iiiilnri'. mis rat-
terson, Notary Public, is nnlhinUcil to take tes
' tiinony In this case, at his ottice In lleppner, or.,
m iu a. in., jvuKUBL zi, 1.1.
iill-l'Jl John W. Lewis, Register.
1 eh.
! liitin
l.iiir,i,erla:id.W. G.. Mount Vernon, Or I I. on
came i.n , t ml riAl. M.,:,w , , . ft
TLT 1"." w V"1'1 e"r- roianm
.e.i. nuoi. laii'iirn III (iriit .-i.iintr
ppner I r.- H'.rwi .. L i,Dd
and A orrov, uounuLV Ui ' 1,Uhi
LeHley.M C, IVlouuiiiein, Or A trianKlerVwith
.eHMuleftsJmuhUr, ou l;a;:le diamond ou oft
ul.1ei . cplit iu rih . u, . . It ,u lift ear
Ltahey, J W. Ilei,t,nr (p h...
tl. ,.v t r'Kl.t ey ibi ah. a in ril,t ear.
l.fte.i, btepiien, lo-, Or.- Lou left hir
on cut:!, cron ami Hr::ir ri,,.,,
Plenty of fluiir. bran, mill ftvil ant,
ol"p Hlwfiye on hand at the Hepptier
Flooring Mi Up. n
plentifully, make liquid rennet enough ket show several facts. One is that the
to last you all the year, if yon are a standard of horse flesh of all kinds has
cheesemaker. advanced so rapidly in this country that
To purify the liquid rennet strain it what would have been a pood horse be
through a cloth, which takes out all fore the war would be a scarecrow now.
scrapings and fragments of animal tis- Secoud. tlie live farmer and breeder
sue. Then til tor it through layers of must keep pace with this advancing
straw, clean gravel and charcoal. Final- standard or he will be bankrupted,
ly salt it enough to preserve it thorough- H'gh grade horses of all kinds sell readi
ly, dram it oft in jugs or well covered ly at a good price, but inferior animals
jars and put it in a cool place, to nse bring almost nothing. The taste is so
While you keep your subscription paid up yrx
can keep your brand iu free of ehiiiRe.
Allvn, T. J . lone. Or. H-m-eH (Hi on lefl
i-hnulder; crnllti itme ou left hip, uut.er bit on
ritfht ear, iu.il upper bit on the ieU; range, Mor
row county.
AriDtftrunK, J. (, Alpine, Or. T with har un-
iter it on left shoulder of horisos; cattle oaiae
on ion nip,
AUIhou, O. D., Eiu.it Mile. Or. Cattle, brand,
0 D on left hip hihI horses name brand on riht
ahoulder. Hant). Eight .Mile.
Adkina, T C, Dayville. Or - ytniilit mark arrow)
the thigh ami two eropb and a rtht in the riht ear;
horsea. X upside down on tha rijjht lioulder.
hmif?R in (irant uouniy and Hear valluv. PU
adrirBHB also at Hard mtn.
Ad k 1KB, J. J., Huppuer, Or. IlWhoa, JA con
neritMl on It t Hank: rattle. Bameun h'ft hip.
Aycrs, Johnny, Lena, Or. Horses branded
triaiiKieOn leu hip; cattle Bme on riftht hip;
alwo crop off ritrhl ear and upper hit on name.
lilyth, Perey H Heppr.er, Or. Horace Kmnaii
crow ou right shoulder, liariae in Morrow
iileukinan. Geo., Hardumn, Or. Horsf. a flit
01 b'fl ahoulder: caille hhiho on right Bimitldxr.
Uinnister, J. W., ilanlinitn. Or. futile brand
ed H on lft hip and thigh: split in piich ear.
Hn'Tiner, Pwer, imi aeberry Oregon Hornes
br.mded P li on lett shoulder. Cattle eaiuo ou
right siue
li'yke, M 8t C, Long Creek, Or Ou cattle,
MAl connected un left hip, ciop oil left ear. un
der half crop off right. Horses, muno brand on
letft shoulder. Hi'-uge iu Unuit and Morrow
liowhmnn, A Muunt Vernon and Burns, Or.
t'aitJe, A H on right hip, two crops in each ear;
BHino on horses, on right shoulder. Itauge in
(irant and Harney coumies.
Hrosman, Jerry, Lena, Or. JIuraeH hnmdfd 7
on right shoulder; cattle li on the left Bide.
Left em half crop and right ear upper elop
Barton, Win., Heppner, Or. -Homes, J li on
r.ght tlngj, cattle, same, ou rifjlit hip; split in
each ear.
Brown. lea, Lexington, Or. Horse IB on the
rignt slitie; ealllo eauieon rU;hlmp; riuiije. Mor
row county.
Brown, J .P., Heppner. Or, -Huron!) mid cnttle
branded b wit.li ox-yoke above on left shoulder.
Brown, J. C, Heppner. Or. KnreeB, circle
C with not in ti i tfr on lufr hip; cuttle, same.
Brown, W. J., Lena. Oregon. I ionics W bar
over it, ou the Jell shoulder. Cattle munc on left
boynr. W, G Heppnor, Or. Horn, box
brand or r.b. hip cuttle, buuie, with split in
euidt ear.
liorg, P. 0 Heppner, Or. Horses, P B on left
shouldor; eaitle. same on left bin.
Hrownlee, W. J., Fox.Or-Cattle. JB conneoipd
on left side; crop on left ear and two splits und
middle piece cut out on right ear; on horses same
brand on the left Lhifch; Kange in Fox valley,
(irant county,
Caiii.ti., Oaleb.Or. YD on httmm on loft mine;
V with Quarter circle over it, on left shoulder,
and on left sliHe on all colts under 5 years; on
left ahoulder only on ail horses over 5 years. All
range in Grant eountv.
Clark, Win. H., Lei a. Or. Horses WHO con
nected, on left ohoulner: cattle mine on right,
hip. lid go Morrow and Umatilla counties.
Cute, Chas. li Vinson or Lena. Or. Horses
H C on right Bhimlder; cattle same on right hip.
Bange Morrow and Umatilla counties.
Coehnm, Chan., lone. Or. Horses, HP con
nected on left shoulder; caitle, ; on both lefl
hip and stifle. Hange iu Morrow county.
Cannon, T. B.. Long Creek, Ur,--T ou cattle on
rignt side, crop olf right ear nnd slit in left ear.
Our horses same brand on left shoulder. Uauge
in (irant county.
Cecil, Wm-OouglaB. Or: hrsoa J C on lef
ahoulder: ca tie samo on lefl Inn unriditau .
each jaw and two b.ta in the right, ear.
Curl, T. B.. John Day, Or. Double cross on
each hip on cattle, swallow fork and under bit
in right ear, split in left ear. Bange in tinmt
county. On shep, inverted A and spear point
iu ahoulder. Ear niarkoa ewes, crop on left ear,
pu ached upper bit in right. Wethers, crop tu
right and under half crop in left ear. All rang
in Grant countv.
Crosby, A .A., lleppner, Or. Cattle branded "J--(or
H L coi netted) on the right shoulder.
Cook, A. J.,Lena,Or. lioirWH, Wjou right shoui
tei. ( attic, same on rght hip: ear mart square
)iop off left and split in right.
Currin. it. Curnnavihe, Or. -Horsos, a on
iert Btiilu.
Cochran, J II Monument, Or-Horses branded
I 1 tit A ou left shoulder. Cattle, samo ou right
hip. swallow fork in right ear and crop ott'i eft.
Cox tS English. Haidman, Or. Caitle, C will
in center; hurseB. CE on left "uu.
Cupper, H. A., Monument, Or, Horses H C
on I- ft shoulder cattle 11 C ou luf L side, swat
low fork ou right ear.
Cochran, B. K Monument, Grant Co, Or.
Horses biamled circlj with bai beneath, on lefl
shoulder: cattle same brand on both hips, mai h
ander slope both ears and dewlap.
Chapin, H., itardman. Or. Horses branded !
"m right hip. ('utile bruuded the same. I
Cross, 8 L, Dayville, Or l utile bramlud two I
crops and a split in left v-ai; ou hurtes a
reversed on Jett stifle. Also have tlio following
orauds on cattle: 71 on leit hip, 7 ou right hip,
.2 ou loft shoulder, two parallel bars on letl
shoulder. Ear marks, two crops.
Ooonan. Wm., Jeppner, Or. Horsee branded
OU null bar over them, on left shoulder; cat
tle same on loft hip.
Douglass, W. JVJ , Galloway, Or. Cuttle, 11 L'on
right side.swa low-fork, in each ear; horses, li Li
on left hiu.
Douglas, O. T., Douglas, Or Hones TD on
the i ight stifle; cattle same on right hip.
Duncan, Vi . P., John Day, Or. Quarter ci'cle
Vt on right shoulder, both ou horses and cattle
Kange Urant county.
Driskell, W. E Heppner, Or.-HoracB branded
K inside of U uu left shoulder. Cauie same on
left eide of neck.
Ely, J. B. &. Sous. Don alas. Or. Ilni-uoa
ed ELi on left Hhoulder. cattle sama on b,fi
hip. hole ir right oar.
Elliot', Wash., Heppner, Or. Diamond on
right shoulder.
insk, Italph, Prairie City, Or HurseB, K F on
right shoulder; caitle. ou rudit bin. loon-.. .
liraut county.
rieea, jacsson, rieppner, Or. Horses. 71''
yoiiutjcieo oii rignt shoulder; caitle same on
riJ5'!tlut' Earmark, nolo iu right and crop
ort left.
Florence, L. A., lleppner, Or.-Cattle, LP on
right hip; horses Jr' with bar under on right
Florence, 8. P. Hoppner, Or Horses. F on
right shot Ide. ; cattle. 1 ou right hip or thigh,
day, Heury, Heuoner. Or. (iAV .... iFi
(ioble, Frank, Heppner, Or. Homer, 7 F on
left Htiile; catth , sHtne on rij;ht hip.
Oilman-trench, Laud and Livi-Mock Co., Fob.
sii, ji . riorses. Huc.ior o on leti shoulder: v.-nt
same on left stifle. Cattle, mmhm .n l,..i.. i.i...
ear marks, crop ott right ear and underbit in left'
iMiUKt" in umiuiu, uruni, irook ai,u Morrow
(ientry, Elmer, Echo. Or. --Horses branded H
8. with a quarter circle over it, un left ttifie
Kange in Morrow and Umatillacountiea.
(iiltwater, J . C, Prairie City, Or.-On horses
O -O on left shoulder and stjoe; cattle, on right
side. Bange in (irant county.
Hams, James. Hardman Or. Hnnum nliu.li
2oulef Bhoulder; caitle Bume on left hip. Hange
ill and about Hinduian.
Hayes, beo., Lena, Or, Brand J II connected
with quarter circl over it, ou hut nhuuiner. '
Hiail A. B Bulge, Or. tattle, ruiiiid-top
with quarter circle under it on the right hip
ttanue in Morrow and Umatilla counties,
ilmtoii A Jenks, Hamilton. Or ( at) le. two bare
on either hip; crop iu right ear ai d split in left.
Horses, J ou right thigh. Hange in (irant county.
Hughes, Baumel, Wagner, Or T F L on right
shoulder on horses; on cattle.on right htpr.nd on
left side, swallow fork in riyht ear and slu in left
Kange in Hayrack district, Morr, w county.
Hall. Edwin, John bay, Or. Cuttle h 11 on righi
hip; horses sume ou right shuuldur. langoiji
(irant county.
Hughes, Mat, Heppner. Or Homes, shaded
heart on the left shoulder. Bange Moriow Co
Hunsaker, B . Wagner. Or. -Horbes, V on lefl
shoulder; ca tie. 0 on left hi;.
liardisty, Albert, Nye. Oregon -Horses. AH
connected, on lef t shoulder; Cattle un the left
iip, crop otf left ear.
Humphreys, j .a. Hardman, Or.-Hursea, H o"
Vi hank
Hiatt, Wm. E., Ridge, Or. Hon branded
nar cross ou lell shoulder: cattle same ou lef:
HayoB, J. M., Heppner. Or. Horses, wineglass
on left shoiiUlei caitle, same on right hip.
j y, Aiirvu. L.ong v reen. ur-1 (title 1 O
cron mid r:it .
conn,ybra'"' " 1"'t 8,""Udor' lla""' U"'
ijieuailen, John W., 1,-1- Or .-.,
hr,in.l.;d half,, cle JL connected on T ieftehinU?
inaiot, U" hil" """ "W IS
ef hiu. hMT niurlr nV.7l.IIri.!. :?.m
iMijioi, uscar. rieonriHr 1 1
in left ear
Cattle, M Don
righl lnp;horsa M on leflshouluer.
on i len siioidcaShTSon'Selt1 ;r' " '
tnf'Tilin -"a' "'-""reea-olcl marea i
ahonlffer. Pi ""l"IS "m,,U " loft
Tt'SkT1',' ""PPner, Or.-Horeea. circle
nXi& aT"U'1 left "'i"; cattle. on
illiil.lBieii, 1). (,., Drownsville, Or-HorBea
nlcKera.W. J . Mount VerUoti. t)r-Xl on cattle
on K ,t I,,,,, cr,,p iu ri h, h crop itUeft
MeCany, David H., Echo, Or. norees hrnnded
,m Inp ZTJk"a "'e le,t "''" "iri
JieUirr, Fi-Kt'ik, Foi Valley, Or.-Muleahoe
Z, ,T,;C",rk "" t,leuon rifiand node" to
ear 1 1 ran hoi-sea same brand ou left atitie.
Neal.Aiiilrnw. Lone Kock.Or.-HorsoB A N con.
tiecteuon left s loalden cattle aan e on tathlo "
.tT?,?' . W,- Heppner. Or.-Hc.raa. S
with hall circle over it on left shoulder
Nordyke, ii., Hilverton. Or.-Horeea, circle 7 on
le thiKl;: caitle.eameou left hin.
!f,T'u "8"'"' (:un '". Or.-A Son cattle
nl (taiiVci'lunty'0''''''8' e"m" oulufttlliK"
sliou.'Te, I'rrJ'' Lexi,,Blon- ''--l' O on left
;lp, Herman, Piairie City, Or.-On cattle, O
a c.iuuectea on left hip; horses on left atille
and warns on nose, itiuiue in c; ...... ..,.,.;..
Olnye, Eiuht Alile, Or.-iicirsee,inar-
er Clicle eliielo on eft ahoulder nnd !H on left
Inp. tiiltle, fork inlef: ear, rlKht croiiped. M
on left l,ii. 1(11K KiK,t MllB
I. Il'siroilder1'''0'1' li'"'ll"1"".0ri-lIor8eBlPon
riper, J. ii Lexineton. Or. -Horses, JK con.
necled oi left shoulder; cattle, same on left hio.
under l)ic in each ear.
L'at barer .Henry Lexington, Or.-norses brand-
ed Willi a itoiuai cross on left shoulder; cattle
udTlup Ionian cross, har at botuun. on
1". ttis, A. C lone, Or.; horses diamond P on
- - slioulder; entile, J ri J connected, ou tlio
jpfO"P. "oner Blopa iu left earauu Blip in the
1'oiter, Dan, LexinKton-Horses branded MP
(omiecled ou left shoulder; cattle same on right
Powell, Jonn X., Dayville, Or Ilnrsea, J P con.
uec ed ou ielt shoulder. CulUe OK couueoteil ou
lett tup, two uudor half crops, oue ou ouch ear
wattle under lliroa . liauKii iu (iriitit county.
Kicjkard, li. O., Canyon l ily, Or. Jf Ceo left
sliiiinijur, on horses only. Hange Canyon oreek
aiid hear valley, Urant county.
Hood. Andrew, liarduiuu. Or. Horaoe, acmare
er.. with quarter-circle over it ou loft etitio.
Kenniger, Chris, Ueppuer, Or.-Horsea, C B on
letl sliouldei ,
Kice, iMan, llardmnri. Or.; horses, three panel
worm twice ou lett slioulder; ca:tle, D U ti on
right slioulder. Kange near Itardman.
Ituiltn, vvui. Long t,i-Bi,k, Or.-hrHudB horsaa
I. oi right Bhoulder. Kange Urautaud llorrow
jtojse, Aaron, lleppner. Or Hcrses, piajn y on
.eti eliouldur; cattle, Biime brand reversed on
riKlit hip and crop oil right ear. Itauga in Mor
row county.
Itiieh lirns., Heppner, Or.-Horsea branded S
ou the right shoulder; cuttle. IX on the left nin.
crop off left ear and dewlap on neck. Kange in
Morrow and adjoining counties.
Itusti Wiiliuiii, Pendleton, Or. HorseB K oa
ielt shoulder; cattle, K ou left hip, crop oil
right ear, iiiulw oit on left our. Sheep. It on
weathers , louuii crop off ngh ear. Kauge Uma
tilla and Jlorrowc mutles.
lieuuey, Andrew. Lexington, Or. Horse!
branded A H on right shoulder, vent quartei
circle over brand; cattle same on right bio.
hange Morrow county.
llojse, Wm. 11, Dairyvillo, Or BH connected
wu i guarter circle over top on cuttle ou right liin
and crop oil right I oar and split in left. Horsea
same brand on left shoulder. Kauge in Morrow.
Cj rant and Gilliniu counties.
Hitter, J F, Hitu,r, Or-Tliree parallel ban
Willi Uiroveron horses on lefl hip; on cnttle. left
side, two smooth crops, two splits in each eat,
Hange in Middle Fork of John ijuy '
Kocior.J. W Hcppuer, Ur.-Horsea. JC o
left shoulder. Cai tie, o ou right hip.
hni'i'd1?","' J't rW", u,"1"seb,rTi Or.-Horses
coin'ity shoulder; lange in Jlorrow
opray, J. F Heppner, Or.-llorsos brandea ri
'i'l'i's""'"""1 11 oliouldBr: euttle same on boih
Kallicg, C O Heppner, Or Horses braadod 8 k
on leit slioulder; cuttle same on left hip
Swaggarc, 11. f., Lexington, Or.-Horses 2
with dach under it on lef0 stitle entile H wiiK
oiihIi uimer it on right hio. cnn. ofl p...i.r .. t
waudled ou right hind leu. an,.. ... m ,.
U........UUU oiiitccuiu counties.
fciwi.ggart, A. L., Ella. Or. Horses lirande- 2
oulelibhouldorjceltlesameon left hip. Cron
on ear, wattle ou left hind leg.
Straight W. K, Heppner, Or.-Horse. Bliaded
I a ou le Btihe; cattle J S on left hip, awallow
fork m ngh, ear, underbit in left
houSHr'' L' AIP"'e' Ur--Jll-re3. S S on right
siipp. Thus., Heppner, Or.-Horses, S APon
left Inp; eaitl. same on loft hip
i ?,'",".,' J"U U"'K Vri"k' Or.-Homea. S on
Ielt slitle and over z on lett shoulder.
Winer. John, Fox, Or.-M(I connected on
horses ou right h.p; came, same on right hio
mpn "!o,',u.r ""d b" m l0"ear' liui
Snmn liios , riusanville, Or. Horsea, branded
II. Z.o shoulder; cait.e, aula oa left ahoulder.
fciiuires, James Arlington, Or.; horses branded
tt",h It 8ll"ull.lBri oatile the same, also nosa
hi li-. i VK1 ,n,ilorf"w "O U'ltiam co nties.
bk-phe us, V A., Hardman, Or-; horsoe Boon
right snlle; ca lie h. naoutal L cache light side
oiovenson, Mrs A. J., lleppner, Or.-Cattle, M
on right no; ewallow-fork in left ear.
Bwaggart. G. W. Heppner, Or.-Horaoa, 44 on
lett snouidi- ; cattle, 44 on left hip
onl:,'r.,'ou-,de'rklet0n' Wsh'-Ha. keyston.
Siiiiili, H. n. Lone Rock, Or. Horses hrnnded
lef''"oalder; cau aTu
. . u.i,inlu uoumy.
hperry, t. Ij.. lleppner, Or. Cattle V O ,
lett nip. crop oil ' rig'nt and imderbu in left ve,"
Uewtap; horses W cj on li ft shoulder '
lhouipsou, J. A., Heppner, Or. Homes 7 on
tell, si.oulo- r; cnttle. 2 on left shoulder
lippeu. S. T Lena, Or.-Horsee. c- on left
shoulder. eii.
"l ui ui-r K. W Heppner. Or.-Small onpital T
wi'r.'horre-ars""'8 -
Jh.rutou, U. M. lone, Or.-Horeea branded
1 eonuected on left slitie; sheep same brand
Var.derpool, II. T.. Lena. Or-Horsee H V con
nccied on r.ght sl.ouidencaitie, JZ? ,"a Sht
Walhridge, Wm., Heppner. Or. Horees II r,
on the let, sl.ou.der; c.tle same Si iTght hip!
crop ott left ear and right ear looped
Hfh';''",'"1! V" tiHl ur "eppner; Or -Horca
branded Jq ou the left shoulder. IWa
Morrow county. Wl nange
arrou, W 11. 'aleb, Or Cattle W with nn.rt
circle over it on left rtda, split in' r,i?ntTar
StZZSZ bmAd on lu" 8huu"w-
in li-ti ear. Bange lu Grant county
"right, bilas A. lleppner. Or l'itta k.j
ear and under elope , nghi ear. I me braiVd'
ou right hip. crop otf .eft ear and l.?' 1
iuuiue. Morrow couuU'. u.
Wade. Henry, Heipner. Orrr. i. ....
ace ot apade. on loit ahoulder and lrt a;
l aitle braiule,) same on lfr . r. .?3 ,J."f hlD-
ells. A. S., Heppuer, Or -11 onT "'V!
loiilder: can e ame. "orsea, on left
popular with the crt'tuuery ilcsiiners
urn, Dumiers wcanse it eiuipliliee then frola time t0 time M vou Bl, it durilJ critical thlJt few horses come t
pIan?l!L't!L.the creamery pynien, to-itheTer. I cut requirements of th8 market
VV olhiiger, John, John Oay City, Or-On hr.
right hip. crop nil left car and hit in right. Horses b in bolh ears iCi ' ' on sheep,
same brand on left shoulder. Hange n Urnt counli. K 10 Unuit and uer
""uus'ion. I.nther. Eight Mile. !lr.-Hor H on ' thuh'"'"1' J H' Hardman' Or.-Circle C on left
the left shouldnraod heart on the left slide Cat-1 I,,'j. ru n
ISr.' on "ulij'K-xand LS0''?
mi, Monies, u
Bear vail '
Junkiu. . M
Heppner, Or. Ho
Cattle, the sanu
boe J iiq lett should,
Kan ire on hitfhi 51 lie.
Johnson, fcein Wna. Or. Horf"s, eirr !eT on
left em e; cattle, same tm right hip, under hnlf
iTith in ritdit and unlit in left mr
Kenuy, 4hke. Heppuer, Ot. Horw brand. tl
KN ou left hip cattle same and crop otf leit
-r: nmlwr ilnion ih riht
Kirk J T., Beppner, Or.-Horses till on left
shoulder; rait li, on luti ,ip.
Keller, liichant, Blauton. .irant county, Or.
E K in Bouare. cattle on IFr hit,- h,.r.
on left Bhoulder. Hange Hew rallev. i
i righiihigh.h
..-..r snouiuer.
on right
m- HHitiMiin I L....l.l
H.Vrsi iTr.,7ii 'A-u w"r' ""onty. Or. -
rn.rse. t.rai,ilp, V, H. nainiwlMt on lefl :-.,nldw
ftllliams Vase. Hamilt,,,,, Or.-Qua..r cTJ
i JZ"" lhrw;.l"'r- o- left hip, bolil cattle Mil
h'-r-es- liai.ge (irant county. M"
lllanis. J O. Long C reek nn
ter cin-lc over three bare on left hip; cattle 'sW
I T ' i I 'PPner. Or.-Horses rnnnin. A A
on shoulder; Cattle, same on right hio.
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