Heppner gazette. (Heppner, Morrow County, Or.) 1892-1912, August 05, 1892, Image 3

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nn iSK ileniriii the insertion of display ads.,
1 in- cluiiifje 01 Mime, iinim Kut their copy in
not later than Monday evenimr fur Tut'Ktnf'B
million, or Ihurnday evening fur Frit lit vs edi
tion. I HIC I'ATl'KHsuN PL'BU.iHlNU Co.
1. The mim of five cent per line will be
charged fur "cards of thanks." "reaolutiotm of
ri-tij'oct," listH of w edtlniK preHeiits and donors,
and obituary notices, (other than those the edit
or ahull hinmeli ku matter of news.) and
notices o! hpeciu! meetiiiKH for u lmtever purpose.
2. Notices ot church und society and allotlier
entertainment!) from w hich revenue is to he de
rived, shall he chiu'Kcd fr nt the rate of five
cents a line. 'I hese rulea will be stiiclly adher
ed !o in every inpiaiiee.
AdvertihiiiK rates reasonable and madeknown
upon application.
Give your business to Heppner peop'e
and therefore assist to build vp Hepp
ner. Patronize those who patronize
Here and There.
Mrs. ChiiH. Cm-lirnn, the entiuiable wife I BiiE.KlNa the Gamk Law. We see or
KH,iblevHat1.bBiiv.1H,d(nmlUedllHwbe,,,b,oken- is it thns? Is
ii.tl.e HNlum. Mrs. Coclinm left IImr
inoruiiitf for iSiilcm, lu charae of her hns
bum1. It is mid juilerd, nnd nil eynipH
thize with ihe family iu their hllliatiou.
T. K Knl.erta mid J. B Munuitii re
turned from their inner country trip Inst
Wrdut'sdny. DuriiiK the r iihs'enre they
liHve tiiUen in conciclernble of Umutillii,
Urmit, Oook, riliermuti, (iilhuoi Bud
Morrow counticH, nn I e ly tlmt they note
the wheal crop is not nil entire failure ia
tlmt poriiou uf E intern Oregon.
Mepurs. Thompson & Binup, our nisllini;
liverymen, linve jnit milled direct from
Ihelnud of p p. nnd permuiUionp,Elkhnrt
lu nimi, two iiiiKcieR nud u curt, with
InirneBS complete. Uein new, neiit Hnd
nobby, Ibey lire desimble riirH for hint
fliis firm bnve their order iu for a vehicle
lor toiiriMe, commercial, eto.
1". ...B- T n
Lowu bi iu. uiunieniUHi ic uo.'s may
oe seen some counter woik which ranks
with the best. Hie mine In urn beunti
fully Krnined, while Hie pillars, nre ninnt
ed to so nearly resi-ruhle crauite that the
eye m neceivHO. It m all touched up iu
ifold, and reflects credit ou the nrtint, 1
A. r ord . 613 It
V. I?. Fowler nnd Edwnid Birbeck, the
two Kentlemen from Milton ohor-mriM
here some time Rim e seeking a location,
returned on lust eveniny'a train wilb
ineiretteetH with the intention of remaiu
inu witb ns. Mr. Fowler is a photogra
pher nud Mr. Biibeok a shoemaker.
'Oh If I bud only taken this meliein
earlier iu life, what yeHra of Buffering It
would nave saved niel" was the tonoliiiiK
rsciniuauon oi oue wuo nad neeu cured
ot rUeiimuliam by the use ot Ayer's Har-
lapanlla. beores of such oases are on
John Molally s ys Hint Mr Clark, who
we reporieii recently ns bsving a horse
oiioiy cm in a Diirb Mire fence, did not
escape injury. His foot nod leo lel,.
the kuee was badly lacerated by the barb
.1 J. Adkins has purchased property in
tJenpurr, Ayers' niiditioe, and ill build
and uecoine one nf ns. Now that watei
is nssnred, ws will have, many nddilions
iri m I lie country around ns.
L. May, of Trout dale, shipped hnlnw
W'edi eiiny, n car loud of hogs. Tom
Kliea and bam Kinsman bought them of
I. W, Allstot lor Mr. May.
Miss EJna and M isler Sidney Harman.
children of Mrs Florence Harman, of
mis unice, arrived last eveumg from
Oapt. T. J Lngun, of low i, nnd D C.
Ely, of Doiighiss, were in town yester
day. The captain will locate in Morrow
Mrs II dines Hayrann came in yester
day with Chas. Jones, from Mr. and Mrs.
J. F. C.irlis' camp iu the Blues.
JaB. Haghes of Wagner, says his hay
crop was excellent, though bis grain was
oot up to the average.
J. M. Hoy, nf Montana, passed through
town this week with horses, en route to
the upper country.
Dave Hamilton was m town yesterday.
He says bis sawmill is making quite a
run this year.
Peter Brenner, county commissioner,
was over Wednesday from Eight Mile.
J. A. Patters got in from the moun
tains yesterday.
Billy Straight's baby is quite ill.
T. W. Ayers, Jr., for drugs. C8 sw
Kipans Tab tiles cure dyspepsia.
J. H. Ingrah. ni was in Tuesday from
Eight Mile.
T. J Matlock returned from the val
ley last evening.
When in Arlington, stop at the Ben
nett house, near the depot, (jl-ft
Ford, the painter, still "in it." For
any kind of work see him. 81-tf.
R. Durnn hns bis oattle in the moan
tO'ns where they are doing wel1.
F. M. Courier, of Eight Mile, was
Hi ppner, Tuesday, on business.
The Italian bag pipe nnd flute concert
company was with us Wedntsday.
J. W. Allstott nnd A. D. Courter came
in lue8day with a nice bunch ot bogs.
Miss Letba Parker, dressmaker, will
guarantee yon a good lit. (iive her a
trial. 4 tf
l!r. Taokmnn came in from Long Creek
Wednesday evening, going below yester
day morning.
James augues, ot naystnek, was in
Wednesday lor supplies, returning Thurs
day Illuming.
Then. Dnnner end family, and George
Miller nnd firndy urrived Tuesduy afar-
woon irom me pines.
I up Simons & Son still sbne horses
and do general blacksmithing at the old
sianu luniiocu corner. 50.
Urntidma Webb nnd Mnster Robbie
Slott left Tuesday morning for a briel
sojourn nt the seaside.
Kills & Jiasmns are moving to their
new location, whioh has been the dru
smre ror so many years.
"The Parlor," W. F. Ruark, prop., ii
the City hotel, west side of Main street
Neatest place iu Heppner. sw
Ivev. I J. Simmons is up from Cali
fornia attending the convention. He is
ncoonipnnied by his family.
Mrs. Andy Stephenson has purchaser!
n hue Jiarbuff organ from E. A. Freed,
wno is canvassing this oouuty.
A surprise dance was given out at the
'home of Mr. and Mrs. Jnmea Hayes.
iveanesuay eveuing ot tins week.
Dan Osmers and family and Mat Licb
trenthnPs family went out to the moun
tains Thursday, to remain a few dayB.
Air. and Mrs. J. F. Crawfor of Pen
dleton, are visiting Mrs. Crawforifs par
ents, ivr. and Mrs. Andy atephenBun.
Mrs. Andy Stephenson, ber daughter,
Mrs Crawford.nud two of the littleh.lks
called at the Gazette oflioe jeeterdiu
A. Abrabnmsick left this morning for
the inner oouutry, wnere he will try to
dispose ol ready-made clothing for a few
Found Near French's canyon, a Bhawl
Owner can have same by proving prop
erty at this office and paying for this insertion.
Hiyu ketchum whiskers. Halt &
Mathews, at the oity barber shop the
place tn get a hrst-class shave, hair-out
or shampoo. tf.
E. A. Freed hns disposed of nuotber
one of his line Lyon & Henly organs, Mr.
F. D Cox, of Hiutoa Creek, being the
.pin chaser.
J W. Matlock, who hnd been visiting
Trie n da and relatives in the valley for the
Toast two weeks, returned home Wedues
lny evening.
O. D. Allison says that though his
crop is a failure, his neighbors, Hobison.
Bi'dtett, Will Allison, and others, will
have considerable crop.
As y nu 1 i he it. Gray and faded whiskerc
mny be changed to their natural nnd
even oolor brown or black by using
Buckingham's Dye. Try it.
It is reported here that Stine& Stone
intend building a handsome four story
brick in Wnlla Wnllaouthe site of thi
old Siiue House, lecently destroyed by
Newer nnd neater quarters at the
Palace Hotel's north business room.
Charley Jones, the baber, wants to see
hie old friends there. Baths id connec
tion. ''Well, if that ain't mean," exclaimed
the prisoner. "Every durued one o' ihe
stories in this here naper they've gimme
to rend is coutinued, and mo to be huug
uext wees!"
How are jou Axed for letter-beads,
bill heads, note beads, statements, envel
opes and the like? Don't overlook the
Gazette in any deal of this nature, for
strictly fiist-olass work.
Dr. Farrow, consulting pbysioian of
Dr. Williams' Medical and Surgical in
stitute, ot San Frauoisoo, is at the I'al
nce hotel, nud will remain until Monday.
See ad. in another column.
Master Bert Jenkins is canvassing thin
couuty for "Men and Issues of '92," a
most excellent book. He is the sou of a
widow, is only fourteen years of age, and
di-Berves to be encouraged.
Frank Natter, Jack Matlook and Billy
Cowins returned from the Teel springs
yesterday afternoon. They say there is
nearly 300 people Ht the springs at pres
nt, und every oue having a grand time.
Postmaster White, ot Douglas, looking
bappy, healthy and hearty, was in town
Wt-dusday. The P. M. informs us that
H.J. Huntington, the school teaober, has
g ine to North Yakima where be will lo
cate. Those enterprising young men,T. W.
Ayrs and Phill Cohn." forming the firm
of T. W. Ayers, Jr., & Co., have moved
tn their new staud, next door to the City
hotel. May they succeed beyond their
most satiguiue expectations.
As an after-diuner pill, to strengthen
the stomach, assist digestion. and correct
auy bilious tendencies, Ayer's Pills are
couaidered the best. Being sugar coated,
thi-y are as agreeable as any confection,
and mny be taken by the most delicate.
The Royal Baking Powder maintains
its vigoious bold on the public and its ac
tive and apgiessive course agaiLft the
impure nnd injurnus baking powder
palmed off on the peo le. In tbi-t task
it is performing a good work for tojest
Bed unadulterated pioducts.
Taj lor T ompson and wife got back
from Missouri Wednesday, where they i
have been for some weeks. They went
back there to live, but it was too warm- i five-year-old registered Clydesdale
too slow a country for East Konians. , wi1 exehllnlie tor
andcotietcnent y they nre brck bettersai . iBibjuuu , .,j.i-.
isti,d ibauVer, Mr. rtiompson sold his mares rr cattle. For urther partic Inrs
car load of horses ,. a very good ad j call a my p ace on illow creek, three
vantage. He saw the Gnistte back there ! miles from the mouth, or address me at
occasionally nod said it wa better than ! Ariingtou, uregou
From the SprinRfield (O.) llf-publlc-Tlnieii.
There were six men of Hlmlostan
(li sages' tales are true)
Who rather plumed themselves upon
How very much they knew,
And Intimated they could giro
Old Solomon, did he but llvo
A friendly tip or two.
Oue day these men of Ilindostan
Went out to take a run,
And carried big umbrellas for
Protection from the sun;
But up there came a jiaimycnne
WHh forty diiierent kinds of ruin,
lleiore Uletr walk whs done.
And then these men of llindostan
'these men of wisdom vain,
Shut all their big umbrellas up,
And though the torrents roared and poured,
These men proclaimed, "We can't all'ord
To put 'em up again !"
O, foolish men of Ilindostan!
As foolish as a pup
What wonder Jeers till all the land,
While sorrow tills your cup?
And'j'et there nre wine business men in U.
3. A. who have not learned that iu advertisiug--
like handling an umbrella in a storm, to be suc
You have to keep it up.
it Because our people delight in doing
so in order to show our people that they I
do not oare for our laws, or is it because
of the inconsistency of the same? The!
following is the portion iu question : j
"Jivery person who shall within the state1
of Oregon between thd 15:b duy of March i
ana the 1st day of September of each
year, take, kill, injure or destroy or have
pueaeasiou, sell or offer for sale any wild
swan, mallard duok, wood duck, widgeon,
teal, spoonbill, gray, black, sprig-tail or
canvas back duok, shall be guilty of a
misdemeanor. Also every person who
shall between Nov. loth and Sept 1st of
the following year take, kill, injure or
destroy, or h.nve possession, sell or offer
for sale any grouse, pheasant, Mongolian
pheasant, quail or partridge except for
breeding purposes, shall be guilty of
misdemeanor." Do you not think if the
limit of tune was changed, especially the
time for Itillin gro:ise, pheasants, etc.,
say from Sept. 1st to Aug 15, or Aug. 1.
that th;re would be a great deal less of
this law-breaking? By that time grouse
nre grown, nnd were this the case the
law would doubtless be moro generally
observed. The law may be all right for
the valley, but it is not for Eastern Ore
gon, and should be altered at the next
The Election. the election on Ordi
nance No. 51, for bonding the town, on
the Gates proposition for water, passed
off quietly yesterday. As two-thirds VDte
is required here bonding the town is the
issue, it was oonceded by many of those
favoring it that the measure would be
lefeated, though to the surprise of the
majority of the citizeus of Heppner, was
carried by just oue vote, 69 being cast for
and 34 against the proposition.
Ffnuder's Oregon Blood Purifier is the
great conqnerer of Billiousness and Liv
er complaint. Relief oertaiu iu every
case. Sold at Oue Dollar a bottle. Try it.
Delmonioo. B. F. Perkins has lately
opened up the restnurant in the iJchten-
thal building, which lie lias named the
Uelmonico. None but white cooks are
employed, and the public can therefore
ret a good, old -tashloueii meai, cooaeo
in the best of style. Pnoe, 2o oents;
beds, 25 cent 509 t-tf
Gilliam County liaise Fair In Lost Valley,
Oregon, on Sept. litli. 16tli and 17th.
Horse racing, foot racing, and all oth
er amusements that will be interesting.
Free for all h-irse race, purse 815; en
trance fees to he added to purse. A
match race is now entered at IK20 on
side. Dancing iu the Lost Valley hall at
nights, which will afford th best of mn
sic. Meals DO cents.
Everybody come and have s good time
813 It
Chas. SLATE!!.
Two sorrel horses. Oneof them branded
"8" on the right shoulder, likewise on the
right stifle.
The other was branded "9" on the
right shoulder, also "R" The weight of
each was about lu50 pounds
Auvone returning the same to my
ranch at Eight Mile will receive a reward
of $15. sw tf Sylvancs Wrioht,
Foil SALE.
Misconsthi'Ction Under the beading
of "Takes Exception," in this issue, it
will be seen that the writer objects to
fie oomplunent that was paid him in n
reoent issue of the G .zette, by the senior
editor, who, as an old acquaintance of
his, meulioued him as "a jolly old fellow,
but one w ho had political opinions of his
o vn. Now if you will think of this, no
higher compliment could be paid than to
nay that one had firm nud fixed opinions,
politically or socially, and so much so
that they could not be moved or changed
by every factional lender with whom such
a person would surely come in contaot.
Such firmness is essential to personal ex
cellence. It gives strengthjand dignity to
oliaraoter. The world admires a man of
Uxed opinions nnd inflexible purposes,
while it pities or scorns one of vacillat
ing mind and wavering iuteutions. For
as will be seen in everyday life, the man
without determined purposes is unstable
in all his ways, at the mercy of every
body's opinions, as are the waves of the
sea to winds; while one with fixed opin
ions and resolute purposes commands
tbe admiration of the heart and inspires
one with the desire and resolve to emu
late this virtue. Sucb being the onse,
our Eight Mile friend should not think
ns condemning him in this instance, but
rather look at it as a compliment.
James Sqiibes.
Bio Baptist Doings. The town is
choke full of good natured, stout, heallhy
Baptist preachers. The Gazette was
brought up under the orthodox ideas of
religion, and though uot Btrictly religious,
feels at home among these good people,
and hopes their stay will be one of benefit
and pUasure. It is the occasion of au
Eastern Oregon convention of Baptists,
to confer with the main organization iu
the East tn procure assistance for the
Baptist churches of this section, many of
them not having members of means to
keep them up. Some of them are a little
"slack" too, and the brothers hope to
bring them into line again. This sounds
better than doing so much for the heath
en, "Chanty begins at home, or
A Monsteb Rattlesnake Wedues1
lay afternoon the Gazette, was tbe recip
ient of a live rattlesnake, which had been
caught and imprisoned iu a half gallon
fruit jar by Henry Gay and a laborer on
the farm. Of the species, many say it is
tbe largest thev have ever seen, measur
ing about Ihree feet in length aud larger
than one's wrist, in size. Il is thought
to be about twenty years old, though
rnnuy of the rattles were Droken off in
the capture. After being viewed by
many spectators ou the street, the mon
ster was killed by the use of chloroform
aud put in alcohol for preservation, in
which state it may now be seen at this
office. Thanks to Mr. Gay for ihe present.
H. Blackman & Co.,
General Merchandise !
WE ARE STILL bELLLXG OUT our block of Gene'r.
' nl merclinmlise, but to make it more coicpletP, we have
purchased a sfoek consisting of
Dry Goods, Clothing, Hats, Furn
ishing Apparel, Etc.,
Tlmt will be sold al greatly reduced prior s for ensh only. Cull
and investigate and we will be pleased to wait ou you. No
trouble to show goods.
Rustlers !
DR. GRANT'S P!3pi3
Dr. Grant's
Great Female
A Painful Bemindeh. Allen C Mason
has a peculiar pair of cuff buttons, whiob
are sure to attract Ihe attention of any
one conversing witb him. They are of
unusual size, and the material ot whioh
they are made are solid gold of a rich,
dead color. Iu raised letters and figures
is the following design: "SI" over
"3"299.50" Being asked its meaning Mr.
Mason smiled andHaid: "Well, sir, those
bu'toua were made from all the gold whioh
I invested, $5,299.50. I had tbem made
as a gentle reminder." Here ha heaved
an expressive sigh and forced a splendid
cigar upon the reporter. Yakima Bo
Conclave op Knights Tfmplars For
the Kuighls Templar pilgrimage to Den
ver, the Union Pacific will offer tickets
at greatly reduced rates, good for 30 days.
Tickets are now on sale at the ticket
office. The conclave at Denver from
Aug. 9th to the H:h, should be of great
interest to all knights. For further in
formation call on J. C. Hart, agent et
Heppner, or address W. H. linrlbtirt,
assistant general passenger agent, 2.'4
Washington Ptreet, corner Third, Port
land, Oregon. 510-lli.
A Dklicate Operation.- Yesterday Dr.
Gagen, aosisted by Dr. S iuburn, removed
from Ihe throat of S. P. Florenoe, an nn.
natural growth, resembling much the
heart of a small bird. It was attached to
tbe uvuln, the fl-jshy, conical body, w hich
is suspeuded from the middle ot the soft
palate. When Mr. Florence would take in
a full inhalation of air, the uvula being
extended, caused a tickling sensation in
the thicat, and consequently a cor.fih.
It is a peculiar cr.i, one not seen every
Pasti rage. Bob fehaw has a fine lo
of pasture, alfalfa and wild grass, out on
Butter Creek which he will rent reason
able for either borses or oattle. See Mr.
Shaw, at Heppner, or C. P. Bowman,
Butter creek. 513-tf
Successfully ued tn the
general trealmentot
woman's uisea&ea.
PRICE, $1.00.
llpl If t9'mi un(ler
PRICE, $1.00
Dr. Grant's Kidney and Liver Cure,
ror tbe cure of Bright
Dispose, Diabetes, Biliousness, Sick-Headache, and all
juoney J roubles,
ri'ioo, Bl.OO.
315 Front St, Portland, Oregon.
WM, - m$P"- r1TH us i p-
lllMiweTgMBrilirriir1 wnr,rTinrmmrirrrflri-irTr
rv i iii
ft iki
JLbtS-Viri tiuL 'u3L.i iiftj
For Trade at the Head of the Procession
With the Right Swing and
We Propose to
Catch Tlat Maverick
The Frisky Dollar. In all lines of
Dry Goods and Clothing, Boots and Shoes,
Guns and Ammunition and Aoricultural
Implements, there are no dealers in
Morrow County that can
kind mi Itai
Like Yours Respectfully. We are here for business from tho
ground up nnd propone to let you know it.
Baker :: and :: Confectioner,
Fresh Bread, Pies, Cakes and Confectionery.
Made on short Notice and at Popular PRifRH.
B Bread 22 Loaves for $1.00.
O. E. FAKSSWOUril. JVc. E. 0. PPEKKV, I7m Pm. E R. HlfllOr. Treasurer
T. E. FELL, Secretary and Manager.
R C TV f'w J?'Sv
I HA ill AViriAllT I Aiititir I nvir It 'Iviimi- 'nmn.n,.
i - inn l imn! m mm l
I LI II I I II' CAPITAL STOCK, $100,000.00. PAID UP, $25,000.00.
;11UII V 111 V I Incorporated 18S8.
Nee Indorsements i
C'ooper Iip is HHtM find endorsed by the following Orr'trou mid Montnna slit'ennioii; V. H.
DmuildHon, Duyville; W. S. hwl Jiinctitin City; John Jfarrlwtn, Miitnt'v; iiw. Oi-Iih, Aiiiiindu;
Kenneth McKac, Dttyvillo; Joe Oliver, John Iny; J. W. Hyern, New l.iwbnn; I', .f. Moult', IUti-hII;
Cook & Chirk, I'hillirook; Fitirehild A MeCrnitr, Unimver: K. li. Warren, l'tfcn; liiiKeh UroH.,
Lewiston; K. I. Ciiundler, .Mtiiden; J. HirMtlterx, riiot'euu ; 1). S. IJnntiiij'8. I bel ; Jtmu's Kdie,
Dillon; W. Norton, Stewart; A. Downie, liitr Sumly.
ijjwi uiiu ijniini tin iiiaui, iwn ui
Ash Your Merchant for Coopers and Talie no Other.
KOIII.AM) It'lOS. Portland. nrvBon,
Gon. Agts. for Oregon, W'HHliiiiKlou Hint U'ontoi n Iiliilio.
I'mps. Win. COOPER k M'l'iP'S.
Gotrwton, Texan.
See For Yourself !
I have just lliiiwhed Ijiirjiiiiu: a Iciln
of brick which arc ccpial
to the host made.
Leave orders with J.
W. Cowins.
At the Mallory Corner.
Buy your Groceries and ...
. .- '. Read their now ad. soon.
New Warehouse.
U taia and hmtiw tmi
Operating WnrvJiuuHt'H at Heppner, Tone and Dott(htf, on the
Heppner Bruit oh of the U. P. it. ft.
(. K. Fanirwoi'rli,
XcIhoh JotH'M
Kd. li. JllHhop,
K. Frtrk,
J. A. Thompson, 1), A. Herrcn.
Kdwurrl Win. I'etiliinil,
Theron K. Kelt W. K. Klliott,
j. i. foolery, . a. Kelly,
O. T. DongliiB,
K. G. hpiM-iy,
AiiKon U'ritiht,
1'. C. TliotnjiKon.
Nnthnniel WehU
John L Ayerw,
JnineR Jones,
A. li. Chal'tnan.
IT IS the mirpoRe of the stoekholdern of thin company to pomluct its IhihIiiphh In n nmnner
mutually tidvantHReoim to nil wool and u'niln prodtieerRof Hhk m-etlun, nnd to nmlntain th
fiLvnmhle homo market which li lms enltiltllKhed. DnriiiR the coining wool si-mhoo we aollclt
the hiiBint-RK of al; wntil growers and requewt them lo send their clip to the "Wool drow eru
llaviiiK ftilartjed the Heppner Warchoime, and roofed all plntfonnn, we have douhh'tho
HtornKe. eapacliy of any other wnrehotiHe tn KtiHtern Oret?ou. well liKli'ed lor the il!vplny of wool
"The Wool Growers' Warehouse."
First prize at the World s Exposition.
First in Material and Workmanship.
First in the estimation of all practical farmers.
Never eqnnllrrl for Durability, Execution anrl LiuIitntwH of Draft roiiiliin&l.
tf. Comer Mnin unci Willow Htroots, Hi'piiiicr Or.
Is ready to receive wool on storage for
sale or shipment, and also to do a gen
eral forwarding business.
w. j. iici:-.i;i, I'mp,
" " - - ; m
f IIIIS HOSTKLRX luii tnen llErarni nml Kkkpniniiku throughout, bihI now
- is one of the monf iiivitiDU ilnei id Ilnppiier. Air. (.reiser invites jou to mop
with him, fueling that ht: in adle to eutortiiin you in the In et of style. '
r n
First Clas IIousk. Rkasonaiu.k Rates.
Ship care of
For Fruit has Arrived mid we
are in the business tosuppiv you
loo Gream
I rtbout rip. We will let you
know about. Hint in the uenr future.
W. L. Matlock & Co.
ny letter,
J9 17