Heppner gazette. (Heppner, Morrow County, Or.) 1892-1912, July 01, 1892, Image 1

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Take your Babies to . .
DAY . . .
THE PIfOTOli RAWER. One picture Free nf Charge,
work First-Clans and at Living Rate.
NO. 503.
o 1 1 1 ci People
Buy advertising apace because rates are
low generally the circulation is a sight
lower. Circulation determines the value
of advertising; there is no other standard.
The Gazette is willing to abide by it.
Tuesdays and Fridays
At fB.OO par year, $1.50 for six months, $1.00
for three mourns; in advance.
Advertising Rates Made Known on
The "EA&LE," of Long Creek, Grant
County. Oregon, is published by the sume com
pany every Friday morning. Subscription
price, fciper voar. ForiulvertlHingrates. address
Xj. PATTEESOIT, Kdttor and
ManaKcr, Long Crock, Oregon, or "Uazette,"
rteppner, Oregon.
rpH18 PAPER ib kept on file at K C. Pake's
1 Advertising ARRlicy, lit and 65 Merchants
Kxchangs, Han Krancisuo, California, where C0u
t.racts for advertising can be made for it.
J. Oregon 1'resB Association, '2(i Ash Street,
between First and Second, Portland, Oregon, is
our only agent located in that place. Advertis
ers should consult him for rates and Bpuce in
the Ciazette.
Long Creek,
Camas Prill rip,
Nye. Or.,
Htirdman, Or
Hamilton, Grant Co., Or
Prairie City, Or
Canyon City, Or
Pilot Hock,
Dayvllle, Or
John Day, Or.,
Athena, Or
Pendleton, Or.,
.Mount Vernon, Grant Co., Or
Shelby, Or.,
B. A. lTunsaker
Henry Heppner
The Eagle
Bob Shaw
Oscar De Vaul
....Allen MeFerrln
H. C. Wright
J. a. Woolery
...Mattlo A. Rudio
T. J. Carl
R. R. McHaley
8. L. Parrish
O. P. Skelton
J. E. Snow
F. 1. McCallum
John Edington
Wm. G. McCroskey
... .Miss Stella Klett
J. F. Allen
Andrew Ashbaugh
.... B. F. Hevland
S. White
H. M. Johnson
.. . . W. P. snydor
.Herbert Ilalstead
...,V. B. McAllster
Fox, Grant uo., ur.,
Eight Mile, Or
upper Knea Green
Douglas, Or
Lone Hock, Or
Condon, Oregon
Union Pacific Railway-Local card.
No. 10, mixed leaves Hopnner 8:20 a. m.
" 10, " ar. at Ariingtou 1150 a.m.
" (1, " leaves " 3:47 p. m.
" 0, " ar. at Heppner 7:0u p. m. daily
except Sunday.
East bound, main line ar. at Arlington 8:60 p. m.
West " ' " leaves " 4:i0 p. in.
Night trains are running on Banie time as before.
Stags leaves for Monument daily,
excei t Sunday, at 6:30 A. M.
Arrives daily, except Monday, at
6 :00 P. M.
G.ivcrnor 8. P!1"-
Sec. of State tJ,-,fI5Btld8-
Treasurer Vhil Metechan.
Snpt. Instruction -E rj. McElroy.
Judge Seventh Distriot VV.L. Brads haw
District Attorney W. H. WiIbou
JoiutSenator Henry Blackman.
Representative .Inompson.
( 'onnty Judge - Jul'"8 Kelthl'-
' Commissioners J. A. Ihompson,
H. M. Vaughn.
Clerk J- W.Morrow.
" Sheriff vi?eiM1i!'blS'
" Treasurer J. W. Matlock.
Assessor J- MUee-
" Surveyor Is 'j.-
- School Sup't W.L.Saling.
' Coroner James Daugherty.
Hate T.J.Matlock
Counciimen O. K Fanisworth, M
Lichtenthal, Otis Patterson, S. P. Garngues,
Thos. jlorgan and Frank Uilliam.
Recorder.. A. Roberta.
Treasurer ' Slooum
Marshal W. Basmus.
Doric Lodge No. 20 K. of P. meets ev
ery Tuesday evening at 7.30 o'clock in
their Castle Hall, National Bank build
ing. Sojourning brothers cordially in
vited to attend. Emil VokbZ, C. (.
' T U. ACBBKV, K. of K. & S. tf
G. A. B.
Meets at Lexington, Or., tho last Saturday of
each month. All veterans are invited to join.
C.C. Boon, Geo. W. Smith.
Adjutant, tf Commander.
A A. EGBERTS, Real Estate, Insur-
ance and Collections. Oflioe in
Council Chambers, Heppner, Or. swtf.
Attorney at Law,
Brown & Hamilton
Practice in all courts of the stats. Insurance,.
real estate collecu.m anu loan wmiw.
Prompt attention given to all business entrust
ed to them.
Office, Main Stbeit, Heppneb, Oregon.
I Back aitrnja
u. un.y uicc lor luv inside. -'A
ttsiriKames.all winning, l'trfwt
work, weig'H, and cannot bv drt
tec'd byo tsiders. ConSidt titi.il
corroMDnnde' re with frames invit-
' ed. Prire "M .a.-'-OULa 'V-r set. !5.
Pair bird Kye, ivory (seectit i pair, 13.50; IcruW!,
high orlow, l 5. Ordinary work, topafiB, bone.J-1
or 16 Inch, pir, II , Ivory, 11.50. Finest marlrf-d
cardamadtt.OOc. 11,11 Pf a jun k. M pace cat. FT1KK,
Dice piaranteeO. ULJ I) Eos, Box K, thlcisorUl
Saved is Money
9ave 23 to .50 centu on every dollar you ipend.
Write for mammoth Catalogue, a tvio-pnee book,
containinn illustrations and (riving lowest man-
uiacturerfl prieet. vnn nianuiacturerB dis
cnniUB. of everv kind of iroods and sunDHen man
ufactured and imported into the L'nited .State.
Groceries, Houffiioifi oooob, runmure, v loin
intr ijniios'and (ieuta' Clothlne and Furnishlne
Gooiis, Dress Ooods, White Goods, Dry Goods,
Hats. Cans, Boots and t-hoes, Gloves, Notions,
Glassware, stationery, Watches, Clocks, Jewelry,
Silverware, hugle.-. Whips. AKriculturaL Im
plements, etc. ONLY FiK?fT CLASrl GOODS.
Catalogue sent on receipt of A", cents for express
vv a a tliA mil v mincprn w hn rpIIb at mun-
uiacturers' prkea, allow inji the buyer the same
diK-ount that the manufacturer gives to the
wholesale buver. We fruarantee all goojs as
reprefeuted; if not found so. money refunded.
Gools sent bv express or freiht, with privilege
of exumlnatinn ueiore paj iur.
A. li AKPEN A CO.,
Quincey St., Chicago, II!
A Year's Subscription to a Pop
ular Agricultural Paper
By a special arrangement with the
publishers we are prepared to furnish
FREE to each of our readers a year's
subscription to the popular monthly
agricultural journal, the American
Farmer, published at Springfield and
Cleveland, Ohio.
This offer is made to any of our sub
scribers who will pay up all arrearages
on subscription and one year in advance,
and to any new subscribers who will pay
one year in advance. The American
Farmer enjoys a large national circula
tion, and ranks among the leading
agricultural papers. By this arrange
ment it COSTS TOU NOTHING to re
ceive the American Farmer for one
year, It will be to yonr advantage to
oall promptly. Sample copies can be
s.'en at our office.
From Terminal or interior Points the
them' I
, Is the line to take
hi Points Eastand South.
It i's the Dining Car Rente. It ron Through
Yosti buled Trains every day in the year to
St Paul and Chicago
' (No Change of Cars)
CoiBjiOsed of DINING CARS unsurpassed,
Of Latest Equipment
Tourist Sleeping Cars
Best thit earn be constructed and in which ac
commodation? are both free and furnished for
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Eregant.Day Coachs.
A Continuous Line connecting with all
Lines, affording Direct and Uninter
rupted Service.
Pullman Sleeper Reservations can be
Secured in advance through
any agent of the road.
To and from ap points in America, Eugia id
and Europ can be purchased at any Ticket office
of this Company.
Full information concerning .rates, time
of trains, routes and other details
furnished on application to any
agent, or
Assistant General Passenger Agent.
No. 121 First St., Cor. Washington,
The Orlsrlrel
nnhliahftrn. we are able to obtain a number
of tn above book, and propose to furnish a
copy to each of our subscribers.
The dictionary 1b a necessity In every home,
school and business house. It fills a vacancy,
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dred other volumes of the choicest booka could
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refer to its conteius every day in tnc year.
a some have asked if this is really the Orig
inal Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, we are
able to state we have learned direct from the
nnhHshprs the fact, that this is the very work
complete on which about forty of the best years
ot the author s me were so weu empioyea in
writing. It contains the entire vocabulary of
about 100,1X10 words, including the correct spell
ing, derivation and aennition oi same, ana is
the regular standard size, containing about
:i0u,00u Bquare inches of printed surface, and is
oounu lu ciom unu muiwco &jiu
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Full Cloth bound, gilt side and back
stamos marbled edges 5i-oo.
Half Mo occo, bound, gilt side and back
tmrjs. marbled edges, Jt .10,
Full Sheep bound, leather label, marbled
eriaes. 2.00
Ftfty cents added in all cases for express-
acre to neppner.
gr-B the publishers limit the time and
number of books they will furnish at the low
r.rt, ujc oU-iop oil who desire to avail them
selves' of this great opportunity to attend to it
All who are suffering from the effects
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full directions how to treat and cure
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Uaufoiinia Medical and ni BoioA.ii is
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r rancisco, uaiitorma. vio-ly.
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scrofulous humor
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For sale by Slocum-Jolinston Drug Co., Heppner
Weak. Keivous or in Fain
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Rox 55. com.3(K5. Forest Grove, Or
Frank H. Snow, Commissioner V. 8.
Court at Lexington, Or., is
authorized to reoeive fees for publication
of final proofs. l4-t
Mahmood once, the Image-breaker, spreailer of
the Faith,
Whh at Suuinat tempted sorely, hh the IcrcihI
In the great pagoda's center, monstrous and
Granite on a throne of pranite, sat the temple's
Mahmood paused n moment, silenced hy tho
silent face
That, with eyes of stone unwavering, awed the
ancient place.
Then the Brahmins knelt before him,1 by bin
doubt made bold,
Pledging for their idol's ransom countless geins
and gold.
Gold was yellow dirt to Mahmood, but of pre
clous use, r
Since from it the roots ot power suck a potent
"Were you a stone alone in question, this would
please me well,"
Mahmood said, "hut, with the block there, Iniy
truth must sell.
"Wealth and rule slip down with fortune, as
her wheel turns round;
He who keeps bis faith, he only cannot be dis
crowned. "Little were a change of station, loss of life or
But the wreck were past retrieving If the Man
fell down."
So his Iron mace lie lifted, suyite with might and
And the Idol, on the pavement tumbling burst
in twain.
Luck obeys the downright striker; from the hol
low core,
Fifty times the Brahmin's oiler deluged all the
floor. James Russcl Lowel.
The Indian exhibit at the World's Fair
will include representatives of every tribe
from the extreme north to Terra del
A solid gold brick, weighing 600 pounds
aud worth 8150,000, will be exhibited in
the Mine9 and Mining building at the
World's Fair bv a Helena, Mont., mine
The chair in which Thomas Jefferson
sat while writing the declaration of Inde
pendence is now owned by the Philo
sophical Society, Philadelphia. It is re
ported that this interesting; relic will be
exhibited at the World's Fair.
The high sohool of San Diego, Calif.,
will give a grand Fonrth of July celebra
tion and devote the proceeds toward
making A complete selection of San
Diego fish (or exhibition at the World's
Fair.' The speoiniensj-wilK!,.", preserved
in alcohol and properly labelled, etc
The exhibit will be a competitive one.
South Burmah and the East Indies in
tend to have a worthy exhibit at the ex
position. The chamber of commeroe of
Kurraohee has appointed Jehangir II.
Kothan, a prominent wealthy merohant
of Kurrachee, special commissioner to
develop an exhibit for the fair.
The Paper Trade CI ub, of Chicago, rep
resenting nearly all the paper manufac
turers of the city, is arranging for an in
teresting display at the World's Fair.
The club expeots to put up a complete
paper mill on the grounds and show the
process of making paper from the pulp
to a fiuished oard lu the shape of a
World's Fair souvenir.
It is probable that a number of genu
ine Astrakhan sheep, the finest speci
mens living, will be exhibited at the
World's Fair. A dozen ot them have re
cently arrived in this oonntry from Per
sia, Laving been purchased there by Uni
ted States Minister Beale for Secretary
Rusk of the department of agriculture,
who intends to try the experiment of
raising the species in this country. They
are to be taken to Southern California,
and it they prosper will be taken to the
fair next summer.
Mrs. Potter Palmer, President of the
board of lady managers, who has re
cently returned from a European tour.
reports that the women of Europe, par
ticularly of Great Britain, France, Ger
many and Belgium, ere deeply interested
in the World's Fuir, and are working
hard to muke the woman's branch of it a
splendii success. The women's com
missions, which have been formed in
these countries, include many of the
most distinguished and honored women
known at court. The outlook is most
promising for a great exhibit of women's
industrial, eduoational and charitable
work, from both this country and from
Three World's Fair commissioners
from France are now in Chicago, to erect
and decorate the building which will be
the headquarters of France at the Fair,
and to complete arrangements for in
stalling tbe trencn exnioit. rney are
Baron de Vial or, M. Rene DubiBson aod
M. Henri Mott. They say that France
will bave an exhibit unrivaled by that of
any other nation and that will eclipse
anything of the kind ever previously un
dertaken by tbe French government
They have asked for 200,000 square feet
additional space. The French building
Is to be one of the finest of foreign struc
tures and deoorated most artistically un
der direction of M. Motte, who is a cele
brated painter and decorator.
Tbe World's Fair grounds aud build
ings, now nearing completion, are so re
nowned as a most beautiful and inter
esting speotacle that not only do from
5,000 to 12,01) people day, at a cost of
twenty-five cents apiece, inspect them,
but tbe great majority of travt lers who
pass through Chicago devote a day or
more to the same purpose. Hundreds of
distinguished foreigners and thousands
of prominent men from the various states
of the Union have availed themselves ot
this privilege, aud it is not exaggeration
to say that all, without exception, have
been most agreeably surprised at the
splendor and magnitude of what they
witnessed, and hove departed very en
thusiastic over the bright prospects ol
the Fair. Several hundred of the return
iog delegates of the late republican na
tional convention at Minneapolis inspect
ed the wonders of Jackson park while il
Chicago. Nearly all of the delegates to
the democratic convention at Chicago
have done the same. The Exposition
authorities have committees to show vis
itors about and explain details to them.
Those who have been ohaiged with
the preparation of the Turkish exhibit
are making very extensive preparations
to have it of superior merit and interest.
They will charter a large ship to trans
port the exhibit. They will bring over
400 native TurkB arrayed in their nation
al costumes. They will reproduce at
Chicago a street in Constantinople with
all ito peculiar ctookeduess and narrow
ness and its interesting bazars and res
taurants. The bazars will he filled with
salable articles of Turkish mauufi.otnre.
The expedition to Chioago will start, from
Constantinople and will call at all Turk
ish ports for reinforcements nud articles
to be placed on exhibition. Adt iuuitpolis
and Pbiluppolis huve caught the fever
and will do quite as much as the capital
to make the Turkish exhibit a success.
The exhibit will include a reproduction
in miniature of the Mosque of St. Sophia.
This has never been reproduced in any
Christian country, and for its reproduc
tion at Chicago special permission of the
Sultan hud to be obtained.
A plan to utilize all the school bouses
in Chicago as dormitories for teachers
visiting the World's Fuir ia being agita
ted. Mrs. Solomon Thatoher, Jr , one of
the lady managers, advnuced the idea,
wuion baa been greatly approved. She
says there are more than 300,000 school
teachers in the oountry, who will prob
ably attend the fair, and that a nominal
fee from a reasonable proportion of them
would pay the expeuses of transforming
every school bouse in Chicago into a
lodging house and keep it in perfect or
der. There are nearly 250 public school
buildings, all of them large structures,
which could be thus utilized. It is be
lieved that the majority of the teachers
of the oountry will spend a portion of
their vacation in viewing the exposition,
ft they ootild be provided with lodgings
as indicated, at a mere nominal expense,
ihey would Burely be greatly ocoorarao
dated. A collective exhibit at the World's
Fair by the various college fraternities
in the United States is well assured.
Much Interest line been manifested at the
one or t wo meetings thus far held iu pro
motion of the project. Dr. Peabody,
chief of the Liberal Arts department of
the Exposition, in which tho fraternity
exhibit will be installed, has commended
the idea. Final arrangumouts for pre
paring the exhibit by the fraternities will
be made, it is announced at a meet hit; to
be held at tbe Grand i'acitiu hotel, Chi
cago, on Thursday, July 7. Every Amer
ican college fraternity desiring to par
ticipate in the proposed exhibit, should
send an accredited delegate to the meet
ing. Lee Fenrii, Rand McNi.lly building,
Chicago, is chairman of the committee
having the matter in charge.
Chief Ives, who is in Europe iu the
interest of the Fine Arts department of
the World's Fair, bus written that the
French aud American ortists in Paris are
all agog with enthusiasm for the Fuir.
The American artists are hard at work,
and their faction of the exhibit will be
unexpectedly large and of the highest
order. Chief Ives hud several conferences
with Commissioner Proust, who is the
chief of the tine arts department
for the French exhibit, and finds the rep
resentutive men of French art circles
active and in earnest to make their dis
play exceptionally fine and surpassing
in extent anything formerly ueenm
plixhed. Not to belong to a Woman's World's
Fair committee is now regarded by titled
and aristocratic. European women us a
positive lack of distinction. Indeed, the
interest in the exposition displayed by
prominent and influential women iu most
of the European countries is truly re
markable. The exhibit of woman's work
is sure to be very comprehensive, and,
it is believed, surprising.
An exhibit of bells will be made at the
World's Fair by a large manufacturing
concern in this country, and the firm is
planning to display it in a reproduction
of tbe Tzar Kolokol (king of bells), the
(anions broken bell of Moscow, which is
22 feet in diameter and 21 feet, 3 inches
high, weighs 44H.772 pounds, and is used
as a chapel.
The Ohio State Archieolouicnl and His
torical Sooiety will exhibit at the World's
Fair, among many other interesting urti
cles, a collection of speoiinens of old
colonial and state bank money. It litis
already gathered severul hundred speci
mens. One of the most interesting is a
Mormon bill bearing the signature of J.
Smith, tbe originator of the Mormon
A schooner is now being fitted out at
Halifax to go to the arotio regions to get
ten or twelve Esquimo families, titty or
sixty persons in all, for exhibition at the
World's Fair. Dogs, fishing implements,
utensils and everything necessary to
show Esquimo life, will also be procured.
Japan has applied for space in the
World's Fair Mines and Miuing builditu
for a mineral exhibit. It will inolude i
tine collection of tbe celebrated Japanesi
alloys and bronze preparations.
The Woman's Pharmaceutical Assn
ciation of Illinois is planning toconduc
a model pharmaoy in the Illinois build
ing at the World's Fair.
All IIHnoIrt Yomurater'H lluir as a Weath
er Indicator.
According to a correspondent of tho
Chicago Inter Ocean tin-re is a remark
able boy living on a farm in ( entervilk!
township, near Maseoutali, 111., or rath
er a boy with a remarkable head of
hair. His name is Tommy Johnson,
anil he is about fourteen years of UR'e.
He is the only son of Frank Johnson, a
well-to-do farmer of I'entorville town
ship. The boy is healthy and intelli
gent nnd a great deul like other boys,
with the exception of his wonderful
head of hair.
The hair is straight and black as that
of an Indian ordinarily, but at the ap
proach of u storm the hair begins to
kink anil curl two or three days before
hand, and it, remains in that condition
until after the storm is over, when
again it becomes perfectly straight. If
the storm is of any mag-nituile the hnir
will curl up into little balls.
The boy's hair is used as a barometer
by the farmers of that section. If a
neighboring' farmer wants to haul hay
to town, harvest wheat or any tMng else
that makes him particularly interested
in the weather, he calif, ot the Johnson
home beforehand and looks at Tommy's
hair. If tho hair is straight, the fann
er makes his arrangements to do the
work: but if tho hair is curled, then the
work is postponed until after the ap
proaching storm. The people of the
vicinity bave seen the warning of rains
and storms verified so often that they
have implicit faith iu Tommy's hair us
a barometer, for an ordinary ruin the
hair kinks only a trillo.
A few weeks ago it was discovered
that Tommy's hair was kinked in hard
balls nil over his head, and the news
spread all over the community in a very
short time. The next day a violent
storm struck that section, doing consid
erable damage, After the storm was
over tbe people were greatly relieved,
until it was learned that Tommy's hair
was curled up more than ever, and then
another storm was expected. Ttje sec.
ond storm was a cyclone. H onset were
blown down and several people were
badly in jured in the neighborhood. Aft
er the. cyclone Tommy's hair became
perfectly straight again, and the people
rejoiced thereat.
Tho Word "Fixed" Apiiliml to Heavenly
Bodies (fives a Wrong Impression.
Astronomers tell us that the term
"fixed"' applet! to the. stars is a mistake,
for it is now known that there is not a
fixed star in the heavens, and probably
no such condition as absolute rest in tbe
universe. All. the stars arc in motion,
and some of them are moving at the
rate of two hundred and fifty thousand
miles an hour, or more that thrice the
velocity of our earth on its orbit. It
might be thought that this constant
motion won Id produce continual changes
ill tho stollur relations and alter the
face of the heavens every few years.
Hut the . vast distances at which the
stars are set from us destroy the visual
effect of their motion, and preserve the
unchanging aspect of tho heavens.
None of tbe constellutions have snf
ered a dislocation in three thousand
years. Sinus, Arcturus and tbe Pleiades
are still iu their places. Although the
eighty-one starsin Orion have ever been
in motion, each without relation to any
other, the mighty figure is as it ap
peared to tbe man of Uz forty centuries
iit'NNlNO A NKWhl'.W'Klt.
From an Exchange.
Running a newspaper is a kind of a
funny business, isn't it? It seems to be
uphill oleau to Iho breastworks and the
Lord only knows what oomes next. This
business stands next to matrimony for
oonstant torment and poverty and veri
frequently is (our or five laps ahead of
the latter. Nice business, though. They
used to tell us when we went to sohool
that "Jordan was a bard rood to travel."
This must bo Mr. Jordan's road, then,
for it possesses all the aforesaid qualifi
cations to a marked degree of perfection
regular old time corduroy road. It is
a great wonder to us how they ever got
any road through at all There is onh
one thing that an editor can begin to do
with any hope to suocc-hs. and that is to
give satisfaction to every one of his hund
reds of readers, every time he issues bis
blunderbuss. There neyer was but one
man who could do this to perfection, and
he is now with those good Indians you
hear so much about dead. Nice husi
ness, though, Next to rnuuing a news
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
!1 CJT
paper we would like to be a misseouary
to the Fiji islands. A fellow might run
a slight chance of being eaten up by the
aflectionute inhabitants of that God
forsaken country, but dunged if we
wouldn't just as soon die with the proud
consciousness of tasting good to some
benighted heathen as to be literally dev
iled to death by a lot of civilized barba
rians up herein Yaukee-luud. Nice bus
iness, though. Just Bbout the time the
wings of hupe begiu to Hop around in the
viuds of adversity like a Monday wash
.ug iu November, along oomes Borne gootl
iuniuritan with a fifty-cent piece, pays
ip to along about the first of last year,
then we take a fresh grip on hope aud
think perhaps times are really brighten
ing up. And the next thinp we know
our paper house seuds a bill o! paper to
us C. 0. 1). about $40 or SoO and whiz
goes that 50 cents and we take to the
woods and beg, borrow or steul the other
(540.50. Nice business, though, lint
there i6 always some sunshine after all.
Nothing could make anyone feel buppier
or prouder or richer than to get a seusou
ticket to some wild west show or some
exposition to be held iu some city so fur
awuy from home that you couldn't begin
to walk it utul back by press day. lint
then that is only one of the pleasant fea
tures of the htiBiuess. Another pleasant
feature is to do $-1 or ." worth of work
for a church festival and then huve to
May owuy until the oysters or ice cream
are eaten up before you can get your
pay. Nice business, though. A man
gets oursed for what he don't do, und ho
gets cursed for what he does do, and
whether he does ur he don't he is bound
to get a cussing anyhow, so he might as
well pull down his equanimity, put ou n
bombazine smile and take it like a little
man .
Two Ksse ntiiils for a Baking Powder That
Will Make a Perfec t Bread.
Tho late report of the Miuuesotn State
Food and Dairy Commission contains tho
result of a series of experiments made by
Prof. C. W. Drew, State Chemist, to de
termine tbe strength and keeping quali
ties of the various baking powders.
Tbe report ettaobes great importance
to these experiments. Baking powders
that vary in strength, or that readily lose
streugth before use, are unreliable and
will not give eVeu results; besides, it is
an indication of the use of improper in
gredientsl iu their compounding. Tho
tests showed the strength or leavening
power of the Koyul very much greater
thau tho others. Tho uniformity of
strength of all tho samples of Royal test
ed, no matter what their age, was re
markable, lis leavening power wasprao
ticully unimpaired even in the oldest
specimens. The difference in the amount
of leavening gas iu different samples of
the other brands was so great as to seri
ously impair their usefulness in baking.
As much as 21 per cent. Iohs was found
in samples a few months old. All the
samples of Royal examined by State
Chemist Drew were repot ted of satisfac
tory strength and quality.
Dr. Drew states that the "Royal" be
ing of greuter strength than uny other,
and possessing better keeping qualities,
it is tbe natural conclusion that it is the
best baking powder made.
The daily average of passengers car
ried over the Urooklyn bridge is 100,
(1U5. It is estimated that tho coal strata
underlying Colorado exceeds 30,0110
square miles.
Tun numlier of immigrants coming
into the United States from 1831 to 1S0O
was !!,0-H,iiHH.
Tub gold produced In Venezuela, in
W0 amounted to 2,.1'Jt kilos, ti'iH
grammes; value, SI, 010,50(1.
Revev hundred million gallons of
mineral oil were exported from the
United States during the past fiscal
year. Its value was ;Nil,:i!.'l,4,rjl.
TliK director of the mint cstimutcs
that the United States can rely upon
producing at least. $:v.i, 0(1(1, (100 per year
in gold for several years to come.
RbV. A. W, Mamn, the pioneer deaf
mute preacher, writes: "q'lie ratioof deaf
mutes to the hearing is as 1 to I, (loo, so
there are over 40,ljoO in the t'niteii
.States and a In ml 1 .000,000 in the world."
A 1'UKI.IMINAIIV report of the secre
tary of the treasury of the operations
of the internal revenue bureau during
the. fiscal year ended June 110 last, shows
that the total col lections from all
sources were f51,lO,0:i5,.'i7ii, an increase of
3,440,(iMl, us compared with the collec
tions during the preceding fiscal year.
Trio. mas Hai.iiwin, the aeronaut, was
poor and thriftless till he took to drop
ping from bullions in a parachute.
Now, after exhibiting his daring in
tbree-quarlers of the globe, he is well-to-do
and his wife wears fine diamond-,
and tleeorjt ions which admirers of laer
llllsbund's exploits hove given her