Heppner gazette. (Heppner, Morrow County, Or.) 1892-1912, June 28, 1892, Image 5

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'r!l"E il.'sliliiir tlii-iiiM.'r!lniinMIi!nv nils,
X or rlmiiBL' 01 mini', mint m llu-lr iv in
not liHt-r lima Molality evening ft,r Tui'ddav'B
eilli;uu,or lhiuwliiy evei.iiiit for FrMav U.
tioil. TKK l'.VTTAKSO.N tl'BLIaHlNuCO.
1. Tho sum of five ci-ntu pur lino will be
chnrpeU for "cards of thanks." "renolmioiis of
result," Hats of wedding presents and douorn,
and obituary notices, (other thau those tli will-orsl-all
hiinself Rie as a lnatler of news.) and
notices ot special meetings for whatever pnrpoiw
Notices 01 church and society and all other
entertainments from which revenue is to be de
rived, shall be chanted for at the rate ot live
cents a line. 'I hese rules will be strictly adher
eii to in ev ery instance.
Advertising rates reasonable and madeknown
upon application.
(live your business to Heppner people,
and therefore, assist to build up Htpp
iter, I'atronize those who patronize
Here and There.
T. W. Ayers, Jr., for drugs. (38 sw
Hipinis Tubules euro headm-ho.
Ed. (Joinplon was over from Lone Book
Andrew Ham, of Hurdman, was iu the
iMiy onmruay.
Mrs. Jas. McIIaley is on the list of
those slightly iudisposed.
Mrs. J. J. Roberts is prepared to do
(ill Itiuua ot plain sewiug. bo-tt
Ford, the painter, still "in it." For
any kind of work see him. 81-tf.
Miss May Huneaoker is over from Hay
stack to remain a few weeks.
YV. B. Potter is vaoating on a fishing
tonr at Hood river this week.
H. A. Salisbury is up from Salem,
looking after his affairs in this loaality.
Born Iu Clark's Canyon, on the 25th
mat., to tue wife of Allen (Jrabtree, a
Billy Welch, and other John Day
teaniBters, w ere over the first of the week
with wool.
Job work on short notioe at the Ga
zettee oflioe. Best appointed job office
in Eastern Oregon.
The noble siwash had better keep clear
of Chant oonnty. They have it "in" for
them, and justly, too.
Pap UimoDs & Son still shoe horses
and do general blauksmithmg at the old
stand Matiook corner. 55.
Saturday, Sunday and yesterday were
scorchers, the thermometer danttling
up about 100 iu theBhade.
"The Parlor," VV. F. Ruark, prop., iu
the City hotel, west side of Main street.
Neatest place in Ueppner. sw
VV. A. Baird, of Six Dollar, remember
ed this office, one flay last week, with a
bux of fine strawberries.
Otis Patterson, the editor of this sheet,
accompanied by Mrs. Patterson, returned
home from Grant conuty last Saturday.
Hiyu ketchuin whiskers. Hatt &
Mathews, at the city barber shopthe
iplace tn jjet a first-class shave, hair-out
or shampoo. tf.
A. M. Mitchell, who Ijbb been identi
fied with the newspaper interests of this
locality for some time, left this morning
for Portland.
J. W. Morrow left yesterdoy morning
i'or Portland. He informs us that Uncle
Jack will accompany him home the lat
ter part of the week.
Os Mitchell has jnst finished puttiug
np ab"ut 95 tons of alfalfa hay, down on
bis Rhea oreek ranch, and will shortly
cut 40 aores more.
The preseuce of dandruff indicates a
diseased scalp, and if not oured, blanch
ing ot the hair and baldness will result.
td all s Hair Kenewer will cure it.
The Bnchler beer, 5 cents per glass, at
the Columbia Beer Hall, Osmers 8c
Hushes, props., next door to M. Lioh
tenthal & Co.'s shoe store. sw tf
Supt. W. L. Saling left yesterday for
Portland to attend the State Teachers'
Association which convenes today, con
tinuing in session until the first proximo.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. R Bishop went down
on tho Sunday excursion as far as Hood
Kiver, where they snent the day with
their children, returning on the evening's
Newer and neater quarters at the
Palace Hotel's North business room.
Charley Jones, the baber, wants to see
Shis old friends there. Baths in connec
tion. W. G. Allen, of Grant county, dropped
in late last week with his race animals,
en route home. He reports that Funny,
Joe Cotton and Little Diok took most
of the races at Dayton.
Mr. 0. E. Fell, the nurseryman, has
just returned from a visit to the state of
Washington, and finds that Heppnerdoes
more business to the population than any
town he saw while ou the trip.
Dr. W. Tackman, the dentist, will be
found at Dr. B. F. Vanghan's om'oe, Lee
zer building. Does all tlie latest orown
and bridge work, alluminum plates, etc.
Don't miss the opportunity. 487-tf
Mrs. Dr. Fox ij improving mpidly from
the sprained ankle received in the over
turning of their buggy on Main street
last week, and will Boon be able to get
around again without the aid of crutches.
W. B. Tucker and James Doherty
were arrested last evening lor fightiug
down near the Columbia beer hall. Mr.
Doherty plead guilty and was fined 810;
Tucker plead not guilty, and was given
a jury trial.
Arrangements have been made with
the railroad company, to run an excur
sion train from Heppoer to Lexiugton;
on the eventug of the Fourth, to accom
modate those wishing to attend the ball
at the latter plaae. 500-3
Eagle: Wm. Smith, of Smith Bros.,
Sueauville, will shortly start to Dakota
with several oar loads of Horses, braitu
Bros, are raising as fine horses as will be
found in Eastern Oregon, and should
uni ready sale for them at good prices.
As a blood nurifier, the most eminent
physicians prescribe Ayer's Sareapanlla
It is the mn9t powerful oombination of
vegetable alteratives ever offered to the
public. As a spring and family medi
oine, it may be freely used by old ami
young alike.
Eagle: The Magone lake party con
sisting of Charles Bnd Tom Williams,
Jmily JL.ee, .louuny lownsenu, kj. ij. huu
O'is Patlersou have returned, each with
his "tale of woe." With the exception
of Chas , who returned Saturday, the out
fit got in Tnesday, somewhat scattered
but healthy, happy and hungry.
The people of Lwington have prepared
an elaborate programme for the Fourth
of July celebration to be held at Pen
lan.l's grove, which has been tastily fit
ted cp. There will be music by the
Lexington cornet band. The amuse
taeuts will consist' of various kinds of
foot races, in which prizes are offered.
A ball-room program is arranged for af
ternoon and evening. 409-593
Of all the stage lines in existenoe, the
"Lucky" Baldwin braoch from Canyon
to Monument takes the bakery. The
rigs and stock are a disgrace to a civil
ized community. X wonder the people
will insist on going by the way of Baker
Citv. ft is to be hoped tliat the line
sill daps into the hands of Joe Keener,
who nwns tbe vionnment-Heppner line, i
Mr Keener will then have an opportun-
nrl new stock, i
travel to come by the way of Heppner. j
Till that i8 dOD ITfi CftDpOl XpCl IDe ,
The Hepnner Gazette once offered to
wager thut it had turned out more sheep
herders, and good ones too, than anv
paper In the state; but it goes baok on
that. Sam Teed is now a telegraDh op
erator at Weston, la., and Fred Wil
marth is running a newspaper over at
Frineville. Our record is rained, but
tne GaEette is glad the boys are satisfied
and doing well.
Oregoniao Clipping: The Cnwn Pa
cific has answered Henry Heppner's com
plaint on lack of trackage at Heppner,
through the state board of railway com
missioners, and tbe matter will be at
tended to in a few days. In response to
the board's recommendation, "split"
switches will be put in at New Era, Mo-
lalla and elsewhere on the Southern Pa
Eagle: A representative of this sheet
visited Sloan & Haskell's diggings at So
sanvine last Tuesday, and found every
thing working smoothly night and day
with the prospect of big cleanups. They
ht'e worked over more ground this year
than any previous season, and will have
plenty of water for "piping some tw
months or more.
There's one thing that Morrow county
excels in now, and that is in tbe number
ot Hies, regular .... One can seek tbe
oool shades of tbe Blues and Greenhorn
and rid themselves ot tbe pests through
tbe boated term, but you will run against
the mosquito and hossfly out of the
frying pan, etc.
S. I. Stratton, who has been'attending
school at M mmoutu for tbe past year,
returned to Morrow oonnty Saturday
last, and hns acoepted a position with
Coffin & MoFarland. Mr. Stratton will
doubtless prove a valuable addition to
their already efficient force.
How well we remember grandmother's
attic, so fragrant with medioinal roots
and herbs I Poor old soul, how precious
tbey seemed to her! And yet, one bottle
of Ayer's Sarsaparilla would do more
good than her whole oollectton of
"yarbs. '
Although the squirrel crop has been
severely drawn on this year, Morrow
county will have more than enough to
stock tue whole country next season
Take a ride anywhere in the oonnty and
see tor yourself.
From Gilliam oonnty comes the report
that crops Bre not nearly as badly in
jured as reported and that a few good
showers will help tbem wonderfully,
The Gazette believes this to be the oa.se
in Morrow.
Lnul ScharlT, of Hamilton, a member
of the firm of Scharff Bros., spent the past
weeK in Heppner, disposing of his clip at
the very neat prioe of 15 oents, but it
must be understood that the wool was
extra fine.
Dr. Grant's Cioalo, the great dyspepsia
oonqnerer, will positively cure dyspepsia
and ail its kindred ailments. .Every bot
tle sold under a positive guarantee to
effect a oure or money refunded. See ad.
iu this issue. tf.
All those who are owing the old firm
of Messrs. Kirk & Hayes, either by nota,
whion is now due, or account, will please
settle same at once. Remember these
gentlemen must have money to settle
bills. 499-507
Ed. Day reports range fine in the moun
tains. Also heard Norman Kelly say
that grass, gnats, mosquitoes and horse
flies are "bully." Can't grow grass with
out some drnwbaoks, it seems.
hompson & Binnsown the buss which
goes to and from the City hotel, but will
call for parties desiring to go to train in
any part of the city. Leave orders at
City hotel. 91-tf
Smith & Williamson have added a full
line of undertakers' goods and are pre
pared to sell at reasonable figures. Mey
street, one block east of the Palace
hotel. 26
The work on the school house is mov
ing forward at a good pace. The house,
when completed, will have good, pure
spring water for use, which is quite an
Isaao Knighten aud John R. Evans,
of Eight Mile, were in town today. Crops
are looking badly over their way, but
think that a good rain will help some.
The Prineville News, under the man
agement of Fred Wilmarth, is getting to
be one or the leading looal journals,
Fred is a thorough newspaper man.
Arthur Smith was examined today be
fore Judge Keithly, as to his sanity, but
up to the time of going to press the ex
amination had not been concluded.
Free Green says everything is growing
nioely npon the mountain ranches. A
mountain home is not to be despised at
this season of the year.
Charles Armstrong called while up
from Lexington today. Cropi, be says,
are badly damaged, but will come out
yet with a few showers.
Hon. W. K. Ellis is getting along as
well bs oould be expected under the cir
cumstances, and his early recovery is
earnestly hoped for.
Call on Lishe Sperry, down at the
Belvedere, when in town. Keeps on
hand a fine stock of liquors and cigars.
Grant county has a great variety of re
sources, and apparently without end.
Don't overlook Grant when they get a
Arthur Smith was arrested yesterday
for drunk and disorderly conduct in Nat
ter's saloon. He was given ten days in
Ed. Long, the ex-Haystsoker who is
now employed at Willis Stewart's, will
sell some good horses Saturday. See ad.
E. L. Thompson, a representative of
the Northwest Fire & Marine Insurance
Company, was in Heppner last week.
A. C. Palmer, representing an improved
make of siokle-griuder, left yeuterday for
Fossil, but will return soon.
People don't appreciate Heppner till
they have visited other towns in the
Henry Heppner is improving rapidly,
and is around again with the aid of
Johnny Neilen, having disposed of his
wool at a good figure, left for borne this
Range in the Blues, and over on the
Greenhorn, were never better than at
The annual exodus to the Hot springs
and other mounta;n resorts will Boon be
W. B. Tncker was tried today on a
charge of fighting, and found not guilty.
Sid Greene, of Hamilton, came over to
take in tbe Bonneville exoursion.
Jas. Hughes, of Haystack, was noticed
on our streets early this week.
When in Arlington, stop at tbe Ben
nett bouse, near the depot. Cl-ft
Jas. MoHaley left this morning for his
ranches in Grant couoty.
I'fancler's Oregon Blood Purifier is the
great conqnerer of Bilhousness and Liv
er oomplaint. Relief certain in every
ease. Hold at One Dollar a bottle. Try it.
The Top Fioi bk. Gae Smith, of Smith
j Bros , .Siinativille, spent last week in
( Ueppner, makiog a sale of hia wool while
here, at tl,e handsome Dgure of 15
cents, inn is me nignest price pam lor
wool at Heppner this aeaaon, but it mast
n it beconwdered that all woole are worth
that fiiiare. The Smith clip was light
WJU l"Up "U" hwui" oumwi iihaiiv i
was well worth tbe Bgnre paid.
Fast Traveling. Harry Warren
made a run to Lexington Sunday on his.
"safety," making the round trip of
eighteen miles in two hours and six min
utes. Harry wagered that he could make
tbe ronnd trip in even two hours, and he
would have won had be not strnok some
sand. He proposes to make Pendleton
on his safety, eixtv miles from here, in
ten hours. This is pretty fast traveling,
bnt Harry thinks he can make it easily.
The Excohsion. About seventy-eight
people from Heppner took advantage of
the opportunity for an outing, last Sun
day, and went down to Bonneville on tbe
exoursion. They were joined at Arling
ton by about fifty of the good citizens,
and at The Dalles two more cars were
taken on. But for the mosquitoes, it
would have been a most enjoyable trip;
in fact everything possible was done for
the comfort and enjoyment of the party.
Much credit isdueCouduotor Frenoh for
the suocess of the exoursion, for such it
was, netting clear, above all expenses,
Stood by Them. The supreme court
has deoided in favor of the work of tbe
state board of equalization. If the whole
subject matter is considered it will be
found that nothing bat justice whs dealt
out. Though Hon. Wm. Hughes, a mem
ber of the first board by appointment
was defeated, the district being repub
noan, ne can reel prona ot his record as
a member of that body. Their work has
been complete and just in every reapeat,
and though it is tbe decision of tbe peo
ple that another man shall serve the first
elective term in the seventh judicial dis
trict, a more able person could not have
been chosen than Mr. Hughes. However,
it is hoped that Mr. Lackey will prove
himself equally as able.
Peculiar Customs and Superstitions of the
Ancient Egyptians.
One "of the most singular customs
among the ancient Egyptians was the
worship of animals. In the liffht of
modern days their devotion to these
sacred animals displays many absurd
ities. It was considered a capital
crime to kill any of them voluntarily,
the offender being duly tried and im
mediately executed. If an ibis or
hawk was accidentally killed, the un
fortunate cause of its death was very
often put to death by the people with
out the formality of a trial. Should it
so happen that a man found the carcass
of either of these birds he would fall
upon his knees at its side and loudly
call out that he had found it dead.
Cats were also looked upon as sacred.
and at the death of a tabby every male
inmate of its owner's house cut off his
eyebrows. When a dog was buried
each man shaved his head and body.
They carried their hawks, cats and
dogs in all war expeditions, and those
that died were salted and prepared for
burial at their homes with as much
care as would be taken with a human
In addition to these animals and
birds were sacred bulls, crocodiles and
beetles, the latter being especially re
vered on account of being considered a
type of the sun. These curious people
also entertained peculiar notions re
garding its mode of reproduction, in
which they traced analogies to the
movements of the other heavenly
bodies. One species was dedicated to
tho sun, another to the moon and a
third to Thoth or Hermes.
Many plants were also looked upon
as sacred, the principal, as is well
known, being the lotus. In this flower
the Egyptians found an allusion to the
rising of the sun from the ocean, from
the fact that its blossoms are thrown
above the surface of the water.
Peach trues were sacred to the great
Harpocrates, the god of silence a
lty supposed to be the same as Ilorus,
the son of Isis. Leeks and onions, the
acacia and the heliotrope were wor
shiped and consecrated to tho sun,
and the laurel was considered the
noblest of all plants. Detroit Free
Press. 1
A Safe florse.
It vva,s a, sorry looking horse tho old
man drove np to the railroad crossing
and waited fur the train to pass.
"hay, mister," sung out the crossing
man, "am t your horse afraid of the lo
comotiveVM 'Fraldf" was the contemptuous
answer; "1 shed say he wasn't. Do
you know that the last time I driv np
to a crossin' like this, the locomotive
umped clean off the track when it hove
in sijht of this hoss, and ran daun
throiif.'l old Mrs. Smedlin's corn field a
mile a minute? Fraid? well, ef vou
w ant to watch a treat you jest wait and
see how this hoss don't keer a dura fer
no locomotive that ever run on cold
iron. Wo, Bucephalus!" Detroit Free
Press .
Wanted Some one who will open the
bottoms of these heavy clouds thai. pnsB
over Eight Mile.
Ed Asbbangb had a runaway a few
daye ago. With the exception of a few
slight bruises he came out uninjured.
Eight Mile is preparing for a grand
colebration. The oommittee met last
Sunday and arranged a grand program
for the occasion. Eight Mile inmirfis a
large orowd and a grand time.
ChaB. Beymer had the misfortune to
have a load of wood turn over onto him
a few daya ago while ooming from the
mountains, ifowever, his father was near
by and he got him out uninjured.
The buzz of tbe mosqnito is heard
these pleasant evenings when a person
lies down to repose. All a person can
say is, that there are only a few of tbem.
auu urup uu iuiu ueuguiiui slumbers.
I bad an opportunity to travel over tbis
vieiuity a few days ago. The fall grain
is not hurt to speak ot by the hot winds.
If there 001r.es a rain within one week
fall grain will make a very fair yield,
although spring grain in damaged consid
erably. There was a dance on Hail Kidge Mon
day night last which was a very pleasant
affair for the participants. There seemed
to be a great deal of good mueio goiDg to
waste. I gueus it was on acoount of there
being about as mauy girls there as there
were boy.
Some people will go to town and
spend 83 or $4 for whiskey and ponr the
fiery sabstanoe down themselves, which
degrades humaDity, but will not take the
county papers which would enlighten
tbem, because tbey can't afford it and
are too poor.
Mr. E. B. Stanton says be baa wheat
that will make 15 bushels per acre j
whetlier it rains any more or not; tbat is,
if there are do hot winds. This shows tbat !
the only way to (arm is to cultivate your j
uuiuier - ianuw well.
Eight Mile. Jnoe 25, '92.
i SMS t
Opair CrT AMD Polibhed. Messrs.
Colwell A Caldwell, lapidmte, make a
specialty of polishing all kinds of opals,
and cutting them into settings for watoh
charms, rings, etc Charges reasonable,
and satisfaction guaranteed. CHHce245)
Morrison street, Portland, Or. 500-fit
Miller has opened np a tailoring estab
lishment on lower Main street, opposite
the City hotel. Fred is a first olass work
man, and yon will make no mistake by
placing your orders for summer and fall
olothing with him. 501-8
Half Fare. Tbe Union Pacific will
sell tickets July 2d, 3d and 4th to any
point within 300 miles at one fair for the
round trip, good to return until July 6th,
inclusive. J. C. Hart, Heppner. Or.
Knhl, the baker. Buy yonr bread aud
cakes aud save money. Try it. a.
A fine lot of imported Shot Guns at
Thompson & Co's at bargain urices. no
joooers promt. a
M. Jjichtenthal x (Jo. have mst re
ceived a fine lot of ladies' kid, button
and tie shoes. At bottom prices. a
H. Blackman & Co. have an exclusive
General Merchandise Btoro. Stookmen
oannot do better than patronize H.
Blackman & Co., of Heppner's Pioneer
crick. a.
Nelse Jones is limping around with
"oatoh" in his back a little touch of
in its
early stages
can be cured
by the prompt
use of
Ayers Cherry Pectoral
It soothes
the inflamed tissues,
aids expectoration,
and hastens
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co.
Lowell, Mass.
SatiiAy, July li 1 892,
6 Head Horses,
Weights 1362, 1300, 1000, and others
avernj?e In fiiziv
Hale will biffin at 2 p, m. n
Willis ftatt Stile.
K. L. Matlock
i:n. LONG.
When you can buy a 3-Piece
Bed Koom Suit for $18.00.
Size of Mirror, 24x30 inches,
French Plate Glass.
HepDiier Furniture Compnny.
Coffin & McFarland
H Merchandde I Farming Implements
Stockmens' and
A Car Load of Mitchell Wagons and I lacks
just received. Call on them and inspect
the. same before purchasing elsewhere.
II I Mi i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 II II 1 1 1 1. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Ix "ill it
T, W. AYEltS. Jr.,
Will locnte in Heppner'B new
PHIL COILN will also l)o usso.j
ciated with tho buainnsH, and after that date the firm name will bs
j T. W. A Y E
I The boys will be pleased to have
I tbem at their new location.
Wheat, bu...' ,
Beeves, oows 4 two-year-olds, owt.
" three
4 50
1 75
2 25
Sheep, muttons, bead 2 253 00
" stock 2 25
Hogg, ou foot, cwt $5 00
Hogs, dressed 6 f0
Wool 12?14
Horses, slow sale.
Butter, roll g
Eggs, doz 5
Chickens, doz 2 50 (3- 3 00
Wheat, cwt ?1 40 1 45
Flour, bbi 3 00 ft 5 00
Beeves, stall fed 7 00 (t 7 25
Muttons, owt 8 00 (S 10 00
Hogs, owt 3 50 5 25
Wool Eastern Oregon.. 10 (a; 17
Butter, lb 15 (8 19
Eggs, doz 18 dt 20
Chickens, doz 5 501200
TnrkeyB, lb 15 (a' 20
Wheat, cwt $1 30 1 35
Flonr.bbl 3 00 (ci 4 50
Beeves, owt 2 00 (4 3 00
" dressed 4 60 C ( 00
Muttons, live sheared. . . 3 fio . 3 75
" dressed 8 50 9 00
Hogs, on foot 5 00 5 50
" dressed 7 00 8 00
Wool Eastern Oregon... 9 (rii 14
Butter.... 15 (g 25
Eggs, doz 18 (a 20
Chickens, doz 5 00 0i 6 00
Turkeys, lb 17
Are ever popular and successful. The
exceedingly low rates offered by the
Union Paoiilo this year will insure them
an immense business. Excursion tick
ets on sale at all tioket oflices of the sys
tem. For dates of sale and limit of tickets
or any additional information apply to
J. C. Hart, ngent Union Pacific system.
Two sorrel horses. Oneof them brauded
"8" on the right shoulder, likewise on the
right stifle.
The other was branded "8" on the
right shoulder, also "li.'' The weight of
enoli was about 1050 pounds.
Anyone returning the same to my
rauoh at Eight Mile will receive a reward
of $15. sw t Svlvani's Wright.
r.Ti REWAKl)
Eor the return to my dIhou. six miles
south ot Nolin, Oregon, 1 gray mare with
yearling colt, brande d TS on right shoul
der and oirole W on left shoulder; also
1 bay mure branded TS on riulit shoulder
and dim brand on left shoulder resem
bling o. Or I will pay 10 for infor
mation leading to theii reoovery.
F. Weiieii,
498 COfi Nolin, Or.
Between the Garrigues planing mill
and the first bridge, a first-olass feed
yard with lodging aooommodations con
nected, rinderwill be handsomely re.
wnrded. H5if t
Parents anil Minors, Tnke Notion,
Minors on tho streets after 9 n. m..
will be run in and fined. Take notice
and save unnecessary trouble and ex
pense. ,T. . Rasmus,
487-tfHW. Marshal,
Still In it.
Mr. Hornnr wishes it known that, he in
still selling the maohine-made harness
at $23 and good, "steel tree" saddles at
?W5, casn. Sltf t
Indirection, HIllouttncH, Ilendache, ConMJ.
ptton,JyspepU, Chronic IJrer Troubles,
Z lllcslntM, Had Complexion, Dynentery,
Offensive Breath, and all disorder oT the
btomach. Liver and llowela.
t Klpann TalmieH contain nothinR fnlarlonn to
thfl mi)t fi'litaUt roitHtlttif icn. Pleasant to take, i
2 Wife, effectual, (livo immediate relief. f
Hold by dniiflrlHtH. Atrial bottle sent by mall !
OH receipt of i& cents. Addrena !
Farmers' Supplies
II 1 1 1 MX 1 I'M M 1 1 MIIM It I i 1 1 a
irWKI.f - I!
' J'dl.
1 trmvtr
brick, next to City Hotel.
I IS it CO, j
their many old frieuda 'oall on!
A Conglomeration of Ideas
and a
Concatenation of Events .
Has induced us .....
to put in the Largest Stock of the
Ever Placed before
Appreciate this Fortuities hMm
And you will be the blessed possessor
of some Real Bargains.
Also constantly on hand a full stock of Dry
Goods, Clothing, Groceries and Provisions,
Guns, Pistols, Ammunition and everything else
pertaining to a well selected stock in a General
Merchandise Store.
minor mtos.,
linker :: and :: Coufeetioiier,
Fresh Bvend, Pies, Cakes and Confectionery.
Madk on Shoht Notick and at t'opi'i.tit Pnicf-p.
Bread 22 Loaves for $1.00.
FARSWORTir. Pm. K. 0. SPKRXr, Vice Pre,: ft. ft.
T. E. FELL, Secretary and Manager.
' ' ' PTT-1 "TOOK, $100,000.00. PAID UP, $2,1,000.00.
Incorporated 1R88.
W Ha and hmtiw Agents.
Operating Warehouses at Heppner, lone and Donaas, on the
Heppner llnineh of the U. P. H. Jl. '
.1. A. ThiMUNMii. 11. A. lliTiiMi.
O. K. KnniHwnrHl
NeNon JniitiH
Miwnrii liny,
hit. K. HUhi, 'I luiriin K. i'Vll
r.n. r .. .1 , v,i
J. K. Frick, O. 'I'. DoiirluH.
K. C.
n the
the nurpiwi! ot the Hlock liiililer
f till
iiiiniiy nilvantntriiouB to all v
I ami fin.;,,
iiivoratile lmine iiik i-Lni wl.ii.h ,t n..u
the bimineH of all wool (,'rnwern nnii 1
W urehoiiHe."
llavinu en arireil tim H,'iiniif.r l'ir,.mi.n
" ""' " ""J wiiri'iioiiBe in wiMteni
"I he Wool Growers' Warehouse."
Thk Lancashire: Insurance Go.
A. W.
1'.1IIM1MI AULM 0t
First prize at the World's Exposition.
First in Material and Workmanship.
First in the estimation of all practical farmers.
Never equalled fur Durability, Execution and Lightness of Draft combined.
tf. (.Wnor Mhuj ami Willow Shouta, IJe(jjiifi Or.
rillUS HO.STKLHY has liwn Rkhttri. , K,;F,,SK1,K thr..Um, ,, now
ia one of the m.t inviting place in Hoppner. Mr. I.enzer invite. yn tn to(.
with him, feeling that Iik is able to pntcrtaiu you in the beet of styl,.
Fikst Class II
1a1tlo Season
For Fruit
The Public G.i
HlfWOP, Trenmrcr,
P. ('. Thnnipion.
Nathaniel WpMi,
.full n L. Ayers,
A. B. Clml'man.
Wm. 1 nn.l
iv l. 11 ion.
A. Kelly.
Anson Wright,
(llllllillIIV to .tn.li.t I,u - ... - .
pr,l,(.rs of 'this "Z . to , ! m?I
tmiiiii,,.,i. iiuriupj th ,mine wool noaao,, mik.n
I'tui'Ht, them to s.Miii their oil), tu the "Wool l.rowsr"
,..! ,.i...i ..n
Pliitrorms, WB hav double tho
ureir.in. wel linhleil for n. ,ii.i. ,V f .......
:n iiKim
e Host in tut. vvorin
soxabi.i; Kates.
Arrived nnrl u,
are in me Business to supply you
Is about ripe. We wtlf ret vou
know about, that in the near future
W. L. Matlock & Co,