Heppner gazette. (Heppner, Morrow County, Or.) 1892-1912, May 17, 1892, Image 1

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    OFFICIAL si- PAT Kit
:Take your Babies to . .
K TIIEIIl . . 'Mi
THE PHOTXiR'A PUF.it-' 1hipietifi frre tij Cluix&c,
( mff First-danH au't it Living Half 8- ....
NO. 489.
Smith & Williamson's
MAY STREET STORE for some New Furni
ture. 1 saw their ad. in the Gazette, where
they said "Big assortment and tow prices" or
suthin' tike it. Ole hnss, don't you move ti l I
git back with them fine fixing' for Sallie. Now
whoa, I tell ye!
) '
wi )
Tuesdays and Fridays
At $3.00 per year, $1.50 for six months,
for three mouuia; in advance.
Advertising Rates Made Known on
The XI -A-O-XjE, " of Long Creek, Grant
County, Oregon, is published by the same com
pany every Friday morning. Subscription
price, $'iner year. For advertising rates, address
OEIIW Ij. rATTEESOlT, Editor and
Manager, Long Creek, Oregon, or "Gazette,"
Heppner, Oregon.
THI8 PAPER is kept on tile at E. C. Daka's
Advertising Agenoy, M and f5 Merchants
Eiohangs, Ban Francisco, California, where con
tract for advertising can be made for it.
It, Oregon Press Association, 2i Ash Street,
between First and Second, Portland, Oregon, is
onr only agent located in that place. Advertis
ers should consult him for rates and space in
the Gazette.
Wagner B. A. Hunsaker
Arlington, Henry Heppner
Long Creek The Eagle
Kcbo Bob Shaw
Cainas Prairie, Oscar lie Vaul
Matteson, A11.fv"Ilif,G-r11l
Nye, Or., H. C Wright
Hardman, Or., i;i.-A-
Hamilton, Grant Co., Or . . .Mattie A. ltudio
lone T. J. Carl
Prairie Citv, Or R. K. McHaley
Canyon City, Or J;- H1'l"in
Pilot Kock, U. P. bkelton
Dayville, Or., -J.B. Snow
John Day, Or.,. F. I. McCallum
Athena, Or .John Ellington
Pendleton, Or., Will. G. McCroBkey
Mount Vernon, Grant Co., Or Postmaster
Shelby, Or., Miss Stella Hett
Fox, Grant Co., Or v""!
Eight Mile, Or Mrs. Andrew Ashbaugh
Upper Khea Creek B. F. Hevland
Douglas, Or ,v;;B,' Nhite
i ..mil u,i,.k nr R. M. JohnBon
Gooseberry . W. P. Snyder
Condon, Oregon H",btrt ,!,tt.1?)e.ad
Lexhint on. W. B. McAlister
Union Pacific Railway-Local card.
No, 10, mixed leaves Heppner 8:20 a. m,
" io, " ar. at Arlington 11-50 a.m.
" D, " leaves " 8:47 p. m,
y, " ar. at Heppner 7.-00 p. m
except Sunday.
East bound, main line ar. at Arlington 8:50 p. m.
West " " " leaves :W P. m.
Night trains are running on aaine time as before.
Stage leaves for Monument daily,
except Sunday, at 6 .30 a. m.
Arriroa ,inilv. exceDt Monday, at
Direct connection oan be made at
Monument with the Long Creek stage,
rtniu aiana hor.ropAn Lone- Creek and
Canyon City, connecting at the latter
place with tlie stage lor uurns auu ou-
vieB valley.
Governor a-rPSuhi'
Bee. of State Kh?n
"'.E.B. MoElroy.
Supt. Instruction
Judge Hevonth District,
District Attorney
. W. L. Bradshaw
W. H. Wilson
Joint Senator "rThomSn
Representative ,h.TT. , u.'
t lonnty Judge - "," '
' Commissioners J. A. IhompBon,
. , ' .T. W. Morrow.
.. Sheriff '.'.V.'. o. Noble.
Surveyor W
School Hup't W.L. Sal u g.
Coroner..... James Daugherty,
.,, T.J.Matlock
Sumen"::;;;":;: e.
Ijiohtenthal, Otis raiicrnou.
Thos. Morgan and Frank Gilliam.
Recorder. '.'.'.!.K. G- Slocum
m.iT.T ' J. W. Rasmus.
n : rtn. hi... wi TC. of P. meet ev
ery Taosday evening . at 7.30 o'clock in
their i;aeue nail, mlioim
ins. Sojourning brothers cordially in
vited to attend. , Emil VoBUZ, C. L.
C. Aubbkv. K. of a. 4 8.
O. A. R.
MeeU at Lexington. Or., the last Saturday of
each month. All veterans are lnvitea to juiu,
C. C. Boon,
Adjutant, tf
Oko. W. Smith.
A A. BOBERTS, Real Estate, iBsur
Collections. Office in
Counoil Chambers, Heppner, Or.
First National
George W. Conser, Cashier.
C. I. Lewis, Ass't Cashier.
Transacts a General Banking Business
On all parts of tha world
ht and bold,
Collections made at all points on Rea
sonable Terms.
Surplus and Undivided profits, $23,527.10
Frank H. Snow, Commissioner U. S.
Circuit Court at Lexington, Or., is
authorized to reoeive fees for publication
final nrnrtfll. tit-ii
Itwrui qualities ir onluryaMed, actus"'
A Year's Subscription to a Pop
ular Agricultural Paper
By a special arrangement with the
publishers we are prepared to furnish
FREE to each of our readers a year's
subscription to the popular monthly
agricultural journal, the Amebican
Fabmer, published at Springfield and
Cleveland, Ohio.
This offer is made to any of our sub
scribers who will pay np all arrearages
on subscription and one year in advance,
and to any new subscribers who will pay
one year in advance. The American
Farmer enjoys a large national circula
tion, and rants among the leading
agricultural papers. By this arrange
ment it COSTS YOU NOTHING to re
oeive the American Farmer for one
year, It will be to your advantage to
oail promptly, Sample oopies can be
seen at our office.
From Terminal or Interior Points the
. Northern Pacific
Is the line to take
Tt. is thfl DininfirCar Route. It runs Through
Vesti buled TraiuB every duy in the year to
St. Paul and Chicago
(No Change of Cars)
Composed of DINING CARS unsurpassed,
Of Latest Equipment
nnDt tmf nun Vin onnntriintod and in which ac
commodations are both free and furaieiied for
holders of farat or Beconu-ciauB ucjebw, ana
Elegant Day Coachs.
A Continuous liine oonneotinft with all
' Lines, affording Direct anil Uninter
rupted Service.
Pullman Sleeper Reservations canbe
Secured in advance through
any agent of the road.
To nrid from all points in America, EuKiHiid
and Europ.1 can be purchased at any Ticket otrioe
of this Company.
Full information concerning .rates, time
of trains, routes and other details
furnished on application to any
agent, or
Assistant Genera Passenger Agent.
No. 121 First St., Cor. Washington,
The Original
publisliers, we are auie to ooiHiii a nuniuci
of th- above boon, ana propose io luriusn
conv to each of our subBcrluerH,
The dictionary is a necessity in every home,
school and business house. It tills a vacancy,
-...I ftii-iiiulion If nowleilim which no one hull
iir...i othi-r volumes of the choicest books could
supply. Young allU Olil, euucaieu auu iKiioiaui,
rich and poor, should have It within reach, and
refer tO US COIIieillS eveiy uuy in ute y n. .
As mmi hflve UHKea II mis is reany uic
1....1 WMtstpr'a thiatiridired Dictionary, we are
able to state we have learned direct from the
publishers the liict, luai mis is me very .
Complete On WHICH UUOUi luny ,n wc i:o. , D
... .1,0 nnthnr'i 11, wore so wen eiiiiuoveu in
writing. It contains the entire vocabulary of
about 1110,0(10 words, includine the correct spell
ing, derivation auu unmrnu.. ... . .,
,v,u r.i,lnr standard size. containillK about
300,600 square inches of printed surface, and is
OOUnu 1U ClOUl uau uiuiww ."u duvw.
Until further notice we will furnish this
valuable Dict:onary
First To any new subscriber.
Second To any renewal subscriber.
Third To any subscriber now in arrears
who pays up and one year in advance, at
the following prices, viz:
Full Cloth bound, gilt side and back
stamps, marbled edges, $i-oo.
Half Mcocco, bound, gilt side and back
stamps, marbled edges, $1.50.
Full Sheep bound, leather label, marbled
edges, $2.00
Fifty cents added in all cases for express
age to Heppner.
fmAn the publishers limit the time and
nmiioer oi lawks they will furnish at the low
..Pioa we arlviite all who desire to avail them
selves of this great opportunity to attend to it
at once,
All who are suffering from the effects
of Youthfnl Errors, Loss of Manhood,
Failing Powers, Gonorrhoea, Gleet,
Strioture, Syphilis and the many troubles
which are the effects of these terrible
disorders will receive, Free op Charge,
full directions how to treat and cure
themselves at home by writing to the
California Medical and oubgioal in-
VTllW 1RV. Market Street, San
FrBncisco, California. 4f5-ly.
Webster's Unabridged
The Golcfcrated French Sure,
Is Sold ok a
to euro any
form of uervoui
disease, or auy
disorder of the
EUFORG generative or- AFTER
(ant of either aex whether arisiug from the
axceisive use of Stimulants, Tobacco or Opium,
or through youthful Indiscretion, over indulg
ence, Ac, such as Loss of Brafn Power, Wakeful
ness, Bearing down Fains lu the Back, Seminal
Weakness, Hysteria, Nervous Prostration Nocturn
al Kmission;, Leucorrhcea, Dizziness, Weak Mem.
ory, Loss of Power and Impotency, which If ne
glected often lead to prematureoldageand Insan
ity. Price $1.00 a box, 6 boxes lor 5.00 Bent by
mail on receipt of price.
A WRITTEN GUARANTEE forevery $5.00
order, to refund the money If a Permanent
care is not effected. Thousands of testimonial!
from old and young, of both sexes, permanently
iiuredbyAPHRODiTiNi. Circular free. Address
Sold in Heppner by Slocum-Johnston Drug Co
Benton, Lap. Co., Wis.. Doe., 88,
Rev. J. C. Beryen vouches for thu following:
Jiimoa Koouey, who wua suiicriug from St. Vitus'
Dance in its worL form for nuout l'i yoars, wna
troutcd by eeveral )hyf k-iaus without effect;
two bottlua of Pastor Koen g'a Norve Tonio
cur.3d him.
CTlte True Wltnest ami Chnmtcte, Montreal,
Can., published Oct. 24, We lire in rucoipt
of a letter from oueof our well-known citizens,
Mr. E. Boisvert, who writo Hint upon l econi
uiendatioQ of the most Kev. M. Mitrchnml, of
Driumiimiilville, lie wus inuueed to we for that
mosttlreuilful of nil nervous uieiiieH, Fl'1'8, a
fov hotlles of Pastor Koeuig'B Nerve 1 onic; rnd
is Klad to say Hint after having puffernd or
blunt years is now entirely cured, ami henrtily
recommends all sufferers of nervous (liacabes
to try this reined.
A Valnahle RnoTt on Nervous
DIseanesBuntfreeto uny address.
ana poor patients can juho omnia
tliis medicine tree of charge.
Thin remedy has been prMad by the Rever-BndPaBtorKoeniR.ofFct1-
' tane,Ind., since 1876,
and is now prepared jaant bis direction by the
KOEN1C MED. CO., Chicago, 111.
Sold by Druggists at SI per Bottle. 0 for
B5. Iiarve.Size.et.75. 6 Bottles for 9.
Sold in Portlnnd, Oregon, by IS lie U,
He it uliii A Wuoiini'il.
To keep your Sheep healthy, and insure a good
cup, una
A Sure Cure at Moderate Cost.
Mixes with either COLD or WARM WATER.
Is Non-Poisonous, Improves the Wool
and does Not stain it.
Wool Commission Mbkchants,
Filth and Townsend Sts., Ban Francisco
General Agents.
For sale by Slooum-Johnston Drug Co.
Submitted by a subscriber.
The Portland Oregoman says the "nl
lianoe oranks" and "free silver knaves'
are all wrong, in fact criminal, in their
demands regarding fiuanoial legislation;
that there is plenty of money for those
who are willing to work for it; in short,
tbat laziness and improvidence prompt
their "oalamity howling." How is that
anyhow, farmers of Morrow county? Are
you willing to work? Do you work? Is
it the usual tiling to reoeive a fair price
for your wheat, for which the consumer
pays a high price? Who gets the differ
ence? How is it with the 1500 women in
Boston who are earning less than 25
oenta a day? How is it that the 150,000
women in New York City who are earn
ing less than GO cents a duy? It is "ca
lamity howling," isn't it, to try to better
a financial system nnder which the aver
age annual amount earned by working-
men in our large Eastern cities is from
878 to $182, or $150 to $3 per wee
with which to provide themselves aud
their families with food, shelter and
clothing? At the same time liookfeller
has an income of $28 per minute; Jay
Gould, $15 a minute; Wm. Waldorf As-
tor, $20 a ninute. A financial sytitem is
all right that helps those already rich to
pile up more millions and prevents those
that are poor from obtaining work to do
or a reasonable remuneration for their
work. Certainly. The system is all
right, but the people are lazy and im
The demands of the people's party are
eminently necessary. They are connti
tutional and perfectly practical, arid
enacted into laws will destroy the poier
of money to oppress the common people
Money is scaroe, and source money
means bard times and idle people; but
an abundant circulating medium means
good times and employment for all at
fair wages.
The constitution of the United States
delegates to oongress the exclusive pow
er to ooin money and regulate the value
thereof, and this right carries with it the
moral and legal duty on the pnit of oon
gress to issue sufficient money to do the
business of the country upon a conserv
ative cash basis.
The old party leaders would cough
down the money question, but it will
not down. The people are now aware
that there is not suffioient money in cir
culation and that they are at the meroy
of the money sharks.
In a speech delivered in Bostou on the
19th of last month Senator Dolph, the
mouthpieoe of the goldbnsra and bank
ers, undertook to show how unwise a
free coinage measure would be. The re
port of his speech takes fonr columns
and a half of nonpareil type and the
main Btring to his harp was the badly fray
ed one of intrinsic value; but the wily sen
ator in his over-done efforts to deceive
his hearers with sophistry and to bewil
der them with a wilderness of words got
himself mixed up and all unwittingly de
molished his work with one breath by
saying: "The silver coins in the coun
tries of Europe having a gold and silver
standard are maintained in dnmestio cir
culation side by side with gold ooins of
a greater intrinsio value, first and princi
pally by the fact that they are a full le
gal tender in the respective oountries is
suing them, in payment of debts and ob
ligations of all kinds."
Ed. Eood, tha king of Eight Mile
hachelors, smiled on the fair sex at this
place last Sunday.
It is a little previous, but we are going
to oelebrate the 4th of July in ship shape
at Lone Bock this year.
John Madden has purohased several
head of horses lately, the price paid be
ing $100 for choice animals.
Grandpa Brown is holding his own
pretty well, and is able now and then to
give us a few ideas on tariff reform.
Miss Nettie Robinson is residing at
Condon this summer with L. W. Dar
ling, assisting tbat gentleman in his mer
chandising business.
Ed. Wineland and the firm of Miller &
Hill are preparing to start their saw
mills in a few days. A good demand for
lumber is expected this year.
W. C. Brown, the horseman, is gather
ing in bis herd preparatory for breeding.
Also William Hendrix and others. A
larger per cent, of oolts tuis year than
Sheep shearing, lamb marking and
wool hauling is now oocuiring the time
of the average Lone Booker, ail of whioh
is very disagreeable on nocount of ti.e
never-ceasing rain-fall.
The Methodist orgftiiZation of this
plaoe are contemplating the ereotion of
a church building. The enterprise has
not grown suffioient yet to receive the
cold water bath givetf to suob work.
Who says Lone Book is not prosper
ing? Witbin the last moutb our mer
chants have received 10 four and six-
horse loads of merchandise, seven of the
same being for Copner & Halv orson.
B. M. Johnson, our genial candidate
for sheriff, is putting io his share of the
time over the county oalling on bis con
stituents Bnd others. May he be suc
cessful, is the desire of his many friends
The work on the Henpner-Lone Book
road is progressing nicely in Buttermilk
canyon, and all hands -are preparing to
haul their wool via the same. This
means many dollars added to the coffers
of Heppner business men. Although
the road is greatly improved, there
should be a few dollars more raised to
complete the work to the entire satisfac
tion of the) traveling puoiio. wuai say
the good people?
Miss Nan. Clark, who attended nor
mal at Monmouth this winter, is teach
ing eobool on Eight Mile, in the Hooker
neighborhood. Kkno.
Lone Book, (Jr., May VI, VZ.
Editor Gazette :
Gardens and grain are looking eplcu
Mr. Morgan, of your burg, visited this
vioinity Saturday.
There has been two days of sunshine
this week which made the grain grow very
The alliance is making things pretty
lively for the republicans and democrats
in this vicinity.
There are several people of this nflijh
borbood who will take their cattle to the
mountains to keep the coming summer.
Our school, whioh has been most suc
cessful, has a vacation of two weeks on
account of that contagious disease dipu
Mr. Bruce Haines thinks of turning
up in South Amerioa within four months,
upon an aligator's baok. I wish hin
good success with bis trip.
Lame Lute, a fellow who came here
last summer, has taken him op u ranoh
over the other side of Rea creek, whioh
he intends making his home.
The large amount of sod whioh has
been broken out this spring, from what
farmers say will cause more rain and that
we can rest assured of raising an abund
ance of grain.
Sunday-school at 10 a. m preaching at
11 a. m.. and at night. To-day all were
successful meetings and largely attend
ed. Rev. Motor will preaoh here on Tiles
day and Wednesday, the 17th and 18th,
at 11 and at nigni.
The neonle assembled at the Liberty
school house, the 7th at 2 p. m., for the
purpose of hearing Mrs. n. ti. V. Ji-mory
on the political issues of the day. The
meeting was called to order and Mr. K
H. HtBnton elected chairman of the meet
ing. He introdnoed the lady to the audi
ence which was tine, and was cheered
with laughter and applause. It would
take too much time and space to give
the full details of her speech. Messrs.
Lewis, Sine and Hadley also made excel
lent speeches. It was a graud affair, and
the bouse crowded to its utmost capaoity
Eight Mile, Or., May 8, 1892.
from the Swedish of J. L. Runehcrg, translated
by A. J.
Our native land, our fatherland,
Sound loud, O, dearest word!
Not tow'rs a height toward heaven's verse,
Not sinks a vale, nor's wnsh'd a strand,
More loved than this our father's earth,
Our country in the north.
Our land is poor, will thus remain
To him that gold doth seek ;
A Btranger proud us passes by,
But this our laud, ne'er loved in vain,
To us with downs and alps and rocks,
A gold laud ever looks.
We love our rivers' mighty roar,
Tho joyfull leaping of our brooks,
The moaning of our forest dark,
Our starry night, our light, our Bhore;
Yea, all what here, as sight or song,
Once sttrr'd our heart or tonguo.
Our fathers here their battles fought
With thought, with sword, aud plow;
Here, here, in bright as cloudy times,
With lortnnes good or bad, methought,
The heart of Finland's folk did beat;
Here dwelt true Patience sweet.
We counted, then, these battles fought;
Our people fought so brave;
When war did roar from vale to vale,
And frost the pangs of hunger brought;
Who measur'd all its oft spill'd blood,
And all Its patience view'd?
And here it was the blood did flow,
Yes, here for ub it was;
And here it was that joy it shared,
And here the sigh it preBs'd also,
The people that our burdens bore,
Long ere our days yet were.
'Tis pleasant hero, 'tis well to live,
All is us here beBtow'd ;
How'er our dice yet may be cast,
A land, tiaficrfa?id we have;
And now, indeed, what is more wortli
To prize and love on earth
And here aud here is now this land,
Our eye discerns it here;
We can at will stretch forth our hand,
And gladly point to sea and strand,
Anil Baying: "Now, behold this land,
It is our fatherland!"
And if to dwell midst fame we're led,
'Mongst golden clouds in blue;
And were our life a starry dance,
Where sigh were not, nor tear were shed ;
To this our land, tho' poor, yet free,
Our longing still would be. -
O, land of thousand lakes, thou land,
Where Song and Trust have dwelt,
Where life's vast sea us gave a shore;
Our ancient land, our future land,
Let not thy poverty dismay,
Feel free, secure, and gay !
Thy blooming, yet in hud enclos'd,
Shall from constraint grow free.
Behold ! Out of our love shall rise
Thy light, thy fame, thy Joy, all hoped ;
And louder once shall sound the song,
Our patriotic song.
A "Young Men's Conservative 8or'ity"
numbering 1,750 members, has been con
stituted in Christiana with the avowed
purpose of cautiously advancing the new
ideas of the times. Festina Lente.
Two thousand two hundred nnd twenty-
two Swedish conscripts have sought re
lease from their patriotic duties in order
to emigrate to America, intending, no
doubt, to turn their swords into ploughs.
The present prime minister of Norway,
Johannes Steen, made a sacred promise
a little more than 30 years ago that he
would work to oonvert Norway into a re
public aud himself beoome her first pres
ident. He seems pretty near the goal of
his ambition.
There has been a very severe winter
on Iceland, with much snow and ice in
the northern parts. Wild reindeers and
snipes hnve in masses repaired to the
habitations of man and been killed by
the thousands. On the southern ooast
the winter fisheries have been exceeding
ly lucrative. From the Fairo islands
great storms are reported.-
The antiquated and unjust privilege of
rich landowners of entailed estates of
nominating the incumbents of the paro-
ohial churches has just received a glar
ing illustration in the upper house of the
Swedish Riksdag. Count Roul Hamil
tonhimself Biioh a just patronatus
drew the attention of the chamber to the
incongruity of him, being a professed
Roman Cathoho, to nominate the rector
of a protestant ohurch of the established
Lutheran oreed of Sweden. However
conscientious the nominator may be, still
the inoongruity of the antiquated law Is
flagrant, for often a free thinker is called
upon to exercise the same irrational au
thority conferred upon the titled land
owners. We must compliment Couut
Hamilton upon bia consoieutions and
manly unselfish oouduot. Noblesse
The grain prospeot is better every day,
and everyone is happy.
Our merchant, J. A. Woolery, spent
'aBt week in Hardman, looking after bus
iness interests there.
We are not behind in the line of ad
vance. Two wood-yards have been ad
ded to make business lively.
Sheep shearers are busy now. A band
of over four thousand neatly sheared
sheep passed through here Friday on
their way to the mountains.
The Heppner postmaster had better
use a little more care in looking after the
Douglns and lone mail, or some of the
abused ones may make a little trouble
for him. Mail to the two towns baa been
missent four times in one month.
Mr. Gibson, our blacksmith, is a wid
ower no longer. His wife returned from
a visit to Walla Wulla two weeks ago.
Mr. Woolery has likewise been made
happy. His wife returned from a visit
to her parents in Monument a week ago.
Her sister, Miss Violet, is quite ill with
the rheumatism.
Mr. Perkins an.l family moved into Mr.
Rea's house a half mile below town last
week. A. M. U.
Tbeo. Cork, J(
Allyn and James
sppb Legrnnd, Geo.
Willis gaye na a call
Outing for May.
"You kau't ketch nothln' with them thar things'
With yarn fer bodies im' feathers fer wings.
You must think trout is terrible fools
Ter be ketched with sech outlandish tools.
"An' look at that pole why, that won't do;
A good big trout would bust it in two,
An' never think nothln' of what he did,
As quick as lightuin' away he slid.
"Well, I'll be dum, you can shoot me dead
Ef here ain't a windlass lillcd with thread,
An' the littlest sort ov thread at that
Why man, that wouldn't hold a gnat!
"You'll find a good place over here,
Under the rapidB deep and clear.
You'd better take worms an' cr hickory pole,
Or you won't ketch nothin' 'pon my soul!"
Sixteen beauties, Bpeckled bright,
The basket bore ere the fall of night;
He couuted them o'er on the bank of fern,
And all that he said was, "Wa'll-I'll be dlirn!'
Contributed by N. J.
Once more I will resume my pen,
And with these old bachelors I will begin.
There Is rat yuaid who 1b lame and lank,
Aud the folks say that he'sacrank.
My dear old"Honp" they have left you out,
The reason why, 1 can't find out.
Ah! dear old "Hepp," we love you dear,
For you are our old pioneer.
There is Joo Williams who once bo merry,
His cheeks were red as a blooming cherry ;
He is a man by nature mild,
But then he has no wife or child.
Then there is another they call Colorow,
All he thinks of is a steer or cow;
School taxeB he thinks aro unjust
"ray it I will, because I must."
There is Tom Ayers you have put in,
Why, you rank him with theBC older men ;
Youthful Tom, you must not worry
About gelling married; don't bo lu a hurry.
Ah! dear old batches, how sad your state;
Alis, how I do mourn for your fate.
Then we must learn not to despise,
For they get foolish instead of wise.
We are having Bn alnindanoo of- rain.
Vegetation is looking better for it.
Miss May Ashhaugh has been visiting
at her brother Fred's for tho past two
Prof. Ham is giving good satisfaction
in tho Eight Mile district school. He is
as well pleased with the school as the
soholurs are with him.
School has been closed for almost two
weeks on account of a diphtheria scare,
but it did not amount to anything.
School will open again next Monday.
Miss Dell Fuqua spent last week at
Mr. Andrew Ashbaugh's. Her visit was
muoh enjoyed by the entire family. Miss
Susie claimed her for her guest and the
two young iBdies had a merry time
Farmers have been enabled to break a
larger lot of sod than they haye ever
broken in one season in this part of Mor
row county. It is nothing unusual to
hear a man say "I have broken one hun
dred acres this spring."
Fine proBpeots for "garden suss."
There is nothing to enoourage turmera
to raise more than they waut for their
own use, bb there isBuoh a poor market
for them. There are hundreds of bush
els of potatoes now in the oountry, and
no sale for thom, Fine for the farmer to
feed to stock .
Carwlv will be iu demand now until af
ter eleotion, say nothing nbout candi
date cigars, for there are so many candi
dates in the field. Farmers' wives will
be pleased to know how handsome and
intelligent these candidates think their
ohildren are, and to aee thorn seated on
the great gentleman's knee, playing with
hiB watch, reoeiving a liberal amount of
candy, the husband treated to a good ci
gar, aud at the table to bear praises of
her coffee, biscuits, butter and tea. She
begins to think these fine gentlemen
do have some reHpeot for the farmer, af
ter all. These candidates no doubt pass
by the homes of "mosBbacks," "Siluri
ans," "seven-legged hynastivM," etc., as
there would be no use to electioneer
among that class; they are very Bet iu
their ways, and cigars, prBiHing and pet
mg the children and showing apprecia
tion of the wives' cooking Would not
muke any difference on thorn; they know
who to vote for without being bought
with "treats" and promises.
Eight Mile, Or., May 12,'!l2. I. O. N.
Rain nnd sunshine.
Many of our best farmers nre about
through summer-fallowing.
Pete Brenner is back from the land of
gum boots and umbrellas aud is now
turning over the sod at the rate of 15
aores a day.
Gooosoberry wants a railroad. Iu the
meantime let us got a direot route from
Heppner bo we oan got the Ouzotte be
fore it's a week old. Give uh county
roads and road supervisors.
I do not think Rev. Howorton gave np
preaohing salvation to the GooBoberry
ites because they wore not seeking sul-
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
a "& rowaer
vatiott, but think he heard of tha farm
ers' alliance' as offering a cheaper and
more direot route to parudise.- .
The roads in the Eight Mile district i
are in very bad sbape.r I understand
there is no supervisor iu- that distriot,
yet I suppose the county court gave thifi ...
district a supervisor Bt their session, this
week, but we do not know before some ,.
time next week, when the Gazette comes
riding slow but sure, in Wnnnamaker's
Some time ago we had several writers
for the Gazette from this point, but now
there Beems to be none left but ''Old
Bachelor," aud long may he live. Keep
it up, old boy, early and late the writ
iug, I mean. With pleasure I read your
newsy letters. You say in your last
communication that our etock inspector
had been in our neighborhood perform
ing his duty. Now if you know some
thing about this stock inspector's busi
ness, I'd like to have you give us eonio
information. 1. Is it his duty to in
spect all stock, or only sheep? 2. Who
pays his salary? 3. What are his fees,
if any, for examining horses?
And now, Mr. Editor, would you
pleaoe answer a question? A man in
this neighborhood was out rolling some
land the other day, wheu his horses be
oame unmanageable and broke away.
They rolled hills, ouuyons and wire
fences very lust, but soon the squeaking
roller becamo uumnungeable and broke
away from the horses. Now the rolling
commenced. The roller rolled and roll
ed straight dowu a branch of Eight
Mile, heading for the Columbia, till it
came to the mouth of the brnuoh, whero
it fell orosewiiys in a big man's well.
Everything goes oroaswaya here. ''My
luck," said the big man, "surely there
must be water iu that well, when it
oould draw an old, dry roller six miles."
But here is the question: To whom does
the water, if found, belong; to the owner
of the well, the owner of the roller or to
the owuer of the land? Give it up. Eu.
Gooseberry, May 8, 92.
A First-Class Remedy.
Cove, Union Co., Or., Deo. 2G.
The Kidney Tea Iuib given good satis
faction. We think it a first class kidney
remedy. Buns & Havden,
General Dealera.
Ed. Gazette; In answer to the scale
blook, or the "mare's nest," as the Ga
zette man calls it, now Mr . Good Editor,
when you f nd all the facts in the case,
you will see you are getting right in the
tracks of your good neighbors. The caae
is like this: Sometime ago my atten
tion was called to the block spoken of.
I went to look at it and thought, like a
dozen others, that it would make a dif
ference iu weighing heavy draughts.
Before I made up my mind about it I
asked Sam Kinsman to test the scales.
He "flew oil the handle," and refused to
do so unless I would bet him $5110 that
they were not right, which I could not
do, as it would have been too much like
one of Sam's sure bets. Bo all I have to
say t Mr. Kinsman, is to keep his scales
lookiug right, and dou't let a car ( f stock
weigh more in Troutdale, ufter being ou
tho cars twenty-four bonis, than they do
on hia scales in Ueppuer, nnd then he
won't have so much trouble.
And hereafter Mr. Editor, ask both
Bides of a story before putting in any
''mare's nosts," or Hocusing any one of
criminating others, without knowing it
yourself. John D. Hi'liAY.
Um'PNEit, Or., May l(i, '!2.
May Hi, IKttt;
HuskorWF Ailll'o Ed U
Colikliu Frank Curry Mrs Aremlua
Garety Jaiiiet Henry Miss Mary
La Fortune Gilbert Mulh;itli MrsA
Olden Mrs M A
l'letiHC say "Advertised" when calling for these
letters. A. Maixoiiv, 1'. M.
As Pleasant to Take as Any Other Tea.
Portland, Or., AugiiHt 12.
Having a severe liaokache last winter,
I was induced to try the Oregon Kidney
Tea. I found it very beiicliciul in itH
results. It is not more unpleasant to
take than other tea. I would recom
mend it to those alllictoil as I was.
John P. Fahmeii.
A big Eight Mile letter was crowded
out of this issue bat will appear in our
The Gazette is under many obligations
to Mr. J. A. liiiiiloll, The Dallas con
tractor of stone aud brick work, for u
basket n( line lettuce, raised in his gar
den at The Dalles.
Hon. J. 0. Thomson, candidate for
representative on tho democratic ticket,
cume up Sunday, remaining over till
this morning While in town this ollice
was tho reoipiont of a call.
Julius I'otts and a young follow whoso
name our reporter did not learn, oume
together Hiiuday night, tha stranger re
ceiving quito a blow from some heavy
missile, presumably a rock. Marshal
Kiinmus was looking for Julius yester
day, but was unable to find bim.