Heppner gazette. (Heppner, Morrow County, Or.) 1892-1912, April 22, 1892, Image 1

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If I reach you, read
and hand to ... .
your neighbor . . .
If I reach you, read
and hand to ... .
your neighbor ...
NO. 482.
Tuesdays and Fridays
A i 8.00 per year, fl.Hlforsix months, $1.0(1
for turee lnouius-, iu advance.
Advertising Rates Made Known on
The "E-A.ca-x.Ei," of Long Creek, Grant
County Oregon, Is published by the same com
pany every Friday mornlnR. Subscription
rtce, ?'.! per year, Fornilvertlsing rales, addresi
iISIiT Xi. PATTEESO', Editor and
Manager, Long Creek, Oregon, or "Gazette,"
Heppuer, Oregon.
THIS PAPER ie kept on tile at K. C. Pake's
I Advertising Agency, M and 85 Merchants
Excbangs, San rraucisco, California, where cOu
traeu for advertising can be made for it.
'j. Oregon Press Association, 26 Ash Street,
between First and Second, Portland, Oregon, is
our only agent located In that place. Advertis
ers should consult hiin for rates and space in
the Gazette.
Wagner B. A. Hunsaker
Arlington, Henry lleppner
Long-Creek, The taglo
Echo Bob Shaw
Camas Prairie Oscar De Vaul
Matteson, Allen McFernn
Nye, Or., H. C. W right
Hardman, Or., J- A. Wnolery
Hamilton, Grant Co., Or Mattie A. Kudio
lono T. J.Carl
Prairie City, Or R. R. Mclliiley
Cnuvon City, Or., L. rarrwfi
Pilot Hock, O. P. Skeltcni
Dayville, Or., S. l. Snow
John Dav, Or., F. I. MoCalluin
Athena, Or Job n Edington
Pendleton, Or Wni. G. McUroskey
Mount Vernon, Grnnt Co., Or., Postmaster
Shelby, Or Miss Stella Flett
Fox, Grant Co., Or., J. F- Allen
Eight Mile, Or Mrs. Andrew Ashbuugh
Upper Rhea Creek, B. F. Hevland
Douglas, Or hltc
Lone ltock, Or . M. Johnson
Gooseberry W. P. Snyder
Condon, Oregon Herbert Halstesd
Lexington W. B. McAllster
Union Pacific Railway-Local card.
No, 10, mixed leaves Heponer 8 a. m.
" lu. " ar. at Arlington 11 IK) a.m.
" 9 leaves " 8,:!)4 p. m.
t) " ar. at Heppner d:60 p. in, dally
except Sunday.
Kast bound, main line ar. at Arlington M p. m.
West " ' " leaves " ISM p. in.
Night trains are running on same time as before.
Stage leaves for Monument daily,
except Sunday, at 6:30 A. M.
Arrives -daily, except Monday, at
6:00 p.m.
Direct connection oan be made at
Monument witb the. Long Creek stage.
Dally stage between Look Creek and
Canyon City, conneotinff at the latter
place with the stuge for Burns and Sil
vies valley.
Governor B- rV,r'
Beo of State 'Yv?'?"?'16'
Treasurer Phtt Metaohan.
Snpt. Instruction -E M. McKlroy.
Judge Seventh District W. L. Hradshaw
District AtWrnej W. H. Wilson
Joint Senator Henry Blackman.
Representative J-,,J-,?hT'',"l.0,1''
County Judge -1 alias Keithly.
Commissioners J. A. Ihompson,
H. M. Vaughn.
Clerk J- W. Mrrow'
" Sheriff Vw9eM1!!'blS'
' Treasurer J-W. Matlock.
Asaeasor J;,,'nlY,cUoe'
Surveyor C. RCome.
School Bup't W. L. Haling.
Coroner James Daughert).
Maj0, T. J. Matlock
CouncilViiei'i O. E. FarnBWorth, M
Liehtenthal, OtiB Patterson, S. P. Uarrigues,
Thos. llorgan and Frank Gilliam.
Keoorder ;iBu,
Treasurer . t. U. Slocnra
Marshal J- W.Hasnttt.
Doric Lodge No. 20 K. of P. meets ev
ery Tuesday evening at 7.80 o'clock in
their Castle Hall, National Bank build
ing. Sojourning brothers cordially in
vited to attend. F.M1L Vonu7., C. O.
T C. AUBBSV. K. of tt. A 8. tl
O. A. R.
Meets at Lexington, Or., the last Saturday of
each month. All veterans are invited to join.
C.C. Boon, Geo. W. Smith.
Adjutant, tf Commander.
A A. ROBERTS, Real Estate, Insur
ance and Collections. Office in
Council Chambers, Heppner, Or. Bwtf,
1. N. BROWN,
Attorney at La'
Brown & Hamilton,
Practice in all courts of the state. Insurance,
ut ut,t. ,.ll.cti..n ml loan ageots.
Prompt attention given to all business entrust
ed to them.
Offic. MaikStbiet, Heppneb, Obioos.
President. - Cashier.
Made on Favorable Terms.
ment at the Gazette orliee.
Frnnk H. Snow, Oimmissioner TJ. 8.
Circuit Coort at sxingt'in, Or, is
authorized to reoeive fees for publication
THE mm
Are having their land business straight
ened out and shaped np. lion about
yours? If not in satisfactory condition
it would be a good plan to see about it
at onoe. I am giving careful and ene'
tretio attention to entries, final proofs,
"railroad land" and all business relating
to lands in Morrow oonnty.
U. 8. Commissioner,
Bwtf. Lexington, Or.
From Terminal or Interior Points the
Is the line to take
t and South.
Tt in thfi T).n.nt?Car Itnuto. It mni Throanh
Veatibuled Train b every day in the year to
St. Paul and Chicago
(No Change of Cars)
Composed or DINING CARS unsurpassed,
Of Latest Equipment
Rant thnt can he constructed and in which ac
commodations are both free and furnished for
holders of nrst or Mcuna-ciaasucKeta, ana
Elegant Day Coachs.
A Continuous LTme connecting with all
Lines, affording Direct and Uninter
rupted Service.
Pullman Sleeper Reservations can be
Seeurea tn advance inrougn
any agent of the road.
through" tickets
n,,H from al nninta in Amerion. Kualaud
and Kurop can be purchased at any Ticket ottice
ot. this Company,
Full information concerning rates, time
of trains, routes and other details
furnished on application to any
agent, or
Assistant General Passnnger Agent,
No. 121 First 4'f., Cor. Washington,
Cottle ratifid and far marked as shown above.
tifirwB K on rijfht nbmiar,
mv oattif) ntiKP in Momur and Umn'illa coan
tiet-. I will imy $lX!.Ufnr the arnwt and con
viction of any pwrnin t,teiiiBK my ctock.
At Abrahnmsick's. In addition to his
tailoring business, be has added a fine
line of nr.derwear of nil kinds, negligee
shirt, hosiery, etc. Also has on band
(me eleeant Datterns for suits. A.
Abrahamsiek, May street, Heppner, Or.
&&BS- " '
matism of the hip. I
St. Jacobs Oil.
A Year's Subscription to a Pop
ular Agricultural Paper
By a special arrangement witb the
publishers we are prepared to furnish
FREE to each of our readers a year's
subscription to the popular monthly
agricultural journal, the American
Farmer, published nt Springfield -and
Cleveland, Obto.
Tbis offer is made to any of our sub
scribers who will pay up all arrearages
on subscription and one year in Bdvanoe,
and to any new subBoribers who will pay
one year in advanoe. the American
Farmer enjoys a large national oironla
tion, and ranks among the leading
agricultural papers. By this arrange
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All who are suffering from the effeots
of Youthful Errors, Loss of Manhood,
Failing Powers, Gonorrhoea, Gleet,
Strioture, Syphilis and the many troubles
which are the effects of these terrible
d uro mitt Mrt.i.a l?Tl?i? CD PlltvnV
full directions how to treat and cure
themselves at home by writing to the
California Medical and Suroioaii In
firmary, juawji market otreer, oan
Fraucisco, California. 4(55-ly.
George W. Conser, Canhier.
C. I. Levis, Ass't Cashier.
Transacts a General Banking Business
On all parte of the world
Bought and Sold,
Collections made at all points on Rea
sonable Terms.
Hnrplns and Undivided profits, $23,527.10
The OriLlil
ster's Unabridged
publirthers, we are able to obtain u number
of th
above book, and provoHe to furnish
to nrh nf our RUhsdritjort.
he dictionary i a noceshity in every home,
school and bufilneei honee. It fills a vacancy,
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refer to its coutenls every day in the year
As some have asked if this Is reully the Orig
inal Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, wo are
able to slate we have learned direct from the
publishers the fact, that this is the very w ork
complete on w hich about forty of the best years
ot the author's life were so well employed in
writing. It contains the entire vocabulary of
about ino.OOD words, including the correct spell
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:AJ,000 square inches of printed snrlace, and is
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Until turtner notice we Wilt furnish this
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Full Cloth bound, gilt side and back
stamps marbled edges $i-oo.
Half Mo-occo, bound, gilt side and back
stamps, marbled edges, $1.50.
Full Sheep bound, leather label, marbled
edges, $2.00
Fifty cents added in all cases for express
age to Heppner.
gtW the publishers limit the time and
niiiuocr of books they will furnish at the low
orices. we advise all who desire to avHll them
selves of this great opportunity to attend to it
at once.
For rtale.
The lintel heretofore known as the
Mountain House, on block froru Firft
National bank in Ile(ipuer, Or. G
tains partrir. riming room, bnwuatre room,
kiK lien and 10 owl moms; all rooms
furnished. For further particulars in
quire of S-tf T. W. Arras.
Newton, 111.
1S63 to 1885 ;ab'out
T cilfTfrprl WItH rhttl-
was cured by the use of
Oregon Democracy Refuse to Put
Him Forward for the
Veach, of Lane, and Slater, of Union, for Con
Kress Bennett, the Supreme Judue
hlp Blaekman andtlnges Honored--Other
Convention Now.
( R. M. VKATt n,
1 (of Cottage Grove)
'1 J. If. Hum a,
I (of La (irande)
(A. B. Bennett,
I (of Dalles City)
Buprevne Judge,.
in. , n..,..,.i (GEO. E. Ch.4Mberi.ain
Attorney-General j (of Mbmy
fEoBT. A. MrLI.HR,
(of Jacksonville.)
I W. M. Coi.vio,
'residential Klectors. . .
(of Jacksonville.)
Gieo. Nolan,
(of Astoria.)
W. F. Hutch br,
(of Baker City.)
f Fuei V. Holman',
ioi roriiano.j
(o( Pendleton.)
Henry Blackuan,
(of Heppner.)
John J. Oaly,
(of Dallas.)
Uoleaates to the
National Conventions
. (of Salem.)
! . J
T. O. Kkambs,
(of Jacksonville.)
J. L. Cowan,
(of Albany.)
"Grover, Grover," was the watohword
of the Oregon democraoy Tuesday. His
name, whenever mentioned, provoked
long and con tinned ohaering.
Hendersuott, of Union, offered the fol
lowing resolution:
Resolved, That this convention uiorI
heartily approves and indorses the ad
ministration of Governor Sylvester Pen
noyer ; that he has mudo uu able execu
tive, and bis administration of the affairs
of the state has been characterized bv
that spirit of economy which should
characterize the adminisiration of 'every
true democrat, and tbis convention would
suggest and urge upon the delegates to
the national oonvenlion, to be held at
Cbioiigo, tbe propriety of insisting npon
giving his name a plaoe on the national
democratic ticket.
The part after the words, "every true
democrat," were finally stricken out, as
one delegate expressed it, "this is i,
Grover Cleveland convention."
Hailey, of Umatilla, offered the follow
The demoornoy of Oregon hereby ex
press their confidence in the courage,
honesty and statesmanship of Grover
Cleveland and recognize him as a man
pre-eminently qualified to fill the office
of president ot the United Htntes, and
unless some contingency not now appar
ent shall arise snllicieut to justify a dif
lereut oourse, we hereby iustrnct our
delegates to tbe national convention to
nse all honorable means to secure his
nomination to that ollioe.
All after tbe words "president of the
United States," was afterwards elimi
nated, as the delegation, wbilo favor
able to Cleveland, wish to go umn-
strncted. ,
Hon. L. B. Cox was obosen temporary
chairman, and Chas. Nickel), ot the
Jacksonville Times, temporary secretary
T. U. Hailey, ot Pendleton, tmsistant
temporary secretary. These were after
wards made the permanent officers.
The committee ou credentials were:
Daly, of Polk, HorBley, of Grant ; Cogs'
well, of Lake; Floed, of Douglas; lfeed,
of Multnomah j B'nokman, of Morrow,
and Treuohard, of Clatsop.
Commutes ou order nf Imsines, and
alno on plntform, were appointed, five
for the former and one from each oounty
for the latter. Juint-s A. Woolery, of
Morrow, proxy for C. A. Kbea, served on
tbe committee on platform.
Old Morrow, when called upon, showed
tbe following delegation: Henry Black'
man, Thomas Quad, William Hughes,
T. J. Matlock, by William Hughes proxy,
C. A. Rhea by Jas. A. Woolery proxy
Tbe organization c mmittee reported
on order ot business, which created con
siderable disoussion. Nominations were
recommended as follows: Htipreme judge,
congressmen, presidential electors, one
from each congressional district and two
at large, eight delegates to tbe national
convention, four at large and four from
each congressional district, district Dom
inations, and election of the state central
A motion was made tbat tbe Mnltno
mab member be chairman of the com
mittee. Utiles, of Linn, objected to com
pelling the oommittee to select tbe Mnlt-
nomab man as chairman.
After a long debate the older of bust
ness was amended so as to provide fj
tbe nomination of electors and delegates
at large, and to empower the state com
mittee to go outside of ils own members
fur a chairman.
Judge Htrahan'i name was presented,
but Skipwortb, of lone, esid that Htrahan
would not accept, and his name was
withdrawn. Judge Bennett was named,
as was John Burnett, of Corvallis. Tbe
latter withdrew before tbe roll was com
pleted, and Judge Bennett was ohosen by
H. M. Veaob, of Cottage tjrove, was
nominated for congress from the first
district; Sen. J. H. Slater, of Union
oouuty, for congress, second district .
Tbeu came nominations for presiden
tial eleotors. Those plaoed before the
convention were Kobt A. Miller and W.
M. Colvig, of Jacksonville; E. D. MoKee,
of Portland; George Nolan, of Astoria;
W. F. Butcher, of Baker City, and J. L.
Story, of Wasoo county. Miller and Col
vig, being the only nominees' from the
first congressional district, wers nomin
ated by acclamation. Butcher and No
lan were chosen on the open ballot by a
vote of 170 and 173.
For delegates to the national demo
cratic convention there were quickly
placed in nomination; John J. Paly, of
Dallas; C. N. Boby, of Portlaod; A.
Bush, of Salem; John R. Campbell, of
Eugene; J. L. Cowan, of Albany; Harry
C. Grady, of Pendleton ; S. F. Flood, of
Hoseburg; William H. Vaughau, of Ore
gon City; Thomas G. Reams, of Jackson
ville; Frederick V. Holman, of Portland;
Henry Blaokman, of Heppner; 0. A
Cogswell, of Lakeview; O. J. Treuohard.
of Astoria; Frank W. Fenton, of Yam
bill, and S. B. Huston, of Hillsborough.
Nominations were then closed, and after
some disonsBion it was decided to vote
by calling the roll ot oounties, and there
being sixteen names, those receiving the
eight highest number of votes to be del
egates, and the other eight alternates.
The ballot was then taken BDd resulted:
Bush, 200, Blaokman, 219; Grady, 1!M;
Flood, 169; Duly, 170; Holman, 174;
Reams, 138; Cowan, 140 (these eight to
be delegates); Roby, 73; Campbell, 111;
Vaughan 66; Cogswell, 127; Trenohard
125; Fenton, b'9; Huston, 74 (these eight
alternates). Three yotes each were also
cast for Pennoyer and Jeffrey. Adjourn
ed till 7 p. m.
First judioial district P. P. Prim and
II. K. HannB, both from Jacksonville.
Second Martin L. PipeB, of Benton,
tbe present inoumbent.
Third J. J. Shaw, of Marion.
Fourth JS. D. Shattuok, tbe present
incumbent. Though the oonnty is enti
tied to two judges, but one nomination,
tbe republicans having nominated the
other candidate.
Fifth No nominations. The subjeol
was left to a subcommittee.
dixth Morton D. Clifford, of Grant,
the present inoumbent.
Seventh W. L. Bradsbaw.
First S. U. Mitchell, of Grant's Pass.
Second George A. Dorris, of Eugene
Third-W. R. Bilyeu, of Albany.
Fourth Newton McCoy, of Portland.
Mr. McCoy is tbe nominee for prose
outing attorney on the oitizene' reform
ticket. Tbe democrats having fused
with the citizens, bis indorsement win
merely a matter of form.
Fifth A. A. Cleveland, of Astoria.
Sixth Charles F. Hyde, of Baker City.
Seventh A. F. Moore.
First V. A. Dunlap, of Klamath Falls,
Seooud--L. Bilyeu, of Linn.
Third- W. C. Cooley, of Lane.
Four h Charles L. Wait, of Portland
Mr. Wait is one o the leading yunny
democrats of Portland, and a bright law
yer, tie is an active memoer 01 int
Young Men's Democratic League,
Fifth No nomination.
Sixth W. G. Hunter, of La Grande,
Seventh William Hughes.
Coos, Curry and Josephine C. K.
Cb anselor, of Josephine.
Umatilla and Union J. H. Ealey, c f
Pendleton, tbe present inoumbent.
Gilliam, Hhermau and Wasco O. W
Rinehart, of Gilliam.
Wasoo BDd Sherman J. A. Smith, of
Crook, Klamatb and Lake-C. A. Cogs
well, of Lake
Columbia, Tilnmook and Washington
O. W. Fernside, of Tilnmook.
Grant and Harney M. R. BiggB, ol
Union and Wallowa -D. A. MoAllis
ter, of Union.
Sherman and Wasco--H. Emory Moore
and S. F. Blythe.
Klamatb and Lake- Bernard Daly.
Tillamook and Ymbill--G. F. Wil
The convention declared, afters long
discussion, to nominate a candidate fo
attorney-general. There wss much op
position to tbe idea, as it was held that
Attorney-General Chamberlain holdi
over. Mr. Chamberlain was renominated
by acclamation, on motion of Ililven, of
The democratic party of the state ot
Oregon, in convention assembled, renew
their pledges to the principles upon
which the democratic party is founded;
remembering that they represent a party
not created by political expediency or
dependent for existence upon temporary
success, but coeval witb Ihe constitution,
and adhering throughout its history lo
the principles of that instrument
First We reuflirm the doctrine of tbe
democratic national platforms of 18H4
and 1WH, indorsed by the popular vote
in those years and so overwhelmingly effectively to opening the Columbia Riv
ratified by the popular verdict in the er. We condemn tbe polioy of the rspub
oongressioual elections of 1890, and poiut lican party in urging upon congress the
witb pride to tbe administration of feasibility of tbe boat-railway at Tbe
Grover Cleveland, as exemplifying the Dalles and denounce tho measure as
embodiment of those principles in prac- subterfuge whereby tbe people of the In
tical government affairs and condemn laud Empire must remain in bondage for
the wanton extravagance of the billion- years; and we oondemn tbe policy of the
dollar congress, whereby the surplus of republican party whereby the improve
the people's money has been squandered, ment of tbe Cascades has been delayed
Second We arraign the party iu : unnecessarily by plans and expedients
power for its utter disregard of all the ; which give no assuranoe thut the ob
pledges made to tbe people, whoreby its structions to navigation in the Columbia
ascendency was secured at tbe last ua- j will be released from the grasp of a griud
tioual eleotion; and especially do we ' ing monopoly which now holds the poo
condemn the McKinley bill as tbe blight- ' pie of Eastern Oregon in fetters.
ing iniquity of tbe age.
Third We deolare our unfaltering ad
herence to tbe causa of tariff reform,
holding that tbe policy of favoritism pur
sued by the republican party in general
legislation is subversive ot the principles
of justice, equality and true demooraoy,
and deny tbe right of tbe government to
levy a protective tariff exoept os inci
dental to tbe raising ot revenue to defray
tbe expenses of the government econom
ically administered, or for any consider
ation save those of public welfare ; we
demand suoh a revision of the tariff laws
us will entirely eliminate from tbeir'oper
ations personal, class or speolal interest
with a view to seeming tba greatest pos
sible revenue witb tbe leaBt possible
burden to the people.
Fourth We believe iu honest money,
the gold and silver ooiuage of the con
stitution, and In a ourreuoy convertible
into suoh ooiuage without loss, uiul of
sufficient volume to meet all the de
mands ot tbe people; we demand that all
money ooined or isBtied by tbe United
States should be ot equal monetary
value, aud of equal purchasing power for
tbe rioh and tbe poor, aud that all paper
urreuoy issued by the government
should be redeemable iu either gold or
silver coin at the option of the bolder,
and not at tbe discretion ot the secretary
of the treasury.
Fifth The gratitude ot a generous
people and a wise national poliay alike
demand tbat tbe government should pro
vide with liberal band for the wants of
those who suffered by wounds aud dis
ease in tbe late war, and likewise of suoh
dependent persons as were deprived of
their natural protectors and supporters
But it should be remembered that we
have already been liberal beyond preoe-
leut in tbe oivilized world, and we insist
tbat iu legislation and administration
touching pension affairs, regard be had
to houorable pust service and present
meritorious necessity. We are opposed
to all measures which draw no distinc
tion bet ween tue veteran iu the field and
tbe camp-followers in the rear as involv
ing a cruel wrong to the soldier and
wanton waste to thd people's money.
Bixlh We favor the adoption of an
amendment to the federal constitution
providing for the election ot senators by
A direct vote of tbe people.
Seventh Being profoundly impressed
with the conviction that tbe chief pillars
jf our republican form of government
are an enlightened yeomanry aud a free
aud honest exercise of the eleotive frnu-
hiae, we pledge tbe democratic party of
the Btate of Oregon to the cordial sup
port and advancement of our common
school system; to the paHnage of effective
laws for the prevention of tbe corrupt HBe
of money in elections, and tlieenaotment
if Bueli meusiires as will secure to ovory
voter the right to caBt a ballot in accord
ance with tbe diotntes of his own con
science. Jiigbtb We are in favor of tbe regula
tion of railroads and other transportation
agencies by law as common carriers.
Ninth Wo approve ot deolariisg eight
hours a legal day's labor upon nil pub
lio works, uud e also favor luws giving
the luborer iu nil fields of labor a first
iicn ou the product of his labor.
Tenth We recognize tbe enlightened
policy of favoring and doing justice to
tbe laboring classes, wo therefore favor
tbe enactment of jiint and reasonable
homestead exemption law, and a just
aud equitable system of assessment uud
Eleventh We demand the immediate
survey of the public domain within this
state and tbe adjustment of all laud
grants and condemn the republican par
ty fur delaying the opening for settle
ment the forfeited lands of all railroads
in this state claimed without authority
of law, to the end that titles may be set
tled and said land ooenpied by aotuol
settlors. We further demand the imme
diate aud specific forfeiture of the
grants of all londa unearned by railroads
aud wngon roads in this state.
Twelfth We urge tbe passage of suoh
appropriations aud the adoption ot suoh
measures as will tend most speedily and
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
iBot Powder
Thirteenth We point with pride to the
record of the democratio party upon the
subject ot Chinese immigration, and wo
demand from congress such legislation
aa will prevent Chinese entering the ter
ritory of tbe United States, and we favor
tbe bill now before oougress known as
tbe Geary Chinese exolosion bill, and
denounce the action of the Oregon sena
tor in attempting to defeat tbe same.
V. H. Vaughan, of Clackamas, who
was elected an alternate to tbe Chicago
convention, declined in favor of John
Barrett, of Portland, who was unani
mously chosen to fill the vacancy.
80 Badly Afflicted He Could (Scarcely Reach
llorue-U. K. T. Meets a Kadical Cure.
Portland, Or., July 31.
While I was iu Tillamook last winter
I was affected in my back and kidneys
so that it was almost impossible for me
to reaoh Portland. When I got here I
wos iudnced to try the OREGON KID
NEY TEA. I drank at my meals tbe
tea made from it, and it bus etleoted a
radical onre. I oan highly recommend
it to all who are ulllicted as I was.
E. Koiin.
Dr. J. A. Gcisendorfer mudo a flying
visit to Tbe Dalles, Tuesday,
The new fire bell has been fixed up be
tween Sweets' Saloon and Brown's "Reo-
ord" oftloe.
Frank Hurlburt Is now officiating as
assistant oashier in tbe Arlington Na
tional Bank,
Jack Rodgers, who has been on the
siok list for several weeks past, is now
Harry Hawson, who had an nttuok of
heart trouble, left tor Portland, Tuesday
last, for medical treatment.
The first wool this year oame in town
to-day, Tuesday, from Fred Day's rauoh
on tbe Klickitat side ot the river.
Talk about dispatch! Judge Brad
sbaw takes the onkc. Giliam oouuty tax
.payers, arise and cull biia.blaisuiL..
Still another chnuge in the meat mar
ket, Richard Lyons having decided to
try his look ns block and cleaver artist.
Dr. J. Paul Grant returned from his
trip iu tbe buok oonntry, Monday, which
be says was tbe roughest be has ever ex
perienced. Ed. Copuer, of Lone Rock, pnssed
through on bis way homeward, Monday,
via Heppner, buving made a short, visit
to Portland.
AmotiEst our out of town friends, we
noticed W. W. Steiwor, Jerome Parsons,
L. M. Rhodes, of Fossil, O W. Rinehart
and John W, Blake, of Coudon.
Miss Carrie Wilson and Hairy Burn
bam decided last week to ent.r in the
bonds of holy matrimony, Rev. O. G.
Ferguson tying tue nuptial knot.
Mrs. Geo. W. Young, formerly a resi
dent here, was passenger ou the "Cannon
Ball," Friday Inst, 011 a visit to relatives
and friends in tbe southern pint ot tbe
G. W. Hayes, ncoompnnied by about a
doven vanqueros, started, Monday, to
drive the outtle purchased from Blurock
& Peters. It will take them about tivo
weeks to reach their destination iu Mo
doo Co., Calif.
Uncle Billy Rocus was noticed early
Inst Sunday morning wundeiiug around,
the depot with "The Reoord" iu bis hand,
which he was showing Bull Run Joe as
proof tbat No. 1 was due to leave ut 2:10
a. in., not 1;,) a. m. We noticed him
again in the afternoon, mouping bis brow,
having urrived five minutes too late to
catch No. 7, He multered some words of
dangerous intent. When asked what
whs the matter, showed the time card ot
the U. I', as it appears in bis "guide,
comforter and friend," i. e. 4:20 . 111.,
pointing to his wutob says, "Sea ! it's ouly
4:02 now." . t-t-
A Uilliou Friends.
A friend iu need is a friend indeed,
and not loss ibanone million people have
found just such a friend in Dr. King's
New Discovery for consumption, coughs
ond colds. If you have never used this
great cough medicine, one trial will con
vince you that it bus wonderful ourutive
powers iu all diseases of throat, obest
and lungs. Each bottle is guaranteed to
do all that is claimed or money will hot
refunded. Trial bottles free at Hlooum
Jobnston Drug Co.'s. Large hot ties .rUo
and $1.
H. N. Morgan dropped into town
Wednesday, and to the sm priso of ul
bis old friends, was so dignified uud dis
tant thut there was no touching him wi.h
even the proverbial 10 foot polo. He
finally relaxed sufficiently to inform ye
reporter tbat it was a boy and a girl,
born April IHth.
of final proofs.