Heppner gazette. (Heppner, Morrow County, Or.) 1892-1912, April 19, 1892, Image 1

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I If 1 reach you, read
; and hand to ... .
i your neighbor . . .
If I reach you, read
and hand to ... .
your neighbor . . .
NO. 481.
Tuesdays and Fridays
A' S.(10 per year, .l.ftOfur six months, $1.00
fur t iree iuuulqb; in advance.
Advertising Rates Made Known on
The " E Jk.a-X.S, " of Long Creek, Grant
County Oregon, is published by the same com
pany every Friday moral. Subscription
price, f jper year. KnrailvertlsWrateB, address
Manager, 1uig Creek, Oregon, or "Gazette,
Heppner, Oregon.
THIS PAPKH iB kept on tile at E. C. Pake s
Advertising AKeuey. 114 and 85 Merchants
Ezcluwfm, Ban Francisco. California, where con
tracts for advertising r.an oe wiw
J'i. Oreirou Press Association, a'. Ash Street,
between Kirt Riid Second, Portland, Oregon, ia
onr oulv usent located in that place. Advertis
ers Bhoiild consult him for rates and space In
the Gazette.
ummer B. A. Huusaker
ArUngton',':.'. Henry llcpnncr
Lo t Creek The tnKe
Echo Bob Shaw
Camas Prairie .,"PHrv,rV'aJ',!
Matteson, A"SnwH L
fjye or ... II. C. ttrluht
Hardman, Or., Wo. '"'
Hamilton, Orant Co., Or., Mattie A. Rndln
ton. T. J.Carl
Prairie Cltv, Or. , . B- MeHaley
Canyon City, Or., -8. L. Parrish
Piloi Hock, O. P. Skeltou
Dayville, Or., L; Vmv
John Ilav, or., F. 1. MnCalluin
Athena, Or . ... John Wlngtoii
Pendleton, Or Win. O. McCruskey
Mount Vernon, Grant Co., Or.,. . ... Pos niaster
Shelby, Or., Ml" MelU Hett
Kot, Grant Co., Or., J. F. Allen
Eleht Mile, Or Mrs. Andrew Ashbaiieh
Upper Rhea Creek B. F. Hevland
Douglas, Or Wte
Lone Rock, or B. M. Johu.n
Gooseberry W. P. Snyder
Condon, Oregon Herbert Haliitead
Lexington W. B. McAlister
Union Pacific Railway-Local card.
No. 10, mixed leaves Heppner 8 a. m.
." :o. " ar. at Arlington 1100 a.m.
" 0, " leaves " :S p. m.
o, " ar. at Heppner rt:50 p. ni. daily
except ttunday.
Kast bonnd, main line ar. at Arlington 8:60 p. m.
West leaves p. in.
Sight trajns are running on same time as before.
Mtage leaves for Monument daily,
xce i Sunday, at 6 :30 A. M.
Arrives daily, except Monday, at
6:00 P. a. , .
Direct connection oan be made at
Monument with the Long Creek stage.
Dally stage between Lung Creek and
Canyou Oily, connecting at the latter
place with the stage for Burns and Sil
vies valley.
...vcrnor B. Pennoyer.
CStatoV..::..... (l.W.McBrido.
lreasurer Phil MftrJn-
4a pt. Instruction K McU roy.
I nine Seventh District W. L, Bradshaw
District Attorney a- ""son
Inint Senator Henry lUackman.
Itepresentative "l!bTfS
i bounty Judge Jul Keuhly.
Commissioners J. A. Thompson,
H. M. Vaughn. .
Clerk J'S'-MNrrhU
- Sheriff Vw!
Treasurer J W. Matlock.
Assessor J. Vr0"
Surveyor .C. B.t'ne.
School Bup't VVriUa?1"!?-
Coroner James Dougherty.
,.,,., T.J. Matlock
l ounciii'n'en''.::'. O. E. Farnsworth, M
Lichtenthal, Otis Patterson. S. P. (jarngues,
Th. Uorgan and Frank Uilliam. .
Iteeorder f li slocnS
Doric Lodge No. 20 K. of S. meets ev
ery Tuesday evening at 7. SO o'clock in
their Castle Hall. National Bank build
ing. Sojourning brothers eordtallv ui-
;..wl ... ..ttaiiri. RMII. VORUZ. C. C.
'TO. AOBBKt. K.of K. 4S. tf
G. A. R.
Meets at Lexington, Or., the last Saturday of
each month. All veterans are invited to Join.
C.C. Boon, Geo. W. Bmith.
Adjutant, tf Commander.
A A. BOBEKTS, B al Estate, Insur-
ance and ColltOtiotis. OUioe in
Council Chambers, Heppner, Or. Bwtf,
National Bank m.
President. Cashier.
Made on Favorable Terms.
ment at the Gazette office.
rt ictic nilFTG FF.I.T costs onlv
$2.00 wr 100 Bquare feet. Makes a gol roof for
years, and anyone can put it on. tend stamp
lor sample auu I.Ut yn. 111 '
Gcm Elastic Roofing Co.,
89 41 West Broadway. New York
63-T5 LKI Agents Wanted.
ln.tsnt relM S'rfl is n in
f&llibioCarilor Plle.
Pnc (1. Bv Dmnrist" or
mail. SmplMlVee. A4-
Are having their land business straight
ened out and shaped up. Uow aboui
yours? If not in satisfactory condition
it would be a good plan to see about it
at onoe. I am giving careful and ene'
tretio attention to entries, final proofs,
"railrond land" and all business relntiug
to lands io Morrow county.
U. 8. Commissioner,
Bwtf. Lexington, Or.
From Terminal or Interior Points the
Is the lint to take
It ib thfl Dinin a Car Rnute. It rtins Throneh
VeBtibuled Trains every day in the year to
St. Paul and Chicago
(No Change of Cars)
Composed of DINING CARS unsurpassed,
Of Latest Equipment
Tourist Sleeping Cars
Heat ttiRt nan be constructed and in which ae-
coin modal ior.s are both free and furnished for
holders of hrst or aecond-cuuts ticiteta, and
Elegant Day Coachs.
A Continuous Line connecting with all
Lines, allowing uirect ana uninter
rupted Service.
Pullman Sleeper Begervalions can be
Secured in advance through
any agent of the road.
To and from al colnta in Amer'ca. England
and Etirop can be purchased al any Ticket ottice
of thiB (Jompany.
Full information concerning rates, time
of trams, routes and other details
furnished on application to any
agent, or
Aaaistant General Passenger Agent.
No. 121 First St., Cor. Washington,
Tattle hrandedand ear marked as shown above.
Horses V on right shoulder.
Mr rattle range in Morrow and Umatilla eonn
to.il! tdtv &1(e (1 for the ftrrnst and con
viction of any person atealiiig my stock.
At A bra ham kick's. Iu addition to his
tailoring business, he has added s fine
line of nnderwear of all kinds, negligee
shirts, hosiery, efe. Also has on band
some elegant patterns for snits. A.
Abrnhnmsiek, May street, Beppner, Or.
bottles of
cured me. No return in 5 years. FRANCIS MAURER.
A Year's Subscription to a Pop
ular Agricultural Paper
By a special arrangement with the
publishers we are prepared to furnish
FF.EE to each of onr readers a year's
subscription to the popular moutbly
agricultural journal, the American
Farmer, published at Springfield and
Cleveland, Ohio.
This offer is made to any of our sub
scribers who will pay up all arrearages
on subscription and one year in advance,
and to any new subscribers who will pay
one year iu advance. The American
Farmkk enjoys a large national circula
tion, and ranks among the leading
'igricultural papers. I3y this arrange
ment it COSTS YOU NOTHING to re
ceive the American Farmer for one
year, It will be to your advantage to
oall promptly. Sample copies can be
seen at our office.
All who are suffering from the effects
of Youthful Errors, Loss of Manhood,
Failing Powers, Gonorrhoea, Gleet,
Strioture, Syphilis and trie many troubles
whioh are the effects of these terrible
disorders will receive, Frisk of Charge,
full directions how to treat and cure
themselves at home by writing to;"!!
California Medio.!, and Hi'BoioaiU:
firmary, 1029J Market Street, bM
Francisoo, California. 4(15-ly.
First National Bank
George W. Comer, Caxhier.
C. I. Levis, Ass't Cashier.
TronBucta a General Bunking EusinesB
On all parte of the world
Bought and Sold,
Collections made at all points on Rea
sonable Terms.
Surplus and Undivided profits, $23,527.10
Tlie Original
Webster's MxM
D I G T 1 0 H FI R Y .
J pnt-llHhurs, we are able to obtain h number
of th above book, and propone to furnluh a
copy to ouch of our HiUiHerlhert,.
Tue dictionary is a necessity in every home,
f'hool and buBiuesH liouse. It fillw a vacancy,
and furnishes knowledge which no one hun
dred other volumes of the choicest hooks could
npply. Young and old, educated and iKuorunt,
rich and poor, should have it within reach, and
refer to its ;onteiilH every day in (lie year
As no 1 ne have asked if this is reully the Orig
inal Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, we are
able to state we have learned direct from the
publishers the fact, that this is the very work
complete on which about forty of the best years
ot the author's life were so well employed iu
writing. It contains the entire vocabulary of
about 100,000 words, including the correct spell
ing, derivation and derJuition of same, and is
the regular standard size, containing about
:W),000 square inches of printed surface, and is
bound iu cloth half morocco and sheen.
Until further notice we will furnish this
valuable Dict:onary
First To any new subscriber.
Second To any renewal subscriber.
Third To any subscriber now in arrears
who pays up and one year in advance, at
the following prices, viz:
Full Cloth bound, gilt side and back
stamps marbled edges $:-oo.
Half Mo'occo, bound, gilt side and back
stamps, marbled edges, $1.50.
Full Sheep bound, leather label, marbled
edges, $2.00
Fifty cents added in ail cases for express
age to Heppner.
tmk the publishers limit the time and
number of books rh-y will furnish at the low
prices, we advise all who desire to avail them
selves of (his great opportunity to attend to it
at once.
For Sale.
Tbe botel heretofore known ag the
Moiintnio Hoohov oii block from Firm
Ni.tinual bank in Hpppmr. Or. Con
tains parlor, rtiuing room, hni-ue runui,
kitchen RDd 15 bed routxm; all rooms
furnished. For further particulars in
quire of 63-tf T. W. Atehm.
Chicago, 111.
Ivras confined to bed; could not
walk from lame back; suffered 5
months; doctors did not help; 2
The y e'Brated French Sure,
ll SOUH 1
to euro any
disease, or amy
disorder of the
BLCOftS geueratltre or- AFTER
gauc ol either lex whither arising from tht
excessive use of Stimulaou, Vobacco or Opiuo,
or through youthful InJIscretlon, over iudulf
ncc, &c such as Loss of Br'D Power, Wakeful
nan, Bear 1 11 j down Palm .n 'the Hack, Seminal
Weakueaa, Hysteria. Nervpua Prostratioo Nocturn
al Kmisjion; , Leucorrhosa. Diulness, Weak Mem.
orjr, Iisiof Power and Impotoney, which if ne
glected often lead to premature old age and losan
Mr. Price 1.00 a box, e boxea for 5.00 gent by
mall ou receipt ot ptiea.,, .
A WlXITTBIf GUARANTEE forevery6 00
order, to refund tbe money if a rerraaiieni
oure Is not effected. Thousands of testimonial,
from old and young, of both aexea, permanently
cured by Afhroditin. Circular free. Addresa
Sold in Heppner by Slocum Johnston Drug Co.
To keep your Pheep healthy, and Insure a good
clip, use
A Sure OarB at Jlodern're Cost,
Mixes with either COLD or WARM WATER.
Is NoA-Poiejonotis, 'Jinpr,n,7cs Uie.Wof1
:and cloes Kot slnjn it. .. v
Wool. Commission Merchants,
Fifth and Tnwiisend Sts., Pro Krencisco
Oenekal Aornts.
For Ble by Slooum-Johnston Drag Co.
OMctef Foruitrt, 1S4 A 128 Waihington st.t
Chicago. Oct. 11th, Jt7.
Hit. E. KorJtro: Dear JHtn1 dm It a duty
f owe you to certify to the good effect the tak
ing of your medicine had on my health, I w as
troubled hy nervousness brought on by over
work. Yoar Nerve Tonio almost Immediately
topped that peculiar tremor that, I presume,
Is evidence or nervousness. I am now well.
My head troubled me, could not sleep, head
hot, dreams or acoidents, eto. One spoonful
of yonr medicine removed the cause of my
dreams; have not had them since; took seven
or elRht bottles of yanr medicine. Keep some
tn my bonse; always tuke some occasionally;
would not be without it; have recommended
tt to my friends. If I am not mistaken, your
medicine will prove a great blcaslng to this
over-worked nation. Yours truly,
JN0. F. 8CANLAN, H. C. R.
A Valuable Boo on Nervous
IXseaHesHuritfree tn an? add rem
and poor pntiftii ran aluo obtain
This remedy has been prvr A by the Rever-endPaBtorKoenig.otJr--'
' ne.Ind.. since 16.
and Is now prepared ..ootfr bis direction by the
Bold by DrufffisU at 91 per Bottle. 6 for
15. Iarm7;e.if t.75. O Buttlne for M9.
Sold In Pertland. Oregon, by Hnell,
HeiOho & YVontlunl.
rniS7rn axle
.'tsWA&riDqualilift sr. unsurpassed, actually
ctlaatin. two boxes of anyo'htir hrnnd. Not
Btcfd by heat, trti KT I II E O t.V I 1 9) K.
A Preposition.
If yon will pny yonr Biilisoription tn
the (liizette in full and one year in ad
vance, we will fUTid ot the following
books nt prices utatfil herewith: "Six
Great liooltB for Unral lli.rneH." iiceiil";
"FamoiiR Fiction by tbe Worl l' Orent
pst Antljora," ton Toliimes, -00 cents;
Cooper's "LeallierBfoi kiuij Titles," '20
43-tf. The Patterhok Pcr. Co.
Violent Intlueiira In Snellen.
The iDfluenza in ratling ver)- violently
all over Swedeu. Even Id oold Lapland
it kills the people like flies. Ia Strom
al adt almost every other person is down
with it, nnd the death rate grows alarm
ingly larger every day. In many cities
the Bohools are closed on aeoouut of the
sickuess. The high sohool of Strengnoes
is shut tip, the principal and nearly all
the teaohers being down with influenza.
The bishop of Strengnoes also is very
Tbe Emlgratioa From CopeottagtD.
Daring the last year, 12.624 persons
emigrated to Atnerioa from Copenhagen.
Of these, 6,278 were from Denmark,
3,242 from Sweden, and 1,183 from other
countries. Most of the people left with
the Thingvalla line, but a great number
made the journey via England. Two
bnndred and ibirty-niue Mormons omi
grated during the year, a muoh smaller
number as compared with the records of
previous years.
Infanticide in Chrlrtlnnia.
A sohool teacher of Christiauia has
been found guilty of infautioide. She is
a good woman of good tatnily, and was
engaged to a pbvsioian. She secretly
gave birth to a obilil, which she killed by
cutting its throat. The case liaa created
a f;reat sensation.
New Biulillrs Material.
Mr. Itiohard Sundell, a young Swedish
sculptor, has made a great invention, it
is supposed. He bag for some time ex
perimented with plaster of paris to pre
pare it for use as a building material,
tie means to use large ohuuks of plastor
ot paris as hard and durable as atone und
causing a house constructed of this ma
teria to look as though it were a palace
of marble. A house built of plaster of
parts has the advantage of beiug oool in
summer time and warm during the
Crown Prince In St. Peterabarg.
The Crown Prince of Sweden and Nor
way baa taken a trip to St. Petersburg.
During his el ay there he visited the
oathedral of tbe fort Poter and Paul, and
laid a wreath on Alexander IPs grave.
Then he visited St. Petersburg's other
two oathedrals, and heard in one ot them
a mass for the late Prinoe Konstantin.
Death from Kidney Disease -
Is the unfortunate and untimely ending
of thousands of (he Amerjeau people
annually. Oregon Kidney Tea (O. K.
F.) is guaranteed to cure all forms ii
kidney troubles. Take it in time.
The Wool Market.
The local market is inaative and lower.
Valley is quoted at 1517o per lb, and
Eastern Oregon at from 9 to lie, accord
ing to shrinkage. All markets are more
r less demoralized, the decline beiug
due to heavy imports from Australia.
Tho Uoston Daily Advertiser, March 21,
has the following: "In the last three
.lays two Amerioan ships have arrived
in Boston from distant foreign ports.
On Monday the Great Admiral oame
into port from Melbourne with 5,840
bales of wool averaging 500 lbs. per bale,
and tbe Exporter from Melbourne with
5,800 bales. The value of these two
cargoes, duty paid, ia about $1,600,000,
and the duty on them at 11a per lb.
imount to $000,000. Three more cargoes
ire now on the way to Boston from Mel
bourne." These oargoes amount to
ibout 1,800 bales of 500 lbs. each, or
3,000,000 lbs.'. In addition to the forego
ing, there are 8 vessels en route to Bos
ton from foreign ports with onrgoes com
posed principally of wool, and these
immense supplies arrived and on pas
sage are chiefly responsible for the de
cline. Seven mouths ago these wools
would have fetched 71o uer lb. sooured,
while tbe price today is b'5o, causing a
loss to purchasers of 3 to 4c per lb.
Commercial Review.
That Languid Feeling
Will leave you as soon as tbe kidneys
are put iu good working order. The cel
ebrated Oregon Kidney Tea never fails
to do the work. Tuke it auoording to
Hale on Eight Mile.
A. II . Hooker has sold Ins ranch of
160 acres, on Eight Mile, to Thos. Davi
son. Consideration, $1,61X1. The Gazette
learns that Mr. Hooker will move to
Southern Oregon, where be hopes to
benefit his health. The Eight Mile peo
ple will no doubt miss such good neigh
bors as Mr. Hooker and family.
Fink Timbkb. Perhaps, the bust tim.
ber growing in the Blue mountains can
be fouud ou Hock creek, in the vicinity
of Will Miillory's eaw-mill. This class
of timber Mr. Mallory is using in makiug
lumber which he delivering in Hopp
Dei all the way from $15 to 8'J0 per
tbonsnnd feet, depending on the qnality,
and whether desired rough or dressed.
The name oan be bought at the mill at
pnoes ranging from $H to $25 per tlnus
Hiid. He has a general aHSortmeut on
hand at present, and is sure to Hiitinfy
customers. 427 tl.
Fdhnitobb Korall kinds of furniture,
bedroom sets, lounges, clinirs, etc., don't
fail tn rail on Smith & Willinmson, May
street., Heppner, Ur. The best plaoe to
make your purchases. 476tf
Submitted by a subscriber.
Shall the people take tbe corporations
or shall the corporations take tbe peo
All people are loyal to the principles
of majority rule so long as they are a
part of the majority; but when they are
in the minority they sometimes find it
hard to give in.
The partisan press are assiduously at
work trying to hold tbe attention of the
people to a discussion ef the tariff, silver
ooinage, and southern outrages. But it
will not work this time. "You can fool
all the people some of the time and some
of the people all tbe time, but you can
not fool all the people all the time." The
"hayseeds" and "clodhoppers" are just
now the hardest people in tbe country to
The peoplo's party is under great obli
gations to the old party orgaus. The
democratic papers are proving very
olearly that tbe people cannot expect
any good from the republioan party.
The republican papers are proving with
equal clearness that the democratic
party is worthless. Hence the general
The Alliance Mnuifesto.
"Whon, in the course of bntnau events,
it becomes necessary for one people to
dissolve the political bonds which have
united them to another aud to take for
themselves tbe fiee and equal itutions
among the nations of the earth to which
tho laws ot nature and nature's God en
title them, a decent respect for the rights
of others demands that they make known
the causes which impel them to the sep
aration." The demand for prompt and decisive
action by the Amerioan people to day is
as great as it was when the ringing
quotation above were peuned. The oppres
sion of King George and his laokeys was
no greater, no more unjust, ho more uu
indurable than is the oppression of the
triumphant plutocracy and its hirelings
upon the wealth producers of this last
decade of the nineteenth oentury.
These are no "piping times of peace."
Trusts, combines, and monopolies, black
lists, shut-downs, and lock-outs, boyoots,
strikes, and riots these cannot go on
indefinitely. War is upon us. The
money power baa its iron heel upon the
necks ot the workers, and its bony fingers
about their tbroatn. There is do time
for delay.
; i
The llenuty of Free Competition.
The followiug Mem, clipped from one
of our own dailies, is a good example of
the beauty of the present competitive
system. Think of what an otitruge it is
that a man who has led an active life,
been a producer, and of actual benefit
to the world, should, iu his old age, be
forced to ask tor charity solely because
he was not smart or unscrupulous
enough to make a success us a money
getter and a money boarder: "Henry
Hudson, au aged pauper, oalled upon
the county commissioners yesterday aud
asked them pitifully to forward him to
Portland, Or., where he could obtain em
ployment. The commissioners, after
looking narefully into tho matter, onm
plied with the old man's request. Hud
son is a shoemaker by trade, but of late
years has been aftlioted with asthma so
that he cannot sleep lying down, and is
obliged to work standing. He told the
board that he bad been ottered work at
The usnal fine weather was side
tracked tor a day during the past week
to allow a wild train s clear track.
The wild train iu question was loaded
with wind, dust, onytises, sunbonnetsand
almost every other movable article that
one could thiuk of.
Your correspondent had not tbe nerve
to face suoh a storm, therefore he an
chored his conveyance safely in tbe lee
of Farmer Allyn's residence and waited
patiently for fairer weather.
It's au ill wind that blows nobody
good, anil tho next morning as Frank
Holland was making a survey of the
premises, he found that au immigruut
from some nameless shore bad drifted
into his home. The little fellow was on
the way to Suunyside dairy. Frank's
folks have supplied the little pilgrim
with suitable raiment, and have other
wise made overtures that bid fair to in
duce the Btranger to settle in the neigh
borhood. The Gazette's efforts are always
crowned with success, and tbe conserva
tive readers will please note that tbe
recent move to iuduoe immigration is
already beginning to bear good fruit.
We are glad to notice a "rustle" on the
part of Heppner citizens to establish a
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
board of trade. Much efleotive work can
be done by the united effort of the citi
zens of Morrow county in settling the
county and inducing a thrifty emigration
which is just now most needful.
The town bas been full of drummers
for a dny or two. Now goods will soon
arrive and our local merchant is all
smiles at the good results that are the
fruit of oarefnl buying and careful
Mrs. B F. Gibson is visiting her rela
tives nt Walla Walla, Wash.
T. J. AUyn left for South Bend, Wash.,
where he will rusticate tor his health a
few weeks. Mr. AUyn is a constant suf
ferer from phthisio and finds the Bea
breeze quite beneficial.
Miss May Violett, who has bten visit,
ing her sister, Mrs. J. A, Woolery, of
this place, left Saturday night for her
borne at Monument. Little Andrew goes
with her.
The democrats oame baok from the
convention feeling good democrats al
ways feel good and the recent convention
demonstrates their power to make the
best of it. Tho ineotlug was harmonious
throughout, and though this loaahty did
not secure all it asked for, there are no
bollen here aud each doruoornt will
work in bis own quiet way for the suc
cess ot the tioket.
The wire worm is workiug some dam
ago to the wheat in this locality. It is
not going to prove serious, wo hope.
The quadrangular political contest
whioh is ooming bids fair to bo tbe live
liest ever seen iu the history of Morrow
county. After tbe republican, demo
oratio, allianoe and fourth party, or buoh
elors' oouveutions, if sorao one will only
suggest it, an independent ticket oan be
placed iu the field, and than every man
in the county will have a chance to vote
for himself.
Would like to suggest tho propriety of
a new party and would favor calling it
the "dquare Deal." That would, as the
name suggests, be something new and
uniquo, and would oertainly oatoh a few
James Nunamaker has been favorably
mentioned as c andidute for oounty judge.
Jim bas tbe bottom necessary to holding
down a judicial bench, and nothing short
ot a cyclone divoroe oaso would disturb
his equanimity .
A newspaper man reports that the
gale a day or two uinoe blew in two the
neck-yoke of his vehicle. Good oouits
of bad, sometimes, and a local rueobanio
is thereby busy. He oarveth a new yoke
from a feuoe rail.
The enterprising stooknien Imve about
oonoludod that theoayuse rauiit bo.
Active measures are being taken to rid
tho country of this pest, and it was the
purpose of those interested iu raisiug
good stock to meet iu tho vicinity of
Wells Spring today for that end. Owing
to tho inclement weather there were but
tew in atteudunoe. There will, however,
be a general "round-up" ut the same
plaoe next Hauday, which will result in
preventing the spread of this pest any
The plains are eaten bare by a horde
of stump-headed worthless oritters, and
if no other moans will effeot their ex
tinction there should be a drive and a
killing, similar to tho rabbit drives of
The suggestion of a board of trade at
Heppner is a move in tho rigbtdirectlon.
Let it be a board of trade of Morrow
county as well.
Much good can be accomplished hy
the united effort of our progressive busi
nosa men. Would like to suggest the
propriety of a board of immigration as
well, if there is not ouo in the oounty
already. Let evory one interested iu the
growth of our fair oouuty meet ut some
time and plaoe, which you can mention,
for that worthy purpose. I am satisfied
from my knowledge ot tho spirit that
rules throughout the rural districts that
there would be a full representation from
every preoinct in Morrow county if it
were known that such a meeting would
result hi the organization of a board for
the diffusion of knowledge concerning
our county.
There are many important features ot
this subjuot too many to d incline in
your crowdod space just now.
Niiine a Uute and plaoe for meeting.
Let there be a discussion as to methods.
Insist upon a full attendance from each
ilistriot in tbe county. Not only; must
immigration be turned this way, but
committees must be appointed to help
newcomers in securing a desirable loca
tion. The farmers in their respective
difltriols know best where vnoant land
is, and can and will cheerfully show
strangers around. Let them come for
ward and publicly manifest their dispo
sition to advance this most worthy
oausH. Let them deeido up iu some good
practical methods for tho fmprovuinentnt
our little o immonwealth.
Ionb, April J 8, 1832. "15-2 15 4."