Heppner gazette. (Heppner, Morrow County, Or.) 1892-1912, April 15, 1892, Image 1

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If I reach you, read
and hand to ... .
your neighbor . . .
If I reach you, read
and hand to ... .
your neighbor . . .
NO. 480.
Tuesdays and Fridays
At 18.00 per year, tl.50 for bix months, 11.0(1
for three moutne; in advance.
Advertising Rates Made Known on
The of long Creek, Grant
County, Oregon, 1 published by the same com
pany every Friday morning. Subscription
price, S'iper year. ForadvertlBlngrateB.aiulress
fcKXlSr xL rAITEESOlT, Editor and
Manager, Long Creek, .Oregon, or "Gazette,
Heppner, Oregon.
TIIIH PAPER is kept on rile at E. C. Dake
I Advertising Agency, IU and 65 Merchants
Exchange Ban Francisco, California, when) C0u
tracui for advertising can be made for it.
1. Oregon Press Association, Ash street,
between First and Second, Portland, Oregon, is
our only agent located in that place. Advertis
ers should consult hiin for rates and space in
the Gazette.
Wnuner Itunsaker
Arlington','.'.'. Henry Heppner
liZ -:::::::V;
Camas Prairie Oscar DcVaiil
Matteson AllS","'wT
jive Or H- c- Vt right
Hardman,' Or., i; - J-A.
Hainilton, Grant Co., Or., Mattle A. Kudio
Imin J
Prairie City,' Or R. R McHalcy
Canyon City, Or., -8. L. I amah
Pilot Rock, O. P. Skelton
DrvvIUp Or ...J.b. WioH
jX Day, , Or'.', Z. F.'l. McOallura
Athena Or John hiliugtoii
Pendleton, Or!,'.' Win. U- McCroskey
Mount Vernon, Grant Co., Or l'o master
Shelby, Or., Miss Stella 1' let
Fox, Urnnt Co., Or., ......J. K Allen
Eight Mile, Or Mrs. Andrew Ashbaugh
Upper Rhea Creek, B. F. "ev land
Douglas, Or II White
Lone Rock, Or R. M. Johnson
Gooseberry W. P. Snyder
Condon, Oregon H:rb(;rt ?d
Lexington . . W. B. McAhster
Union Pacific Railway-Local card.
10, mixed leaveB Heppner 8 a. ra.
10, " ar. at Arlington 11 -uua.nl,
u, " leaves o -' v.
" 9. " ar. at Heppner rt:50 p. ni
except Sunday.
East bound, main line ar. at Arlington 8:60 p. m.
West " " " leaves " 4:H0 p. in.
Hight trains are running on same time as before.
Stage leaves for Monument daily,
except Sunday, at 6:30 a. m.
Arrives daily, except Monday, at
6:00 p.m.
Direct connection oan' be made at
Monument with the Long Creek stage.
Daily stnge between Long Creek and
Canyon Citv, connecting at the latter
place with the stage for Burns and Sil
vias valley.
iliimmor 8. Pennoyer.
See! "sta'te........ V,1?","'6'
Treasurer "fKj
8upt. Instruction B. Mcelroy.
Judge Seventh District W. L. Brads haw
Distriot Attorney . H. Wilson
Joint Senator Henry Blackman.
Representative J wV'TJlnv
Cunnty Judge Julius Keithly.
( ,ount, JjJv J. A. Thompson,
H. M. Vaughn.
Clerk J. W.Morrow.
" Sheriff
" Treasurer J.W. Matl ck.
Assessor JjA,.00" '
Surveyor B. Crane.
School Sup't W.L.Saling.
Coroner James Danghertj.
KcuVnen'.'." O. E. Farnsworth, H
I.ichtenthal. Otis Patterson, rJ. P. Garngues,
The. Morgan and Frank (jilliam.
A. A. Roberts.
E. (t. Hlocum
..J. W. Rasmus.
Dorio Lodge No. 20 K. of P. meets ev
ery Tuesday evening at 7.30 o clock in
ineir issue nau, ........
ing. Sojourning brothers cordially in-
' T C. Aubrey, K. of H. 4 B. tf
viiea to Hl.ieiiU. J .ail.J lunwi w.
ft. A. R.
Meets at Lexington, Or., the last Saturday of
each month. All veterans are Invited to join.
C. C. Boon, Geo. W. Smith.
Adjutant, tf Commander
A. ROBERTS, Real Estate, Insur
ance and Collections, OtBoe in
Council Chambers, Heppner, Or. swtf,
Attorney at Lav,
Brown & Hamilton.
Practice in all courts of the state. Insurance,
real estate collectijn and loan agents.
Prompt attention given to all business entrust
ed to them. . .
Opposite Gazette Offlce, Heppner. tf
Haiionai Bank of Hefner-
President. Cashier.
Made on Favorable Terms.
irnit ni ivro A complete assort
LLU.IL DLA.ift.0. ment at the Gazette office.
When in Arlington, stop at the Ben
- pett bouse, near the depot bl-tf
Are having their land business straight
erred out and shaped np. How about
yours? If not in satisfactory condition
it would be a good plan to see Bbout it
at onoe. I am giving careful and ener-
ufitin attention to entries, nnal proofs,
"railroad land" and all business relating
to lands in Morrow oonnty.
I) It AN K 11. SNUW,
U. 8. Commissioner,
swtf. Lexingtou, Or.
From Terminal or Interior Points the
Is the line to take
Tt. in t.hA nininirCflr Ronto. It runs Throntth
Vestibuled Train b every day in the year to
St. Paul and Chicago
(No Change of Cars)
Composed of DINING CARS unsurpassed,
Of Latest Equipment
Rust thnt nnn ho nrnintnirttftd and in which 8C-
coin modations are both free and furnished for
holders of brut or Beconu-claas ticKete, ana
Elegant Day Coachs.
A Continuous Line connecting with all
Lines, affording Direct and Uninter
rupted Service.
Pullman Sleever Reservations canbe
Secured in advance through
any agent of the road.
To and from all point in America, England
and EuroD.i can be purchased at any Ticket otbee
of this Company.
Full information concerning .rates, time
of trains, routes and other details
furnished on application to any
agent, or
Assistant Genera Passenger Agent.
Wo. 121 First St.. Cor. Washington,
Cattle branded and ear marked as shown above,
IT ... U ..n .ink, ohf.nlfloP.
Mv cattle range in Morrow and Umatilla coun
ties. I will pay aiov.iju ror tne mik wu.
viotion of any person stealing my mot.
At Abrahamsick's. In addition to b
tailoring business, be has added a fine
line of underwear of all kinds, negligee
shirts, hosiery, et!. Also has on band
nun elecaat oatteras for snita. A.
Abrahamsiek, May street, Heppner, Or.
No return since 1882. F.
A Year's Subscription to a Pop
ular Agricultural Paper
By a special arrangement with the
publishers we are prepared to furnish
FREE to each of our readers a year's
ubsoription to the pop.uI.ir monthly
grioultnrol journal, the American
Farmer, published at Springfield and
Cleveland, Ohio.
This offer is made to any of our sub
scribers who will pay up all arrearages
on subscription and one year in advance,
and to any new subscribers who will pay
one year in auvanee. rne American
Farmer enjoys a large national circula
tion, and ranks among the leading
grioultural papers. By this arrange
ment it COSTS YOU NOTHING to re
ceive the American Farmer for one
year, It will be to your advantage to
oall promptly, Sample copies can be
seen at our office.
All who are suffering from the effeots
of Youthful Errors, Loss of Manhood,
Failing Powers, Gonorrhoea, Gleet,
Strioture, Syphilis and the many troubles
hioh are the effects of these terrible
disorders will receive, Free of Charge.
full directions how to treat and cure
tnemselves at name rjy writing w tne
FIRMARY, JU2i).1 Market Street, San
Francisoo, California. 465-ly.
First National Bank
George W. Conser, Cashier.
C. I. Levis, Ass't Cashier.
Transacts a Oeneral Banking Business
On all parte of the world-
Bought and Sold,
Collections made at all points on Rea
sonable Terms.
Surplus and Undivided profits, $23,527.10
'11 1.3 Original
spaas?: ?
. i;
publishers, we are able to obtain a number
of th" above book, and propose to furnish a
copy to each of our subscribers.
1 he iliotionary is a necessity in every nome,
sehool aiKl business house. It 11 1 In a vacancy,
and furnishes knouledKe which no one hun
dred other vnlumeB of the choicest books could
supply. Younisand old, educated and ignorant.
ricn ana poor, sooiini nave 11 wmun icm.u, uuu
refer to its contenls every day in the year.
As some have asked ll mis is rainy me ung-
inal Webster', LnabridKcd Dictionary, we are
able to Btate we have learned direct from the
publishers the fact, that this Is the very work
complete on which about forty of the best years
of the author's life were so well employed in
writing. It contains the entire vocabulary of
about 100,000 words, lncludlni! the correct spell
ing, nerivaUUTl ail'I iicniiiiikh nmm;, a, id
the regular standard size, containing about
800,0111) square Inches of printed surface, and is
bound In cioin nan inorocco aim sneeu.
Until further notice we will turnish this
valuable Dictionary
First To any new subscriber.
Second To any renewal subscriber.
Third To any subscriber now m arrears
who oavs ud and one year in advance, at
the following prices, viz:
Full Cloth bound, gilt side and back
stamDS. marbled edges. $i-oo.
Half Mo'occo, bound, gilt side and back
stamDS, marbled edges, $1.50.
Full Sheep bound, leather label, marbled
edges, $2.00
Fifty cents added in all cases for express
age to Heppner.
rty.K the publishers limit the tfme and
number of books they will furnish at the low
r.rice we ar vim-dl 1 who desire to avail them
selves of tills great opportunity to attend t it
at once:
For ;ale.
The hotel heretofore known as tbe
Mountain Honse, one block from First
National bank in Heppner, Or. Con
tains parlor, dining room, baggage room,
kitchen and 15 bed rooms; all rooms
furnished. For farther particulars in
(juire 0f 63-tf T. W. Aiebs.
I suffered severely with face neu
ralgia, but in 15 minutes after appli
cation of St. Jacods Oil was asleep ;
- have not been troubled with it since.
D. ADAMS, Perry, Mo.
Weal Nsras or in Fain
From some long-standing ailment, or feel
that your constitution (nervous system)
is failing, or that some affliction has
taken, or is taking, permanent hold of
you, wbioh you have been, and arc still,
unable to throw 011 or oontroi, wuetuer
in the first or last stage remember that
Dr. Gregg's
And Appliances.
and system of home treatment will cure
No modioli, or other mode of electric treatment
can at all compare with them. Thousands of
women who suffer for yearn with complaints
peculiar to sexf nave eeu completely ana per
manently restored to health. Wo fewer men
have also been enred.
Electric treatment for diseases sntrecRted. pro
perly applied, 1b perfect and has no xond substi
tute. The Gregg Electric Belt and ApplituieeH
are the only ones in existence that supply a
perteet moae or application.
The (iregg Electric Foot Warmer, price $1,00,
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irenuine Electric Insole,
People who have paid their money and been
cured can tell von what has been done for them
in a way that will convince you. Complete cat
alogue of testimonials, prices, etc., lie. Circular
501 Inter Ooean Building, Chicago, 111.
The success of this Great Cough Cure fa
without a parallel in the history of medicine.
All druggists are authorized to sell it on a pos
itive guarantee, a test that no other cure can
successfully stand. That it may become
known, the Proprietors, at an enormous ex
pense, are placing a Sample Bottle Free into
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If you have a Cough, Sore Throat, or Bron
chitis, use it, for it will cure you. If your
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that insidious disease Consumption, use it.
Ask your Druggist for SIIILOH'8 CURB,
Pricel0ctH..50cl3. and $1.00. If your Lungs
are sore or Back lame, use Shilohs Porous
Plaster. Price 25 cU. For sale by all Drug
gists and Dealers.
Keal Merit
It you take pills it is because you have neve
irit'u iiiu
S.B. HeafiapQe & LivBr Cure
It worltB so nicely, clcanslne the Mver and
Kidneys; acts as u mild physic without CHiisitiK
pHin or sit knesH, and does not stop you irom
eat l UK aim wonting.
To try it is to become a friend to it
For sale by Slocum-Johnston Drug Co., Heppner
Stock Horses
The undersigned will sell at Pnblio
Auction at
Friday, May- 201, 1802
ioo HEAD too
Of American Stock
One year, with approved security; in
terest at 10 per cent per annum. Five
per cent discount for cash.
78tf. C. I J. COCHRAN.
Frank H. Snow, Commissioner U. S.
Circuit Conrt at Lexington, Or., ia
authorized to reoeive fees tor publication
of final proofs. M M.
8 sf0!l!!fc
5 3famm
8 &si!l 4s
The oensus offlce has issued the follow
ing statistics of cereal production in Ore
gon for the census year ending May 31,
18U0, oompiled by Mr. Charles E. Kindt
under the direotion of Mr. John Hyde,
speoial agent in charge of agrioulture.
In 1889 there were grown in Oregon
553,270 acres of wheat, which produoed
',268,224 bushels, being at the rate of
16.81 bushels per acre as against 445,077
acres and 7,480,010 bushels at the census
of 1880, the yield per aor in 1879 being
exactly the same as in 1889. The increase
in the area in wheat over 1879 was 108,193
acres of 24.31 per oent and in yield
,818,214 or 24.31 per cent.
The number of aores of oats grown in
1889 was 218,736, which produced 5,948,-
594 bushels, being at the rate of 27.20
bushels per aore as againt 151,624 acres
and 4,385,650 bushels by the census of
1880. The yield per aore in 1879 was
28.92 bushels. The increase in the acre
age of oats over 1879 was 67,112 or 44.26
per cent, and in yield 1,562,944 bushels,
or 35.64 per cent.
to I
Cebeai,. $ g- ; S
Barley 37,S0:l 87'i,0itl SUft"
Corn 12,101 ais,20.-i 1I1.IW
live li,H45 (twoti !i.2;t
Buckwheat 2,li7. 1071
The total area devoted to oereals was
829,005 aores, as compared with 632,871
aores at the tenth census.
Strength autl Health.
It you are not feeling strong and
healthy, try Electric Bitters. If la grippe
has left you weak and weary, use Elec
tric bitters. This remedy acts directly
on liver, stomaoh and kidneys, gently-
aiding those organs to perform their
funotions. If yon are alllicted with sick
headache, you will iiud speedy and per
manent relief by taking Electria Hitters.
One trial will convince you that this is
the remedy you need. Large bottles on
ly SOo at Hlocum-Johnstan Drug Oo.'s,
Ed. Gazette: A faint wish has en
tered my cranium to scratch a few wordB
to the most enterprising and interesting
paper, the Heppner Gazette. As this is
my first attempt at writing for a paper I
have but little hopes of seeing it in print,
but nevertheless I will be pleased if it
does happen to find a littie-spaceiu some
unoooupied column.
We have been having very severe
weather in this section for some time
past, all tha high hills and mpi'tutains are
covered with nature's snowy garb. Al
though it has not snowed for several days
it has been cloudy and threatening de
struction to the wee lambs, which are
constantly arriving this time of the year,
and oonBequently the sheepmen do not
have sue li a pleasant smile as would be
expected under different oircumstances.
As I bad the pleasure of riding over
the Eight Mile oountry a few days since,
I feol it my duty to describe some of its
beauties, whioh are plowed fields, bar
rowed as smooth as a new swept lloor.
beautiful green lanes and pastures, and
sturdy farmers turning over ths green
sod for next fall's use; little lambs
scampering and playing, and young
orchards' sprouting leaves waving in the
April breezes, tell of industry, prosper
ity and happiness.
But I must leave Eight Mile and re
turn to our own little village, which is
in a bad condition, and needs a justice of
the peace or somebody with great power
to keep peace amorg the gentle sex, so
their aching jaws may have a little rest.
If there is an neuiployed peaoe-mnker
about Heppner, we wonld be willing to
give good wages for a short time, just to
get a rest, you know, A Bthaqulino.
Lone Hock, April 8, 1802.
That Languid Peeling
Will leave you as Boon as the kidneys
are put in good working order. The cel
ebrated Oregon Kidney Tea never fails
to do the work. Take it according to
Ed. Gazette : Some weeks Bince a long
geared individual oalled at my place,
soliciting for your paper. Upon repre
sentations ol fair, impartial treatment of
all olasses, I was induced to subscribe
for tbe Gazette.
Within the last ten days, sir, you have
broken faith with me, or your agent is
full of guile.
You recently published in your local
oolumns an item wbioh does serious in
justice to one of our most respected fel
low-townsmen, viz: That he had recently
become the father of an l.S-pound boy
The party in question is not a married
man at all, and it looks as though you
were endeavoring to practice an old
nolitioal dodge. Don't think, because
we are few in number, that we will suf
fer injustice at your hands, sir.
You have already seen the error of
your way and made partial restitution
by saying it was a man of the same name
and looked like him. Whom do you
mean tbe baby or the man?
Rectify this mistake or henceforth we
will be strangers. A Hai-iielok.
Goosedkhky, Or., April 10, W)'i.
Fohnitokr. Korall kindsuf furniture,
bedroom sets, lounges, chairs, etc., don't
fail to call on Smith A Williamson, My
street., Heppner, Or. The best plnce to
make your purchases. 47(3tf
Born On last Sunday morning, the
(Hlj inst., in this city, to the wife ot John
Jenkins, a girl,
A Swede Member of the New Zealaud Far
John Hjalinar Werner is the name of
a young Swede, who has been living in
New Zealand sinoe 1858, where he has
succeeded in winning both tame and
fortune. Some time ago he was elected
a member ot the New Zealand parlia
ment, in which be has introduced several
bills for the improvement of the condi
tion of the miners.
Norwegian Papers Criticise Royalty.
Norwegian newspapers, especially the
organs of the Left, criticise the royal
family because it patronized only Swed
ish trade and industry wheo it bought
Christmas presents. Norway, which also
is contributing to the support ot King
Oscar and his court, was not favored
at all.
A. Svenson, of Ingelsmala, Smoland,
was murdered by his son.
A railroad is to be bnilt between Gren
ua and Tranas, Sweden.
Rev. Andreas Huuge, of Skien, Nor
way, died at tbe age of 76 years.
Mr. Gnstaf Ericson,a prominent factory
owner of Eskilstuna, Sweden, is dead.
The Tinnfos paper factory atTinfossen,
Norway, was burned down tbe other day.
Tbe wife of farmer Niels Niergimrd, of
Hnlluud, Denmnrk, was drowned in a
Influenza is raging in nearly all small
oitiea and villages on the Norwegian
The Norwegian steamer Siggen, was
wrecked off Bergen. The orew was
Mrs. Anna Beata Horner died at
Skuttuuge, Upland, at the age of 100
"Per Gynt," the famoue play by Ibsen,
will be performed at tbe Christiania
Diphtheria is raging epidemically in
Cjovin, Norway. All the schools have
been closed.
It is supposed that Johau Bverdrup
will be eleoted presideut of the Norweg
ian Storthing.
The crown nrinoe has .been appointed
lieutenant general in tbe Norwegian aud
Swedish army.
The fourteenth convention of Scandi
navian naturalists will be held in Copen
hagen, July 4:9.
Peter Hysing, the librarian ot the pub
lio museum in Hergen, Norway, died at
the age of 87 years.
The fourth convention of Scandina
vian philologists will take place in Cop
enhagen July 18-21.
Their golden wedding was oelebrated
by A. Bowman, a well-known citizen of
Soderbanin, and his wife.
Barou Duhlernn, a young Danish soulpt
or, living in Paris, committed suicide by
shooting himself, the other day.
Mrs. Anna Katrina JueDsson, of
Torshalla, who died recently bus donated
35,000 to various benevolent institutions.
Emil Opfor, the eminent Danish news
paper man, nas returned to noMveu,
after having mado a journey around the
King Oscar and Queen Sophia are
staying in Norway. Crown Prince Gus
taf has returned to Stockholm from 8t.
A Little Girl's Experience In a Light-house.
Mr. and Mrs. Loren Tresoot are keen-
era of the Gov. lighthouse at Hand Beach
Mioh. and are blessed with a daughter
four years old. LttHt April Bhe was tak
en down with meiiHOlB, followed with a
dreadful cough and turning into a fever.
Doctors at home and at Detroit treated
her, but in vain, she grew worse rapidly
until she was a mere "handful of bones.
Then she tried Dr. King's Now Discov
ery, anil after the use of two and a Mall
bottles, was completely cured. They say
Dr. King's New Discovery is worth its
weight in gold, Yet you may got a trial
bottle free at Slocum-Johnston Drug
Co.'s store.
Hundreds of breaking plows are with
keen edge cutting the bunehgrass
Farmers roport the crops looking fine.
The recent showers have done much to
brighten the future prospects.
Business is picking up quite a little of
late. Orders are ooming in for farm
machinery and the farming community
is beginning to realize that J. A, Wool-
ery & Co., are hero to stay aud mean to
supply the needs of the oountry.
Preparations are being made for the
best harvest and the most extensive full
seeding overseen in the history of Mor
row oounty. "15-2 15-4."
J. F. Willis' smiling countenance was
seen with us yesterday.
Highest of all in Leavening
DIED At his home on McKinncy creek, of
diphtheria, Ksrl Albert Ashbaugh,' son of Fred
aud Kllen Asiib&uuh, aed & years and six
He was a remarkably intelligent child,
and he bore his sickness with a great
deal of patience, always taking his medi
cine, never "refusing anything he was
asked to do during his sickness of eleven
days. He is sadly missed at bia home,
at the home ot his grandparents, and
also at the home of his other relatives,
but their loss is his gain, no more siuk
ness, paiu or death. He has crossed
over on the evergreen shore, and he will
be there at the beautiful gate, waiting
and watching for loved ones, and he will
know theiu.
"We shall know as we are known,
Uhen the miBta have cleared away."
Pear Earl, thou art Rone to rest,
We will not weep lor thee,
For thou art now in thy happy home
Where thou shalt happy be.
For tliou art gone to rest,
Thine is an early tomb,
But Jesus summoned thee away,
Thy Saviour called thee home.
Ilrothcr, thou art gone to rest
And this shall be our prayer:
That when we reach our journey's end
Thy glory wc may share.
February 18H2.
balely in the Jlliltt of llnuiser.
This would seem a contradiction
is so, iu fact, to the eye. But experi
ence has proved its possibility. Take
the oase of the individual who dwells in
a malarious region. A robust constitu
tion is no defence against the dreaded
chills. What is? Recorded testimony,
covering a period little short of half a
century, proves thut Hoatetter's Stom
ach Bitters is precisely this. This con
tinent does not limit the field where tbe
medicine has proved its etlioaoy. In
South Amerioa, Isthmus ot Panama,
Mexioo, everywhere iu fact where miasma-born
disease takes on its most
obBtinate and formidable types, the bit
ters is a reooguized speoiflo iu illimita
ble demand, aud prescribed by physioi
ansol repute. Potent, too, is it in disor
ders of tbestomaoh,Jiver,and bowels, and
against that destroyer, la grippe. It im
proves appetite and Bleep, neutralizes
rhumatiBm und kidney complaint.
Sunday school next Sundav at 10
o'clock; preaching at 11.
Gill Coats has just finished breaking a
large tract ot sud this spring.
Chas. Repass bus four teams plowing
sod on bis ranch on Hale Ridge .
Isaac Knighton has bought a Cassidy
gang plow und is turning the sod over
very rapidly.
Mrs. Ella Brannon has been suffering
from a severe attaok of the toothache,
but is now convalescent.
Ed. Kellev, of Walla Walla, is visiting
relatives in this section, but will soon
leave for the former plaoe.
Sunday school at 10 o'clock today,
preaching at 11 and at night. All were
a grand success and quite largely at
tended. Mr. E. B Stanton has purchased the
Fred Pauly plaoe. Consideration, OT)0.
He will endeavor to break out the most
ot the plaoe this spring.
Perrv Ham. a resident of Lone Rook.
visited this section of Eight Mile last
Monday. He reports everybody busily
tilling the soil in that section of the
Mr. L. P. Jones says bo does not care
for the ladies taking a curt ride if they
will only oall on him to aeoompnny them.
However, some of the fair sex know how
the cart rides.
Mr. Sine, of Lexington, made a politi
cal speech, alluding to the people's
party ticket at Eight Mile Center, Inst
Tuesday night. He will speak again
next Saturday, ltith inst., at 2. p. m. He
invites all to come.
MesBrs. J. II. and G. R. Jones dugout
a nest of coyotes a few days ago. It
resulted in the capturing of nine. The
little fellows did not have their eyes
open, yet, however, it is one good deed
done for this neighborhood. It will save
a good many chickens.
Bud Ingraham and Chas. Stanton have
inspected the Bachelor's Club more
thoroughly and have found out that the
club is not lit for them to enter, and
their wish was to eliminate, and that the
oath which had to be taken was enough
to kill a mule for sixty days.
There were three young ladies seen
strolling over the bunehgrass last Fri
day. Being hulled they said that tliev
bad agreed to meet some people at a oer
tain place at li o'clock. By the move
they were getting on they surely arrived
at 6 o'clock, sharp. However, we oan ex
ouse them, being as this is leap year.
In the last lBsue of the Eight Milo
news budget, mention was made of a
"girl coutest, or alluire d amour (love
affair . existing tietween Messrs. iiemun
Caldwell, Joe Haling aud Bud Ingraham.
It was true enough, at that time, iiud
liigruhum was her "flame," but the
weaker sex are Bubjeot to ohange. The
girl, in fact, has given Bud Ingraham
the "shake, and bus resolved to return
to her "first love," Joe Haling. Hud In
graham now consoles himself by taking
quinine. Joe says he iB "incomlmstible,"
You might call the girls eligible, all'eo
tionute, etc , but don't call them "big
soled." T. Taouao.
Eight Mile, April 10, lW.fi.
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