Heppner gazette. (Heppner, Morrow County, Or.) 1892-1912, March 25, 1892, Image 5

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Here and There.
; A Serious Socialist Hiot In Stockholm
flue Police Uuakie to ('ope witli Theia.
" 1'be People,"
They must be respected.
Political straws rye.
T. W. Ayers, Jr., for drugs. 68 sw
Ciiouit court oonvenes Monday.
See M. Licbtenthal & Co.'s new ad.
First class job priuting at the Gazette
C. A. Hales was in this morning from
J. N. Thompson was in from the Bush
ranch yesterday.
Minor Bros, keep Spray Bros.' hams,
bocon and lurd. 60-tf.
Flor de Madrid and Gen. Arthur
cigars ut Tlioi uton's. 68 7d
Some travelling musicians enteitaiued
our people last night.
The Gazette shop is prepared to exe
cute tine job printiug.
Mastiff and Sterling plug cut smoking
tobaoou at Thornton's. 68-75
Tomorrow's convention promises to be
thoioughly harmonious.
Spray Bros, pay the top price for all
kinds of hides and furs. 68 tt
Daily stage both ways between Monu
ment and Long Creek. tf.
Mrs. J. J. RobertB is prepared to do
.'ai' kinds of plain sewing. 65-tt
Vceat hams, breakfast baoou and
fresh lard at Spray Bro. 90. tt.
When in Arlington, stop at the Ben
nett house, near the depot. 61-tf
Dan Zeller, the oarpenter, departed
(hie muruing for Portland.
Chas. Lewis, assistant cashier of the
Fi st National Bank, is quite ill.
School will commence in the Kirk
district on ilbea oreek, Apr. i, '92.
A goodly n umbei of the republican
dtligates aie txpected in this evening.
Wall paper, notions, patent medicines,
drugs, chemicals, etc . go to Ayers. 68w
You can Bend for any newspaper pub
licttlion or niHguziue at Thornton's. 68 75
Htnry Welch is yet in a serious con
dition, though reported better last eveu
A. P. Lnvegren and Theo. Anderson,
residents oi Gooseberry, were lu town
Mis Mattie Voruz, sister of Emil aud
Inez Voruz, arrived last evening from
the East.
D. W. Bryant, oueof IVforrow'sstan nch
alliance men, called on us this morning
in the city.
Don't let your beef hides spoil on the
fence. Spray Bros, will pay You the
oash for them. 68 tf
The delegates to the convention to.
morrow from Mattesou are Wealey Baird
and Jas. Talbeit.
Norman Kelly reports that the ground
was frozen considerably up Willow
creek last night.
Will Mallory oame in yesterday from
the sawmill tor supplies, leaving for
home this uiorutrjg.
Pud Liimons & Son still shoe horses
and do general blacksmithing at the old
stand, Matiock corner. 55.
Turee jolly souls, W. A. Biddle. 8. L
Akers and Jake Brown, Gooseberry res
idents, called yesterday.
' T.ie Parlor," W. F. Ruark, prop., in
the City hotel, west side of Main street.
NeateHt place in Heppner. sw
The B. B. Mann sale of horses in
Heppner today was largely attended, the
horses bringing a fair figure.
The Ladies Guild met at the home of
Mrs Otis Pattdrson yesterday afternoon,
with quite a number present.
Mart Rio hardson, formerly of Morrow
County, but more recently of Spokune,
is here looking us natural as ever.
Hiyu ketchum whiskers. GidHattat
the oity barber shop the place to get a
first-class shave, hair-out or shampoo, tt
Eph Eskelsou, G. W. Smith sod Theo.
Cork, of the Lexington country, graced
our office with their presence yesterday.
Call on Lishe Sperry, down at the
Belvedere, wheu in town. Keeps on
hand a fine stock of liquors and ciuors.
"Crookston," a voung thoroughbred
Clydesdale, was purchased yesterday
from Johnny Woodward by E. L. Matlock.
Mr. W. J. Leezer gave his opening
dinuer today an elegant repB3t as mauy,
of Heppner's residents can most sub
stantially testify.
Fred Zoin, the Umatilla county mur
derer, has been granted a stay of execu
tion by Judge Clifloid. This saves his
neck until July, anyway.
Mr. Robert E Fuller, of Tacoma, a
compeient Job and news printer, as well
as a journalist of some note, has accept
ed a position on the Gazette.
R. A. Ford is doing a neat job oj
graiuing aud decorating at Dan Gamers'
new saloon. Those wanting such work
will do well to call and see his work. It
Newer aud neater quarters at the
Palace Hotel's north business room.
Charley Jones, the baber, wants to see
bis old friends there. Baths in connec
tion. Dr. Grant's Syrup of Wild Grape is
made Irom the Oregon wild grape root,
now conoeded by eminent physicians to
be the most poerful alternative known.
See ad. in this issue. tf
J. B. Huntington and J. A. Sparrow,
delegates to the republican Btate conven
tion from Harney oountv, arrived last
evening "n their way below, leaving tbtB
morning for their destination.
The City hotel ad. in our semi-weekly
shows the spirit of the proprietor, Mr J.
Leezer. In our next the Gazette will
give the puhlio a neat description of this
hostelry us it now appears,
and refitted throughout.
A riot similar to that wLioh lately oc
curred in Berlin took plaoo in Stock
holm the other tveuiug. By advertise
ments in the Social Demokraten, the un
employed workmen iu Stockholm were
invited by the Socialist leaders to meet
on the Stortorget and make some kind
of a demonstration. The Stortorget is a
public square; near by is the royal
castle and fronting the square rises the
big board of trade building, in w hich the
city council is accustomed to meet.
The workmen collected at different
places in the oity and marched iu good
order to the square where they baited in
front of the board of trade. The police
did not interfere ut first, but soon the
cries "Give us bread! Give us work!"
were heard from the swelling, shouting
orowd, aud several of the sooiulist agita
tors began to denounce the counoil be
cause it did not take steps to protect the
interests of the working classes. The
orowd, now several thousand strong,
was being cheered by ou-lookers aud cu
riosity seekers. The chief of police,
who was personally leading tho officers
ot the law, suddenly gave orders to dis
perse the crowd. With their drawn sa
bres the policemen made a determined
charge upon the workingmeu's oolumn,
but they Btubburnly withstood the at
tack, and succeeded in beating back the
polioe detaahmeut. The chief of police,
by the way a very unpopular Jew
named Rubenson, was mad with fury,
and in vain shouted to his men: "Kill
the dogs!" It was apparent that the
officers were unable to cope with the big
orowd, and for this reason the mounted
police aud the militia on guard at the
roval cabtle were o"dered out. At the
first charge theciowd began to beat a
retreat which soon developed into a
flight. Fifty people were arrested.
The remainder were chimed down toe
sioe streets und dispensed, beverul o.
ihe policemeu uud many of the workmen
were wouudtd, but, us lur as known, no
body whs killed.
The. demonstration oannot be called
a failure, as it was noticed 1 hrouutiout
the whole liot that the b uipulby ot the
people ot which mauy belonged to the
upper uud middle classes, was with the
crowd. It is supposed that only two or
three of the leaders will be ptiuistied,
and the other prisoners will be liberated.
The txoitement throughout the oiiy du
ring the riot was very great but ut pres
ent everything is quiet uud the demjn
strutiou almost tuigotteu.
I Wedding Hulls. Wednesday evening
occurred the marriage of Mr. Chas.
! Mitchell and Mrs. Clara Lively, at this
place, Recorder A. A. Roberts officiating.
Both are well aud favorably known,
hating resided here for years. The Ga
zette extends congratulations.
School House Matteus The board
of directors have not ns yet decided the
site for the new sohool bouse, hut are in
clined to thiuk that it should be looated
somewhere between the court house and
the point of the hill, opposite Johnny
Elder's and Frank Kellogg'a residences
It should be located with an eye to a
good water supply.
From Ella. A note from Ella states
that a fine rain full in that vicinity last
Friday eve. Crops are looking first
olats: peach trees in full bloom; grass
four inches high. The Ella neighbor
hood ought to be, aud no doubt iB, one
of the beBt fruit sections in Morrow
county. It is the intention of our rep
resentative to visit that looaiitv soon to
learn all he can of that neighborhood
for the benefit of the outside world.
Fin a Timber. Perhaps, toe best tim
ber growing in the Blue mountains can
be found ou Rock creek, in the vioinity
of Will Mallory's saw-mill. This class
of timber Mr. Mallory is using in making
lumber whioh he delivering in Hepp-
nei all the way from $15 to 8d0 per
thousand feet, depending on the quality,
and whether desired rough or dressed
The same oan be bought at the mill at
prices ranging from $8 to 825 per thous-
and. He has a general assortment on
band at present, and is sure to satisfy
customers. 427-tf.
Now Try This.
It will cost Jem nothing and will
surely do you good, if you have aoough,
cold, or any trouble with throat, chest
or lungs. Dr. King's New Dioa.ivery for
Consumption, Coughs aud Colds is
guaranteed to give relief or money will
Ob paid back. Sufferers from la grippe
found it just the thing and under its use
hud a speedy Bnd perfect recovery.
Try a sample bottle at our expense aud
learn fur yourself just how good a thiug
it is. Trial bottles free at Slocum John
son Drug Co.'s. Large size &Uc. und
Modest. A modest young lady, who
wished to pnrohase a pair of garters, ad.
dressed the voting roan behind the coun
ter thus: "It is my desire to obtaio
pair of circular, elastic appendages, oa
puhle of being contracted and expanded
by means of oscillating, burning steel
appliances that sparkle like particles of
gold leaf Bet with Alaska diamonds,
and whioh are utilized for retaining in
proper position the hubiliments of the
lower extremities, which innate dehoaoy
forbids me to mention." The young
man fainted.
General Merchandise !
AIJE STILL SELLING OUT our stock of Gener
al merchandise, but to make it more complete, we have
purchased a stock consisting of
Dry Goods, Clothing, Hats, Furn
ishing Apparel, Etc.,
That will be sold at greatly reduced prices for cash only. Call
and investigate and wo will be pleased to wait on you. No
trouble to show goods.
nop Met stun, Plain stint mpjw.
Xr. CHl-A.3rT'S CXiOAUO.
Will poBltlvely cure Dyspepsia and all Its kindred ailments.
Every buttle sold on a Positive Guarantee to eitect a
cure or money refunded. Ketail price, 11.00.
ability of not finding standing room in
our big store. You should frequently
visit us and be among the many success
ful bargain hunters, sometimes we buy
great drives and they are sold before we
can advertise them.
ability of getting "stuck" on some infer
ior or back number article if you insist
on trading at some fossilized establish
meat where cobwebB are thick and the
hide of the proprietor thicker. Moral.
Trade at Minor Bros. Modern aud Model
General Merchandise titore.
ability of fretting left tf you don't heed
our words. We Bpeak nought but the
truth. It is not only unfair, but unwisa
and unprofitable to deceive.
Yours to please,
Dr. Grant's Kidkiuy and Liver CURB.-For
the cure ot Brlpht s Disease. uiHneics, duumig
uess, Sick-Headache, and all Kidney troubles
Dr. Grant's syrup or Wn.n Orai'r Root.
The ercat blood purifier and system tonic.
Purely veEetHlilc, and is the product of Oregon
Soil. Retail price, ?l.uo.
Dh. Grant's Wonder Oil. The great rheu
matic cure. Retell price, 50c.
Dr. Grant's Choi.kra and Diarrhoea coke.
Retail price, 50c.
Da. Grant's Maoic Pain Cure. The great
household remedy; an Internal and external
remedy. Retail price, "JO cts.
The Great Female Remedy !
For the cure of diseases and complaints peculiar to females. Re
tail price, one dollar.
Prepared By The O. W. R. Manf. Co.,
For the March Term of the Circuit Court,
Lexington's Stallion Show. Ou
reporter noticed the following Btalliom
at the horse show at Lexington last Sat
urday: "Sand)'," weiKbt M50, owned by
George Lor I, a good draft and driving
horse, thoroughbred Shire; D W. Lips
comb's "Don Jtian," English Shire.
druft. weight 1,600; O. W. Valentino'
"Red Kover," Clvdesdale, 4 years old,
weight 1,800; B. W. Carrington's "Billy
Reed," a well bred trotter, with record or
a.n. "VmniTmi Anllnm''
6 years old, weight 2,000, Clydesdale;
Thos. Reaney's Percherou stallion, "Va-
Si-TuPeux," imported from Franoe, 17
hands high, weighs 1,700, 6 years old. It
was a good show of flue stock, and well
appreciated. Barnett Bros, deserve
credit for their enterprise in getting up
suoh an exhibit for the benefit ot our
315 Front Street,
For Sale by all Drvggisls.
For tlXicl,
C5. KI7HIj9
Baker :: and :: Confectioner,
Fresh Bread, Pies, Cakes and Confectionery.
T. A.
C. E. Fell vs. Thos. Quaid.
Arlington National K.iuk vs.
Rausier uud Frank Cecil.
Heirs of the estate of J. L. Fuller vs.
E. It Swiuourne und Nelson Jones.
E. Hendricks vs. VV. H. Knyse.
Juuas Livcrniore vs. E. Ut. Sperry.
Johnson aud cueltou vs. T. J. Merrill
et al.
John K. Kenworthy vs. E. A. Pedigo
et al.
Chas. E. Kirk vs. O. O. Haines.
The Town ot Heppner va. The Empire
Well Auger Co.
G. W. ciwaggart vs. Graham Hewisou.
P. P. Hooker vs. J. A. Fristoe
E B. McFarland vs. G. VV. bmith.
l . b. Wilson vs. E. J. Keeuey.
Benhain, Trumbull & Co. vs. E. J.
F. P. Mays vs. Lanes Penland.
t. Jr. MajB vs. U. A. forter.
W. F. Matluek vs. Thomas Bradley.
W. O. Minor vs. A. J. and M. E.
K. F. Hughes vs. A. F., Bolle aud J. M.
C. Foster vs. John Foster.
Foster Adams vs. Ellar Adams.
K. F. Hughes vs. O. W. aud Henrietta
R. L. Hushes vs. G. W. Thomas.
Johu G. Neulan vs. R. VV. Carter et al.
G. W. Rta vs. the county oourt ot
Morrow oouuty.
Sarah J. Busey vs. I N. Basey
Lewis A. Hunth vs Isupbeue Smith,
Ttie American Mori gage Co., of Soot
land, Ltd., vs. W. L. Donaldson, Mary
Doualdsuu et al.
T. J. Owens vs. M. E. Owens,
C. A. Rhea vs. Audrew Geiuger et al.
E. H. Diukeus vs. Delia Dickeus.
Eugene A. Chapel vs. Anu Chapel.
W. O. Minor vs. G. VV. ltea and S. P.
Cora Swinburne vs. it. Sjvvinourne.
State of Oregon vs. by Wester Ray.
btate of Oiegon vs. Chas. Kimsey.
Our Spring Footwear is the Best and
the Cheapest.
As the shoemaker, a nice new shoe.
The KORt, the calf, and the kangaroo,
Joined by the alligator, too,
AH dropped In to lind out whether
"Twas any of their (oiks that fu'nish'd the leather.
We wish that everybody knew
What elegant stock we put In each Bhoe
And keep on hand to benefit you.
All grades, styles and nhnpeu together,
Fine footwear In all kinds of leather.
Main street, I Or.
Council Meeting. Crjnnoil met in
regular session Monday eveniug, Re
corder Roberts, acting mayor in absenoe
of Mayor Matlock. Councilnien ureseut,
Gnrrigties, Liohtenthal, Gilliam and
Patterson. Minutes of regular and
special meetings rend and approved.
Charter granted the Heppner Hook and
Ladder Co. On motion ot Gilliam, sec
onded by Liohtenthal, a lamp was or
dered placed in front of the engine house,
to be lighted at the expenie ot the town.
On motion of Patterson, seconded by
Gilliam, grade ordered established in the
T. R. Howard distriot of Heppner, and
referred to the committee for immediate
action. Bills allowed: 8. P. Garrigues,
$2G.!iG; J. W. Rasmus, S2; Multnomah
Printiug Co., $7.50; J. R. Grover. $25 50;
Gilliam & Bisbee, 86.60; Emery Oiiver,
8172 55 Letter and specifications from
Emery Oliver reBd and ordered filed. It
was the opinion of the cnnncil that a
upwial election for voting bonds Bhould
be held at the earliest possible date. Ou
motion of Lichteuthiil, seconded by Gil
liam, the liuauce committee was ordered
to examine reports of reoordei, treasurer
and marshul and report at the next
The World Enriched.
The facilities of the present day lor the
production of evervthing that will oou-
duce to the material welfare and com
fort of mankind are almost unlimited,
and when Syrup ot Figs was first pro
duced the world was enriched with the
only perfect laxative known, as it is the
only remedy whioh is truly pleaBi' g and
refreshing to the taste and prompt and
effectual to cleanse the system gently in
the spring time or, iu faot, at any time
and the better it in known the more pop
ular it becomes.
W. J. 1CZI5K, Prop,
rilHIS HOSTELRY has been RitrnrHD and Risfdnisiied throughout, and now
is one of the most inviting places iu Heppner. Mr. Leezer invites you to stop
with him, feeling that he is able to entertain you in the best of style.
Single Meels
Three Meals -
50 Cents I Board per week
81 00 1 Board per week with room
50 Cents.
85 00
Madk on Short Notice and it Poeoua Pricks.
Bread 22 Loaves for $1.00.
"THE people;
They must be Ilespected.
The People Cigar, Best
in the Market, at
O. E.
T. E.
. O. SPERRY, Vice Pru. E.
FELL, Secretary and Manager.
R. BISHOP, Treasurer.
Tie Morrow County
Land (6 Trust Company
Collin & MeKarland can give you bargains In
anything. Say, a cur load of Oliver Chilled
Plows, consisting of Gangs, Sulkey and Walking
Plows, to arrive soon. But don't forget that
we can supply you with anything you want,
in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware and Tin
ware, at wholesale and retail.
Iu tho National Bank Building,
CAPITAL STOCK, $100,000.00. PAID VP, $25,000.00.
Incorporated 1888.
1 ua m mmm
Operating Warehouses al Heppner, lone and Douglas, on the
Heppner Uranch of the U. P. R. R.
O. E. Farmwonh, J. A. Thompson, P. A. Herren,
Nelnon Jones Kdwarrt Day, "m Pen land,
Kit. K. Wallop, Theron K. Fell, . K. hlllott,
Ed. H. Cox, J. A. Woolcry, N. A. Kelly,
3. E. Friek, O. T. Douglas, K. (1. Bpisrry, Auson Wright,
P. C. Thompson,
Nathaniel YVebb,
John L. Ayers,
James Jones,
A. II. ChaPman.
IT IS the purpose of the stockholders of this company to conduct Its business in a manner
mutualW advantageous to all wool and Krnln producers of Mils sec ion, and to maintain the
favoralVle honie market which It has established. During the coming wool season we solicit
the business of all wool growers and request them to send their clip to Uw "Wool Orowers'
Having enlarged tho Heppner Warehouse, and roofed 1! platforms we have double the
storage capacity of any other warehouse in Eastern Oregon, well lighted tor the display of wool
"The Wool Growers' Warehouse.'
Thousands of Suffering Women
Toliintft women who oomplain ot
tid fenlincr. tains id the back and
loins, desire to sleep, painful or sup
nrusu0t monQtmKiinn. will find in Ore-
rod Kidney Tea a faithful friend. It
can be relied on in every inetance to
cive immediate relief iu kidney and
urinary troubles. Thousands of Wo
men are sufferiuf? every day from some
disorder of the kidneys or liver, ho
might be permanently cured by UBing
Oregon Kidney Tea.
Dr. J. Paul Grant, representing bis
fine line of remedies uuder the trade
mark, "O. VV. B," spent several days
in the city this week, aud we are happy
to say that the Gazette will hereafter
tell you weekly something about his
medicines. The doctor is a retired physi
oiao, ai d knows his business. His rem
edies (or sale bv all druggists.
Gazette onThorDton'soounters. Prioe
6 eeDts.
Wheat, bu 0 B8
Floiir.bbl 5 J
Beeves, cows & two-year-olds, owt. 'I 00
" " tbree ' 2 60
Sheep, muttons, head 3 00
' stock 2 60
Hogs, ou foot, cwt $4 50 6 00
Hokh, dressed 6 00
Horses, slow gale.
Butter, roll 65
Eggs, doz 120
Chickens, doz 2 60 2 75
Wheat, cwt 81 66 1 68
flour, bbl 3 00 5 25
Beeves, stall fed 7 00
Mnttons, cwt 10 00 11 00
Hoks, cwt 3 50 5 25
Butter, & 12 ($ 20
Eggs, doz 17 19
Chickens, d.. z 5 60(1000
Turkeys, lb 15 (is 18
Land Office ot The Dalles, Or., March n, 18M.
Notice Is hereby given that the following-named
settler has tiled notice of his lutentiou to
make tlnal proof in support of liiB claim, and
that said proof will be made before County Clerk
of Morrow County, at Heppner, Oregon, on
May 7, Wsl, Viz:
Hd. No. 3,900, for the YM NW4 and NEli
Sec 15, TpilB, K1SKWM.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon, and cultivation of,
said laud, viz;
James Neville, James Leahey, George Gray and
Earnest Cupper, all of Heppner, Or.
John W. Ltwis,
471-UM. Keglster.
Wheat, cwt 1 65 1 CO
Flour, bbl 4 HO fo4 90
Beeves, ct 2 50 4 00
dreBsed 6 00 (3.. 7 00
Muttons, live sheared . . 4 50 4 75
dressed 8 00 9 00
Hogs, on foot 6 50 H 5 75
" dressed 7 25
Butter 25 35
Eufffl. doz to
Nails by the car load at Gilliam & Bis-1 c """".V, 4 50
bw's. Grant oounty people v. 111 ao wen
to call on them,
Notick TO
Sheepmen. A. A. Wren
t,c. nnH corral, water and paRture o ac
commodate those desiriug to shear sheep,
at bis place, four miles west of Heppner.
JViU Utohesp. -76iw
Turkeys, lb.
A fine 1ft of imported Shot Gnns at
,.l Thompson k Co's at bargain prices, do
jobbers prnnts. n
A. B. Nilea, of Nilea k Vinson, the
Walla Walla msrble dealers, is ia lh city.
" Judge !
elts. a
Hicintly the followtne Notlct appeantl
a had hen sick only about two
A it was not until the la- t three or
four dav that the maladv to.lt a serious turn
At the beginning of his Ufness he suffered from
diabetes and stomach disorder Later the
kidneys refuw) to periorminra ,,,,..-..-he
passed quietly away. Thus ended the life
of one of the most prominent mcu iu
fornia." Like tnousanos wi - -
timely death wai the result of ntgiecUng early
symptoms of kidney disease.
sre tnwnrea "n manors, B,a, . ..7
ranaenient of the kidneys or urinary organs,
don't delay proper treatm-nt unul you are
forced to give up your dally duties ; oi
waste your money on worthless liniments
and worse plasters, but strike at the seat of
the disease at once by using the greatest of all
known remedies, the celebrated Oregon Kid
ney Tea. It ha saved the lives 01 inousanas.
Why should it not cure you r try 11
e-Juble and pleasant to take. $1.0
u, 8 lot tS-OO,
For Animals Exported from the United Kingdom.
The Shire Horse Society,
Fdabtiehed topromitte the old Eiiflinh lined of Cart Iloreee.)
11 Chandos Sttet, Cavendish Squaro, London, W.
Name of Animal, iSaody-o'er-the-Lea, 8161, Vol. X; Sex,
Stallion; Colour, Chtstutit; Foaled May, 1885; Bred by Thos.
Dewhurst, Whittingham, Preston; Sold to John MoIIattie,
Aberdeen, Hoolland; Sold to W. B. Cuninghame; Sold toT. E.
Fell and Nelson Jones, present owners. Got by Royal Sandy,
8093; Dam by Sir Colin, 2022; Grand-dam by Ploughboy, 1745.
I HBKKBV declare that the above-named animal was bred
by Thos. Dewlinrst, and ihat the foregoing particulars are, to
the best of my knowledge and belief, true as stated.
Liated Feb. ", l'J. JAM Ktf KOltSH A W.
Heller of the above-named animal.
1 hkrkhy certify that the foregoing pedigree has been ex
amined by the Kdlting Oinrr.lttee of the bhire Horse Boelety.
has been pawsed by lliein as correct.
Certified by order of the Kdlting Committee this 9th day of
Feb.. Wan. I. W.INOIIYMK.
Hecretary of the Bhire Horse. Society of Great Britain and Ireland.
Odd Combinations.
Strange Combinations to be Found Only at The Combin
ed Grocery and Hardware Store of
Groceries, Hardware, Tinware, Confectionery Wood &
Willow Ware and Agricultural Implements. AgenU
for NEW HOME Sewing Machines and IMPERIAL
Table Cutlery, Shears, Scissors, Pocket Knives, and Razors at
Remarkably Low I'riees. Hpecial inducements to Cash Cus
tomers, dive us a trial.
tf. Corner Main aud Willow Streets, Heppner Or.
This Stallion May be Seen ut Sargent 4 DriMs Stable, Heppner, Or-
Babies' Dat.--On Thnrwlay of each
week will ho "baliiis' day" ot Damier's
Ifallery. Bring aloriif your babies and
have their nict'ires taken, and you will
lie one photo tree of obii'if. u8tf
Purely i
i 0. Rnhl has added a stock of oysters,
canned and (refh fruits.all kinds of nuts,
oigars, tobaccos, eto. "9 w
Cavalry Horskh Wasted. Those
who have annnd horses, weiihintf from
1,000 to l.'JOO pounds, in color black,
brown or ((ray, can find sale (or them by
CKllinif on E. O Hperry at the Belvedere
saloon. Fifty bead wanted immedi
ately. 61-tf
Wanted-10,000 sheep pells at Hpray
Bros.' meat market. fi8 tf
In the Hustle with their Countrymen.
Five doors North of the I'nlacp Hotel, Heppner, Or.
Fine Imported and Jioine.sU: Cigars and Tobaccos
Fresh Fruits ami. alutr Gnods Jlrcrired, fiailtj.