Heppner gazette. (Heppner, Morrow County, Or.) 1892-1912, March 25, 1892, Image 3

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The Texaa convention elected a Harri
son delegation to Minneapolis.
Andy Toner, a Baker county Btocknian,
will drive 300 bead of horses to Montana.
India is said to have a priest who is
drawing a pension and is in his 152d
In the recent mine disaster near Brus
sels, 153 were killed, 20 wounded and 63
rescued unhurt,
A new mill of sixty tons dally capacity
is being put in at the Eaisley-Elkborn
mine, Baker county.
In settling a dispute with lists Kobert
Johnson pounded Samuel Keen to death
at Butler, Mo., Sunday.
A wreck on the Southern Pacific oc
curred at El Paso, Tex., Saturday. Two
uborers were fatally injured.
Governor Brown, of Kentucky, has
signed the bill which makes the hand
ling of lottery tickets a felony.
On the 15th of April H. L. Bowmer of
the Weston Leader will begin the publi
cation of a daily paper at Weston.
During a family quarrel Joseph Emery
was shot and killed by his brother,
Charles, at Warrensburg, Mo., Sunday.
James Murphey was fatally injured by
the premature explosion of a blast on the
Great Northern, near Spokane, Saturday.
At FreBno. Cal.. Tuesday night,
Hinz Luev. a Chinaman, was shot and
killed by a highbinder from San Fran'
The public scholhouse at Heppner, Or.,
was destroyed Friday morning. How
the fire started is a mystery. Loss,
John Zobieski.a grandson of the king of
Poland, was arrested Thursday at Mount
Kisko, N. Y., for stealing a horse and
Arthur Ferguson, the 19-year-old son
of Wm. Ferguson, living near Walla
Walla, is insane on religion. He is now
in custody.
Oscar W. Dunbar, ene of the proprie
tors of the Astoria Town Talk, was
found guilty of libel by a jury after a
three days' trial.
Safecrackers blew open a safe in the
store of Mero & Graham at Spokane
Thursday night. They got only a Bmall
sum for their trouble.
During a row in a gambling-house at
Monte Carlo Tuesday, Lady Randolph
Churchill, of England, had hsr pocket
picked of a large sum.
Charles B. Barber, a Tacoma insur
ance agent, has been arrested for seduc
ing Miss Duenkel, an 18-year-old girl.
He will marry the girl.
Four large warehouses ami several
Btores and dwellings were destroyed by
fire Tuesday in Kittaning, Pa. Loss,
$125,000; insurance, $8000.
In Australia no newspapers ars pub
lished nor railroad trains run on the
Sabbath. Telegraph otlieeB are closed,
and all business is suspended.
The four gospels have been translated
into Uzbek, toe language of 2,250,000
in Central Asia, and published by the
Britisli and Foreign Bible Society.
It is reported that Master Workman
Powderly, of the Knights of Labor, haB
become disgusted at the newspaper criti
cisms on him, and will Boon resign.
J. A. Medley, his niece, Annie Medley,
and Felix Burdett were drowned in the
Kanawha river at Charleston, W. Va.,
Saturday, by the capsizing of a skiff,
The Genoa police have received a let
ter from London signed "Jack the Kip
per," in which that individual states
that be is about to resume operations.
The residence of John Lewis Dlanelly,
Wales, was destroyed by fire Sunday.
Three children perished m the names
and two others were severely injured.
The'jelebrated case against Lawyer R.
B. Alberson, of Seattle, was brought to a
close at Olympia Tuesday by the prose
cuting attorney's moving for a dismissal.
In Italy the religious periodicals num
ber 176, of which 109 are Roman Catho
lie. In Germany the number is 300, of
which 245 are Protestant and 115 Catho
lic. A Tramp giving his name as Lewis
Gordon was lynched at Carrolton, Mo.,
Saturday, for committing an assault upon
Mrs. Perrepon, who is not expected to
At Chandler, O. T., Sunday, James
Zeule and George Barton quarreled and
attempted to use the rifle as a means of
arbitration. Zeule is dead and Barton
will die.
Walla Walla Statesman : Philip Yen
ney recently sold 10,000 bushels of wheat
at 76 cents clear. He was offered 82
cents Borne weeks ago, but declined to
sell then.
A terrible prairie fire has done several
thousand dollars damage in Payne
county, Oklahoma. John Querry was
fatally burned while attempting to save
his property.
A cutting scrape occurred at Farming
ton. Wash., Tuesday In which Graham
was badly cut by Billy Martin, a
drunken rancher, whom Graham was
taking home.
Frank Mason, the young Walla Walla
tough who has caused the reform school
trustees, the authorities and the courtB
endless trouble, will be released from
custody soon.
It has just been learned that John
Bright, who killed his wife a few days
ago at Ozark, Mo., has been captured,
tried, convicted and executed, Judge
Lynch presiding.
BradBtreets report fourteen failures in
Pacific coast states and territories for the
week ending Saturday, against twenty
three the previous week, and twenty the
same week of 1891.
Geo. Placer was acquitted at New
Whatcom, Saturday, . for the murder of
Moses Yonkin. The people are indig
nant at his acquittal, and loud threats of
lynching are made.
Prairie fires twelve miles south of
Huron, Dakota, have destroyed the
house of Wm. Mills and Wm. Eye. A
large amount of grain and farm machin
ery have been burned.
Three hundred and forty-seven thou
sand five hundred and one bales of cotton
were exported during the month of De
cember, against 353,919 bales the same
month the year before.
Miss Margaret Schultz, the daughter of
a wealthy family of east Russian land
owners, committed suicide after a quar
rel with her lover near the Brandenburg
gate in Berlin Sunday.
Sunday night at 10 o'clock, a terrific
explosion occurred in the Revenue tun
nel, eight miles from Ouray, Colo., by
which two men were instantly killed and
two injured, one fatally.
Jay Gould has given $25,000 to the
university of the city of New York. The
gift was made a few davs after he gave
his check for $10,000 to the Presbyterian
church extension committee.
Senator Stewart, of Nevada, proposes
a sixteenth amendment that no person
hall hold the office of president of the
United States two successive terms or
part of two successive terms.
Three miners were killed and two oth
ers fatally injured by an explosion of gas
in tbe Aiden mine near Vt Ukesnarre, i a
Wednesday. A careless miner ignited
tbe gas with .naked lamp light.
,v uv. " i.
H. J. Palmer, formerly manager of
Senator' Falr'a Yolo county ranch, shot!
and killed Charles W. Phleger in a sa-
loon in Sacramento, Saturday. The kill
ing was the result of an okl feud.
The American ship Frederick Billings,
which has just arrived at San Francisco,
reports that in a gale which struck the
ship five seamen were washed
overboard and never Been again.
During the summer 200 bridges and
treBtles on the Northern Pacific, between
Hope, Idaho, and Portland will be filled
in at a cost of $500,000. It will be done
as a matter of economy and safety'.
Mrs. Anna Sears secured a verdict of
$15,000 in the superior court at Seattle aB
damages against the Seattle Consolidated
Street Railway Company for injuries re
ceived last September m a collision,
Mrs. Marie NevinB Blaine had an at
tack of heart failure early Wednesday
mornimr and for several hours lay be
tween life and death with three doctors
gallantly fighting the grim destroyer.
An excursion from Cleveland, Ohio, to
Walla Walla is lieing planned. Money
paid for tickets will be refunded to par
ties investing $2000 iu Walla Walla prop
erty within a year after their arrival.
The noted Dr. True has been again
fined at Walla Walla, this time for prac
ticing dentistry without a license. He
refused to pay "the fine, went to jail, and
waB released on a writ of habeas corpus.
Frank Coleman, an agent of the Great
Northern road at Stanwood, has ab
sconded after appropriating $1.1 belong
ing to the railroad and $180 and a silver
watch Irora a ureal orinern express
Soon after 1 o'clock Wednesday morn
ing CharleB Meising, a street-car driver,
shot and probably fatally wounded bis
wife and then killed himself at their
home in Milwaukee, Wis. Jealousy was
the cause.
The Boston (ilobe liguies it out that if
not a single person bad immigrated into
this country since 1790. when the popula
tion was 3,232,000, there would now be a
population o! but 12,730,000 instead of
Henry Watterson, of Louisville, Ky.,
in an interview Saturday plated that
Cleveland should withdmw UU name,
and that no man from New York should
he nominated. The man should come
from the West.
At 2 o'clock Sunday morning a 24-ton
flv wheel at the electric light plant in
Cincinnati burst, smashing a $10,000
steam engine and several dynamos, blow
ing out one side oi tne Dunning ana caus
ing $25,000 loss.
John Green, night watchman at the
Jersey City docks, was burned to death
in the lire which destroyed the uoct Sun
day night. It is also thought a dock
hand was drowned by jumping from one
of the canal boats.
George Goldon, 05 years of age, com
mitted suicide at San Diego Wednesday
uy shooting himself through the head
with a revolver. He had lost all hie
money through the failure of the Cali
fornia National bank.
M. E. Crossen, a young lawyer of
Eddvville, la., who was defeated in the
recent election, got into a quarrel with
A. 'MoLafTerty, who was dialling him.
fn the row Crossen was dangerously
stabbed by McLatlerty.
A body was found floating in the bay
at San Francisco Saturday, and was re
moved to the morgue. A card was found
on the body bearing the name of Grant
Coursen and stated the owner w as a na
tive of California, aged 2S years
The republicans of Walla Walla must
be terribly hard up for good men, says
the Statesmen. At the primaries on
Saturday the names of two sterling
democrats, G. W. Babcock and Green
Riffle, were placed on their ticket and
In a Sew York tenement Thursday, a
coal-oil lamp exploded! setting the place
on fire. Kate Bablock, a nurse girl,
threw two children out of a fourth-story
widow, and then jumped out herself.
All were badly injured. The fire did no
A fire started iu Fred Axle's restaur
ant at Red Key, Ind., early Saturday
morning, destroying the building to
gether with the adjoining houses. Wil
liam Stow was asleep in his room over
the restaurant aDd was burned to death.
The loss is $100,000.
Bernard Lopez, a Portuguese sailor,
was arrested at San Francisco Saturday
for having started a fire in a building at
the southwest corner of Broadway and
Dupont streets in a deliberate attempt to
burn up his mistress and alwut thirty
other women rooming there.
Dr. E. M. Paiun, proprietor of the Pea
body hotel in Philadelphia, was arrested
Saturday on a charge of employing
Charles Wing, a Chinese leper, to pre
pare food for the guests and employes
ot the Hotel, the action was taken at
the instance of tbe health officers.
No tidings have been received from
Stillman Edgell, doorkeeper of the Mas
sachusetts senate, who disappeared from
Boston over five weeks ago. He is 62
years of ago and was in comfortable cir
cumstances, receiving a pension of $ 10 a
month and a ealary of $1200 a year.
It is reported that at the big bend of
the Dolores, near Rico, Colo., George
Morrison, a tough citizen, shot and
killed Squire Wallace, a prominent
cattleman, during a quarrel, resulting
from an old feud. When the sheriff at
tempted to arrest the murderer tbe latter
killed him, and then escaped.
At Ozark, Mo., Monday, while Deputy
Sheriff Williams, was in the courtroom,
In charge of John Bright, a wife mur
derer, a mob of men appeared and de
manded his prisoner. He refused to
give him up, the mob fired upon him,
killing him instantly. They then took
Bright across the street ami hanged him.
Arlington will shortly invite members
of town councils, boards of trade, etc.,
from the counties of Morrow, Sherman,
Klickitat and Gilliam to confer with
them to organize a district board of trade
for the purpose of inducing immigration
and to bring about, as soon as possible,
an "oien river."
Jacob Boehm, sr , member oi a large
liquor house of Denver, Colo., Monday
committed suicide by taking pruesic
acid. The firm had failed and the store
was in imssession of the BherilT. It is
alleged Bochm had forged a large num
ber of whisky certificates and placed
them in the bank for security.
William Ainslie, a welldigger at Steila
coom, Wash., was killed Saturday by a
bucket full cf diit falling upon him. Tbe
accident was caused by escaping steam of
a hoisting engine. The noise of the
steam bo frightened Mrs. Malvin, stand
ing by, that she swooned, and when
picked up she was dead.
John Kuse!l, Union Pacific section
foreman at Walla Wa'da, is under arrest
on the charge of sending an obscene letter
through the mails to his niece. The
girl had lately fallen from the path of
virtue, and Russell wrote her a letter in
reply to one she sent him asking aid for
herself and child. He claims that it con
tained nothing indecent.
VIrs. Tom Nicholson of Kellogg, Oregon,
I received a painful injury lhursday alter
noon by having her hand severed from
the wtiat by a saw. She had been sit-
ting in the mill sewing where her hus -
band was working and started to the
house, un passing Dy me saw tne new-
... . , . -, ...
j ing which she had inner leiiarra was
i caught and her arm jerked on the saw.
; A murder ana suciue occurreu
Atlantic, Iowa, Sunday. Lindaey A
j Bennett shot his wife three times with a
revolver. One shot entered the abdo-
men .and the left hand, and the last shot.
entered ber head, killing her instantly.!
He then rushed into the house of a
noirhhnr mid Rhot himse'f twice in t he
neigh cor ami booi tnmse.i n m
He lived about an nour aim .
half. The cause of the tragedy is said to
h...a hoan tail nimv.
The lifeless form of a colored girl was
lounti aanLmiiK irum a uco u ,
near Bayville Mo Saturday, and was
W It. Hfiimer. She had attempted to
poison the family by putting "Rough on
Rats" in the coffee.
Mre. Eliza Wilson, of Walla Walla,
sues the Union Pacific to recover $2750
damages for the death of her husband,
Fireman John Wilson, in an accident on
Meeker Hill. The complainant alleges
that the accident was due to the negli
gence and carelessness of the conductor
of the train, Frank McDonald.
Huntinuton Herald: 400,000 ties from
the R. M. Steel mills in tbe Blue moun- ftmj raising scrub stock should quit the
tains will bo strung out along the O. S. business. They are discreditable alike
L. branch of the U. P. railway during to themselves, to the mintry and to the
tbe next 00 days. The movingof 400,000 i industry of which they form part and
ties considerably increases the labor and parcel. Experience baa taught stock
number of employes and consequently men that their best interests lie in the
the pay rolls of the company, in this separation of calves from their mothers
instance what is the company's loss is during the winter season. In former
the country's gain. years it was always a matter of surpriso
The iiliing in of eleven miles of bridges
and trestles, all about 200, at a cost ol
over $500,000, is one of the improvements
which the Northern Pacific will make to
its road bed during the spring and sum
mer. The bridge-filling is to extend
along the entire line, but fully two thirds
of it will be done between Hope, Idaho
and Tacoma, and lacomaand Portland,
as the western end has the most trestles.
Milton Eagle : Some three weeks ago
D. Talbert put 13 eggs under a setting
hen, and trusting to nature and the hen's
patience to bring him a brood of chick
ens, calmly awaited the result. This
week he received his reward, for the old
hen made her appearance with 14 downy
little chickens. Mr. Talbert, our inform
ant, is a gentleman of unquestionable
veracity. The incident is only a further
proof of our country's remarkable pro
ductiveness. UKMEDV FOIt HL'AI.K.
How to lilfl Your Trewi of the JroNlrurt
Ive I'estg. f
Here is an excellent remedy for the
scale : Place 10 pounds ol lime and 20
pounds of sulphur in a boiler with 20
gallons ol water, and boil for from 1 .'J to
2 hours, or till the sulphur is dissolved
into an amber-colored solution. Slack 30
pounds of lime in hot water iu a cask,
and while it is still boiling add the whole
to the sulphur in the boiler, and cook
for half an hour longer. 1 hen add water
to make 00 gallons of the whole. Strain
through burlap, and spray, i.seoniyin
winter when trees are dormant, hulas
early as possible in the season. Less
lime may be used if thought advisable.
A Till of Two Day.
Krom the l-oitlaii'l Telegram.
Here is a tale of two days. Both were
early spring days. One was iu the Upper
Mississppi valley, the other in Oregon.
Over Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, the
Dakotas and Wisconsin swept the wild
blizzard, ita icy breath chilling and kill
ing all things Hint were exposed to its
fury for any length ot time. Railroads
were blocked with the drifting snow,
business was suspended in the cities and
towns, the schools were closed, persons
who were so venturesome as to go into
the streots were caught up by the whirl
ing gust and dashed against, the tele
phone poles. That was one day. Now
look upon another picture. H was a
balmy spring day in Oregon. Tbe birds
sang, the trees budded, the tuneful hum
ming of bees filled the air with melody,
the violets raised their sweet faces to be
kissed by the genial sun-rays, the rose
buds peeped out from their green cover
ing, and all nature wore a smile of peace,
plenty and contentment. And yet the
two days were one and the same, to-wit,
the 9th day of March, 1892. Who dare
say that Oregon hasn't the greatest cli
mate on earth ?
Au ApoRtle Spealis.
Henry Frank, "the Apostle of Human
Progress," lectured recently in New
York on Jay Gould and Dr. C. Park
hurst. He said: "A certain distin
guished minister assumed to criticise a
certain distinguished financier. He
used extremely sarcastic terms, and was
not particular in the way he reviewed
the financial potentate. Tbe minister
was Parkburst and the financier Jay
Gould. Both these gentlemen are Pres
byterians, Dr. Parkburst hy profession
and Jay Gould by purchase, f lie min
ister criticised the financier for giving
$10,000 to the Presbyterian church. Jay
Gould exists simply because society
allows him to exist. The conditions
make hiin an idol. Money is now the
god of humanity. Hr. Parkburst,
clothed in fine linen and silken gowns,
preaching from a pulpit plastered with
$10 bills, and living in luxury, is not the
man to throw stones at members of his
Transmission orF.lei-trlc Tower.
At the late Buffalo meeting of Hie
National Electric Light Association Mr.
Carl Hering'B paper on "Transmission
Power" attracted special attention. He
concluded that ' it appears probable that
the problem of long-distance transmis
sion will be solved by the use of high-tension
alternating currents originally gen
erated at a low voltage, then formed into
high voltage, then sent oyer tbe line,
and finally transformed into low tension.
This will furthermore be done by some
system which will enable motors to bo
used on the circuit. The system used at
Frankford (Germany) was such a one,
and was a perfect success in every way.
It seemB, then, that the problem has not
only been solved, but practically dem
onstrated on a large scale."
A l utiil I'rlielighl.
A fatal prizefight was fought in a small
patch of timber on Mrs. West's land,
near the section line road, eouth of
Brookdalc, in Kant Portland Sunday af
ternoon. The principals were Pearl
Henderson, a young liookbinder, and
Charlie Bell, a lioy who works at Nan's
drug store, at tbe Portland hotel. Hen
derson won the light in the twenty-third
,"" ' ' .""
aooiuna.ii an nour an.T u.e. ogi.j wan (
over. Young Bell gave himself opto the'
nolice authorities. It is said that dur-
ing tlie tight Bell kicked Henderson in
vital spot, thus causmg nis deani.
Light Weight (iolil Pieces.
The sub-treasury officials have detected
a number of light-weight gold pieces
among the coin recently received from
rtalirnmsn It. is believed that the Chi
nese are working a systematic scheme of llow :
placing the coins in an electric bath, by Iirst-lhe surface of the earth ustead
whicb process about 5 per cent of the i dy diminishing. All the landed portion
gold is "sweated" out. As the govern- j will at last be submerged and ihe last
ment will not accept coins which have . man will be drowned,
lost more than half of 1 per cent, all the Second-The ice is gradually accumu-light-weight
coins are stamped with a big lating at tbe north pole and slowly melt
L and returned to the banks from which mg at tbe south ; eventually the earth s
they were received. , center of gravity will change and the last
: man will be killed by the niBh of mov-
Tli Inaanity Hodge. ables when the catastrophe finally comes.
Ihe cashier of the defunct Glasgow,
! Bank in Kentucky is reported to have
gone mad.
This seems to no a case oi
v.. n.M'i n.un ri
. . ,, .
; d00ge has worked so well anu secure.!
t for bim mact ,Bympathy that .in future
well and secured
, "'rr rVi.e
! to Canada.
, "ifc i , . . . . j
The horse for real and hard service ;
should De irom uimra lutiuceru aniiua
,...,,n in I lin, nf imw re-
' , i. r.i ,i...k :
qmreu. " " i '
uaiiw ,
cowl ,uniJ " . . " .
head and neck, thm large, sloping : in
M ' "7, kimUy ' sUt anj
iZn,gpPasferns; and Ldily' teachable.
. .
lie should have fairly large, sound feet,
and his proportions should be good;
and he should have spirit but a level
head. He should he kind, gentle and
prompt in action, lie must he kept up ,
to extraordinary excellence by the very !
lieBtcnre. !
don't u.usi; sciu b stock. j
An exchange says that those who can't
or won't keep up with the procession :
should drop out entirely and get out ol
the way : those who insist on keeping
and anxiety to stockmen as to what lie
came of the yearlings branded as
calves tbe year before the number
found being greatly less than the tally.
During the past three years stockmen
have been keeping their calves in pas
ture and leemng tticm, uie mmenf I
nmuuiiu oi .......... '. '" '
enabling them to do so at a very cheap ;
rate, and, hr a consequence, every calf is
accounted for in the following spring,
and in good condition, w hile the moth
ers passed through the cold weather on
the range in splendid condition.
The average prize of wheat on farms
is 2'.jC per bushel higher than the
average of ten years past, which on 1,000
acres of wheat represents from $050 to
$7iK) increase. Europeans quotations
keep up as well as ueniiinu, anu tne
farmers are in a happy frame oi mind
over the prospects for continued strong
priceB and abundant markets for the
entiro production.
Using ewes that have borne twin
lambs, using young ewes irom twins,
and using rams that were twins, gives
good results in increasing the prolificacy
of the (locks, whore experiments have
been made as tests in that direction.
Even triplets have been secured by
breeding for greater piolilicness, and by
selection for that purpose.
It will interest farmers who raise com
to know that a new use for maize has
been discovered by a German chemist.
Hitherto the manufacturers of soap iu
that country have used linseed nil pro
cured in Russia, but owing to the failure
of the (Tops they have been forced to
look for a substitute. This they have
found in corn, from which a very good
quality is now extracted. 1). '. Hell,
agent for the United States treasury,
estimates that this discovery w ill create
a yearly market for lil.oiHl.OOO bushels
of corn in Germany.
Look nut now fur indications of catar
rhal and lung ell'eclions among Bheep.
And don't fail to remember when you
find them that while sheep arc par
ticularly subject, to such alleetions the
undue exposure of the young lambs,
and of tbe older sheep even, is often the
prime cause for the development of these
troubles. See that your llock has a dry
and warm place to rest in at night ; and
this want is not suppled unless tbe bed
ground is shelieied not only from the
cold winds bijfcTilso the cold rains. Have
you elieibi for yoiu sleeps?
M, Ouait T'elU lite Sorrowful
Kute ol
llKaiUlifft Steve.
I was the only newspaper niiin iu Cus
ter City w hen the last Terror ol the West
came in and surrendered himself and
went out of t bo Terror business forever.
He had heard that Gnzly Joe, Wildcat
Bill, Rattlesnake Hank, Awful Sam and
the rest of the Terrors, had either been
keeled over or quit the trade, and
he came iu to make terms. I was
talking with the sheriff when the last
living Terror, who answered to the name
of Deadshct Steve, walked up. He was
armed with two revolvers in his licit and
a bulldog pistol in bis pants pocket
Down along lea spinal column was a
bowie knife and in his vest pocket the
left ear of the last man who had refused
to drink poisou with him.
"Well?" he queried in a voice which
had made a hundred men chill in other
'"'It's played!" quietly replied the
"All out of the business?"
"Every one. The man across the road
will give you $15 for your outfit. Come
iu out of iho wet."
"It's tough," said the Terror, as his
thoughts went back to other days ; "but
this yere civilization walks over every
thing. I cave."
I met him later on, when be had bad
his hair cut and been washed up and
exchanged his buckskin, and 1 asked
him how he felt.
"Queer, but I'll probably get used to
it," he replied. "When a man's been
a-liviu' a holy terror for twelve yearB
lie's sort o' rooted to it. Got to change,
though. The Terror business is played."
Two days later, as I was ready to de
part, I encountered hlin as he was wield
ing an axe on a woodpile in the front of
a saloon. When again asked how he felt
he looked really cheerful as he replied:
"I'm a-gittin' thar, Btranger, and you
kin put me down as cured. When a
feller calls me a liar both hands go back
fur my guns liefore I ken stop 'em, hut
that's a habit, you know, and I'll soon
get over it."
'And you have gone to work?"
"Had to do it or go up for a vug. Civ
ilization's a rollin' right in yere and
everybody's got to knuckle or take to the
hills. I've knuckled. Sand's all gone."
I went to the poslofiice to take the
stage, and fifteen minutes later the ve
hide and its load passed the wood pile.
DeadBhot Steve was r.o longer there.
Looking out across the plain we saw him
speeding as if for his lite, and thirty feet
behind him, and hardly holding bisown,
was a chunky Chinaman armed Willi
broken broom handle. The Terror was
f , b ,
" J
Thlneii lie Will ITolmbly See When the
Kurt ColueH.
The probable fate of the last man is a
subject that has often been discussed.
Of about a dozen solutions of the ques
tion, seven of the best are summarized
Third 1 here la a retaroing meuiumiu
; space, causing a graib.al Iohs of veMty
in an u ' ""va
t un uw ol irravi anon, win oe uraw n
1 tl.a aitn Itnll ul out
; nearer ami nearer uie eon
.nearer , td
bumanityw.il be roasted from the ,a,e
i Fourth-The amount oi water on tbe
earth's surface in slowly drying up. Fi -
nally the earth will be an and waste bke
the moon, and the last man wiU die,
pleading for a drop of moisture with ;
which to wet his tongue. ,
r ill n A gumniic p ane! is imeiy to,
i.i,u u.o i H,. I
1 .":
event me ureal iiiiiur.arv wouin inae up
and burn the earth and the other nlanets '
its train to cinders. I
Sixth With the beginning ot the vear
3000 A- D. the human family w ill begin
to retrograde, and within 1,000,1 00 years
from that dale man will not be higher in
the scale of nat'ire than the plant louse
of today. In thli case tie. -r will be no
"lost man."
Seventh The sun's tires will gradually
burn on!, and the temperature will cool:
jn consequence. The earth's glacial zones .
will enlarge, driving shivering humanity
toward the equator. At lat the habitable
space will lessen to nothing anil over-
erowuiiu iiiiuiaiiiiy v,Ui on
A Iteineily lur Scale hihI :reln AphlM,
FurutsliiMl ly I. M. .h-km", or Walla
The follow ing remedy for green aphis,
scale and similar pests on fruit trees is
furnished by Mr. U. M.Jesse, of Walla
Walla, and 'fruit inspector of the Btate
of Washington : Take oi lye one pound,
sulphur one pound; of home-made or
whale-oil soap one pound to every two
gallons of waier Then boil a few min-
i iites to dissolve the soap and then boil
ten minutes and add eiunt gallons oi
water, and spray.
I'his combination is
to he applied only before the sap rises in
the trees. Alter the sap rises 8UO iwen-
. .. .,Hl)na nf ,...,,.. :nBtoal of eight.
and spray.
Iveotueky'fl Had Men Dyli'K "Hi
Krom the Louisville courier .ouniHl
The old Kentucky feuds are dying out,
and those who pa'rticipated in ihem are
finding their way ro the prison or i lie
grave, or to the oblivion of peaceful life.
The Yellow Creekers of lioil comity
scattered like host before the sua when
the builders of Middleshoroiigh and the
new Pineville appeared. The leaders of
the old factions sold their farms at a good
figure, and became capitalists or moved ;
away. Craig lolhvers name nas almost
ceased to bighten timid children in
Rowan county, and Craig's old antagon
ist, Boone Logan, has moved away from
the town in which he led the battle
which exterminated the Tolliver gang.
The French-Evesnlu clans are awaiting;
trial at Winchester for their crimes, in1
Perry coiinly. The leading Eversole is I
dead, French has moved away from I
Perry county to Winchester, and the
gangs have fallen apart. The liar'an
county war was over when Wils Jen
nings and Wils Howard fell into the
hands of the law. The followers of the
Turners and those of the Howards have
dropped into peai elul ways or lied the
count y. The llatlields ami McCoys
have been banged or imprisoned. And
the snuffing out of Jerry Little's life the
other day by a saw log, while engaged in
building a residence for himself, was the
first reminder the pub'ic has bad in a
long time of the now almost forgotten
Strong-Little feud that once gave so
much trouble in Bieatlult county.
Coat Baron anil Farmer.
James Hartley in New York Worlil.
As it i proposed to apply the single
tax system to farm as well as coal lands,
let me add that the change would proba
bly we welcomed by the fanner, for the
reason that under it he, too, would he
assessed only on the value of his land,
as Indicated by the highest amount his
farm would rent for annually if stripped
of all its improvements, including build
ings, fences, etc.
As the ordinary farm with improve
ments will rent very .low today, tho
average fanner will see that bis farm
assessment anil tax would be greatly re
duced under thiH modern tax system,
while, besides enjoying freedom from
taxation on personal property and im
provements, as well as from all tarili
taxes on his supplies, his coal, which
now costs him five to ten dollars a ton,
would, on account of the effect of the
single tux on mining lands, he reduced
to probably two to four dollars.
Tariff reform promises to reduce the
cost of the farmer's manufactured sup
plies. Tbe single tax promises to go
further in the same direction by giving
the farmer his iron, coal, and nil at much
lower prices than he ever paid.
Tlie Oregon Innane Asyhitn.
The slate insane asylum board held
their monthly meeting Tuesday at
Salem. From the monthly report of
Superintendent Rowland the following
resume is made, showing the present
condition of that institution: Number
of patients January 31, males 513, fe
males 230; total 743. Number of pa
tients received during February was 22,
of which 14 were males amis females.
Number under care and treatment, 705,
527 being males and 23S females. Num
ber discharged, having recovered, 5,
four males and 1 female. Discharged,
died and escaped, K males, 4 females;
total. 12. Number of patients remain
ing February 29, 73,5 519 being ma'ns
and 234 females. Average daily number,
747 2S-29. There were no escapes. The
total number of officers and patienln is
The t'olorado Way.
"So poor Bill Stnbbs is doad," said a
man on the train the other day.
"Yea, I understand so. Wheie did il
happen 7"
"In Colorado."
"Did you learn any of the particulars?"
"Nothing, except that be died a nat
ural death."
"Is that so? Why, I was told ho was
knocked down on the street and had the
life bealen out of him."
"Well, that's what they call a natural
death in Colorado now."
Itrlllnh Coal Mliturit' Strike.
Great Britain is within a few days of a
strike which is expected to throw -hill 000
coul miners out of employment for a fort
niirht and to render idle for the same
period about I ,! 000 employes, repre-. ;
senting perhaps 5,0011,000 persons for the '
industries alle'-ted are nearly all carried . Sr. Loi.'is, Mar. 1S.-A lire tins morn
onbvuien. The strike, is "intended to V in the immense tobacco factory of
keep'uptiiepiice of coal and prevent a ; Leggett A Meyer, dainage.l property to
reduction of miners' wages, but the loss, i 'be amount ol a hundred and tifty thou
direct and indirect, caused by Iho stril: 1 n' dollars. Many women and children
will orohah v exceed the possible Km c
from a reduction of wages."
Cut Her up for Halt.
On an estate near Port of Spain, Trin
idad, a coolie farmhand suspected his
wife of intimacy with a white overseer
and openly charged her with infidelity.
She fled and took up quarters wiiii the
overseer. Next day her husband bought
a number of presents, with which he
persuaded hia wife to return. In the
afternoon they went up the river to fish.
He returned with a load of (ieb but no
woman. When asked where bIib was,
he exhibited a bloody knife and said he
cut ber up for lisb bait.
Montana'! Wheal anil Oats.
During 1891 Montana farmers raised
1,850.000 bushels of wheat, valued at $1,-
- ' i . ,i,i,.i,i;i,Uflf ix.
" "".. ."'"!.. . , ... ... j ... ... nor. Tl.
, z, i, acme in um, ........ j
IHII1 i IB ft U VU1PM Ml tl. ,
0 oa , in the state was 38. s; bush-
J' l'.mZJ figure, are official
, and are furnished by the detriment ot
1 agrh ultnre.
.11 IX1K LYNCH IN Villi. IMV.
Two .Murderer Hanged and Their Hollies
Klddled lVllh Hnlletn.
Wahksxton, Ya., Mar. 18. Lee Hoff
man and Joseph Hyp, who last fall mur
dered the Kines family, were Ibis morn
ing lynched near Gainesville, Prince
William county. The men were to have
bpen hanged today but a stay of pro
ceedings had heeu secured. A party ol
seventy men overpowered the guards, ! gi,)W to 0tey, aDd the rxy pulled the trig
hanged the murderers to a tree and rid-1 hut the pistol snapped, and the
died the bodies with bullets. j (lther employes, who had been attracted
. hy the noise, jumped the railings and
An Kievated Komi m Chicago, grabbed the youthful bandit. His
New York, Mar. J 7. A syndicate of weapon was wrested from him, and it
vVnii.Dtut .,..n;..i;L,t ..... i was found it u-is not. loaded. The boy
iZP(i )',,, ora(.e . wrv of the Union i
(jiui to complete the construction of '
thf) r.nke-street elevated railway system !
m Chicago. This is the system which it
was erroneously stated in a dispatch i
from Chicago a week or so ago had been
bought by the dry-goods firm of Arnold,
Constable t Co., of this city. The road
was started several years ago by a syn
diacate of Chicago capitalists, who built
one and a half miles of the structure
and quit. The inundation work for
another mile and a half of the route has
been completed.
Will Kxplore Alaxka.
Ottawa, Ontario, Mar. IK. W. P.I
Barrett, an old pensioner of the United
States army, leaves today for St. Paul,
where he will join an engineering ex
ploring stall' bound for Alaska. On ar-
riving be will, for a period of years, give
attention to channel improvements, and
general explorations. The exploring
party will lie composed of 150 men ap
pointed hv the United States govern
ment, which has of late taken particular
interest in Alaska, and wants to have it
self thoroughly posted as to the mineral
agricultural, navigable and other present
ami possible resources of that country.
Their r.oilloH l(lKhtlr Ituriril.
LivKiti'ooi., Mar. 19. The bodies of
Mrs. Williams and four children, ex
humed at Rainhill afLer being murdered
and buried by Frederick Deeming, alias
Williams, were buried this afternoon in
the parish churchyard In tbe presence of
a large concourse of people. At the post
mortem examination Albert Deeming, a
brother of Frederick, nearly fainted at
the sight of the bodies. It. transpires
that Deeming treated his wife brutally
soon after marriage.
ClileaKo Itootlle ItivefttifpiHonft.
Ciiu Aiio, Mar. IS. The grand jury
investigation into tbe alleged boodleiem
in the city council in granting valuable
franchises began this morning. Alder
man Kun.y, who recently talked rather
freely when under the inibience of liquor,
was the only witness examined. It is
rumored that the alleged boodlers have
friends on the grand jury, and color is
lent to the rumor by the sudden post
ponement of the hearing until tomorrow.
I mprovemeitt. of the Coliinililn.
Washington, Mar. IS. In the senate
the following hills wern made Bpecial
orders for next week : Making an appro
priation for the improvement of the
Columbia river, for I he eonstiuclioii of a
boat railway at. The Dalles and Celilo
I Falls and Ten-Mile rapids in the Colum
bia river, and tho improvement ot 1 hree
Mile rapids.
WIII Work five lliiynH Week.
Loniion, Mar. 19. Delegates io the
conference of the miners' federation de
cided today that nfter the men resumed
work on Monday they should work only
five days a week.
HiUlillnir Railway ami fr'ortllloallmiH.
Warsaw, Mar. 18. Extensive works,
such as the construction ol roads, rail
ways and fortifications have been com
menced in Russian Poland. A hundred
and fifty thousand Poles are employed.
The works will bo completed in two
An Execution In Swllnrlaliit.
Bliini:, Mar. IS The first execution
in Switzerland since l.HliS, took place
today at Lucerne. The culprit was an
Italian named Gatti, who nun bred
Mile. Cegeu, a teacher. He was exe
cuted by the guillotine.
All (Inlet In Taney Comity.
Si'iiiNOKiiti.n, Mo., Mar. IS. The
latest news in Taney county is thul
everything is quiet. Sensational reports
in regard to a battle between Taney
count officers and murderers are without
a semblance of truth.
Tlie Intnrmutloll In Herrel.
Ottawa, (Int., Mar. 19. In the house
of commons Prior questioned the govern
ment concerning negotiat ions between the
Dominion and Great Britain in regard to
fortiticulions at Esquimalt, B. 0. Hon.
McKonzie Bowell said the matter was
under consideration by the government.
Any information received from the im
perial government was sacred at present.
IllMCOvereil .1 UMt In Time.
Lition, France, Mar. IS.- This morn
ing a dynamite cartridge was discovered
at the door of the residence of the presi
dent of the court w ho sentenced tbe three
anarchists recently for stealing dynamite.
Fortunately it was found before au ex
plosion occurred.
A New Munilx Vlvi'ioll.
.MoN nii;.u., Mar. 10. Sir I Icorgi IW
ell, one of tho llritish eummiM'-ioiieis on
the I'.ehiing sen arbitration, Kays ar
rangemenls in not vet completed but
will he shortly for a new modus viveudi
for the coming year, pending the liual
settlement of the matter. He iH confident,
the matter will ultimately heH ilisfactorlly
Renegade ApaeheH Captureil.
PliOKNix, Ariz., Mar. 19. A special
from Holhnmk gives news of the death
and capture of a band of renegade
Apaches who have infested the borders
of the White Mountain reservation. The
baud numbered live bucks, six women
and children. Three men were killed,
and the remaining surrendered.
'"" " '""- 'i" V"
i out in safety.
More ltrtturhance r'earetl.
Paiiis, Mar. 19. The government
fears the communists will take advan
tage ol the anarchistic disturbance to
cause trouble on the anniversary of the
fall of the commune, May 27. Special
military and civic precautions will be
taken to prevent it.
.Notice lo llehrlm, Hea I lalinanln. ,
., ,, ,,, ... (.,
OrrAWA.Mar 2 .-The minister of the
marine and fisheries 1 upper has issued a !
notice that all persons having claims for;
compensation, loss or damage by reason
of expulsion from or warning out of:
Behnng sea during the year 1K91 must
lodge them at the office of the collector of
customs at Victoria, It. ('., witliin a .
j Not Muel. ol an lu.urrecl
! .itv ok .iikxii o, .inir. i-i. ueiierai
i I l,..!.. ....nl;,, lil, ,ururu,.,.
J. Howard. WHO 11 mUKIHK a piruBIIIU
IUUI VI .IID.IIK, r nIUK nt I u... u, J
to the Garza insurrection, said it was
such a small affair, such a ...ere ebadow,
it was not perceptahle even to the closest
A Youthful Hank-Kobber.
Kansas City Kan., goes on record with
the most youthful bank-robber ever re
ported. Saturday afternoon a boy named
Headier stepped to the teller's window
of the Wyandotte National bank and
asked the teller if he had any coppers.
Receiving an affirmative reply the boy
pulled out a revolver, and presenting it
at the teller's head, called out in a loud
tone, "hand them oat!" The teller was
claimed ho was playing a joke, and after
getting a sound lecture he was allowed to
IfO home.
Alloweil to Keep the 1'lanter.
A man arrived at New York from Eu
rope Saturday with a new idea in smug
gling that should have made him rich.
He waa Edward 1 1 n rot. a asfienger on
th steamship Saale, and he was relieved
of sundry bits of jewelry by the custowi
h nine insectorB. Harot bad his pockets
stalled with watch chains and 'he in
spectors decided upon a personal iospeo
tion. Four corners of a porous pi ster
were plastered to his back, undent alb
his undershirt , and in the bulge v ere
two Paris pearl earrings, one diamond
bracelet, one pair diamond earrings : nd
an amber harpin set with pearls. He
wivb allowed t j keep tho plaster.
K'astern Oreiton Mine.
A. W. Tabor says that in I lie 1200-foot
tunnel constructed during the time the
Monumental mine was under the control
of the English company a ledge was
cross-cut anil recently Mr. Miller has run
both ways on it and it has developed in
to a ten inch vein of exceedingly high
gradeore and it is thought to be astringer
to the main ledge
N. C. Haskell, we learn, is still drifting
on bis Elk creek placer property, save
the Long Creek Eagle. He has a num
ber of hands in his employ and is realiz
ing well from his labor. They arp at
present working ground that was im
possible to handle with tiieir hydraulic.
A lllooilthlmty Fori mauler.
Two years ago A. B. Gillespie, the
postmaster at Rock Creek, Wyoming,
almost murdered a man w ho criticised
his service. Saturday C. B. Griffin, a
waterworks employe, complained because
Gillepsie refused to hand out his family
mail to him. Griffin was o'dered out of
the place, but before lie reached the door
his head was smashed in by the post
master with an iron bludgeon. Gillespie
is in jail, and two surgeons are working
over bis victim.
Will rroneeul the lllicull Trust.
CuicAOo, Mar. 21. A Washington
special says that acting upon the report
of the United States district attorney at
Chicago, the attorney general has de
cided to prosecute the biscuit trust an
contrary to law.
A governor llepoeeil.
Rio dk Jankiuo, Mar. 19. Aa a re
sult of a battle in which the revolution
ists were successful, Clarindo de
Juuerroz, governor of Ceara, has been
deposed. A number were killed on holb
sides. The number of lives lost is es
timated at 35.
A Larue .luilgmelit.
Ohicaiio, Mar. 19. The asMgnees of
Michael Schweisthal, insolvent banker,
entered a confession against the Atkinson
Steel and Spring Company for $520,000.
The officers claim that the action is un
justifiable, as the company is solvent.
Shnrt In inn AucounU.
Louisvti.i.E, Ky., Mar. 19. Christian
S. Sievers, of Sievers & Carson Hard
ware Company, is $25,1X10 short in hia
accounts. The company, with assets of
$200,0(10, has gone into liquidation.
Two Young I.uille I'l.lHolieil.
KA8iiviM.it, Tenn., Mar. 18. Poison in
the food at supper last night resulted in
the death of two young daughters of Mrs.
R. Melrose, this morning. Other mem
bers of tho family lire in a critical con
dition. A I'rnioiiaii Cabinet CrlilH.
Biiiu.iN, Mar. IS. Rumers are current
here to-day that there is a partial crisis
in the Prussian cabinet over the primary
education bill. It is known that the bill
was discussed ill the cabinet.
Four rerHoim Burned tu;ieuth.
London, Mar. IS. A butcher shop
owned by a man named Weston was
burned this morning. His wile and two
children and a servant in apartments
above were burned to death.
Oeneral TaftH HileeeHHor.
Wasiiiniiton, Mar. IS. The president
today sent to the senate the nomination
of Charles H. . Aldrich, of Illinois, to be
solicilory general , vice William II. Taft,
A Dillon Kavoreil.
Sr. Joiimh, N. I!., Mar. IS. A resolu
tion hm passed the New Brunswick
legislature favoring a union of New
Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince
IMwiud's Island.
The MurketN.
San Fiiani'Isco, Mar. 21 Wheat,
ers for the season $1.1)3;-,;.
Ciiii Aiio, Mai . 21 .
$H'.V; MayS3;V
-Wheat cnuv ; cash
That' Very Htranue.
Wasiiiniiton, Mar. IS. In the bouse
today the elections committee decided to
seat Noyes, the republican contestant
from New York, and unseat Rockwell,
I'oltlerlea Cloned lluwu.'
Maiionv Cirv, Pa., Mar. IS. All the
collieries in this district shut down today
until further notice. How long the sus
pension will last is not known.
A Ituinor Not Continued.
Ruu.iN, Mar. IS. The Kreuz Zeitung
publishes a report that Chancellor Cap
rivi has resigned. It has received no
confirmation however.
a Thirteen Workmen Killed.
St . I'ktkkhiii no, Mar. IS. By the col
lapse of a house under construction today
thirteen workmen were killed by tbe fall
ing walls.
The rrenlilent AwaltA a Iteply.
Wasiiinoton, Mar. IS Noieply to the
president's note of the eighth in regard
to the modus viveudi is yet received frnm
A Hare Declared Oil,
i. ti:..i. M.... u
" ';. ". ''" '"-'
great $20,000 stadion race between Ax lei
, , k , , t, August
. , ff
a iiank iimuiai suicidt .
iAlllK) Mar, 19. The Banque den
( heuiins de For, has failed foi 25,000,000
frar)eii and Director Dugaiirean has
The Omillle l Man Ulen.
Four Jl n KUNOS, L. I., Mar. 19.-
ward Ktuiunni, the Ossified man,
, In, ni Imm u oriniiM.
' " '
h..i,thih for w..i.intu.
. Aiiiisia, Ga., Mar. l9.-Senator Hill
leu Augusta tins aiternoon n,r vtaaning-