Heppner gazette. (Heppner, Morrow County, Or.) 1892-1912, March 22, 1892, Image 3

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Here and There.
f horn Ion's.
"The People,"
They must be respected.
T. W. Ayers, Jr., for drugs.
68 i
Lod Mitrkhani called yesterday.
Joe Vay speut Sunday iu Heppner.
0. B. Cute was in Monday from Lena.
Wheat Flakes at P. 0. Thompson Com
pany's. 71-73
O. H. Dougherty was in Monday from
Minor Bros, keep Spray Bros.' hams,
bocon and lard. 60-tf.
Hon. W. B. Ellis got in from below
Saturday nigbt.
0. A. Rbea reports lambing in progress
among bis tiocks.
We acknowledge a call from Frank
Snow Wednesday.
Flor de Madrid and Gen. Arthur
cigars lit Tboi utou's. 68-75
Mastiff and Sterling plug cut smoking
tobacco at Thornton's. 68-75
Spray Bros, pay the top price for all
kinds of bides and furs. 68 tf
Daily stage both ways between Monu
ment and Long Creek. tf.
Mrs. J. J. Roberts is prepared to do
all kiods of plain sewing. 65-tt
Nicest bams, breakfast bacon and
fresh lard at Spray Bro. 90. tf.
When iu Arlington, stop at the Ben
nett bouseiiear the depot. 61-tf
Full report of Lexington's stallion
show will appear next issue.
John W. Doak is just convalescing
from an attack of pneumonia.
Jas. Peters, the D. P. road-master, was
in Heppner Tuesday of last week.
Andrew Reaney, of Lexington, says
there are good prospects for crops.
Towns. Mathews reports grass luxuri
ent out in the Alpine neighborhood.
H. M. Thornton reports lambing in
progress at bis possessions, near lone.
Wall paper, notions, patent medicines,
drugs, chemicals, etc , go to Ayers. 88sw
You can send for Bny newspaper pub
Mention or magazine at Thornton's. 68 76
Mr. E. S. Saling, of Sand Hollow, has
planted an orchaid of 200 trees this
Mi s Inez and Emil Voruz expect the
arrival of their sibter from Kansas this
Carload screened Cumberland black
smith coal at P. 0. Thompson Com
pany's. 71-73
Hon. W. F. Matlock spent Wednesday
of last week iu Heppner, on his way to
Joe - Williams is reported better,
though be is still in the Good Suraaritan
Jobn Kenny and P. C. Thompson re
port some snow in the edge of the timber
Don't let your beef hides spoil on the
fence. Spray Bros, will pay you the
oaeb for them. C8 tf
E. S. Frieliind has returned to Hepp
ner to aocept a position with Brown &
Miss Maceis Rea came up Shturdav
from a visit to Mr. and Mrs. O'Brien, of
Roy McAlister, J. T. Yaunt and Dr.
Palmer were up from Lexington Wednes
day of last week.
Imported Iron Clad Granit, the best
cooking utensils made, at P. C. Thomp
son Company's. 71-73
W. B. Johnson, representing Riggon &
Holbrook, the real estate men of Port
land, is in the city.
Dr. J. P. Grant, representing his 0.
W. R. remedies, arrived lant eve for a
tour of the interior.
M E. Smith and T. J. Carle came up
Saturday eve to atlend Heppner Lodge,
No. 69. A. F. & A. M.
Hap tiimons & Son still shoe boraes
and do general blacksmithing at the old
stand, Matiock corner. 55.
"The Parlor," W. F. Ruark, prop., in
the City hotel, west side of Main street.
Neatest place in Heppner. sw
Mr. Jas. Rnyse, of Idea, reports crop
ping about over in that vicinity and
that range is getting first class.
Friday's edition will be six pages, two
pages being devoted entirely to tele
graphic Bnd foreign news matter.
Mike Fitzgerald is still looking after
Allen Evans' sheep in the ueiiihborhood
of Ella, where tbey are doing well.
Call on Lisbe Sperry, down at the
Belvedere, when in town. Keeps on
hand a fine Btock of liquors and cigars.
F. M. Pickard has taken his old pluoe
in Gilliam & Bisbee's tiuahop. Mr.
Pickaid is a oompetent workman in
every respect.
Remember that we are yet charging but
$2 a year for ten pages of reading matter
weekly. All the latest looal and tele
graphic! news.
We have some fine samples of Angora
goat hair for inspection of the public It
is called "mohair" and is the chief pro
duct of Turkey.
We are under obligations to the pop
ular school teaoher, Mr. J. F. Davis, for
copies of the Woodburn Independent and
Silverton Appeal.
Frank Elder ard Harry Warren re
tnrned Saturday from Portland, the lat
ter accepting a position as bookkeeper
with Minor Bros.
Dr. Vanghan, Mrs. A. M Sloouni sod
Miss Stella Webb were passengers on
Saturday's up train. The doctor is al
most himself again.
The calico ball Thursday evening was
not na oreat a success as former ocoasions
of the kind, thoogh all present had a
very pleasent time.
The primaries Saturday . were con
ducted without the least jar or conten
tion, and tne convention Saturday prom
ises to be fully as peaceful.
Mi Mizo-ie Hartley oame up Satur-
1v fmm east of Lexineton, where sbe
had been visiting her Bisters,
ErneBt and Cbaa. BeneHel.
Newer and neater quarters at the
Palace Hotel's north business room.
Charley Jones, the baher, wants to Bee
bis old friends there, cams iu uouueu
tion. L. H. McMahon, editor of the Wood
burn Independent, had a Bhootingscrape
with bis oousin at Portland last Thurs
day, in which the latter was shot in tbe
bead, but not seriously.
Tbe Niles-Vinson Marble Works, of
Walla Walla, made a shipment of nion
omenta to Dayton this week whiob was
the largest ever reoeived there in a single
shipmeut. Dayton Inlander. FrarroiB A. Jackson, P.iley Bickmore
Our Lexington edition will onntainjand John C. McAlister arrived from
Urge ads. of prominent business men of Maine Saturday Mr. - MoAlusler is a
Morrow county, and particularly of Lex-' oousiu ol Ld. Day. We are apprised
ington. Tbey realize that this is tbe that tbey wiil all locate here,
golden opportunity to got before the 0jPd At Monmouth. Thursday last,
people. I of pneum'iuia, John Jord m, Jr., aged 20
Recently tbe Gazette was asked to ! years. He was the son of John Jordan
publish the platform of the , eople's ! who formerly kept the Jordan house at
' i... ..,k-. f n. ,ii,ia reunion! Arlinaton. but who of late baa resided 10
in this county and since then have re-
wived a s.mi lar P. t from Umatilla
Snnty wT publish both letter and
platform in the Allianoe Column.
I' he Oregon City State Convention
Selects a Full Ticket.
Every tiling Passed Off Harnioniously-E. P.
Sil'.e Nominated for Prosecuting Attorney
fcovenih Judicial ilistViet.
The People's Party met in state con
vention at Oregon City last week with a
splendid representation from all sections.
The nominations are: For congress,
second district, John C. Luce, of John
Day; for supreme judge, Mr. D. Wright;
distriot judges, first district, Ira Wake
field, of Jackson; G. K. Edmunds, second
distriot; J. F. Hendrix, third distriot;
fourth district, 1). Priestly for civil
judge and M. F. Currin criminal judge;
tilth district, J. 0. Arcbbold; sixth dis
trict, Wm. Guun; seventh district, J. F.
GALVANI commended.
Nominations for distriot attorneys were
made us follows: hirst district. W. G.
Edwards; second district, 8. M. Stal
uuker; third distriot, E. H. Denton;
fourth district, D. W. Butler; fiith dis
trict, W. H. Walker; sixth district, Ger
ald Griffith; seventh diBtriot, E. P. Sine,
of Lexington. M. V. Roork introduced
the following resolution at this point,
and it was unanimously adopted:
Hesolved, That this convention ex
presses its hearty appreciation of tbe
efhoient labor of Chairman Galvani, J.
F. Bendrix and N. Pierce, in organizing
the people's party of Oregon, and in se
curing tbe splendid suooess of the con
vention. We would especially commend
Mr. Galvani as a most earnest, success
ful and self sacrificing reformer.
J. O. Arohbold, of Hillsboro, tele
graphed bis deolination as judge of the
tilth district and H, B. Luce was sub
stituted. An appeal was made in behalf
of the Reform Joirual and the bat passed
for donations. The following persons
were chosen presidential electors: N.
Pierce, W. H. Galvani, VV. G. Burleigh
and S. H. Holt. Delegates o tbe na
tional convention were elected as fol
lows : J. Green, Mrs. S. H. Keenan, W.
Hoffman, Joseph Waldrop, W. A. Sam
pie, Juhu Bryant, Carl flipper and J. W.
Marksburg The following are the nom
inees for the board of equalization, by
districts: First, S. H. Hoit; seoond, F.
M, Nuswauder; third, Charles Miller;
fourth, W. H. IWbrook; fifth, E. C.
Hamilton; sixth, 0. D. Hotlmau; sev
enth, Clark H. Allen.
The convention decided not to nomi
nate an attorney general until 1894. The
convention claims Coos, Jackson aud
Josephine counties as sure for the peo
ple's ticket, with possibly Lane and Liuu.
vl. V. Uoork informed the oorrespondeut
that he should have to renigii as the
nominee for congress foi the first dis
trict. This will probably result in plac
ing H. H. Holt "u the ticket.
In Friday's issue we will give the plan
of organizxtion, etc., of the people's
party of Oregon.
PIUD In Heppner, Saturday, Hull iliBt, at 8:10
a. in.. Ida Bell, wife of kev. K. L. Smith. Das-
tor of the Methodist Episcopal church, of this
She was the daughter of S. A. and
Azubah White, and was born in Bach-
town, III, July 2, 1870; was married tu
Kev. K. L. Smith Sept. 12, 1889. She
came to Heppner with her husband
about six montus ago, anu lor several
months past has not been in very good
health, but none of her mauy friends
thought her illness would prove fatal,
aud the sad news was quite a shock to
them. Though living here so short a
time, Mrs. Smith made mauy friends by
her kind, gentle manners, and mauj
tears of sympathy were shed by sorrow
ing ones, bhe was a true Uhnstian.
trusting fully in her Savior, aud died
with a smile on her faoe, iu token of per.
lect peaoe. A short funeral service was
held at tbe church at 11 a. m., Sunday,
coud opted by liev. P. M. Bell, paster 01
the M. E. churoh, South.
Two small children are left with the
husband to mourn this loss. The re
mains were taken to the former home ol
the deceased for interment Mr. Smith
is followed iu his sad journey by the
sympathies of the people of Heppner,
among whom he labored Eaitlif ully. a.
Ben French got over from Alba Fri
J. N. Brown got in today from Canyon
H. Hirschberg, of Independence, is in
the city.
Eggs wanted at P. C. Thompson Com
pany s. II-10
Jobn Day's Chinatown was more than
half destroyed by fire recently.
Call and settle your aocount at P. C.
Thompsons Company's. 71-73
Some snow fell in Black Horse, near
Wm. Barton's place last Friday.
Just received at T. W. Ayers' Jr., a
well selected stook of wall paper. 73a w
R. C. Wills and family spent Friday in
Heppner, returning to lone Saturday.
E. W. and C. Beneflel oalled Monday
while np from their possessions near
Wanted 10,000 sheep pelts at Spray
Bros.' meat market, 68 tf
One of Mrs. Basey's little boys cut
bis bund severely with a piece of glass
last week.
We are up with the times at P. C.
Thompson Company's. 71-73
Prepared Mince Meat at cost at P. C.
Thompson Company's. 71-73
- Mrs. M.B.Potter is visiting her chil
dren here, Mesdames Homer and Frank
E. O. : Thos. Scott, postmaster of Al
pine, Morrow county, has been acquitted
of all charges.
Hon. T. J. Matlock went below Satur
day to visit his son, Jas., who is improv
ing rapidly at the Good Samaritan hos
pital. J. C. Armstrong, of Alpine, has pur
ceased a half interest iu tbe furniture
aud agricultural business of N. A. Leach,
of Lexington.
Miss Lydda Padberg is seriously sick
of diphtheria at Monmuutb, her father,
Henry Padberg, being called there in
G. E. Yerger, of the American Histori
cal Pub. Co, was in town over night.
Mr. Yttger is a Southerner and, of
court e, a royal good fellow.
Hon. John C. Luce and daughter were
in Heppner over Sunday. Mr. Luce has
the honor of beinu the alliance candi-
i date for congress in the seoond district.
i Monmouth. Tbe deceased was ettend -
, ing school at Monmouth at the time he
. taken ill. Tha .nterment occarred
I Snnday it tb. Lexington cemetery.
Babies' Dat. On Thursday of eaeh
week will be "babies' day" at Danner'a
gallery. Bring along your babies Bnd
i have their pictures taken, and you. will
I get one rhoto free of charge. 58tf
Plain Sewinu. The LadieB' Guild
are prepared to do plain sewing at the
house as a body, or the members will
take the same to their hoove. Apply to
President Mrs. W.J. Leezer. C8-tf.
Pranks or the Oregon House Ed
Day was thrown front a,"bucking cayuso"
last Saturday, falling on rocks, and was
j tired considerably. Also reports that
bis team ran away Sunday with his hired
man, demolishing the wagon.
Eight Mile Primary. Tbe following
are tbe republican delegates from Eight
Mile: Peter Brenner, j. S. Younv, A H.
Hooker and Ed. Rood. J. L. Bcymer
was chairman of the meeting, and we
learn that it was quite a harmonious
The New School House. At the
school meeting today it was decided that
the directors be authorized to coutract
an indebtedness not toexoeed the sura of
$8,000 for fie purpose of building eohool
bouse and purchasing grounds upon
which to locate same, the echoed bouse,
grounds and furniture to cost not to ex
ceed $12,000.
Caught at Last. Sheriff Noble started
Monday for Grants Pass, where the
authorities are holding Wes. Key, who,
while under indictment for horse steal
ing, jumped his bondsmen. Wes is a
slippery duck, and will hardly get bail
aenin when returned to Morrow oounty's
jail. Later. Mr. Noble arrived last
evening with his man.
Lexington's Primary. Lexington's
republicans met last Saturday shortly
after 1 :30 at the school bouse to hold
their primaries. J. S. Boothby was
ohosen chairman of the meeting. After
short but pointed speeobes by those
present, tbe following were chosen del
egates: C. N. Peck, John Carmiohael, J.
S. Boothby and E. D. Palmer. The gath
ering was quite harmonious in every
Other Prei'incts Heard From. lone
seleots tbe following as delegates to tbe
convention next Saturday: Paul Reit
man, H. -M. Thornton nnd A. W. lial
lifer. Leua A. J. Cook and Jerry Bros.
oan. Drv Fork N. R. MoVey and
Frank Holmes. Alpine A. G. Barthol
omew and A. Andrews. Dairy Jas.
Koyse, Ed, Cox, Geo. Robinson, Jas.
Wyland and W. E. Kahler. Ella-lBa
Brown and G. W. Lord.
Skriously Injured. Dr. Gageu was
called out to Butter creek last nigbt to
attend Geo. Beard, brotber-in-law of
Geo Vincent, who was seriously injured
in a runaway last evening, caused by the
"king bolt" dropping out of tbe wagon
bolster, allowing tbe vehicle to uncouple.
scaring the horses and oausing them to
run. Dr. Gagen found that be hail bus
tained a fracture of the upper jBW. be
sides severe outs on his lower lip and
ear He was senseless for some time,
and in all had a narrow esoape.
Fink Timrer. Perhaps, the best tim.
ber growing in the Blue mountains can
be found ou Rock creek, in the vioinity
of Will Mallnry'a saw-mill. This class
of timber Mr. Mallory is using in making
lumber which he delivering in Hepp
nei all tbe way from $15 to 830 per
thousand feet, depending on tbe quality,
and whether desired rough or dressed.
The same oan be bought at the mill at
prioes ranging from $8 to 825 per thous
and. He has a general assortment on
band at present, and is sure to sntisfy
customers. 427-tf.
Primaries in Heitner. H ppner
precinct republicans met at the court
house last Saturday afternoon, eleoting
A. W. Patterson chairman of tbe meet
ing and Geo. Thornton secretary. S. P.
Garngues, Geo Conser, T. It. Howard,
V. W. Ayers, Jr., and Frank Gilliam
were seleoted as delegutea. The meet
ing in Mount Vernon precinct was held
at tbe engine house, with A. M. Gtinn
chairman and T. C. Aubrey secretary.
F. J. Hallook, Stephen Lnlande and Dan
Horner were elected delegates with one
vote each and M. Beaman, T. E Fell, W.
P. Dutton and M. Liohtenthal eaoh a
half vote. The meeting in Gentry was
held at tbe opera house, with 8. N. Mor
gan as obairmau and W. B. Potter sec
retary. J. W. Rector, S. N. Morgan,
Johnny Elder, Jay Devins and W, B
Potter were ohosen as delegates. Every:
thing passed off harmoniously.
Cost op Waterworks. By the plans
and specifications sent our council by
Emery Oliver, of Portland, we learn that
tbe actual cost of tbe same, kalameiued
pipe beiug used, will be $18,751. If riv
ited pipe is used for mains, tbe cost will
only be $10,121. The latter syslem is
considered the best, and being much
cheaper, will probably be seleoted. The 1
extimates do not inolude pumping sta
tion or engine, as Mr. Oliver recommends
tbut the pumping be done by either tbe
flouring or pinning mills, if ar
rangements can be made to
that end. It is the intention
of our counoil to have a special session
at an early date, at which the time for
holding lbe special electiou to vote
bonds will he fixed. If the Gazette
knows itself, Heppner will have fire pro
tection of the best before the year is end
ed. Our citizens will remember that as
soon as our charter can be amended, the
town oan have a gravity system, but in
tbe meautime Heppner should protect
berseif against the ravages of fire, even
at considerable expeuse. The reservoir
and all mains of tbe pumping system are
just that much completed on the propos
ed gravity system.
Wheat, bu 0 68
Flour.bbl 5 00
Beeves, cows & two-year-olds, owt. 2 00
" " three ' 2 50
Sheep, muttons, head 8 (Xi
" stock 2 GO
Hogs, ou foot, cwt U 50 (g 5 0O
Hogs, dressed ti 00
Horses, slow sale.
Butter, roll 60
Eggs, doz 120
ChickenB. doz 2 00 (a I 70
Wheat, cwt (51 66 1 08
Flour, bbl 8 00 5 25
Beeves, stall fed 7 00
Muttons, owt 10 00 (all 00
Hogs, cwt.
3 U) la, 5 25
Butter, lb
Eggs, doz
Chickens, doz.
Torkeys, lb...
12 M t)
17 U 1'J
5 50 64 10 Of!
15 (it 18
Wheat, cwt 1 55 ft 1 60
Flour, bbl 4 80 ft 00
Beeves, ot 2 50
" dressed 6 00
Muttons, live sheared .. 4 50
" dressed 8 00
Hogs, on foot 5 50
" dressed 7 25
Butter 25
Egjf, doz 15
Chickens, doz 4 50
Turkeys, lb 12
4 00
(It 7 00
4 75
it, 9 00
Hi 5 75
U 35
til 20
(it 5 00
, - . .
; Al lance organizations are springing
; op all over Grant county. Tbe latest .a
, at Mount Vernon.
pring Opening!
Ladies to my Spring Opening, Thursday.
Fridan and Saturday. March C2A. 25 and 2 0
Mu Stock of millinery and
ana will, noc jau in piciisc.
Thompson Building, Main St., Heppner, Oregon.
For Animals Exported from the United Kingdom.
The Shire Horse Society,
Ettabliehed to promote the old Engltnh limit 0 Cart Horse.
11 Chandbs Street, Cavendish Square, London, W.
Name of Animal, Sandy-o'er-the-Lea, 8161, Vol. X; Sex,
Stallion; Colour, Chestnut; Foaled May, 1885; Bred by Thos.
Dewhurst, Whittingham, Preston; Sold to John MoHattie,
Aberdeen, Sootlaud; Sold to W. B. Cuninghame; Sold to T. E.
Fell Bnd Nelson Jones, present owners. Got by Boyal Sandy,
3993; Dam by Sir Colin, 2022; Graud-dam by Ploughboy.1745.
J hekeby declare that the above-named animal was bred -by
Thos. Dewhurst, and that the foregoing particulars are, to
the best of my knowledge and belief, true as stated.
Dated Feb. 7, lb89. JAM lis r'OKSH AW.
Seller of the above-named animal.
1 11 kreby certirv that the foregoing pedigree has been ex
amined by the Kditing Committee of the Shire Horse Society,
huB been passed bv them as eoi-pcct.
Certified by older of tliu Editing Committee this nth day of
Feb, matt. I. SLINliHYME,
Secretary of the Shire Horse Society of Great Britain and Ireland.
This Slallioii May k Seen at Sargent k Driskell's Sliilile, Heppner, Or.
Lkxinoton does not appear on any of
the railroad maps, which is an injnstioe
to our county, us well nr. the town of
Some of our frieuds bib considering
Lon Markham for the ollioe of assessor,
aud if nominated by the democratic par
ty we believe he would accept it.
Arlington has voted bonds to the
amount of 810,000 forlbe purpose of put
tiug in electrio lights. Arlington is
rustling, aud wants to help bor neigh
bors as well as berself.
Should a private company decide to
put in an electrio light plunt here, they
will find it to be a paying investment.
Tbe only obstacle that might appear is
thnt of poor lights, which can be obviated
bv knowing what tbe company are buy
ing when they have secured franchisee
aud contracts. In eleotrio lights, like
everything else, the matter of quality
must be taken into consideration. In
fact, before purchasing at all, neighbor
ing towns should be visited where the
workings of varii us kinds of plautH can
bo seen. In Portland tbe "West Side"
uses tbe Thompson-Houston arc liuhts,
bile tLe "East Side" has the Edison
lights. Iu Pendleton the Thompson
Houston arc and Edison inoandeseent
are used, it iB a well-known fact that
the arc lights of Pendleton are miserable
things, as is the case in it est Portland.
Where such is the case, no plant in the
woild oan pay much, so buy the best and
there will be no trouble.
Ktcently the following Notice appeared In tht
OUR rranvitivu infumno.
judge s had been sick only about two
weeks, and 11 was 1101 iniiii lye
four days that the niaiany toon a. serious nun.
At the beginning of his illness he suffered from
diabetes ami stomach disorder. I.nter the
kidney refused to perform t heir functions and
he passed quietly away. Thus ended the life
of one of the most prominent men 111 Cali
fornia " Like thousands of others his un
timely death was the result of neglecting early
symptoms of kidney disease.
are troubled with diabetes, gravel, or any de
rangement of the kidnevs or urinary organs,
don't delay proper treatment until you are
forced to Kive UP your daily duties ; don't
Mir mnnev on worthless liniments
and worse plasters, but strike at the seat of
the disease at once by using the greatest of all
known remedies, the celebrated Oregon Kid
ney Tea It has saved the lives of thousands.
Why should it not cure you ? Try it. Purely
Inlik, 1 San nark.
vegetauic bhu mu-. ,
ftge, D lor
March 21, 1HM
BackuB Albort
Cox Dr 3
Dlppel Aug 2
Emerson Mr II A
Johnson II B
McMillan Miss l.lncy
Miner 'Iliad Ksij
Parker Geo W
Houlev Dr M M
Cork MrsTheo
Davidson J
(iottwald John
Ken Alexander II
Moor T A
Mitchell James
King w A
Wilson Jerome M
A. M,vl.l,oltv, I', it.
1 tv of Morrow, State of Oregon
The American Morttraee
Company, of Scotland,
(Limited.) i'lalntiir,
V s.
Wm. L. Donaldson and
Marv C. Donaldson.
Charles H. Hudson
aud W. L. Donaldson,
ToWm. I.. Donaldson. Mary 0. Donaldson,
Charles H. Hudson and W. L. Donaldson, de
You arc hereby required to appear and answer
the complaint tiled against you in the above en
titled cause on or before the first day of the next
regular term of said court, to wlt: on or before
Unn.lnv (he 1h HllV of MllTl-il . 18112. and if VOI1
fail so to answer, for'want thereof the plaintiff
will take Judgment against uiesaio m. o. won
aldson and Mary C. Donaldson for the sum of
foil. 00, U. S. gold coin, w ith interest thereon at
the rate of 8 per cent, tier annum from Jan. 20th.
until mild: and the sum of l(m attorney s
fees, and for Its costs and disbursements of this
cause. And against all of the above named de
fendants for the foreclosure of a certain mortg
executed by the said Win. L. Donaldson and
Mary C. Donaldson, in favor of plaintiff, bearing
date, Aug. 30, 187, and recorded in book C, page
i)7 ft nnml. record of mortgages for Morrow coun
ty. Oregon, convovlng the .-K'i of section 12, in
township one, north, of raiiBe 24 east, W. M.;
and for such further relief as is demanded in
plaintiffs complaint.
And defendant! are further notified that this
summons in served by publication by order of
W. I Bradhaw, Judge of said circuit court,
dated at The Dalles, Oregon, this iNtli day of
Jan'y, Wti. N; H",''N.,
t;5 7fj Attorney for I'lalutllf.
Land Office at The Dalles. Or. March lfi, "2.
Notice is hereto- given that thefoowl(i(.'-nain-ed
settler has filial nothe of his Intention to
make Hnal proof In supportof her claim, and
that said proof M ill he made before F. H. Know,
Coin CM. Circuit Court, at Lexington, Oregon,
1 on April :), iwti. viz:
1 Hd 43'4. for the Stt l-w: 'IplH, Kffl EWM
1 She names the following witliessesto prove her
i continuous residence upon, and cultivation of,
I aald land, viz:
David A. 1'orter. William C. Metier. James
Leach and Joiiah H. Boothby, all of Uxlngton,
Oregon. Johh W. Is.wts,
i ::i;i Ueitr.
other lines are ivell selected,
jjua v juio iu tun,
72-74 ;w.
Land Ollicc at La Grande. Or., March 7, 18!ri.
Notice Is hereby given that the following
named settlor lias tiled notice of his intention
to make tlnal proof iu support of ills claim, aud
that said proof wiil be made before W. K.
Kills, Com. U. H, Circuit Court, at Heppner, Or.,
on Way 2, 1WIS, viz.:
fid. No. 3S01, for the NW'ij Sec :M, Tp 1 S, It 2?
E W M. Charles Nelson take notice.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon, aud uultivu tion of
said land, viz:
H. N. Morgan, Austin Gentry, Joseph Rector
nnd William JJoonan, all of Heppner, Or.
470-10 A. Clkavkb. Kegistks.
Land Office at The Dalles, Or., Keb. 23, 18'J'i.
Notice is hereby given that the following-num-ed
settler has Hied notice of his intention to
make Dual proof in support of his claim, and
ttiat said proof will be made before, the County
Clerk of Morrow county, Or., at Heppner, Or.,
ou Aprils, WJ'J, viz:
lid. No. 4279, lor the SEW Sec 25, Tp 3 S, It 21 E
W M.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon, and cultivation ot,
said land, viz:
Cvrus FiKtia, J. H. Allen, Ed Ashbaugh and
E. I!. Stanton, all of Eight Mile. Or.
tlii-7ti John W. Lkwih, Register.
Land Office at The Dalles, Or., Keb. 2S, Wt2.
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notice of his intention to
make (tnal proof iu supportof hlsclaiin.and thht
said proof will tie made before the County
Clerk of Morrow County. Oregon, at Heppner,
Orcgun, on April 9, IK.!-', viz:
Hd. No. 201-1, for the BE(4 Sec 1, Tp 2 S, K 24 E,
W. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove hts
contliimHis residence upon aud cultivation of,
said laud, viz:
Samuel N. Warfleld, Wm. Haguewood, Wesley
.McNabb, Thomas Merrill, all of Eight Mile, Or.
4(17-178. John W. Lewis, Register.
Land Oflice at La Grande, Or., Oct. 2, Will.
Notice is hereby given that the followiii
named settler has filed notice of his intention to
make final proof in suppurt of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before the Couitty
Clcrk of Morrow County, Or., ut Heppner, or.,
ou March 2li, WK. viz:
lid No. Sll'l, for the EV-J NE'i Roc 11, HE1 HEM
Sec 2, and SW'j NWJtj Sec 12, Tp 3 B K.29 E VV M.
lie names the following witnesses to prove ills
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
suid land, viz:
A. J. Cook, W. 11. Clark, elms. Cute and Giles
Dauglierty, all of lieua, Oregon.
A. Clkavkb,
4li.ri-74. Register.
Land Office at IjlOrande, Or, Feb. 12, 1802.
Notice Ib hereby given that the following-named
settler lias tiled notice of ills intention to
make tlnal proof iu supportof his claim, and
that said proof will be made before County
Clerk of Morrow Co.. Oregon, at Heppner Ore
gon, on March 28, 18'.r2, viz:
I). S. No. 10173, for the VVV4 HWti and aWJ-i N
W'A sec 21, Tp 1 S It 27 E W M.
lie names the following witnesses to prove bis
continuous residence upon and cultivation of,
said laud, viz:
Thomus Crow, Fran Phipps and Homer Reese,
of lA'iia. Or., and Victor Groshans, of Heppner,
Or. A. CLBAVKlt,
05-74 Register.
Ijmd Office at The Dalles, Or., March 11, 1892.
Notice is hercbv given that the following.
named settler lias Hied notice of ills intention to
mnke Una) proof In support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before County
Clerk of Morrow County, or,, at Heppner, ur.
on April 2J, 18;r2, viz:
Hd. No. 2.07S. for the N', NE! and NK NW'4
Sec I I, Tp 2, N R 2ii E W M.
He names the following witnesses to provo
his continuous residence upon, and cultivation
of, said laud, viz:
Joseph M. Green, A. G. Bartholomew, Wm. B.
Fliiley, A. J. Iickard, all of Alpine, Or.
John W. Lkwis,
472-82 Register.
Land Ofllce at Tile Dulles. Or., Man-h 12, 1M2.
Notire is hi-reliy given thut tile followliig-nfon-eil
settler has Itled notiee 11 his intention to
make total proof in supportof his elaim,anri
that said proof will be made, before, the County
Clerk of .Morrow County, (Jr., at Heppner, Or.,
011 April, 'a, IW2, viz:
Hd. No for the NK!4 Bee :U, Tp 3 S, It 21
E W M.
He names the foilowinlf witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon, and cultivation of
laid land, viz:
John H. IiiKrHtiam, Juke fl. Young. Kilward
Rood, of Eight Mile, Or.; Joe HMyes, of Heppner,
Or. John W. Ekwih,
472-IW Register.
Land Office at The Dalies, Or., Feb. 57, 112.
Notiee is hereby given that the following-named
settler has iiled notice of his Intention to
make linal proof in support of his claim, and
that said iirool will be made lefrire the. County
clerk of Morrow County, Oregon, at Heppner,
Oregon, 011 April l.'i. l'.ri, viz:
f). H. No. IV for the NK NWU, VI H NE)i.
W"4 bE'4, hec 12, 1 p I H, K a E, W. M.
iJc names ttie following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence, upon, and cultivation ol,
said laud, viz:
Oeorge W. Miller. Charles B.Cochran, Hiram M.
Thornton. James V. Kedford, all of lone, Mor
row Co. Or.
John W. Lewis,
1(;hi78 Iteglster.
OuZMtto ouTboruton a oouutera,
5 ceuls.
Noticb To Sheepmen. A. A. Wren
bus i:ood corral, wwter ftti'J pftHture to ao
ooniDjoilatu tlume tlcairiuK tosbpRralieeu,
at bit place, four milea weat of Heppner.
Wiil let cheap. flO-76 aw
ability of not finding BtandlDR room In
our biff store. You should frequently
visit ub and be among the many BuccesB
fui bargain hunters, sometimes we buy
great drives and they are sold before we
can advertise them,
ability of Rettinpr "stuck" on some infer
ior or back number article if you insist
on trading at some fossilized establish
ment where cobwebs are thick and the
hide of the proprietor thicker. Moral.
Trade at Minor Bros. Modern and Model
General Merchandise Store.
ability of getting left if you don't heed
our words. We speak nought but the
truth. It la not only unfair, but unwise
and unprofitable to deceive.
Yours to please,
Baker :: and :: Confectioner,
Fresh Bread, Pies, Cakes and Confectionery.
Made on Short Notice
Bread 22 Loaves for $1.00.
TTJT? Dl?f.DT 17 '
They must
The People Cigar, Best
in the Market, at
0. S. FARNSW0RT1I, Pm. E. (j. SVERItY, Vice Pra. E. R. BISHOP, Treamrer.
T. E. FELL, Secretary and Manager.
The Morrow County
CAPITAL STOCK, $100,000.00. PAID UP, $20,000.00.
Incorporated 18SS.
General hmim and Forwarding Agents.
Operating Warehouses at ITeiijmer, love and Douglast on the
Heppner Branch of the U. P. H. R.
J. A. ThompHOU,
Kdward Diiv,
O. K. FitriiHWorsh,
NcIhou JoncH
Ed. K. Bishop,
Theron K. rull,
Kd. n. Cox,
J. A, Woolery,
J. E. l'rick,
O. T. Dougbm,
K. (J.
IT IS the purpoHe of the Ktoekholdeni of thlB company to conduct ltn IjiimIuphk In a manner
mutually advantageous to all wool and gruln producers of this wetlon, and to maintain the
favorable home market which It ban cHlubllHlied. During the coming wool mnnoii we nolicit
the biiHlnesH of all wool growem and reuuent them to cml their clip to the "Wool (.rower'
Having enlarged the Heppner Warclioiim, and roofed all platfomiH, we have double the
storage capacity of any other warehouse in Kastern Oregon, well lighted for the display of wool
"The Wool Growers' Warehouse."
Odd Combinations.
Strange Corabirmtioiia to be Found Only at The Combin
ed Grocery and Hardware Store of
Groceries, Hardware, Tinware, Confectionery Wood 4
Willow Ware and Agricultural Implements. Agents
for NEW HOME Sewing Machines and IMPEKIAL
Table Cutlery, Hiienra, Sciaaora, Pocket KDirea, and Razor at
Kemnrkahly Low Prices. Kpooinl induoementa to Cash Ona
tomors. Give ua a trial.
tf. Corner Main and Willow Streets, Heppner Or.
In the Hustle with their Countrymen.
"JFJclg 5ECoiJpa3.or
Candy Factorv,
Five doora North of the I'ulaoe Hotel, lleupuer, Or. -
Fine Imported and Dottiest w Cigars and. Tobaccos
Fresh Frails and of her CI nods Heceived Tkiily.
and at Popuxak Peices.
be llespected.
Land 16 Trust Company
O Xj 13 33 TX. 13 I
1. A. lierrt'Ti,
Wm. Pfiiland,
P. C. Thompson,
Nathaniel Webb,
John L. Ay era,
Jhiiii'I Jonpfl,
A. B. ChaPman.
w. K. I'Jiioit,
N. A. Kelly.
A i mull Wright,