Heppner gazette. (Heppner, Morrow County, Or.) 1892-1912, March 22, 1892, Image 2

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At the roauOTt of friends. I liorpTy announce
mvseh a candidate (or coiniiilwtoiii-r, suhjccl
to'tho decision of tho republican nomination
conveulon. K. l. Cui htkr.
Having been Importuned to run for commis
sioner I have decided to do bo, and hereby an
nounce mvself, subject to the decision of tho
republican nomination convention.
v I). N. Hardman.
At tho earnest solicitation of mBnv frlcnda, I
hereby announce myself as a candidate for rep
resentative, subject to the decision of the repub
lican nominating convention.
J. F. Willib.
At the request of many friends, I announce
myBelf as a candidate for the ollico of Hherift"
Through the solicitation of friends, I hereby
announce myself a candidate for the ottice of
assessor, subject to the decision of the county
democratic convention, Apr. 11,
J. J. Roberts.
I hereby annnounce myself as candidate for
countv Assessor, subject to the decision of the
republican convention.
Wallace V hmead.
T. C. Aubrey respectfully asks the people of
the county for the auperlutendeticy.
Since the inauguration of the present
management of tbe Gazette, no pains
have been spared, no expense too great,
no opportunity neglected to make tbe
Gazette the paper of Morrow county.
As a weekly it bud no peer and never
will have.
The new departure of chiingint! from
a weekly to a semi-weekly, we are told,
reflects credit on the management and it
la thereby able to furnish the publio at
more frequent intervals with all news
itemB, whether local or foreigu, from
three to ten days in advance of ooncerns
that depend upon viviug a "rehash"
from other papers which must necessar
ily be Htala to the commler as it is to his
It takes work; it takeB time; it tukne
money; it takes brains, to conduct a le
gitimate newspaper business. The mn
who waits for others to go through tbe
busy walks of life to gather facts which
will interest the public, and will then
come out three days later with a reprint
of tbe same subject matter, even ttxiugu
be should improve it a little by revising
it to suit his peculiar oluasicul taste, oer
tainly earns the encomium of being the
laziest man known to the business
Mark it, be that follows such a course
will fail, for of all qualities, industry, en
ergy and enterprise must predominate
or the journalist is no journalist. He
must see in advunoe the demands of the
time and place, lie must anticipate the
wants of the publio and be ready to sup
ply them. Ho must not gauge the
amount of good bo will do the public by
his putronuite in the past, but he must
be able to give the public all the news iu
a fresh, clear oonoise niuuuur, regardless
of the results in the debit or credit col
Neither will it do for one who wishes
to accomplish any desired end to wait
until others venture into new fields and
by persistent effort, untiring euergy and
foresight which no measly imitator
could ever dream of having, overcome
all obstacles and plant the banner of
success on the promontory or endeavor.
The publio will readily discern the jus
tice of this plea, for the inventive genius
in a journalistic chuunel has little or no
protection from those bo destitute ol
principle as to live by the sweat of some
other brow.
Ho long as this question remained in
pertain limits, so long as it was only a
question of dimes or dollars filched from
this paper under the plea of pressing
needs of grinding poverty, of babies thai
t b a t must be fed, the issue
received no attention, for no one is more
free to contribute to the poor, even
though they are misguided and oau
trace this misery directly to attempting
that for which they are in no wise tit ted,
but the diHioiilty does not end there.
Tbe inconvenience of waiting for the
weekly issue to copy from tins been re'
moved by the Appearance of the semi
weekly. The new and successful meth
ods of this journal are being counterfeit
ed as nearly as it is possible, ami if this
were the end no word of complaint would
be tiled, and to show the purely unself
ish spirit of this journal, it needs only to
be stated that this is directed at tlie mia-
reprehontations that have been made to
the friends and patrons of the (iuzette
by the "would he's." It has beeu the
purpose of the Uuzette to secure a prop
er representative of this journal among
the farming community and it was a
ource of supreme satisfaction to find,
after many triala, a man suited to the
peouhar work. Thia judgment is not
based upoo tluanoial results, fur many
men could be secured whose efforts
would result more satisfuctoiily if ii
were a mere question of dollars, but it
was not a question of pecuniary gain, for
there are certainly other holds ar more
lucrative, but the great point was to se
" oure a "man of the people," one who
would do his work thoroughly; who
would represent eueb man aud uountrj
fairly and impartially. Thut he is well
suited to the work is evidenced in many
ways entirely Bntisfactory to the miiuagH
meut;bnt one need be staled, the one
which is above all others. He is winiiiug
golden opinions from all sorts of people.
During the period of his effort, w inch
covers something over one brief nii.ntli,
this otlice has received liundrede of tes
timonials ill regnid to his work, of the
most complimentary character. Nothing
could be more gratifying. The work ik
extensive and it requires a wist amoiinl
of time to exHiniuu enoh and every neigh
borhood in order to secure an intelligent
review of the farming interests. Each
nd every locality in this part of the
slate shall receive the utmost attention,
friends aud patrons aud even strangers
will receive proper notice. The only
plea made on that point la for a liltle
time essential to good work. Our enter
prising (f) imitator is oansing to be cir
culated the impression that this work is
being conducted in an indifferent man
ner, anl that Borne of the most impor
lant aud Interesting faruiiug dislnotH
will be entirely neglected. This is ub
olutely false. Nothing has beeu fur
ther from the purpose of the Gazette.
This work will go on and from the great
est uulo the least, each one ahull be
treated fairly.
It is a source of pltasure to know that
(rieuda aud patrons are not giving cred
ence to these statements, lu closing
this aitiale let each one understand once
and for all time that, thorough, oouipe
tent men only are employed iu this work,
that expense is no formidable objection
and that more men will be secured if
necessary. New and uiaiked features
will eoon be added to the Omette, which
lias one prime object iu view, namely,
tbe upbuilding of this country, until it
beoomes the greatest commonwealth iu
tbi 1'acilio Norlhwest. It seetus like a
nmliiplioa iou of words to again reiter
ate the statement, but friends, )ou ran
rest assured that vou will be well re
warded for your patience if you ait for
onr representative, who will not fail to
call on you in tbe near future.
Tekulkton, Or.. Mar. 14, '92.
Ed. Gazkite: Believing from an ac
quaintance, baaed upon intimate busi
ness relations wi'h you, that it is, sad
ever has been your purpose to publish a
journal devoted, not to any particular
class, political party or sectional element,
but to the promotion of the general wel
fare of the whole country, rega'dlessot
politios, religion or occupation, I there
fore appeal to you in behalf of tbe pro
greseive element in the agricultural dis
tricts, satisfied that you will grant ns
spaoe in your valuable paper for the ex
change of such ideas as may be for the
common good of all. Useless w ould it
be for us to go into realm of words and
phrases, wbicb might look well on pnper,
but would, on account of their very
length, if from no other reason, be pass
ed by the busy breud-winuere, whose ex
oessive toil and poor, aching back will
allow him only a fen minutes to read
each evening between supper time and
the hour of retiring.
Experience has taught the thinking
world that combined foroes will aud can
antagonize evils that it would be tbe
uierest folly in the world to face iudivid
ually. In the great experiment of self
government it lias been neoessary from
t'me to time to organize for tbe eradica
tion of existing evils and for tho advance
ment of new and commendable prin
ciples. When the olj-ot, for which any
special or separate move was inaugural,
ed, has been attained, the destiny of that
"means unto an end" is filled, aud we
must, if we would keep step with tbe van
of civilization, lay down our bruised
arms, remove the haoked and disfigured
armor, and arm aud gird ourselves anew,
and go to buttle again with such foes bh
obstruct the channels that lead to a
bettor condition for toiling man. We
would not wish in trying to introduce
new ways aud at the inception of a new
thought plan of political salvation, at
tempt to besmirch the old, and to some,
the dear political organizations that
have served the purpose they wore in
tended for; have been useful iu days past
aud gone; have fulfilled even the most
extravagant prophesy made, but ure to
day practically dead and ought to be
buried with becoming honors. There is
no space in this article for a comparison
of parties, who are all infested with
political tricksters and scheming vam
pires. Ho long as public ollice admita of
enormous salaries, prerequisites, and
the free, unrestricted opportunity to
steal what meager trifle of the public
money that may remain after the treas
ury has beeu filched "lawfully," just so
long will there be myriads of human par
asites ready to crawl from tbe skeleton
of the devoured dead to the fat, round
body of tho living party.
Under the existing state of faots, ynu
will be supposed to note with other
marked changes, the clearly outlined
purpose of the Aliance platform, and in
order to give tho people who read an op
portunity to examine iu full the merits
aud demerits of this organization, please
print it iu full.
Flease fiud it enclosed herewith, and
should you elcot to publish same, you
will greatly oblige
Yours truly, f
This, the first great labor conference of
the United States and of the world, rep
resenting all divisions of urban aud rural
organized industry, assembled in nation
al cougress, invoking upon ita action
the blessing and protection of Almighty
God, puis forth and to the producers of
the nation this declaration of union
aud independence.
The conditions whioh surround us best
justify our co-operation. We meet iu
tbe midst of a nation brought to the
verge of moral, political and material
ruin. Corruption dominates tho ballot
box, the legislatures, the oongress and
touches even the ermine of tho bench.
The people are demoralized. Many of
the states have beeu oompelled to isolate
the voters at tho polling places in order
to prevent uuiveraal intimidation or
The newspapers aro subsidized or muz
zled, public opinion silenced, business
prostrated, our homes covered with niort
gages, labor impoverished and the laud
concentrated in the hands of capitalists.
Tho urban workmen are denied tbe right
of organization for self-protection, im
ported pauperized labor beats down their
wages, a hireling standing army, unrec
ognized by our laws, is established to
shoot him down aud they are rapidly
degenerating to Europeau conditions.
The fruits of the toil of millions are
boldly stolen to build up colossal for
tunes, unprecedented iu tho history of
tho world, while their possessors despise
the republic andeudanger liberty. From
the same prolific womb of governmental
injustice we breed the two great classes,
paupers and millionaires. The national
power to create mouey is appropriated
to enrich bondholders ; silver, wbicb has
been accepted as coin siuoe tbe dawn of
history, has been demonetized to add to
tbe purouasing power of gold by decreas
ing the value of all forms of property, as
well as humau labor, aud the supply of
curreucy is purposely abridged to fatten
usurers, bankrupt enterprise aud enslave
industry. A vast conspiracy agaiust
mankiud has been organized ou two continents-
and is tukiug possession of the
world. If not met and overthrown at
once, it forebodes terrible social convul
sions, the destruction of civilization or
the establishment of au absolute despot
ism. Iu this crisis of humau atT.iira the in
telligent workiug people and producers
of the Uuited States have come together,
in the name of peace, order aud society,
to defeud liberty, prosperity and justice.
We declare our union and indepen
dence. We assert our purpose to vote
with that political organization which
represents our principles.
The Secret of
Is wholly in using Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder.
The only pure Cream Tarter Powder sold on the market.
Other brands contain either ammonia, alum or some other
adulterant. Ammonia or alum powders dry out, make the
dough too porous, leaving a bitter taste, etc.
No agency
cioKir.tetl so
cookery as Price':, Cream Da'dtitf Powder. Its ingredients
are simple and so blended as to i-x):t in .-xact chemical pro
portions, so after use there is n :vt. r any excess of cither left in
the food. Hence there van be no impurities whatever left i-.i
the finished food. No bitter taste, no taint of ammonia, but
food raised with Dr. Price's Ci earn Ilakiug Powder partakes
of the natural sweet flavor of the flour and keeps moist and
fresh for days. This powder possesses qualities peculiar to
it alone. No other makes such delicious pastry. No other
contains the white of eggs.
We charge that the controlling in
fluence dominating the old political
parties have allowed the existing dread
ful conditions todeyelop without serious
effect to restrain or prevent them.
Neither do they now intend to accom
plish reform. They have ngre ed togeth
er to ignore, in the coming campaigu,
every issue but one. They propose to
drown the outcries of a plundered peo
ple with the uproar of a sham battle
over tbe tariff; so that corporations,
national banks, rings, trusts, watered
stocks, tbe demonetization of silver and
the oppressions of usurers may all be
lost sight of. They propose to sacrifice
our homes aud children upon tbe altar
of mammon; to destroy tbe hopes of the
multitude in order to secure corruption
tuuds from tbe great lords of plunder.
We assert that a political organization,
representing the political principles here
in stated, is necessary to redress the
grievances of whioh we oomplain.
Assembled on the anniversary of the
birth of the illustrious man who led tbe
great revolution on this continent
against oppression, filled witb tbe senti
ment that actuated that grand genera
tion, we seek to restore the government
of the republic to the hands of the
"plain people," with whom it originated.
Our doors are open to all points of the
compass. We ask all honest men to
join with us and help us.
Iu order to restrain the extortions of
aggregated capital, to drive the money
changers out of the temple, to form a
perfect union, establish justice, insure
domestio tranquility, provide for the
oommon defense, promote the general
welfare, and Becure the blessings of
liberty for ourselves and our posterity,
we do ordain and establish the following
platform of principles:
1. We declare the union of tbe labor
foroes of tbe United States, this day ac
complished, permanent and perpetual.
May its spirit enter into all hearts for
the salvation of the re publio and the up
lifting of mankind.
2. Wealth belongs to him who creates
it. Every dollar taken from industry
without an equivalent is robbery. "If
auy will not work, neither shall be eat.''
The interests of rural and urban labor
are the same; their enemies are identi
cal. 3. We demand a national ourrenoy,
safe, sound, uud flexible, issued by the
general government only, a full legal
tender for all debts, publio and private,
aud that without the use of banking cor
porations; a just, equitable means of cir
culation, at n tax not to exceed two per
cent., as set forth iu the sub-treasury
plau of the Furmers' alliance, or some
better system; also by payments in
discharge of its obligations for public
i. We demand free and unlimited
ooiuage of silver.
5. We demand that the amount of
circulating medium be speedily increas
ed to not less than $50 per capita.
6. We demand a graduated income
7. We believe thut the mouey of the
country should be kopt as much as pos
sible in ttie bauds of the people, and
h.'uce we demand that all national aud
state revenues shall he limited to the
neoessary expenses of the government,
economically aud honestly administered.
8. We demand that postal savings
banks be established by the government,
for tbe safe deposit of the earnings of the
people, aud to facilitate exchunge.
9. The land, including all the natural
resources of wealth, is the heritage of
the peoplo, and should not be monopo
lized for speculative purposes, and alien
ownership of lund should be prohibited.
All lands now held by railroads aud
other corporations iu excess of their
actual needs, and all lands now owned
by aliens, should be reclaimed by the
government and held for actual settlers
10. Transportation beiug a means of
exchange and a public necessity, the
govcrumeut should own aud operate the
railroads in the iuterest of the people.
11. Tbe telegraph and telepboue, like
the postotlice system, beiug a necessity
for tbe transmission of news, should be
owned and operated by the government
iu the interest of the people.
12. We demand that that the govern
ment issue legal-tender notes and pay
the union soldiers the difference betweeu
the price of the depreciated money in
which be waa paid aud gold.
Resolved, That we hail this conference
as the consummation of the perfect union
of the hearts and bauds of all sections of
our common oountry. The men who
wore the gray aud the men who wore the
blue meet here to extinguish the last
molderiug embers of civil war in the
tears of joy of a uuited and happy peo
ple, aud we agree to carry the stars and
stripes forward forever to tho highest
point of national greatness.
Fine Pastry.
We demand that tbe question of uni
versal suffrage be submitted to the legis
latures of the different states and terri
tories tor favorable aotion.
Our Tuesday's issues hereafter
will contain eix pages instead of four,
two of these consisting of tbe latest tele
graphic news. With the exception of
next Friday's issue, wbioh will be six
PHges, they will remain the same.
Though this is an expensive feature, we
feel that it is quite necessary to add
more reading for our oountry patrons,
who are no i' considerable portion of our
support. We have intended adding this
important service as soon ae we could get
our semi weekly on substantial footing.
In all, our paper will contain ten pages a
The people of this county have learned
this much, that the paper of our com
petitor is but a reproduction, looally, of
news published in onr Friday's and
Tueaday's issues, and wbioh is read by
nearly every man, woman and ohild in
the oommunity before his paper gets out
of tbe famous sweat-power press. We
owe our brother no ill-will, and under the
oirenmstauces are only too glad that we
can furnish him stiitaole news matter for
his edition, even if it is "old as the hills"
when printed.
St. Patrick's Day, the 17th, was duly
observed by all of Hcppner'a citizens of
Irish or Irish-Amerioan descent.
O. W. Dunbar, of the Town Talk, As
toria, has been sentenced to one year in
jail for defaming the character of Sam
uel Elmore.
To Lslles Troubled With
Painful or si ppressed menstruation, Or
egon Kidney Tea, if taken a few days be
fore the expeo'ed period, relieves all
pain. It contains no mineral poisons.
A W aril i
In promulg
lit- Don't Use Big Words.
gating esoteric oogitations or
artioulnting superficial sentimentalities
and philosophical or psychological ob
servations, beware of platitudinous pon
deroHity. Let your statements possess a
clarified conciseness, oompacted oompre
hersibleuess, coalescent consistency and
a concentrated cogency, Eschew all
conglomerations of flatulent garrulity,
jejune babblement and asinine afTeota
tious. In trying to impress upon others
tl.e superiority of tbe Wisconsin Central
Lines, and why you and so many others
use this thoroughfare from St. Paul and
Minneapolis and Duluth and Ajblond to
Milwaukee, Chicago and points east and
south, it is not necessary to use jaw
breakers. Let your extern pornneous
desoantings and unpremeditated expa
tiations have intelligibility and vera
oioua vivaoity, witliout rhodomoutade or
thrasonical bombast. Sedulously avoid
all polysyllabic profundity, psittaoeous
vacuity, yeutriloqiial verbosity and
vandiloqneut vapidity, Bhun double en
teudres, prurient jocosity and pestiferous
profanity, obscurant or apparent. In
other words talk plainly, naturally, sen
sibly and truthfully say tbe Wisconsin
Central bines is tub route, and that
ends it. 465tf.
The Members of the County Republican Cen
tral Committee.
Tbe following are tbe members of tbe
republican central oommittee of Morrow
Heppner (chairman) O. E. Farnswortb
Gentry Stephen Lalande
Mount Vernon H. N. Morgan
Lexington J. F. Willis
Dry Fork W. F Holmes
Cecil J. B. Ely
Alpine Tbad Armstrong
Eight Mile Ed. Rood
Dairy D.N. Hardman
lone J. M. Kees
Mattesou I. G. Large
Lena Jerry Brosnan
Castle Hook
Pine City Tbos. Scott
Wells Springs D. K. Jayne
W. R. Ellis,
Mem. State Cen. Com
66 tf
J ANTED More patrons for my hotel. Neat
y rooms, h splendid table and living? rates.
l'Hluee Hotel, comer Maiuand May streets,
Heppner, Oregon,
t'vs dv. Mas. Maroarkt Von Cadow.
'TMIOSK who owe u either by account or note,
I tbe same being due, to come in and settle
at once e are In need of money, and ex
pect that you will accommodate us as we have
you. tis-gw. Kirk a Haves.
THOSE who are Interested In the Kltrht Mile
country and Morrow countv to know that
w e have a few extra copies left, w hich can
be secured either at deo. Thornton's news stand
or at the Gazette otttce. 6S-sw.
SOM E able-Uvlicd men to consume schooners
of Budweiscr aud Val BTaU biaer at the
Palnee bar and liernjialoon. fiy-sw
Ks. J. V. R ASM C S w a nts the peoiTe to
know that she has opened a dressmaking
shop at tlie millinery store of Miss luei
Voruz. Hive her yourjivork ladies
MX "KNOW that L D Boved Is Ileppner s
y leading contractor and builder. Estimates
given on all kinds of work. Office at resi
dence, Heppner, Or. 71-sw.
VYVaKonmakor. one tbe best hvations in
Morrow county. Must have a little capital.
Call ou orwritetiiuetteolllee for particulars, sw
KATTl.INO good cart, horse aud harness.
Call at Gazette ottice. to-sw.
wikkI farm on Columbia river. Klickitat
Co.. Wash., opposite Coyote station V. P. R.
R. Well improved, rich soil, good orchard and
extensive stock range. Address
ti;-7o. c. Bbistps, Portland, Or,
HARNESS "sHOPTitock and fixtures. Good"
business: established in the. midst of a
good tanning and stock-raising country.
Reason for selling, want to go on a farm. Also
for sale a good house aud tw o lots with or with
out tbe business properly. For further Informa
tion address Lock Box No. ft. Long Crvefc,
Oravou, 71 tf sw
Huh!, the baker. Buy your bread and
cakes and save money. Try it. a.
Hardware? Tea, at Gilliam A Bis
bee's, Main St., Heppner, Or. a.
See J. W. Co wins for Rock Springs
coal. Leave orders at Uazette office, a
Minor Bros, are now selling flour at
bed rook prices. For cash only. See
new ad. a
Nails by the oar load at Gilliam & Bis
bee's. Grant county people will do well
to call on them. a.
A fine let of imported Shot Guns at
Thompson & Co's at bargain prices, no
jobbers profits. a
M. Lichtenthat & Co. have jnst re
ceived a fine lot of ladies' kid, button
and tie shoes. At bottom prices. a
For all kinds of artists' materials,
painta, oils, varnishes, studies, oravons
etc, go to S. C. Smith's, May street.
The only full line in town, GO-tf.
0. Ruhl has added a stock of oysters,
canned and fresh fruits, all kinds of nuts,
cigars, tobaccos, etc 69 sw
Tbe Ladies' Guild will meet at tbe
home of Mrs. Ots Patterson next Thurs
day p. m. All members are requested to
be present, as matters of importance will
oome np at this meeting.
Cavalry Horses Wanted. Those
who have sound horses, weighing from
1,000 to 1,200 pounds, in color black,
brown or gray, can find Bale for them by
calling on E. G. Pperry at the Belvedere
saloon. Fifty bead wanted immedi
ately. 61-tf
Horses !
Horses !
ON MARCH 25, 1892,
At the Morrow stable. I will offer for sale about
sixty-five head of brood mares, yearlings,
two and three-year-olds. Also a few
work and saddle horses. The year
lings and two-year-olds are out
of my Thoroughbred
Clydesdale Stallion.
Mares in foal by him at present. The mares
are all flue, heavy American Btock, and
are desirable for any horseman. Sev
eral of them are broken to work
and all are in splendid con
dition. Will also sell a Wagon, Buckboard,
Hay Cutter, Barley Crusher,
three sets Harness, etc.
TT?RMQ 0F SALE: Twelve months'
1 JilVlTlO time with good security; five
per rent discount for cash. A. W. Patterson
will attend to the business in this connection.
Heppner, Or.
Corn Meal !
HAVING purchased machinery for grinding
Corn Meal, we invite all our patrons to
bring in their corn and get in return a superior
63-tf. T. W. Ayeks. Se., Manager.
In it for tbe year '92. No
Post Hay or Wooden Barley
here. AU horses groomed
and fed in the proper man
ner. Feed for sale. Good
oorial and Free oamp bouse.
Horses to bay 75o per span
per day. 'Bus runs to and
from trains night or day. '
Cs C. Sargent,
Main street. - Heppner.
fn The Heppner Furniture Co.'s ad. nexti
ffwi lor special bargains. Two car loaua
of furniture are stored iu our warehouse.
Loot (or prices uext week.
Settlers who filed timber-culture or
pre-emption olaims on railroad land in
18S3 or 1887 can reonver their fees by
applyiug to Frank H. Snow, U. 3. Com
missioner, at Lexington. Bring yonr
flling receipt iX-ti.
lour Opportunity !
Flour Exchanged for Wheat.
T. W. AYEKS, Sr.. Manager.
MUTB50NB Ml.-')
foshuit tfna
They have more room, more goods and consequently
More Business
S-W tf.
Hub your peepers ;
Open wide each eye.
Hardware seekers,
Bargain reapers
Now'b the time to buy
Hardware, Stoves and Heaters.
Don't be backward in coming forward and don't fall over
yourselves in tbe rush. Ve are not robbers, so we
won't hold you up, but don't let others hold you
down with their "trust."
Come in Come in I for wt are in the swim by thunder.
Give ms your patronaae and you will never go under.
A lull itock of Hardware, Tinware, Stoves, rumpu, Gan Pipe, Stenm Fixtures Gum
and Ammunition, Blacksmiths Coal, Iron and Hteel, Agricultural Imple
ments, Wagons, Hacks, Buggies, Buckboards, Carts, Etc., Etc.
Saddles, Harness, Whips, Spurs, and every Conceivable
Article kept in a First Class Harness Shop.
Repairing a Specialty !
tantly oo
Go to their store for the Improved WHITE SEWING MACHINE. Warranted for
five years. Don't buy elsewhere till you examine their maohines and
get oash prices.
"Oh, where ! Oh, where can I get a shoe,
That fits like a glove and won't wear through,
That feels so easy and looks so neat
That others will envy the style of my feett"
Kind friend, to your question let me say:
Come along with me, I'll show you the way
To Mat & Hank's, where they have made
The best brand of shoes sold to the trade.
Some months ago I thought I would buy
A pair of these shoes, just to give them a try.
They gave such satisfaction. I'll not need another pair
For at least six montlis, which is quite rare.
Main Street, Heppner, Or.
New Warehouse !
n PePPner a capacious warehouse and platform room.
He will soon be ready to receive the spring clip, and attend
to such other business as may be entrusted to him. Having
been in this busiuess at Arlington for some years, the public
know what to expect of him, and he therefore asks for a con
tinuance of patronage at his
New Warehouse,
Rock Springs Coal!
I 'will keep constantly on hand the BesT
Screened Rock Springs Coal, which I will
deliver in any part of
At a Reasonable Price.
Leave your orders at the Gazette Office.
J. W. COWINS, Heppner, Or. -
It can see the Grand Rush for Bar
gains down at
Smith & Williamson's
Successor to S. C. Bralth.
than Ever Before.
Palace Hotel,)