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t ir ili
.idling, Burning, Scaly
Find Instant Relief and
Speedy Cure
Ir. Mm Soap and Cuticura
When All Other Remedies and
the Best Physicians Fail.
Instant relief and refreshing sleep
for skin-tortured babies and rest for
tired mothers in warm baths with
Cnticnra Soap and gentle anointings
with Cuticura Olutment, the great skin
cure, and purest of emollients, to lie
followed In severe cases by mild doses
of Cuticura Kesolvent Pills. This is
the purest, sweetest, most speedy, per­
manent and economical treatment for
torturing, disfiguring, Itching, burning,
bleeding, scaly, crusted and pimply
skin and scalp humours, eczemas,
rashes and Irritations, with loss of
hair, of infants and children, as well ns
adults, and is e..re to succeed when all
other remedies aud physicians fail.
Milhous of the world's best people
now use Cuticura Soap, assisted by
Cuticura Ohumeut, for preserving,
purifying aud beautifying the skin,
for cleansing the scalp of crusts, scales
and dandruff, and the stopping of fall­
ing hair, for softening, whitening and
soothing red, rough and sore hands, as
well as for all the purposes of the
toilet, bath and nursery. Thousands
of women unhesitatingly recommend
Cuticura Soap, In the form of baths
for annoying Irritations, iullaminations
and chaffngs, or too free or offensive
perspiration, in the form of washes for
ulcerative weaknesses, and for many
sanative, antiseptic purposes which
readily suggest themselves. The sale
of Cuticura Soup, Ointment and Pills
ts greater than the combined sale of the
world's product o f other skin remedies.
Sold In every part of the world.
Preselling hours at 11 and 7
Preaching Sunday morning and ev
cuing. Sunday school at 9:45. Ep-
worth leagitb at 6
Praver meet
ing Thursday evening.— II N. Rounds,
Preaching Sunday morning ami ev
piling. Sunday seine>1 at ID. H Y
P U. at 0:30
Prayer meeting W ed ­
nesday ever ing.— .1. R. G. Russell,
Preaching »uuday morning and ev­
ening. Sunday school at ID. Chris
lian Endeavor at ti off). Prayer meet­
ing Thursday evening.— VV, T. War-
dIn, pastor.
Pip telling Sunday morning and ev­
ening. 1 Bible echo d at ID. Senior
Christian Endeavor at 6:30. Bibb
class and prayer meeting Thursday
evening — L. Green, pastor.
Preaching Sunday morning and ev­
ening at the Da las college chapel
Sunday school at 10. Christian En
dea vor at 6:3»*. Prayer meeting Thurs­
day evening.— A. A. W inter, paalor,
W is e R u le .
niouceater, Mass, have made It a rule
that when a drunkard lina been
brought before the eourts and con­
victed of tin- folly tin- saloon keepers
are notltied not to sell him liquor for
six months.
For Over Slaty Y ea rs.
An old and well tried remedy. Mrs.
Winslow's Soothing Syrup lias been
used lor over sixty years by millions
mothers for their children while teeth
ing, with perfect success. It soothes
the child, softens (lie gums, allays all
pain, cures wind colic and is the best
remedy (or diarrhoea. Is pleasant to
the taste. Sold by druggists in every
part of the world
25 cents a bottl
Its value is incalculable. He sure and
ask for Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Sy
rui and lake no oilier kind.
C o n o e r t ilit K Iv l I C a r t e r .
H o w tiuit i.iv n g l o . c cu n w ip e o ff
t lio b r ig h t v a rn is h th a t b la z o n s th e
f r o m o f a tig h t e r ICUI C a r t e r * Uavl
m neat, v e n te r, r o w A . in th e p u g ilis tic
a re n a a lit t le w h ile a g o lu m m y K.van
ttiid .la ck H oot anug h im u iu l.a b y th a t
so u n d e d \er\ m u ch lik e * U o W a y B a ck
a u d S it I »ow n .
A n d |>oor C a r t e r h as fo u n d h im « e l f
o f th e m i m i n g
A nd th e re yot
or. r a t h e r he D
• re.
The aera*cli of a pin may ra'**e tin
In»» of a limb or even dead) wbei
blond poi»*tiling reunite I'r mi the in
jury. Ail da o«(er of this may hi
av«»i led. Iiowev» r. hv pr >mpr 1 v apply
in if f liaiiihcrlsin’ - I* in Balm. 1 i-
• n m to e p iic ami quick lualiuu 1 in
iuo ut f -r etitf, hr liKM and burn*. For
sale hy W ffaon l)rt)| ! Pa.
T lie P tm F r.
flri'H i *c1i»atl*tii expound th eir v ie w *
In I* r n.4 H listnrre and mn*v.
Aae!|.Rlnn m o tiv e p o w »r s ami laws,
W h ich »ountl a trifle e r a »
N o w whut m akes m y «m a ll w o rld gt
In not the least hit h a *y ;
It ju st r**valv«s «l*o u t—abou t—
‘ O h . w e ll
— R
h e r n a m e Is D a ia y !
I. S tin e In N e w Y o rk N e w ».
\\ lie n y o u le e ' b lu e a u d th a t e ve r v
l i d .g u s ?. w r o n g , t a k e a d o s e o r
C l i a i i i l i e r d.iV S t o m a c h
L iv e r
T .M e t •
T i . e v w ill c le a n »* » m u l i n v i g
$1.50 a Year.
Map ?
P atents
Corvallis & Eastern Railroad.
Scientific American.
New York
kiL s a iiw
or F
y o u r » t o r n ft c li, r e g u la t e y o n r
b o w e ls , g i v e y o u a r e lis h f«»r y o u r fo o d
# i> 0 m a k t y o u fe e t t h a t in
t h is o ld
w o r ld
in • g o o d
p la c e t o l i v e .
f S * by Wtlson Drug Co.
Paine’s Celery
whom It would be better that they
should know that the trouble la with­
When John 8 . Sargeut. the famous in themselves and so seek a capable
portrait painter, si tidied in the atelier doctor than continue to be haunted, as
of Carolua-Dural» in 1 'n f if Ida teacher they believe, by the supernatural.”
A Chain
sl’.ow'Hl his fomiucsH for him by paint­
is no stronger than its
ing In his head in the great cellli g of
T h e l i u c L I i i t c o f L »W e K r l f .
""weakest link. A fertilizer t
the Luxembourg palace. 1Cveu after
The 250 mile trough of Luke Erie He*
deficient la
he branched out for himself his mas­ approximately in the direction of the
ter often stmt for him to come over to west to southwest wiuds which prevail
t h e (n a tlla r d la a H u u dnoasc, H a r d y
1 Is »1 mlio aud po.-»e, his hands having in thut part of the country. Thus the
A d d udJ, F i n e F o r C u t t ln jf .
especially won the admiration of Caro- lake offers uu excellent opportunity
. .
„ for
Rheumatism, which does its terrible work
Though the gaillardiu is one of the
lus-Dunui. The time came, however, studying the effects of the wind upon in the muscles, joints, and tissues, L* caused by
when Sargent could no longer answer a large body of Inclosed water, and uric acid which gathers in tK olood. T ° get Jhowlest of flowers and sure to attract
is just as dangerous as a
the beck and call of his teacher, for lie very Interesting these effects some-
° ( this poisonous acid w u Pr •'ices , ,<j the attention and gain the admiration
chain with a cracked link.
of all who see It for the first time, it Is
was getting work of his own to do,
1 '*
which would not allow' him to leave hi» a rocking mot.on aud groat blows from Cek-rv Compound should 1* used without ftcldoui found In gardens, undoubtedly
studio at a moment a notice. Olio day, to* «•«‘St or *;ilthwe*t swoop the liquid dc|a) No other medicine gives such piompt, because it is ho little known. It is a
it is related. ( ’arolus-Duruu sent a hur-| tnuly of the l ike eastward and some- cheering, and . happy resulu.
refills. It is tne only native of our southern states and com­
ry call for him. aud wheu he receiviKl a times cause a rise of eight feet or more medicine that prevents a return of the
t dreaded monly called the blanket flower. Since
rUe florist» have taken It In hand it has
'» Celery Compound braces
note saying that Sargent was compel- j ,,t Buffalo in the couiv«* of a few _____
hours, disease. Paine1
Our money winning books sr«
needed by every man who own»
of *tlie the nerves, the blood is quickly cleared of all been greatly improved, and there are
hal to decline his request owing to As soon as the maximum f<
a field and a plow, and who de-
s:res to tfet the most out of them.
pressing work lie was furious. A few j ¿;ale has passed the water swln.-s back, irritating poisons, tissue and muscle are built now numerous named varieties. The
They are J rtg . Send postal card.^
days later a friend, to whom he had Continued rot kings are o!» w o d on up, and the digestive organs perfectly toned. flowers are large, often measuring
GKUMAX K A L I W ttB X «, ,
Do not treat with indinerence the slightest three and a half inches in diameter,
con¡ided his anger at his recalcitrant days \y;r*n til»' siren li of tlie wind rheumatic symptoms; the early u: e of Paine’s
1»8 N ui muu St,
New York
pupil, asked him: “ Well, liow is It with fluctuate».—Youth*# Companion.
Celery Compound will save you weeks and and gracefully poised ou long stems,
Btuvent? Have you made up? How is
wonths of suffering. Mr. 8 . D. Conway, which makes them very fine for cut­
Fabric* of Duiiy Life.
he?” **Ah. no.” said the painter, and
5t. Louis, Mo., was permanently cured by ting. The colors are gorgeous, crim­
impound after repeated fail- son, scarlet, orange aud yellow bleud-
It is not of lo;
he looked sad and his shoulders went
up. “ How Is It with Sargent? <” est the enduring pattern of character Is j ires with other meaicines and physicians; he ; Ing to make a brilliant show.
The gaillardiu is a strong grower
flnl!” Another shrug. “ C’est ttnl! It’s woven, blit rather of the seemingly j
uiuriaiuru | “ I am 64 years of age, and have lived in and constant bloomer, beginning to
all over! I have been to the Luxem­ small things of life. Little unheralded
•• 1 .
1^ 1
1 ■ I >t. Louis 27 veurs, and all this time with the flower in June and continuing until se-
of helpfulne«*,
»e lf denials
31 , u*3 of / three ’ years, 1 , have
Vl. „ . served in
in tne
bourg. I went aud I got a ladder, and ict*
for the yrape root worm In vineyards.
l painted out liis heud!”
tliat bar ngabiKt «■li.vlin.-aa, .aiimc-leii- EnJ fKcn, D«p.rtmem as Inspector. Last I vere frosts. The 1st of November last The Cornell authorities say many iu-
j tioUH attention to trilling details of dll- winter I contracted rheumatism and was laid ! year soma blossoms still lingered. It tected vineyards need to be fed, aud
I ty. standing firm to the right in spite 1 ip. I tried all remedies and doctors, but all I will grow in almost any soil and posi­ they suggest a “ balanced ration” for
A CliO K t T «* »t.
When you think you see a ghost, of banter and contempt (really the most ailed until I struck Paine’ s Celery Compound, tion, but responds freely to liberal fer- that purpose.
Jllzing and endures the hot, dry stim-
how can you tell whether it really is d iffic u lt t h in g f o r y o u n g o r o ld to w ith - yhich has made a permanent cure in my case
livery kind of fruit and, in fact,
a ghost or not? A recent writer give* stand), ittlherenee to scrupulous hones- I 1 have recommended it to many, and the> ner hotter than most plants. There nearly everj variety of the same kind
ire both double and single varieties,
the following scientific method: “ We ly in word and deed even in what oth- i
i The former are showy and Interesting, needs a different method of pruning.
assume that a person sees an appari­ era consider of no import, sticking to i
Graft ou favorable days. Cherries
»»lit the latter are generally the most
tion. It may he objective—I. e., having principle though one may be called
and plums should be grafted early.
existence outside the observer's mind— “old fashioned,” “ unprogressive” or
Plant musk melon seed ou sods in tbe
For massing or planting In groups in
or merely a creature of a disordered "puritanical” — these are the golden
he hardy border the gailiardia is un- hotbed.
brain, subjective. The seer, while look- strands which, woven into the fabric
Give good cultivation between tne
»urpaHvod for decorative effect. I f one
big at the vision with both his eyes, of dally living, make men and women
j uoes not wish to wait for seeds to rbws of strawberries, then remove the
g'*ntly depress, s one eyeball with his invincible.—Success.
Make Old Clothjs Look îLw
-.row. plants can be obtained of deirl* mulch from the plants, placing it in the
' tv finger from outside the top eyelid, j
Direction hook und 45
a rs.
If protected in the winter with row?.
M lK l u k t * I n t h e L o o n l l t y .
> causing a squint.
I f objective,!
dyed »ample* free.
Young plants of blackberries should
light litter, clumps wii! last for several
D I A C O N I » D Y Ed,
.v■ hotkey bo-i:a or not. two outlines «of I That keen rivalry which western I
Burlington, V t.
be dug before the buds start.
'u* 'ghp.-it' will i e ko » i :. but on«*, of towns feel 1 » probably responsible for
I f you have never cultivated the
uirse, If ii bo subjective, (»no may i the story about Seattle, which may well
G reen F o o d F o r P ou ltry.
gailiardia. be sure to try it the com­
rove this by trial any time wit!» any have been said of some other place at
One-third of my winter feed consists
ing season. It is truly worthy of high
.iject. n« e; or far. i incut!«» this bo­ some other time. It concerns a Seattle
o f vegetables. Onions and cabbage are
praise and sure to please you.—Vick’s.
use of tl. many i.;'r us : ad brain | man who died and went to the here­
point of a dairy farm not deficient in
the most valuable. Turnips, carrots
i .'.iiid i. .’«* v. • c y... »ks and to j after.
and beets come next. Cabbages l hang
“ I don’t see,” he remarked, after a
up. Beets and squashes 1 split open.
casual survey of his new quarters,
I Carrots I usually cook, as my hens will
“ that heaven is so much better than principle would not apply. Then it is
N orthern uud Southern K in d » That
! eat them better cooked. Onions are
A re W e ll Liked.
chopped, because they roll arouud so
“ But this Isn’t heaven.” explained u plant food into the soil. These varying
While the introduction of the now fa-
The Leading Paper of
badly, and potatoes are cooked. Pota­
bystander.—New York Tribune.
•*nous Rocky Ford melon put the in­
toes are the only vegetable which need
the Pacific Coast.
dustry of cantaloupe growing on a
cooking, as some docks of hens will eat
flaw the A uclrnl« fleiffnrrled Iron.
commercial basis In Georgia, this re­
carrots without being boiled. The raw
The San Francisco
The ancient Egyptians believed that
gion, like nearly every other, has also
potato has a poison in Its skin which
I iron was the bone o f Typlion, the ene-
a number of favorite varieties for local
my of Osiris, and for this reason it was S o m e G o o d V a r l c t K * » F o r E a r l y . M a l a market. Foremost among these, as’ 11 - some flocks cannot stand. If people
j live in a village and keep hens, such
u u d l.nte* C r o p « .
j considered impure. No one could make
i herbs as spearmint, dock, catnip, horse-
Among the newer extra early varie­
I use of it even for tlie most ordinary
I radish, etc., are valuable. Tlie hens
| requirements of life without polluting ties Gradus has become extremely pop­
: will not eat such pungent things alone,
The W eekly Chronicle
| his soul in a way that would cause ular. The pods are very large anti
but if you chop them up and mix them
him harm both on earth and in the filled with large wrinkled deep green
The very best weekly News­
in the uiash your birds will think you
peas of the fiuest quality. Alaska,
! other world.
paper published in the entire
are giving them a regular French sal­
Mott's Excelsior, America A Wonder,
ad.—Mrs. Ida E. Tilsou in American
R ead in g.
Were I to pray for a taste which
! should stand me in stead under every
[Deluding puatagr t« any part o f the
(Julted State«, Canada and Mexico.
B i d d y 1« Mot a G r o w l e r .
! variety of circumstance and be a source
Biddy does not complain if she Is un­
| of happiness and cheerfulness to me
It is best because, besides
comfortable; she simply stops doing
j during lift» and a shield against liis,
printing all the news of the
business. I f she has lost a toe. a comb
| however things might go amiss and
world each week in an inter­
or wattle, site does not utter a murmur,
Jhe world frown upon me. it would be
esting way and fully illustrat
but her system sets about “ restoriftg
ing many articles, it has spe
! a taste for reading.—Sir John Uerschel.
the waste places,” and she cannot di­
cial departments devoted to—
11. A u gu sta M a rk e t; 2. A n n e A ru n d el; 3,
gest a sufficient surplus for egg produc­
lf e Hud.
N ew South; 4. D elm onico; 5. Chicago tion until all sores are healed and she
“ Have you ever written anything,”
M a rk e t; 6, L o n g Islan d B e a u ty .]
Is again comfortable.
said his cynical friend, “ to make the i
lustrated by the state experiment sta­
* Live Stock—
world happier or better?”
tion, are the following, which include
W h y T h e y S c ra tc h .
“ Rather,” quoth the insurance agent
some of the best northern varieties:
Chaff and straw nt.d hay suggest
who sometimes dabbled in verse. “ I i
Augusta Market. — Fruit roundish leaves and seeds to the hens, and the
have written $400.000 worth of life in­
and Sports.
oval, evenly netted and slightly ribbed; fact that tre; find little to reward
surance within the last year.”
These are presided over by
flesh green, tinged with yellow next to them does not [»revent them from go­
editors having a thorough
cavity; quality best.
ing on scratchier until the litter Is
W h a t D id H e M e a n t
knowledge of their specialties
Anne Arundel.—Fruit medium in size, worn to a tine dti t. They cannot find
He—What lovely flowers! Do you
The pages devoted to A g ri­
culture. Horticulture, Poultry
room In their small brain apartments
know, they remind me of you.
green; quality good.
and Live Stock are well illus­
for the understanding of the fact that
She—Why. they are artificial.
New South.—Fruit large, shallow litter is sealless.
trated and filled with matter
He—Yes. I know, blit it requires close
ribbed, netted; flesh green; quality
of the greatest interest to
examination to detect it.
all engagtd in these indus­
T o l*I%*k (»tit n l. i y r r .
tries. every line being written
Chicago Market.—Fruit medium to
Wh in she sheds her fee.thers ^
by those who are in close
people Is like holding it under the
kill off the nonlnyors. it is we!; to be
touch with conditions prevail­
flesh yellow; quality good; particular­
pump.—Atchison Globe.
sure and not '-iay a fowl full of eggs.
ing on this Coast.
Little Gem and Premium Gem are oth­ ly desirable for local market.
When tlie rear bones are wide a’ art at
er varieties of merit, and Surprise is a.
Delmonico.—Fruit large, shallow rib­ the points below the tail feathers you
fine early wrinkled variety.
bed: flesh salmon color; quality very
CO PY. It will be sent free.
have caught u layer. When they are
Standard early and medium varieties good.
V a r y i n g S oi l C o n d i t i o n « C a l l F o r a
ct vse together, biddy is taking a vaca­
Include Advance, Abundance, Heroine
C l e a n C u t S tu dy .
Do you w.int the
Long Island Beauty.—Fruit roundish,
We sow grass and clover seed upon and llorsford Market Garden.
irregular, deeply ribbed, coarsely net­
Of late soi’ts Queen, Stratagem aud ted; flesh yellow; quality very good.
wheat In the spring, which necessitates
B rig h t's D isease.
sowing with some of the hand operated Champion of England are favorites.
The last named is on the order of the
The Urgest *«um ever paid for a pre
Juno is a dwarf, wrinkled, narrow pea popular Hackensack melon and is one
machines or from the hand, says a
-cri^uoti, changed hands in San F ’ an-
for main and late crops. It stands
New York correspondent in National about two feet high and needs little of the earliest, finest In quality and e co Aiigu*ff JOrh. 1901 The
Stockman. W e use a hand seeder and brushing. The vines are very produc­ most beautiful of muskmelous.
f r involvediti coin and stock $112,500
Showing the United States,
the work has been fairly well done. tive, the pods long and straight and
and was paid by a party of husiue«p
M u n t i r i n i ? llo n c n .
Dominion of Canada and
But when one compares the even stand packed with seven or eight peas of
m en for n specific for Bright’s disease
Northern Mexico
Plants growing in well prepared
and diabetes, hitherto incurable dis­
of the drill seeding there Is, after all, a flue flavor and very tender.
quarters do uot require the roots dis­
eases. They commenced the serious
vast difference. Another spring I shall
turbed annually by digging in large
Map of the World
On«* T i l l i i k a n d A n o t h e r .
investigation of the specific Novem
see to It that the fields are sowed over
quantities of manure among them, but
her 15th, 1900.
They interviewed
Wheat takes up the greatest portion
each way, using half of the seed at a
judiciously applied top dressings are of
Send $2 and get the Map
of its food in the early stages of
! the utmost advantage. Bone manure is '(•ores of tlie cured and tried it out on
and "Weekly Chronicle” for
its merits hy putting over three dozen
growth, stores it up and draws upon
Upon fertile land every small space It later for the development of the applied by taking a little of the sur- cases on the treatment and watching
one year, postage prepaid on
: face soil from around the stem and
Map and Paper.
without clover or only partly covered grain.
| shaking a handful or two over the hem. They also got physicians to
means a prolific growth of weeds. A
There Is no feed that puts the gloss roots and then returning the soil? Very nan»«' chronic, incurable cases, and
The Daily,
fertile soil, like civilization, has its at­ and the fine touch on tlie hair that outs
By MaM, B o a t»«« P»I4.
j tine rose growths and blooms may be administered it with the physicians for
tendant evils. The thick seeding of all do, says a cattle feeder.
| produced in this way. Many perso.ia judge». Up to August 25th, eighty
Only I7.80 a Year.
slow maturing plants and a thin seed­
“ Up to date I know of no disease that i think their roses will degenerate if the sevi n per cent of ‘ he test cases were
ing of those cultivated or rapid grow­ It; s had the nerve to tackle tbe bllly-
i whole of the surface near them is not either well or progressing favorably.
ing may l»‘e laid down as a safe rule. I 1 .» at or the Angora," remarks President
deeply forked or dug and much nat­ There being but thirteen per cent of
M H de YO U N G ,
have seen Just as good a hay crop from Harrington o f the Kansas Live Stock
ural innuur» added every spring, but failures, tbe parlies were satisfied and
“ »• n Draactteu CXroolcle.”
ten quarts of seed as from sixteen association.
nothing is gained by disturbing the dosed tbe transaction. The proceed
San Francisco. Cal.
quarts where no interference was pres­
logs of the investigating committee
The soy beau where alfalfa is not roots very much.
C IR O C L 4 T IO N H B P A K T M B N T .
ent. It is phenomenal how large a abundant w 1 save the expenditure of
and the clinical reports of the test
stool will grow from one seed. I would many dolla • for oil meal, cottonseed
cases were published and will be mail-
F r n i t Itoteii.
not care to risk light seeding, however. meal or glu,oii meal.
• d free on application. Address John
With wheat and oat seeding upon our
Buff ,;o y ss is the best feed In the cious” apple, coming into bearing very J. F ’dton Company, 420 Montgomery
I soils the contrary seems true. Light,
street. San Francisco, California.
world for butter, according to a dairy
j thin seeding of oats Is far safer, par- iiflU.
| ticularly where clover seeding is prac-
! tlced. Oats are a unne crop for clover
] over a vast stretch of country nr.d no
T IM E C A R D 1.0 .
doubt will be for a long time uotwith- I
Nn 2 for Y »q u in »
standing they are unsatisfactory
12:15 P m
Leaves Albany
cept when very w e t Oats require about j
___ 2:00 P m
Leaves Corvallis
D is io n s
500 pounds of water for each pound of
C o p y r ig h t s A c .
. .. . 0:25 P in
A rriw s Yaqtiina
Arc in many respects like other ulcers or
dry matter, and while the thin seedii %
Anrono «ending » eketch and description msy
N i l retu rn in g:
'lulcklr «¡»«'ertnin our opinion fra« whether an
sores, and this resemblance often proves fatal.
will draw heavily upon moisture flu. - |
•m ention la pmhnhlr patentable. Conuminlcs*
. .. 6 45 A m
L* aves Y quint
Mona strict’ ? confidential. HANDBOOK on Patent«
lug the ripening days the clover will
V aluable time is lost in fruitless efforts to heal
sent free, »»dost Hfrency for teen unit patents.
1.eaves Corvallis
. . . 11:30 H ni
have imlncd a strung foothold in the | the sore with washes and salves, because tlie germs of C.nicer that arc nm'iti-
I'ntents taken through Munu A Co. recelre
.1 2 :1 5 P m
Arrives Albany
•p'cltii noftce. without charae. In the
plyin g in the blood and the new Cancer cells which are constantly develop­
eurly growth of the plant.
N .. 3 for l>* im i! :
ing keep up the irritation and discharge, and at last sharp shooting pains
IIrondcnut Snulng.
. . 7 4X1 P ni
Leave- Albany
The oat plant do*»» not grow rapid!/ 1 announce the approach o f the eating and sloughing stage, and a hideous,
A handsomely illustrated weeklr. ! unrest cir­
. 12 05 P m
Arrives 1 ) troit
culation o f any scientific journal. Tarins. $3 a
at ontv after emu ing up. but if son aj sickening cancerous sore begins its
▼oar; four mont ha, »1. Sold by all newsdealers.
N ». 4 front Detroit
1 “ E®bru»ry, t899, X noticed a »mail
thlekly tbe ground will be covered, re­ destructive
....._ _ '
. 1 , lump on my lower lip. The doctor cau-
12 :45 a ni
1 / -.vt fi 1 > troit .
tarding clover growth. Broadcast o t
Branch tMBce. «r » F Ht-, Wash tu« ton. D. C,
. . . . 5:15 rt m
Arrive.- Albany.
seeding either by machine or hand •* out some predisposing internal cause out into an open sore. I began to take
Trains 1 and 4 >rriv • in Ail-an V in
very unsatisfactory. All things consid­ that lias poisoned the blood, and the 8 . S. S. and after I had taken seven bot-
open discharging ulcer, or the fester-
the place healed entirely and no
t; it“ Co cmtiiet Wi h tlie S. P. » »U Hi
ered, no method or machine for com­ . ’
lY c\.
, ,
__ eigne ot the dleeaso have been seen
t>. tr.uf rain. as tvt il *8 giving t*to or
w p Brown, uollande, S. O.
bined aeedii g compares to a disk drill. ing sore on the lip, cheek or other , ln0.
u iee boors in A1 •any b* fore depart-
Another point: An endless waste of part of the body w ill continue to
Tor nearly
im of S p i»or!h yuni. 1 train.
spread and eat deeper into tlie flesh unless the blood is purified and the
clover seed takes place each year » * j
Train No. 2 com t. ts b ith tbe < P
half a century
sowing Upon soil uot gardcu fitted. \ Cancer genus or morbid matter eliminated from the circulation.
t* t i n - at ( ’«T ' liis inti Albany ir vi *
rich soil Is not alone a qualification f -
tl! ret ' sit vice to Newy »*»rt a n d a Ij-
a sure catch of clover. Soil texture '* antidotal and p urifying properties that soon destroy the germs and poisons
and restore the blood to its natural condition. And when pure blood is e 1 bvaehe-
absolutely necessary. 1 would prefer
Trai»* 3 for Detroit . K g I ' h i oi »h
— . carried to the ulcer or sore the healing process
to throw a piece o f land out of the reg -1
ami oth* r : ounuin resorts leaves Al-
| f* * q r f**q
iiegins, the discharge ceases and the place heals
tilar rotation than to seed before tb «
over and new skin forms. S. S. S. is a strictly vege­ l*»ny at 7 :00 p m ; ft* r the arrival of
been »row in* famous in «
condition has taken place, and. what is
table b l o o d purifier containing no mercury or ; S V. -o'ltli bi»un \ r»in from Portland
i o f soit, tw y y h s s a . Hold i>y
more, soil» full of root growth like our
ilmiera. 1 » * • fim i Animai À
minerals of any description.
reaching Detroit t 12.00 p m.
»paid Owe lo %U applicanti
owu cannot I k * made suitable in a m -
' " I f you have an ulcer or chronic sore of any kind, write us abort it. medi­
For further inform *'ion apply to
incut, no matter how much labor is of­
cal advice w ill cost you nothing. Books on Cancer and other diseases of
E D W IN 'STONE, manager.
fered. Decomposition must take placv*
the blood w ill be sent tree.
J. T U R N E R , agent. Albany.
ami chemical action go on. The more
t ’a r o l ' l a - D u r a n * * R e o n
H H. C R O N ISE, agent, CorvtUis.
HUlnar wot Always a V ir t u e .
Thousands of people have no choice
whatever about their hour of rising la
tbe morning. Later or earlier, that
ho.:r la fixed for them by the require­
ments of the office, the shop or the
classroom, by the time table of tne rail­
road, by the arbitration of their em­
ployers or the necessities of their em­
ployees. But In the caseH manifold
where personal liberty is enjoyed it
should not be thoughtlessly restricted
simply because of the domestic tradi­
tion that early rising deserves praise
and late rising blame.
Breakfast may often be a movable
feust without materially disturbing the
routlue of un orderly housekeeping day.
Invalids, mothers whose rest has been
brokcu by teething babies and, above
all, rapidly growiug children, should
have their sleep out. Nature deiuui.ds
this, and violence is done to Iter when
sleepy people are rudely aroused from
their beds. Early to bed Is the single
safe prescription to insure early to rise.
We need to repeat it over and over to
our hurrying, anxious, toiling Amer­
ican men and women: Rest, rest and
again rest. I>o uot think time ill spent
that is spent in repairing the ravages
of our well uigh incessant activity.
K s r lr
k 'a i i t o m l i u e .
Most pantomime characters were
originally borrowed from the Italians.
The first real English pantomime was
produced at a theater in Lincoln’s Inu
Fields In !7“ t>. It was culled ‘•Harle­
quin Executed,” and its subtitle was
“ A New Italian Comic Scene Between
a Scuramouche. a Harlequin, a Coun­
try Farmer, Ills W ife and Others.”
The performance was very successful.
About the middle of the eighteenth cen­
tury the character of pantomime per­
formances was completely altered,
chiefly because of tbe genius of the fa­
mous Grimaldi, who made the clown
the first figure of the pantomime. Gri­
maldi first appeared at Sadler’s Weils
theater, where he played the part of a
monkey. He was actively engaged on
the stage for forty-nine years, aud at
the close of his stage career he took a
benefit at Drury Lane theater, which
realized nearly £»>U0. He also received
£100 from the Drury Lane fund. This
was In June, 1828. He died In 1837 and
was buried in tbe churchyard In St.
James’ chapel, Pentonville hill.—Lon­
don Standard.
A n im al»
Poison ».
Certain substances which are deadly
in their fffects upon men can be taken
by the brute creation with Impunity.
Horses can take large doses of anti­
mony, dogs of mercury, goats of tobac­
co, mice of hemlock and rabbits of
belladonna without injury. On the
other hand, dogs and cats are much
more susceptible to the influence of
chloroform than man and are much
sooner killed by It. I f this invaluable
anaesthetic had been first tried upon
animals, we should probably have nev­
er enjoyed its blessings, as it would
have been found to be so fatal that its
discoverer would have been afraid to
tost Its effects upon human beings. It
is evident, then, that an experiment
upon an animal can never be the
means of any certain deductions so far
as man ¡s concerned.—Family Doctor.
Sk.vi'o i k o i
G unpow der.
It mntlerj very little in the long run
to the small bo.v when, how or where
fireworks were first made and of what
they tiro mad ' now. But the fact re­
mains that Hie despised heathen Chi­
nese first made them and used them
and that civilized communities did not
know of them until the fourteenth cen­
tury. The skyrocket was iii-st invent;»d
toward the close of the ninth emtury
and at that time was used, so it is said,
in India and China in war. That was
long before the invention of gunpow­
O rnam ental
Jm le.
The Chinese have cut jade for ages,
but never ornamented it except by
sculpture. When it was introduced in­
to India, the native Jewelers, with their
quick eye for color, at once saw what
a perfect ground It afforded for mount­
ing precious stones, and they were the
first to incrust them on jade. The In­
dia museum in London possesses the
choicest specimens of this work known
of the best mogul period.
W hat
W anted.
“ Call I show yon anything?” asked
the you an man behind the counter at
tlie hat store.
“ I guess so,” said the young man
who had dropped In. “ I waut one of
those disappearing hats you wear
when you go to tlie opera. Got any?”
—Chicago Tribune.
H i»
H air
“ Young man,” said the Rev. Good­
man, “ some day you’ll bring your fa­
ther's gray hairs in sorrow to tbe
“ No danger,” replied young Rakely.
“ He hasn’t any. Worrying about mo’s
made hint bald.” — Catholic Standard
and Times.
W hat
D id n 't
Mamma (to Flossie, who has been
lunching with a little friend)—I hope
you were very polite, Flossie, at the ta­
ble and said “ Yes, please,” and “ No.
thank you.”
Flossie—Well, 1 didn't say “ No, thank
M lR t r e » » S e e k » a C o o k .
“ How many ways cau you serve
“ Three, mum.”
“ What are they?”
“ Well done, rare and raw.” —Chicago
P ain fu l
R ip o air«.
Richard — Uneducated people often
have a lot of Insight
Robert—That Is so. Our now maid
knows that she Is a better cook than
we’ve been used to. — Detroit Free
W a n te d
“ R e a ll»«.* *
Three-year-old Julia wanted to write
Santa Clan, to bring her a ••»hoot
fun " When asked what »he wauled
It for, the said:
“ I want to s..oot one of papa's cattle
and get tbe money out of It. for papa
■ays there la money in cattle.” —Little
Tbe great man la he who doe, uot
oee hi, child’s heart - Menclua.