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D A LLA S , F S ID A Y , JAN. 18,
the subtle force which controls the different organs
r 1 50 ................................... Per y^ar
I 7 » ......... ............... Per six months
40 ...................... Per three months
Advertising rates made known on
implication. Correspondence issolicit*
> I.
Fine Job Printing done at reasonable
“ For some years I was troubled with nervousness
and pain at the base of the brain. My head often fe lt as
though it was In a vise and was being squeezed.
1 got
so bad I could scarcely sleep at night and my heart
would palpitate and pain me a great deal. I began taking
Dr. Miles’ Nervine and grew steadily stronger until my
trouble was entirely removed. ”
Rjcv M. C a m p b e l l , Blair, Neb.
their votes for president and vicepresi-
dent. Their total vote was 447, < f
‘'Every Man is the
Architect of His Fortune.”
Stake th e Silo D eep, W it h Seseoth
W e lle e n d P a r k T h o ro n g k ly .
Make the silo deep, for the greater
the depth the greater will be the
pressure on that below, thus forcing
out air from the fodder and Insuring
better silage. Shallow silos as a rule
give less satisfactory results than deep
ones, as there are larger air spaces In
Henry Buell is chopping
R. A. Porter.
"A n Architect designs. And his pUnt
Are executed by a builder. The greatest
builder of heAlth is Hoods SArsApAritU.
It ¡Aye a firm foundation. H mAhts the
b’ood, the besls o f life, pure And strong,
fie An Arcmtect o f your fortune And secure
Hood's as your hedth builder.
Casb $ to rt
W h a t W e Eat
A stock buyer recently obtained a Is intended to nourish and sustain us. j
j but it must he digested and ansimil.it-1 Wd Dave plenty of good servicable winter goods and
let of calves in this section.
j ed before it can* do this. In oilier
are willing to sacrifice, as we will not keep them over
W ill Kiildcll lias been home from words, the nourishment contained in
the summer. We will accept reasonable offers for such
food must he separated by the digest-
the «fate university ou a vacation.
goods. Look over our Wraps, Furs, Capes, Jackets',
i ivc »rguiiii from the ivaslo materials
There will he a social meeting tin t | and must I k - curried by Ihe blood to
Overshoes and you will get your money’s worth.
Sunday led hy Miss Maud Chamber- all parts of the hotly. W e believe ’ he
reason for the great benefit which ao
Mrs. Allen Towns has relumed from many people derive from Hood's Sar­
Albany,accompaned by her daughter saparilla lies in Ihe fact that this med­ N E W T H IS W E E K .
icine gives good digestion and makes
und her baby girl.
“Our Best” Flour 80 cents, shredded whole Biscuits,
pure, rich blood. It restores the
On account of poor health Miss My- functions of those organs which con­
Shrimps, Lobsters, H. C. Goods, Self-rising Buck­
er gave ip the Guthrie school being vert foot! into nourishment that gives
wheat, Ten varieties of-«yrup at prices undt r com­
succeeded by Miss Conklin.
strength to nerves snd muscles. It
petitors. R. E. B R Y A N & SON.
Chasi lleliwait and brother are min­
ing in Ilshe, H e has been visiting rheum, boils, soies, pimples and ernp-!
tione, catarrh, rheumatism and all dis­
has purists In Oregon City.
eases that have tin ir origin in impure
Chas. Austin and W. H. Msck hav­ blood.
ing rente! the Dressier place, have
this wintir plowed and sowed nearly
all of it.
S A L E M , O REC O N .
Louie Macken iti again quite sick.
Ailie Metier, who has lieon unable
Miss Dura Sears U viniting at Layton.
to work lof a year, was recently sur­
prised in i f manner to make him and
I. P. Keen) ie l»ack from si bu&inesfc W H IC H IS A L W A Y S T H E C H E A P E S T
his pareulji feel good and grateful foi trip to Idaho.
a long LinJe. A goodly number of his
ueighboreand friends met at his home
Grandma Buttrick, Mr«. Miller and
Guthrie during the sickness of Miss commencement of work on the 8. A P ,
with axessaws and ent aides and after Mr«. Toiier have been quite sick.
Zula Myer.
C. railway. John promises us a live
preparing* generous amount of tire
Bethel will cdehiate Washington’*
road hy May 1st. This is good news.
weod, le d * purse of #38 us a comfor­
birthday with a school entertainment.
ter during his season of affliction.
The snow was at one time two feet
Mi** E l i el Frizz<ll, <>f Salem, has
School closes this week.
deep at Pulusous, above Teal’s mill,
HI» W i f e Saved Him .
been visiting the family of A. .VI. Hoi-
but here h is not been over 8 inches at
Not muoh damage was done by the
My wifi s good advice saved my life
one time. The rainfall far the present
write« F.M . Koss of Winfield. Tenne-
year lo M inisi on the 14th has been
A large crowd gathered nt the home
see, for I had such a bad cough I could of P. 0. Sears Friday evening for n
Stock and grain are in good condi­ 1C.36 inches. Had this all come as
hardly bfeathe, 1 steadily grew worse social dauce.
snow it would have been about 14 feet
under doctor’« treatment, but my wife
urged m» to use Dr. King's New Dis­
covery for consumption, which com­
It is hard to find a house for rent.
pletely 4ured me.’’ Coughs, colds,
The rural mail gives neither men
Rowell from Flieridi a
bronchitis, la grippe, pneumonia, asth­
R. D. Cooper is at the Sumpter nor boys any excuse for coming to is visiting relstivea here.
ma, hay fever and all maladies of
chest, thiont auJ lungs are positively
Mrs. Kuykendall started for her
Fruit trees are full of buds that pro- ! home in Kastirn Oregon last Sunday.
cured by this marvelous medicine.
Miss Eunice Lemmon has been vis­
imse lots of big red apples if Jack
j 0 ci nls nnd 91.
Every bottle guar iting her brother, Eil, in 8alem.
J B. Trullinger left here last week
Frost will only let them alone.
anterd. Trial bottles free at M. D. E l­
| for Oicgon City, to see his sister who
lis’ drug «lore
There are too many chuck holes in j ia quite ill.
»m l Mrs Burnett have been «ink.
the roads and a man with much booze
The waters were higher here last
Asa Taylor runs a back to Mon­ aboard should not venture oil aur
! Sunday and Monday than they have
Clarence I.ee has been visiting at mouth after the boats come in at oven - wriggling, shaky sidewalks.
'[ been since tho high water 12 years
Aii lie.
Waller Bird, of Oakdale, is a De­
Our dark streets aie a great incon-
Quite a nine lime was had at the
ques t visitor.
veui< nee end many people are pray­
Sunday sehisil at 2:30.
home of W . it. Ellis Junuary 2nd. A
ing for light.
Olho Bell lias gone to the moun­
Mrs. Beardsley is back from Port­ large crowd whs present and a good
Sloper Bros. Inn i quit, delivering land.
tains hunting.
social time had hy all. A t midnight a
milk over Ion n, Inking all their pro­
delicious lurch was served to which
Mias Francis, of Dallas, lias resum­ duct to the creamery.
The Shoemaker» havereturned from
was done ample justice.
ed her school after two weeks’ vaca­
their Santiam place.
A river steamer was around Monday
There is prayer meeting here every
offering service as a relief boat.
Leo Clark has been quite sick.
of North Y am h ill,
Wednesday evening with David Critcii
Mrs. Thacker has returned from j was here Monday.
George Sullivan baa gone to Salom.
low as t-laas leader.
Turner, where she was nursing.
Hnnry W h ile nnd wife have been
Clarence Ireland lias bought a nev.
W8 * e r r all pleased lo l«arn that Miss
Mr. Brophy has a crew of men haul­ lisiling at the county scat.
Effic Phitikingtnn has come to make piano.
ing off logs and other things and rub-
her home among us.
Miss Vuda Farmer lias been over
Jule Ferguson was out Ibis way tier boots are in demand.
from Bellvne wiib her aunt, Mrs.
N. Chapin has rented Win. Ford'-
The literary society is practicing for Hugh Farmer.
hop yaid and will begin work as soon
Fislibaek Bros, have cut 100 cords
a necktie party St. Valentine’s even­
as llic weather will permit.
of stove wood.
G. W , Myer and wife, Joe, Jim and
ing, the proceeds to be applied on
W ill.
Udell, Giorge Baumgartner,
The young people bore gather to­
Mrs. Barnes, of Albany, is,iisit$ng
WiB. Gilson, O r-ille Ceoper, Zulu,
gether eviry Tuesday evening fora at Ihe home of her f-nlier, Allen
There i- much dissati-faction over G o gie and Sadie Myer, John Qucr-
a a-ial sing. the.last place being W. I.. Towns.
our posh.Ilice being discontinued. A ing, Mary and David Retldekopp, Jes­
Miss Myrtle Conklin is 'eaebing at petition to the department to have it sie and Gladys Martin, Charlie Black,
This is very had wea-h-r for goals
remain ns at pres- nt is being numer­ W a ller Nichols, Archie Myer, Ora
ami most of the farmeraare kept busy
Rhodaharger, John Rimonton, Jasper
ously signed.
and Arthur Boyd stun attended a par­
slashing for them. A. M. Vassall ami
Milt. Grant have lost several.
ty at the home of Mrs. Hastings Fri­
ting his slioep across the creek Sun­ day evening.
Nells H ill, Frances Brown, Gilbert
Tyson, James Yoakum and C. L. Hill
have taksn them off. John Holmes
Saturday evening pleasantly surprised
iLu bail to go the relief of 1 1 ia cows.
Nothing but a local
cniedj'AJr change of cli-
ft. It. Riggs, who is batching at prr-
Hastings is visiting
iiate will cum
The debating society bad a fine lit­ friends at Rainier.
erary programme Saturday evening
T h o S p e c i f l c is and I lien the question us to whether
Mr. Ni udel has Inst over 30 goats
B eat Ont o f an In c re a s e of P e n s io n .
i l y ’s Cream Balm teachers have more inUtiftire over llic past two mouths.
A Mexican war vejsrnn and prom
It In quickly absorbed
Oir«w relief at once,
inent editor writes: “ Seeing Ills ad-
Quite a lot of «icknee» in this ucck
t open* nnd cleansed tin* uusaed.
Mrs. John Holmes led the
verlisemint of Chambetlain’s Colic,
Nasal P.uuNgcs.
affirmative and Miss Argyll- Jones tho of the woods the past two weeks.
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. I am
_____ Allays Influniation.
negative, the decision being in favor
The rural delivery failed to show up
reminded that as a soldier in Mexico
I cmhnine. Restores the
Monday on account of washed out cul­
in '17 anti 48, I contracted Mexican Seneca ot Taste and .Smell. No injurious drug. Reg of the Utter.
diarrhoea and this remedy has kepi ular size, W) cents; Family size, ?sl or by mail.
K LY BROTHERS, M Wanen Street,* New York.
me from getting an increase in mi
Miss Fannie Bush took the motor
pension for on every renewal « dose of
Ira Mehrling has returned from a lait Saturday for Perrydale, where «lie
it raamres me.” It is unequaled as a
has employment.
visit to his parents in Ohio.
quiek cure for diurrhora and is pleas­
Mr. Delallay, of upper Soap Creek,
ant ami safe lo take. ~
~ sale by A.
Our esteemed citizen, John Em m ­
ett, has left us and a dance at the ho­ has been in this vicinity tho past few
K. Wilson.
days chasing coyotes.
tel was given in his honor.
The heavy rains and melting snow
Iu lour days ending the 14th, at
W illie Beal is quite tick with ty­
■ unset, 9.71 inches of rain fell. This raised Ihe Lnckiamule to a higher
phoid faver.
combined with the rapidly melting notch than it lias been for several
Pneumonia snow has done lots of washing out of years.
Atuinie Southwick has lost several
Rheumatism roads and culverts. The big bridge
goats lately.
The mail wns brought up on the
here was somewhat shaken hut is all
hand car Monday evening, the motor
M ix John Sykes lias been quite sick
not caring lo tackle the water that
for two weeks,
John Talbot has gone to Salem to was 18 or 20 inches deep on the track.
A K flouthwick recently sold 25
meet Col. Wheat and a New York
Jim Sabring and Koy Byerly killed
mutton sheep at $6 a head.
capitalist to arrange for immediate
36 or 40 gophers on their bottom field
N e u r a lg ia
during the high water. E. W. Stasis
One teacher, Mina Effle Clark, and
dispatched half aa many in his field
Fred/Uibtnn are on the sick list.
A T T E N T IO N !
jO K Y c a
Rev. Morehead has been holding a
Mrs. E. Rose, of Monmouth, will
protracted meeting
at Ihe school
I am tsk
ing nrders lor a- soon move lo this placs aud open a
nntlier car load board and lodging house. Sho will
Mrs Otis W ait has been spending a
woven wire mere into the McKisson house as
V h yslcla n a u w
th is M y sterio u s P » l n
few days at Dixie with her mother,
Cure In ih e li fa m ilies and prescribe It
fencing at lower soon as t tsy move out.
who is sick,
In th eir practice. A t dru ggists. 50 cts. i
A. D. McKisson will move his fam­
J. W. Pheenicia and Harry McDow- \ G en tlem en : I n ever h e s ita te to a c k n o w l- j
price on coast.
ily lo Portland next week and make
ed ge tho w o r th o f a good th in g,
ell are at their mines in Southern Or - 1 flu en tly I do not h esita te to a c k n o w le d g e
thal-place his future home. They
that I h a v e g iv e n y o u r re m ed y a th o ro u gh i
egon tliis winter.
have lived nt this place for several
teat, and h a v e fou n d It to b o a ll you cla.ro.
R e s p e c tfu lly .
years and we dislike to see them leave.
There ii to be a bosket social at ths
J. H. P U T N A M , M. D.. R u tla n d. V t
59 State street. Salem.
scb.ad hou-e“ Jauuory 19th far ths I SCOTCH REMEDY COMPANY
Mr, J, A. Johnson, who owns the
benefit of tbs school. Each lady is t Westers Agency
old Fuller place, has 30 Japs at work
expected lo bring a basket and each
slashing brush. H e pays $2.60 an
man is expected to do his duty in the
acre and will have 500 sires slashed,
way o! buying
A aeneral good time j
mostly on the part known as the Jew­
is expected and all are invited.
ett place.
CO LD » « H E A D
Don’t Rub It In.
Missea Susie Branson and Myrtle
Burgess, of Sheridan, are visiting Mrs
: \V. W. Smith,
On account of high water onr teach
er had to title to school Monday morn
— -— - — ■
Mice Maggie P omeroy ia back from
That). Stevens and bride arc at
their new hum. on the W , W , Fawk
Dr. Haney, of San Francisco, and
Mr. West, of Dallas, have been visit­
ing here.
. . . . .
the silage owing to lack of pressure.
Wherever practicable the silo should
have a depth of not lees than 24 feet,
while more satisfactory results may be
expected I f ft Is ten feet deeper.
Make the silo walls smooth- A fter
the Bllage Is placed In the pit It should
settle evenly and easily. I f the walls
are perfectly vertical and smooth, the
creased to 294 and in 1880 was 3(59
P om ona C ra n g 9 M eeting.
| conditions for settling will be favora­
The electoral vote being in proportion
Thu met here hist Saturday after- ble. Where stone Is used, a coat of
to the population, the foregoing tig- noon, inch of the subordinate grunge« water lime cement must be used to
ures show iiow tepidly our country n l the county being represented, mid make a good surface. As silage con­
were culled in order by the master, .7. tains acid, this smooth surface will
has grown. As a safeguard ngajnst,
0 . White. After n very interesting gradually become eaten and rough, so
miscarriage of the vote of tiny stair, address by P. L. CitmpheU, of Men th at fr o m y e a r to y ea r, na uema nec­
<h ee copies of the vote are prepared. mouth, on Nature Studies as intro, essary, a light wash of cement should
dueed in our public school«, the fnl be brushed over the wall to make It
One is sent to Washing*on by mail,
lowing resolutions were adnptad : lie
smooth. Where wood Is used, the lin­
one hy a special messenger, and the solved, Unit we favor nuture studies or ing boards should be dressed on one
other d posited with a United Stales mdimentary agri ulture taught in otir side. The wall on the Inside should
public schools, that we favor the ninth he perfectly plumb and smooth from
district judge.
end tenth grades being taught, and the top of the silo to the foundation
that we request our representatives to wall, from the top of which there may
use their influence and vote for the be a slight bevel to the floor. In any
Monmouth— A G Adkins, R L Bur j siiine. It was derided to hold the I form of wooden silo, excepting the
nett, R T Buotliby, W 8 Campbell, .1 next Pomona giaugo nt Monmouth round. It Is desirable that the insldo
I* Doughty. Joseph Craven, Evan E v ­ on the 26tli at 10 o’clock, and a very lining boards be nailed on vertically.
ans, C F Fisher, P W Haley, James > in In e ting time m aybe expected, a« The silage w ill then slip down easily.
Hclmiok, T A Ireland, J 11 Mulkey, filial arrai gnments « i l l he made lor a
Have as few corners as possible.
F 8 Powell, A / Ted row.
two days farmers institute to he held Upon the thoroughness of the packing
llucna Vi*la— W N Alexander, El* ; February 21st and 22ml, which it is usually depends the character of the
lis Davidson, K N Hall, Peter Kurre, hoped will he most interesting and preservation. Most of the waste which
R M M Get| r, <i \Y McLaughlin, B I profitable to the farmers of Polk eon li­ occurs where silage has been well put
11 Pillar, M N Prather, J E Rhodes, ly. Moru definite notice may be look­ In occurs at the surface, against the
L D Baldwin.
doors, at the sides and in the corners.
ed for later.
Biner— A H Collins, Joseph Con !
Use gas tar on wooden silos, for
----- ■» . u
rad. C H Hoag, .1 R Hubbard, Joseph j
when applied hot It Is considered the
T h u r s t o n ’. S a w M il l.
Kidder«, Albert Rciif, () A VVolverton.
Theie are shoot 1.000,000 feel of best known preservative o f wood avail­
Independence—J G Clelnud. N (> logs In the mill pond and 25 men are able for common use. Even put on
Cb'dfeller, William Cockle, Lyman busy as Is e> all day long eonv.i ting cold, If not too thick for rapid painting.
Damon, R E Ferguson, U L Fraser, tit. logs into luinlier of sixes and It Is a superior preservative. Tar may
.1 A Griggshy. L R Hill, W slla.e lengths to suit orders. 1 »s’ Satur­ also he thinned with gasoline without
Hunt ley, 8 B Irvine, O M Jones, H day night’s great Hood nod «mined a the use of beat As gasoline rapidly
B K« lso, J E Kirkland, W W Perci pile of lumber and caused som . 20,- evaporates Into a gas which is very In­
vii I, L T Price, 8 B Walker, George A 000 feet to float away, hut most of it flammable much care should be used.
The Illustrations, from publications
lodgn! some distune, down the creek
Luekiaraute— J I) Bevent, Lewis and wdl he recovered. The high wa­ of the Wisconsin station, give an Idea
Edwards, J M (»rant, John Ground ter, did not groat damage to their of the appearance and method of filling
R A Hastings, D M Hewitt, Ira Hcok dams and but few log« were lost. They a round silo and explain In a measure
er, A A idudeman, F W Lauglmry, J will find no irouble in telling nt good the process of constructing a silo of
K Psgetl, John Ritner. I M Himpson prices all Ihe lumber they can cut for this kind. Fig. 1 shows a method o f
laying and leveling the foundation. A
W W Smith, F M Smith, Kol.cn Tar months to Come.
Is a center post with top level with top
tor, Jo in Taylor, F M Waters, M il).
------- ------------------
o f proposed wall. B B are straight edge
Turner, W K Williams, J W Yost.
Dallas W o olen Mill.
Bridgeport— C L Barnhart, John J
Cutter Bros. A Walker are having boards nailed to stakes driven In the
Brown, W J Burns, J M Card, Sam the machinery and appliances put in ground. 0 Is a piece o f straight edge
uel A Davis, W L Frink, R R Riggs. good condition ami expect to be able timber fixed to turn on a pin at A. B B
W H Scott, D Shepard, F T Shut®, to resume operations by the 1st of are all nailed level with top o f post A.
Fig. 2 shows the construction. The
W N Yea ter, I F Yoakum.
February, »red. Carter is now in the
F*lla C ity— Frank ButUr, J J Col metropolis looking into the advisahili sills are 2 by 4 Inches In two foot sec­
well, Ira Foreman, Harvey Gage, O ty of using crude oil instead of wood tions, with the ends cut on the slant o f
K Leet, II E Starr, J 8 Talbot, S H ns fuel. Their «ample* era now on a radius o f the silo circle. These should
Tetherow, G M Tiot», E G White, G W display in New York, whore a n a ly­ be sawed out with much care. A fter
being bedded In mortar they may be
sate can be found for all the cloth and
R«. k (/r«ek— Clarence Aikman, M blankets they can make. The mill toenallcd together. The plates are the
same, spiked to top of studs, which are
E Hayes.
will soon again he a hive of indust'V
Hilt Lake— P W Flanery, 1) N Kee- and cause the distribution of many a 3 by 4 lncbea, a foot apart. Short
gi, I) 1 a Key*, K F Hargeant, B M dollar in Dallas
Jackson— G H Ball, Cyrus Blair,
Cyrus Buell, F O Byerlev, Felix Com
Rev. Morehead will preach on next
tgys, J L (»uttry, M Michelbook, R A
Porter, J C Byron.
Douglas— N M Dickey, J
Three members will be initiated in
john, Wm Payne, Wilds Bowel 1, C C our grange next Saturday.
Scroggin, T B Stone, L M Wulhice, C
The eighth grade in otir school s
J llnssey, Henry Olmsted.
McCoy— Edward Bell, Wm. But- preparing for Anal examination in
trick, J J Finn, C 1 a Hawley, C O February.
Merritt, I P Reeve, G W Richards,
Cuss Riggs, G A Shields.
Spring Valiev— S II Barker, Ira
Burley, F I* Caldwell, W O Cooper, A
H Coyle, W B Duncan. L R Green, E
C Higgius. Tims Jennings. W C L«w
is, John Phillips, K W Pur vine. E K
Robbins, J R Shepard, O C Wait.
Kola— J W Edgar. J II Fletcher, E
O n e P ric e
wood for
which M cKinley received 212 ami
Bryan 155. When the constitutional
Mill Creek ia higher than it lias
convention met in 1787 none of its been for several years.
members favored a president being
School will begin here next Mon­
chosen by direct vote. Several plans day with Pearl Leonard as teacher.
were discussed and tried, the present
Alice Oov, of Butler, whs has been
one being finally adopted. The idea visiting friends has returned home,
was that less worry and friction would
Mill Creek has washed through Mr.
result from the method pursued. In Yarrow's farm, cutting about a fi.tj
178/j there were only 91 presidential foot channel ami taking logs and trees
electors, by 1810 the number bad in­ onto his grain (laid.
& SON.
Our school closes on January I8lli.
D*. Miles 9 Net vine
chiej clerk of the house, Miss Lillian
llucUl'‘inan, of Dallas, was chosen as
E H am it, Robert Glenn, A C Leabo,
a stenographer, and E. E. Robbins, of
Ed Loose, H R McDowell,C L Pearce,
Spring Valley, is a committee clerk. J W Phoenicia, J H Plum. J F Shaf­
In I he appointment of senate com­ er, A R Southwick, John Sykes, A n­
drew Vorcler, A M Vernon, T W
mittees there was evident unfairness
for the evident purpose of favoring
Rickreall— I A Allen. N S Burch,
political friends and setting down on Ray Fawk, H C Fox, E L Harris, L
political enemies.
(Senator Mulkey H Knowles, Fred Kuser, R F Lne,
Manly Martin, J VV Morrison, J VV
was planed on four committees, three Morrison, J W Rogers, S T Smith, E
of them of but little consequence. A St*nson, M F White.
Dallas— J A Baxter, C W Black, S
Both ho and Senator Daly who have
had *o much to do with educational W Blessing, James Boydstcn, T 8
Brewn, J M Buford, J W Caldwell, R
ailairs, were left off of the important L Chapman, O E Dennis, W R Howe,
educational committees. Mulkey can VV H Kraber. G F McBee, Plato Me
be slighted blit he cannot he squelch­ Fee, W P Miller, A B Mmr, G VV My
er, J R Robbins, J W Robinson, G P
flelby, G F Shew, S R Smith, Jacob
Smith, G VV Siarr, O c ir Taylor, J M
T he presidential electors met at the Wilson, Newton Woodward, T D PI i •
various state capitals Monday and cast lips, C E Schrotder.
R. E . b ^ Y A M
Clarence HaniiB»n is learning the
An U nequalled and C om plete Ho printers trade in the Enterprise office,
sum o nf W h at Your Frlonds are
Curt. Cooper is over from Washing-
and Have Bean Lately Doing.
I leu visiting his puren’ s, Harbin Coop- !
or and wife.
C. W . Fulton of Astoria as president
soothes and rests the tired brain, strengthens the nerves
and supplies the nerve influence that is so neceaaary to
of the senate ami L. B. Reeder of Um­
build up health of body and vigor o f mind. T ry i t
atilla eounty as speaker of the house
U k * M il e s M e d i c a l C o ., Elkhart, Ind.
A, V. R. Hnyder got to be assistant Sold by druggists on guarantee.
¡ S Ü ' b S í * " "” ” l!
m ,
body. It makes them strong or weak, healthy or dis
according as the brain and nerves are strong and vigorous
weak and diseased. Weak nerves cause headache, nervousn
neuralgia, indigestion, heart trouble and many other forms
chronic weakness. Make the nerves strong, the brain clear a
active and the body will be healthy and vigorous.
V V . A .. W A S H ,
Jake Fetter and wife, of Dixie, have
been among their friends here.
< r-.iviRu R vkkv P kio a T M oh . h s u A t 7:30.
T hk legislature met Monday snd
promptly organized by the election of
O D E S T A F F O F R E S TL E S S - „
Boin te th- wife of George Crowley, ;
s daughter.
fa r ** * *
Mrs Harbin Cooper fell and broke
1 her left arm.
A number of yotittg people gather, no. L LBvn.is-u rot’ XDATKnt — no. n.
MBTgOD or oom-rauemn.
ed anil gave Mia. Nellie Williamson a
Mrs Cedie Gentry ia staying with
pleasant surprise party Tuesday e\rn- lengths o f stoda may be used lapped to Mrs Rnrton.
get the depth. Slxteens and fourteen!
' i' I
will give a silo 30 feet deep. I.Inlags
Miss Nora Wood it WorkawE at the
■ « • «■...........
are made from fenelng sawed to give Li lie P.iLce hotel.
The America i Angora Coat Breed ene-half Inch In thickness; outside
era Aasnciatioii witli In-adqt'art.ra at sheathing the same; siding for silos un­ Miss III niche I'hilLpe is «layin g in
Kansas City, has appointed If. A. der 28 feet, outside diameter, common town lo altsnd scl»*d.
Grant, of Dallas, inspector fo rth « slat, siding, rabbeted. For diameter over 38
Jcf, Mstney is cp fn m C-H«age
of Oregon. A ll desiring lo
enter feet outside common drop siding er G rove visiting his mother.
their high grade slot k should apply to ship lap may be used.—C. & Flush.
Foreel Kindi and wife have been -
among Salt Creek friends.
— ANI>—
W ill give strength t*» the nerves »m l re­
store the liver »nd kidney* to a healthy
iundition give tone to the »tonwwh end
bowel*, »nd promote » g»»od appitit*
healthv digestion; will relieve eonetipa-
tion, purify the Wood »m l nuke » he»l
thy biniv with » clear ekln. That tired
feeling will tears ymi and tlerp will he
reelfsl. A t Wlleon’edrng etore, UdUs.
¥ H -M -M-4-M -+4-4-4-4-M-4-4--M-
P h o to­
g ra p h ic
p lie s .
P F E N N IG ,
Jeweler and Optician.
1 Next door u£T\ O., Pallas.
A lively wolf c-ha.se was participated
in by a good number of the bays a few
days ago. It was finally crippled by
Everett Steals and the dogs soon dia-
patrhrd him. During the chase. J.
M. Slants Inst a hat. Jobny Hastings
a new silk muffler, Bill W illiam *
broke both stirrup strap«, Dclatly had
toe horn knocked off hit (addle, J. O.
Stasis and Sum. Heatings' horses gava
out and Clare Stasis lost his canteens
that were filled with pitch wood and
dinner for two.
A t the »tat« poultry «Imw Robinson
Bros, look pramitiiun uq Imiian Knu*
ner ducks, v. It t»* H y mouth Rock ro<»#-
ter, barred Hym ot.tli Rock
Brown I/eghorn pullet and cockerel
•nd tied for second premium on Ply­
mouth Rock cockerel.