The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, July 09, 1891, Image 7

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n5 dear littlt wlfo nt bomo. John,
With ever m much to do.
Stitchcrf to wu nml tables to pet.
And o many tliotn;lit of you;
The beautiful lioti-tetioUl fairy.
nilin your heart with light:
Whatever vim meet today, John.
tio cheerily homo to-nisht.
For thousti yoti nre worn and weary.
You needn't 1k ira or curt;
There urn word like darts to cemle hearts,
Ttiero au looks (lint wound and hurt.
With the key lu the latch at home. John.
Drop tlu troitlile out of sight;
To Uio little wife who Is waiting,
Go cheerily homo tonight
. -Woman's Magazine.
Yrn Tfizoe was very old. In all tlie
villages, for nmriy miles around, none
was h( old. none so wiso. Ho had sold
all ho had and given the money to the
poor one your, when the Ho-Ang-Ho had
broken over its hanks and had swept all
the rice and millet crops down toward
the hea Ho had boon very rich, and his
benefactions had saved many hundred.
of jK'ople from starvation Hut when
they blessed him and would have given
him back his great possessions after one
or two prosperous seasons, ho would
Let bo, my children," ho said. "Sly
forefathers niado mo rich, and 1 have no
son to leave riches to Ho you all my
eons and enjoy your heritago now."
So lie dwelt in a little house ho had
builded with his own hands on the
mountain side, and ato of the millet
which he grew on a little patch of
ground ho had cleared, and wanted
Ami liecuusu he was wise ho healed tho
people when they were sick, and prayed
for them when they died, and taught
them many proverbs from the writings
of the poets: for his books only he had
not sold. And so they would have wor
shiped him, but ho forbade them, saying:
"I am a man ako. Pray not to mo till I
.am dead, for then it may be that I can
hear anil can help you."
Meantime he prayed always, to his
forefathers and to Huddlui. And ho
builded him a little prayer wheel for
himself and set it in tho brook that ran
down the mountain 6ido. so that night
and day his prayers wore always rising
to Buddha for his soul. Hut ho builded
n greater wheel for his neighbors, and set
it where there was mure water, for ho
said: "1 am only one, and they are
And every year ho mado a long pil
grimage to the banks of tho great river
that none can see across becauso there
are mists and clouds and always the
farther bank is veiled in darkness where
Buddha, and the pious dead who uro
ghost.s, live forever. And ho prayed
always for the boatmen to eomo to him
and ferry him across the great river
where so many were crossing every day:
but ho cauie not.
Yen Tszee was very sad every year
when tho lioutiiiiiii came not, and ho
went back to his little house on tho
mountain side with a heavy heart: but
the jwople rejoiced when ho returned,
for they loved him. And he would see
that they were glad and he would forget
his sorrow, until the winter would come
again, when he could not work in the
field nor visit tho sick, and tho days
were dark, and the nights long. Then
ho waved, saying: " Because I am very
old and my anus and my legs nro weak,
anil Iwauso 1 have no moro joy in my
body. I would cross great river,"
and again ho would m.iko tho pilgrim
age and watch and wait for tho boat
man, but ho came not
But at last there came a winter when
it was nine times colder than ho had ever
known, and when the snow was very
deep. And ho could not go to his neigh
bora when they were sick, and they
could not come to him. for they wero
sick, and he was old and very "feeblo.
Ad he went again to tho river.
Tho way was long, and his poor, thin
legs bent under him as ho toiled through
tho snow and ice. and his heart failed
him because he was sick with tho cold,
but ho went on till ho camo to tho river,
and tho boatman was there, and tho boat
was there.
Then Yen Tsaw said: "Aro you come
to take mo across tho river?"
And tho boatman, who was old and
bent, and who wore a thick veil, said:
"Yea, if you aro ready."
And Yen Tsee said; "1 am ready."
Yen Tszee was very glad, and ho drew
near to the boat to step in that ho might
ortass the river, but when ho camo near.
bo stopped and shrank back, for thcro
was no liottoui to tho boat, and there was
nothing but water for him to step on,
-awl tho water was very black and colder
than ice. He shuddered, and Buid: "1
am very cold nnd 1 am too old and weak;
1 cannot go in tho water."
Then tho boatman said: "If you havo
faith, tho water will bo sis tho bottom of
the boat, and you shall go across tho
rive-: but if you havo not faith it will
not hold you up."
Then Yen Tszeo said, "I havo faith,"
aad he stepped into the boat, and lo! tho
water loro him up even tho sarno aa tho
wooden lottom of a lxiat.
Then tho boatman pushed off from tho
Blmrc, and Yen Tszeo was very much
afraid, for tho river was vorv t.wift and
the !oat was old and rotten, and tho wa
ter scorned to rise up on either Bido; and
Lo thought the boat nnd tho boatman
and ho would all sink. And ho prayed
Hi Buddha.
Tho boatman rowed hard and spako
over a wt rd, but he
streftm, and not straight across, and tho
harder he pulled tho slower tho boat
went, for tho water raged u-rribly. Then
tf.ey flatted away from tho shore, so that
Yen Tszeo could neither see In-hind nor
beforo him, tho mist that is ul
wava over tho river was very thick.
While they wero in tho middle of tho
river Yen Tszx saw a man swimming
in tho Icy water, and he was ulmtt
epent, so that Lo could awlm no moro
ami wok near sinking; and Yen Twu-o
called to tho boatman to stop to tliut
Mioy should save tho man, But tti
boatman eald "No, Wo cannot ttop to
save him; because if we do you cannot
go across tho river, for 1 cannot carry
two across."
Then Yen Tszeo wept sorely, for ho
longed to go across, but ho said: "I can
not see this man Krish. We must help
him. Stop and 1 v. ill pull him into tho
Anil the txatman stopped nnd Yen
Tszeo pulled tho drowning man into tho
boat, and when ho l(x!:o. at his face he
saw that it w;is his own Udy that he had
rcsrut'd. Ami ho wondered greatly and
looked up at the Uiatman. and lo! the
boatmans veil fell off and Yen Tszeo
saw that ho was not old and Unt. but
that he was n beautiful angel
Then the ctntids and mist rolled .away,
nnd they ratne lo the olher side, where
Yen Tszeo saw Buddhartiid many angels.
And ho dwell there-. I'".;les-(Jurtis in
New York Independent. ,
.11 in Itmvle (hilrleil Thrm.
There wero three Bowie brothers
James. Stephen and Rezin. They wero
all "fighting men." as dangerous indi
viduals woio denominated in those times,
but wero not bullies. They never com
menced a difliculty. and in tho ordinary
intercourse with their neighbors wero
uiet and courteous, but always ready
to defend the weaker side. An old Meth
odist minister, who died years ago, ono
of the pioneers of Christianity in tho
early days of tho southwest, also told mo
a story illustrating this characteristic.
"1 was holding a meeting at Church
EXi 11. Miss., in 1SI!0," said the venerable
preacher, "when n lot of roughs, llnt
boatmen and others disturbed tho con
gregation to such a degree that I thought
there would Ih serious trouble. So, hist
before the evening service was to begin,
I called together several gentlemen to
know what should In? dono if tho troublo
was renewed. Among thoso present was
a small man whom I had not met beforo
and alxMit whom there was nothing re
markable except his low, soft voice and
leeuliar ringed gray eyes. '1 don't think
then' will ho any more trouble, jarson.'
ho said. 'I will stay to-night and see
you through.' I thanked him and in tho
bustle forgot to.asl; my friend who ho
was. Tho congregation was just begin
ning the first hymn when a burly ruffian,
half drunk, camo staggering down tho
aisle of tho church and halting in front
of tho pulpit gave an Indian war whoop.
In a second the gentleman with the un
usual eyes had him by tho collar with
one hand and an enormous knifo raised
above his head in the other. 'Sit down,
you drunken devil, or by 1 will cut
your throat from ear to ear!'
" 'Why. who uro you?' said tho other,
in shaky tones,
" My name is James Bowie.' was tho
answer 'and if 1 hear another whimper
out of you or any member of your gang.
1 will waste no words, but come back to
you. Now, go. And the man went
without a word, and I low to then joined
in tho singing of tho hymn with an air
that was edifying in tho extreme. Thcro
was no more troublo that night, nor ever
after. Tho roughs Irnd enough." Wash
ington Herald.
She Slutlrd HI ill.
There was rather a sensational attempt
at burglary tho other night at Minneapo
lis, Mum. Mr. Jackson, foreman m tho
blacksmith shop at tho Industrial works,
recently fell heir to a very large fortune
from the old country. Tho other day
some impiisitivo stranger, to whom Mr.
Jackson gave little attention, asked hira
if tho expected legacy had yet arrived,
no was dismissed with a brief answer,
and the matter would probably have been
forgotten were it not for the startling
events which followed.
That very night, some timo after 12
o'clock, Mrs. Jackson was awakened by
a noiso at ono of tho windows in the bed
room in which she and her husband wero
sleeping. This frightened her, but fright
was increased to terror nt tho sight of a
man stealthily creeping over tho window
cill into tho room,
Tho plucky little woman never delayed
proceedings by stopping to 6cream or
shake her husband, but, springing to
tho floor, grasjKl a convenient bed slat,
swung it with the grace and force of a
professional basoliall player, mado a hit
the first time, and with a resounding
whack sent tho stunned intruder back
through tho window, Her temerity was
followed by a natural reaction, and it
was noon bef ore she recovered her nerves
sufficiently to tell what had occurred.
Tho open window and blood on the bed
slat suggested that there hud lieen serious
troublo, which was fully explained when
Mrs. Jackson was able to tell her story.
New York Press.
Didn't Catch lllm.
Of course, with his millions of wealth
derived from his electrical machines,
nobody would be fool enough to offer to
pay Inventor ftlisnn for amusing her
guesui, but a certain Fifth avenuo ma
tron undertook to accomplish it by diplo
macy She was going to givo a recej
tion, und through u mutual friend sho
invited Mr. Edison to lx' present- Ho
devotes no time or attention to society of
any sort, but he allowed himself to Iks
persuaded to becomu a guest on this oc
Something Which South nml Coutrul
American llnilwuy rrojectoin Aro In
quiring .Minut Xmel I'cuturcs of an
Kxtrciitiely .Nnrroiv Conge Itoiul Cost.
rankfort. N. Y., tho 0111
a, the well known k fj
and identified him- j J. 1&,
velvo voars with tho I
Cart Mycr Think It Will Sotiiej Day lie a
Common Thin;:.
Carl Myers, of Fn
husband of Cailotta,
feminine aeronaut,
self for tho past twelve years with tho
problem of aerial navigation, who has
been a guest nt the Wayno hotel during
the past few days, is what a theatrical
man might call an aeronautic manager.
Ho sometimes takes a little excursion up
into the cloud country to seo if tho ethe-
Our Latest and Greatest Premium Offi
As our narrow gnugo mart, tho Bridgton
and Saeo River, which taps tho Portland nnd
OgdenMuirg (standard gauge) nt lliraui, six-
fjm tllillW lAt tf TlrMrrfmi nrwl fMt,- I
west of I'ortlmid.isarel.antative.nndonel ,Val i0119 1"ols, nt ndJf thil,K3 1
ot tho best representatives, of its kind, I will ,
take it for illustration. The nenernl render.
da well ns railroad men, will readily note its
unique, Curious and interesting features.
Tho road was built in tho summer ot 1SS2
and tho winter of 184Ci-. That winter waa
notable as ono of the mos.t severe on record.
the mercury for weeks nt a time registering
from 5 dogs, to i de;;s. Mow r.ero, mid the i
snow being deep, which, with the then high '
price of materials, tho expense, much
moro than it uouhl cost to build tho same!
road nt tho present time. Tho oxnet length 1
of tho raid is 15.1) miles, independent of
sidings. Tho cost of coustruction was $10!),.
S!Vj; of equipment, ftfS.-UU; total cost, jsHCi,.
80S. Tho samo kind of steel rails can now be
bought from 'M to 85 per coat, less, mid other
materials aro cheaper; so that what then
cost nbout $1,000 ymv mild to construct could
uow lw dono for 5700. Tho rails nro of steel,
Cawbriilgo pattern, nro iK) feet long, and
weigh SO pounds to tho ynrd. Xuinbcr of
ties used cv mile, 'J,040.
There aro two engines built nt tho Ilink
Icy Locomotive works, 15oton ench weigh
hu 20,000 Kunrts, with driving wheels o0
inches in diameter; nml their xwer, con
sidering their small sizo aud weight, is simply
surprising, ns la shown ty tho way thoy con
are nil there, but not often. Tho nsceu
sions which he himself has mado num
ber only forty-four. Ho has, however,
a corps of star aeronauts employed, and
contracts with county fairs and Fourth
of July celebrations to furnish balloons
and experienced air sailors at reasonable
prices, with satisfactory spectacular fea
tures guaranteed. Ho has also given at
tention to the improvement of tho Wal
loon, and tine muslin manufactured
from sea island cotton becomes, when
treated by a process invented by him, a
better material from which to manufac
ture air ships than silk, nnd much less
Anticipating tho day when monopo
listic individuals will control tho aerial
trunk lines of navigation as yell as state
legislatures and slower means of trans
portation lower down, ho has continued
investing in aerial property, occasionally
laying by a balloon for n rainy dav, until
he is now the owner of twenty-seven gas '
air ships, U'sides a largo number of hot I
air balloons. His gas balloons are manned
by a crew of thirteen persons, and ho has
quor steep grades with heavy loads, ami force j a much larger number than that to run
their way with plows through deep snows, his hot air contrivances.
nnd htigo drifts, by which thoy nro seldom
long detained. Tho two passenger enrs (built
at tho Iieonm Car works, New Hampshire)
nro each 45 by 0 l-'J foot, Kncli seats thirty
paisoiigers ono person to n seat, there being
two rows of seats is finished in solid ma
liagony, nnd nicely upholstered. Between
tho floorings of each car mineral wool three
inches deep raiders them tiro proof, prevents
tiny cold nlr from passing, nml deadens tho
noiso. Theso cars nro run with littlo jar or
noiso on IS i'-n-h wheels, nro equipped with
tho Miller platform und vncuuni brakes, nro
elegant, cozy, pleasant, comfortable, in short,
nro very way satisfactory, nnd compare
favorably with their moro pretentious breth
ren. Tho freight curs, soaio twenty in num
ber, ni-o !i0 by 0 1-2 feet, and carry ordinnrilv
a uuruon ot eight tons, although having a
The result of long study devoted to tho
subject and nn extensive experienco hns
been to make Mr. Myers n beliover in tho
eventual practicability of navigating tho
upper air. He is now the proprietor of
what is said to be the only balloon factory
in tho world, but ho declarer his convic
tion that such concerns will some day bo
as common as car shops or ship yards.
"I havo just perfected," ho said, "what
I call nn air velocipede, nnd shall givo
public exhibitions of its capabilities in
tho near future It is provided with a
reservoir containing sufficient hydrogen
gas to support the weight of ono indi
vidual. Then by means of a devico oper
ated by tho hands and feet it can bo
llltTOUV. Tut MiwuflTit CrrtorMieonU1ni aomplte
ai1 i i iintoirer me wi Aititriou utii ir. rro-
r?trl1liitralc.! with nuiiirroiii Ante.tAte or Ibt Ktbtlllon; t
f mii.:! llui.nt nt Am-rlci, from H diitorrry by ColumbuMo
m pitu iniir critpiiifl acriruou r untftuf Millet ftlld
fitmoilitiit ..-i,l lit the lilaterf f U nation, ehtonoloftcal
hiuiin .no . eic
ltlOdll I'll V. Tl.l (teal woik eonlatna tho I.lfea ft all
eir I iif Hie I'ulte.1 Male, from WaMnr.ton ti
lltmie,iii with t ir alia an l oilier lltiil fallen , alao Meet ant
I -iftrtlla ..f Naiton lletiafarte, Sliale apeare. llyrtM), William
f'tttii Iteiijamiii I'raiiklln. Ilenrf CUT, Daniel Webaler, and
t utpin"ii, anthora, I"91', irncrata, ctermD, olc.,
ilotMi I" (be israelii daf .
AUKICri.TI'lli:. ValnaMa hlnlian.l naertil aum anient
In I- it lurra, urathiir. of fleM e rope, galea an.1 fenoea, forlllif ere.
It m.i liniileiiiriita t hie. lock ralaluf, I lie I tl.l I n ( Iba treatment of
tl.aeaea,tf ttitmeatla animate) pnullrT keeplnc, and boe made
tireefnl mid profitable; beekeeping, dairy farmlni, eto. Tho
treatment itf llirao aubjeele la complete and oihauatlre, and
ten lera the irotk of ureal praetloal uia lo faruiere and alookmen.
HOItTirri.TITKi:. Herein li ulren Hie tnoit u.tful bint,
lortonere of nil kind tf tegetabtea and frulta, aa gathered
from the eapeilrnc or the nioNt auceeaarul liorlloutturleta.
AltCIU'l r.! l l!lin. nelgnaanddanrorhoueel.eottagta,
barna rati I other ontbulldloia, at lib valuable aunealloue u
Ihoie Inteudlug to build.
HO!SKIIOI.I. Thle trotk eonlalne tiled and letted reelpea
i.r niiiivbi rietj iiiiBgiiianie unit mr nrraa laet, ainnrr ann lea
A Greaf and Wonderful Worfr.
2,176 Pages
620 Beantifnl Illustrations!
Tn Mamkotii CTCI.or.TJDtA hu been pnb-llahe-J
to nifft Urn wnt of the) muari for a
unltemal C(mrnjtim of knowledge, prarUe&L
uaerul, fclentlflc anil eneral. The work la pnti.
liahPil conipletx In lour lame nml liandmnee
Tolutnf , cctmi rlalne rt total ot 2,178 (attt, tout
la proftieeljr HlualrtiltTtli6a)l.autllule'nTB?w
lna. Tliottaauila of dollar hare been f ipendeit
to iraVo title tlin moat compute, taliiabl and
uarfitl trork lor the maaaea re r ptiMlahed. It Is
work for etcryliody-man, woman ami hlldv
In otrry orcupatlon or walk In life. The aub
tanreand practical lilllltyrf tnenty ordlnarr
Toliimea are comprlaed In thfae four, and an
replete la the work wltli knowledge of eetrjr
kind, an filled la It with u.elul Mnta and helpful
eiiltm-Btltina that we fully belleie that In trr
home to nhlcli It ahall find Ita way It will aoon
come to be regarded aa worth llawelphtln gold.
For want of apace we can only briefly aummar
Ire a email portion of tbecontentior tills great
work, aa follow :
Chlnefe, Japanete, the people of India, Africa, Madagaaw,
raleallne, leeland, llorneo, rtiirreah, the Panderleh lartteitUv.
Serrla, KarTtarla, Tattary, rathmrre and Tunlt, Ike AraJM,
Turka, lletieana.floulb Atnrrleana, Amerlean ledlaae, Vien
tiane, Slameie. Abf ttlnlane, Nofweglaaa, Hpanlatde. Ilathuv
Italian. Oteeka. Rutataoa, aibetlane. Afghane, I'-r'nt,
aloaletne. Aoitrallaua, Uuliatlana, Sifllllaoe, elo., etc
JI AMirACTIIIir.f . In Ihlt gtrat wotk It alio deeerttitct
and Itluatraied Ibe aria and proeeiiea orprlnllng, atereotyalatg
Ixtokblndlng, wood engratlng, lithography, photography, eaUteat
printing, piano making, 'taloh making, paper making, taa)
nianufaeturt of tllk. Iron, ateel, glaee, china, petfumery, atoatp,
leather, alareb, wall paper, turpentine, pottal eatde, paaeacey
atampa, enTeloret, pent, pontile, netJIoe, and many otlaeai
Ihlnge, all of wbllh will be found peculiarly Intereallaf ataal
KOlir.KIN lMIOnrCTO. Interetllig deacrlplloaa. Uloav
traled. oftbe culture and preparation for market of tea,afw,
ehooolale, oolton, flat, bemp, augar, lite, nuttuega. ebrtt
ginger, cinnamon, alltplce, pepper, eoooanutt, ptneapplea, aaua
anaa, prunea, dalee, ralilua, nga, ollrtt, tudla.rubber.ttliai
percha. cotk. campbor. cattor oil. tapioca, eu., ale.
NAT tilt A I. III8TOUY. Inttrttilnc and InairaeMleaa
deicrlptlona, aecempanled be IHuiitatlone. of numeroue aoaala
Itiruf, neuea ant iDeeete, wiia tuueo aurieue iniwtmaiwn r
Ihla gepatlmenl altino being worth more than nlne.lentba of
tlie ceok ttooka eold nlmoal Innutnerablo binte, hetpeaud eug
getttona to houeekeeperat dealgnaand auggeallotia for making
tiiany bcRittlful Ihlnga for Ibe adornmeut of home. In needle
ork, embrol lery, etc ; blolaen floriculture, telling how to be
tuceeaeful wllli alt tho earloua plantef toilet lilnta, lellllng bow
to preaerrt and beautify the oompletlou, bandf, ttetfa, balr,
etc., etc.
Mr.llir.M.. tlanydo'.lare In dcelora' Mil. will ba tared
minually lo erery poeeeiier of tblt book througli the valuable
Information herein contained. It lella bow to oure, br almple
vet reliable borne remedlea. available In everv tiouiehold. eeere
dlieaie and ailment thai la curable, !hl department forming a
eomn'ele medical book, tha value of wblcb la any bomo can
hardly bo computed In dollara and crnte.
Knclne. tbetelearei'h. the Printing I
tiierewmg aiaontne, tno .
capacity of twelve tons. Thero aro also n 1 propelled in any direction in tho air do-
buggaso mail cxpres? cur, a combination car.
imi-o uaim anil uuvo pusli cars, ana a snow
plow. All tlio trains nro mixed. Thoy ordi
narily take ono hour to accomplish tho six
teen miles of road, but havo been rim that
distauco in thirty-six minutes. Tho umounl
of coal required for tho round trii thirty
two miles tsSOO lKvuids. Tlio heaviest trrada
CJ00 feet to tlio mile) is near tho Hiram ter
minus, and is on n half milo -0 deg. curve.
Thcro i another curve of 18 deyi. ono of 10,
ono of 12, ono of 11, tour of lu ouch, aud a
coasidurublu ntimlwr of lcs degroo.
Tho Central and fcJoulh American insiwo
tion )Mirties lotmiud some, to them, surprising
facta in their forty minutes' rido from Hiram
to itridgtoa. Thoy learned that tho littlo
'JO.OOO jiouiul locumotivu coultl draw n well
loadwl trian up a grade of L'OO feet to tho
milo; that it could easily round a 20 deg.
nnrvr t n f tint civkminr r
tempting to run a train on rails only two foot 1 V"',10 !n t'R'11.n,,nl'cr of tra,c
apart provod a thoroughly bafo performance. I 11 W,U 1)0 J,wt years- ago
sired. The experiments already mado
with tho machine show its practicability, 1 TUA.vr.iA
nnd it is easier to run it than it is to pro
pel a bicycle on land.
"Tho same propelling apparatus on a
larger scale could, of course, bo used to
navigate a great air ship, if a sufficiently
powerful engine, not too heavy to over
come tho lifting poiVer of tho gas, could
bo found to furnish tho motive power. I
urn now experimenting, with encour
nging results, on a very light, slmplo
contrivanco run by successive explosions
of small quantities of dynamite." De
troit Tribune.
eating deecrlittloii a of great inrenttone, Including tbo Steam
l. the K eotilo 1. eht.
Telephone, the Ttdo Writer, the Tvna
Setting llacklue, Ilia Cotton (Jin, etc.
TIIK Wnitl.IVS UONIimin. araphlo deicrlptlona,
beautifully tlluatraled. ofthe Yellowatono Park. Yoiamlto
Valley, hflagara Falla, th Alpa, Parla, Veeuvlua, Venlee.
Vienna, the Canone of Colorado, Mammoth Cave, Natural
lltldge, Walkloa Qleo, the White tlountalua, eto., (to.
Peacrtpllcne. rrofuaelr llluitrated. of tho life.
luanncre, ouitoutt, peculiar foruit, rltea and ecretuonlet of ibt
so far us any danger of u tin over was con.
corned, on account of the nearness of thu can
to tlio ground and consequent lowering of the
ccntorof gravity; nnd that thrco essential!
of safctj, siieod and comfort wero nbuud
antly securad. Our ro:id was built llvo yean
ago, und in all tbia timo not a passonger has
lveen injured, nt an eugino nor car over
turned nor derailed, not a smash up of any
kind. What Iwtttfr iveortl could bo had?
Thero aro lour other Uo foot gaugo roads
in Maine, tho Sandy ltiver, tho Monsou, tho
Franklin and Mejautic, and unother whoso
namo I cannot now rt-jall, varvina from
flftcea to eigbtoo:i milos in length.
A fow words, in com hision, in regard to
tbo two roads to bo built in tho bouthorn
part of this continent, tho possiblo adop
tion by which of tho plan of tho littlo
two foot road nw.iy down east drew theso
emissaries from tho .outh hither. The
Central American road la to bo built by
tho Honduras North Const Jtailway and Im
provement company, whoso president, 8. 15.
McCaniico, lately inspected our road, and
will connect tho port of Truzillo with
Puerto Cortoz, in tho republic of Hoadurus,
115 miles long, for tlio development of tho
trado in tropical fruits and vegetables, nativo
woods, medicinal plants, minerals, etc,, in
which that region abounds. Tho route of tho
South American road is 110 miles long, and
extends from Son Lorenzo bay to Isbarra,
about forty miles from tho city of Quito, in
Ecuador, tho city teing tho capital of tho re
public, with a insulation of 110,000, and lo
cated at an clorutiou of nearly 8,000 foot
abovo eea level among tho Andes mountains.
It is tho intention to complete tho rood to
Quito, in timo, tho numo of tho road beina
tho Pacific and Quito railway. Thero is uot
a railway in tho country, most of tho tralllo !
being dono on tho backs of mules, aud it is
proposed to build this lino to help tho trado I
of that country with America. -Cuurlea O. !
Btickney in lloston Transcript.
A Di'Nivriitu Ono of Snlcido.
The Palmer house has been very un-
row that one of the most sensational and
carefully planned suicides in the history
of self destruction occurred at tho hotel.
Frederick Add isou Jeffrey was tho vic
tim. Ho was said to havo been n mem
ber of the firm or WyckhofT & Jeffrey,
of Peoria. He occupied a parlor room
on tho eastern extension of tho corridor,
liarly ou tho oth of July his Iwdy was
found suspended over tho bath tub in his
suite. The tub was filled with warm
water und contained the charred frag
ments of combustibles ignited by Jeffroy
just before killing himself. When dis
covered a stiletto was found plunged
into his left breast, his throat was cut
from ear to car. a pistol hung by a cord
within easy reach, besido it a pearl han
dled razor. His body hung by a stout
cord fastened to tho ceiling. Ho had
saturated his clothing with keroseno eo
it would bo easily ignited from tho com
bustibles in the tub. llo turned on the
water as he wrote a letter, and when tho
ropo ho was Ivanging by would bo burned
through he would full into tho tub and
burn to u crisp. Tho coroner's jury
was unable to tell which killed him.
Chicago Timea.
ng tbelr lift and kabltt.
LAW. Tut Mimuovh Cvctoranttla alto a complete (war
book, telling every man bow be maybe hla own lawyae, anl
containing full and conelia eiplanatlona of the general lwwe
andlhe lawa of the eeveraistatea upon all mattero whtoai aver
aubjeol to litigation, with uumeroue forma of legal doeueeOAt.
.MINIMI. Pncrlpllonl and lltuttrallona of tho relate ot
gold, liter, diamonds, coal, tail, copper, lead, iloe, II a a
WONnt'ItR OP Tim SEA. Herein are deaerltx4 e.
llluitrated the many wonderful and beaullfnl Ihlnga found aataa
botton ofthe ocean, Iba planta, rlowert, tbtllt, flthtt, eta., like
wlee peatl diving, coral flihlng, ate., eto,
Italttnavaal amount of uaeful and Inlereitlue Inforeaalie.
Coma of which la tbo population of Amerlean olllei, area eoea)
popubtlon of Ibeconllnenlt, of tbeStatet and Terrllorlee, ami
of cilontlQdral countrlea ef tha world, length of the principal
slvcrc,Lwide:itlc vote for elur yeara, rreildentlal alatietieav
area&nC depth of aeit, lakea and oceana, height of moualalM
locomrilon ur animate ami veioruy ot noaiea, notgni or aaeai
menle, towops anO atruclurea, dltlancea from Waahlngtea. alaae
from New Y rU, lo Important polnlt.ehropologtealhlileryofav.
eovery anO prograit, popular aobriqutla of American Stataav
cltlca, etc., common grammatical errora, rulea for opening, pea
nunelnllon nnCuio of capitate. Wall turret phraiea. eotiieweewa-
cf l!io Trorlil, eurloua facta In natural htatory, longevity at
animda, oilgla or tno uamea ot otaiea, ana or countriee, or groan,
worke, popular fablee, familiar quotatlona, of genlua aa4 at
ptanla, dying worda of famoua peraone, falo of tha Anaa ilea,
atailitlcaof Iba globe, leading goveromesta of Ibe world, eta,
elo. 2
rrom the nhnvo hrlef aummary nflla enntenta anma Idea of what remarkably Intereatlng, Inntrucllvet and
valtiahliiwiirli tho ilAMMOTit CYn.or.DlA la may be pained, yet hut a fractional part of tha tnplca treatxl In
tltla (treat work hayo been named. Itian Taatatorehoiiaejof uaeful anil entertnlnlitR knowledge iinqneatioa
ably of thu beat and moat valuable tvorkaeyer ptibllahed In any Und or langUBge. No linmealintild be with
out If C U la a work to be eoniultnil every day with regard to the variolic perplexing mieatinna that conataaeJ-g-arlan
m wrlllng and rnnveriatlon, by tho farmer and houeewlfi) la tbulr clfally dutlei auJ puciulta, and forooav
Uuuoua readluK no work la taoro entertaluliiK or luitructlve.
Grand Premium Offer to Subscribers to the Scout
Hy xpcrlnl arniigmiipnt with tho publlHlmr of tho Mammoth Uyci.oivkuia. we nr
eniibled to niuke our muIiktIIiith and reader the following extraortllnary offor: W
trill send the Mammoth Ovi i.oimsiiia, complete in four volumes, an above describe
all poslu-ie pvfimut, also Tun Okwion Scout for oni: ykah, upon receipt of only
2 an, ivMck is bit- 75 cents more than our reu'utur subscription price, so that you.
practical! pet thi.i larpe and valuable, trork for the. InjUny sum of 75 cents, Thla Im
u great illor. a womb'iful bartraln, it ml it. is a pli-aiuro to us to be emtbled to afford our
readers n teiiiarkaiile an opixiriunliy. Through this ovtrriordlnary ollVr wo liope t
htrgolv iiifi nn our lienbitiim. PluaHO tell nil ytnir friend that they can act tie
iM am moth vcf.OtVHiHA in four volumci, wlih a'yearV suhHciIpilon to our paper, for
only 5.2r IVf.-it hhi! faeiion Ih guaranteed to nil who taku adviinlagoof tlilrtgrcevt
t roiiiluin oirnr. Thiwu who o -lib eripllous havo not. jet expired v ho renew now will
receive the Mammoth CycloPWiia u once, an-1 Iheir Kiib-.criptlonH will bo extendo
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free Ui aoy one xi-mllug Hi a i litb oi ihrm yearly sub-icrlliurs to our paper, noco
piuilou wilh il ft In . ash. Addie-H all letters:
The Oregon Scout, Union, Or.
l'roli'otlnn ARalnit fold.
A well known physician, whoso oxporienco
enables him to b-pcal: with authority on tho
subject, gives tho folloivini; advico for pro
tection agaiast cold when driving I "Provido
yourself with a good keroseno oil lantern.
woll flllod aud trimmed, and with sufllciont 1
oil If necessary for refilling, and you havo
mfyst tlTlr;irnt moini fnr Anrlnvfnre tl,
i cold that can bo got. This Juntorn. belnz
He has liecomo accuRtomed to famo ' uShted' kcIjt boaeath any covering tliat
and the attention of cicntbtH. but it i.1
possible that ho felt just a littl" Mattered
by tho countenance of New York hwcII
dom. Anyhow, he committed hinmelf
to tho reception. On the day previous
ho received a note from the proHpectivo
hostenH very politely rrtpnvtiiiK him to
brim: ulmiiru DhouoL'ranh. u bIil thornlit
pulled up tho itH oM'ration by him would lo highly up-
uilt4 ,l elm . !.....! I... . t ....
preciaieu iiy tno company Jiicn no
dihcerned the trap that waa eet for him,
and ho kept clear of it by writing his
rcgretH at lieing compiled to break tho
eiJgugeincnL--New York Star.
A Vultioil War Retlo,
Angelo Pacha, color sergeant of Com
pany O, First Michigan cavalry, under
Capt. Alexander, wan in tho battlo of
Gettysburg. On tho third day of tho
fight when tho buglo call Bounded ho
drank water out of his tin cup. He
placed it in the crotch of an apple treo
and joined bin command nnd forgot all
about it. Liiht week ho went to tho bat
tlefield and iKiught tho treo for $25, and
had tho tree cut up and carried to his
homo. Tho cup was completely imbed
ded in the crotch of thotreo, and Angelo
prizes tho relic lioyond anything that he
owns. Ho waa in tho city yesterday
and gave away parts of tho npplo treo to
his old army comrades. Cincinnati En
quirer, A treat iif French Hunker.
Considerable sensation was produced
In Paris u week or two ago by tho arrest
In Twelve Large Volumes,
Whlolt wo Offor with a Year's Subscrlptlom.
to thin Paper for a Triflo Moro titan
Onr Regular Subscription Price.
Wishing to largely Increaiso tlio circulation of UiUi
paper during tlio next nix inniitlis, wo lmvo inaila
arraiicriiiontH with a Now York iniblUhhig liouuo
wheroby wo nro cimlilctl to offor ns a pntniiimi to onr.
BUbaoriltoiH n Kel of llm IVorka of Charlea Ilck
elm, in '1 lvilv liurgo unil llHiitlwmto
Vulumeai, wilh a yoHr'rt Hiibncrlptlou to I bin
jut per. lor a triflo morn tlmn our rinulr sub
Hcriptlon price. OurgroKt nfTur to HiiliNcrllx-rtj
ccliimcH any ever hirolofoio mndp. Cluirli
Diclii'im was tlio crenteat hovoIIbI who ever
lived. No nnilior beforo or vuico his timoliuti
won tho fumo Hint ho achieved, ami his works
are oven more tiopuliir to-dav than ilurirtg
liix lifetime. Thoy abound In wit. humor,
pathi'H, liniHlerly delineation of clmrncter,
vivid dcBcriptiona ot pluci-M and incitlenU,
tlirilllnu' ami uklllfully wrought jilolH. Kaoli
book Ih iuteiiHoly hitcreHtiiir!. No htinioiil.oiiltl
bo without a net of tin ho great and roiiutrk
ablo woike. Not to havo read tliem Is U bo
far behind tho ago hi which wo live, Tho
eet of Dickoim' works which wo offer as tv
iiroininm tn our Hiilmcrilierti Ih liandnomnly printed from entirely new platen, wl h new type.
'I'lm Iwolvo volunicH contain thn following wiirhl-fimoua workb, each ouo of which lu pub
liHlieil oimi)ileie, unchanged, and absolutely unabridged :
m tn nrrtjft tlin 11rnlix will nr1l mntL.
T. ."-- --l .1 n , ,. .
rially to one's comfort wUo must make winter I vc" ""ow" "aiiuurn wu tno bus
tripi. I will add, in counoction with tho
lantern, that a rubber coat, gossamer or rub
ber blanket is u most dusirablo garment for a
long, cold rido. If any ono will try theso
suggestions ho or sho will novcr Btart out
again for acolil drive without tho lantern and
oil; also, a good, strong umbrella is a good
protection against u cold wiiid." Chicago
An i:iiiireW llruvy Unlr.
Tlio empress always suffered much
from lieadiiclm. borne think partly owing ,
to her hej,vy liulr. whhdi n'achetl far be
low her kmiai in wavy chchtnui mans8, I
nnd r.lio umiI often to sit in tlio gunh-iis
at iKirnbcrg In thu nun whllo her nmld
rouilMHl and brtulied it out, Vienna
Ilreuth from Tiilicretiluna I'atlnnU.
At a recent mooting of tho Biological soci
ety it was fchown that tho air exhaled by
tuberculous patlonU, for instance, docs not
contain any mlorobui, and that tho breath
probably plays no part In tho contagion of
infoctloui diMMistM, At tho tamo timo. but
picion that they were concerned with
tho disappearance of n Swiss named
Caudrian. The latter had been a serv
ant of a Mine. Fessurt, and ut her death
received her fortune of 200,000 francs,
His riifcies drove him demented, nnd
einco ho disappeared tho bankers with
whom ho dexjsited his money havo been
arrested. Chicago Times.
Tho nbovo are without question the moat famous uovels that were over written. For a,
qiiarlor i f a contury timy lmvo been celolinitod in every uook and conier of tho eivlliaeil
world. Yet there aro thousands of homes in Amorioa not yet supplied with a set of Dickens,
tho iihiuI high cost of tlio hooks provonthig people in moderate circumslancos from enjoying
this luxury Jiut now, owing to tlio uso of modorii improved printing, fohlhig and sliichlorr
manlduery, thu oitiomely low price of white paier, aud tho great competition in tlio book
trade, we uro tumbled to offer to our subscribum and readers & sot of Dickons' works at m.
I prioo which all can afford to pay. Uvcry homo in tho loud may now be supplied with a set;
j of the meat uufhur s woiks.
Our Great Offer to Subscribers to the SCOOT.
KiicouruKliisr luteallutlori,
Tho Abtloy-Coopor prize, of n vnluo of
$1,500, will bo uwurded in 1802, Tho
question proposed is, "Tlio Inlluence of
Hicro-orgunlBins Uimn Inllitiiimat ion.'
by othor i-arbona, it ho U-eii shown that tho 11,0 II-'rsof thoso contostiiiK (ot tho
air expelled from the healthy human lung I'rl should Ihi writton In Ifngllsli or
contuinii pocuhur matters lluit aro certainly
jioUonous (the i uWkjiuo ncul U-ing lueJudul,
of coune), and that are given up by thu lung
Itailf. Tho great phviulgiat Waller has
already ciproaiol tho ftlo.i that such iiMtter
do exut .'on Cor. Popular Hclonco New.,
uccoiupunleil by nn ttngliali trannlathm,
and fchould Iw uldrttssMl beforo t lit lt
of January, 180, to tho (luy liopltul.
IikIoii. Tlio prlxo will not lo awnnled
to two or iluou working logullior. ycl-tuce.
We will send the HN iinnfii:roK Dickhnh '
described, all posliuie jurnaid bit oursetres ds
upon receipt of ' 0, which w only 50 cents vi
vriceot thlsjiaper, 0 ir M"o("rn, iheirftue, i n.
In twidvo volumes for o iiy tin tvnt. Thh N tin .
to this Umu a set of I)i. kuiin' w irks h is imua
friends that thoy ran u t set Dickens'
HiibHcrliitlou to I ii h Oi'icooN fcour f 'r onb
premium. If ion. ti'w r .U-i" u u t u v
will be extt'inbil one i ar f nui tU o f excl
US IlleOVC, Ir tl All p'l l Mill, t I lll IHf MOIIldil
acciimpunletl will. :i im n ilx ,, Adiliims
kh fa WFieVK voLUMra, as abem
Thk OitiitioN fc'coiiT fur nun ymak,
e than the regular subscrijtfto
ealu wet ti hui ul Dm kt im' work
mil' hi piemlum ever ollered, Up
un 91(1 nr nuio Trll all your
In invi' v.. unlr-, with a yor'
1 b 1 nh- mm mid get thiKrt
: U H in itf no illllt rei c, lot it
We wlb a -0 v a - i t uf lflnxtais,
v U of iw arl sub. rllewa-ai,