The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, December 18, 1890, Image 8

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SEhall I bo rendy wlicu tho shallow falls f
Whco ip i;iy heaven's b!uo walls
"Tho ffttnl Oarktifbs creops, nnd I must go
So Httll, Kll fclow.
"The smallest child could soon outstrip my pacof
When each dear lovlug faco
3Just veil rroiti mo Its hourly mulled or tears,
Itc Joys or fears!'
"When wnysl'lu plumes of golden rod khall flatno
l'or other I'jes the name'
"When autumn's hurnln houghs shall flaunting
Their red uud goldf
"When pitying hands shall taUo from mhio tho
Unfinished and I ask
St It bo night, that threadn run so untruof
When I am through.
"With nunslilno nnd tho light of solemn stnrsf
When through my dungeon bars
I reach i guilt less captive's hnuds, and grope,
Without n hopof
Shall I bo reaily for that silent bloxrf
This truth I feel and know:
That I must work whllo J et the pulso of day
Heats on my way:
Thatl must neavu while stll tho threads run
If many threads or fov
That I must strive, till on my Veninj walls
Tho blackness fais:
Helen T. Clark,
JL I'crtlnrnt yuiHtloii Vlnlntlon of Na
ture's Ijiw Tbo I'ciiulty.
"Why do you wit? This query, if re
sponded to by tho mnjority of peoplo on
ttlio spur of Uw moment, would, no doubt,
anesult hi answers us vnricd as tho ituli
viduals to whom it is projKHiruled. Why
do you eal? Truly n pertinent question',
.-and one which should Iks considered ns of
'sufficient importance for careful reilcc
'tion. A query of this character is tho
Bourcoof inoinentary surprise possibly to
.an intelligent person, for tho reason it is
-directed ton daily habit or exerciso which
dias become ho strongly automatic that
our attention is not llxetl in its consider
.ution. Wo arise in tho morn, early or
"lato as tho case may be, and eat; go to
Uabor for live hours or bo, eat again;
rBock recreation for tho ove and possibly
eat again, and finally retire to obtain tho
benefits of nature's sweet restorer sleep.
In and through all this tho healthy in
dividual uses no force in thought or at
tention, but is tho automaton. This is
.aa it should lx if nature and things
(natural were natural. Arc things in iia
tturo natural? Tho reply to this we think
can Iw found, to a largo extent, for tho
purpose of our paper, in tho replies our
query would bring forth.
Why do you eat? Tho dyspeptic says,
'"From necessity." Tho epicure says,
"'From a ruling desiro on tho part of my
sense of taste." Tho-glutton says, "To
.get enough." The Ialoring man says,
"To work." Tho natural man says,
-'To enjoy life; to live." Tito dyspep
tie'ri reply is a sad contrast to that of tho
.-natural man. Ask tho dyspeptic what
.'ho would do or give for tho privilege or
-ability to sit down at tho table hungry,
-actuated only by tho principle that
aictuates tho natural man, namely: "To
enjoy life, to live." Why. mctbinks, if
lie is not too far along in Ins distemper,
tthat expression of disgust and despair
-would change niton jiroittl gnu of happy
anticipation; tho dull, listless eyo bright
n with u gleam of its pristino intelli
enco, and there would burtt from his
lips tho exclamation: "Do or give? any
thing! everything!" Poor victim! In
aids exclamation is found the explanation
for his dyhjiepsia. It is just because ho
was at ono tiino nblo and did do "any
thing" and "everything" that today ho
Jiaa dyspepsia.
Jf wo ask the epicure or glutton tho
vamo question as tho dspoptio, wo will
find that they are perfectly content.
They havo not violated law and order
long enough as yet; have not done ''any
.thing" and "everything" a sufficient
muinucr of times to reach that miserable
-existence allotted o tho dyspeptic.
'Their desires and wi.-hes tiro fully satis
tiled. Thoro conies a time finally for all of
these classes when the "dead line," so to
speak, is met. To halt nnd put a stop to
the reckless violation which has len go
'ing on means salvation. To keep on and
-cro.-u this dead lino means everlasting
misery. Tho salvation that is established
UTor those who meet this dead lino is, like
other salvations wo have heard of, estab
lished for violated law and order, not
;asy of attainment, but entails for many
"days upon the repentant victim a rigidity
of rule and persistence of purpose that
deprives life of most of Its pleasures and
Jeads tho poor victim in response to our
query to say, "1 eat from necessity."
Hois still a dyspeptic, notwithstanding
liis efforts toward . Ivation, and will bo
tuntll that salvation is fully attained. Hut
this physical salvation accomplished, is our
dj8ioptio leoo!iio the natural map? Can
lie, as can tho natural man. exclaim in tic
cents glatl and joyous, "I eat to enjoy
life; to live?" Let lid see. Wo live to
3carn, and, as truly, learn to live. Hx
'icrieucu is apt to determine man's no
tions. License is only jei nntted when it
la Bafo. Tho dysiK-ptio lias truly lived to
learn, if ho has not lost all reason, and
wo have no doubt but that the redeemed
d.vsjHtptio will testify that ho bus learned
-to live. Hut his exicricnco lias taught
him a lesson which will, during bis re
maining life, Ixj ever in mind, lie knows
Iwyond all doubt that there is no license
for him, and that a surely as he per-,
JiiiU any license, just so surety will there
eomo kick to him tho forerunners ot
thoso monstrous niberiea which led him
'to exclaim: "I eat from necjoaity."
Now VorU mill l'o rl ;n CI I let.
There is no palpable New York in tho
sense in which then) i t n Paris, a Vienna,
a Milai). You can touch it at no point.
Jt la not even ocular. There Is instead a
l'iftli avenue, a Droudway, a Central
itwu-k, a Chatham square. How they
iiavo dwindled, by the way, Fifth ave
mua might Im any one of a dozen London
tetreeta In the first Iui'uwioii it makes on
the retina uud leaves on tho mind, Tim
opposite bide of Madison square is hut a
step away. Tho siuiciotu hall of the
Fifth Avenue hotel lias shrunk to stilling
roportioiis. Tliiityfourtli street U ii
lone; the city hall a bandbox; tho Cen
tral park a narrow strip of elegant land
teoftpe, whoso lateral limitation are con
tantly forced tiKii the sense by th
iwwx library mi one Ma uud the won
mr tiprtuwtit liouao on tho otli;r.
r,iHWtm KvvUiw,
A Singular Jinn.
On n DaUcr street ear tho other dny n man
r.-ho had taken a ear ticket from his wallet
dropped tho "leather" on tho floor nt his feet
In trying to replace it in his pocket. Three
or four passengers saw tho transaction, but
no one had said a word, when tho loser dis
covered hi3 loss and started up and sat down
In disgust.
"Aiijthln;; wronr' asked a passenger.
"Yes, wallet is gone."
"Probably picked out of your pockotr
"No. 1 guess not."
"Don't you suspect eomo one In this carp
"Oh, no, I probably dropped it on tho
"Probably contained a hundred dollars,
didn't itr
"Much ns fifty. theiiT
"No. 1 guess there was about n dollar in
"Out you will stand o7 your gus bill nnd
water tax nnd grocer on nccount of it, of
"No, sir; I shall pay everything today."
"Well, gosb-dani-to-gum, if you nin't a
mighty queer man, and here's your wallet!
Say. folks, let's present him u token of our
utter amazement." I
And they bought him six car tickets nnd I
offered to run him for mayor. Detroit Free
Oyster Aro la Sc-iimhi.
She d)liishluly) Why do you
tcctli nro lil.o pearls'
Lo tadlantlvi iJucati'o they aro.
say my
I can't
compare thorn with anything else.
Sho ("siiiiliii-;! You aro a flatterer,
afraid, Georgu.
Ho (gravely) Flatterer! No. I only speak
tho plain and simple truth.
She And thoy are really liko H'arls?
Ho (emphatically) Thov uro.
8ho (with nn arch glancci Do you know
whnt your reference to earls reminds me of,
Ho I can't say. What does it remind
you off
Shu Oysters. Doston Courier.
Tired Stranger (2 o'clock a. m.) I'vo been
traveling since yesterday inorn'ng. Can you
give mo a (litiol room where I can sleep till
10 o'clock; Don't caro whero it is, nor what
It costs, but want tho quietest room in the
Hotel Clerk Can fix you all right, 6ir.
Boys, show tho gentleman to No. 88.
No. 83 is a cozy room on tho fourth floor
Just opposite tho elevator, and tho stranger,
a class leader of seventeen years' stiitidinir.
backslides hopelessly lcforo 8 o'clock. Chi
cago Tribune.
How to Cork l'ollhrul Prophets.
Blinks Tli ri-o conies .links. loot's get nwny
from him. Ho thinks he's a political prophet,
and does nothing but boro everybody ha
Klinks Let himconio; I'll shut him up liko
a jack knife.
"Lli on won't threaten to strike him.
will you?"
'No: I'll offer to liet with him." Phila
delphia Record.
l'or Onw.
Mnfilen Ivdy I think 1 will visit a chirop
odist while 1 am in tho city.
Friend Have you corns
M. L.-No.
F. Uuulons
M. L.-No.
F. Why, then, visit a chiropodist
M. I 1 want to huvo it to say that I had
n man at my feet oneo in my life. Boston
A now's' item says that a inulo In Colusa
county, Cal.. "was struck by lightning and
paralyzed, hut recovered after twenty-four
hours and whs as frisky as ever." It is not
stated what became of tlio lightning, but it is
inferred that it is still lingering in a hospital.
Norri&towu Herald.
A Temporary Loan.
Chumley I'm in a httlo tlx today, Brown,
for inonoy; what would you say if I were to
ask you for a temporary loan of a hundred
or two dollars
Brown Well, Chuniley, If tho loan will bo
temporary, I might let you havo tho two dol
lars. Accident News.
When Tlino file.
Sweet Girl Mercy I It's III o'clock
time over passod so quickly with von
ns it
does now
Devoted Lover (a traveling salesman)
Nover, except at raitroad (lining stations.
Philadelphia Hecord.
Accounted l'or.
"I sec," remarked Withers,"thattho Prlnco
of Wales wears a blr.ek silk riubo'.t instead of
a watch chain. Funny, Isn't it"
"Well, I don't know," returned Smlthcrs;
"perhaps hu's last the ticket." Judge.
An Untdmtmy .loho.
Mr, Khun, the Persian minister, who has
arrived in Washington, w.ll doubtless form
n very tnvoratile opinion of this country, if
soiiio wretch doesn't ask: "Can IChuu dunce
tho can cuii'' borristowu Herald.
Slero lluhlt.
Phllmlelphiun-Thni Su Louis friend of
yours is tho most quiet, tiuotsurvlug, unob
trusive western man I ever met in my llfu.
St, Louts Man Yes; ho used to bo ti po
liceman. Philadelphia Hecord.
for thc cunc or
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HI wmmsmm
m m m v l "Vofunf- Wm II
IIHTOIIY. Tnt IfiMwTfi rTfiPPfieonlilni eomp1et
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ltt'flrl1iiirniM with titimprom Jlitecloie of lh Pebrllloni
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lUtiii'in, wtih rltnit Rti'l other Ittuitrtttloni, alio Htm and
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rlnwii lf tliei refpiitdny
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im Krntrra, urallng nf flrli cropt, f ntf ami fmcei, ferllllrrra.
firm linplftneiitn i lire.toca tnUlug, Incltnllin thfl treatment of
liMcaaeiiof (loineiilo hdIiiikN ; Mu1trj keepliiK, and how in4o
it erf h fnl anl prontaMi; Le heeplilt.'latrjr farming, etc. Thft
Irvatitient oriliaa auljfet li complria and cihautllTe, and
rciMera the work of frpatpiaellealuie to rrD)rf atidatoekineii,
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front the ciperleno of the moat anccetiTuI horlloutturlata.
A ItCIl ITKCTUIt I". neilxnt and ptam for liotuei, cottia,
harna and other outbulldiuf a, wliU raluabU auggettlona to
tlione Intending to build.
IIOITHCIIOMK Thla work oanlalna (tied nnd leated reelre
fr alaioaterery Imtgluablodldi for hreakfaat. dinner and tea.
thla department alono being worth more than nlne-teutha of
the cook bookeaotdi almoat Innumerable hluta, halpaand ang
geatlona lohouackeeperi t dealgnaand auggeatlnna for making
matij beaulirul Ihlnga fur thu adornment of home, In needle
work, embrolderj etc. ; lilntaon florloulture, telling how to be
ucceaaful with all the rarloua plant; toilet blnta, tellllng liotr
to preaerro and btaullfj the complexion, hands, teeth, hair,
etc., etc.
MV.tHVM,. Many dollar In dootora bllta will be aaved
amiuatljr toererj poiaeiior of tin Imok throngli the valuable
Information herein contained, HleMahowto cure, bt-almple
vet reliable homo remedlea, afallableln ererj bouaehofd, ererj
dlaeaae and ailment that la curable, thh department fornilng a
complete medical book, tbo Talua of which Ju any Lome cau
hardly be computed In dolluri and cenu.
INVENTION ANU lUfiCOVEIiV. remarkably later
eating deacrlntlona of great Inreutlont, Including the fiteam
Kngine, iheTelecraph, the Tilntlng 1'reaa, the KItcttle Light,
the Hearing Maohlne, the Telephone, tho Type Writer, the Type
Netting Machine, the Coltou Olu, etc.
THE U'OIIMVH WONIIF.Itft. elraphle deicrfptlona,
beauilfullr IlluitrateJ, orthe Yellowatono Park, Yoaemlte
Valley, Niagara 1'alla, the Alpa, Tarla, VeauTlua, Venice,
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Toltimea are cmttprld hi tbe four, and ro
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Chlnei. Japanese, the people of India, Africa, Mfi1geir,
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lug their life and hablti.
I AH' Th a Mammoth Ct cior jtpu Ii atao a complete law
book, telling eiery mau how be maybe hi own lawyer, and
containing full and couclae explanatlona of the general Ian
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dflNINCIt Peicrlptlona and lllnatratlona or the mining or
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rlrcra, Prooldetitlal vote for alxty yeara, Preildentlal atattttlca,
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locomotion of mil mala and velocity of bodlea, height ol monu
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eclipses any ever lu reloforo made. Charles
Dickons was the greatest novelist who over
lived. No author before or since, his time, has
won thoamo tliat-he achieved, and bis workH
are even more popular to-day than during
his lifetime. They abound in wit. humor,
pathos, masterly delineation of character,
vivid descriptions ot places and incidents,
thrilling and skillfully wrought plots. Each
book is intensely interesting. No homosliotild
be without u set of these great and remark
ablo woiks. Not to havo read them is to bo
far behind tbo ago in which wo live. The
sot of Dickens' works which wo offer as a
aiuliltioiis and anxious to clouhlo our circulation,
Wr want to lucres nr circulation very largely during tl. llt'ii
.Ible. To this we nee.l the. co operation nt our rfreiit ..iUIib 1 Vvoaf.l Ue tlo u 0?eJ
ono ot our present rea.ler would s.ure Tor in on. i6ti . I to u oul I U e aoumeO.
orrourne. Hut wo kno,v that It will take an ettraor. i.ary 1 mb -ii t I rll (, out t e mille.l
efTorWot every ono of our prentsubMCrlhers-wn shall liaw t. iimke a I gli .1.1 V . re
lug titibllshliiK houses wo uro enabloil to inako you
An Offer Remarkable for its Liberality.
Head it : To nm aw trir rf u.I u Ono Subscriber to ti paver far Ono Yonr
attl,veiiln i!,rcnjtton price, ire will glee Absolutely Froo, and fend by mail, post
paid Twonty-nvo Complete Hovob-ohj IwnUy-jlreijoHtnay relect from the follme.
nig itm
No. Ill
No. in.
No. ;.
No nn
No. IV.
v 'tin
n ii... 'I I... I'f.irl .if Hie Orient. II T flri rwcoCooo. Jr.
No. all liii'" Oerrlrk'o llmufliler. lit M. T. Cl lin.
No. tit. The l.lmtf.i riirm llrlile. Il MniitrTlll.ouNT
.No. 271. A OitnieertttiM Wiiiniiii. lljllrf. AMH.StKrHrr.
No .'i'. llliieLhlr.t lllll i:TiirH SrHiK Krmnktm
No 2l't. 'I he I'erll riilehnrl I'nrilmi. IU II. I Pjon
;l The l.ltlle Olil Mini ur Ihe lliillsiiollea. Mr
KH e Oftlioitliu
No nt I'roni lhei:rlli lullie Jlimii. nt Julro Vrni
Sir I1 'I'he tliiiir.lliui. I'lut. Iljr Dr. J. II. IIoiivoun
.No. 211
No 211
No. I 111
.N.i 211
No 2.1T.
N-n. 2'..
N.i Hi.
No It
No JO.
No J2S
N. .'JI
No. 211.
No 211.
No. 212
u. 211.
No 11(1.
No im
'I he lluriin III. 'y rn, Ji
Thetirtir Killrtin. Ur M T 1'AinoH.
The MorrniT itfn Keerel. Mr Trcil llr.
IVre mill the I'rnnliel. lit Wiikik roiilK.
'I'lie lury (iT liVt'eiltllnic Itll.K. Uj llio author
I .-.ra riu.rite
Miirlrn Wiire'a '1'einptnlliHi. lit. II. Wnm
A niMlern 4'liiilert'lln llr aullior "l.orn Tlioruv."
The lalaml lliiine. lltM.T OtltinK.
'I he t'lilitl e lit Cliiu Auai-ot.
'I'he Mill tJIrli.r Tjrc.l. II; M.T.Cimoo.
Mitl.tii Iteteiitfi llj II. Kidkh HflaiHi.
IC11II1 HerrleL. nt Wmiiam II. lluti.NKii.
Itiilhteira Wnril. It; Kiunknck IUhhyat.
I ttii Kloaea. 11; .lie tttillioror" l.ora Tltorno iiihI Suiialilnr. II; CHtni Ka Kkadr.
A VnailholMl ller.illie. II; Mr. A. rnwaapa.
l'lMirii.teril tlrmiffe. H; HrtT Wliwuoe.
I'Hriimel Colliiice. H; lira. IlKNorWoon.
'I'he Ipreimi 1 f.iiiHii M; W11 kik ii i ia
'rlie'1' l,'rinicliiir.l. H; II. I.. 8tKt
o Mt. 'I'he enhirea of J.ilm Xcliulaon, H;
ItoaKKr l.olr.a NlktKaoN
2(. Ilren.l the W iitera.lit Mln Muiock. IWA.
A I ule .11 I hree l.l.ina. 11; II. mom IIaooahp.
r.iire.Miielv.lit.i. hr llAor Crn. IUr.
.Vliirr lliir.lltlik'a llltl.l. II; Mr.. II. Woon.
No 201.
No 201.
No 202.
tt llll r Klttera. ..; AIAIIION J.A.II.ANP. Ill tl.
No 201, The Uvreliiiiit'AtVlnie. M; llowAtin Aiorii, Jr.
No 200. IJvnrge (iniinel'l .luiirner. 11; mim MKAiinof.
No. ma, Mj lalater Kule. Ilta.illior " llotallionio." Ill J.
No IUT. Ileaperln. Ur l I' Caiimih.
No Itfti. It ml I lie Serf. II; Hrl taaiia Cob. Jr.
No. ItfS. A ll.irk lit Mahv Crcil. Hat.
No. im. 'I'hiii Winter Mahl it; Roikht H.'r.tANAN,
.No 181. The Hill I'roaa. lit 51 T, I'll no.
No, IM. r'or l.ute ur Itlvlieo. It; author "A Orval
Mlilako '
No I "I The Wlcnril uf OrHi.ililu. II; M. T. Oil no.
No. I Ml. A Winniili Heeret. Mr (!i ah Auol'atA.
No IM. Thetlullty Itlver. Mr W11 mrt Cm 1 10a.
No. I&5. Florence Ivliiaton'a Outli. II; Mra. Mmr A.
IIKN.aoN. IllHttratttt.
No. 151. l.ii.n'.ialrr'a Culil... H; 5lri. M. V. Victor. Ill' J.
No 15J. M mil J run Be. II; lira Ilim Woon.
No. 162. 'I'he I'nlami nf Aopa. II; Klohitnck MARavar.
Ni 151. Korslntr I lie fetter. Itr Mra. Ai.kahdiii,
No. 1 W. A IMnj tvrlaht'o lliiiitfliter. It; Mra. Aeaiic
KoitAMra. IllnitraWl
No HI. Ilolli.w A all Hull.'''.
No 118. A lliirtereil l.tfe. H; I!am.akd,
No. 117. Sir Noera Heir. Ur Mrt. Mat Aonko Fi kvino,
No. 1H. Ilnrla'a Furl My I'l o.iknck Wardrh,
No. IS. 'I'he Mi. our Henri, lit II I. Fakjuon,
No. 11 VMlttortli'a IMuinoliita. II; "Tiik
IlcrHKaa "
Ni. 14V Flllae. tit aulliorof "Oora Tliotnr." IM.
No 1 12. 't he tVoinim Hitter. Vj Dr. J. 11. HoamaoM. Ill J.
No. Ill, lleltveeii Ttru Sins. II; tut aull.or of ' Ilora
Tliort.o. ntuitrated.
No. 140. The I. nivjer'n Secret, nr Mlia M, E. Hninoo.
No. 119. The Hlrxnae of Or. JeUjIl 11 ml Mr.
Utile. Itr It. !.. Stkikhbow.
No. n An lllil .Mnn'a SHcrlttce. H; Mra. Ahn S.
No, 1S7 t'mlertlie l.llne. II; author of M Dora Thoroe,'
Just think of It! Wo will clvo you twenty-llvo
M,.r I II. lit. J ll Au.flF.. N Ml l.el'r..rl..rilirOcrr.l.. flj Cmha AI'rTj.
Air",.. " r.l7 n" It. t",:.on. No .31 The Ol.l I ..!..;.. JJI-eft. ;,y:'r"-
liiilllturnutUnlllT MTAM.i.M. I...c0... No. HI. Jl.c I rr. Illi.l II..I.U-. Hj J I. T. C y n".
l Acrn.i'.l. iUMt: Miit.Htmm: llll. ..I2. I he llriirrlel. Bf llr. II- Wood
l lUiN-,,1. I.. Mr.. JI.Ei.tK No 12. I'lllfe ll....e. Ilf KrT H TlKutr.
only one yearly subscriber. The novels aro splendid ones, nnd they are published complete In pamphlet form. Nolo tho names of the authors they aro the most celebrated writers, both
of Ainorlca and Europo. Note also the long and attrnctlve Hat from which you aro privileged
to select. No matter which ot the novels you choose, you will bo perfectly delighted wllh them.
Mnitot the novels In this list sell for 25 cents each lu the Seatide and other libraries. You can Ret
twtnty-fire nf them any twenty-five you may choose- free, for getting usonly one yearly subscriber.
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soon for any number, (let tnoie than ono subscriber It you can without too much trouble, but do
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will in Ins n grand chani'fl a great opportunity If you pass this offer by unheeded. Order your
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Oregon.'.- Scout
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Mir s and
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W AdtortUIng la'ei made known on application.
JONES CHANCEY, Publishers and Proprietors,
ami, OT s)ei.iBi ""b'"""
No. in
Airnlliii'a lllalnrr. Uj M (.. A..F r ill ofT.
Ko til.
No. 121.
No. 130.
Out orihe. ''ii. Iirri.uu Aim-art.
TheHlnrt of 11 Pterin, lit lra .lAVKO.AeTlr.
'I'liel'-tll IJcnliia. Hr SI. T. (!i m n.
'I lie Mtalfrr lit llliit'l.noii.1 flrintge. n;
No. I IV.
lira. May Ao.n h i rwi
No. 101 'I'he l.liat iiT the Itlltht rna. Ilr MIm Ml'l nCK.
No. 101 The Hunt 1.1; Turin Mjalrrj. II; Wiikii
C.Hltia. Illnrlmu-I
No. 100. Kilt nfllio llrptlia. P; Ucon Tovwat.
No. m. ItVlrlli.llliiM. Mr 51 A 110 AHK r I'lnl ST.
No. . A 'I'nle iifNIll PT lira llnt Woon.
No. 97. A rrlime llnnler. f; an".k Tiiovh.
No. It.
l vililil nitil I'lirti'il. lit au.l.or "Dura Thornr.
No. StS.
No, 91.
No. 91.
No. 9.
No. 91.
No. VO.
'I'he KnlitlitabrlilBeMjatcr;. lit Cita. Ilt..a.
ti.llleitelT lloiiar. lit auitior or" Oora ThorDO. '
A I'naalve Crime It; "Thh III curat. "
Ituap l,o.1o;e. 11; Mra llRant Woon.
A llrlilirenf I.ove. 11; author Dora Thorno."
The F11I11I Mnrrliie. n; Mitt M II IIraihioh.
A tlneeti Aimiiiffiat Uornen. II; Hit author of
No. Mt.
lora 1 liortio,
.. The Ul.ili'l.ruril lleulieat. Hr llroHCowAT. III.
No. f7
No, rB,
No, M.
No. (.
'I he t'nrao rCitreir It; author " l.ora Thome."
A Ida 'I'h real. ol.t. II; Miht Cki-ii. Hat
'I'he Fntiil I. Idea, fll; author ' l.ora ll.orii. '
t''a 141ft. II; ll.'OHCoNwir llltt.
More llllter II..... Ileutli. Rt aulborof" Dora
No. M
No, "2. Mlaa nr Mra. t II; Wll Ktr Co. I laa. IHuiltalfl.
No. hi In the ll.iil.ln; lit MAUt tVr.i. Iltr.
No, M. The Itoinuntle A.lteiilurea uf n MIILniHlil
lit Tl.oMAa
No. 71,
A Hi-nit If r nrf. II; onll.or of ' Dora Thorn.'
No. 77.
No. 76.
No. 75.
No. 71.
No. 71.
No. 72.
No. 71.
Slimlnn mi the HiHitr. It; II f,. Kahjehm.
At the World" Meroy. II; Flohknck (Varlkn1,
rnlieil lluek. Itr II1111.1 Cokwat.
Atll.lreil Treviiiiliin. II; " Thr nirr.RAt,M 9
1 11 t'npl.l' t. It; author of " Dora Thornr ."
Tl.etJrey Woinnn. H; Mra.dAtKKi 1., Ilfd.
The .MTalery nf the llollr Tree. H; lilt
No. 70.
..l nor or ' l.ora mornr. ni'.r. ore.r.
No. CD. (l.ihrlrl'a Mi.rrluae. Mr tvn mrron int. J7M.
No. fil, John llniterbnnli1 U tfe. Hj JIl.tMl'locK. III.
No, A7. Juaprr llnne Seeret. (IrMltaM R. ItnAtnoM,
No. et I. online. II; Mtnr Ctcil. Mat IthtitraltJ.
No. fi&. Lfiilr flrteiiitnltne llreurn. 11; tho author of
" l.or Thornr." Illxttmlfl.
No. fit, Itcrl Tourt Fiirm. nt Strt. Ilaaar tVoon, flfd.
No. 65. The r'riiaen Keen, II; ITu ma Con mi. IWd.
No. 62. llaeli to theOM llnme. nt MAat Crcii. Hat. .
No. 91. The I.oat Hank Nol. II; Klra. Ilianr IVooh. II.
No; 50. Healer. i't IUatricr M II.iit. Jlliitlratnt.
No. 49. A llrhlefroni theSen. II; author "Dora Thorno."
No. (5. 't he Cricket 0.1 the lleurlli. A Chrlitmaa Blor;.
II; Ohari ra D.CRicNa. lllutUalttl
No. 14. Tho Yellow Mitak- H; Wll a.R Ooif.tat,
No. 4J. Ilell llniiKlon. It; P. llAml.lON Jltiaa. IIU.
No. 96. MlaaliiaT. lit Mart ecit. Hay.
No. tS. An lie. It; Mrt. Manor W0011.
No. 32, Slater Itnae. II; Wit ik (Toi.r .Mt;
No, 31. Vnlerle'Pnte. It; Mrt, Al aiAitma.'
No. 29. A (Jolilen lliittn. II; author "Dora Thorno." II.
No. 37. Kaalrnl or, the Al jtery of the
Ilr Etta VV. Pikrck. Illuitratt l.
No. 25. llndley Cnrleon. By Sllai M. K. tlRAnltONi
No. 22. The llelr t AhlCT
The llelr t A at. let. lit Mra. IIinry iroon:
Itrnnlnicllie It; Mart Crcii. Hat,
A IJII.Ieil Hln. II; ll-o aullior of" Dora Tborno."
No. 21.
No. 10.
No. 7. The l.iiurrl II. .all. II; Mlia Mci ock;
No. . Henry Arkell. H; Mra. Hinrt Wood.
No. 5. Anio lliirtuii. It; Oeoror Ki iot
No. 4. lllueKjeanml tloldcti llulr. It; AnnirThomai.
No. 3. Ciiptuln Atlek I.enney. It; II T Oai dor.
No. 3. AmoliaT the Iti.lna. It; MARt Crcii Hat. tl o'.
charming complete novels fin If you will cet u
A CLUB, s -
This book will also bo
To any ono sending a club of
Yearly subscribers, nccamna
nied by the subscription price
of the
Which is JJl.oO. Address
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