The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, October 30, 1890, Image 8

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But llfo shall on and upward co;
TV eternal Rtop of I'rofjresH boats
To thnt (treat anthem, calm and slow,
Which Oml repeats. WhIUlcr.
Do still, sad lienrtl and cease repining;
Behind tb clouds Is tho Run stlfl Buinlns;
Thy rate Is tho common fato of all;
Into each llfo some rain tnut fall,
' Bomn days bo sad and dreary.
Will bo tho final goat or all.
To pangs of nature, sins of will.
Defects of doubt and taints of blood;
That nothing walks with aimless feet,
That no one llfo shall bo destroyed
Or cost as rubbish to the void.
ItoiTo no fear that thoti shouldst die,
Albeit 1 ask no fairer fato than this
While Tlmo and Peaco with hands unlocked fly
Yetcaro I not whero In eternity
TV'o llvo and love, well knowing that thcro Is
No backward step for those who feel tho bliss
Of faith. -Lowell
A Iliick Number.
Tho truth of tlio old proverb, "Better
lato than never," appears to havo been
illustrated by a striking modern instance,
according to an English exchange, which
relates that ninety-heven years ago somo
person, now unknown by name, posted
in Paris a number of The Gazette Univer-
6clle, directing it to "Monsieur X , in
Morges, Switzerland," but tho newspa
per did not arrive nt its destination until
art month. It teems that The Gazette,
which had been waiting for delivery over
einco January, 1701, had got mixed up
with a bundle of other newspapers, uno
was found, with its cover and nddres.1
still intact, nmidht a heap of rublrith in
ft garret. Tho (hiderconscientionsly-eent
it to tho Morges postmaster, by whom it
was as cotir-ciftiitiotisly forwarded to tho
present representative of tho X fam
ily, still living nt Morges. "So unique a
specimen of postal integrity deserves to
bo exhibited in a Ohtal museum, or
would not bo out of place among tho cu
riosities in tho newspaper museum at
Aachen." Chicago Herald.
Vuilotia I'eiKoiml IVctilliirltloa.
lien betray their real characters in a
thousand different ways. The professors
of tho art of delineating dispositions do
eo in various fashions. Ono artist will
undertake to describe character from tho
examination of a photograph; another
reads indications of tastes and feelings in
handwriting-; nay, an American savant
has recently nnnounced that much may
be learned regarding a man by observing
how ho wears his boots. Every ono has
somo small peculiarities which to tho no
curat o observer may furnish a clew to
his disposition. There have been mani
fold instances of strange and incon
venient resemblances between men lead
ing to cases of "mistaken identity," and
yet probably in overy instance there was
somo trifling and overlooked personal
trait which distinguished one from tho
Other. If alike in features they differed
in dispositions. London Standard.
Origin of "Old Hickory."
The story of how Gen. Andrew Jack
son got tho name of Old Hickory is again
going tho rounds, and will bo new to
nonio young readers. During tho Creek
war ho had a bad cold, and his soldiers
mado for him n shelter of hickory bark.
Tho next morning h tipsy soldier, not
knowing who was under tho bark, kicked
it over. As tho general, speechless with
rage, struggled out of tho ruins, tho boI
ller yelled, "Hello, Old Hickory I Como
out of your bark and tnko a drink!"
When the soldiers Raw Jackson slinking
tho bark from his uniform they gave
thrco cheers for "Old Hickory," and tho
nanio stuck. Now Yor! Sun.
Writing Tlirmicli stciiogrnplinrs.
Letter writing through stenographers
is now so common that even tho ordi
nary business man coming to Now York
from smaller centers of trado now uses
tho hotel typewriters for his correspon
dence. Some of them let their letters ac
cumulate for several days before they
call in a stenographer. It is noticeable
that the successful old merclmnts of tho
old school shun typewriters as u pestilen
tial innovation. Tho executive heads of
leading corporations have all fallen into
tho habit of writing letters through sten
ographers, and generally take them nlxnit
iu their travels. Now York Tribune.
Military Microphouo in rrniiee.
Tho military microphone is now being
tried in Franco, not only to glvo warning
of tho iiassngo of troops from nfnr, hut to
indicate the diircrent branches of tlio
Army in movement mid to furnish nn tip
proximate idea of tlio numbers of men
and horses on tho advance. It consist
of u Hounding pinto buried in tlio noil
across nnd along any routo, niul con
nected hy n long wiro conductor to tho
receiving dlso of tho apparatus in jHksi
Uon, which liim the nccoasary urrango
ment for making tho tiounds louder and
moro readily distiuguishnblo. St. Louis
IMiijInu Tliriuiuli u C'unulii.
In Paris a man picks up n living hy
prolng about tho (streets playing on a clar
ionet through a canula placed in a hole
in his throat after tho otierntion of
tracheotomy, When ho lias finished a
littlo tinio ho takes tho canula out nnd
exhibit it to tlio audienco to bhow that
their ia no deception. Now York Sun.
Tlio "l.mly'i llor..M
Exjicrt riders bay there Is really no
'lady's horse," as any good honso Is as
much suited to a skillful femalo rider as
to a man. Certain kinds of horses aro
beet suited to certain kinds of riders,
men or women, that ia all. Now Or
leans TiuietJ-Deiuocrut.
An Old rhlliMophcr.
Arlstarohus of Sutuos maintained, S80
D. 0., that tlio earth turned ou iu own
axis and revolved about tlio sun, which
doctrino was held hy his contemporaries
as 60 absurd that tho philosopher nearly
lost hia life. Ucston Transcript.
I'or a Chow.
Tlie English put-a-ulckeMn-Uie-slot
.jEAcltfuea huvo got eo fur that they uow
Kivo a chow of tobacco to any oua who
lropa iu a ieuny.
lsair4tU Is the greatest Inland oottou
siarket iu the world, receiving from 700,
HK) to 1,000,009 balss ysari.
rfo Called n I'n-nMrtit Lincoln mid Had
mi Iiitf-rrslinc Uxp'-rlenee.
Dennis Hanks, cousin and early com-'
panion of Abraham Lincoln, still lives,
at tho ago of 01, near Charleston, Ills.,
and tit intervals talks with much anima
tion of Lincoln's early life. Though ten
years older, ho has long outlived tho
martyr president. He gives this ac
count of Ilia only visit to Washington:
"When I went down to Washington to ,
see him it wns about a neighbor that had ,
got into trouble. The folks hero sent mo
to speak to Abe about him. It wasdurin' ,
tho war, and thnr was a lot o' soldiers ,
around tho White House stickin' their
guns In everybody's face. I went to a
door tiiar's only one, though I looked
'round fur a back door, thinkiu' to sneak
in. A porter stopped me, and asked aa
smart: 'Who do yon want to see?'
" 'I want to seo Abo Lincoln,' I says.
" 'You cim't seo him this time o' day,'
lie says as smart. '
" You bet I kin,' I answered him.
'He's not goin' back on Dennis Hanks,
his cousin, and tho boy he's rasslcd with, '
if ho is the president. I hain't come here 1
from Illinois to bo told I can't seo Abe i
"Ho grinned and showed mo tho office.
There was a lot of fellers waitin', but I
waded through 'em and opened tho door,
and thar sot Abe, as tall s his own shad
der. writin' nt a old desk ho tuk from
"'Hey!' I hollered. 'You'ro a purty
president, ain't you? Git up liyur and
shake hands. I ain't after no office yit.
" 'Well, Dennis, is that you? I'm glad
you don't want an office. Most of them
do. You've got a big heart, but no head
for an office.' Then lie run nnd jt3t geth-
cred me in to him like they did in the
Bible, and bo I wept ti little so I had to
tako my bandanner out. Ho looked
kinder tired. When I told him what I
wanted In- said:
" 'I'm busy today, but I'll get Stanton
to fix that up. You go down and Mary
will give you something to eat and a
"I knowed it was too lino for mo
whero Mary was. Sho was a good wo
man, but was too highfalutin' for me; so
I jist went to a tavern and put up. Next
mornin' Abo had a lot of papers for my
case and toltV mo to tako 'em to Stanton.
" 'Abo,' says I, 'blamed if I know
whero tho plagueoncd place is.' So he
called a feller and sent tho papers, and
pretty soon Mr. Stanton come lookin'
like a jaybird in a spike tailed coat, and
snarled about them papers', but Abo got
him to sine 'em. lie acted so ugly that
when ho went out I said:
" 'Abe, if l'sas big as you I would tako
that little feller over my knee and spank
him.' Abe, ho laughed and said he
guessed Stanton was a bigger man than
ho wits in somo respects. 1 came homo
then and tho next spring Abo was Hhot.
"I heard of it this n way. I was sit
ting iu my shop puggin' away at a shoe
when a man came iu and said: 'Dennis,
Honest Abo is dead!'
" 'Dead, dead. Old Abo dead,' I kep
sayin to myself. 'My God, it ain't so!"
I went out to seo Sairy whero sho lived
! all alone after Tom died, and said,
'Grandmother, Abo's dead.' 'Yes, I
know, says sho. 'I've ben n waitin' fur
it. I knowed they'd kill him,' and she
never nsked any questions. A body'd a
thought tho earth stopped whirliu' fur a
few days, lite way everybody went on.
It was like, even hero in Charleston, like
a black cloud that covered tho sun." Tho
dim old eyes became blurred by tho sad
memory. Exchange.
Ten l'iim In lluwiili.
It was a unique game of ten pins 1
was wont to play in those days. Small
natives Hwannod like bees whenever 1
went abroad; you bee, I was tho one
haoli or foreigner who had unlimited
leisure, and they knew not at what mo
ment it might suit my fancy to embark
upon nonio erratic expedition such as
they delighted in. At u moment's notice
I could command a troop of horso worthy
of an outlaw chief, if I retired to the
billiard hall to amuse myself with the
light and airy cue, tho windows and
doors commanding tho four sides of the
table were certain to bo darkened with a
cloud of witnesses. Hut I am forgetting
tho ten pins.
Thcro was a small Kanaka for overy
pin, and one for each ball. Thoso in
somo mysterious way hung upon the
wall at tho far and fatal end of tho howl
ing alley, at tho imminent peril of life
and limb. Whenever I inndo a ten
strike, which I positively did occasion
ally, it was invariably received with a
deafening round of cheers not omitting
tho "tiger," Hut still I was not happy,
for I always feared to Hud tho alley,
after thoatmosphero hud cleared a little,
strewn with Hawaiian slain. Overland
Oolas a Mlto.
A writer in a Now York sporting paper
makes an intcrchUug comparison of the
various modes of locomotion, with the
following result: A man can swim a mile ,
in SO minutes 5'3 seconds; ho can walk it
iu 0 minutes Oil t-cconds: ho can cover it
on Btiowshocs in G minutes 30 seconds;
ho can run tho distance in 4 minutes 12
seconds; ho can rido it ou a trioyclo in ii
minutes 40 2-5 seconds; on a bicycle iu 2
minutes 20 1-5 seconds, and can skate it
iu 2 minutes 12 bccouds. Behind a
trotting horso ho gains nearly four sec
onds hy covering tho distance in 3 min
utes 8 seconds, whiluon a running horst
ho gallops tho milo in 1 ininuto ISO sec
ouds, aud last and fastest, ho sits in n
railroad train aud Hies over a milo of tlm
Bteol rails in 50 seconds. .
i Vouhc Drcuim.
(gurlng dreamily at thu
Younir Man
candy case in fancy grocery store) I I
wish to Ret something roal'iiico for n
a young lady, but I hardly know what
to select.
Grocer (briskly) Very young?
Young Man 'liout 17 still going to
boarding buliool.
Grocer Yei, Dir. John! show this
gentleman to tho nlctfo counter. Now
York Weekly,
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' Chlnfi. Jr". ! pl of India, Afrlci, Malataiear,
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ments, towers and ttructuret, dlitancei from Washington, alw
from New York, to Important points, chronological history of dit
covcry and progrett, popular tobrlqueta of American States,
cltlet, etc., common grammatical errors, rules for spelling, pro
nunclntion anCuse of capitals. Wall Street phrases, commerce
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animate, origin of the names of States, and of countries, of great
works, popular rabies, familiar quotations, or genlua and of
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atatlatlcaof the globe, leadtog government! of tot wotld, etc,
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iairr l it 1 1 1 1 K H"' ,ll'x' Hix intuttlis, nn huvo iuaili
arriiiiKt'iiit'iits illt N'-'"' YttrU piilillsliiiiK limiso
ivIioH'liv c tiro fimlili'il to I'tViT ns a ini'tniuni tti our
uubseiiliciK tt "r Wiirlin of 'liiii'ltH Dlt li
'!, ill Tit I'll i l.ui-jK niul IIiiihImiiiik
Vnliiiui'N, willi a ytinr'n Hul'i-ciiplioii to tliis
pnpor, Icr a tiitlo inoto tluiti our ii'tilnr mili
Hcription prict'. Oiirfiii-at olVcr in Hiiliscrilu'rt
I'l'lli't-cs ti li v ever In lclnfnn' iniitlt, (IiiiiIih
Dtclii'iis huh tlio giciitcHt utivt'list )ui ever
livcil. No ntttlitir lc foic or miioo liis tuiio lias
ivtiit tlio fiiiiie 1 1 tilt lio ucliioM'tl, and Ins mihI.s
mc lion innio populiir to-tiny tluui i.iiriiiK
lilri Jiti time, Thoy nbouml in wit. liiuuor,
patlit h, liuiKli'i'ly (It'liiii'ittion of i' intra ft it,
viviil tliEiTipliniiH nt plncis and iiiciilcntH,
tluillittg ami Hlilllftllly roni;lit plots. Knch
lincU is intensely interesting. Nn lininoH' intld
liu without a set of tlitse Kiimt leuiulk
nblc wtnlis. Not tn liavtt reail llieni is tn bo
fur bt'liiud the hku in "liit'lt wo live. Tho
Hut of Dickons' wtuks which t etl'er us u
ilso Tiik Ohkuon Si oi'T for vkah,
more than the reuular subscription
Wo want to lucreaso oiirclrciilMInn very largely during tlio noxt Mx months lo ilotiblo It, If jo?
ilble. To accomplish thin we need tlio co operation of our jireitpnt Ritbaeri turn ami readerf. If each
one of our preaent reader would uro for in on new tniscriU'r, mir cirrilUtlou would bn doubled,
or course. Hut wo know that It will tako an extrHordlimry Inducement to brine out tlio united
effort of overy ono of our present subscriber wo shall have to innke a high bid. Well, wo nro
ambitious and auilons to doublo our circulation, and, by special arrangement with ono of tho lead
ing publishing bouses we aro enabled to malio you
An Offer Remarkable for its Liberality.
Itcad it : To any ow tc10 will teml tit O no Subscriber to lis paper for Ono Yonr
nt the teqnVir tilcriptton price, ire irill give Absolutely Froo, uwl rend hi mail, post
paid. Twonty-fivo Comploto Novels any Iwtnly-jlce you may reUcl from the follow
ing atl :
lift- M,fiHVl li-lltir. nr am,?d If. Iionci
N .'it.
N wl.
. aT'i.
lilTinitlu. Itr M. r CtlDOR.
Dolori'M. IU Mm. Jink (1. Anttl.
A linn e I'nwnril. My U. I. Nt"f kmoh.
A Troiilileonu 4i I rl flj Tmk licritrM.''
Illlllltornol (JlilIlT HfAlwu)l. tlot'nl.o lfl'.l
No -:)
f.'.TIm. I ill-t'lj Acoii.fil. 11 JIM. AS. hmrilkKI. 1IC I.
So. .'. A KnUvrenl. r Auixrnri
I lit- I'riirl ,11 IlipOrlmt. Hj Sri rwtiiCnBB, Jr.
Mlimi, llprrh'L' I'lititflitrr. Mr M T. Caidiih
Tlir l.tmlrii l-'nriii llrlili-. Mr M t hi , arr tl totiMT
l,atieernii Wtiinuii. It r l r AhnH, HTitriiKt. I IIIII ll.r K.ri.rn .SraLa Krvurnl.
'I hi I'frll orillrttiiril 1'iirituii. Ilr It. U Fahjuhn
I lip Utile Old .lull ur Ilm lliitlciiollf.. Ilr
V. .-I.
No. til.
v.. r,i.
v I J .0.
No '19.
No ;i I'roiii lite I.Hrlll lollio .tliinn. Itr Jt'tri, Vra-ia.
t Ull r (IIN'IHIAC
I lit Uniinlliiii l lnl. Ilr Dr. J II. ICnftiMuN.
'I'lie lliiriiu III. Mj Sri ikHvm Jr.
Thrliriljr t'nltMM,. Ilr l. T Calduk.
Tin- -orrw ,r Hecrrl. Iijr lnr IVcii II, r.
IVri'j niul llio I'ronlitl. Ilr Wiikik Cotii.
Tin- "lor.T or it V,ltII,iK ltl,i(. lljr tl. ftullior
li'iri, Tliun.r
Miirlyo Vt'nre 'I'rtiiptitllnii. Itr Mr. II. tTooi,
llu.lrrit Clinlfrellii Mr author "I'ura Tliorn.. '
'I'he I 1 un ,1 lliiinc. ilrl.T Caiduh.
N. . Ill
S. .11
v.. ;io
v.. .
v.. . I.
No .'II
u .'Jll
No .
No .'I
No. US
N.. V. I
N.. HI
N.. Ml
No il I.
No. J'H.
I tip I ill til I. lot , Mr Clara At;aUATA.
I'll.- Mill lllrl r Itr.. I. Ilr Sl.T. L'AtnnH
Miiltru' lift piiirtv. Ilr II. Kidkh llAauAlip.
Itiilli llprrlcl.. Ilr tVuiiAMll. dualism..
Illltll t I'll'. Wllril II; 11 IIIIRNCK M A HRr AT.
'I'tto Klr. Ilr Hi aullior of " Dora Tliornr."
Clonila niul --itiiialiliie. Ilr Ciiari kh Ukair.
iiiciilioml llprolnr. It,r Mr,, a. Kuv-miidii.
TtiorliriToll lrtilifp. Itj KKrr TTltiwoon.
'uriin,rl 'ulfiiKP. Ilr lira. IlaNHr tVocn.
'I'lip llrfiini oiiinti. Ilr trii Nik Col t in.
'I'lie'l'ri'itaurvur I'Vitncliiiril Ilr It. I.. Srtr
No 7lt 'l'ho AIIaiiiI, rttliiroa of Julm lflnitaoni Hr
KllpkOI I.IIL'1-J SlKIKMllN.
No ins, llrpitil rpon (tip Wntrro.lir MIMfiorx.
No ?'lj. A Titlo oi'l'lirt'O I.Ioiia. Ilf tl. Hiokii JIaoqaiio.
No hi lnire Miielt -tiro, lir Mah, rrcn. IIav.
No 2n. tlitrr llitrilulfl. llltiil. lljr 31m. II trnor..
No -m Willi rinitpr-. Ilr Marion IIaiii ami
No pll 'flip -tlprpliiinl'o I rlitip. Ilr Hiihatio Alorn, Jr.
No 2'h). I.poi'ici I'miint'lil Joiiriipr lljr Ml., tlHAi.tMot.
No I1H. .My KUlrr Kulp. Ilr aullior " DolitTlionii." Jll'd.
No IHT. Ilpiprlii. Hr 11 T (,Ali.on,
No lim. It mi llitprr. Hr Hrl rANl't Cnmi. Jr.
Nu A Hurt. I litiprltiiiipp. Ilr )l a r r (Vf it. Hay.
No I m . Thiil U'lntpr Mieltt Ilr ICtariir Huciia-ian.
No IM I lit llpil I'riMo. Ilr M T Caiin.ii.
No l2. i'or l.ovu or Itlplipo. Ilr nmlior " A Or!
No IHI I In-Wlnir.l iiT ( Itr M. T. I'tl non
No 111. A oiiiiiii' fprt'l. llrl!iAiit Aiiaunrt.
No I5 'I In-Until t lilt r. lit WiirikCiii i Ik.
.No. I5i. Kliirpnpw 1 1 Iniettin'o Oiilli. Ilj Mia. Jiltiiv A
Iikii.ii Itltithntnl.
No. IM. I.tini'npr' I'ttlilii. II; Mm. SI V. Victor. Ilf J,
No IM limit I'rimirt. Ilr ItM IlKNiir IVifm
No IM Thu I'iiIboii or.tpt. Hr r'l miKhcit lARnt AT,
No IM. I.'ortrliik: lint l-'fllpm. Ilr Mr.. Ai kxaiir.
No ln. A rim ttrlulil lliiiiL-ltlpr. H; Mr, annir
Kiahia llbiHtnlel
No H'J II. lt. ut Aoli Hull. Ilr MinntRrr 111 mmr. KM.
No IIH. A llitrlfrpil LITp. II; Maiiuin IIari tto.
No 147 Mr Not l'R llflr. H Mr Mat Antra Kirmino.
No. till. HnrU'lt .'tlTlllllt'. Ily I'l IIIIK-ICK WaHIiKN.
N . 115. Tin' Nliiriir lli url.. Ilr II. I, I'ariron
No 144 l.mljr Viiltrortlia IMiiinoniU. i; mThk
III. Knlr hill Knlae. Ht author of "Dora Thorn. ' lll'h
No HI The M oiiiiin llnler. H; Hr . I II. HoRiiaoi. Ill .1.
No III lleltteeii Tito Nina. II; lh author of llora
Tlmm. tlliiitiate.l.
No.lin 'I'he l.tittyer'a Heeret Hr Mtir M H. Ilntpno,.
No. ITJ. 'I'he HrmiKU ('nan vf Ilr. JpLyll nnil Ilr.
Utile. Mr It. I, SlRtRNR'tN.
No nn Ail (flil .Miin'a Niiprltleei. H; Mm. Anr ,1.
Nl KrnRRa.
No. 1.17 I'mlerlhe I. line. H; aulhorof" Clorit Thornt.''
lust think of II I Wo will plvo you twenty-five clmrniltiR complete novels frit If yott will pet us
only on yearly subscriber Tlio novels nre splondld ones.iind thoy nro published complete In
iieut pamphlet form. Note tho iinmes of the authors they nro tho most celebrated writers, both
of Amotion, nnd KuropA. Note also tlio loni; nnd nttiactlvo lUt frcm which you aro prlvlleRed
to select Nn inntler which of tho novels jou clinor. you will bo perfectly dollKhted wllh them.
Mnt of tho novels Iu this list soil for 25 cents each In tho Srtitiile and other libraries. You can Ret
timilt lire of (urm-aiiy twonty-flvoyoit may ehooso irir, for (.'nlUiiR us only oho yearly subscriber.
' Can you doubt I hat this Is n uvmlerful nppnrlumlti such a one as yott never had befoie ?
Now let ovory reador of this paper consider this ofTorns aililroHxed lo hlmseir or herself Individ
ually Mako up your mind thnt ynu will havn twonty-flvo of these chnrmlni: cotuplelo ttovels.
Anil how easily you can do HI What Is It lo get one yearly subscriber to this paper? There is not
one slnplo one of our preoent suliRcrlhers mid readeis tint can do It, If they will try. Hemembor,
you ate not asked to get up n club or to do any canvassliiK, but merely to ttso your Inllnoiico to
Inilnce oni" of your neighbors or friends to tako our paper lor a yenr Anybody can do this
Ainniic your nelijlibors and fiionds there Is certainly one who will subscribe for our papor nt your
solicitation. Do not put It off.or stop to think It over, hut ro right out at once and net your sub
scriber. You yourself will bo wii-prlsied to find bow ensy a thliiR It Is to do, and when you lecelve
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tot k nilvatitniio of our meat tinil veiy llbernl offer.
I Wo will ilve fifty of the novels fortwo yearly subscribers, seventy-five for three subscribers, and
so mi for any number. Get moro than mitt sntiacilber It you can without too much trouble, but do
lint hill to K't at least one, and secure for yoniself twenty tlvo charming complete novels free. You
will miss a grand chance n great nppoituulty If you pass this offer by unheeded. Order your
novels by the numbers as given. Address nil letters;
THE OflEGOJl SGOUT, Union, Op.
Ve will civo til's oxcellent
' niul most vnluiiblo book nnd
! Oregon Scout
For one year for
ONLY $4.50.
The usual price for this
book is from 8 to
! iffGfflfS Mill
Most Popular Paper
Published in Eastern Oregon.
This is attested by its iiniuenso and rapidly iucreaslns? sub.scrli.tlon list!' It is
independent iu all things, neutral iu nothing; replete witli
Spicy Locals anu aMisoeixany.
Subscribe for It Now and Secure One of the Above-mentioned
Among Interior Newspapers.
tW Aihertihlng rates mado known on application.
JONES CHANCEY, Publishers and Proprlotorsi
A llnrrliiiXP. Itr Hln Jli'lorir.
A U'lrkpil lilrl. Mr Mtur Cm-ii. ll.r
Tlir I'purl orilio 4lpf,tii. Ilr t'l.tRi i;ni'arA.
I lip 411. 1 IIiiLpm Iip-I. Ilr Mr 1 1 ani'ii, Jr.
'I'lip I'dlirornlit nlilit. lit M.T. I'AltotM,
Ko. 131.
No. via.
No. JJ.
No. 121.
No. 112.
No. 131.
No. 120.
'I lie r orpplllnl liniilpa. n; r iuimio.
The lllitmiiiiil llritfptpl. Ur Mm. II' truoo.
I llffi" lliiiiii. Ilrlrrtir IVrarr.
Ai-nlliH'o lllalor; . Mr MAitatiticr ni.Pl'nr.
4lnl tiTllip PII. HlI'lARt At'OfATt
Tlio.lurt ol'tt florin. Hi Mm Jtr(l Avatir.
The lit II IIi iiIiii. Hi VI T ('Air.i'ii.
'I lip .11 1 "Iprr III ltllit..tttiiiil lriidirp. Ilr
.No. 119.
Air,, hit tmitr".!"
No. 101 Tho l.ii-l i.r llir lliillit.ii.. Ilr Ml., Mil on,.
No. 101 Tho Mum lil. I unit .lltalprj M; Wiirib
IVl! I If., fllnat. ttlr.l.
No. 100. CI nt ofllitt Hrplfia Ilr llroii rtwAT.
Itplrltitiltiiit. II; MAimAHrr imitrt.
A 'I'ltlt orfln H; Mm IIrirt lr-.n.
A Forttllio llitttlpr. Ilr Anrir rHiitttA
ilrililpil niul I'ttrlcili lit mitlitr iut 'riiorno."
Tlit li iitsliUlirlilACP 11 ) pry. Mr ('mar ItKtl.R.
Itifelpilptr llonai. Ilr Miithnr ur" Dora llioruo. 1
A I'naaltp l.'rlmi. Itr " Thm 111 cnkai '
l(ti l.oilfft. II; Mr IIkmrt U'iiiiii.
A KrliliiP of l.ttt p. Ily anllifr " llora Thorn."
TIipFhIiiI lliirrlnai. lit Mil, M K llRti.l.o-f .
A Oiippii Aitiuiiirat Uoittptt. Mr llir author r
No. l".
lloro Tlmrnp.
Vo. PL The Hlntphrorit llt'nupol, Ilr IIihh Conwat. III.
No. 67
I ho I nratt tirviirptt ll.r nuttior " Dora Tliorno. '
A liiiitott 'ii llip'rhrpahohl. II; Mint Cntll.llAT
'I'lip l''itliil l.lllt'. fit; author " llora Tlicrne '
'nrrllmi' llin. Ilr IIioh CiiAt. tin.,
.Iluro Hitter Ihtili Heath. Ilr author of bora
No. HI.
No. CIS.
No. l,
NO. "1
1 linrno.
N'o, R2. 1Ht or Mr, f It; It'll Rir Cm I i.a, ftlttthttte I.
No, SI In tin. Ili.ll. In;-. II; Mart 1'Rril. Iltr.
No, fo The Itoiniiiillp A ill i-nl urea ut n Mllkmiilil.
Ilr Th'imar IIahht.
No. 71. A lletiit lleitrl. Ilr author of " Dora Tliorno.'
No. 77. Hurl. Hit) a. Ilr th-oit Conwat
Mittilutt a on Hie -iiiuv. Ilr H I. IAiijRiiR,
A I the U'orliPa llpri-j'. Hr Ki orrsck IVari rm,
,ll-tl llitt'l.. Hi lll'ilil Cor hit
lltlilrt'il 'I'ret itiilnti. II; Tim nt'rtir.A " 0
In l'tttihr p. II; aitlhorof'1 Dora Thorn."
Thnl.rpy IVoittnti. It; Mr IIiarrii,, lied
Tho .lllaterr of the Unlit Tree. Mr lha
author of lli.ra 1 hornp ' Wtfti oe-i
fi'l. Ilntirlpl a .llnrrliiire. Ilr Wit Rirfni i inr 7.f
Ca. .fnlili HottprhiiiiU'a 11 He. II; Ml MflotH. III.
f.7. Jltatier Ihltlp'a Neerel Ur.MUaM K lllttrt'ON.
t.a l.eiillne. II; Mart Ckcii, Mat llhtOatrl.
C.3. I.nily lltteiiilollne'R llrpiitn, II; the Ruihcr of
MJota Thorn. ' lllt'ttmlr.t.
N'o. lil. Ito.l Court Form. 1); Mm, Mrnht IVooii. flt'tl.
I he I' rorpii Heep. It; wit rir I'oli u.a fll'il.
Ilui ti In tin 4IM II. .in... lit Mart Trcii. Mat. III.
The l.ot Ititnk Not". Ilr Mm IIkmitUoop III.
Ile.ler. or ll. At hick M lloi i IllutHntt.l.
A llrlilp from the Ken. H; aullior " Dora 1 hornp."
ThpOll'Uetoil the llettrlh. A Chrlilmaa Htorr.
T . ii.n. i. iniop.. j if ilf i til"!
No, 41. The Vt'llott Alitak. II; IVll rir Con i-.j.
Hell Uriiiiilon. )l; 1' Mamii.iun Mvrui, .ll.f.
.lltanluiA. Mr .Mint i'rcii. Hat.
Anne. II; Mm. IIrmrt Woon,
Mater ltoe. II; It'll rir Cot r irr.
I'lilerle'a rule. II; Mm Airxarmtr.
A Uolileii Ihttttl. M; nulhor ' llora Tliornr." lit.
Kaalettl or. the .11 talprt ol' lh llpiiilliniif .
No. 32.
No. .11.
No. 29.
No. 27
nr r.n, . i-iFiicK iiiiiati itir.t.
No. 2A. Iltitllpy I'nrlpoli. It; Ma M, P.. ItRAPnortt
No. 21.
Ilailil Unlit Mr Mr. Arm S. SrarHRRR.
The Heir to Aalilrr. Mr Mm. IIkriit ITrnn.
Henitttiirllie Whlrtttliiil. M; Mart Crcm. Hat.
A llllilpil rln. Ilrtt-eaiitlioror- Dora Tlioriio."
The l.itnrel Hiiali, M; Mln Mri ocK.
Henry Arkpll. II; Mm. IIrnhtIIoou.
Atiioa Ititrtoti. Hr flROHUR Ki ioti
II I lie I 'y e niul llolilpn 1 1 nl r. II; AnrirThohai.
f'ttplittn Allek' l.riritey. M; M. T CJai hor.
A nionir the Hnlna. Mr Mart Crcii Hat. Ill J.
No. 22.
No. 21
This book will also bo
To any ono sending a club of
Yearlv subscribers, nccsmna
ttied by the subscription price
of till'
Which ie 1.50. Address
No. lis.
No 114,
No 131.
No. IU.
i DiMiiai'f