The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, December 26, 1889, Image 7

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A Noble Husband Who Didn't Frevent an
a had beon riding in tho samo sent
with a very plain sort of man for tho
last twenty miles, whon n couplo
foarded our car at ti junction, nnd he
suddenly uttered a cuss word as long
as my arm. I saw that he was excited
by their advont, and naturally inquired
if lje knew them.
Know 'em? Why. that woman is
my wife!" ho hissed.
"And who's tho man?"
'It's a feller she is eloping with!"
"They haven't soon you yet, and they
are nicely caught. How long ago did
she lcavo?"
"Threo days. I'll havo a terrible re
venge." V'Aro you armed?"
"No, I'm too dangerous when I'm
armed, and 1 left my rovolver homo."
"Then you'll swoop down on the
man and break him in two?"
"I ortor. I suppose, but when I begin
to swoop 1 don't know where to stop, 1
might damage a dozou others. My re
venge must be swift and terrible, how
ever." "How do you propose to do?"
"I dunno. How would you do?"
'"I should go for tho man without do
lay.'; "Yes, that is tho proper way, 1 sup
pose, but if I get wild who's to hold mo?
I once started in to lick a man, broke
looso, and finally cleaned out a whole
town meeting. I must take blood,
vengeance, however."
-"Perhaps if you would show your
self the man would slink otT, and the
wife return to your bosom," I
' I dunno, if ho would it would be
all right, but suppose he tried to blufl
mo? That would make a liond of me
in a moment, and I should probably
kill every body in this car. I must
havo blood, however."
"Perhaps you could buy him off," 1
said, meaning it for a stab.
"Yes, I might, but 1 guess ho'd want
oro'n I've got."
"Well, do you propose to sit here
and let another man walk off with
your wife?"
"No! By tho canopy of heavon, no!
I demand his heart's blood! Lot me
think. Ho's purty solid, isn't ho?"
"Would probably fight?"
'1 think so."
"'Don't look as if ho would lot go for
twelve dollars?"
"Well, I must plan for a deep and
lasting vengeance. Let mo collect mj
At that moment tho woman turned
and saw him, and she at onco arose
and camo back to the seat. He looked
at her with open mouth, and she
pointed her linger at him and said:
"Thomas Jefferson Bully, you oper,
jwir yawp on this kyar and I'll make
you wish you'd never beon born! At
tho next stop you git off, or my folloi
will mnko your heels break your neck.1
I've gone and loft you, and that's all
thero is to it, and 'taint no uso tc
bother us. Mind, now, or you'll hem
from mo!"
And sho wont back to her seat, and
gliomas JolTerjon rodo aino miles with
out another word. "-l us a stop was
reached he dropped off as humbly ns
you please. He btood beside tho opot:
window until tho train moved, nun
then whispered to me:
"I got off to collect my thoughts.
Look out for mo whon I turn looso foi
vengeance!" N. Y. Sun.
Our Advancing Civilization and the Op-
pitrtunity It Offers.
I When tho historian comes to write
tho history of tho nineteenth century,
said Prof. David A. Wells at Harvard.
1 am certain ho will ascribo to the
period embraced by tho present gener
ation of living men, a period unequaled
in tho world's history, transcondlng,
perhaps, any other in tho development
of thought, a period that duels its par
tollel in that which succeeded the cru
Aides, tho discovery of gunpowdor, the
emancipation of thought, and the
Reformation, tho discovery of Amoricn,
mid tho invention of tho steam engine
when the whole piano of humanity
rose to a higher lovol, with this im
portant exception, that tho culmination
of to-day is at the highest and tho plant
of humanity is still rising. Under those
circumstances the collogo graduato oi
to-day is launching his bark on a sea
of opportunity, with a tldo, that 11
taken at its flood, will lead to greato:
fortuno and success than over before it
tho annals of tho world.
Of tho unsolved problems of tho pas)
that havo como down to us thero is not
probably a singlo ono which Is not
looked at from an entirely dlfferont
standpoint from what it was forty years
ijo, and which does not demand for its
discussion, looking to Its solution, an
amount ot Acute intellect, coupled with
a power of acute observation and de
duction, far beyond any thing that has
heretofore beon regarded as required.
And of tho probbmsof tho present and
tho future nono moro sorious and im
portant havo over commanded tho at
tention of mankind than thoso which
aro tho outcome of our advancing civil
ization. Thoso problems to many, ovon
conservative and most thoughtful
inlnds&tooem to contain abundance of
menace, and the gathering of tho bar
hariuns froro within, in placo of with
out as boforo, for a gonoral assault on
f'ho organization of socioty and oven
fchopormanoncy of civilization. Socioty,
'tVoroforo, has no greater need than to
supply lta forco of trained intellects
that shall stand on tho citadol and be
ready to rocot boldly oyory ovont that
time mid circumstance may force upor
How tho Bran or 1'etertovrn Wooed the
llclle of Pumpkin Hollow.
Mls3 Susie Tansy Do you know
what timo it is. Hank Stoner?
Hnnk Stonor No, nor I don't care
"Oh, you don't? Well, it s timo all
good little boys woro at homo and in
"You don't say?"
"Yes I do, smarty; and you'd hotter
bo going."
"I'll go whon I git ready."
"Say. Susie."
"Say It yourself, whllo your mouth's
"Pshaw, now, Suso; I'm In earnest."
Well, what am I doing? "
"You know what; you know I beon
going with you a long timo. Suso."
"Pugh! what If you havo? Guess I
ncTor asked you to go with mo, and
eleven o'clock! you going to stay horo
all night?''
"Psh aw, Suo! you're tickled enough
to havo mo stay and you know it!"
"A-a-a-aw, Hank Stonor! As though
I euro whether you go or stay Piighl"
"Oh, I guess 1 ain't such a fool as I
look. But say, Suz o?"
"Well, say it then, you ninny! My
land o' rost, I ain't hludoring you."
"You aro, too."
- "Tee, hoc, hoc, lice!"
"Honest Injun now, Suzo; I'm in dead
earnest. I aint'been your shaddor six
months fornothin'."
"My shadder! La, Hank!"
"You know 1 ain't"
"How should know? I ain't a
"You act U' o one."
"You'ro polite, I must say.1"
"I meant it as a compliment."
"Smart compliment."
"1 think tho world and all of you,
"La. Hank!"
"I ain't foolin'."
"Tee, lice, hec, hoe!"
"Did you over happon to think that
you and mo was old enough and big
enough to git married?"
P-o-o-h. Hank!"
"Wo air. I ain't thought of much
else of late."
"You redickerlus thing!"
"Woll, I ain't You liko mo purty
well, don't you?''
"I'd bo smart to say so if I did."
"Woll, you might whon wo'ro going
to git married."
"Who said wo wore going to git mar
riod? It tnko two to make a bargain,
Mr. Smarty."
But you will, won't you, Suslo?"
"I'll think about it"
"Pshaw, Susie; why can't you say
'yes' right out?"
"Oh. you'ro too anxious, and lot go
my hand!"
"I shan't."
"You mean thing! I'vo a notion to
tho idea of you putting your arm around
my waist like that and now. you dare
to kiss mo again! What if pa or ma
should come in?"
"Pooh! They'ro in bedwhoro they'd
ought to bo."
"Nice way to talk about my pa nnd
ma. It's a good thing for you they arc
in bed! '
"Yes, I think so myself, I'd rather
havo 'cm thoro than here."
'Toi', heo. heo! you mean thing!"
"Come, now Susie, say yes. I love
you liko all posessod!"
"Aw. Hank! Tnko your mouth away
from my cheok g'wny!"
"Say. 'yes' first"
"Well if I must yes."
"Shut upl Good heavens! You want
to raiso tho dead?"
"I'm so happy, Suzo!''
"Woll, don't go crazy if you are
goose!" Timo.
An Extraordinary Refrigerator,
A young friend of mlno, who has for
sovoral years oach summor gono with
his father on a camping trip on tho
south biioro of Lake Superior, tolls mo
of a novel expedient thoy often em
ployed for preserving their vonison in
warm weather. In that country somo
of tho streams aro flanked by long rows
of sand-hills, whoso composition is so
looso that thoy shift about continually
under a wind of any force. In tho win
tor time tho high winds ofton blow tho
sand over tho groat snow banks which
lio upon tho north sldo of tho sand
dunes, covering up the snow to a depth
of several foot Tho snow is thus kept
unmoltod, and even in tho mlddlo of
summor ono can dig down through tho
sand to it and find tho best imaginable
sort of a natural refrigoralor. In this
w:ty, said my young friend, thoy burled
tholr deer and trout, and found them
ontiroly fresh so long as thoy cared to
lcavo them. This is cortalnly a now
Instnnco of nnturo's bountlfulnoss with
tho sportsman. Forest and Stream.
m m
Cause of the Complaint.
"When a man gots moro than ho
thought ho was getting in a horsc-trado
ho ought not to kick, had ho?"
"Well. I should say not"
"Glmlot bought 'an animal from mo
last wook nnd now is furious."
"You don't moan to say ho got moro
than ho asked for?"
"Yes; but only two spavins."
Brave as a Lion,
"Soo that ormloss man ovor thoro?
Ho's tho bravest man in tho car."
"Why, whon tho highwaymen Jump
ed on tho train and told us all to hold
up our hands ho was tho only follow
that didn't do it." N. Y. Sun.
One county (Custer) in Montana is
said to havo an area about five times
Creator than that of Massachusetts.
For the Serond Time In Ills Lire an Old
Mull Loses tilt Liberty.
Tho hour was growing lato; tho pas
Bcngors in tho sloopor hnd all gono to
bed. A portor approached "lower 6,"
nnd. jorktng tho curtains apart mum
bled something. "What's tho mattor?"
demanded a rather old-looking man,
getting out nnd following tho porter,
who hnd stopped back a few paces.
"I say, snh, that 1 am sorry to toll
you. bntyou'll havo to change cars."
"What for?" tho old fellow thun
dored. "You want to go to St Louis, don't
"Woll, but this sleeper goos to Kan
sas City."
"Why In thundor didn't you toll mo
so, hah?"
"I didn't know myself till just now."
"Why didn't tho conductor toll mo?"
ho roared.
i don't know, snh."
"Whero Is your pumpkln-hondod
"Back in tho smoking department,"
Tho old man went Into tho smoking
department and thus addressed tho
"Didn't you know I wanted to go to
St Louis?"
"Not until I hnppened to look at your
ticket just now."
"And now I'vo got to chnngo cars at
tho next station?"
"Yes, if you want to go to St Louis."
"This Is an infernal outrage Liston:
For six years I havo boon courting tho
Widow Hcnnipin. Somotlmes my
chances would bo up and somotimes
they would bo down. It rockod along
this way till last week and thou I mar
ried her. and now wo aro on our wed
ding tour. Look here, my dear sir, for
tho lovo of humanity pleaso lot this car
goon to St Louis, for it won't do to pull
my wlfo out of bed nt this timo of night
and make her chango cars. Sho'll
swear I didn't havo sonso enough to
know whero I wanted to go and all
through llfo sho'll hold mo down. My
dear sir, if you boliovo in tho llborty of
man lot this car go to St Louis; don't
holp to hen-peck mo. If you don't como
to my nld that woman will nlways bo
liovo that 1 am weak sho novor will
havo any moro confidenco In mo will
hold mo down and ride ovor mo, I toll
"Wo havo about reached your station.
Hurry up."
"But can't you holp me?"
"I can not"
"Then I am lost lost and hen
pecked for tho second timo in life."
Arkansaw Traveler.
The Grcut Inventor Honor Any Soverlgn
to AVhoin He Mjr Speak.
Thomas A. Edison, tho greatest In
ventor tho world has ovor known, is
now recoiving honors in Europo from
tho hereditary royalties who aro far
less uso to tho world than ho. Thoro
havo been inventors boforo whoso dls
covorios havo revolutionized tho In
dustries of tho world men liko Guton
burg, Watt, Stovenson Whltnoy, Ful
ton, Morso nnd Ericsson; but it is
doubtful If thoro has ovor lived a man
of such vcrsatilo inventive genius, of
such bold originality in concoiveng.and
of such painstaking pationco in carry
ing out his marvolous conceptions as
Thomas A. Edison. His invention of
tho telephone, of tho olectalo light and
tho phonograph, each hi itsolf honor
enough to immortalize u man, plucos
him at the top of tho list of tho world's
great inventors not to mention his In
numerable minor Inventions, many of
thorn of the greatest utility to man
kind. Measuring him by tho stnndnrd of
tho pmotical good ho has dono tho
world what man is worthlor of honor
than Mr. Edison? Suroly nono of our
living statesmen mombors of Con
gres, Governors and diplomats aro to
bo compared with him in this respect.
Wo havo probably producod no poot or
Htornry man who will bo romeinbored
longer than ho. Considering tho won
dorul inventions that may still lio in a
formative state in his mind, thero is
suroly no man whoso death would be a
greater loss to tho country.
Tho kings of Europe can not honor
Edison by granting him rocoptlons and
giving him titles. In accepting theso
gifts at tholr hands ho honors thorn.
Suroly Tom Edison, tho rngged nows
boy and Impecunious tolograph opera
tor, honors any king to whom ho con
descends to speak. Ho is tho biggest
king of tho wholo crowd. Yankoo
Queer Facts About Figs.
Whllo musing upon tho many won
derful products of nnturo, how many
stop to consldor tho peculiarities of tho
fig? It Is utterly unliko any other fruit,
in that it has no blossom. Every other
fruit heralds its coming and gives its
promiso with a flower. And then most
cortainly the fig must havo lungs or
breathing places, for. from tho little
button at tho end thoro nro minuto
ducts or air spaces, which run right
through tho fruit and clear into tho
stem. If, in drying, tho fig is not
placed ns it grow on tho tree, tho fruit
sours and molds.
It would soom that thoso air vessels
must bo placed so as to oxhnlo whllo
tho fig Is drying, ovon as thoy inhale
whllo it is growing. Tho fruit does
not hang from tho troo, but inclines' up
ward, held by tho stem, and this but
ton or mouth opons toward tho sun.
If not so placed whon being dried tho
button is shaded and tho fruit thon
spoils. Altoguthor the fig is ono of the
most romarkablo of all nature's pro
ducts. Kern County Callfornlan,
One of the Molt Instructive Feature of the
I'arts Eiposttlon.
Not tho most showy, but cortalnly
ono of tho most Interesting, features of
tho present oxhlbltlon nt Paris Is tho
Palais des Bols ot Forots palaco of
woods and forosts a largo building
with spacious salons, gallorios and bal
conies, built ontiroly of wood, In un
dressed logs, sticks and fagots, yet nono
tho loss very tostofully constructed,
and not without considerable archi
tectural beauty. Tho walls and ceilings
nro paneled with various sticks of tho
wood, showing different colorod barks
birch, beech, elm, plno, poplar, for
example, producing pretty artlstlo ef
fects. Evory kind of troo and shrub which
grows in Franco, or in any of her col
onies, is hero conspicuously roprosont
ed. If a paront, or teacher, desired to
givo his children n few days of most
effective nnd plensant instruction in
treos and woods, horo is tho idonl placo.
For tho entire structure appears to havo
boon arranged for tho ospecinl purposo
of giving lessons In troo-botany.
Tho columns, beams nnd posts nro
each of a singlo log; and In ovory caso
tho common namo of tho troo, togothor
with its botanical namo and tho ago of
tho spocimon, nro glvon on a tag at
tached to It Moieovor, thoro aro spec
imens of tho leaf, tho llowor, tho sood,
cono, or nut, easily accosslblo for ex
amination; nnd oxnmplcs of nil tho
known parasites; insects nnd honors
which infest and livo upon it
Tho difforont sizes to which tho troo
attains, nt difforont ages, aro Ulustratod
by spocimon sticks and logs. Tho forms
of tho branches nnd twigs aro shown by
numerous examples.
Next follow tho usos to which tho
trco Is put, as timbor, or in manufact
ures, and tho grain and fiber of tho
wood nro exhibited, along with tho
tools best adapted for working it
Products from tho floor nnd tho wood
pulp, as soon In paper, or vogotablo
silk, linen, otc, aro exhibited; also tho
extracts from tho sap, tho gums and
resins which naturally oxudo from tho
tree, and tho alkaloids ' which may bo
propnred from them, for medical uses.
Then follows tho gnarls and oxcros-
conces which sometimes grow abnor
mally, on oach spocles of troo, and such
oxnmplcs aa havo boon found of petri
factions of tho wood.
Finally thoy aro given oxamplos of
tho kind of soil in which tho troo
flourishes best, and tho goological or
rock formation upon which it is found
In a word, thn palnce of woods might
very aptly bo termed a palaco for easy
and agrecablo botanical Instruction.
Youth's Companion.
The Troublo Ho Took to Keep Ills Voice
Sort ami Sweet.
A usoful oxamplo of tho proper caro
of tho volco is to bo found In a vory
unexpected quartor. Tho Emporor
Nero, as Is woll known, bollovod hlm
solf to bo a great artist, a notion of
which thoso about him were not Ukoly
to dlsabuso him. His dying words,
Quails artlfox porool" show that ho
had at least ono featuro of tho artistio
tcmporamcnt Ho sought famo by
many paths, in pootry, fiddling,
driving and othor branches of tho flno
arts to say nothing of his scientific ox
porimonts on tho bodios of his nonrest
relations. Tho imporlal virtuoso was
particularly vain of his voico, which I
can woll imngino to havo beon soft and
swcot, qualities which ofton enough ac
company a cruel naturo.Ho was propor
tionately caroful of so precious a pos
sossion. His systom Is worth quoting.
In addition to his gonoral measures as
attonding to his liver, and abstaining
from such fruits nnd othor foods ns ho
fancied to bo injurious to his voico, wo
nro told that at night ho used to Ho on
his back with a small plato of load on
his stomach. This was probably for
tho purposo of chocking tho ten
dency to abdominal broathlng, which
has already beon roforrcdto as tho leas
porfoct way In respiration for singers.
In ordor to spare his volco all unnec
essary fatlguo ho gavo up haranguing
his troops and ceased ovon to addross
tho Senate. As In lator times thoro
woro koopers of tho king's consclonco
Noro gavo his voico Into tho keeping
of a plionuscus. Ho spoko only in the
presonco of this vocal diroctor, whoso
duty it was to warn him whon hlstonos
bocHino too loud or when ho scorned to
bo in dangor of straining his volco. To
tho samo functionary was intrusted tho
formidnblo duty of checking tho Em
poror's oloquonco whon It becamo too
impotuous. This ho did by oovorlng
tho Imporlnl orutor's mouth with a nap
kin, it must havo noodod no small
measure of courago to apply this ef
fectual mothod of "closuro" to tho
arch-tyrant of history whon intoxicated
with tho exuboranco of his own vocali
zations Contemporary Hovlow.
A Kingston woman Is tho owner of a
pet cat which formed the habit of sleep
ing in a coal scuttle. One day somo
ono throw n picco of paper in the scut
tle covering tho cat from sight The
woui'iu picked up tho scuttlo to throw
coal in tho rttovo mid dumped tho cat on
tho rod couls. There was an unearthly
yowl, and a flaming body wont Hying
through tho room. A pail of water ox
tlnguishod tho firo and saved tho
Says an American tourist, writing
from Homo: "Wo wont to St Potor's
twice on Sunday tp hoar tho choir.
They aro alt men, and thoro is ono
among them who has u phonomonnl
soprano voice. Ho is called 'Tho Angol
of Si. I'otor a. If i had not looked right
at him when ho was singing I should
not havo believed that tho volco was
u man'-."
They Are Artistic anil Their Children
Hare an Intellectual Hcnt.
, That tho Moxlcans nro an nrtistto
pooplo no ono who lives long among
thorn can deny. In music thoy oxcol.
and all that is noodod to make Mexico
tako a first placo among musical na
tions is tho wider diffusion of technical
musical education. Tho veriest gamin
can catch at onco a novel air, and blu
from tho operas aro evory where heard
from tho most ignorant of tho lower
classes. Not only nro tho Mexicans a
musical pooplo. but thoy aro lovers of
I rt In nil Its forms, and their mannors
wo pleasing, whothor you tako tho
Kiost polished and travoled citizen or
tho humblest poon. Dally intommrso
with educated Moxlcans has a charm
about it th:it is delightful to aniu-thern-orjthoy
aro pollto, not from affection, but
because thoy aro trained to bo so from
tholr youth, and also becauso thoy aro
desirous of pleasing, being by nnturo
kindly and warm-hearted. Well might
tho United States copy tho manners
which tho Moxlcans havo for ovory-day
uso. as between parents and children,
masters and servants, nnd between tho
poorest and tho poor, who somotlmes
scorn to possess littlo elso but their
courteous ways. Tho Moxlcans aro tho
Italians of this continent; thoy havo
been kopt to tho rearward of rlchor and
moro fortunato nations by their long
and disastrous civil wars. Givo tho
poor pooplo of this country educational
privileges for twonty years and thoy
will como up as tho Italians havo dono
sinco Italy became ono country for all
her children.
Ono thing a forelgnor in Moxico
comes to notlco is tho decided intol
loctual bent of tho youth of tho land.
Mexicans havo great facilities In ac
quiring lnnguagos, and nlmost overy
lad In tho higher schools knows Fronch
nnd rends it as woll as ho doos Spanish.
Thoy tako up English with enthusiasm
and mnstor its abominablo orthography
and difficult pronunciation by dint of
downright hnrd work. It is difficult
for us, trained in tho Anglo-Saxon
speech, to undorstnnd how vory hard
our tonguo is to acquiro in tho caso of
a Spanish or Italian speaking person.
It is impossible to know how an English
word Is pronounced from Its spelling,
nnd, although our grammar Is com
paratively easy, our idioms aro diffi
cult and our unwritten rulos for tho ar
rangement of words aro tremendous
obstaclos, only to bo overcome by stron
uous practlco and wido rondlng. Boa
ton Horald.
The Gain That Socialism Is Making In
the Kugllsh Metropolis.
Thoro aro olghty Radical clubs in
London, and as many worklng-mon's
clubs, to which tho Socialists proffor
their Borvlccs on Sundays. Somo of tho
spoakors aro oxtromoly Intolllgont, and
grnpplo with social problems with
ability. Among thoso aro Wm. Morris,
already montlonod, who spoaka in
Broadway, Hammersmith, and has a
lecture- hall attachod to his houso;
Annlo Bosant, notorious for hor partner
ship with Brndlaugh, and an extreme
Socialist; Eloanor Marx-Evollng, daugh
ter of tho famous Karl Marx; ltov.
Stowart Hoadlam, a mombor of tho
London school board; Cunningham
Graham, a Soo allst mombor of Parlia
ment, who sorved throo months' Im
prisonment for taking part in tho dis
turbances in Trafalgar Squaro in No
vember, 18S7; George Bornard Shaw,
who has written sovoral novels and Is
known as an art critic; II. Hynd
man, tho founder of tho Social Demo
cratic Federation and author ot toxt
books on English Socialism, and Sydney
Wobb, lecturer on pollcal oconomy
at tho City of London Collogo. Each of
theso spoak onco or twico in tho open
alrorlntho halls ovory Sunday. John
Burns says that ho has dollvored an
average of a hundred Socialist spoochoa
in London and provlncos ovory year.
Ho was tho loador In tho recent strlko
movement London Cablo.
The Great Applejack Belt.
Tho groat applojaok-produclng bolt
of tho country lies between tho Hudson
river or tho enst and tho Dolawaro
river on tho wost, nnd Is protty much
comprised within tho bounds of Ornngo
County, Now York, and Sussox and
Warren Countlos, Now Jersey. Within
this district aro somo fifty distilleries
dovotod exclusively to tho munufneturo
of tho flory spirit known upon tho
United States internal rovonuo returns
as apple brandy, but commonly called
applojack. Ordinarily, whon tho npplo
crop of tho region is fair to good, tho
dlstillerioB start up whon tho fruit be
gins to rlpon early in boptombor, and
aro kept running until the crop is ex
hausted, say about tho 1st of January
following. Somo of tho dla
tUlortes turn out a largo pro
duct. I ho biggest applo brandy
distillery In tho cpuntry is ut Wurwick,
Ornngo County, and has turnod out in
tho course of a good season 13,000 gal
lons. Tho product of tho ontlro district
In a prollllo applo season will reach
near 200,000 gallons, on which nn in
ternal rovenuotax of $180,000 is paid.
N. Y. Sun.
m m
A lawsuit in Now York dovolopod
tho fact that "after tho owner of a lot
In Cypross Hills Comotory has burled a
docoasod mombor of his own family in
it ho Is absolutely forblddon, by tho law
undor which tho comotory is incorpor
ated, to ovor transfer or sell tho lot
outside of his family."
A Now York physician recom
mends tho Jowish custom of washing
hands boforo meals as a provontatlvo
against typhoid faver, Ho says that
contagion can bo convoyed into tho
systom by tha hands. v
Tho shortest way to do many
things is to do only ono thing at onco.
It's mighty curious how big somo
faults look until after a man has com
mitted them himsolf. Burlington Frca
Womon, liko dlscnsos, always
search out our weakest points for nn
attack; and thoy gonorally find them.
Mllwnukco Journal.
Wo judgo ourselves by what wo
foci capable of doing, whllo othora
judgo us by what wo havo already
dono. Longfellow.
No mattor how groat a liar a man
is, when ho tolls you plensant things
about yourself you can not holp fooling
that for onco ho Is telling tho truth.
Sotnorville Journal.
A man should not make a groator
fuss about tho wounds of povorty than
a girl makes about thoso of hor oars;
in both cases hooks to suspend jowcls
aro Inserted Into tho wounds. N. Y.
An Individual can not change tho
conditions of socioty in which ho is
ob.igod to llvo, and must either con
form to them or bo oxo hided from In
tercourse with his follows. F. M.
Beautiful souls aro ofton put Into
plain bodies; but thoy can not bo hld
don, and havo a powor all tholr own,
tho groator for tho unconsclousnoss or
the humility which givos It grace
If you would bo wise study to do
tho most essential things, and, to soo
how mnnj you aro in tho habit of doing;
which aro of no real bonofit to any one
Country Gentleman.
Thoro Is no escapo from opinions,
inferences, actions, savo in sterility ot
thought. Desortb alono aro froo from
vogotatlon. Tho fortHo flold Is ocou
plod; If not by this, thon by that; it
not by soomly, thon by unsoomly
growths. Bascom.
What a vast doal of timo and ooso
that man gains, who is not troubloel
with tho spirit of importlnont curi
osity about others; who lots his neigh
bor's thoughts and bohavlor alono; who
confines his inspections to himsolf, and.
caros chlofly for his own duty and con
sclonco. Lavator. (
Contontmont produoos, in somo
monsuro, all thoso offoots whioh tho
alohomlst usually asorlboa to what ha
calls tho philosopher's stono; and if it
doos not bring riches, it doo's Clio samo
thing by banishing tho doslro of thorn.
If It can not romovo tho dlsqulotudoa
arising from a man's mind, or body, or
fortuno, It makes him oasy under thorn.
Faithfulness and constancy moan
something olso besides doing what is
easiest and ploasantost to oursolvos.
Thoy moan renouncing whatever is
. opposod to tho rolianco others havo in
us whatovor would causo misery to
thoso whom tho courso of our lives
has mado dependent on us. Goorga
Eliot (
An Kurlr Morning Fight That Disturbed
nu lCutlro Feathered Colony.
Battlos betwoon birds nro somotlmes
vory fiercoly fought. Dr. Abbott, in
"Days Out of Doors," doscribos a long
drawn conflict in which a pair of gront
crostod Uy-catohors and a pair of bluo
blrds woro tho actors. By chanco thoy
had choson hollows in adjacent npplo
treos for tholr nosts, and so wero
brought dally Into moro or loss closo
association. So fnr aa I could soo, all
wont woll. Tho ily-catohors hawked
for insects among tho troo tops; tho
bluebirds woro contont with worms
from noar tho ground.
But by and by tho oggs of tho blue
birds wero hatched at least I prosumo
that thoy wore and at tho timo tha
young of tho ily-catchors woro woll
nlgh grown. Boforo sunrlsoono morn
ing, whon tho bluoblrds woro happier
than usual, thoro aroso a clnttor in tho
lano such as I havo seldom hoard,
among birds. Evory robin stopped
singing, tho wrens forgot tholr broods,
orioles scrooehod, and ovory cat-bird
bawlod murder!
Evon the poultry took it up, and foe
many minutes that quiot, shady lano,
ordinarily tho vory picture of peace,
was an actual pandomonium. It did
not tako many minutes to fathom the
mystery. Whllo ovory bird present
was thoroughly oxcltod, thoro wore
four upon whioh my attention was at
onco contorcd. Bravo as lions, the
bluoblrds, littlo furies now, hurled
.thomsolvos against tho fly-catchers,
which, although stronger, could not
withstand thorn. Vainly thoy attempt
ed to dodgo tholr pursuers, but tha
bluoblrds woro too quick. Thoy had.
acquired now powers, and with
strength, courago and onduranco 1
novor supposed thorn to possess, they
drovo tho fly-catchers far a-fiold and
kopt thorn thoro. Tho bluoblrds had
boon robbod and of coureo had caught
tho Ily-catchors in tho act
His Ample Apology.
Tho stroot car turned a sharp cor
ner, mid tho man who was holding on ta
tho strap swayed heavily against tha
high silk hat portalnlng to a man wha
was sitting down.
"Sir!" loudly exclaimed tho indig
nant passenger, picking up his dun
agod tllo from tho dirty floor, "do you
soo what you havo dono by your beast
ly ttwkwurdnossP"
'1 beg your pardon, air," ropllod tha
offender with oqual loudness and la a
tone of grout surprise "I didn't
know you woro slttlug there I sup
posed you had givon your seat to that
old lady standing up ii rout of you.
Extrernoly sorry, sir extremely
ry I" Chicago Tribune.