The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, December 26, 1889, Image 5

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AM K .lM.
KlU 1'OK.
??(( Oregon Scout has at tardea circu
lation as any two papers in this see
Hon of the State, combined, and is cor
respondingly valuable as a n advertising
Thursday," Dec. 526, 1S85).
For a full of Union
County tat-e inside pHaa,
A FaragraplUc Rteord of Jtectat Hfcpptn
ittgs in and Around the cay.
A morry Christinas to all the reader? of
Tub Scout.
Some elegant presents are yet to be found
at Mrs. Alger's store.
The permanent survey of Hunt's line
misses Phy's point abotit one mile.
If this issue b deficient In any way, at
tribute It to the holiday festivities.
A'isit Hall llro's. new store. They can
suit you in holiday presents and prices.
Can anybody tell what AuUmella & Doe
get for grndirg the branch line to Klgin ?
The New Year Is nearly here. Cull am!
settle your overdue account at the Cove
drug More,
The Ladies' Foreign Missionary Society
meets at the Presbyterian church, Friday,
Dec. 27th, nt2:0p. m.
Jewelry, silverware, and other articles
too numerous to mention, suitable for pres
ents, at A. K. Gardner & Co's.
Mr. Alexander Barton, an old resident Of
this valley, died at the homo of his daugh
ter in Suminerville, on the 12th inst.
Confederate bills are being circulated
through California and Oregon, and many
of the slick-tongued sporting men bticceed
in passing them.
The dance on Christmus eve was largely
attended, many being present from Xorth
Powder, La Grande, Cove and other neigh- i
boring towns. -All express themselves as !
w'nll nlnneml (
That immense assortment of holiday
goods at Jones 15ro's. is going fast, but there
are a few nice presents left, Improve the
the, opportunity to get something neat,
nice and cheap.
The Chii.itntas'trco last night was loaded
with elegant presents and contained some
thing for every child in town. The chil
dren were very happy and ontertaln a high
opinion of fc'anta (Jlaus.
The postmaster general recommonds n
double postal card for icturn answers.
This will enable one to make an inquiry by
postal card and at the same time pay the
' postage on the reply to his inquiry.
The Pendleton Oregunian says: Tho.
A. Barton, ot the Cove, well known in Pen
dleton, is in the city on his way to Port
land. He is preparing to engage in the
wholesale liquor business at the Cove.
All those knowing themselves to be in
debted to me, either by book account or
note, are requested to settle at once or costs
of collection will be added. I need the
nionev and must haveit. Wm. Wilson.
The sheriff's convention which recently
met at Portland, decided upon publishing
a rogue's gallery at their own expense All
the prisoners in the penitentiary wi.'l be
photographed and a full description ot
them printed in pamphlet form. '
It is estimated that for every subscriber
that a newspaper has, there are live read
ers. Calculating upon this basis Tiik
Oiinnox Scout lpw between seven and
eight thousand readers every week, inak
ing it tt very valuable advertising medium.
Oif thanks are duo to Master Arthur
Itinehartfor a fine lot of fresh oysters in
tho shell which he brought from Portland.
As' we set our molars in the luscious bi
valves we will call down the choicest bless
ings on the young friend who was so
thoughtful of us.
Word was received from Mr. Hunt, yes
terday, instructing the railroad committee
as to.tho right-of-way deods and requesting
that work on tho right-of-way be prosecuted
without unnecessary delay. This will be
done. Mr. Hunt will arrive from tho oust
on the 8th of January.
Tho second week in August has been
lixed by Commander-in-Chief Alger as the
time for holding the next annual onoaiup
niont of the Grand Army of tho ltopublie
at Boston; and the Hub promises to give
tho veterans u thoroughly cordial and ap
preciative weleomo.
Marion P. Martin, an old rosldent of
Lane county, aged about seventy years,
was shot and instantly killed by Mrs. M. J.
Taylor on the 17th inst. Martin was mak
ing a criminal assault upon her. Mrs.
Taylor was exonerated at tho preliminary
examination and discharged from custody.
Tho La Grande Gazette wants to ;"shako
hands" with everybody, because (as it
gays) there is a possibility of the Hunt road
being built by way of Pendletan, Starkey
prairie and La Grande, We don't blame
tho Lu Grander for catching at all tho
fetrnws they can. its jierfectly natural, but a
htraw never saved a drowning tuftn.
Thomas Martin, of this city, died very
suddenly at tho residence of his brothor
indaw, Mr. James White, last Friday morn
ing. The young man had not lieen in good
health for several year und although ho
Jiud been woro for aevoral days prior to
his death it was not thought that he was
dangerously 111. Tho remain were depos
ited in the Union cemetery, Sunday. Tho
mother and relatives have the sympathy ot
the community In their loss.
It is amu-lng to sc.- ome of the O. H. fc
is, railway town trying to adjust thein
gyWea u tho new order of iluugi thai will
OOine with the Hunt Laker City
0ow mw the daiigvi that i- in "t-r' fur tt
und is howling for tnc It. -V
build a braui'h 1 i" ii. t!x-i ' 1 ' '
pUi Till- l!!' ,t I . 1
xV. 'i i 1 d"i,.' r-.i v ! . hi i . !
bseah't 1 '! .'i.i.,! "
aginc they will ti"t ant :viy r a
"ill till tl ' II" IM Itlr ill A I. .1' .1 lb''
1UJ) b'' l" :" "" '' ''
t . f tli. i-- c it v
Brief Personal Mention Epltonia cf the
Week's Amusements.
Hon. .!. W, Xorral was In the city, Mon
day. Mrs. Chas. l'obins vialtcd Union, Mon
day. Mr. l.eonard Pirns returned from Cornn
copia. Saturday.
Mr. Harvey Morcltuirt returned to the
Sound lust Stuiday.
Attorney Sltelton visited Pendleton, Fri
day, on legal business.
Mr. W. T. Martin, of tho Park, made us a
pleasant 1sit, Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. George Thompson, of An
telope, visit ml Union Tuesday.
Rev. L. J. Hootheand wifo returned this
week from their visit to Wallowa.
Attorney Crowford has been quite sick
for u week or two. but is improving.
Mrs. 0. Eckcrsly and Mi Minnie Bloom,
of the Cove, visited Union Monday.
Miss Minnie Bishop is in La Oronno anil
will not return till after the holidays.
Mr. E. F. Springer returned from a trip
to ebraika and Wyoming a few days ago.
Miss Lilly Levy, who has bcon visiting
licr sister at Athena, returned home Sun
day. Mr. B. F. Kogor, of the Cove, called on
us. Saturday, and subscribed for The
Mr. Louie Laraere, of High valloy, made
us u pleasant and substantial visit last
Mr. .las. Lowell writes to have tho ad
dress of liis Scour changed from Seattle to
Mr. dohn Denncy, of Pine valloy, sent
Tiik Scout a subscription this week for J.
A. Denncy '
Mr. Al. Goodbrod has been considerably
under the weather recently, but is feeling
better now.
Mr. Arthur Sharpstein, of Walla Walla,
was married recently and will make his
homo on the Sound.
The dance given by Mr. and Mrs. Craig
at tho Depot hotollast Wedncsdaylwas pro
nounced a most enjoyable affair.
Mr. II. W. Lee, of Powder river, called on
lis Tuesday. lie was on his way to Sanger
where ho will remain for several months.
Miss llettio Dobbins, who has been at
tending school at Forest Grove, returned
last Sunday and will spend the holidays at
Mr. Geo. Doidloman came down from
Moscow, I. T.. last Sunday, on a visit to
relatives and friends. He returned yes
terday. Mr. and Mrs. Starbird and Mr. and Mrs.
Brandt were among the visitors from La
Grande who attended tho dance here
Christmas eve.
Mr. S. H. Neville, of the i-'and Kidge,
called on us Thursday and subscribed for
Tin: Scout, to bo sent to II. H. McGuirc,
Bladensburg, Iowa.
Dr. W. H Kinobart who has been prac
ticing medicine in Portland for several
years pat, will probably return to his old
homo in Sumnierville and locate there per
manently. Master Arthur Ilinchart, son of lion. L.
B. I'iiii'hart, relumed last Saturday from
Portland where be has been attending tho
military academy. Arthur is dressed in
uniform and his manly deportment and
military bearing excites the favorable com
ment of all. Ho will remain till after the
Mr. A. K. Bobinson, one of tho solid
farmers of the Cove, made us a pleasant
visit Monday. Mr. llobinson for some
time past has beon taking four copies of
Tun Scout, three of them boing sent to rel
atives in the cast. Ho renewed every one
of them. It does a newspaper man ood
to meet a man like -Mr. Bobiusou.
Mr. Wm. AVilson returned this week
from his visit east. He enjoyed the trip
immensely and looks much bettor for it.
Billy is somowhat worked up oyer tho fact
tliatsome one broke into his trunk, while
on his way back, and stole an elegant gold
wutch and chain which he intended for a
present to ;his wife. As the trunk was
checked the railroad company will bo re
quired to make the loss good.
Testimony Taken at the La Grando Office
Since Recoiver Outhouse'a death Void,
The registor of the La Grande land olHee
has made the following nnnouneoniont:
'In answer to my lotter of inquiry of Nov.
15, I this day received a letter of instruc
tions from the honorablo commissioner of
tho 12th inst. in which I ant informed that
all testimony taken by mo in Until proof
cases, since tho death of the late receiver,
is void." Tho honorable commissioner f ur
tliersays: "In view of the facts, however,
purtles whose time for making linal proof is
set for a day which occurs during such va
cancy, will be allowed a reasonable time af
ter a receiver assumes Ids duties at your
otliceiu which to offer Until proof. Such
proof muy bo submitted without republi
cation, provided tho notice already issued
is regular and correct," Parties intrusted
will plouso govom themselves in accor
dance witli above instructions.
Holiday Excursion via U. V. Railway.
For the ChrUtmas and Now Year's Holi
day scawm of 1180-03, tho Union Paeijio
Hallway will hell excursion ticket from all
rail -tatlunson its linos west of Huntington j
t tiny other rail station an it linos within I
a r 1 u oi' Mi mile, at the low rate of one J
u:.d one-lifth fare fur the round trip. Tick- i
et- will l.eM Heeo'uber 21th, 26th, lttt, '
l-:i, and .1 imi.u-Y lt, 1":); ofHl going cn
t' hi "iik . .tnd ;.'!.,! returning until Jaim
,ir :i I I '' linlu-.e. Thi- twll aD'ord ev
u i c in .in i.itiniit. tnvi-i their irlends
,, i . H in o. u-H'ii. For ticket, rat'-s,
,.! t .tin, etc . apply to any agent
t u n l'-" . t Hailway. T W LKK,
;: i.l . Gt u'l i .i is. Agent.
i' n' t'nii:i. Or.
Perished in tho Enow.
The Baker City Democrat says; ''From
Capt. Craig, of Eagle valley, who arrived in
tho city yesterday, the reporter learned that
Tho. Arthur, of Brownlee's ferry, Idaho,
Is supposed to have perished In the snow.
In company with several other men he left
home lnt Monday on snow shoe to look
after some horses that were snowed In up
in the mountains. All the members of the
partv returned in the evening except Mr.
Arthur, who they thought would return
later on, but wh-n morning came were sur
prised to Hud that he had not put In an ap
pearance. They became very much
alarmed at his continued absence and at
once organised a party to search for him.
Opto the present time their endeavors
have been in vain and all hope of friends
finding him alive is given up. It is sup
posed that the unfortunate imn fell over a
precipice and was killed or else became ex
hausted from hunger and fatigue and per
ished in the snow."
Hunt's Surveyors at Sumnierville.
The Annoiator sus : "On the arrival of
the Hunt engineers, the citir.ens of muh
morville met to have a got id time and in
dulge the enthusiasm which is so manifest
among our people. Thev shouted, shot an
vils, and the band serenaded tho town un
til nine o'clock, after which time, those
fond of the terpsichorean art repaired to
the city hall where they enjoyed themselves
until a late hour. A good time was had,
but we should not bo given entirely to
pleasure until tiie right of way is secured.
This is the next question that demands
consideration. Wo believe, howover, that
the right of way can be secured, a-" the
farmers, no doubt can readily comprehend
their situation and will act accordingly.''
The Arizona Style.
' This is the way they do it down in Arizo
na when a misguided individual monkeys
with his royal nibs, the editor. The follow
ing appeared in u leeent number of a
valued Arizona exchange: "Died In this
city October 2S. lS!). Pete Shumaker, aged
fifty-four years, eight months ami fourteen
days. Pete was the individual who at
tacked us on the 21st in front of the post
ofllco with a cavalry saber, being oll'entled
at an editorial criticising the policy of the
czar of Itussia towards Turkov. We let
daylight into him In four places and wo
paid his doctor bill and funeral expenses.
He sleeps well; he is better ofl'; death loves
a shining mark. Eastern papers please
Proflt In Fruit.
A farmer in this county sends the Pen
dleton Tribune the following in connection
with the subject of apples: "In my orch
ard 1 have a few trees of greenings, od' of
which I gathered thirty-eight boxes cf ap
ples which netted mo at the orchard 71) cts.
per box. or $7.50 for the four trees. Taking
seventy trees to the acre, which is the usu
al number planted, this gives a nice little
return of 525 per acre. Now to Und out
what can be accomplished on ten acres it
is only neeossaiy to multiply a little and it
will be seen that apples pay bigger and
better returns, with less labor, than any
other produce, dot ececpting walnuts or
Tho Goods 7ere Sold.
Tho otjior day a traveling peddler of no
tions, laces, etc., who hud been making a
tour of tho country, found his stock was
low. 'It's a cold day when a Sheeny gets
left,'' and as long as he could Und buyers
ho was going to have something to sell.
So be replenished his stock at the Lexing
ton stores and then called tit tho resi
dences, selling thesame goods to tho ladles,
including tho wives of somo of the very
merchants from whom ho had purchased
them. Considerable amusement lesultcd
when tho facts came out, but the laugh
was not on the peddler. Lexington Budget.
The First Stsp.
Perhaps you tire run down, can't eat,
can't sleep, can't think, can't do anything
to your satisfaction, and you wonder what
ails you. You should heed the warning,
you aretaking the Urst sttp into Nervous
Prostration. You need a Nerve Tonic and
in Electric Bitters you will Und tho exact
remedy for restoring your nervous system
to its normal, healthy condition. Surpris
ing results follow the uso of this great
Nerve Tonic and Alternative, Your'appo
tite returns, good digestion is restored, and
the Liver and Kidneys resume healthy ac
tion. Try a bottle. Price .VJc. at Brown's
drugstore, Union. Oregon.
New Year's Ball at tho Cove.
A grand ball will bo given at Wright's
hall in tho Cove on New Year's eve, under
tho management of Mrs. M, H. Eaton, Ex
tensive preparations are being made for tho
event and it is attracting widespread atten
tion. Tho best of music will ho secured tor
the occasion and n supper lit for the gods
will be served. Good order will be main
tained and the comfort and convenience of
tho guests studcotibly looked after. All
those who enjoy terpsichorean amusement
and desire to haven good time, arecordlally
invited to he present. Tickets, including
supper, $2.50.
Election of Officers.
At a regular meeting of Grando Rondo
Valley Lodge No. 59, A. F. and A. M., held
on Saturday, Dec. 1 Ith, tho following olll
cors were elected for the ensuing year: E.
W. Davis. W. M; Frank Bidwell, 8. W;
Ed. Kiddle, J. W; Geo. Wright, Trcas; 11,
II. BroHu.fc'oc; H. F. Burleigh, 8. 1); J. J.
Otlaio, J. D; C. L. Blakosleo. Tyler; A.
Levy.H. 8; C. IS. Duvls, J. S.
Its Excellent Qualitlis
i liiiitiieudod to public approval the Culifor
i m liquid fruit remedy , bvrup of Kitrs. It
ts pli-asiny to the oyo, anil to the taste and
by Kenny m'tinv on the kidneys, liver and
bowel, It the My-totn ifloctliu ly,
thereby pro ii.itin' tho health ai.d comfort
of all bo "-( it.
Not.o: to Hunters.
Klk horns wanted. --Fancv prices paid for
choice horns. Directions: Save skin from
shoulder forward: slip along top of neck to
horns ; p'ull skin over head, cif-c style ; leave
horns on skull; bring jaw-honos; remove
llesh. Top cash prices paid for llidos and
sheep pelts. Fur a specialty. Ollice and
storerooms at Frank Bro'. warehouse, La
Grande, Oregon I can be found at my
ollice the .econd and last Saturdays of each
month. F. L. BOYF.H. ' lm.
e"sw.eSLiauiwi tMtri trena lamw uwsb -wto. iwiwiwviwwaims
In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon
for Union County.
Janio H. Hutchinson and W. l!.
Hutchinson, composing tle linn of
Hutchinson Brothers.
James Welch, Surn' Welch, E. C.
Hughes, M. M. Marshall, O. N.
Bamscv. Thomas F. Hall. David
Eccles. II. II. Hncneer and W. A.
To the defendants James Welch
Welch, M. M. Marsh ill. O. N. Kttmsev,
Thomas F. Hall, David Eccles and H. 11.
Is -rnit wmkok Tin: Stti: r Ohki.o.n :
You Mini emit o: tn nr." hereby required
to appeal and answer the complaint tiled
ii'i!iititou in the above entitled suit on or
betoro the lirst day of the next regular ses
sion of the above entitled court after the
publication of this summons and each week
tor six weeks, to-wlt: n the loth day of
February, 1M)0. or that In default thereof
plaititill' will take a decree and judgment
against each of you for the relief demanded
in the complaint in thi caue. to-wlt: for
the sum ot-iillHiOO with interest tliercm
from the tirt day t f Jaituarv, l.sMt. at the
rate often per cent, per annum and for the
further sum of ten per cent, on the whole
amount found due as a reasonable attorney
fee in this Milt, and a liecree foreclosing
pliiiutilPs norttniyo upon tho following tie
scribal land situate in I'nloii county, Ore
gon, to-wit: ThovS NV4 and N$ SW'H'
Sec. 22. and N Wj sec. k; nd SEli of SEK
Sec. S and E)4 M-Af and NE'.f of SKtf Sec.
17 ami NV, SWi.4 Sec. Wall in Township
li South, of EangeuS East of the Willam
ette Meridian and for costs and disburse
ments. This summons it published in Tun Ont:
(lox Scout by order of tho Honorable Jus.
A. Fee. Judge of the sixth Judicial district
of the Mutto of Oregon, matin and dated at
Chambers the 2tiih day of December, 18S!).
12-20 Attorneys for Plaintiffs.
ll! the Circuit court of the state of Oregon,
for tho county of Union
13. It. Bowlby, run
S. M. Bowlby, Deft.
To H. ,l. lJowihv:
X Oregon, you are hereby required to ap
pearand answer the complaint filed against
yon in the above entitled suit within ten
days from tho dato of tho service of this
summons upon you, if served in said coun
ty; or if served in any other county in the
state of Oregon, then within twenty days
from tho date of such service upon you;
and if served bv publication, then oii the
Kith day of February, 18!)0, that being the
lirst tegular day ot the next term ot this
court after tho expiration of the tune of the
publication of this summons. Defendant
will take notice that if she fail to appear
and answer or plead within said time, the
plaintill', for want thereof, will apply to, the
court for the relief prayed for in tho com
plaint, to-wit; for a decree dissolving and
annulling the bonds of matrimony existing
between plaintiff and the defendant, ami
for such other relief as to the court may
seem meet and equitable.
Tuitxnn, ViNi:vAiti it Tcit.vmt,
Attorneys for PlaintiH'.
This Miininous is published by tinier of
the Hon. Jus. A. Fee, judge of the Sixth
.Indicia! District of the state of Oregon and
of the above entitled court, made at cham
bers this 21st day of December, 18S!).
TcitNKit, Vini:yaiu it Tcitxini,
12-25" Pill's Attorneys.
fiii.mioN.s. '
In tlie Circuit court of the stale of Oregon,
for Union county.
Emma .1 Edson, Plir.i
Mark Edson. Deft. I
To Mark Edson, tho above named def'ii
1 Oregon, you are hereby required to ap
pear in the above entitled court and maUe
answer to tho complaint filed against you
in the above entitled cause, on or before
the first day of the next regular term there
of after the publication of this summon
for six weeks to-wit: on tho lOtn tiny of
February, 1800, and if you fail to appear
and answer as aforesaid on or before said
day plaintiff will take decree and judgment
against you for the relief prayed tor in her
said complaint, to-wlt: font decree dissol
ving tho bonds of matrimony heretofore
and now existing between pltdntiir and de
fendant, and for tho care and custody of
tho minor child of plaintill' and defendant.
This summons is published in Tiik Ohk
OOn Scour, by order of the Hon. .lames A.
Fee, jutlgo of said court, made and dated
the 21th tiny of December. 18811.
12-25 Attorneys for Plff.
In the Juhttco Court of Union precinct, Un
ion countv. Orctron.
(. L. Uowtnitn, Plaintiff
II. C. Gltiscow and Saninnthii John
son. Defendants.
To II. C, Glascow and to Sainanthn Jolts
son, the above named defendants:
J. Oregon, you and each of you are herebv
required to appear and answer tho com
plaint tiled against you in the above enti
tled case on or before the -Ith day of Febru
ary, 1KW, and that if yon fail to anpear or
nnswer, in default thereof tho plaintiff will
take judgment against you for the sum of
and for the costs und dihbursnients
of this action.
You will further tuko notice that this
suiiiinonsis served upon you by publication
by order of H, F, Wllnon, .Justice of tho
Peace for Union precinct, Union county,
Oregon. G. L. 1IOWMAN.
lli 10 Plaintiff.
Nntlvu For I'llhllculloii.
LANl OlTIUli AT L GltAKDi:, Oitl.HOK.I
December 2, ltW!.
tho followlnB-nauiod settler hus filed
notice of her intention to make ilnal proof
in support of her claim, and that said proof
will bo nuido before the reidxtor anil receiv
er at La Grande, Oregon, on January 10,,
ww, yiz.
Mnry Kogor.
1). S. Ko. 8000, for tho E1 SEf See. !)1, and
WW SWK Sec. 35. Tp. ti, It. lu E.
Kho names tho following witnesses to
prove her continuous residence upon and
cultivation of. t-aiil laud. viz:
j)nvi Ibmvoll, George Hess, John Jone t
mid Archibald lloyles. all of (Jove. Oregon, j
Any person who deislro to proteUugulnst I
thonfiowoiii oof suih proof, or who know 1
otuny HiitHtunilul reason, under llieiaw nun
the rottiilatiuii. of tlie Interior Doiurtioeid,
why u'h roof should not ho allowed, will ,
be given an opportunity at the nbovo men
tioned time and iduco cr.8 fXiuninoib''
twItncHiw of said clulinuii', und to otl'cr
ivldouco in rcbutt 'tin submitted bj
C.ililliant. IlCNKV UlN IIAItT,
l'.'-O-wil UegUtcr.
j In the nt.vter of the estate of K. T. Neville,
whom it mav concern, Unit the under
signed have this day been apixiinted exec
utors of the hist will mill tostntni.nt of K. T
i Neville, deceased, by the countv court of i
I Union county, Oregon, and all persons hav- !
j ing claims i!wdn-t said et.tte are herein- ',
notilled and required to present the nino. I
with tho nroner voucher, within six !
i months from this date, to the undersigned,
j executors at bunimervillc, in said count v
aim stale.
Dated Dee. 10, lssp,
T. 11. Cltuviotto. Executor.
Atty. for Executor.. 12 2,
Treasurers' Notice.
All County Warrants thai,
have not; hoon paid prior
to April 20, ISSS, will he
redeemed when presented.
Union, Dec. 20, t88i.
County Treasurer.
AT Til ti
Keeps constantly tin liund n com
plete stock of frosli
Sheet lUusie,
Wire Goods,
Household Utensils.
A slituo ot tlio public putioimgo to
licitod. 8-15-tf.
Toaisorial Parlors
Shaving, Hair-cutting and Sham
pooing, in the Latest style
of the Art,
Shop two doors south of Centennial hotel.
0 23-tf.
Fi. Ehhii.i.aki). Pitop'n.
If You Want a Refreshing Drink
or a Good Cigar, Drop in
Jllllliiril and l'ool Tallies fur tho Ats
cuiiMxIatlon of CuHtnimtrri,
Jons Johnson.
(Just opened id tho old Nodino .stand op
posite Green's stable.
All Work First-Class, and Satisfaction
Guaranteed in livery Instance,
ESP-PalroiinRo'' Solicited. Give inn a
Line to Cove.
Leaves Union dally at lip. in, arrives at
Cove at .'I:,'i0 p, in.
Leaves Cove at 8 a. in., arrives'ut Union
at !):30 a. m.
Connections mitdo with Elliott's concha
running to tho depot, carrying passengers
'or east, and west hotfnd trains.
UOUINSON ,fc LA VNE. - - - Proprietors.
Prof. Loisette's
In null ct adulterated lmlttlnnt which rolM tli
tliwory, and iirnvllcal ruulli of Urn Urlidiul, In uplts of
tlio Kri iulrojirBenttioni by eiiviou Mimlil-lw
eimtlton, and Id atltunf ' 'bu attempt! to rob" liim
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It. II. BROWN, Union, 05a.
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Combines the juice of the Blue Figs of
California, so laxative and nutritious,
with the medicinal virtues of plants
known to be most bcneficint to the
human system, forming the ONLY PF.R.
FECI' REMEDY to act gently yet
promptly on the
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Naturr.lly follow. Every one is using it
and all are delighted with it. Asl: your
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San Tkancisco, Cau
K.ot-i-vf.tB, Kv. New York. X. V.
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in re Drugs,
Patent Medicines,
aints and Oils.
Prescriptions carefully prepared
Consisting of
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Imported and loiuc.stiuCi
ai'H, etc.
ut the Ilifdi Valley
Saw Mill.
All kinds of lumber constantly on bund
or fund-died on abort notice. Prices cheap
as the cheapciit.
Patronage - Solicited.
Union and Cornucopia
Quickest and Cheapest
Itoute to tlie Pino Creek
KAitK. ntiroiiT,
nlon to Park - - $1 r0 o
" " Biuuter - - !l 00 lo
" " Cornucopia - - 0 00 o
jrJ.F, Smith,
')L . jC . Specialist in
Veterinary Surgery.
lUdgllng horses Buccesfully treated.
Hciiors und bows spayed by the latent liu
proved methodn. I will Klvo lin-triKdi'. 1
In my bystom of treatment, and xuuraiiica
satisfaction in every iiiBtancc, or no chiuxea
will be mude. I 11111 pcrinancntly located at
Union, Oregon. WiH promptly attend to
all culli, by mull or otherwise. H-15-tf.
Cornucopia Saloon,
Wm. Wilson, rnoi'.
The Finest of Wines, Liquors
and Cigars always in stock.
Drop In and bo socitibhi
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