The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, November 21, 1889, Image 1

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NO. 22.
The Oregon Scout.
An independent weekly Journal, iued ev
ery Thursday mornlne bv
Publishers and Proprietors.
WA.. K. .lONKS, I
i 1!. CllANCKY,
" Editor. S
ItATl-S 1)1' SUllSCUIl'TIONi
One copy, one year ...
" " Six months
" ' Three nioiito .
luvminltly Cash hi Advnnce.
by chance tubsaiptions arc not paid till
end of year, two dollars will be charged.
Kates of advertising made known on ap
plication. rr.nnt..nfnnnilnliiin fr.ltl, nil llOrtti Fit tllO
Z iZU .iUllLBJPUini.k. v.. ... 1' -
I Country solicited.
'i AdresH all communications to the Oregon
Scout, Union Oregon.
every Sabbath at 11 a.m. and S p. in;
Sabbath school at 10 a. m : prayer lneetiiiu
vrimsilni-. nt. Su. in. The Ladies' Mis-
.f sionary Society meets on the fourth Friday
i tot every month at 2:30 p. m. All cordially
KVltea- lv. H. 1'AHlvLii, raster
R. Eakin,
J. A. Kakin,
Notary Public.
Attorneys at Law,
Union, Oregon
fl37"Prompt Attention Paid to Collect. ons.
Attorney at Law.
Collecting and probate practice special
ties. Oilice, two doors south of post-ollice,
Union, Oregon.
J. W. Siielton. J. M. Caiuioli..
Attorneys at Law.
Oflice : Two doors south of post-liicc, Un
ion, Oregon.
Special attention given all business en
trusted to us.
Attorney at Law,
Union, Oregon.
Otllce, one door south of Centennial ho
tel. li. F.
Notary Public.
A. J. Haci:i:tt,
Notarv Public.
Attorneys at Law.
Collections and all other business entrus
sd to us will receive prompt attention.
' A complete abstract of the land of Unioi
county in our otllce,
Managers of the UNION REAL ESTATI
Physician and Surgeon.
nnw nnr dnnp nutli of J. 15. Eaton's
ftore, Union, Oregon.
II. DAY, M. I).,
Physician ami Surgeon.
Oflice adjoining Jones Rro's store. Can
be feund nights at residence in South-
crest Union.
L. SAY LOR, M. I)., Ph. O.
tPhysician & Surgeon,
Union, Oregon.
Graduate Rush Medical College, Chicago.
OHice at Union Pharmacy. Calls prompt
ly answered.
Physician and Surgeon
I North Powder, Oregon.
Calls attended to at all hours.
Architect and Builder,
-Drafts. Plans and Designs for Dwellings,
and Bridges furnished on application.
City -Meat-Market.
j,MnIn Street, Union, Oregon.
Keep constantly on hand
1 1TC A fit? 1TKIC I I- t. .
jne Line ot Watch
II rtiaf.l
O v:i l'.noU Wrl!
I'll bv Ii;:ne!f.
- Entitled-
And Cainp-Fire t-huts.
The great !tindard IIi'vv of Pioneer
Life. A complete record of exeitinij events
on the Western borders, and for the tlrst
time an authentiu account nf the Cutter
Mas-acre, Oenernl Crook's 'iimpni$rn and
a thousand of other exciting incidents, in
cluding n description f Bulliilo Bill's ca
reer and success in exhibiting his "Wild
West Show" anions the rown Ib-nds of all
Europe, The hit of a lift time. Everybody
want. it. Uer three bundled xplrlted en
gravings and nearly eij-'ht hundred large
Agents Wanted f "Si
in every town to vll tin- mot vem.irkablu
book. "Agent already in the Held are sim
ply eoiniiit: money. Act quick r the op-
,.rTfti,i.i,i- ivill 1... l.wt v.ti utin unvilv
i make from $5 to $15 per day. To save
time and to venire an agency at once, mjiiu
$1 for a complete onnviiing outfit. Illus
trated circulars and extra liberal term
free on application,
Neither experience nor capital H re
quired to engaifc in this enterprise. a the
boot: nil! sell itself, and we give our agents
30 days' time in which to deliver and col
lect before paying us.
A new and beautiful line of Holiday books
just received, Including "The Beautiful
Story," by .1. V. l!i;i:i.. If you want to
make some nionev, addres.-t
7i' Market Strce. San Francisco, Cal.
on Ton Mestaiirani!
Now open to the public on Muin Street,
Union, Oregon.
Board and Lodging.
o o
pin SE" ORPtQ
dlb All Hours 00 bib.
No Chinese' cooks employed, and every
thing neut and clean.
The Public Patronage Solicited.
miS. WALKAT1I. Prop.
-AT TI!i:-
Kceps constantly on hand a com
plete stock of fresh
Siieet ainsie,
Wire Goods,
Household Utensils.
A share ot tho public patronage so
Tonsoria! Parlors
GEOKGE HA I It D, Propr.
Shaving, Hair-cutting and Sham
pooing, in the Latest style
of the Art,
chop two door south ot Centennial hotel, i
til VK ME A f ALL.
0 'M-lt.
'es, blocks, Jewelry, '
Preparations for TIiRnks
jyivinjy Festivities,
sswreity of Flour Persistent Solicitors
IntorMting Notes.
Cove, Or., Nov. 20. 1SS0.
Mrs. Jennie West left for her home
in Portland, Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Mel Campbell will
start next Monday for Puget Sound
and from there will go to California to
spend the winter. '
Unclaimed letters remaining in the i
Cove post-oiiieo : .las. Gnskill, P. S.
Jorgonsen, Mrs. J. M. Jones, Mr. Lor-j
onson, Clms. Vautress. Jasi-ku -!
Stkvkxs, P. M.
A grand ball and supper will be
gtYen at tbe Cove hnll Thnnksgiving
nigtit. Everything will bo lirst gla&,
yet the price of tickets has been placed
at $2. T. C. Shea, Dill fe Brown and Gal-
Tliero are lots of turkeys around the , higher & Cunningham are tho dispon
burg this year and not a few of these i sors of tho dispensible bcveragfS, while
toothsome birds will be sacriiiced to j Al Glidewell in-esidea at the Alpine
the gieetl of mini at the approaching , hotel and sets a good table and gives
Mr. D. 11. Layne has finished di-vi
ing tho stage on the route from Union
to Cornucopia and is back again on
his old lino. Dave shows his good
sense in having become attached to
tho Cove as a homo.
The now machinery for Poster it
Son's flouring mill arrived this week.
The work of placing tho same in posi
tion is being hurried along with all
dispatch and the mill will bo running
before many days.
Coveites aro being treated to u flour
famine. Not n sack for sale in tho
city. However, thero aro plenty of
good old Murphies left and wo can't
starvo as long as they and tho salt
hold out.
Tho ball And supper given by tho
ladies' guild last Friday evening was a
j success in every way. Nearly fifty
dollars was realized. Dancers were
present from Baker City, Union, La
Grande and otlior parts of tho country.
Tho ladies had hotter manage all tho
jjfMiss May Stevens' famous Plymouth
llock hon, Joss, spread her wings and
How to a climo where wheat ripens all
tho year round, last Sunday. This
fowl was possessed of almost human
intelligence and could be taught near
ly anything, oxcopt to talk. Among
her accomplishments was that of sing'
ing in a good mezzo-soprano voice up
on command. This hen would also,
when told, go through all tho motions
of scratching for food whon placed on
a bare tablo or floor, but was always
very indignant and scolded in a harsh
voice if not properly rewarded whon
her performances wore over.
Mossrs. Purcell and Hacliett, oi Un
ion, havo been soliciting subscriptions
to tho 1 Itmt subsidy in Cove and vi
cinity. They were very enthusiastic,
not to say persistent, in their work
One man whom thov talked to for four
solid hours Jias been .adjudged insane
and another is in hiding for fear thoy
may return. Tho solicitors say that
tlft) Covo is in great danger -of being
almost entirely ' duihjpulated next
spring as nearly ovory man thoy ap
proached was intending to movo away
early next year. However, the people
want tho road bad and many sub
scribed liberally.
Bright outlook for the Mines and a General
Air of Pronperlty Everywhere Manifest
A correspondent writing to tho Ua-
kor Domocrat, says: The mines of
Cornucopia, novor showed up better
than thoy do to-day. Jiusines is good
and tho camp wear an air of general
prosperity which inspires tho visitors
to believe that Cornucopia lias a bright
future and an assured purmaunucy.
Tho O. G. M. Co. are improving
their facilities for handling and work
ing their ores at tho loast possible cost.
Tho t mm way from tho lowor tunnel of
tho Ued Jackot to the mill is almoU
completed and when fin hi hod will save
at least (K) cents per ton on trasnporta
j tion of ores over traveling by freight I
Silverware, buns
teams. In addition to this the ore bins
arc built nt the mill in such ;t manner
that the ores are dmpp 1 fr un tli
train bucket into the bins and from
the bins directly into the rock cruxher
which Mives the handling of all ores by
hand-car. Uy theso two improvements
nt least $1.50 jver ton i saved, which j
is n hiff item when it is known that
the mill has crushing capacity of forty
five tons per day mid ore in sight to
keep it running for years. The com
pany have been very fortunate in sec
uring Capt. .1. U. Smith as the mana
ger, and it is hoped by nil who are in
terested in the success of the rump
that he will remain as superintendent
of the company's vast interests.
To a.groat extent the camp owes its .
, ... i r '
presents prosperity to the O. G. 31. Co..
. , ,
tor no other eomrwnv lift's spent so
, . , , . . ;
much money, and the Red Jacket is ',
the best developed mine in the district. 1
s. W. Reers has had chargo of the J
n,ino and the work is all done in the i
very host style.
J. L. Alborson, Thos. Turner and J. j
T. Rolles are the lending merchant of
tho ntC9 and they are all doing ft nice ;
one a clean bed, Mrs. Tumor also, as
proprietor of the Cornucop;a hotel, is
doing a good business.
Cornucopia certainly has w very
bright future, and with the judicious
management of many other valuable
properties there it will yet bo the ban
ner gold producer of Eastern Oregon.
COISNI COI'IA, Nov. 11. 1SW.
Interesting Personal Notes-Price of Farm
Lands The 0. a W. 7. Railroad.
Athena, Or., Nov. H, 18SS).
Editor Scout :
As the writer has been absent from
tho burg tho greater portion of tho
week, ho has gathered up but very few
Wo were blessed with another good
rain Thursday night.
Wood haulers roport about three
inches of enow in the mountains.
Gillis Uros., formerly building super
intendents of tho U. l Elevator Co.,
have opened up a large and complete
stock of furniture at this place.
Ansa Ada tJampucll has agiun re
sumod her position as assistant teach
er in 1). W. Jarvis' scliool in this city
The "writer hoard ti gonUeman miy
that ho sold u inncko one mile wost of
hero for moro thaa doublo what he
oflerwl it for three years ago.
The writer has talked with saveral
of tho leading farmers of this place in
regard to tho effect of tho O. it W. T
railroad. Thoy answer that they have
realized from 30 to -10 ver tvrnt. on the
subsidy they gave and have secured a
good opening to a better runrket than
Miss Poteraon died near this place a
fow days ago. Sho was an orphan ara
enmo from Miwonri to earn a livlihood
Ono sister in Ihe east was hor only
reiktivo living. MiVs Peterson gained
niKiiy friends while here and was bur
icd in tho most respectful manner in
tho Contervillo cemetery. M. D.
What Is a Mow Sack.
A dear friend of oum who lives in
Honolulu has latoly "got on" to tlm
tonn "mo&sback," which seems to bo
entirely American in ita origin, and
wishing to know its full meaning and
application, ho wiote tho editor of th5
Heppencr Gazette. Eor a time we
were entiroly troed, luta tramp printer
happened along last week and holped
us out on tho subjoct. He mid: "A
mossback, my dear air, is acros between
a coyoto and a cayuse with a largo per
cent, of the oayiuo predominant in his
make-up. tie lives, moves and has his
being in nearly ovory town in tho U. H,
Ho kicks at ovory improvement, raibos
liiH rent, detests a boom, loves to have
others boar all tho taxes, hateu a now
enterprise, dctpiscs anything that
smacks of progress, and won't help a
tmnor if ho can help it, even when it
is to his own interest. Thero are toy
oral varieties of this animal, but none i
aro worth much to a town and aro an
a d ron o to a busy hi vo of Ih-os, and like I to turn their coats for a political ap
the industrious inwet of the be family, jHjintmont. The only error ho made
the biihino-H man should Rvoid these wus OI10 of jU(JKomot, Tiero wor(J
drones and patronize thow who ure hii i , . . . ,
advantage to the plaee in which th. v ,,ot 0,mU nlut!a lo 8 wound,
reside. ' Hof Miat tho Ohio logjsliituro
fl .
and Amunition Just'
, IJepilbl irail Ideas of
j j( Iappeiied.
Othtr Matjers of Interest Around the
Nattonnl Capital.
Wxsiuxotox. D. C.. Novembers, 18S0.
lSntTou Oitnuox Scout:
The leading Ropublidans now in the
city are busy explaining tho whole
sale defeat, of Tuesday. The President
. . ., . , , . . ,
himself is silent and refuses to talk for
... . . . ..
publication as to the occasion of this
.... , , . . , .
" atenoo. Among his supporters and
ong his support
especially such henchmen as tho In
dianapolis contingent, thero aro noth
ing but long faces. Of course, it is
natural to say that a defeat of tho ad
ministration party in an off year is duo
to the personal unpopularity of tho
President, but that excuso cannot fully
account for the result of last Tuesday.
One must look further to discover tho
true reason.
Corporal Tanner, erstwhile Commis
sioner of Pensions, with characteristic
modesty, ventures tho opinion that tho
result in Ohio is to be attributed to tho
rage of ex-soldiers at tho way ho has
been treated by tho administration, a
reason most comforting to that gentle
men Assistant Postniastor General
Clarkson believes that fraud ruled in
Virginia ami vadieal laws had disgusted
tho people in Iowa and Ohio. Ho
believes that Mr. Eoraker's popularity
is matchless and that ho madon superb
fight. All those who care to talk, and
they arc not many, say that tho failure
to divide all tho spoils has had a great
influence upon tho rank and file of
Kopublroau party workers.
E.v-1 'resident Cleveland, who arrived
Wednesday night to attend tho Uay-ard-Clyinor
wedding and who is accom
jwnicd by his wife, as beautiful as over,
is delighted with tho result, and regards
it as all the other politicians do from a
personal standpoint. Blind to all tho
surrounding circumstances, ho attri
butes it all to the tariff question. Ho
says, "itis evident, Ibat tho leaven of
tariff reform has leavened tho wholo
mass. Tho West suffering from tho
unjust burden of thrift taxation, has
awakened. Tho work goes on and tho
people havo given their verdict Against
the robbor tariff."
Tho mob is no rcipoctor of pcrsans. On
Tuesday night a vaut crowd surged
about tho Post ibuildjng awaiting tho
returns, which tsro at. tho hour all in
favor of Forakor, T.o roliovo tho mon
otony, the storeopti'-;ou man displayed
tho pictures of well 'Known .public men.
Whon tho crowd roc ognizod Grant thero
woro deafening oho crs, which only in
creased whon-Gurli eld's picture appear
ed on tho canvas. When Cleveland's
features wero displ ayed tho cheering
became deafening. This continued
whon tho pleasant faco of Vice-President
Morton was v iowod. The opper
ators had saved P resident Harrison's
picture for tho last and whon it flashed
upon the transpare ncy, a low murmur
ran through tho cro-wd. A Jew spasm
odic cheers horo and thero in the-crowd
woro hoard, mingled, with hisses. Can
it bo that President JTarrison is not ex
actly tho god of tho common people?
Tho Jtopublicans of Virginia,, of
wlKm it may bo said that a grcator
number are fed at the public trough
than aro thus supported among the
members of tho party in othor states,
aro .not east down by thoir dofoat, but
rathor go about tho public places tell
ing of tho "splendid light" thoy miulo.
Exactly what splendor is to bo attached
to a tight in whi;h ono is defeated by
an increased majority is hardly visiblo
to tho miked eye. Tho truth is that
tho voters of Virgiuia aro tired of Will
iam Malionc. A boss who has nothing
to offer but the chance for spoils, can
not hold a largo party together becauso
it is not possible for him to keop his
promisos. For niuo .years Mahono,
during tho Republican administration,
has buon filling tho executivo dopart-
t with , ltIcal j
, , , ,. ... . . b-o
110 ctmi" " Virginia, WHO cared
rh I I a mm
Keceived at A, N.
on joint ballot will be Democratic, is
welomed with joy by the friends of
Senator Payne. Mr. Payne- has never
expressed himself definitely us to the
probability of his being u candidate for
re-election in the event that the legis
lature should bo Democratic, but tilth)
doubt is felt as to his course in such
an event. He would undoubtedly
seek the vindication that re-election
would assure. Cot. Oliver l'ayno con-
! tnbutctl a vast sum to tno Ohio cam-
paigu with probably no other view
than to secure Senator Pavno's'seat to
him for another term.
An Indianapolis aquisition to the
White House stair is a gentleman of
unusual gravity and zeal of purpose,
aided and abetted by a magnificent
i ignorance of everything outside that
enterprising city. A month or so ago
thero was a reception to tho diploma-,
tic corps, and toward the windup a
dazzling diplomat in a wealth of gold
laco asked our Indian friend to call his
carriage. "Who is his whiskers with
the green pants"? He asked of a fol
low messenger. "Oh, the green pants",
responded tho other, "that is tho Irish
minister". And without further cere
mony the Hoosier stepped out to tho
lino of carriages and cried aloud "Tho
Irish minister's carriage this way!
"Thero wore a laugh of surprise among
tho coachmen, while someone down
the line yelled "some-body stole it."
J. II. C,
Sectarian Schools Entirely Uoeloss and a
Monaco to Our Froe Institutions.
EuiTOK Scout:
With tho proposition to erect a Pres
byterian seminary in tho i ity of Union,
thero arises a wide and varied rango
of questions to bo considered by her
intelligent citizens. Tho erection of
tho school, at a glanco, is a judicious
and generous idea. Tho fact that Un
ion is to possess an institution some
thing higher in grade than tho com
mon public school, is a good substan
inl nilvnrtiK(mont for tho advance of
tho city and her people. This is noth
ing more than what every town should
have. Tho question of schools and
school erection is grand in itself, but
thero is an objection to bo raised whon
a school setting forth a mode of belief
and religious doctrine is raised by a
town. If tho Jpeoplo of a town want a
sectarian seminary, and can raise
funds to build such, it is their right to
havo it, to believe in it, to patronize
it; but on tho other hand, all schools
aro founded for tho common good of
all citizens. Thoy aro calculated to
advanco tho civil onlightonmcnt of the
rising race. In tho school houso and
collego aro framed and formed thoso
stays and props that lift tho grand
superstructure of government to a
model plane, and abovo tho level of
tho gross intrigue and scheming fa c.
tions that so often dissolvo and des' rojr
tho fabric on which wo depend f jr 0U1.
rights our protection. Schr lirc.
designed for tho advanco 0 nim(j.
Children aro sont there to fCceiVo train
ing that will benefit th MU for til0
purposo of acquiring a knowledge of p
system or a plan 'dn wi,jcu to ijj ftn
education of worldly affairs. Tho
graduate in. yollcgo is just tho child in
tho wider and deeper department of
datum's school, Tho school room is
tho moulds whoroin are fashioned tho
motors that urge upward tho march
of civil granducr, of political purity
and national onlightonmcnt. Thero
tho finger that guides nations on to ft
glorious destiny, first grasps tho pon,
and tho tonguo that pours in tho aro
nn, of thought, its versatile volumes of
nciincss and beauty, first lisps its
dmplo sentences. Thorn tho men that
Uini tho wheols of commorco learn tho
art of calculating gain and loss, profit
and expense
Bclioolsaro strictly and should bo
conclusively non-roligious. When it
comes to mingling tho question of re
ligious belief and religious doctrino
with tho highor branchos of learning,
it looks like doing away with states
manship and establishing in it's stead
a grade of priesthood and priest-craft.
Itoligionis a fireside attribute. Tho
family altar is tho placo to confino tho
private worship of God, if thero bo a
God. At homo belongs tho ritos of
worship. If you beliovo in doctrines
that permeate socioty, go to your flrc
sido and with your family hold com-
Omttntttdon hut pwje.
Gardner & Cos.