The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, December 28, 1888, Image 1

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NO. 27.
The Oregon Scout,
An Independent weekly Journal, issued ev
ery Friday luornin? liy
Publishers and Proprietor.
A. K. Jo.nls, t
Editor. J
I l. CltAXCEY,
One copy, one year . $1.M)
' Six month ... 1.00
" ' Three niontos 75
Invariably Cash in Advance.
6y cAe! tultenptionr arc not til till
met of year, two dollars will be chargtd.
Kates of advertising made known on ap
plication. t3TCorrepondencc from all parts of the
country whetted.
A dress nil communications to tJicOitEGON
Scout, Union Oregon.
J. A. Eakin,
Notary Public.
Attorneys at Lav,
Union, Oregon.
,B37Proinpt Attention Paid to Collcct.ons.
Attorney at Law.
Collecting and probate practice special
ties. Office, two doors south of post-office.
Union, Oregon.
Physician ami Surgeon.
Office, one door south of .1. B. Eaton's
store, Union, Oregon.
,r II. DAY, II. D
Physician ami Surgeon.
Office adjoining Jones llro's store. Can
be fatind nighUs at residence in South
west Union.
.J. W. Siiklton. J. M. Cahkoll.
Attorneys at Law.
Office: Two doors south of post-oflicc, Un
ion, Oregon.
Special attention given all busbies en
trusted to us.
Attorney at Law,
Union, Oregon.
Ofliec, one door south of Centennial ho
tel. Jg F. WILSON,
Conveyancer and Abstracter.
Abstracts to ltenl and Mining property
furnished on abort notice, at reasonable
Sales of Real and Mining property nego
tiated. Collection business promptly at
tended to.
Ollice next door south of l'ost-onice. Un
ion, Oregon.
A. L. SAYLOR, M. D.,
Physician and Surgeon,
Korth Powder, Oregon.
Has permanently located and.will attend
all professional calls day or night.
Office: Drug store building: residence,
one door west of Hodgcra' hotel.
La Grande, Oregon.
Will visit Union regularly on tho
first Monday of each month.
Cornucopia Saloon,
Wm. Wilson, Pnor.
The Finest of Wines, Liquors
and Cigars always in stock.
Drop in and be sociablo
Shannon Marshall,
Practical Horse Trainer,
Will always be found at Itoothe i Camp
bell's livery stable.
Take your vicious horses to him and be
will break tin in. Charges reasouublo.
Leave I'nion dilly at "p.m. arrive at
Cove at 8:80 p. :u.
Leaved Cove at 8 a. in , arrive at Union
at 9:30 a. in.
Connection iude with Elliott' coach
running to the depot, currying puMttngur
for cast and wet bound trains.
katj;s for p.xRi:.r.intfi.i.nnnAoi:
ami J'llVlOUT, ItJIASO.VAItLj'..
Stage kg to (k
Late Happenings in and Around
Small frj' VulltlrlaiiH RnpiiUjr Com
Inj; to tho .I'-rout.
Dec. 25, 18SS.
Christinas of 1S8S.
Cold blows the wind.
"Florida" oranges in market.
Lemon juice is good for a black eye.
Mercury, in some form, will destroy
"pediculosis" every time.
Good resolutions arc now in order,
and all prone to evil should take heed.
Don't forget the militia ball on
Monday night, nor your best girl.
Come and have a good time.
Tickets arc for sale at the drug store
for the militia dance by musician
Lloyd of the company.
Mr. E. Lloyd, of Stoddard's mill,
left for Utah on Sunday's train.
Still another "knock out" a few
evenings since. This town bids fair to
become noted as the homo of the
Mrs. Fred Punch has been quite ill,
recently, with a severe attnek of ery
tipclas. Mr. George Beidleman, deputy sher
iff, of Union, was in town on Monday.
The printing for the militia ball was
done at Tub Scout office in Union.
All pionouuce it first class no taffy
Mr. Editor.
A t-ocial dance occurred at the resi
dence of Howard Campbell on Clover
creek a few evenings since, and an en
joyable time was had.
A majority of tho dancing portion
of this place attended the ball at
Haines on Tuesday night.
Mr. Rothchild was the recipient of
a number of useful as well us beautiful
presents on Monday night, of which
lie is very proud.
People from Wolf and Clover creek
took an active interest in the Christ
mas tree and aided greatly in making
a success of it.
Miss Richardfon has taken charge
of Mr. A. Lunn's little children whose
home was made desolate, lecently, by
the death of a kind and affectionate
mot In r.
Mr. Joe Carroll has purchased the
"I'oney" building and will lit it up at
once suitable for his drug and variety
Mr. Chas. Schcidhauer nnd family
paid a visit to Pendleton last week.
The senior member of the firm of
Wilcox Bros., of Haines, was in town
last week on business.
Uniforms for "K" company's officers
not arriving in time they were com
pelled to decline attending the militia
ball given by "II" Co. at La Grande on
Christmas night, much to their regret.
The songs and declamations hy the
little, as well as tho older folks m
Monday evening at the Christmas, tree
entertainment were very appropriate
and well received by tho audience.
The presents were of almost every
conceivable make up, from the mere
toy to valuable merchandise. A
greater variety and more numerous
presents were distributed than ever
before in North Powder.
"Small fry" politicians arc bobbing
serenely to tho front in anticipation of
a "pullat the public purse" under the
new administration. It remains to be
seen whether awards will bo promiscu
ously distributed, or due qualilicatjpn,
hone-sty and integrity are taken into
consideration in making appointments
to offices of public trust. A just rec
ognition to those to whom honors are
due is all important and will no doubt
pievail to a greater extent under the
incoming administration. Ajax.
Pulntora to I'utrons.
Persons who patronizo papers should
pay promptly, for the pecuniary pros
pects of the press possess a peculiar
power in pushing forward public proi
pcrity. If the printer is paid prompt
ly and his pocket book kept plethoric
by prompt paying patrons, ho puts his
pen to his paper in peace ; his para
graphs are more pointed ; he paints his
pictures of passing events in pleasing
colors, and the personal of his paper is
pleasiiro to the people. Panto this
piece of provcrdial philosophy in somo
place where all persons can perceive it.
iteiicM-. Ifur Youth.
3Irc I'ha-be Chesley, P.eternon, Clay coun
ty, Iowa, telU tho following remarkable sto
ry, the truth of which in vouched for by tho
resident of the town: "I am 73 year old,
have i ten troubled with Kidney complaint
nnd taint-net for many jeurt; could not
drort myelf without help. Now I am free
from all pln a d sorcnetn, aud am ablu to
do all my own homework. J owe uy tbauks
to Clectrlc Hitter for liavhig renewed uy
youth, and removed cmipktejy all dlee
andjulu." Try a UartK onlyWeeuti at
WrtglitV anigtjrV, t'nfon, OrVtftfit.
An iPlcrvsllriK I.c-ttor One of It
'I'lirlvitif; Touin.
Centralta, Dec. IS, 1SS8.
Editoii Oruoo.v Hcorr:
Since 1 wrote last, arrangements
have been made to start a bank at this
place and the building is going up
now. The weather is lovely here at
present; the grass as green as in May,
the sun is shining brightly and the
birds, if theio were any, would be sing
ing I know.
Our city election passed off quietly,
but with considerable contention,
and a good many threats to contest
after it was over. Wo had two tickets
in tho field the people's ticket and
the prohibition ticket. Tho people's
ticket was elected by quite a respect
able majority. The people don't want
to go too far for their whiskey in ease
they should get dry. 1 see by Thk
Scott that tho Union election passed
off quietly, not much moro thau half
of the citizens getting out to vote, but
they elected tint old officers again,
except one councilman, and aleo voted
on a cow ordinance and that there will
bo no cow ordinance passed because
the voto was against it. What might
have been tho result if tho voters had
got out and voted? I think the city
council acta unwisely when it withholds
any law that in its opinion would be
beneficial to the town because a por
tion of tho citizens turn out on elect
ion laj' and say they are opposed to it.
In my opinion tho best thing the
council could do would be to pass a
cow, dog or gooso ordinance, or some
thing that would be obnoxious to a
large majority of tho citizens, which
would compel them to wake up and
take an interest in tho election of
officers. Union has no better citizens
than the present city officers, but it is
certainly a mistaken idea for any city,
where there is no compensation for
services rendered by its aldermen, to
continue year after year to keep tho
same council. They naturally get
negligent of duties imposed upon
them. Union is noted all over Ore
gon and Washington Territory, al
most, for being a dull town In fact
all the towns in tho county have about
the same reputation. But why should
it bo so with Union, situated ub it is in
tho midst of a splendid farming coun
try with splendid water privileges, a
good fruit country tributary, and
more favorably located than any
other town to tho best mining district
in Oregon, it only wants enterprise to
make it second to no town in Eastern
Oregon. Tho only question of Union's
prosperity is: Will tho people take
advantage of means a-t their Gmuiaid
awd nia-ku it what i-t E-houM be?
Though I haw, to mmo ex-frewt, scv
cucd my eewwoat-iciw wWi t-fo-a-t Gitty,
twitl tffcwfcod in tw carvo out a future
atnewg tho stumps and trees of Wash
ington Territory, I shall always have a
good wish for, and a friendly feeling
toward, the pleasant town of Union,
and while I am resting up, getting
ready to turn loose and cut up the
timber and dig out tho big stumps, I
will endeavor to keep you somewhat
posted in regard to the progress of
Centralia and vicinity. There is a new
firm starting quito an extensive saw
and shingle mill here, a new hardware
firm opened hero last week, and a new
grocery firm opening up this week.
I had an application from Tacoma
this morning for a business house, but j
thero is none in town to rent. I don't i
think there is a vacant building in
town, either residence or business.
Thero is considerable vacant land yet
in Lewis county, and plenty that can
bo purchased ut prices very reasonable.
This is destined to be a great coal
country some day. All tho country
caBt, southeast and northeast seems to
be underlaid with veins of coal, and
tho greater portion of it is good agri
cultural land. Respectfully,
D. B. Rkks.
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return of purchase prfce. On this safe plan I
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CoiiHumptiun. It in guaranteed to bring
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Consumption. In umutioii of ungs, JJrou-1
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etc. It in p!on,int and ugrto .ble to t:ite, J
perfectly mfe, mid can alwayx lie depended
ujHin. Trial bottle free at It. II. ilrown't
drug More, Union, Oregon,
Tui: tfcovr In Ji'et Oio jmptir to Mud
en-t (o yoilr fridiidit. Try it.
Our Regular Correspondent's
Budget of News.
The Ilnltittiy rrtkvltliM...VtU on tli
Tvlt'liliiniti I.ln Onmuu'iiedl.
Doc. 27. ISS3.
Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Foster, Prof. A.
J. Haekeft, Mr. and Mrs. O. I'. Jayeox,
and Misses Minnie Shaw and Ida
Johnson were guests of Mr. and Mm.
Payne, Christmas.
The Chrislmas tree at. the hall,
though anantsc'i on short notice, was
a success. The hull was filled to over
flowing and the troo well laden with
presents. Piof. Smith delivered mi
impromptu address which was followed
by several songs, readings, etc. When
the tree had been diverted in favor of
the expectant. Miiall boy and girl, the
seats weie removed aud a dance was
indulged in, which, from all appear
ances, was hugely enjoyed by all.
Our educational people nro attend
ing tho teachers' institute at Union,
this week.
Hon. W. F. Matlock, recently elect
ed mar or of Pendleton, and wife, were
in town last week.
Died. Dec. 20th, at the family res
idence near Cove. Mrs. Huldah E.
Shoemaker, beloved wife of Win. S'noo
maker. The funeral sermon wax
preached the next day by Rev. Mr.
Powell after which the interment took
place in the Cove cemetery. The de
ceased leavts two small children. The
grief of the husband over bis sudden
loss is almost unbearable. He has the
deep sympathy of the community.
Mr. Judd Geer and Miss Mary Holt
by will bo married this afternoon at
the residence of II. J. Gcer by Rev.
Mr. Irwin. Tho affair will be private,
only a fow favored fiiends being pres
ent. Tho happy pair will st.ut in a
short time on a visit to the Willamette
Mr. Jack Rumbloy and Miss Nora
Swagger were married last week in
Union. Bolh are well and favorably
known and each is' to be congratulated
on their choice. They will mako their
residence, for the present, at the Indi
an creek saw mill.
An unusual amount of sickness con
tinues. G. L. ICellur has been quite
sick dining tho week, also one of his
The forty dollar music box will he
rallied for at the drug store Xev Year.
Mr. A. C. Smith, of Josuph, is visit
ing friends in town.
Tho poles for tho Covo Union tele
phone are cut and are being hauled
this week.
Information comes at the last mo
ment that the wife of Mr. Win, Fuller
has presented her lord with a fine
holiday gift.
Such is life in the far west. C. K.
Well, she had a right to bo pleased
over her Christmas pro.-out. L. The
boys had a gnod joke on mo just before
the happy event. It. Tho question
of the hour: Who is to be th "next?''
A. Unless all simis fail, an unprec
edented cold winter may ho expected.
B. I got supplies for my orphans'
home on the Christinas tree.-0-.!. B.
It is horrid to get u small doll on a
tree. M My doll was a victim of
misplaced confidence. A. C. Next
year wo we will have a caller of pres
ents who will not slight himself. B.
Holiday sports havo boon many and
varied. All havo enjoyed themselves
by md til ing in tho fontivitiod of the
hour and wishing th ir fellow citizens
many happy returns of the season.
Cove is not a duud placi by any
Interesting Nmi'M Hioum GutUtiretl by Our
luj;ulnr (Jul ri-np jliitcMit.
Dec. 2IJ, 1888.
Everything quiet here. Not much
preparation for Christmas.
A protracted mooting of two weeks
duration lias just oloiud here. It whs
condiietiul by Ilovs. Yokum and Mc
Cart. Plenty of rain and mud.
School will oomiiienco at th Craig
school lioiue on Ilia Mth.
Somo lnwiiiK, recently, onded in a
knock-down. No one nwiously hurt.
Tho number of stock being wintered
hero is no follow-: Hh.u-p, liU.OOO;
cattlo, 0,000; home., 200. Feeding
has coiiuneneod.
Several of our rexidentu attended th
old Kldwr'a rouukm t Baker City.
-MiM CUr Cruot ha I4,'nt, Maker
City to utteiid the hii)i seh ol.
Mr. ll-mari fctwikljcr nu ul out com
pleted a dileh to carry water U lii
now arm.
Why d This Scout wot giv tho
tronWoif- f aH UihU in Uti tfouutv?
Victors to bti Obtnlnoil only Through n
rrlstttut Atflt.tilou of llii Subject.
Editor Scout:
It seems to us at this time a if
thore was but one course left to tho
democrats to pur&uc during the next
four years. There can be no receding
of that party from its recent position
on the tariff question, oven if it want
ed to do so, and it is safe (o say that
the larger portion of its numbers do
not wish it. Thoso who understand
the question are conscious of the jus
tice of our causo and for no reason
would they repudiate a principle
which they aro confident is the right
one in the coming crisis through
which our government must soon pass
on this question.
During tho next four years, demo
crats must not sleep. That party is
the only hope of the revenue reformer,
and as such, must espouse his cause
again at the next election. Daring
tho interval from now until the next
presidential campaign, we must writo
rt venue reform ; wo must talk revenue
reform aud teaeli it to tho people.
Out- farmers do not understand it.
Men in all trades and professions do
not understand it, and, because they
do not, at ill voto with their old party
from habit and prejudice, and cover
up the real issue with thoso long since
dead and which can novcr more bo
We must show them that it is un
just; that it is discriminative; that it
is oppressive. Wo must show the
danger to our business and industries
by congestion of the circulating medi
um. Wo must show that appalling
political rottenness is tho direct result
of a treasury full as our own at pres
ent and slill accumulating a danger
ous surplus. We must show our
twenty million of farmers how tho
cost of production is enhanced by tho
tariff ami how tho market is limited
by the sanio thing. Wo must show
that the tariff is a tax on the consum
er and that it in just as mercilessly
collected as by the licenced tax-gath-eier.
To rescue the country from tho
imminent and appalling danger which
surrounds it from this source, tho
next four years must bo full of cease
less endoavor to impress tho oauso and
remedy on tho minds of American
voters. It is indeed a "condition and
not a theory" which confronts tin."
The opposition has not even contra
dicted tho pressing necessity of reform
in our icvenue laws, but until it was
made a direct issue on party lines, has
advocated the very same thing. Can
any one doubt for an instant, then,
that the position of the republican
party was .ashumed for any other rea
son than that they thought it popular
with tho masses from a few indica
lions? That party preferred to im
pose on tho credibility and ignorance
of the mtisC3 rather than appeal to
their judgment and good sense. Tho
result shows they did not appeal in
vain. Tho coming four years, then,
must be devoted by revenue reformers
to the enlightenment of these sumo
people on tho question and wo are
confident that such an effort will not
be fruitless. LuDiai.
Dock It I'uy?
Hireo fourths of our people arc troubled
with Dyspepsia or Liver Complaint in saino
form or other, which by nature of Ibo ills
eiue bus a depressing Influence on the mind
or body, prove itlng tlum from thinking or
acting clearly in any matter of Importance
Indigestion, coming up of food after eating,
dyspepsia, sick hcaducho. acidity of tho
stomach or any derangement of the stom
ach or liver (upon which the wholo antlon
of our sysern depends) aro upccdlly and uf
fectually overcome bv the use of Green's
August Flower. The most stubborn cases
have yielded to Its Influence, as thousands
of lottors roeelved will testify. Tho tin-iiu-tui)
sale of thin medicine U another atinr
anteaof iti mcrrlts, (over a inlllon and u
huh bottles sold lust year.) So wo ask, will
you sulfur from any of tho above dm
uses when you can have hiuncdlute relief
In ttie AngiiKt Klowor. Three dotics wilt
prove lt-j worth. It Is sold by all druggists
and Kucrnl dealers in all parts of the world.
Merit Wlm.
YT dwiro to say to our citizens, that for
yeurs wo have beau soiling Dr, King's New
Dincovory for Consumption, Ur. tug's
New Life Pill, llucklen's Arnica Halve and
Jtlrttrio Hitter, ami have never handled
rermdieti tlu' i-ll as well, or ttiat have giv.
n nurti universal stiti aetion. We do not
htiut to tjtiarantco Ham evury time,
and wuttuiid ready to refund the pnrchuto
price, if tatUfugtory rciul!do nut follow
llilrnu. Thwo jvuictlU InfVu won their
popojarlty purely mi (Liflr woririi-ll. If.
iAn lilopement Causes Quite a
A Quiotlon no to Ihn I.osnllty of Marrl
iiKt rc-rformeil In Idaho.
Dec. 20th, 1888.
"Merry Christmas" coming mild
and misty, .
Your reporter goes by "stops and
Preparations in progress at "Pine
burg" for a Christinas treo on the eve
of Dec. 21th.
Mr. A. W. Parker recently com
pleted his term of school in Pineburg
ami is now teaching in Dry creek dis
trict. Mrs. Miller, nieco of Mrs. Thos. Ir
win, who has been visiting relatives
hero for several months past, will tako
her departure for Tacoma in a few
A ball will bo given at th school
house in Pineburg on tho evening of
Dec. 25th. The Eagle band is engaged
and a good time anticipated.
A meeting was held at tho school
house in Sunny Dell district, recently,
for the pui poto of organizing a literary
society. May it proven source of both
pleasure and profit.
The horses attached to the Pineburg
stage took fright on the Kith inst.,
near the residenco of Mr. Moody in
Eagle valley. The driver, Mr. Young,
attempted to put on tho brako, but his
foot slipped, throwing him out, and
his leg being caught in tho spokes of
the wheel was broken ere the passen
gers could succeed in stopping tho
frightened animals. Mr. Young wan
taken to the residence of Mr. Moody
where ho is at present, under care of
Dr. Howard, of Pino.
Tho latest sensation in Pine, as far
as we know, was the elopement of tho
Kith inst., running uciots Snake river,
etc., of Isaac llewett, aged 18 and
Miss Samantha Chandler, of Haines,
Baker count, Oregon., ceremony be
ing performed by Rev. Morris, of Ea
gle. Tho brido had bcon on a visit to
tho family of her brother, Jas. Chan
dler, who resides here, just threo
weeks, and if wo aro correctly in
formed, her people knew nothing of
tho affair. Tho groom's father has
given him 80 acres of land and ia help
ing him to build a house. Whilo not
approviug of runawoy marriages, tho
young people havo our best wishes for
their success and happiness.
Having chronicled in another item
a recent runaway match and without
wishing to censura or criticise that
particular case, tho numerous com
ments wo havo from time to timo
heard expressed upon tho subject by
sensible, conscientious thinking people
lead us tojbelicvo that a fow words moro
on tho subject will not bo amiss.
Whilu it may bo said that it is nobody's
business the facts aro that it is tho
busiucss of every parent who has a
son or a daughter growing up, who
may follow the numerous examples
sot, and parents are waking up to tho
importance of the fact that there is a
grave doubt as to the legality of tho so
called marriage. It is said by some
that tho laws havo been changed re
cently in Idaho; that a marriago now
without a licundo is no marriago at all
that tho marriago must all bo publish
ed in a Weiscr Co., Idaho paper. It
would scorn that tho parents of somo of
theso minora should take steps to as
certain the facts, and if such is the
case, proceed to make it interesting
for any parties especially one calling
himself a minister of thu gospel, who
will help to perpetrate such a fraud,
and if hucIi marriages aro illegal would
it not be well for tho offspring if pa
rents remarried legally. Whether the
marriages are legal or not it is a mat
ter to be regretted that Idaho, having
such laws, lies so near us that our
youths, in what people in rlpeu years
term "Puppy love," and taken up with
tho romance of an elopement, aro tluiB
offered an opportunity to sot at defi
ance all parental authority.
The endorsement of German Syrup Is un
puralleled. Wc will publish 1000 testhuo
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ltiiiiLiNOHAM. N, Y., May 31.83.
(J. O. (Irccn, Dcartjr:I am frequcutty
troubled with severe colds, and tho only
remedy tht will rcletvo mo of them h yonr
Uo8Cbce's German Byrup. I havo used It
for moro than twelve years. It is a con
stant hotiHchould companion with me.
Our merchant procured a great uiauy bot
tles, Ills a very popular remedy in thl
section. Every person who has used It
speak In the highest terms of its merits, I
do itotknoivof atdnglocaie Ithas not cured.
I first uued It hi Vermont, where I lived be
fore coming here. I adylbu everyone, to use
It, as it Is certainly the best cough medicine
1 have ever known. I have tried nwirly all
of them at different time.
Ynurs respectfully, MOHKrf OKAY.
j'roprustor uruv ui,
J'ur 3l.-Cook f4i w. Kci. , (wifWe '
is '