The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, September 24, 1887, Image 1

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the Oregon scout.
An independent weekly journal, issued ev
ery Saturday morning by
Publishers iind Proprietors.
A. K. Jos us, I
Kditor. (
( Foreman.
One copv, one vear . 1..0
" " Six- mouth". . . . 1.00
" ' Three inunto"
Invnrliiltly Cnsli in Atlvnitcc.
If thante nulscrijitiuns arr not paid till
mi( oj year, nvo aoiiiirs will tic cnaryia.
Kates- of adtci tteinj; made known on an
SST'Correvpondence from nil parts of tbc
country solicited.
Adrc.s nil communications to the Oki'.con
hcuct, Union Oregon.
I.nilRf Directory.
2TNo. A. F. and A. M. Meets on the
second and tourtli Saturdavs of each uiontb
O. F'l'.KLL, W. M.
II. W. DAVIS, Secretary.
vJ JlJesular meetings on 1'rhlav evenings of
each week at t heir hah in I'nion. All breth
ren in good t n 1 1 c I i 1 1 lt are in ited to attend
Uv xder of the lodge.
CHAS. S. HILLHK, Secretary.
Church Directory.
TvrmionisT episcopal ciii'iirn
iYI Diriue scrviiv evejy Sunday at 11 a
hi. and 7 p. in. Sunday school at !l p. tn
Prayer meeting even- I liur.-diiv evening at
0:110. RHV. (J. M. IKW1.V, Pastor.
1) HJSSBYTKKIAN (.'liUliCII. KK(i l'-
X lurchurch services every Sabbatn morn
iug and cTcning. I'ravcr meeting Wednes
dT evening of each Wiek. Sabbath school
everv tjabbath at 10 a.m.
Ki:V. C. COX, Pastor.
CT. JOHN'S episcopal curum.
O .Service everv Sundav at .'1 o'clock p. in
KKV.'W. U POWKLL, Rector.
fitutf. Senator
. . L. 11. Uinehart
: K. Tavlor
F. 1). .Mel ullv
Judge . . .
.0. 1'. Geodall
John Chrisntan
E. Leu. 1 1
A. N. Hamilton
'hool Superintendent
A. T. Neid
.10. Ilrainiud
I. L, 111)1(1111.111
M. Austin
O. 1. 'I'lioinliiison
S. Albcrson
City Ottieors.
I). 15. Rock
S. A. Pursel
J. S. Elliott
A. Levy
J. V. Kennedy
E. V. Dais
Ed. liemillard
J. II Thomson
Htretl Commissioner
. . .M. Heritage
.1. 1). Carroll
L. Eaton
Attorney at Law.
Collecting and probate practice special'
tie. Ofliec, two doors .south of post-oflice,
Uaion, Oreyou.
Attorney at Law
AND NOTARY I'L'HLIC. Oflice, one
door south of J. 15. Eaton's store, Union,
J N. CROMWELL, 31. D.,
Physician and Surgeon.
OfHco, one door south of .1. 15, Eaton's
store, Union, Oregon.
jj p. burling h,
Attorney at Law,
Real estate mid collecting agent. Land
Ottlce IIii1iics a Specialty. Olllcc at Jo
seph, Wallowa county. Oregon.
Q F. 15KLL,
Attorney at Law,
Notary Public, and Abrtroctfir of Titlos.
OfUee State Laud Otll e btilldinu, corner
Main and A Street, I'nion, Oregon.
Q 11. DAY, M. I).,
Physician and Surgeon.
Olllee adjoining Jones Urn' store. Can
1)0 fnuud nights at the Cnitcunial hoiej.
riHiiu No. 'l.
M. Kakkk. J. V. Siti LTox. J. F. ItAKirit.
Attorneys at Law.
OFFICKS Union anil La raudo, Or
fn. SpoclaJ-AtNutluu jrtveu all bUbJDt!S
cntruftfi-! to VV
Alleautlrul City Wltli Cnparaletlecl Nat
unit Aili untapes.
A' brief description of this city may not
be uniutercstinn to our numerous readers
in other states, many of whom, no doubt,
are looking about for a more favorable lo
cality than where they are, in which to build
up homes for themselves and families.
I'nion is situated in the southern portion
of the beautiful tirande Konde Valley, in
the exact center of one of the most popu
lous and prosperous counties of the (jreat
Inland Knipire, It is
tui: corxTY si:t,
and the county buildings a commodious
court houe and jail, constructed of brick,
are located here. It is the
sriTi.Y roixr
for thereat mining d strictsof Pine creek,
Sanger, and ICagle, A tine line of staerf
now run reu'arly to Cornucopia, on Pint;
TCfU. touchi:iK at all the mining camps of
importance on the route. The trip is made
in less than leu hour, entirely by daylUht,
thus enabling the traveler to feast h's Jeye
upon a series of natural landscapes, that
for variety and sublimity are rarely sur
passed. ijooi) uo.Mis
also lead to Union from every other section
of the enmity. The 0. K. it N. Co., in con
structing their line through this valley sev
eral years ago, ran along the foothills about
a mile and a half to the west of the town.
This, instead of being an injury, has proved
to be a benelit to the place. It escaped the
ephemeral boom that generally attends the
building of a railroad, which so many towns
have found to bo a curse, ;uid hard to re
cover from, and has grown on its own mer
its alone. In time a magnificent turnpike,
shaded with ornamental trees, will lead to
the depot, and be a most delightful eight
or ten minute's drive.
Tin: l'orri.ATiov
of Union is about MX) and steadily increas
ing. A more prosperous and contented
people cannot be found anywhere.
ont r.ptrcATinxAi, r.rtLiTii:s
are the best in the county. We have u
p!tn.lid brick school houe, in which
A tiUAlllU) SI'UOOI,
is taught by four competent teachers, at
least nine months in each year. The reli
gious welfare of the people is looked after
by the Presbyterians, Methodists and Epis
copalians, and several
sn;sTxTi.u. ciifitcu nntin ns
adorn the town. Among other places of
amusement is ;i
ooMMoniors thkatkp
with excellent stage appliance, and a ca
pacity for seating at least WW people.
are represented heire, the Odd Fellows and
Masons having superb lodge rooms of their
own. The town is, uoted for its many
i:t.i:iXT iiKsnnNn:s.
beautiful and well watered streets, and the
itiiMAKK mii.i: ii:i.Tiin'i.Nis
of its climate. An abundance of pure, cold
water is obtained by sinking wells, or from
rtTiiuMNi: cui:i:k,
a large stream rushing down from thn
mountains, through the center of the city
The stream is siitliciently large tn furnish
for a hundred nianufacturics. The water
is clear as crystal, and chemically pure.
am the largest and best in Ka-tern Oregon,
and are constantly shipping flour to foreign
markets. The town boasts of
besides numerous grocery and variety
stores, all other branches of business lniing
represented proportionately.
and .scvcaal prlv.ite banks do an immense
business, making Union
as well us the biuiuess center of the coun
try. Such is a brief description of
We see no reason why It should not. but
many reasonsvliy itfdioutri, in a very few
years become the principal city of Kasteru
Oregon. It certainly possesses numerous
natural advantages that other towns do not.
A field is open here for
and opportunities for various investments
that cannot but yield large dividends. We
invite their attention to tl is.and can assure
them that our
will ofler every inducement and aid to
worthy enterprise. Any information de
sired, concerning Union or Union cdnnty,
will be ftirni.-hcd up in upplicat.on to this
Tub IIiW1'8ai.vk in the world for Cuts,
llruUej, Sorca, Uleor, halt Jtlieuin, Fever
Soron, Tvttur, Chapped Hands, Chilblains.
Corns, and all Skin Kruptious, ami positive
ly cure i'ilus, or no pay required. It is
guujrantoed id give perfect satisfaction or
mousy refunded. J'riw i' cents per Ixu.
Tnt V'rMu'f; itvr rp.
This sjaee is given for the use and i
benelitt of our local writers of vere.
and we hope o make it a pleasing feature
of the paper. To that end contributions are
solicited, but they must possess undoubted j
literary merit to" obtain place and recogni
tion here Kit
Written for the Scovr.
Listen to the wild winds blowing;
Watch the dainty llowers growing;
Note the beauty that surrounds us;
S"o the grandeur that astounds us;
Hear tin; willow's plantivc sighing;
See. the leaves around us lying.
Then, 0 man! thy meekness hide thee!
On this glorious world abide thee!
Seek not for some higher power
Than the fragrant, perfumed (lower!
Drink of earth's congenial spirit,
Ituild thy life upon her merit I
Listen to her truer teaching;
heed not fancy's empty preaching;
Find within earth's glo'rious temples.
Truth, that falsehood ne'er dissembles !
Let the calm wind, gently weeping-,
Speak t" thee, while thou art reaping
I routine ileitis ol servile toil,
I All the products of the soil,
! Vainlvstr.ving to conceal
! .1... I..1...H ...111 1
rutins, mill, liiimi Mill it'H'ill,
-15. AV.
Jan. Wilson vs R. ,1
Rakur it Raker ami R,
John R. Critcrt for tlft.
Honors ct nl;
Eakin for pill";
J. .J. McDonald vs W. 15. Hamilton;
Raker k Raker for dft.
O. Ralston, assignee, vs A. L. Saun
dors; J. R. Ciilcs for pill"; Uukcr it Ra
ker for dft.
Nancy Siniins vh A. L. Fauti(ler;
.1. R.Crites for pill'; Rakor tfe Rakor for
W. II. AVintors vk R. C. Sugettc;
Eakin for pltf; Critt's for dft.
S. R. .Mcl'lieeters vs R. 1). Hamilton ;
Raker Shelton it Raker for pltf.
W. H. Griggs vs M. M. McKenzic;
Raker Khollon it Raker for pltf.
John Fnraell vs S. Wallace.
A. O. Porter vs F. S. Wood ; Raker,'
Shelton it Raker for dft.
Thos. Smith vs Lucy J. Martin; Ra
ker Shelton it Raker for dft.
K. D. Finn vs M. S. Felton; ct al;
Raker .-slielton it Raker for dft.
Oscar Jaeobson ct al.s vs Jas. Welch;
Crites for pill".
Fred Nodine vs John Nodine.
Jolin A. TtieAer vs Wm Constable
ct als; linker Shelton it Raker for pltf;
R. Eakin for dft.
Chas. Herring vs Samantha John
son ; Raker Shelton it Raker for pltf.
Chas. Herring vs II. C. Glasgow;
Raker Shelton it Raker for pltf.
JnlitiWynn vs Chris. Winn; Raker
Shelton it Raker for pltf.
County of Wullowiv vs County of
T. J. Sieberling vs O. I'. Rarnes ot
al ; R. Eiikiu for pltf.
J. M. Church vs G. A. MahalVy; R.
Eakin for pltf.
Rufus I'erkins vs David Gohlo ctal;
Crites for pill'.
O. LeSage vs Alex DaRufr; Crites
for pill'.
John MeCIoud vs F. A. Foster; 0.
F. Rell for pill'.
John York vs Thos. Hull et nls; R.
Eakin for pill'.
First National Rank of Union vs D.
F. Moore; R. Eakin for plfr.
S. O, Swackhamer vs J. F. Ferguson;
R. Eakin for plfl'.
T T. Gooch vs J. Ferguson Crites for
M. D. Clifford, dint. utty. vs John
Curr and John Wuldtoj).
W. A. Couglmnour vs J. A. Here
ford. W. R. Jasper executor vs Win
Martin and W. E. Rinehart.
A. Ganglofl' vs Roht Deal and R
Assignment of A. C. Nownmn,
R. Campbell, assignee.
Jas. Welch vs C. F. Casebcar ct
Assignment of Sims Jiros, O. Ralston j
Gus. Hutchinson vs Mary E. Simp
son. Union county vs D.P. McDaniclB ot
als; Shelton for plfl'; Crites and Raker
it Raker for dft.
David Henry vs W. R. Holmes ct
als; Raker Shelton it Raker for pill";
Eakin for dft.
T. R. H. Green vs Fcrd Rloch ot
uls J. R. 'Crites for dft.
W. F. Haines vs T. F. Hall; Eakin
for pllf; Ruker Shelton fe Raker for
John Cameron vs Owen Mathews;
O. F. Roll for plfr.
F. H. Cliudburn it Co. vh A. McKen
nie ct als.
Nicholai Rro's vs J. C. Claylmrn et
als; Ruker Shelton it JJakur for plfl';
Crites for dft.
Arrival of Home Spckprs-Xrw Ptistolltce
Itiislness Openings.
Wallowa Co., Sept. 12th. 18S7.
The mining panic still prevails, witli
) good prospects.
j The health of the valley is good,
j with the exception of some lingering
chronic cases.
Numbers of stock buyers are seen
frequently buying up our rolling fat
cattle and horses.
The weather of late has been showery
and quite cool, but as yet no frost, to
injure, vegetables and late sowed grain.
Farmers have been damaged sonic
by the recent heavy rains, although
stock m'n are very jubilant, at; the fall
feed is greatly benefited.
A constant roar of hammers, and
the din of saws, plains and the musical
ring of the brick trowell can be heard
all hours of the day at Enterprise.
A postollice has been established at
Lost Prairie and Mr. Rion Racon ap
pointed P. M., to bo supplied from
Tecpy Spring until a regular line of
mail shall be established.
The new city, formerly called Wal
lowa city and Rennet Flat, is now
named Enterprise and a petition for
the establishment of a postolHco of that
name at that place has been circulated.
Anyone desiring to embark in the
lumber business would do well to lo
cate on the betid of Whiskey creek, as
there is the finest lumber to justify, and
down-grade to market. 1 will venture
that all the lumber that a No. 1 saw
mill could make could bo sold at fair
figures and good pay, so come on you
mill men.
Doubtless many readers of the Scout
have had the pleasure of seeing a copy
of the irnZot'u Sitnut, a paper pub
lished weekly at our new town. So
you see there is a paper published at
each county seat, opposition being the
lifoof trade. My motto is, "Let 'em
Of lute T have seen a number of emigrants-
looking after homes in our new
county, and learn that several have
succeeded. Rut this county is unite
dilleieiit from many counties as the
first rabble haven't all concluded to sell
out yet and give speculators and east
ern buyers (heir homes for n trivial
Enterprise; Items.
Enterprse, Wallowa Co. Sept. 10,
Jacobs Rro's. have their becond kiln
of brick ready to lire.
The brick work on the M it M Co's.
building will be finished in about ten
;wrs. .). tnvino ten last week on an
extended trip to Miss-Otiri, to visit rela
Mr. Ritrleigh, a former resident of
Joseph, has leased tho Gardner hotel
in this town.
Two new buildings were raised tho
past week, which added, considerable
to our town.
Wm. Russell is gathering up his
horses hero and will take thcMi to
Grande Rondo to sell.
Tho Literary circle meets every, Fri
day evening. A. largo crowd was out
at the last meeting and all report
having a uood time
We understand that Mr. Chas. Meek
has almost recovered from tho effects
ol his accident. We are glad to hear
this, as lie is one of our leading saw
mill men as well as a solid citizen.
Mr. Wm. Stubblelield, of Iower Im-
nitha, met withli serious accident by
tho premature explosion of a shot gun
cartridge which he was holding in his
hand. We have not been ablo to
learn the extent of tho injury.
At tho request of your former corres
pondent here, I have accepted tho
duties ol news gatherer from this new
and busy town. You must not oxpect
too much from mo for a while, but 1
shall try and send you a letter regular
ly every week.
Wo learn from the "out side" papers
that a circus is doing the country.
We would liko to havo a peop at tho
dog faced man if they would bring
their museum this way, but wo sup
pose tho condition of tho Wallowa hill
and canyon road will not permit.
To begin with wo had a wedding,
tho llrst in our town, on Sunday, Hopt.
8th,atUio residence of C. W. Whit
acre, by (J. W. Wliitacro, J. P., Mr.
Wm. McCurt to Miss Lizzie Hender
son, all of Wallowa county. The hap
py couple dopurtcd on their wedding
trip to Oakland, Cal., where, wo aro
inforniud, they will rcsido awhile.
LThuy havo tho best wishes of a largo
r.t rt' , i ...
cirow oi im'oue aua rvuuvc?.
24, I8S7.
farm Items
iiiitut; .
A (iotxl Yield i.r Outs. I'Uri
Mat r Ilium la t Out 1 1, oil.
Society Nntes,
September) 21. 1S87. 1
Wesley Duncan bad the champion
field of oats. Ten acres produced 11(10
bushels-. Who can make a hotter
Ed. Churchill and family, of Para
dise, are in town. They tire well
pleased with (heir new home and will
return this fall.
Mr. T. T. Geer, of Marion county,
made Cove friends an unexpected call,
Wednesday. The gentleman was on
his way to tho eastern states.
The Roes party have returned from
Long valley. They do not appear to
be burning up witli enthusiasm over
the grunduer of thai, country.
The MeGi'tley Co will be in Cove,
Thursday the 2'Jth. It isn't often
Coveiles have an opportunity of at
tending a theatre right tit home.
Rlooni'e champion baler, sizo 17 bv
22, baled 100 bales Tuesday. The
boys expect to put up 120 bales daily,
when they getMieir hands fairly in.
Horn. To (he wife of Geo. Hess,
Sept. 20th, a son. George is happy
but somewhat disappointed. Ho hud
made arrangements for, and fully ex
pected twins.
Wesley Duncan purchased u fine
breech-loading shot gun at the drug
store (his week. He has loaded his
cartridges for hen-hawks and tramps,
and will give both a tropical reception.
Prof. Anlguiro delivered tlireo lect
ures, last week, at the Morrison church.
They were very well attended and
seemed to be appreciated by tho audi
ence. T(. is supposed his teachings
will produce a boom in tho matrimo
nial market (his winter.
Dave Layno's smiling countenance
is seen no more in Cove. He has for
saken (lie Cove stage and is driving
over the Cornucopia and Union route.
Dave is an expert with the ribbons
and will make tho required sixty miles
per day if any one can.
Prof. G. M. .Miller, president of the
State Temperance Alliance, lectured
in Cove, Wednesday, to a fair audi
ence. A prominent man of this place
predicts the prohibitory amendment
will be lost by nut more than four
thousand votes. i
F. C says
A. said that
please ask J
inform Ptof.
go to High
that J. S. told him that J.
X. S. requested him to
S. to tell F. C. to kindly
S. C. that she could not
valley with him because
she had company
lever of the baler
-Miss Dora S. The
knocked nie so far
out of time that I was docked for lost
time beforo I could get back. R. D. C.
I have graduated at tho baler and now
rido gentlo bronchos for a living.
Jake C Jr. Prof. Anlguiro said that
I was supplied with nioro cheek than
2i government mules. J. W. F. lie
pronounced nie next on the list. Rcrt.
Rut he said we were tho best looking
couple. Sam and Minnie Wo wore
his favorites though. M.and J.
Portland Stock Yards Report.
Portland, Or. Sept. IS, 1887.
Arrivals of beef for the past week
have been fully up to tho standard,
both in quantity and in quality, there
having been a drove of 200 head
brought over the mountains and ar
riving in fine order. Tho arrivals of
sheep havo been rather light, leaving
the supply scarcely eqnal to tho de
maud. Tho hog market is quite good,
there being anxious purchasers for all
shipments, Tho trado in horses is im
Reef ,'M0 head; bheon 18.r: hogs 120;
horses 80.
Reef 180 head; sheep 210; hogs 05;
horses -12.
Quotations. Reef, ',1 .11 o. gross ;
sheep, 2A 2f o gross; hogs, -1 -Ic,
gross ; lambB, if 200. each.
Manager Portland Stock Yards,
Stock of all kinds sold on conmiitisiou,
Stock fed, transferred and reshipped.
Frank Rro's Implement Co., of Isl
and City, curry tho largest stock ol
standard implements to ho found in
Eastern Oregon. Their terms and pri
cck defy competition. Thoy ulways
bavo ou hand extras and renuira for
gooda they tell, which ia a mutter of
NO. 13.
Ynril KstuhtiolK'ct--Pointer",
Prtnv ntul Poetical.
September 21, lHl.
A I fope may wither and fade away ;
A Love may perish within a day;
Flowers may bloom, trees may weep,
The range be overstocked with sheep,
An ignorant, man play a winning curd,
Hut Telocaset lias, a lumber vard!
Times lively.
Range very dry.
Smoky and cool.
Crops good, and ready for threshing.
A dance at Rlakesleo's Friday night.
Our first car load of lumber was
shipped Friday morning, Sept., Kith.
J. R. Eaton. Jr., and Atty. J. R.
Crites, of Union, paid us a visit a few
days ago, and while hero were looking
around suspiciously like they contem
plated erecting a store.
Mr. Smith, the Votetinary surgeon
of Illinois, and n brother to -Mrs. John
Reeves of this place, is fencing his
ranch on Clover creek and we are in
formed he intend locating permanent
ly in (his county.
Miss Emma Ridwell, oi Union, bi
gun a two month's term of school at
this place, Monday. She taught a
term of two or three months in the
fore part of tho season. That speaks
well of her as a teacher. She deserves
tho esteem of all. Such young ladies
are the kind wo need in those advanced
The long winter evenings are close
at hand, and no move has been made
by our people to organize a society of
some kind that would all'ord amuse
ment and sociability, as well as being
instructive and profitable. Why not
organize a Literary society, an Agri
cultural society or some other kind of
a society where all can go? Our ora
torical talent will wither if it is not
cultivated. B. H.
Lit Grande Laconics.
September 21, 18S7.
Oh how dry we aro! Water pipes.
Webber, of Tho Dalles, was hero this
Another house rolled down from the
Id town, yesterday.
Rev. Wood, of Wallowa, preached
in tho University, Sunday.
Minnio Crandall left for Philadelphia
last Sunday, via tho Union Pacific.
Tom Ilitt has gono to tho Silver
district to find another good mine.
Tho Jewish New Year was observed
by tho closing of stores, Monday.
Another opposition stago line is now
running between hero and the Wal
lowa. Vigor of Life concerts havo been
tho attraction sevoral evenings of tlu
past week.
Tho Methodist preacher started for
Conference yesterday. Wonder who
will take his place.
James Henry has a now stock well
forty feet deep, over which he expects
to havo a wind pump.
L, J. Sims, of t Sims Rro's., has re
cently disposed 'of his home and will
shortly return oast.
Tlonan, Raker, ITadJoy and others
who havo been rusticating iu Portland,
returned to our city, Saturday. e
Judging from tho great number of
heating stoves Ericson is gotting, tho
coming winter will be a cold one.
Tho grain elevator to bo erected by
Frank Rro's., ib well under way. It is
being built at tho west end of their
Sommcrs it Blum say thoy will givo .
tho churches of La Grando a, hundred
dollars if tho stores can bo closed up
ou Sundays.
Bishop Foster, of tho M. E. church,
passed through hero, Tuesday, on his
way to prosido over tho Idaho Con
ference which is now in session at
Baker City.
Ico cream was in demand tho other
night, and tho St John church realized
somothing over Jf-iO at their supper,! so
now perhaps wo can havo ecmu front
Mr. "Ward, who has been in Portland
during tho past six weeks, doctoring
with ono of those electricians, was on
our streots last week, doing very well
with canes iuetcad of crutches.
John Snyder, who for some timo
pant has been conducting a meat shop
on vast
AdamB street, dMd at the L
Grande houo the 18th, aud wA bur-
ied the day foUowiruj, Mr. 8ny4w UhiI
won In poor 1kuUi fctj
with cocHVwptiflii,