The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, September 17, 1887, Image 5

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The Oregon Scout lianas large a circu
lation an anil three papers in this sec
iton of the Slate, combined, and is cor
respondingly valuable as an advertising
Saturday, Sept. 17th., 1887.
Union and Vicinity.
' Threshers still busy.
Slight frost Wednesday night.
Best stock of gloves in town at
Read J. N. Mitchells ad. of fine Me
rino sheep for sale.
Pine maple syrup and sugar at
Drake's cash store.
F. V. Baker, of Union is kept busy
negotiating loans.
A largo n mount of lumber is being
snipped troin Union, to points on the
railroad, Last.
Our side walk's are getting in a do
plorable condition. Let us have them
repaired, and that at once,
fin... ii. . , i i , f .
, i muiiy wncei or i tail iV; r.eoles' saw
mill at Telocaset. burst ed, yesterday,
wnicn ciuis-en some delay m their work
e return thanks to our. fellow
lowsman w. i. uarroll, lor an item
which wo would otherwise have failed to
Mr. Al. Ooodbrod has our thanks for
a sample of niagnilieent J'eachlilow po
tatoes, raised in Jus garden. They are
enormous in size.
I'lmmi. 1 goui ring, uwner can
1 j nr -ttf t
ti.iu same ny calling ill win. Uton s
saloon, identifying property, iind )ny
ing for this notice.
Are you going to paper your house?
If so, don t fail to call and examine the
eiegant shock 01 wall paper, 111st re
ceived at Jo. Wright's.
1 lie inside of the Episcopal church
in this place, has been verv materialv
ciiangeu ny uie audition 01 new pews
and tlie painters brushes.
Winchester -iO-(i() single shot and re
peating l ilies at the Cove drug store,
A new supply of Winchester repeating
. siiot guns to he received soon.
1 he case against .las. Clavborn, of
i. La Grande, for an assault with a dan
gerous weapon, which came up for
hearing, Thursday, was dismissed.
Xo marriage license issued for three
weeks. We suggest that some one
start the business agafn, even if it
takes some of the Scout's force.
Jasper Mitchell who was arrested
last week on a charge of drawing a
deadly weapon, with intent to kill, pro-
ierred nyu. 1. Miller, was discharged.
Gignae the painter has been improv
ing the fronts of Mrs. Corbin's millin
ery store, Mr. Al. Gardner's jeweler
shop and the lront of the post olhce.
The gross valuation of propertv in
Wallowa county is sFSitt.SOO, and the
taxable property is !jiir0,l!)'J. As the
county is not largely in debt, this it
ii very fair showing.
Who liilled Billy Sims' wheelbarrow
with that general assortment of
agricultural implements the other dav?
Bettor look a little out for Hilly wont
stand too much fun, hoys.
Mr. Springer has commenced tho
building of his residencein north I'liion.
Sisson, Ostrander and Kibbo are the
builders. When completed it will add
much to the appearance of his proper-
, ty-.
Parties out from the mines report
the Pine Creek road in excellent con
dition for light wagons. The state
part of the road is all that, needs re
pairing, to make, the road good for
heavy teams.
Prof. Aulguiro, thinks that the
young ladies of Union are as good
looking, intelligent and well behaved
as any he has found in the valley, but
thinks he cannot say as much for the
young men.
Barrett's circus, which is to exhibit
in La Grande next week, is pronounced
by the press, almost without an except
ion, to be a bilk of the first water.
' Notwithstanding this is it is very prob
able that our people will contribute
their dollars to it without stint.
Tho post offices between here and
Cornucopia have been established, and
Mr. Dunham Wright ordered to put on
temporary servico between Union and
Medical Springs' Other arrangements
will soon be made aud we will have a
mail servico direct botween hero and
The fact that the La Grande- bank,
sinco its organization, has made loans
to the amount of .fGO.OOO leads the Ga
zette to conclude that La Grande is to
become "the financial center of this
section." Why, bless you, brother
' Eckly, wo find upon investigation that
..the First National Bank of this city,
Minting tho same period of timo made
loans to tho amount of $75,000, besides
we have several private banks, and
money lenders. We are not puffed up
about it, either. Wo aro glad, how
over, to note the prosperity of La
Grande, as well as the other towns of
tho county.
Patrick II. irrilloran, one of the
mombers elect of tho Washington Ter
ritory legislature, was found dead near
his cabin at Seattle a fow days ago.
It seems that Ilalloran wanted to mar
ry one HodiuKton's daughter, but was
opposed by Mr. 11. Sinco that timo
tj, rocks' etc., have been thrown onto Mr.
U s, house and through tho windows.
This was kopt tin for some, when Bed-
ington and a man by the naino of
Gallagor were on watch, when the
rook-thi owing began again. The two
men followed some men to the cabin
of Ilalloran and a quarrel began, re
sulting in Iliilloran's death.
Or Imiir'"iii- ifnilr -n Uip
by 1'aiiic 1'Ivt'iitit
Ot'it School. Our public
school under the cotm of teachers now
employed is in a fair way to be of some
benefit, if the patrons will take the in
terest that they xhould take in matters
of education. Tho fourth grade, or
Grammar department, under Prof.
Owen, who 1j principal, seems to bo in
ii good, healthy condition and we
judge from the interest the pupils
manifest, this department will prove a
success. The third grade, presided
over by Mrs. Owen, is quite well pat
ronized and we believe that Mrs. Owen
understands what id a i doing, and
will, no doubt, lie successful in her ef
forts to instill a love for information in
her scholars. The second grade', Mrs.
B. F. Wilson, teacher, has many bright
faced pupil who teem interested in
their work, and all seem well pleased
with their tccier. The first or pri
mary grade, the most important one
in any graded school, and the one in
which the most competent teacher
should have charge, (and Ik1 well sup
plied with cradles) is presided over by
Miss lila Davis. Miss Davis is pos
sessed with many ot those fine quali
ties to rcqusite in the teacher for the
wee folks. She has, beyond doubt, the
hardest department in the school, but
knowing well her talents and kind dis
position, together with her peculiar
manner of managing the little folks,
we predict for her good results in her
11 12 Got. Last Tuesday as Mrs.
Frank Mitchell, of North Union, was
doing some chores for her sister-in-law
who was absent from home, she heard
ii slight noise about tho boue. At
first she thought it was chickens in
tho woodshed, but bearing it again
thought it was something else. She
started around the house and when on
the opposite sido of the house discov
ered si pair of boots going in at the
window. Knowing well that boots of
their own free act and will did not
perform such feats, stepped closer and
found ii man in the house. Mrs.
Mitchell suddenly became brave, aud
very firmly told that gentleman with
boots on to get. out of that house or
she would blow tho top of his worthless
cranium oil mstanter. I he man said
he would go right awav oil', and the
way he got out of that window and left
for other and more congenial fields
was ii caution. He had raised the
window and put his roll of blankets in
the house and said he was just going to
sleep there, thai, was all he intended to
do. This probablv is what ho did in
tend to do as it was about 10 o'clock in
tne morning aim the nouse is onlv a
few feet from the loadside, it is not
liKeiy mat it lie intended to steal any
thing that he would have put his
blankets in tho house at that, time o
day. Me was piooaoiy m-unic, out lie
got badly tooled out of his nap.
Don t Di:i,.y. Now is the time
when the peop.o of Union want to be
stir themselves, and rustle for the fu
ture enterprise that awaits their bid
ding. J rilling with time, when wo
should have got right down to work.
left us m the lurch at one time, and
unless we go to work, it may leave us
again. It will not do for us to sit idlv
by and see enterprises slip through our
fingers and out of our reach, when we
can secure them if wo will. Let our
own business men rest for a few hours
and devote their energies to the build
ing up of our town's interests and you
will lose nothing by the sacrifice. Oth
er places build up, get manufactories
started, secure other businesses, but
their citizens work to that end, and
work persistentlv until thev have se
cured it. It is a well known fact that
wo are too slow, and now that an en
terprise iu knocking at our very doors,
uul yet we say "we'll see." This wait
ing wont do, gentlemen. It never did
anything giand except to let grand
opportunities pass us by.
What's thk Mattjci: with Them?-
It is learned irom dill'eront resources
that the report w..s circulated in iht-
ion this week that the machine shoos
and everything else here belonging to
the railroad company, were to be re
moved fiom La Grandu and taken to
Pendleton or Umatilla. La Grande
people didn't hear anything about it
until after the excitement. -La Grande
Journal. In order to ease our simple
minded brother, and for tho informa
tion of our friends in La Grande, we
will say that no such renort was circu
lated here, and that wo had no intima
tion that Mich ii move is on foot, till
tho Journal arrived yesterday. It
seems to us that tho good people of La
Grande are prone, occasionally, to get
ingmened at their own shadows, and
invariably blame Union for all their
tioubles. We do not des.irvo this. The
rise or downfall of La Grande cannot
affect Union in the least, aud coiiso--quently
we cannot have any animosity
towards its people, except occasionally
to an individual or two like tho snipe
wno wroto tho above.
Findings Against thk O it C The
railroad commission has made its find
ings against tho Oregon it California
road in tho case of B. A. Witzel vs tho
O. it 0. Tho findings are, that Witzel
shipped a carload of wheat from Tan
gent, seven mik-s, to Albany, and was
compelled to pay 10 for the same;
that the charge was unreasonable; that
a reaoriiablo charge would bo $8 ; as a
conclubion of law, the respondent is
indebted to the petiouer in the turn of
fS; and therefore it isordcml that $S,
excess charges, bo refunded to Witzel,
on or before Kciitember Hflth. ami that
iv'ra.hw . .u;.7f.i J. i :
notice thereof and n certified
tho finding. Oregon Statesman.
Hav Mbn taki Noil, k. The O. It.
A N. Co. have mlueed tho rates on
hay from JjstJ to jier ton, fiom Union
to Poitl.ind. Tin. is ipiit. an item for
those who ih-:i. t shq Ji.4y this season.
Social Scintillations.
PuuiRrnj li IVitiiininc, I'rtiu-liinlly,
tlic l'lTi-crlnatloni of tlu
"THE world no aiovis."
B. Harris is busy negotiating
Mrs. Simm has leen sick for several
days past.
J. K. Baker paid Union a flying visit
Mr. Scott Long, was visiting in
Union this week.
Mrs. A. H. Katon is quite sick at her
home in north Union.
F. S. Johnson made a Hying visit to
Suiiiinerville, the other day.
Joseph .Truesdall, of Sniinmerville,
was in town during the week.
Atty. Hyde, of Haker City, was in
the city, Monday, on legal business.
Mr. J. W. Strickland, of the Park,
made us a substantial call, Thursday.
Dunham Wright, of Medical Springs,
Big creek, was in the city Wednesday.
Miss Addie Saulsburrv is now at
tending the Sister's school in Haker
Miss 15 va luthn, of La Grande, paid
her many friends in Union a visit this
Johnny Clarke, the rustling imple
ment man of Island City, was over
Mr. Wm. Wilson, of Big creek, was
in the city during the week, looking
quite hearty.
Mrs. A. X. Gardner returned, Thrus
day, from. a month's visit to the Wil
lamette valley. .
Miss Scott who went to California
recently was married in Sacramento
on tho 12th inst.
Our fellow townsman, Al. Goodbrod
will leave next week on an excursion
tour thiough tho east.
Mr. John Barnes, of the Cove, was
in the city yesterday, looking as fresh
as a new bloomed daisy..
W. T. Wright and j. II Smith re
turned from their trip to the Pino
creek mines, yesterday.
Mrs. Chas. McClure, of Ladd Can
yon, and her daughter Mrs. Biggers,
visited Union this week.
Br. C. II. Day expects his family to
arrive from Dayton, W. T. to-day. He
will settle hero permanently.
J. L. Alberson and wife came iu
fioin Cornucopia, yesterday, lie is on
his way to the moUopolis, on business.
Herman Waldeek, one of the lead
ing merchants of Sumnierville, paid
Union a visit the fore part of the week.
Lincoln Austin, formerly a clerk for
Jessie Albersoir in this city, was in
town yesterday, looking as pleasant as
J. W. Mitchell and family, from
Wallowa, have been visiting relatives,
Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Boothe, during the
Mrs. J. S. Elliot left, Wednesday, on
a visit to her sister who lives in Wash
ington Territory. She will be gone
several weeks.
11. C. Warrinor, of the Alpine hotel,
Cornucopia, has been sojourning in
tho valley during tho week. He has
unbounded faith in tho Pine creek
W. C. Griggs, of Klgin, was in town
a few days this week. Mr. Griggs
likes to know what is going on through
out the county, and to this end ho will
read tho Scout hereafter.
Judge O. P. Goodall is on a business
trip to Cornucopia. The Judge will
come back heeled with a volume of in
formation on different subjects, of in
terest to all. Don't catch the Judge
asleep will you?
II. F, Burleigh, a prominent attor
ney of Joseph, Wallowa county, was iu
town during the week. Ho reports
everything in the Wallowa country
moving along finely, and all on the
road to allluence. Wo are glad to
hear it.
W. T. Wright, Jno. T. Wright and
J. II. Smith left for Cornucopia the
foro part of the week, on business con
nected with their mining interests.
They have valuable mines in that
camp and no doubt will receive good
results from their investment. They
will probably return to-day.
Lkcti;i!i:. Prof. G. M. Miller, presi
dent of tho State Temperance Alliance
will lecture m this city on tho evening
of the 20th on tho pending prohibitory
amendment. The lecture will bo at
tho court house and a general invita
tion is extended to all to attend- Prof.
Miller is a fluent speaker, a good schol
ar, and a pleasant, genial, whole souled
gentleman. Let every body attend
and hear what he has to say upon this
very important subject.
L.vrtou Incoim'okation. Articles of
ineopdoration of the Eastern Oregon
Coal it Kailway Company were filed
in the clerk's office of Multnomah Co.
Principal place of husiness at Portland.
Capital stock, .fBOO.OOO; shares 100
each, with Chas, H. Miller. Chas. T.
Moom and James Cochran as incorpo
rators; objects, to mino coal in Gilliam
county and operato a railroad connect
ing tho mines with tho O. It, it N.
Go's, line. Oregonian.
Tens of thoiuands of people every
where on the coast deal by mail with
Weinstock it Lubiu, 400-UO K St.,
nnenunenio, uai., a clear ind cation
price, are worth
kiiQwina about. Thu new fall f ntn
new lull
login) just issued (free) tells all about
the now things in Dry Goods, Clothing,
Household Supplies, etc., and is much
the finest book ever issued by this firm.
Send for a copy by postal card, or
otherwise, and see what California en
terprise in doing.
Local Ijinc-.
Suga:s at cost at Drake's.
Gent's, ladies' andniisses' boot and
shoes at Drake's.
Come to Union and Iwrow votir
I money from N. P.. Harris.
I Call on Hall Hros. at the post office,
if yon want sewing machine needles
or sewing machine extras.
Business men should keep the street
in front of (heir places, neat and clean.
It makes things look attractive.
N. B. Harris has money to loan in
Union, Haker and Wallowa counties,
at 8, ft and 10 per cent, on real estate
Now stock of boots and shoes, also
overshirls and underclothing, now ar
riving. Try Drake's, and you will go
no where else.
For Sale. Har fixtures and slock of
wines, liquors aud cigars, good billiard
table. In fact a complete- saloon out
fit. Enquire at this oillco.
Sec ad. of the Victor safe, for gale by
F. M. Slocum of this city. If you
want a cheap and substantial safe you
cannot do better than buy it Victor.
1 must have money, and all those
indebted to me are earnestly requested
to settle at once, or their accounts will
be placed iu the hands of a collector.
F. S. Johnson.
Next. Monday, the lth. will be the
Jewish New Year, and all the stores
throughout the land will be closed, also,
10 days after, tho day of Atonement,
onthe2i)tb, will be observed in like
The Polk county sent question is
getting interesting. It is eight weeks
until election. Warm times from now
until that tune. The population and
wealth are greatly in favor of McMin
ville wort! it not for the tax necessary
to build new county buildings.
The Union City Hotel, opposite the
court house has lately been refitted
with new rooms, and the genial land
lord' Mr. Boothe, will be prepared to
entertain his customers in better shape
than ever, during court week, Hoard
and lodging at leasouable rates. Sin
gle meals 2"o.
Paints, oils ami glass, as well sis
everything else needed by the farmer
ami mechanic, for sale at the Xew
York Store, La Grande. Hefore pur
chasing elsewhere drop in and learn
juices. If you are looking for good
goods, and low prices, you will go no
Havana Press Drills do not clog in
trashy or sod ground. Thev plant all
the seed in the ground, and produce
one-fourth more grain than when sown
in any other way or by any other im
plement. Sold only by I1' rank Hro's
implement Co. or their agents. Write
to or call on them at Island Cih , Or. 2
Gov. Ponnoyor has issued his procla
mation to the people of the great Stale
cJf Oregon, proclaiming that an eleet
tion will ho held throughout tho Slate
on Tuesday sueci odine- the first Mon
day of November, InoV, at which (lect
ion a voto will be taken on tho "Piohi
bitory Amendment." on the "Amend
ment to raise alaiies-of slate officers"
and on the "Amendment to lime of
holding general elections."
Five hundred ami forty Mormon
emigrants lecently arrived in Now
York on their way to Utah. This
wholesale reinforcement, to tho ungodly
institution of the saints goes right
ahead without tiny iiilerfetvuco by the
government. It is nearly timo a halt
wtis called in this importation of igno
rant foreign polygamists before the
Mormon carbuncle on (he neck of
Undo Stun assumes serious propor
tions. Ex.
Prof. Aulguire'rt lecture on Love,
Courtship, aud marriage, was well re
ceived by tho more thinking class of
tho audience. He performed the w ti
ding act upon b-u younj; gentleman
and ten young ladies, marrying them
scientifically from a phrenological stand
point. His lecture to, iind delineation
of the children, on the subject of edu
cation was good, Hiu private lecture
on Tuesday night, to gentlemen only,
was decidedly good. It was not only
good common sense, but his reasons
wen based on principles of the laws of
hygienne, physiology ami phionol
ogy. Tho Prof, is a gentleman of con
siderable ability, iind seems to under
stand his profession well. His public
delineations were good, ami were free
from all unpleasant hils upon the por
pcrsons examined. He left for the
Cove Wednesday, where he will deliver
a series of lectures. Go aud hear him.
.lu.t th nun, f -r
Professional Men,
Small Dealers,
Ami hit who w.itil .1 nitivi'iifuit and wafe
pluco lor valeiililf )iiK'M, iiiolitiy, til
vorwart', jewerl) . etc.
No. 1, wulu'ht 13ft Wm. Price SUl.OO
No. i, weight :.V) II. Vric i 0.00
No. 8, wolglit u I'-- t'riee f Q.Oj
No. J, wuiglii """ ! I'rceieu.Ou
Ail'lte in r.r Mi
1;. M. Slonim. W. I nion, Or.
For Further Particulars, Call ou or Address:
J. X. M1TCHKLL. Telocaet. 1 nion County, Ou gun.
J. B. PACE Tobaccos.
The Genuine has the Full Name of J. 15. PACK on the
P m m m I 1
Ah Kit I
All other shaped tags are frauds and counterfeits of th-' '.mine
Plug Chewing Tobacco, for a KIXH LASTING C1IKW-, have no equal.
Especially put up for the Pacific Coast, trade are "Last,"
"ICi'NTi't'KY S.Mnr." and " KscoiiT."
j. B. PACE Tobacco Go.5 Richmond, Va.
What? Why, Jo. Wriglit's immense stuck
of Boots and shoes, direct irom the manu
factory at Chicago, and they are "daisies,"
and will be sold at almost Invoice Price.
1 have the wlo agency in
r u 11
V. 1V1. IJLLllUL,!-
enn tv n mmw ra
U ' ! I VI' I
1 i iMil
J&fc 2 C. M. f I EN DERSQN& CO'S
They are made of the Peat Selected Stock, Solid Solo Le.ither Mo! m,
and will Outwear Three pair of ordinary shoes. Kvorv boy and j.'.irl muld
have a pair of these shoes.
My stock of Dry Goods, Gents' Furnishing
Goods, Groceries, Stoves, Tin and Hard
ware, is full and complete.
They will be sold at way down prices,
Jos. Wright, ... - Union, ()r.
m a ifnTflHHmflTBuT J flTOWmffl
Keep constantly on hand a large supply of Parlor and Bed
Room Sets, Uedding, Desks, Office hirniture etc.
UPHOLSTERING Done in the Best SMp
futit'ii (. Our pro 1 '. at r .ixou.ilil' ,
p iiiiiir f"k 11111 11 1 1111 in it
vShcep Men.
I lm c for mi rr.i !" il l
.uul in-) ii iiii .
'300 Spanish
Merino i Sucks.
f2 m
:1 1
Ladies' Shoes, .$1. and upward,
.Misses Kino Shoes, tjil.iiU, $2.00,
Daby Shoes, At) and 7o ei nts,
Mens' Kino Calf Shoes, $2 00,
il ons' IJooIh, good quality, only $2.."i0.
Our $2. 50 Shoe
Cannot be beat.
(See Cut.)
All the rest of my sluel: of 15ohs and
shoes will be sold at proportion
ately Low I 'rices.
I nion for the (Ylobr.tlt it
iiriin 11m inniiii 111 firiii'i- lirni niiirniitiKtf n
4ur nutrflnntfir
- (J
. .... -- wvi -'vfcy,' '