The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, June 11, 1887, Image 7

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evoted Principally
to Washington
Territory and
Iios Angeles is to have a nail fac
Thomas Fallon committed suicide
at Spokane Tails, W. T.
Thore nre 14-11 patients in the Cali
fornia insane, at Napa.
Louis II. Ilofercamp, of Sehome,
was drowned in Mirror Lake, W. T.
i David Borland was almost instantly
killed in tho Cholar mine, Virginia
KMty, Nevada.
Tho corner stone of the Loland
Stanford, Jr., university has been laid
at Pnla Alto. Cal.
A foreigner, whoso name is un-
r ft
Eichtv thoufand dollars was tho ag
gregate valuation of the cattle shipped
mm Tnimiuli st.ntinn. W. T.. diirinir
Henry Brooks was sentenced to the
State prison for twenty years for forg
ing an order for $20 on a San Fran
cisco firm.
A Btago went down an embankment
near 1'omeroy, W. T., and J. Q.
Spaulding and tho driver wero se
riously injured.
A boy named Sutherland was
i . t i i . . 7 . 1. rn .
lynoneu a lew nays ago in mhu iuhuu,
JNeviid i. hv a Chinaman to whom no
was indebted for opium.
At Tucson, A. T., a company has
been formed to tap the Colorado Itiver
near Yuma by a ditch sixty miles long.
It will cost nearly $500,000.
Martin Welch, a boat-builder, took
opium at Cathulamct, W. T., to help
him over tho effects of a spree, but he
took too much and it killed him.
And Indian who murdered a w,hito
man at Spokano Falls three years ago,
was shot recently while trying to es
cape and resist arrest at Horse Plains,
Tho communistic colony at Fort An
geles, on l'uget Sound, now numbers
150 persons. They own 2000 acres of
land, and expect to build and operate
a sawmill soon.
An employe at the Port Discovery,
W. T., mill, was recently a awarded
$12,000 damagos by the courts for tho
loss of an arm while working the
ricantling machine.
Four hundred and fifty men nre
employed at the lioslyn, V. T., coal
mines." Superintendent Bullett says
this force will be more than doubled
inside of six months.
Tho Northern Pacific is building a
round house, depot, telegraph office,
water tank, ash pit and sand house at
Martin, the station at the east portal
of the Cascade tunnel.
A large number of fish traps
and ;
fishing scows were cut away, burned
or otherwise destroyed, from llwaco up
the river to Scarborough, W. T., hill,
jby an organized gang of boat fisher
men. Sirs. Johnathan Pengolly, while
crossing tho Eureka Mining Com
pany'sditch on a plank twenty inches
wide, fell in and was carried down by
tho current and drowned at Nevada
City, CaU
A man in attempting to board a
freight, running at full full speed near
the oil house in .Mioiiono, Idaho, was
thrown several feet and landed on his
shoulders and neck. His collar bone
was broken and he was otherwise
badly bruised
A party crossing Cumr d'Alene res
ervation by team were compelled by
the Indians to pay toll amounting to
$G. Chief Saltese overtook the travel
ers after they had left tho reservation
And refunded tho money. Tho Indians
were arrested.
At Frenchtown, Montana, Leon
Cassett, a blacksksmith, picked up a
dynamite cap and commenced fooling
with it, picking the load. The cap ex
ploded and knocked out a glass eye,
and shattered his left hand, in which
he was holding the deadly stuff.
. A. J. Peck, a young man agod 21
years, shot and killed himself in San
Francisco recently. His father is a
wealthy banker in Vermont. The
young man camo west on account of a
quarrel, and was working as a street
car conductor and despond
ent. Andrew Flett was drowned at tho
mouth of Chambers creek, near Ta-
-coma. W. T. He was on horseback
in search of cws, and attempted to
ford the stream at an unfrequented
spot. His horso plunged into a miro
of nuicksand. and while ho was en
deavoring to freo himself and horse,
the tido camo in and he was drowned
In the first range of mountains to the
eastward of tho sink of tho uarson, in
Nevada, is an outburst of water that is
nhenomonal and a great curiosity
Half wav un the mountain that is
2000 or 3000 feet in height thoro bursts
out a Btrcam of thirty or forty inches
of pure and snarkhng water. It turn
bles down over tho rocks on tho sides
of tho mountain in several falls from
ton to twenty feet in height. Tho
noise of the falling water can bo heard
41 distance of half a mile or more.
In tho Superior Court tho jury re
turned a verdict of $10,000 damages
in tho caso of Miss J. Clinton Jones
against Row T. O. Kellov. priest in
tho Episcopal church of Fresno, Cal.
Miss Jones taught a class in languages
in that city last year. A young Eng
lishman named Walla mado reports
derogatory to Miss Jones, and the re
marks wero repeated bv Kolley, who
aho forbid hor communion. In coiieo
qiwuco her class was broken up, and
tho sued Kolloy for $10,000 damages,
The verdiot of the jury was ununi
Everything of General Interest in a
Condensed Form.
There arc 00,000 head of sheep in
Union county.
The steamer for Wallowa lake will
soon be completed.
Coquille City is about to organize a
military company.
Work has begun on the 1400-foot
tunnel on the O. fc. C.
A Southern Methodist church is be
ing organized in Pendleton.
In Salem theto are seventy-iivo tax
payers whose assessment is each over
The Secretary reported sixty-five
working Granges in the State, with a
membership of 2GO0.
Careless handling of gasoline caused
a small lire at the penitentiary, but no
material damage was done.
Farmers in Coos county are putting
out poison for pigeons, which have
been destroying late-sown grain.
A young man named Cubliman, a
native of this State, whoso parents
live in Jackson county, committed
suicido in Yreka, Cal.
Gus Maton, a Kussian Finn and
his boat-puller, working for tho Cutt
ing Packing Company at Astoria,
were drowned on the Clatsop Spit.
In a population of 725 souls Forest
Grove has twenty-four men past GO
years of age, nine past 70, seven past
SO, two past 'JO and one 100 years old.
Tho members of the Christian
church of Perrydale and Bethel, have
concluded to unite and build a $2000
church houso in McCoy this summer.
An independent telegraph lino ia
being constructed from Hillsboro to
Fortst Grove, tho Western Union hav
ing discontinued its office at llilltboro.
Jacob Wagner found a four-legged
chicken in one of the recently hatched'
broods at Soda Springs, Jackson
county. Two of its feet wero webbed.
Robert Tapp was sentenced to three
years in tho penitentiary at the Doug
las Circuit Court for assaulting his
mother with rocks with intent to kill
Tho following appointments for
postmasters have been made recently
for Oregon : T. B. James at Harvey,
and Henry Chambers at Valley, Ben
ton county.
Tho East Portland & Vancouver
Railroad nnd Ferry Company has tiled
a i tides of incorporation in the ollice
of the Secretary of State. The capital
stock is $24,000.
At present between four and five
hundred men are in and about Cornu
copia, and the camp has taken on an
era of activity that insures the diligent
prosecution of mining operations this
Thomas Galphereo was found mur
dered in a lone cabin near Arlington
recently. The top of his head had
been blown off by buckshot and an at
tempt mado to burn tho house. No
clue to the murderer.
Albany is elated at the icport that
ten Eastern capitalists with a million
dollars each, and who are owners in
tho Chicago & Northwestern Railway,
are about to become owners and man
agers of the Oregon Pacific.
Ti.o Supreme Court has rendered a
ecision in tho Marple case affirming
tho judgment of tho lower court, but
remands it back for a resentenco at
the next term of court. This' gives
Marplo a lease of life for a few weeks
The Salem bridge was built without
tho approval of its plan by the Gov
eminent, and an order is now mado
that a canal shall be built around its
weft end and an opening of seventy
feet shall bo provided in the bridge
Quito a hail storm occurred in Lee
and Stanford's valley, in Joseplnne
county, doing considerable damage to
fruit and vegetables, tho strawberries
receiving much damago in tho way of
grit thrown upon the largo berries by
tho storm.
Grant's Pass has a Canadian pony
which is a perfect horse-herder. Ho
has a band of horses which he never
allows to separate. Day in and day
out he is perfectly vigilant and watch
ful over Ins band, and will whip them
together so fiercoly that they are afraid
to separate.
C. II. Cook has a curiosity in the
shape of a deer horn imbedded in solid
live oak, says a McMinnvillo papor.
It was found by Charles Fleming,
where ho was chopping wood, in
Happy valley. There are various theo
ries as to how it camo to bo there,
some claiming that tho animal to
which it belonged rubbed it oil' its
head and it lodged on a limb and thus
grew. Others think some hunter of
about fifteon years ago put it there.
Tho horn had six prongs, but two
have been accidontly broken off.
" The debts of dead Indians are paid
by their relatives," said an ox-merchant
to aPondleton editor. "When Anderson
and Barnhart," ho continued, "killed
I tho Indian several years ago, ho owed
mo $345. Since that time $330 of this
amount has been paid mo by his rela
tives. Kentucky died tho othorday
owing mo $50. Already his relatives
have approached mo on tho subject
and made arrangements to pay the
amount. It is a law with them to pay
tho debts of their dead relatives, and
they never break it. I am sure ot
getting my money u an inumn uiud
owing mo.'but when a white man dies
leaving no property, no mattor how
rich his relative b, I novor expect to
get a cent. Thero is a great doal of
good about a dead Indian anyhow,"
said tho ex-morohant, as ho closed his
interesting conversation and walked
An Epitome of tho Principal Events
Attracting Public Interest
Sarah Field, a Delaware Indian, has
been sentenced to bo hangrd August
12, for tho murder of her daughter's
child, at Venita, Indian Territory.
A mob of 300 negro and Hungarian
coke miners did damago to the amount
nf $50,000 at Everson, Pa., while on a
strike and other men were doing tho
An accident happened on board tho
French ironclad Duguosclin, at Brest,
by which two members of tho crew
were killed and seventeen badly in
jured. Tho State Senate, of New York, re
fused to confirm the nomination of
Colonel Fred. Grant ns Quarantine
Commissioner. Democrats voted
solidly for him.
Two Italians, working on tho night
shift in a tunnel on llipo it Co.'s
works at Kio Vista, Colorado, were
caught by a mass of falling rock and
both instantly killed.
By the burning of the Opera Comiquo
at Paris, over 200 ballet girls choristers
and machinists lost their lives. The
librarv attached to tho tneatre and
0000 costumes wore entirely de
Pavmastcr Bah, who was found
guilty of carelessness by a court of
innuirv at Fort Robinson, Nob , for
for permitting himself to lo robbed of
00 Government funds hv the cow
boy, Charley Parker, has made good
tho amount lost.
As tho fast hue train was nearing
Kilkanning Point, Pa., the wheel of a
car on a freight train, east bound,
burst, and the car crashed into two
passenger coaches with terrible enect,
killing instantly four men and injur-
ing many others
Steps have been taken by tho
Racine, Wis., election officers to insti
tute legal proceedings against Rev,
Olympia Brown Willis, on a charge of
attempting lo stuff a ballot-box. Mrs
Willis is leader of the woman suffrag
ists of Wisconsin.
An explosion of tiro damp occurred
in stopo No. 1 of tho bucquohann
Coal Company at Nantecoke, Pa., and
three miners named bhechan, Uos
grove and Zoloki wero fatally injuiod
This is tho same mine in which
twenty-six miners wero buried alivo in
December, lab.)
Ono of the leading banking firm? of
the City of Mexico has sustained a loss
claimed to bo as great as iftiUU.UJU,
The officers of the institution on com
ing to tho bunk: ono morning iounu
the doors of tho vault wide open and
all tho cash carried ofi, with tho ex
ception of some bags of silver.
John Fall and wifo of Mashaska
county,. Iowa, wero murdered. The
astassin used ah ax. After the
bloody deed had been committed ho
set firo to tho house. Mr. Fall was
burned almost beyond recognition,
but his wifo was found about thirty
feet from tho house, with her head
crushed in.
A fire broke out in the South End
lino stables at New York City. The
building was entirely destroyed, with
1G00 horses and nearly all tho cars in
the building. Seventy-livo dwellings,
mostly frame tenements, inhabited by
poor people, a soap factory and a
brewery are among tho buildings
burned. Tho loss aggregated over a
William Andrews, an amateur bal
loonist, was killed at Ookaloosa, Iowa.
Ho had a hot air balloon, and when it
m 1 i 1 J A
was looscneu it snoi up witn gruui
rapidity about 700 feet, and then took
lire. Andrews was on the trapezo ten
feet below tho balloon, and was seen to
climb nearly to the balloon's mouth
in attempt to put out tho fire. Very
soon tho balloon collapsed and tho
doomed man fell upon a roof and his
body was crushed beyond recognition.
Two convicts wero killed and a third
probably fatally wounded at tho con
vict camp on tho Kentucky sido of the
Ohio Itiver, opposite Now iliclimond
The men wnro employed in the con
struction of tho Chesapeko & Ohio
Railway. Hitter feeling existed against
The gang boss, Marshall, in conse
rjuenco, it is said, of his cruel treatment
ot tho men. Ilecontly lie punished
ono of them, and it is now boliovcd
they plotted to kill him in revenge
Ono of tho convicts, without warning,
struck Marshall on tho head, inflicting
a fatal injury. Ono of tho guards
promptly fired, with tho result above
stated. This was the only ono that
fired, but with tho prompt rallying of
tho rest of tho guards quelled tho
A special from tho City of Mexico
says: A week ago a train on tho
Mexican National Itailroad ran over
and killed a Mexican near Patsccuaro,
Tho frionds of the dead man under
took to retaliate, and put a big rock on
a curve of tlio road. J ho engiuo .
a nasscnKer train struck it and an
American engineer was injured and a
Mexican fireman killed, iho Mexican
authorities sent a squad of Mexican
gendarmes with instructions to bring
in every person suspected of any
complicity whatever in tho crimo
Thirty-three arrests wore mado ana
nn invehtmation resulted in the se
lection of three victims and sen
teiico was immediately passed
Shortly after sunrise tho following
morning tho three men wero marched
to tho Econe of the disaster, stood up
bnfnro an adobo wall and shot by a
file of eoldiors. Tha corpses lay for
somo Unto whoro thoy foil, as a warn
ing ngaintt train wrecking, and wore
buried near the scene oi me wrec.
Conversation lletwcon n CliIiiro nnd n
Jnpntirso Diplomat Novel Conclusion.
Somo timo ngo n friend of mine, who
:pcnks tho Chinoso language, listened to n
conversation between a Chmeso nnd n
Japanese diplomatist which forcibly illus
trated tho piogress taut iuropenn hieas nave
mndo in tho far cn-d. The two men wero dis-cu-win.'T
tho question as to how much of
western civilisation it wns desirable to intro
duce into their respective countries, the
diplomatist from China was greatly im
pressed with tho itnmeuMirnoie superiority oi
Kuiojcnn sciences over any tiling oi tne
sort existing in that empire, lac
Japanese, fully ngreed with his friend that
twill China mid Japan glioma prom
to tho uttermost by tho fruits of modem
nventions and dwovory; but ho re
marked that that wns not enough nnd that
something movo was necilod. Pressed to sny
what it wns ho replied that to the science
they ought to add tho religion of hurope.
Tho Chinaman differoa from ins irionu on
that jKiint, but the latter repeated hU opinion
in vot stronger language. Jlo said tuns ni-
thoikih tho Jnmnese Government did not
Know much nbout tlio ClirUtlnn religion nnu
attached no more importance to it than thoy
did nnv other form of supernatural belief,
they nt ono timo seriously thought of tnuitiR
it over and miking it tho religion oi ino state.
Th Chinaman still expressed his incredulity
nsto tho wisdom of surh n proceeding, but
tho .Tapanoo clinched his opinion by refer
rals to tho caso of tho 1 urks.
'Look at tho Turks," ho said; "they havo
availed themselves of all of tho bonollts thoy
could derh o from modern science. Thoy havo
gunboats nnd ironclads and nrtillery, but ytt
they nro losing ground ovcry any. teienco m
this instawo docs not suffice to arrest national
decay, nnd thercforo I air forced to Iwlleve
that the Turks havo mndo n mistnko In Rtick-
inir to their itll!rion instead of adopting that
of tho stioncor race"
Tins renin rlcnblo conversation took plnco it',
London. As uvidenco that, ro far as the
.Ininr;n ilinlnm.itist wits concerned, it was
not empty sound, I may mention that, nt the
request of tho Jnpnneso authorities, a com-
mtlteo has liecn formed in this country for Hie
mirnoso of establishing fomalo boarding
schools in the city of Tokio. Thoy desiro lo
sco established institutions in which Christian
ladies would impart instruction, both secular
nnd rolisions. to Jnpnnoso girls or tlio impel
classes, and 1 nm nssttrcd by a friend who is
interested in tho matter that beforo long tho
exneriment will bo made. Tho Jnpaueso ag
nostic, although utterly skeptical himself, is
quito willing that his daughter should bo
tfiutrlit nnv relisrion which would enable them
to better their condition in this world. Now
York Mail and Express.
Tim Story of u l'lnj-.
Jnmcs Dnrton Key tells nn odd r.tory nbout
tho first KnglMi production of "Jnck," which
enjoyed such n prosperous run nt tho Grand
last wee!:. IS teems that Mrs. Henry IJ.-cltetl ,
tho author, took her inspiration from nn old
French play, but her work on tho pieco was
entirely original, ulio having changed tho con
struction entirely nnd keeping only tho
motif. Sho origitmlly hold tho piny ten years
ngo to Harry Jlontaguo nnd it was playeu ny
him in this country under nnotlier name.
He. however, received his San Krancisco
offer nnd lett to ncccpt it. Sothcm fell in
lovo with tho nitco and was to havo produced
it had his death not occurred just then. Hy
tho terms of tho contract it rovcrted to Mrs.
Beckett nnd it was again sold by hor to Mr.
I'lvnmton. About two months Deforo it wns
produced in London bIio Was nsksd by a pul-
lisher for whom sho worked to writo a short
novel. Tlio prieo wns alluring, but sho had
no theme handv. Ill despair sho took tho
nlnv nnd turned it into n novel, putting in
nnl'v cnouirh description to connect tho
"Tho novel camo out beforo tho play did,"
said Mr. Key, "nnd somo hack writer in Jxm-
don perceived its dramatic vnluo and turned
it into n nlnv. As luck would havo it, our
nlav was produced anonymously nnd tho
hack writer wns tlicro. no was nitoumica
nnd when ho saw Mrs. Beckett responding to
tho cnlls for 'author.' ho raked such a row
that we were obliged to conduct him behind
tho scenes to her. Ho wius so enraged that ho
rnnld hnnllv spcnk. Ho claimed to bo the
author of tho play nml threatened her with
nil sorts of ton ible things. At last ho snid,
'Why, madam, I enn bring you tho novel I
took it from.' 'Very well,' said Mrs. Beckett,
bring tho novel and piny to my houso to-
. i ii...
morrow.' tsuro onougu no mrneu up wmi me
documents, whereupon sho produced her piny
with n United States copyright ten yenrs old,
together with u novel nnd a letter from tho
publisher certifying that sho was the author,
nnd her own piny. 'This,' sho snld, holding
up her play, 'was what my novel wns written
from.' Ho wilted ut that, tor this is the
clinching clauso of copyright law. Notwith
standing nil this, however, ho sold it to
'Fritz' limmet lor suou.- uuicngo nows. i
llui'lmroiiH ltallct nt TaiiRlor.
Ono savage ballet I noticed: nbout twenty
of theso ruffians divided into two plntooas
fnco each other, and at tho sound of pipo nnd
drum, danco forwnrd nnd back, passing
throutth each other's lines, brandishing their
guns high in tho nir, until at a point in tho
danco. when ono platoon gives a wild shriek,
reversing tho muzzles of tho guns to tho
ground, and giving a simultaneous leap in the
air. thoy fire off their guns nil together. Then
this platoon runs oir to nn attendant who
stands by with un open bug of powder to re
load, nnd its place is taken in tho danco by a
fresh troop. I saw this thing kept up for an
hour to tho intense delight of performors and
Tho feet nnd legs of somo of tho partiei
pants wero bleeding from wounds made by
careless dlschargo of guns, but this was quito
disrecurded. Generully somo eyes nro put
out nnd some lives nro lost by explosions nt
theso celebrations. I saw ono follow carried
off bleeding, bat I was told that ho was tho
victim of a bloody foud, for this is tho open
season for tho vendetta, n ponulur institution
in thh country. Indeed, it is said thnt theso
fctuu exist among tho mountain tribes dur
ing generations, nnd thut n ninn feels it a
point of honor to kill n fow of tho tribe which
n hundred years beforo may lmvo put nn end
to his great-uncle's mother-in-law, Tangier
Cor. Boston Transcript.
Tlio Ilootlduck'M Income,
Whilolwni having my shoos iwlishcd tho
other duy nt tlio stand, which, in thoovenlng,
Is tho nucleus of tho crowd of loafers thnt
hang nround tho corner of Myrtle uvonuound
Pulton ttrcct, I naked tho Italian, who keeps
it, how much money n day bo took in. Ho
told mo that ?0 or $7 wa3 tho nverago
amount "And this is as good a spot for
your business, ii it not, as any in tho cltyf
"No," ho replied, "thero oro stnnd.s near tho
bridgo that mauo from $15 to fso a day. 1
used to lmvo a thrco chair ttand at tho Grand
Central depot, Now York, that paid mo thrco
timoH m much ns I mako hero. I paid CS0 a
month rent; hero I pay $10 a month rent."
"Wliydld you leavo New Yorkr I aVjwl,
"Oh, lecauso theru wero too many hoodlum
nround Ultra Thoy used to steal my bloe
Ing nnd Iwther mo In other way Then
again I liad on offer of $000 for my priviligo
there, and that wo too much money to ro-
luso." "Rambler" la Brooklyn Eagle.
In tlie l)ny AVlien Negroes AVitp Itrouglit
I'rom Africa iin.l Sold In New Or-
lentil. Wlilto Girls Sold to African
"Yes," said William .Tack Hnynes, tho cen
tenarian, tho other day, "I wns in tho slavo
trade for thrco years that i, I was engineer
on tho stenniship Grampus, which ran from
New Orlenns to Africa for three yotirs, buy
ing negroes in Africa and selling thoni in
Now Orleans."
"How did you get possession of tho negroes
to bring theni ovcrf''
"I will tell vou how wo generally mnnnged,
nnd wo nlwnys had n good load on our return
trip. ou know in Uiom days, fifty or sixty
years ngo, the servant girls in tho south wero
of n very ordinary and worthless kind, nnd
would do almost anything. Many of them
had no homo, nnd few, if nny, friends, nnd
so no ono noticed tlielr departure, iiio cap
tain of tho ship Grampus would Induce anuin
U'r or these girls to go on board ns scrvniits,
and when wo ronched tho coast of Africa
wo would cist anchor, and tho captain and his
men would have tho boats lowered nnd go
ashore. They would soon nscertnin where tho
chief or head man of tho tribo lived, and
then they would tnko ono or two or tho girls
ashore with them nnd pny n visit to tho bond
of tho snvitgo tribo. The girls wero nlwnys
willing to go 'nnd sco tho country,' nnd when
they reached tho African chief thoy wero
mndo nn article of merchandise, just ns wero
tho trinkets thnt wo carried ovor with them.
Tho captain would negotiate by signs when
no interpreter could bo had, and tho savogo
chief most nlways wns charmed with tuo
vi Into girls, nnd was possessed with n strong
dosiro to havo them remain, lie would givo
them nil kindsof presents nnd make much ndo
over them, and it was by taking ndvantago
of this weakness that tho captjiin wns nlinost
nlwnys successful in bnrtoiing them to him
for ns many negroes of his tribe ns ho could
carry nwny. Sometimes ho would linvo to
leave two girls if ho brought back very many
"Those girls wero then forced to stay?"
"Thoro wns nlways moro or less strategy
used, nnd they generally consented to remain
until tho ship returned. Ihrough tho over
tures of tho chief nnd tho nssurnuco that
everything the country nffordetl would bo nt
their command, nnd partly through tho
threats of the captain nnd his promises to to
turn, they generally remained, seemingly con
tent to wait for our return, but nlways walled
in vain. AVo would mnko up our load of
slaves, turning n certain number of them in
each ovening and storing them securely in tho
hold, nnd, by repeating this each dny, wo
would, with tho chief's help, soon get as ninny
ns wo carod to iu witn. inoy wero never
obstreperous, nnd seemed jierfectly content ns
long as thoy got plenty to eat, nnd wero joy
ous in their barbaric conversations in tho
ship's hold. Occasionally ono would dio, and
wo would throw him Into the sen, and tiiun
tho others would mnko strango motions.
think thev worshncd tho sun nnd moon
when in their own country."
"And could you get n ship load of negroes
for two servant girls?"
"Yes, sir; that's what wo did. Ui course,
thero wero moroor less trinkets given, but wo
novor hoped to accomplish anything until wo
hnd mndo iieaco with tho chief of tlio tribo.
nnd this could most nlwnys bo done with two
girls, AVo never left moro than three with
tho head of n tribe."
"What kind of slaves did you prefer to
"Wo always picked up tho young bucks.
sny from 17 lo 20 years old. Wo nlso brought
a number of females nbout tho samo ago. Wo
frequently brought them nil up on dock, but
when a storm camo they would drop hack to
tho hold in nn instnnt nt tho wave of n white
hand. They wero olediciit, nnd I never
knew ono to show any Inclination to be other
"What rniiorl would you glvo on your re
turn of those girls who went out with you? '
"They were, as n rule, never Inquired after,
but on ono occasion n girl whom wo left hap
pened to belong to a pretty good family, and
when wo returned to Now UnentiH her friends
were on hand to meet her, and when she did
not npiwar they besought tho captain eagerly
us to whnt hnd Iwcomo of her. Ho Informed
them that sho had preferred to remain in the
sunny lnnd until tho good ship returned. Thin
did not nt all satisfy them, nnd they pushed
their inquiries dny nnd night until they
learned tho truth, and Capt. JolniMm (for
this was his name) was in danger of being
mobled, when ho quietly set saii ono ovening
and passed down tho river and out through
tho guir, and I never heard of him after
wnrd." "Then you did not return to Africa?"
"No; it wns just ut this timu that I hud an
offor to tnko charge of nn engine on the first
hteumlKiut over run on tho lower Mississippi,
nnd I accepted it."
"When you wero in tho slnvo trade did you
over return to tho plnco irom where you se
cured your previous enrgol"
'No. indeed; wo would nlways goto somo
other point, but wo heard afterward that tho
girls left thero did much good for tho natives,
teaching them to sow, cook and work."
"Did tho Africans have any Idea nt tho timo
that thoy were being sold into slavery?"
"Not tho slightest. Thoy thought from tho
signs that hud been mado to them that thoy
wero coming to n placo where nil was lovely;
whero tho sun shono brighter nnd (ho moon
looked turgor, and to eat tropical fruit would
bo their chief employment. Sad, Indeed, must
they havo felt when they begun to reallzothnt
they hud In-en sold Into slavery, from wiilcn
it was ns impossible for them to cxtrlcnto
themselves us it would bo to change tho color
of their own sklu."
"How many did you bring to America
In nil?"
"I kept no record of this tnysolf, but on
ono occasion I rewcniwr wen wo nnu ono
thousand on board, and wo landed them
safely in Now Orleans. Thoy wero nil sold in
low than a week. Wo Drought six snip loads
over during tho throe years I was with tho
ship, niid I supposo tho total number would
be nt least 7.UU0."
"Whero wero thoy kopt In Now Orleans
until thoy wero eoUIi"
"Thoy wero taken to what was known ns
tho negro pen, w hich was nn Inclostiro whero
a largo shed was built. In this inclosuro
wero cots of straw, and they slept thero until
they wero driven oft by their now masters to
tho cotton nnd tugar plantations, from which
many of them wero never released until
death. St. Loub Republican.
T.oikiln;; Out fur llim.
Countryman (In on uptown hotel) Whub
timo is suppo'" ready, mister?"
Clerk bis o'clock, or.
Countryman (with nn nir of vexation)
Wod, I've got some buninosi to 'tend to aforo
I oat, air I'm Trald X won't tt oacic till 'oous
Clerk I'll have (ho cook rut something
away for you on a ulntc New York Sun.
Cpon tho hclghU ot hopo nil day
My soul stood looking far nway.
Knwrappcd In such sufficing thought,
Thnt even your nbsenco counted naught
Kor blue tho sea of distance grew,
Anil clear tho arching atmosphere,
Till I could plainly boo you, dear
Sercno and joyous eyed nnd true,
And constant (as of old I know)
In tho far array, which now drew near.
IJly Carry In Now York Graphic.
Tlicy Itevonl Inequality of Wonlth A
l'lcii Tor Kiieo llrceclics.
Nonrticlo of clothing moro distinctly re
veals tho condition of a man's tnirso than tho
trousoi's. Tho fraying nt tho lower edgo of
tho leg, which Is sure to como with much
wenr, is generally taken ns a sign of very nar-
row menu?, nnd tho bagging nt tho knee,
which is also inevitable, twsides producing a
foundered nppenmuce, like that of n horse
which is "gono" in tho forelegs, is n sign that
a man has only one" or two pairs. It is as
sumed by tho world generally that nobody
would wear trousers bagged ut tho knee, with
alf tho term applies, if ho could nfTord tha
number of changes necessary to prevent this
phenomenon. In fact, nlinost tho only
marked diiToreuco remaining in our day bo
tweeu tho clothes of n man of fortune nnd
lclsuro and those of a toiler of moderate
menus lies in the strnightness nnd smooth
ness which mark the trousers legs of tho
former. His wnrdrobo nlways contains a
peat many pairs. At nny thentro, too, th
makeup of n poor teacher or literary man, or
poor devil of any kind, includes invariably a
pair of Iwggy trou-ors.
And though lust not least, tho condition of
tho trousers in muddy weather is something
which it is painful to dwell on, tho conver
sion of an inch or two ot tho bottom into n
wet and filthy baud Is only provcutablo by
turning them up, and wo all know how thit
looks. An effort has recently boon made to
meet tho struggles of men of fow trousers ta
oscnpo tho bagging at tlio luico by an inven
tion of a machino called "tho trouseti
stretcher." which is literally n metal rack on
which offending trousers nro stretched over
night, nnd tho deformity effaced by u power
ful tension in tho direction of thoir length. It
may, therefore, bo said thnt on tho whole the
knee breeches were tho more democratic of
tho two. They undergo no degeneration in
wear, except what cotnos from tho actual de
struction ot tho cloth, Thoy rovenl nothing
as to tho condition of a man's wnrdrobo until
thoy reach their last stago. Thoy nlwayi
look noat nnd tidy, nnd do not como in con
tact with the mud, leaving thnt to bo en
countered by n boot or stocking which can
bo readily chnnged. But thoy nro in summer
a hot garment, owing to their fitting so.
closely nround tho knee n defoct, however,
which is perhaps compensated by tho possi
bility, without damago to npioarnnco, of
making them very looso.
Thoy nro, too, now making n gallant effort
to regain their old supremacy and oust th
trousers. They havo mndo conquests of most
of tho sporting men and athlotes, and have
mado considerable gains in tho continental
armies. Tho Turks, who abandoned them
under Mahmoud, tho reformer, for tho (o
thorn) hideous trousers, havo gone back to the
breeches. Somo faint attempts hnvo beou
mndo to introduce t hem again into evening
dress, but theso havo failed, owing in part to
tho light and frivolous character of those wh
have made them. If undertaken in a serious
spirit by any of tho crowned heads, or by
great warriors and statesmen, or in this coun
try by great railroad men or stock operator!
tho enterprise would probably succeed. Now
York Post.
'KnuiliiiuiiHiii- i(V) un luiioritiiiico.
This bcems to bo a rheumatic year. Tho in
teresting but not welcome disoaso has Included
in its fraternal grip men nnd women without
distinction as to ages or social conditions.
Stalwart President Clovolnnd bus not boon ex
empted from tho list of sufferers. It is a
mysterious malady, nnd though thero aro
thousands of remedies, thero appears to bo no
euro for the plaguey complaint. An old lady
who assume to knownll nbout ita origin inter
viewed tho to-.nciited writer of this para
graph, who hiui lioon a two months' siidcrer
somewhnt nfter thia stylo: "Ueumutis is n in
herited dlscnso; you got this from your
father or mother, didn't yer?" Ans: "Not
that I know or." 'Then you had it from yer
grandther?" Ans: "I think not" "Then you
certainly got it from yer great-grandthcr."
Ans: "No, thero was no rheumatism known
in my family history. Perhaps some of my
ancestors may havo beon exposed to tho heavy
wet during tho deluge." "Ijoolc hero, slrl"
exclaimed tho old Imly, "I didn't como hero to
bo mado fun of," and out who bounced. Bos
' in.lludget
A l'opuliii- BIiiii.
Tho most popular mau in Berlin, Germany,
Is ono who jumps from ono horso to another
ns tlwy go nt full sjeed In opposite directions
in one of tho royal circus rings.
Sprays of grass may bo beautifully frosted
by dipping thoni in n solution ot gum nmbio
and sprinkling them with powdered glass.
Celery root or celerinc is considered a rea
idy for ri' 'Hutu
For all DUeases of die
Liver, Kidneys, Stomach and Spleen.
Thl purely vegotiiblo pre.
partition, now to celebrated a a
Family Medicine, originated In
the South in I8U8. It aft
lteutlyon the HoweU and
lUilni'VK and correoU the
action of the Uver, and l, there
fore, the bent preparatory
medicine, whatever the slck
ne may prove to be. In all
common dUeaie It will, un
nkslatud by any other medi
cine, effect u speedy euro.
An EHtrnclnun Itemed. " I can recom
mend as an eflicaciou remedy for all diwaeortho
Uver, Headache and Dyjpepda, Simmons Liver
KepJator." buwis G. Wunubk, AUtant Tost.
Wiiier, Philadelphia.
No 1oh of time, no inter
ruption or stoppuge of
liiulucsit, while taking the
Children complalnlnR of
Colic, Headache, or Kick
Hloniueli, a tcakooonfut er
more will give relief.
If taken occadonally by pa
tients exposed to MALARIA,
will expel the polton and protctt
them Irom attack.
I have been practicing medicine for twenty T.
and have never been able to put up a vegeuble
compound that would, like Simmon Liver Kegtw
lator, prompdy and effccVvely moe the Lhrr t
ftlonrnd at the ame lime a d Innead f wik
eiJng) the dlEe.tlv. and ""n'u,'e
J. . Zeilin & Co., Philadelphia, fa
jinxes. i.OO. '