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Devoted to the Interests of
and Stockmen.
TJo Olive.
We take tho following from a Cali
fornia exchange :
The culture of tho olive is a branch
of tho fruit-growing industry which is
yet in its infancy on this coast, but we
believe that in a few years it will be
come one of tho nio.t important as
well as profitable fields of horticul
tural enterprises with us, as it is nt
present with many countries in the
south of Europe, whoso chief revenue
is derived from the export o olive oil
and pickled olives.
The olivo tree is distinguished for
its great longevity and vitality. A
tree in tho garden of the Vatican at
Homo is said to bo a thousand years
old. Muring the Greek revolution the
Turks cut down the clivo trees and
burned over tho sumps, with the result
that, three years thereafter, the shoots
from the scarred stumps commenced
to give a crop.
It. has generally been supposed that
tho olivo rathor prefers a rockv and
somewhat barren soil. In Europe it
certainly flourishps in places where a
cactus would hardly grow, but Major
Utt says it is a great mittako to pre
eunio that the olivo can bo grown on a
barren soil without fertilizers. Uso
manure liberally, and u$o it to an ex
treme degree, to supplement tho lack
of irrigation. The olive is a voracious
feeder, and will appropriate enough
plant food during the months of winter
moisture to carry the tree through tho
dry summer season, provided there is
an abundant food supply ready for
torago and assimilation. The Mis&ion
is generally recommended for oil and
tho European olivo for pickling. Tho
lattor, also, is preferable for propaga
tion, as tho small limbs will servo for
cuttings, and will root where a Mi?sion
cutting will fail. European olives
will ripen two months in advance of
tho Mission olives. Trees should bo
planted in an orchard, and cuttings
in a. nursery. Plant not les-s thun
thirty-six feet apart, or you will rogiet
.it in niter years; remember in plant
ing that olivo root is more sensitive to
exposure than orange.
Tho olivo is easily budded or grafted,
no there is no trouble in obtaining
arieties. Small, one-year-old trees can
bo bought for 25 cents or less each.
Tho roots of trees should always be
puddled before shipping, and great
caro taken against exposure. Tho biiei
ness of proppgating the trees should
bo left to the nurserymen, except in a
cane whore a party cannot afford to
buy trees.
When it comes to profits, orange-
growers can show figures which should
satisfy tho most exacting. Major Utt
has an olive orchard of twenty-five
bearing trees, planted in orchard seven
years, to include 188G; tho product
from ten of them last year was 7o0
gallons of olives. Ho sold tho surplus
crop at '10 cents por gallon, casks fur
nished, of $12 per tree. .Fifty gallons
of an average crop to the tree at
twelve years from tho planting of the
orchard would be a low estimate, and
this amount would mako' six and a
quarter gallons of oil. Elwood Cooper
gets $10 a gallon for his oil. Increased
production will lower the wholesale
price to $1 per gallon, or at tho lowest
$25 per tree, equal to .$900 per acre.
Allow one-half for expenses and inter
est on investment, and you have the
great sum of $150 por acre as net
profit. Mr. Loop has been offered 80
cents a gallon for all tho pickled olives
ho can prepare for market.
Of tho great future which awaits the
ulturo of alives on this coast there
can be no doubt. Wo are still in tho
experimental stage. In fact, olivo
ulturo stands about where tho laisin
industry did ton years ago.
quart of
cured a
an easv
I will buy them only when fresh ones
can't be hart.
Onion seeds that has no firmness, or
that is v rfectly dry, is not gool. Tet.t
on n slitet of writing paper.
Malt, half n peck to n hill, is highly
recommended for blackberry bushes.
If that cannot be obtained uso loam.
Tree-planting for profit or adorn
meat requires caro and discrimination,
as much as raising crops or flocks and
The Milton Eagle says n
sago ten given to a horse
seveie caso of bots. It is
remedy to give.
Goldsmith Maid trotted moro miles
below 2:20 than any other animal in
tho United States. She has 111 heats
to her credit in 2 : 20 time.
Plant cuttings of grapo vines, cur
rants, etc., leaving but ono bulb on the
surface; crowd the toil hard against
the lower end of the cuttings.
A well known farmer of Lancaster
county, Ph., has jut,t completed sales
of his tobacco crop, showinu a totnl
yield of $360 per aero for last year.
Branches that were broken during
ing tho winter should bo cut near to
tho trunk, a smooth cut made and
covered with grafting wax or thick
The most efficient and economical
mode for using ashes is to apply
twenty or twenty-five bushels per acre
at two or three different times during
growing season.
Tho practice of washing sheep is
cecuming uisctirueu. nothing is
gained by so doing, while it is iniu
nous to the animal as will as to thofo
who have tho disagreeable work to
iuanuro is the larmers savings
bank, and if moro of them would have
largo heaps of it every spring to spread
upon their lands, instead of money at
interest, they would prosper better in
the end.
that the
Thcro 's nn unwritten law
President shall not go to tlia theatre on
Good Friday iilalir. President Lincoln
wns shot on Good l-riday, and since then
the President hai noc been seen nt the
tlieatre on that day.
Sfom tho aov.-ct of Miss Jessie Boncs'cclo.
Ko.hester. N. Y., April ', ISSfi.
Gkvti.kmkn : It is with plcasuro 1 add
my testimonial to tho tnnnv u-plMcnmvn
riires which your most excellent remedv
has eticcted. ror more than two venrs,-!
wns a croat sufferer with rbptim'atism.
being scarcely free from pain during the
lime. I foutfd no relief until I procured
ir. Pardee s remedy, and it cured inn
completely. It is now two .units since I
discontinued its uso and I have had no
symptoms of tho diseaso since. I know
from my own and from the experience of
many others also, that it will en n nnv
caso of rheumatism or neuralgia. .
i am, very truiv vours,
MllS. fl. S. liOXESTEELE.
Syracuse, N. Y.
Gents: 1 havo been troubled with
Rheumatism for throo years, at times
very badly afilicted : was in that condi
tion about two weeks auo, when I got a
bottle of Dr. Pardee's Hhcuiiiatiu Kem-
Dr. J. William White. Sr.. nrofoMsnr of edy.aml in threo days time was ereatlv
pin sical science at the University of Phil- relieved, and havo not been troubled
ailelphia, has issued nn order prohibiting with it since I finished this bottlo. I
icei ukc recommending it in tho burliest
torms. as I believe it will do all that ia
claimed for it.
Yours trulv,
0'J Madison St.
It U now possihlo to construct a com
plote sewing nia hine in n minute, or sixty
in one hour.
When tlio appetlto fails ami tho sleep grows
restless and ULrefreshlng, thtro is trouble
ahead. Tho digestive organs, when healthy,
crave food, tho nervous system, when vigorous
and tranquil. kIvos Its possessor no uneasiness
at night. A tonic, to bo eirective, should not
bo a mere appetizer, nor aro tho nerves to be
strengthened and soothed by tho unaided no
tion of a sedative or narcotic. What Is re
quired is a medicine which Invigorates the
Momach. and nronmlen nvslinilntimi ,f V.a,i
by tho system, by which means tho nervous
s) wen as ollfer parts of tho physical
onanism, are strengthened. These nio the
eueeis 01 iiosuucrs Stomach Hitter?, a nicd
cliio whoso reputation Is founded llrmly in
public conlldence, and which physicians com
mend for its tonic, nntl- bilious and other
jinpimriicH. ii is used wun tlio best reMilta in
ivwr nun ague, rheumatism, kidney and
lui'uuu ncHKnetis ana ouier maladies.
I Dec line of nmn or wotnnn.
-irciimlurely induced by execssc or bail
j practice. spcedPy and mrjlr.tliy cured.
Hoik (illustrated). Ml ecu ft in stunps
, ConnilWitlon free. World's Di-pensun
.Medical Association, Hullalo, N. Y.
Soda will clean tarnished tin.
Wl.on Ilaby was sick wo Rave her Cnstorio,
WLon sho was a Child, Bho cried for Caaturla,
Mtn she became Miss, BhorluiiKto Castoria,
V1 cn die hiulCliildn-u.she gave thorn Castorla.
students from uing tobacco in any form.
lucky man i rarer than a whi'e
cow, says Juvenal, and we think he
knew. However, we have heard of thous
ands ol lucky ones and wo propose to let
their secret out. They wero people broken
nown in iieami, suiienng with liver, blood
and skin diseases, scrofula, dropsy, and
eonsuiiipuon, aim were lucky enough
10 near pi mm wise enough to u e
nr. fierce "Golden Medical Disrnv
ery," tho sovereign blood purifier, tonic
ana aiier.uivo ot me age.
Vineg:r and salt will clean copper.
I'liio .loI mid IVcww Inli-. the
only complete, stock, will ho lound at
rainier cc Hoy s Portland house.
.iirdeiiinc for IMenmire.
Gardening for pleasure, health and
knowledge of tlio vegetable world are
tho highest inducements that cau bo
vet before ono to lead to tno study and
practice cf horticulture. Tlio commer
cial gardener and fruit grower has nil
tho difficulties common to other pur
suits to contend with besides tlio
many perplexing ones peculiar to his
own. Tho profits of this industry, in
its various branches, havo been per
sistently sot forth in a false and allur
ing light by many journals, and espe
cially by traveling salesmen interested
in tho sale of various horticultural
products. We would not attribute
any intentional dishonesty to those
who have thus bolstered tho coiiinier
rial horticultural movement for years,
but hard facta, as may becomo known,
how tho error of thoir position. For
one without experience or training to
tako up any branch of commercial
horticulture is almost sure to be a
courting of failure. On tho other hand,
ono will seldom or never be disap
pointed who turn to tho garden for
recrentiou, or who seeks there tho
building up of overstrained norves, or
who would follow out to discovery
iomo of tho innumerable secrets of
tho vegetable world that aro to be
found by tho earnest and patient ob
server. It is the place for at least an
hour or two evory day for women, aa a
hango from household duties; for
professional men, editors, merchants,
dorks, and all who may bo engaged in
in-door, and especially aedentry, em
ployments. Moro or less garden work
should bo ongagod in every day and by
every member of tho family whenever
it is possible.
Farm Xotco.
Tho theory that tho box of an egg
can be told by its shape is erroneous.
Millions of weed seeds can bo de
iroyod on almost evory farm by firo.
Picklod oggs novor pass for frosh
eggs among intelligent people. They
To destroy aphides or plant lico, dip
tho ends of tho twigs into a strong tea
made by steeping tobacco stems
(which may bo procured at any cigar
lactory) in hot water, or syringe with
whale-oil soap suds.
Trees for shelter, shade and orna
ment, if well chosen, are always worth
the planting, and subsequent cfiie re
quired to get them fairly rooted so
they will need nothing moio than
friendly protection.
As a rule, tho sizo of tho seed will
indicate tho depth to plant it, start
ing with tho smallest at one-half an
inch, such as celery, parsnip, elc,
while peas and beans may be put one j
and a half inches deep.
Manure is a groat stiniulont for the
garden, therefoio put it on plentifully.
Better put out only half tho usual
quantity, and do that well, than run
over a largo garden but half prepared
Never stir your land when very wet.
Wo know of no means of pickling
eggs so as to pass them for fresh ones.
Tho best means we know of keeping
eggs for a few weeks is to pack them
in boxes in perfectly dry and sweet
oats or bran, so far apart that no shells
can touch. Fasten on the cover and
place in a cool cellar. Turn the box
over every day.
'The gooseberry bushes do best when
they are well trimmed. They mako
very rank growth. It is a fruit that
does best in partial shade, and if tlio
mildew do not attack it a crop may
always bo looked for. They are not
grown extensively for sale, but overy
farm or garden should havo a space
devoted to them.
Changes of temperature are apt to cause
dangerous sickness; in the full-blooded
apoplexy is to bo feared. When you have
a pain tho head, feel dizzy, feverish, rheu
matic or sick at the stomach take at once
three to ten of Biiakdutii's Pills. Such
slight nHeetions nro only the harbingers
of diseaso or sudden prostration, and the
thing to do is to master the trouble at
once. Never let a little s ckness get the
oetier oi you. urivo it out ot doors im
mediately. Let there ho no compromise,
always have with you a box of Dhand
huth's Pills, and" you are prepared to tight
mo worst lorm oi sickness in its in-cipiency.
"Biro evil's BtroiM-Iilal 'l'roolio
are an ell'ectnnl Cough Heniedy. Sold only
in boxes. Price J5 cents.
E'stlimM- V Key manufacture thoir
own goods, and cansull 5 por cent, lower
man any oilier House.
Thy Germea for break last.
There sijll remains of public lands,
unsurveyed, about 9,000,000 acres in
Colorado, 12,000,000 in Arizona, nearly
30,000,000 in California. -19,00,000 in
Dakota, 7,000,000 in Florida, .1-1,000,000
in Idaho, 7,000,000 in Minnesota, 39,
000,000 in Nevada, 7-1,000,000 in Mon
tana, '11,000,000 in Utah, anil moro
than 20,000,000 in Washington Terri
ritory, and so on.
Years ago the Chinese yam, a coarse
esculent, with roots running so deep
that it is almost impossible to cither
dig or eradicate it, was widely adver
tised as likely to supercede tho potnto.
Tlio latest heard of this fraud is its
advertisement as a charming and orna
mental climber. Farmers who have
had this yam once want no more of it
under any circumstances.
If you have old trees that have failed
to yield profitable crops of fruit, dig
tho soil up thoroughly and then apply
a good dressing of well-rotted stable
manure and work thoroughly into tho
soil. Then, if you have them, apply a
dressing of wood ashes. If these fail
to revive tho tree, after giving a good
pruning, it is about past redemption,
and should give way to fcomething
To show what can be dono with
early-cut hay, a Mr. Terry, writing to
tho Now Ybrk Tribune, states that ho
has a team of heavy work horsos that
for nearly fivo years havo lived on a
diet of early-cut clover and timothy
hay. They have not had a singlo feed
of grain during all this time, aro as
fat as soals, and at no time during the
fivo years could ono boo a rib on either
of them. To take a heavy load of
wheat or potatoes to market (twelve
miles) ia but play for them.
A better plan to mako tlio hens pay
well is to havo them lay most of their
eggs in the cold weather, whilo eggs
aro Inch priced ; then when eggs get
I down to 10 cents per dozen they will
be ready to reast. In other words, lot
the hens strike for higher wagea in
summer rather than in winter. Tho
averaeo farmer does not take bucIi
caro of his hens as will -allow them to
lav ccrca in cold weather, then, when
they do got 6tartcd say in May tho
pncea aro comparatively tow.
SufTsrlnB from I'.ldnoy Dis
easo or from troubles po-cullartolierscx.
Its turfose is scMyffr ific legitimate hrallngot
aiscaseaua ine reiiij rj r"t,, it iters all it
claims to do, thousands elauies can giadly testify.
1 1 has strxxl the test of twenty years in rc'.icving period!-
cal pain, promoting reftilarity of seasons, and banishing
weakness, backache and consequent nervous distress.
Prolubly no other woma.t i:i tho world receives sc
many "letters of thanks" as I.ydia 1!. rinkham, of
Lynn, Mass. Mrs. IS of Enfield, J. II., says:
"I will simply say that your Vegetable Compound is all
you recommend it tu be. lias done me Worlds of
good." Another lady writes from Ottawa as follows: "I
have just to-day boujht the seventh bottle of your Vege
table Compound, have used two boxes of Pills and sev
eral packages of your Sanative Vt'aJi, ami think it but
light totellyim how mm h good I derived from your medi
cines. Tlicy are a regular Cod-ser.d. All the pains
nnd aches have almost disapjtearcd. my stomach is much
ctrongcr too nnd I feel myself improved every way,
l'rlcu 61. Hold by utl DructrlUi.
For Imperfect
Let Travelers round this worll of euro
Without delay tlit'iiiBelvcs jiropure.
.AKiiiriBl tlio i 11 H thitl nmy uriso
Krom Ill-cooked monls nnd lengthy rides.
A Hiiro (it'fi-nci) is lit their cull,
Kor TAKEANT'S 6ELTZKH conquers all.
O I CUM VYH I ; GKblor.llocnlsh iauoaiUur
dct Organs, band instruments. Largest utock
of Sheet Murio and Hooks. Hands supplied at
KuHtorn prices. M. ukay,
20(5 Pot street. 8n.n Francisco.
Best HtHiKh hyr ip TnMes i;ood. do
In time. r-.'(i liv ilnifirtsts.
Wholesale and Itetall Dealers in
Guns and Sporting Goods,
I'liio KlMliiiig Tackle.
Accnts (or tho
Firo Crackers and
Agents for
SpaldlngB3seB3ll Goads
CSTHeni for Catalogue
No. 7.
165 & 167 Second St., Portlind, Or.
ersldAT J)poliau)I'alU.W.T. 9IBtateSt.,3alem,Or.
The Van Monciscar
Young, middle wed madn
old, single or marnfcd ines
aid all who suMer with
Kerroui Debility, Bpcrai
torrbea. Head oil Louts,
Sexual DtKwr. Falling Mem
ory, Weak Yjut, Lack of
Knergr, alio illood iad
Hkla DLwases, Hrr.blUU.
Kruptton. llalr ValUug
lloae Tains, H vtUuigt
Bore Throat, Ulcers, Hi
(ecu of Mercury, Kidneys
and D ladder Trouble!
Weak Hack, Hurting Urine. Gonorrhea, Oloet, Btrtct
ure-prompt relief and cure for We.
Both Hcxi-M Couuult CaBflilentlany
oKFioE-iaa et 184 thibd ot. .
Lockport, N. Y.
Gentlemen:! think tho niuilicitio
prepared lv thu I'nrtlce Meilicino Coin-
jiany is in fact the best rheuinatio ineil
leinc now on tho market ; its equal is
not known. My boy only six vears old
was contined to his. bed with rheuma
tism , I got a bottle of the inediisino and
m a lew days ho was out of bed and
playing nt omul the house. lean cheer
fully recommend this medicine- to all
rheumatic suflerors.
J. K. l'EUKY, Shoo Dealer.
Ask your drunrist for Dr. Tardoo's
Remedy ami tako no other. -Prico $1
per bottle ; six bottles, $5.
raruee -uedieino wo., Koclicstcr, N. Y
It Is acrreetl that the fliuvit nork made in
tho world U that of tho Mmluria Islands
where tho swiuu live principally on nuts.
Piso's Remedy for Catarrh Is agreeable
to use. It 1 not a liquid or a hiiiiH'. 50c.
Krery mm ami woman young or oM, on this Count,
Hut U ttlllicttHl with any ilWue no n utter wlmt, that
llu-lr family l hyulelnn iloi-s not U'l.ltmtniiil, t r eniinot
erne, slioul 1 write a full iltwrlptimi of tlu-ir trouble to
l)r i iinlen, or get on 'lie tlft il nuil IU him lli'lsjiro
tiilnl with every instrument of siiiyi'iy. "1 tho U-t
" rliciui' to 1h Imil for money (Aniatilutlou free
Hone t i)ilnin gWeii; reusoiuiMe chaws All corrtu
IxmiU-nce etrlcily coiirMctttlul Knclime stamp. AiUlnw
W II I'OKKI'X. M I) ; unices, 8, i ami IS, first Na
tional llmik, rottiaml. Oreiio.i.
Rupturo Pormnnontly Curod.
No suiifety Work every ilay I'urei niaranteti!
A.Mrevs lr KoltDKN l.l Tlll'.lt, otlices 8, a ami 12,
I'lM Nailnua1 Hank, IVrtlaml. I trefoil.
1 TRAD Eto MARK. VrlW'
Absolutely Pure.1
ThUromler neret rurlea. A -norrel tt pnrltj,
crenth anil wholtsomeueoa. lloro cconomiral UiVI
crJInary klmln, u l cvuinot tx toM la cotniietV
Cioa witli the multitude of low Vert, ohort wcwA
Svloai or povnlefa. only H aa
2wfU.Ea.s-.n9 IxwDjri Ca 103 V all otetai. IX T.
ZSgSSP Absolute!)!
i J'ito from Oplntes, Kinetics ( l'olson.
Tils (lltltl.KH A. (l(ll I.1.K H).. IltI.TIJIOItK.5in.
of health is to bt foxnd in Dr. I. V.
Pierce's "Favorile Prescript ion " to (he
merits of which as a remedy tor fcmttlu
weakness and Kindred nil'octions thous
ands testify.
Hu ter is tho best polish to nut
liiv no a-VelirliO. Palmer & Hev
maimtacture their own tine, and haviiiu
no frolghls to pav they will not advance
tneir prices.
H'ikIoi- llns froviMioiis of the In
terstate bill Palmer & Hey can sell you j
tvpe, presses and printing material lower
than any other Iihuhh.
w BB ussv sh n u i s a fees u f a aa ma at
Cures Rheumatism, Neuralgia,
Jlnrlarbr, IINidarliA, loomnrue,
hnrnli llruUr.. tlr., etr.
ruiiu rii'TV t)i:.NT.
Till: ClllUtKM A.10IIKI.KH Mtl.TIJIimK, 111).
Curfi In
7Ga&rantril not io
cauisStrlcturee 1
Itf'donlj bj th
Obw taVen the lad in
til ICS uf tliat CUx ot
ic cue', nn.l hat ivn
a it untwist MUuk
xunniv num.,
G Mi won the litor of
tin' publn. and now tanks
.moutf the leadiutT Mcdi
a ciueatjf the o'ldom.
llradford, Pt.
V enM.oo.
I Wahhen's
Tlio only Ureal Stay In tho worUh Almolnttfly unbreali.
n'llo. l'rlct IS cents ner janl. l'oi sale everywhere. I
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securuiiit.uuyuiuouuttieslreil Mill I mi hent. noatnalil. nu
r.-oMnk of nrlees. Aililrivs M'.llflti:.V I'lMTIIMt.
IHIM'.Cmil'lNV. TIino Oillis, .lllclilmui.
Tiio uuYiaiis cjumis u
lasiictl Sept. mill Jlurcli,
cneli j r, 03" 31 InKe,
S'sXll1 iielic,wmovcr
3.0OO illimtrntlons 1
-whole llcturo CJnllrry.
(JIViwS AVlioIcsnle Prices
iltrcct fi eoimiiinrr.t on all good for
lirvxounl or family use. TcIIhIiow to
i.nler, runt given exact cost or eTery
Ihliig you ie, eat, !rlnU, wrar, or
have fun Willi. These INA'AI.TJAltLK
HOOICS contain InforinnUou plriMiril
from Ilie marUefs of Ihe orll. AVo
will mull n etipy l'-ltKIC to any nd
dreM upon receipt of 10 cts. to defray
expense of mailing. lt us Ijcox froiu
you. llmpectfullyt
iV 2211 W11lnu.l1 Avenue. (Jhlcnjjo. 111.
nny Nervous or s-ret DLte iso.
vnnntiirul Iaws. Dlubeles, lirlsht's
lAtST .11 M!M)I.
NcrvoiH I'tlil.i!y, Mpi rnmlorrhrit,
fieiin:il I,ors,.i--;iiiii no.
.... . 1 1, HM K
i, . i-i h i.-. iiioi. itiiiK i.yej.,
J I. i k of luiit-rKy, ulsn Itlood ami
1 H.lil l'lspiiM'ii.Hy)lill ls,i:rtiilloiit,
ijniri iiuinir,iJoiif i-:iiiis.,sweu-
llll.'l. Hiiro Tiimnt. I'I.-oi-k. I!;r.-..f
of Jlorenrv, kiilneyw null llln'M. r Troiihtes,
cul. IliU'k.Iliunli' riliip,(JiiiinrrlR';i,uloot,atrle
turj nrouint relief nml euro for life.
1 liU trontment n iiitro, lovely eoinplcit
Ion, fioo from mi11(iviich.j, fVMis, lil.icl.iiciul.i,.
iTiiplloiiK, eta, hrll.l.inttjyos nml liorfect henltli, can
ho 1 "i L When ItUiucoiivenleiiltoeoinoto Uiocltv.
by u ihlnuyourtllacnso, 011 rccelpl of f-D, lncxll
cino wl.l lio sent you froo from tr-ize, to suit tlio ensc.
IT jt'iillor ml(lrct.i lr. It., rrlvnlu Dlapcnsttry
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For circulars gtrlog full la
fot station, sdilrr. CSftr.r Klec
Irla l:c't Co., 10 WuuUto
Blrcct. Ctlcsjo, 111.
I N. P.
N. U. No. 182 -S. V. N. U.o. 2f0.
LivB, mm km mm
Liver Disease
Mrs. MAitv A. McCi.ukk, CoImm, Kam.,
writes: " 1 ailtlressuil you 111 November, lrlHl,
In vt'iriinl to my la-ulth, beliiir nillietutl with
liver iliHcnso, hfitrt trouble, nuil fciiiulo wik
ness. I wns lulviacil to uso Dr. I'lcreo'a
(ioldcu Jicdlcnl Ulscovory, Fuvorito l'rn
scrintion nnd l'vlluta. 1 used 0110 bottlo
of tho I'lvscrintion flvo of tho ' Discov
ery,' and four of tlio ' I'kvu-mnt rui-Riitlvo Pclluts.' lly lit'iillh bo
iriin to improve under tho uso of your lnudiciuu, and my strt'iiuth
ixtmo buck. My dillleultics havo all dLsn)uiirud. 1 c:iu work biird
iilldiiy.orwalk fourorllvo inlles 11 duy.uuil btand It well; nnd when
1 oeirun lismtr mo iiiediumo 1 eoum sunrueiy wtuk iiui-okh tuu rotnii,
most, of tlm time, and 1 did not think I could over feel well tifruln.
I havo a littlo baby Rlrl cljjlit months old. AUIioiirIi sho is 11 llltlo 1
ilelieiito in sizo nil 1 aiieiinineo, slio is hcaltliy. I kIvo your reme
dies all tlio ertxlit for eurlnjr 1110, us 1 took no other treatment alter 1
bctrlnnlni; their uso. I tun very rmteful for your kindness, nnd
thank (lod and thank you that I am as well as 1 tun after years
of sulferltiir."
airs. j. v., 01 l oriwurc, vatutrtiuau uo.,
K. 1'.. writes: " I wish to b:iv 11 low words in praise. 1
of your 'Golden Medical Discovery ' nnd 'l'lensant
l'urirativo j-euois.- ror nvo years provious 10
takltii; them 1 was a great sullercr; I bad a
dovuro imiu In my riBiit siao continuniiy; wns
iiiuiblo to do my own work. I nm hnppy to say
1 am now well and strotifr, thanks to your inodieliios."
Chronic Diarrhea Cured. D. IiAZAitliK, Ksq., t7S and t77
Decatur Street, AVtu Orlfutis, La., writes: " I used threo bottles of
tho Golden Medical Discovery nnd It has cured wo of cbronlo 1
diarrhea. My bowels aro now regular."
Mrs. Paiimei.ia HuiriJDAaE, of 131 Lock Street,
Lochport, A. 1. writes: " I wns troubled with
chills, nervous and general debility, with lrcnuciit
ho re throat, and my mouth was badly cankered.
My liver wns inactive, nnd I siilfert'd much from
dvBDcnsin. 1 11111 nlensed to f:iv thnt vour '(loideii
Medical Discovery' nnd '1'ellets' havo cured me of nil these
ailments and I cannot bay enough in their lnil?o. X must also
say a word In relerenco to your 'Fuvorito Prescription,' as It
has proven Itself a most excellent medicine for weak females.
It has been used lu my family with excellent results."
DyHpopNla. Jamks L. Coliiv, Ksof I'urnfim, Houston Co.,
Minn., writes: "1 was troubled with Iiitllirrstlou, and would vat
heartily and grow poor at the Bamo time. I experienced heartburn,
sour stomach, nnd ninny other disagreeablo symptoms common
10 unit disorder. 1 commenced tuning your
'OolUcn Medical Discovery' and 'I'ellets,' and
I tun now entirely freu from tho dyspepsia, and
am, In fact, healthier than 1 havo been for
llvo years. I weigh 0110 hundred and soventy-
f 1 1. ..I 1.. 1 1 1 n
Juno mm Uliu-liuil uilliun. unit lilio uoiiu on
miioli wnrlf flui liMHt. Niiiuiner na I luirn ever
dono in tlio snmo length of tlmo In my life. 1 never rook u
inedlciuo that Hcuuicd to tout) up tho muscles and invigorate'
tho whole B)'6tcm wiual to your 'Discovery ' and ' Pellets. "
IyHpopnln. TiiKia-SA A. Cash, of SprinufttUl, Mo., writes:
"1 was troubled 0110 year with liver complaint, dyspepsia, and
sleeplessness, but your 'Uoldcn Medical Discovery' cured liiu."i
CIiIUh and rover. Hev. H. H. Mohmsy, Montmorcnct, S. C.
writes: "Ijist August I thought I would dlo with chills and fever.
1 took your ' Discovery ' uud It stopped them in a very short time.'"
the System.
Thoroughly clonnso tho lilood. which is tho fountain of health, by using Dr. Pierce's flolden Medical Discovery, und good"
dige'stiou, a fulr skin, buoyant spirits, und bodily health mid lgor will bo established.
Uoldcn Medical uiscovery ouit;s ail nil mors, irom 1110 commo;i piinpie, nioicn, or eruption. 10 1110 worst, duioiiimi, or uioim
ion, IiMscially has it proven its ollleacy In curing Salt-rheum or Tetter, Fover-sorcs, Hlp-Jolut Dlsi-aso, Scrofulous Bores
and dwellings, Knlarged Glands, and Hut Ing Ulcers,
Uev. P. AHiiuny Howei.i, Pastor of the Jlf. K.
Church, of SUvcrton, A. J.. says: ' was af
flicted with catarrh and Indigestion. Holla mid
blotches began to arise 011 tho surface of tho
skin, and 1 oxperiouced a tired feeling nnd
dullness. 1 began tho uso or llr, 1'lerces
(loldcn Medical Discovery ns directed by
him for such complaints, nnd in ono week s
tlmo T began to foel llko 11 now man, nnd am now sound and well.
Tlio ' Ploirsunt Purgative Pellets' aro tlio best remedy for bilious or
sick headache, or tightness about tho chest, and bad taste lu the
mouth, that I havo over used. My wife could not walk across tho
Moor when shu began to tako your 'Golden Medical Discovery.
Now sho cm walk quite u littlo ways, und do some light work. '
t Mrs, In A M. Stiiono, of Alnsworth, Ind., writes:
I "My littlo boy had lieon troubled with hip-Joint
I (ltuciiai. f, tivn I'mru Wlioll lot nltn 1110, w.ul i lift
I uso of your 'Golden Medical Discovery' and
'Pellets.' ho wits conllnod to his lied, nnd could
11, if. hi, iiuii-eil without HiitToriinr irrent 1111I11. Hut
rnd can walk with tho help of crutches. Ho does not suffer any
pain, and can cut and sleep as well us any one. It has only been
about threo mouths since he commenced using your medicine.
I cannot ilnd words with which to cxpicss my gratitude for tho
beueilt ho has received through you."
SUI11 DIhcuiio. The "Democrat and News,"
of t'umhrhluf, JlaiivlawJ, enys: "Mrs. Kijza
Ann Pooi.i:, wife of I-coniud Poole, of I Kit
Uamnliuiv, Dorchester Co., Md., has liecn cured
of a bad enso of Kezenfa by using Dr. FJerco'a
Golden Sledlcal Discovery. Tho dlseuso np
oeared first In her feet, extended to the knees.
covering tho whole of the lower limbs from feet to knees, then
attacked the elbows and liecnino bo sevcro as to prostruto her.
After being treated by several physicians for a year or two she
commenced tho uso of the niedlcliie named above. Bho soon
begun to mend and Is now well nnd hearty. Mrs. Poolo thinks
the medicine hns saved her life and prolonged her days."
Mr. T. A. Aviikh, of Eati Aeu Market, Dorchester County, Md.
vouches for the ubovo tacts.
A Terrible
now, tliaulu to your ' Discovery,' Jui is able to bo up all tho time,
Goi.dkm Mkoicai. DmcovrjiY 011 run Consumption (which is Scrofula of tho Lungs), by Its wonderful blood-purifying, invigora
ting nnd nutritive properties. For Weak Lungs, Spitting of Mood, .Shortness of Ilrvuth, Ilroiiehltis, t-eveu Coughs, Asthma,
and kindred uU'ectlons, It ia a sovereign remedy. While It promptly cures tho severest Coughs It strengthens tho system
"""niphUy bull!lsuii tho system, und increases the flesh and weight of thoso itxluecd below tlio usual standard of health by
" wasting uisoascs.
CoiiNtuiiptloii.-Mrs. Udwaui) Nkwton, of Harrmcnnlth,
Ont., writes: " Von will ever bo praised by mo lor the remarka
ble euro in my caso. I was so reduced that my friends hud all
given mo up, nud I had ulso Ikjcii given up by two doctors. 1 then
went to the Iwst doctor in these piirta. Ho told 1110 thut medicine
was only a punishment 111 my caso, aim woum inn. uuiieiiuiie 10
,, tniit mo. lie said I might try Cod liver oil if I
n...... lln I liked, us thut was tno only tiling mat ooiuu iiohsi-
U VhN UP I bly have any curullvo powor over consumption so
uiif-n ur 1 .y,,, t trl0(j t10 co(l jvcr u w u lt
Tfl MIF I treatment, but I was so weak I could not keep It
lu u;l. B ,i in v Kiiiniu-li. SI v husband, not feellnir eatislled
to give mo tin vet. though ho hud bought for mo
everything bo saw advertised for my complaint, procured a quan
tity of your 'Golden Modlcrtl Discovery.' X took only four bottles,
and, to tho surprlso of everybody, nm txMluy doing my own work,
and am entirely free from that Uiralblo cough which hnrrassed mo
night and day. IhuvoboenalUlctcd with rheumatism foranumbor
of yearn, and now feel so much liotter that I believe, with u con
tinuation of your 'Golden Medical Discovery,' I will bo restored
to perfect health. I would say to those who aro falling a prey to
that tenlblo dlsenso consumption, do not do as I did, Uko every
thing elso first: but tako tho 'Golden Medical Discovery' lu tho
early stages of tho disease, and thereby savo a great deal of suf
fering and bo restored to health nt once. Any jicrson who is
ftlll in doubt, need but writo mo. inclosing a stamped, eclf
iwldresHol envelope for reply, when tho foregoing statement will
bo fully substantiated by me,"
ITlcer Cured.-lHAAO R. Downs. Eso.. of Spring Valley,
RockUmd'Co., A. V, P. O. llox SH), writes: "Tho 'Golden Medi
cal Discovery ' has cured my duughtcr of a very bud ulcer, located:
oil tno tnigii. Alter trying inmost, everyimug wituoui success, we-
proctinti three bottles or your uiscovery,- 1
lerfcciiy." iir. wowns coiiiinMes:
which healed it up-
Wasted to
A Skeleton.
CoiiMiiiuptloii and Heart Dlcusc. "I also wish to
thank you for tho remarkable euro you havo elTectcd in my case.
blo diseaso, consumption, and heart disease
lieforo consulting you 1 bud wasted away to
il skeleton : could not sleep nor rest, and many
times wished to dlo to bo out of my misery. I
then consulted you, and you told 1110 you tad
hones of curinir mo. but It would tnko time. I
took flvo months' treatment in all. The ilrst two months I was'
almost discouraged: could not pcrcelvo any favorable symptoms,
but the third mouth I begun to pick up in llesh uud strength, L
cannot now recite how, step by step, tho signs und realities or
returning health gradually but surely developed thwiselvcs.
To-day 1 tip tho scales at ono hundred and sixty, and ant well
and strong."
Our principal rellaneo in curing Mr. Downs' tcrrlblo disease
wits the "Golden Medical Discovery."
JfiSEI'H P. McFAiujirrn, Esq.. Athttu, La.,
writes) "My wife hud frequent bleeding from
tho lungs lieforo tho commenced using your
Golden Medical Discovery.' Sho bus not
had any since its use. For some six months
she baa bocii feeling so well ttuit she luu
from Lungs.
discontinued It,1
Trlco $1.00 per Bottle, or Six Bottlcn for $5.00. t
Ko, 66.1 Mala tftrect, HDPFUOi Xi Vk
Goldca Medical Dlscorery Is Sold hj Druggists.