The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, December 18, 1886, Image 5

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T116 0I8IBQ Scot
N10N. OKKttON. SAT. DISC. 19. 1?
Brief Bulletins.
Subscribe for the Scout.
John Wright I celling drugs at coil.
jNfeill and Sullivan against the world.
Buckingham fc Hccht's boots at
Largest stock of plug tobacco at
Go and look at Jones Bret's Chri6t
rcas gods.
Buy your Christmas turkey of
Drake. ?J.
Tho people of Joseph want the town
Johnson, tho harbor, save ho knows
how it is to he u father.
?.Irs. Allie Dcnney, of Tint; valley,
visited Union this week.
Several communications unavoid
ably crowded out of thin isuo.
The usual number of lawyers from
different sections are in attendance at
the circuit court.
We give the President's message in
full in this issue. It in an interesting
document. Head it.
Keatl the advertisement ot the New
Year's hall to be given on tho '.si. at
Wright's hall.
A grand masque skating carnival
will be given at Wright's hall, Christ
man night. Sen ad. elsewhere.
The name of Lena 1'aueake was
overlooked, last week, in netting up the
roll of honor of t he Pine valley school.
Cliristman goods in endless variety
at Jones Bio's, and sold 25 per cent
cheaper than they can be got cUe
wlu'ie. The remainder of the evidence given
in the Bennett trial will appear ne,t
week. Tho trial is still in progress as
-wo go to press.
Groceries told ns cheap at Jones
Bro's. as at any place in Union county.
Buy a dollars worth and get a chance
in the big gift distribution.
Purchase 50 cents worth of Christ
mas presents at the Cove drug store
and obtain a ticket entitling holder to
11 free draw, Jan. 1st., for three- dolls
worth i'9.00.
lleinember "Khingaun, Or the Out
law of US" at Wright's hall next Wed
nesday evening. The proceeds will be
applied for the benefit of the Union
fcilver Cornet xiaml.
Vol. 1, No. 1, of the Pacific Coast
Sun, issued in Portland, by tho Sun
Publishihg Company, ban been re
ceived at thir: office. We placed it on
our exchange lit with pleasure.
lion. T. J. Proctor, formerly a resi
dent of Union county, died suddenly
at his residence in Kanta Hosa, Gal.
on the 6th. inrt. llauy friends of his
in this country will be pained to hear
of bin death.
There not being a sufficient number
in attendance at the meeting, last
Tuesday evening, to arrange for a
Christina tiee, nothing was done, anil
we presume there will be no tree.
This is to be regretted.
A grand ball will be given by Dun
ham Wright, at Medical Springs on
Big creek, Christinas eve. Tickets,
52 50, including food for liorses.
Uhere will alto he a Christmas tree in
tho evening. All are invited.
The cube of the Slate of Oregon vs
Bolder, Tibbetts and Godfrey, for the
killing of Skiff, will probably t.ome up
for trial next week. We &ro not ad
vised as to whether any new evidence
will be introduced, or not.
The Boys Brass Band, of Baker
City, entertained our people last night
at Weight's hall. Wo have not time
to review C heir merits in this issue, but
they are good. They play at La
Grande to-night. Go and hear them.
Al. Dickson has sold his interest in
tho harness shop to his partner, Dan.
Beidlenian, who will continue the busi
ness alone. We have not learned what
Al. will engage in next. If he attempts
to leave town ho should be chained
up. He is too good a citizen to lose.
Wednesday last one of our Chinese
ci'izens "pasred in his checks" and
was buried on Thursday by Iuh coun
trymen with appiopriato ceremonies,
eueh as strewing little bits of paper
along the route to tho grate, burning
the clothing and articles belonging to
the deceased, etc.
We will state for (he benefit of par
lien concerned that Mr. W. G. Beck, of
New Bridge, did not write the com
munication which appeared in the
Kcoi'T, recently, signed "Barrel! Dean."
If it was the cause of giving offense to
nfiy one, wo are very tony. Hence
forth we shall sliiko out of our corres
pondents letters everything of that
uature that wo do ot fully under
eU'nd. Everybody Fhould attend tho enter
tainment which will ho given next
"Wednesday evening by the Union
DiKiiiiitie Company under the man
agement of It. il Ileal. The exciting
Irish drama, "Shingaun, Or the Out
law of OS" will be presented. The en
tertaininent will conclude with tho
ride splitting farce "Harney the Baron,
Or an Irishman in Germany." A
good lime may ho expected.
Commissioner Alton has asked tho
?r'J!A 0f Trado' of Portland, to give
$d(XH)"to defray tho uxpentea of an
exhibit by Oregon at the projiosed
American exhibition in London."
The proiKMjtion wan discussed at a re
cent meeting, and it was found to bo
tho "sense of the board, that Oregon
ould not bo materially benefitted bv
R display at that exhibition." It i8
aim the "sense" of everybody che
who curry auy of that useful article
around with them.
rwc. lath., ism.
Town very quiet, this week, on aci
count ci a largo number of citizens at
tending court.
Jas. lUissell's new residence is raised
and approaching completion. It will
bo a ndistitntial ornament to the vil
lage. Miss Emma Jones will start for
Butte Oity, Montana, Monday, where
she will spend the winter visiting her
Mr. .ino. Magann, miller in the Al
bina llourinc mill, joined his family in
Cove, Wednesday, and will spend
Christmas at home.
The little folks all go to co the
beautiful life size doll at the drug store.
It is to be given away lo the lucky
ticket holder, New Year,
A. B. Bobinson is running a regular
hack to Union this week. This makes
three lines from Cove to Union, so tho
traveling public cannot complain.
The Ascension school and Lcighlon
Academy will give two weeks holiday
vacation, commencing next Fridav.
The majority of the students will visit
their homes during the time.
M. W. Mitchell returned from Ar
lington, Wednesday. He left his
daughter. Miss Lillie, who has been
very sick with fever for the past six
weeks, able to sit up and in a fair WAy
to recovery.
A continual popping of old Ken
tucky rifles and modern breech-loaders
can be heard on every side and all
seem bound local turkey, Chriftnias,
on the strength of their skill. Proba
bly the most interesting match vjlll be
between tho well known crack shots,
S. M. Itloom, S. G. White and K. Mor
ris, at 100 yards range, strictly hands
off Up to'dato Mr. W. is slightly the
favorite in pool selling.
When it comes to haul to head en
counters with burglars, give me a good
pitch fork. B. A cat with file re
quires prompt and energetic treat
ment. W. If they had not held me,
I might, have gone through the win
dow. M. First blond for me. M.
The tui key goes to your humble ser
vant, 'W. Did you hear of the line
present I sent to my girl at Alder, for
Chriftnias. S. Wonder why 1 don't
get a supply of collateral from home.
II, Who won the wager of a suit of
Churns, 50
cents at Drake'x Cash
Smumerville SifkinjiK-
Several of our good
citizens are
Union this week.
Henry Chandler, of Union, was in
town on Tuesday.
The Pr 'sbv-teriau church at La
Grande will he dedicated nest Sunday.
Large numbers of "dog" salmon are
being captured in Mill creek. They
are not (it for food however.
John C. Wilson, of Girard,
is vi.-Uing his fitter, Mrs. F. 15.
He mav conclude to reside in
A. SomiiKT, of La Grande, is in
Summervillu ath uding to tho business
of D. Sommer it iho. during Dan's
absence at Union.
J. J. Chapman returned from Iowa,
on Tuesday. Jap says that Iowa in
too cold for him, the thermometer
registering 15 degrees below zero while
he was there.
The young folks are preparing for
the masquerade on Cliristmas eve.
Everybody is invited. Herman Wnl
tleck is prepared with costumes of all
descriptions lor sale or rent.
Uncle Haryey Myers died last Mon
day morning. Mr. Myers had been
siel: with consumption tor a long time,
and his death was not unexpected.
The funeral sermon was preached bv
Rev. J. C. Willert.
At the city election last Monday,
A. Shaw, T.J. Bussell, Geo. W.ielly,
'1 heo Williams. S. L. MoKon.ic and
A. J. Patten were elected Counciltnen,
15. D. 11 ubers, Treasurer; C. D. Mo
Dowel, Ittcorder; 15. B. Moreloek,
Mr. Peter Brogger, of Elk Flat,
was kicked by a horse last Tuesd ty
morning. He was feeding his horses
and upon going to the barn, they found
him lying unconscious with his skull
fractured. Dr. LMnehart was called
but could do nothing for the unfortu
nate man. Mr. Brogger lingered un
til Saturday, hut never regained con
sciousness. J lid funeral on Monday
was largely attended.
The Suinmerville court was a little
ahead of time last week. A case si t
for the 11th. was tried on the 9th., and
the defendant failing to appear, judg
ment was reudeied in tavor ot the
I-laintilffor the full amount asked for.
On the morning of the 11th, the de
fendant Hindu his appearance, ready
for trial, and was iuiormed that he
was jurt 11 trifle too late to put in an
answer. He pioducul tho papers that
had been served on him mid succeeded
in convincing "His Honor" that tho
case had been tried a "little too previ
ous," eoescqucntly tho pioceedings of
tho first taial were set aside and the
defendant was permitted to put in an
unswer. It is supposed that tho ex
citement over the city election had
not subcided and was the cause of the
premature trial.
and tinware at cost at
G'boay jWlllluer Goodi,
Mr. Cochin desires to inform her
pntroiiH and the people generally that
011 account of having such a large
stock of the latest stylo of hats, she
has reduced the price on them about
one-half. She has also made a great
reduction 011 other kinds ot goods.
Ladies' desiring goods in her lino will
do well to call at once.
Bennetts Trial
Considerable Difficulty Experi
enced in Obtainig Jurors.
The case of the State of Oregon tf Win.
Bennett, charged with the murder of be
fore, came up for trial lit the Circuit court
last Monday. Considerable ditnoulty was
cjicribnced in obtaining Jurors, and It took
till Wednesday afternoon to obtain the fob
tawing named persons o act as
Alex Furpaoon. J. C Randall. Ed. Cran
(salt. 11. M. South. A. K. Thoma, 1). P.
MjjDantels, Ed. Mitchell. Thomas Keating,
Kelson Schoonover, Envin,
Dn. UtNr.itA.isr
Dent;; called as a witness en behalf of the
State, testified ns follows:
Ke-dde in Suinmcrville. On the .Mb. "f
Julv la-t saw I.crore lyim: on the ground
near B."nett's houe. (W'tnps then ci
plnitud (he triture of Legorc's wound and
oiireof hall.) I wa present at his death,
l li. death was rnuscd by gun-shot wound.
Was with him from 123) two hours and
a h.slf, lis died about 5 oVloi k s.sine d iv.
lie laid on ground about o te hour, yfe
took him to lipiinftt'" house and lnj.l him
on tho bed. I t -1 1 him he was scriouslr
wounded, and if be had any wills to make
or business to attend tq, ho had better at
tend to it. .19 life was Tory uncertain, l.e
ore made some stateuic'nt1, I uiked him
if lie lt d told Jill, an 1 ho -aid he had noth
ing more to say. He said: "Dr. I i'iii bad
lv wounded.. I think am going to die. fjt'e
whatvnu think about it; but 1 am not
afraid lo die. I am badly shot ti 1 don't
think 1 ca-i get well. I nni not afraid to
die; 1 don't consider my life worth an 05 ''
This was when 1 tlvt arrived. That wsi
all he saul, c.xeent bi"n he asked about
liN condition, an 1 for me not to hold nny
tbiir; baek from him. Afterwar 1 he said :
'For Ond's sake ane-d him. I don't Wi"'
to bo shot auy more." 1J s then Slid he
had no more business to attend to
Cross Examination Ir. Htrau'te, Free
man I.addnnd Win. llarris went with me
to -ee i."gti'.!; went in Kreemnn (.mil's
wagon; had no ill will toward Bennett; I.e
gore wos lviug about 100 or 15) yards from
Dennett's liouse. I saw he was' aiitl'orlng,
gave him hvpoderinie inject! in of morphia,
also gave him miiw brandj-. 1 saw we
could not move him far und went to Den
nett's liouee to got a bed; Mrs. Dennett
that I.egore would not live lone;, fcihe told
me to brin,; him. I could get unythc; in
tne houc. When I came tliore, there were
the or i. perse n present. 1 eont-idcred it
1 part of my duty lo take any statements
Legore might make. I asked lilni to Rive
me a liitorv of this eircum-tnnoe; think it
was soon a'ter I enme there; don't know
whether anyone heard him or not. When
he made his statement I nan then by his
side; think nil his statements were made at
one time, l.egorc made these statement
while lving on the around, T trust to my
memory ; can give It in substance. lie said':
"About. 111-011, while riding a'o ig with mv
fainilv. we csinc nejir Dennett's house, I
aw b-Mineit co'iiing boliiii 1 the Wagon.
My wife ssid, 'thero he (Oiji.-s with a gun.
be" is going to shoot unl' iii-nnott ran n.
close beld'id the wagon and .shot iu. 1
ti.Kl my wife 1 was shot, and fell out of the
Tvagrtm My little girl unlatched one of the
ho's"s." Krgore did not snr these were his
dying statements Alter 1 told him his
e.ise was very serious, he nin le these ?tate
nunts. I think likely others heard him,
but id I noteall anyone to hear it. 1 0011
sidered it my duty to tell him of his eiuidi-
tiou, but don't rceolleet whether 1 asked
him 'how it occurred" or to "'make a .state
ment," when I came, or .shortly after, he
told me things, lis. said he was get
ting down behind ths sent when Dennett
stint. When I came, Legore was lying 1! 1
or 8 J feet from the wagon. I ordered thiin
to arr"st Dennett ; don't know that I took
any drinks before I got there: was not i.n
dor the inlluunce of litpior. J did not ar
rest Dennett.
lit direct Examination. I.cgoie said
''ForOol's sake, gentlemen, arrest him!
Holias alren ly killed ine. I don't want
him to shoot m'u g lin, Arrest him and let
the law take its course. I don't want him
mobbed." I will not say positively tha'
L''jjn"o said, "ho has killed me" or "he
has .shot ine and I wl I die."
Testitied : Was at Buinmerville Mh of July.
First saw Ijegoro near residencu of Dennett
De.-iebed Legore same time that Dr. Dine
hart did; .nv Legore lying on the wound
I.egoT'i made some statement about his eon
ditiun: inndo unmo cnrelosj observation
about his life j heard him make some state
nieir. to Dr. H'liehart; they were male
whilehe was lying on the gnain 1, within
an hour after we arrived ; can, t quote his
exact words, Lotrnro said : "Cuming down
Mil this side of liouso his nttentu 11 was at
tracted by aoino noise behind him. and he
a id his wife looking hack saw Benneit
b-hiiul with a g in. trying to get a shot at
':m. II s wife grabbed at the lines and he
tr'.ad to get down behind th&scit. and while
in a stoo'iing position thr shot was tired."
I 'hink I have a correct knowledge of the
position of the premises. (Pint or diagram
hero introduced und explained.)
Cross Examination. lliiichnrt nsked me
to go. 1 think during the hour he laid
there Itinehart sa id something to I.egoie
that called out the tt.iteinent. L 'goro ma le
statement .something about that he was
shot hnd'y, a id wou'd die, and that he
wanted Dennett arrested. There was ta k
of arreting DenncH soon after we cam
Mns. 1 F.GORK
T'.stlfled: my husband; was
with him aising Dennett's house on 6th of
July lait ; sa iv Dennett beh'n I the wagon;
he ran along a'ter the wagon; pointed the
gun at my hiijband; saw the smoke and
beard the report. My husla id said, "My
God, he has shot ine! Kiss me," ami fed
on t of the wagon; Dennett was at tho hind
wheel of the wain : hush uid was Mint be
tween (he hour of 12 and 1 o'clock anil
hud between 7 mid 8 o'clock in ivenhiK of
aiue dav.
Cross Kxiintnution. Dennett was 75yds.
from hia house. The firsUI sav of Dennett
In.' wa er sjin-r the fence, out of the brush,
near the old huusc ; did not see him till af
ter we passed him ; hea-d soinetl.Jn ;, looked
a'ound and saw bi n ru initiga'txr tho wa
gon; no' husband and I w ij riding on a
spiing seat; when I s.iw Dunno't wn go
ing lo slmot. I pushed mv hui-bind down
oil' tho seat; my hUhh uid I joked nround
mid rji.-cd hie head and body so lie could
lot k over the seat ; was in a crouched po
sit. 0.1, at which t. in -Dennett was up to the
wugon and shot; WMgon was marly oppo
site Dennett's hous.' when the shi.othiK 10 k
place. My husiund lys. Dennett is at
iioiue. I a.'u his wagon, and his barn door
Wopen;" he looked around and said. 'Ihn e
liu comics with a gun." I and ru little
girl grabbed the lines, I ta!d. "let us drive
up, my h11.1l aad alJ it was 110 use.
l'.e-dirfc: Lxmninutiun Umbnud was
on tine ilglit sida of the sejt; the horses
were trotting down the little lull.
M.tnr Lk'joju
Testitied: Am 11 vearsold; Legore was in v
father; he died on the 6th of July, 1S5J; X
saw Dennett that day about 11 o'clock; he
was awful close to father when he shot;
father slipped down off the seat; was hi
front pait of wagon when father was shot:
Ddiniett was at hind wheel on right hand
Cross Examination. I saw Deneutt wlmu
we were passing; he was crossing th fjnee
behind us; father had no gun hi the wagon:
when I saw Dennett corn.iig. I left ruy scut
and grabbed the lines and hit the norsei
with a whip, at the same time father tlid
off the ss at; I was, in company with Mr.
Cranncr. put riding, about one nonr talked
freely and had a good time; did not say to
Mrs. C. lht father had a un in the wagon,
hut had not time to use it after we saw- D,
did not say to Mrs. Ohent. about the 1st.
of Sept. last that father had a gun in the
wLj;on, hut hnd no time to nee it after he
saw Dennett. Dennnett followed the wa
gon about "5 yards.
Annus Lkioke
Testified ; Am s years old : Legore was uy
father; I Unuw ne'nnctt; l was present; lie
I the man who shot my father.
J. W. HuoitEs
Testified; Am acquainted with Dennett;
had a talk with hiui in June. ISsU
Cross Examination. I had Jliis talk with
Dennett at his house; lie asked me if 1
saw Igore ; tild him I did not. Dennett
said, "It don't matter, I'll get him aiij
!ioy.'' He made no explanation about
what he meant; he made some remarks
about Legore kicking him.
Hera the tatc rotted. Kvidcnce for the
defcusc will be given ext week.
and corn meal at
Park Pickings.
Dec. loth., 1880.
l tin snow is UisapjioariUK very rap
idly under tho
influence of a chiuooL
The l'ark public school opened tho
Cth. ins., w;th an attendance of 22
We hear tht Lum. Fisher, of Ilig
creek, who was dangerously ill, having
contracted a severe cold at a Thanks
giving ball, is slowly recovering.
Mr. James South has shook the
l'ark dust from his feet and hied him
filf to bis old home in Ohio where he
will probably remain permanently.
Miss. Ihiima Jones was visiting
friends in the Park last week. She
intends starting, soon, to Montana on
a. visit to her sister, where she will re
main all winter.
L. B. Forrester passed through
I'm U, last, week, with a load of
draulic pipe for his placer min,o
Murray (iiihjh. He js preparing
the spring run of water.
The Park Literary and Debating
Society meets every Saturday evening
and discusses with much ability the
diilerent issues of the day. Kvery
body is invited to attend.
Mrs. Vnndevanter aid family nr
rived hero last week, from Iowa, with
1 view of locating in these parts.
They will be quite an addition to the
Micioty of the Park, as well us to the
J. G. I did not think you had gall
enough to mention tiut after I was
riood enough to pay you the mm of
live cents more than you asked for it.
The next time we atart out on a trip
of that kind, we will try and get a
horse that will not take the cholera
morbus, and then we will got lhcr op
time. S. and V.
Pure cider vinegar at Drake's.
forth Powder Nngffcts.
Dec, 14th,, 1830,
The old grist mill n tint place has
been remodeled and runs night und
J. II, Hardin has tho finest littlo
barber shop, together with candy and
fruit stand, in the town.
Our Debating and Literary society
went --flewa" died an ignoiniuioii'e
death, and into oblivion has passed,
and the wave of their discord ends.
Our si reel a liavo heeu improved
woudei fully by some of our citizens
making cross walkB which were great
ly needed on account of the mud and
Mr. Marshall, 0110 of the partners
of Hall & Co., so wo are informed,
has sold out his entire- interest in the
saw mill to a gentleinnii by the name of
lClhels, a very oncrgetie and enter
prising man. 'Their saw mill is run
ning night -and day.
The city nobs have announced (hat
there wili he a grind hall on Christ
ia eve, and invite their friends in
the neighboring towns and villages
to come ami have a good lime cut
tho pigeon wing and cat tho tinker
Choice bacon and lard at Drake',
bilverton, Or.
I tnko pleasure In testifying to the reme
dial properties of the Orkuon Kiimr TrA,
For the punt three years I have been trou
bled w iih derangement of the kidneys, dur
ing which time riiavc tried various reuie
die without obtaining relief. 1 bought a
packau of the Oiikuom Kidney Ts.a from
J. C. Hayes, and from Iho lirat dose began
to feel better ninl am hafipr to say that al
ter using the package, 1 am almost entirely
Best cigars in town at Drake's.
W.-mlarriil Cuie,
W. I). Iloyt A Co., Wholesale and Detail
Druggists of Home, Oa., says: We huve
been sailing Dr. King's New Dlscorery,
Electric Hitters and Ducklen's Arnica fc-'alre
for two years. Have never handled reme
dies that tell as well, or give .such uniTersal
r utisfaction. There have been some wonder
ful cures effected by these medicines in this
city, b'evcral cases of pionotinccd consump
tion have been entirely cured by the Use of
a few bottles of Dr. King's New discovery,
taken hi connection with Klectrio Ditter's.
We guarantee them always, hold by J.T.
Wright, druggist, Union. Oregon.
Cross-cut saws, cheap, at Drake's.
Holiday Goods.
Wo otTer a large variety of useful holiday
goods that are easily nent by ihII tr ex
press, hncchil attention 1 mked to our
bilk, Kutiu, Velvet und Woolen dress goods.
Cloaks, Khawls, Gloves, Fans, Jibbo-.s,
Linen table sets, Oartahn, etc. Also to an
n llcss assortment of Hilk and Linen haiid
kcrehiofs for Ladies mil Gents' use; id I
new nod in the motf uttractlve patterns,
fiend us your orders as early as possible.
Maniples scut on application and orders
solicited. '
180 First Street, Portland, Oregon.
Urli.Eiur aiuiins
To millions, pleusing Ihelr palates, and
cleunsing their systems, amudug their Liv
ers, Kidneys, fjtoiituchs aud Dowels t a
healthy activity. Much Is tha mission ol
famous California liquid fruit reiuedy.Hyrup
of Figs. 60c and 1 bottles for (td by all
druggists. Hnell Ueitsha Woodard,
wholesale agents, fi-rtlaud, Or.
Taken up Dee 1st. IpSo. nt the J. Tharoas
(arm, two mile Northeast of the Cove, Ore
gon, by Ilea. W. Thomas., Ono sorrel marc
with brand on right shoulder resembling
the letters V 11 combined, the ripht stem
of the V formiiiR the left stem of the 11.
About 1-V hntds high, 4 years old. Ap
praised at $50 by Jaiper (. Stevens, Jus
lice of the Peace.
Application for P. 8. Patent. Survey Vo.
I, Claim No, S". Mineral application
No. 70.
U. 8. I.ANpOrricE. L OnAsnv.. Oueoom.)
December II, 1SS(5. I
Notice is hereby Riven that the Oregon
("lob! Nlinlng Comnany, of Louisville. Ken
tucky, by Joseph laice. their attorney,
whnte poitalllce address i Daker Citv, Dii
ker county, Orcjon, has this dav tiled their
application for patent for thirteen hun
dred nml severity linear feet on tl(c 'Whit
niiin" quartz lode, bcarim: gold; the same
being 1V)0 feet N 2,'i deje. fll mill. W and '--O
feat S V") dec. M min. K from discovery
dinft therenn, with surface g.'uund (IK) feet
in width, situated in (iramte minim; di-"-triet,
Uiron county, Orenon and deaeribed
by the iitllcial plat aiid field notes on tile in
this ofllc.', as follows', viz:
Dcgiiining at a post from which the i .sec
tion corner between sections 27 and S3. T (1
S. ItsT, K ; bears N IS degrees SO minutes W
and (111 feet distance, running thence S "2
degrees f minutes, K s.10 ?i feet to post cor
ner No. U; thence N 2d degrees 51. W 1.17-1
reet to post corner .No ,1; tnence is ,i de
irress 5 iniinites. W MO.SI feet to nost cor
ner No 4; then.:e 8 ir decrees 5 1, K OTQ feet
lopo-itcor No.l, the place nf beginning, enn
Uniim; 1S.S7 acres and forming a portion of
the N'Woirirter jnd SW quarter of setiqn
L'7 and MJ V; of section '2s in luwuship d
south ol nance la li. Wlllamelle Mernllan.
said location being recorded in volume l
nagelSlof tho records of Union county
Or. Adjoining claimants, on this lode, are
Allen b C ix 011 the south.
Aiit and all persons clnlminn adversely
any portion of f-n' "Whitman qu.siU
inineor claim anoveiusi-rtneo, arc required
to tile their nnverse claims with tho Kcgis-
ter of the U.S. Land Ollloe at La Oraiide,
Pnion countY, Oregon, during t lie sixty
uavs period 01 paoiieation iierrof, or tiiey
will bit barred by virtue of t lie provisions of
the statute. Hknut 1'imkii p.t,
His hereby ordered that the foregoing
notice ol application for 11 U. fc pvont ne
lUiDiisiieti lor a period 01 w days ten con
secutive weeks in the Oukuon Scout, a
wet kly new paper published at Union, In
union county, wreon
IcclS-wiO. ltegister.
Aiplir.'tion for a U. y. Patent. Survey No
2 Claim No. IW. Mineral application
No. 80.
U.S. Land OrFici:l.A (Jranhh, OnrooN, 1
Decenibei' It, lgf. (
Notice is hereby given that the Oregon
Cold Mining 1 'ouipany, of Loui-iviHe, Ken
tucky, by Joseph Luce, their attorney,
whose postotllcend Iress is Duker City, Da
ker county. Or., have this day lllcd their ap
plication for a patent for thirteen hundred feet on iho "Aha" quurtz lode, situ
r.ted in tho firanlte mining district. Union
county, Oregon, and described bv the offi
cial plat and held potest now on file In this
office, as follows, viz:
Deginnlug at tho N W oorncr post of the
11, I k , . , r
tiiiiiiuan niiin:, iinirHcii uur it , i .11,
C. Snr. No. 1, an I on the N lace A. M. ('.
Cor. No. I, Suithv No. 2; thence N il doc.
W n Ofeet lo i.oit cor. No. 2; thence N !U
he. 10 min. lOOtSteet. to nosl cor. No. 3:
thence Sol (leg M min. K 2.'J0 feet to post
cor. iN-i. -I ; tnence H if deg. Ol nun. huh
feet to pot rir. No, 0; thence S 21) dcg. lit
mill. H f-O.t feet to post cor. N . 0; thence
N 72 deg. tt") min. W .10.81 fret to
corner No. I, the place of begin
ning, containing 18.; 8 acres and forming
a portion of the NK !' of i'i c 28 aud the
N VV U of bee 27 in Tp u S of It 15 K W M,
si. id location being recmd d in Vol. II. pngo
1 hi. 01 me records 01 i ipon county. Oregon
Aiijiilnln: claimants 011 this lode, Wbilunia
Uiiart. iiiuie on ttie fj, Una l'earl c ami 011
the NK and Alice ,,Walker on the N W.
Any and all persons clnimiiig adversely
any portion ot said "Alta ' (pmrtz mine or
claim above described, arc reiuired to tilu
theirmlvi rse claim with the KogHer of the
U. b. l.iiud Olllce at La Urniide, Union
county. Oiegou. during tho pariod of pub
lication hivcof, or they will tin birrtd by
virtue of the provisions of the statute.
11 INKY Kl.NMtAltT.
ft is hereby, ordered that, tlie forohic
notice of application for 11 U. 8. Pa'nt he
published lor a period of CO days (len con
secuiivo weeks) In tho ufixuon Hcoct, a
weekly newspaper iiiiblislica at Union, In
Union county, Oregon,
HlINKY ltlNKll KT,
decl8-wl0. ' ltegister.
Application for a U. S, Patent. Survey
No. 3. Chain No. 39. Mineral applica
tion i0. ill,
U. S. LndOkficb La Giianui:. OnKiio.l
Deceinhor It. ISStl. f
Notice is hereby given that the Oregon
iioni .Mining (.'OnipMiiy, o- i.nuisriue, Ken
tucky, by Joseph Luce their attorney.
whose postotllcu address is Daker City, lin
ker county, Oregon, have this dav tiled Ihelr
application for a patent for thlrtec 1 hun
dred linear feet mi the "Druin" qu irt, lode,
tho sumo being I'M feet N 2.r deg M min. W
niid72.')f(ctS2ad'g. ol niln, K from dis
covery shaft thereon, with surface Emnml
(.00 feet In width, ituat in (Jranite mltiii y.
district, Ihiion county, State of Orcj' n.
snd described by the offichil plat and field
notes now on tile in this otilce, as follows,
Drginnlng at a noint from wld -h the
See. cor. bet ween' icc. 27 and 'M, Tp (I S It
4.-) , bears tt M do!.'. 15 nun. K. 1!), "2 feet
(list.; thence N il" (leg. 01 min W.I. 'i'i feet
to post morbid N . 1; thence H' l de-;. 00
mill W. (X0 t'cet to a pot miirked No. .'1;
thence H 2 " dcg. 51 min H l.'2'i feet to a po-i
marked No. ; lliiuee N (Jl deg. 00 min. V.
t" post corner No. I. marked for. No. 1 D.
M. O. Hur. No, .t, contiilnli r lii.Sf
acres oud formhu a portl 11 of the NW
and theSW 'A of Sec. 27, in Tp (iSof
15 K Willametle Meridian, said locali 111 be
ing recorded in Vol. I), page 171 of the
records of Union 0 unity, Onz n Admin
in claimants on this lodo ICik tjuurlz lodo
011 the south.
Any und a 1 persons claiming adversely
any portion of said "Drnin1 quartz mine or
chdin above di scribed, nro required 10 tile
their adverse claim with the ltegister of (he
U S. Laud Olllco. at La Cirnnde, Union
county, Oregon, during theperiol of pub
lication hereof, or they will bu baived by
virtue of the provisions o( tho xtatute.
Kinky lti.Nr.ri aiit.
It Is hereby ordend that the fo-egoing
notice of application torn U. hj. Patent bo
puhlMied font period of 00 days (ten con
sccutiro woiks) in the Oiikoo.n Scout, u
weekly nrwapnper publiahed at Union, In
Union county, Oregon.
declS-wll. ItcgiBier.
llueblrii'a Arnica. Bntva.
Tim ni'.5TSALTKhi tha world for Cuts,
Bruises, ?orn, Ulcers, Salt Itbeuin, Tever
Kores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, (hllblnUs,,
Corns, mid all Skin 1 rnptlons, mid positive
ly cures Piles, or no pay required. It li
guaranteed to giro perfect satisfaction, or
money refunded. PrlcJ 23 cents per box,
for tale by J.T. Wright, Union, Oregon.
Fure apple cider al Drake'.
At Vrigit's Hall, Union, on
Sat, Night, December 35, 1886.
Iadirb' Prizes. Best lady skater, u.
fine, (inadruiilo jihite, cup and tm
cer. llcst costume, fino quadruple eilvei
card receiver.
Heat sustained character, fino quadru
ple silver plated sugai sppon, in srvt.
in lined case.
GflNT'fl. I'lti.ts. Ilest skater, ft fin
quadruple silver plated moustach
pup and saucer.
Best costume, fino gent's toilet knife,
worth $-1.00
Best sutatned character, shaving mug,
brush and razor, in satin case.
Parties desiring to contest for first
prize will please notify tho proprietor,
as they can have full possession of tho
lloor while contesting.
All masquers must register name
and costume.
Procession of masquers will entci
the hall at 7:30
No ono will bo allowed to skate but
masquers, until masks are removed.
Admission, - - - - JiO cents.
7886, 1887!
New Wi Ball.
Wrijjht'rt HsiM, Union
tl mi use. m
The Best of Music has been Secured.
Hopper at Centnunnial Hotel,
A lUlinblc Aillelv.
For enterprise, puih and a deslro to get
mi eh goods as will give tho trade satlsfiictlon,
J. T. Wright, the drugglitt, leads all compe
tition. Hi hells Dr. Dosanko's l ough and
Luns Syrup, because Its the best me dulne
on thw niuikf t for coughs, co .s, croup and
iiriiiiurr eousuinptlon. Price 60 cuius aud
l.tO Siuuililr-i free.
Sjiiih t rigs.
Mnnufaotined only by the California Fig
Kyrup Co., Han Kraiclseo, I'al., is Nature's
Onn 1'rue Lax ilite. This pleasant Califor
nia li.mld fruit remedy may be had of all
druggists, t lifty cents or one dollar. It i
the inoit )leasiint. prompt, and effective
remedy known to cleanse the system; to not
on the Liver, Kidneys, and Dowels gently
vet thoroughly j to disiiel Headaches Colds,
and Fever? 1 to cure Cousiuiiptiun, luJigeu
lion, and kindred ills,
Axe luudles .'br) cents at Drake'.
Artlvn, l'ul. Inj; noil KulUbln,
J. T. Vil,;lit c.'ii always be relied upon to
carry hi stock the purest und best goods,
and sustain the repuU'luu of being active,
pushinj uid roliuhle, hr reeoniniending ar
ticles with well established merit and such
us are popular- Having the agency for the
celebrated Or, King's New Discovery for
consumption, colds ami coiurhs, will sell it
on a positive guarantee. It will surely euro
any and every nllection of lliroat, lungs or
chest, and in order to prove our claim, we
11.1 k you to (mII and est a Trial Dottle Free,
l'ru or 1 riislnirnl f. r Cnribs,
Tliut the reader may fully understand what
cons Itiilrs a good .'ough ami Lung Syrup,
we will nay that Tar am! Wild berry u the
busts of the best remedies yet (Uncovered.
Th so Ingredients with several others equally
ns elUcuuioiiH, enter largely in o Dr. Doiau
ko's Cough and Liiiik -vrup, fn. making It
one of the inosl reliable now "ii tho nurkot.
Price, r0 cents and $1.00. Hainplrs Ireo. iold
by J. T. Wright, Union, Oregon,
W. Oqips, M, J).. Hu geon nml homoo
pathlo physiciun, Uuinit OreKo.i.
Notice is he'ehy given, th tt by onl r of
the county ecii 't! the sheriff will s'U thi
old county j ill, to,'ethr with two stoves,
at P'lhlic atiutio i, at th ! court houso door
in i n on, Oregon i n H iturditv, the 18. h.
dav of Decembi r, H.stl, at 2 o'clock p, in.
The hi n doois .i -aid jail to be rrved,
Slid jrfil to be rc'iiovoil fiom tho court
house square within two weeks aftir tha
sal .
Terms of sale: Cash In b ind.
O. P. (JoopAiL.
Cointv Judge.
Dated this 8th day o' Nov , IHSl.
Attention! Attention!
Christmas Presents!
b'mita Clans is shqipiug here.
Herman Waldsck,
Kindly calls your attention lo his
enormous stock of
Of every description. Buyers will fjnd
it to their interest to inspect my stock
before uoinii elsewhere. I also Imvo
on hand a fino stock of dents' und
Ladies' Furnishing Goods. Hooka und
Htutionery, Cnekery und Ghuwware,
Musical Instruments, Ulgara una
Tobacco. Cutlerv and Notions. Fin
und Fresh Candies constantly on hand.
Herman Waldeck,