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    The Oregon Scout.
NO, 21.
An Independent weekly Jnnrnnl, issued every
Saturday by
Publishers and Proprietors.
A. K. .Tonus, 1
Editor. I
1 11. Cit vncuv,
"l l'orcninn.
One copy, 0110 yrur ft r"
' Six II onllis 1 JJ
" Tlneii month "
Inviiniil'ly enli m mlvimcc.
If l)V Bliy cIihiicu Mib-c.ipnons int? rot pnld
till end ot jpmv. two (hilars will ho cMurBOd .
It ins of mlvertisinir miido known on nppll-
C'nricpnnipticc from all imrtsof the county
JOllelted. ,
Adilic-n all comiminlfiitlons loA. w. Jones,
TMilor Oregon scout, I'nli n.Or.
J.oiljrc Sllreetory.
(HANIl ItOMIK V L r.Y 1.XIX1K. N'o. .V.. A. F.
ntnl A. Jl.-Micn on the eccoiiil nml fourth
t.rduysurcth num.... wlMGln, w M
A. LUVY, Secretary.
I'MiiN I.oikir, No. ta. 1. O. O I-Itcirillnr
meet nir on I 1-Mny ovenlnjr ol eiioli neck at
their hull in Un on. All biethrun in tiood
Rtiunliiitf iiro invited to iit'unil. Ily order of
the lodue. (1. . THO.Ml'SUN. N. O.
CHAS. 8 Ml U.Kit, Secy.
Church Directory.
M. K. Ciiunon Divine fervice even-Sunday
at 11 n. in and" p. m. Sunday peliool at a p.
m. I'inyer lnietlmr eveiy Tnnr-diiy evening
atf:W. HHV. (1. M. 1 IIWIN, l'nelor.
Pin KUVTEitiAN Cui'itcii Henulur church
pcrvlce every Sabbath mornlmr mid evenlmr.
Praver mect'inr o ch week on Wednesday
evening, balibath fobonl ev ry Sabbath nt
10 u. in. Hev. II. Viihnon Kick, 1'anlor.
St. John's Kciscoimi, Ciiuncii Service
every Sunday at II o'clock a. in.
Hev. W. It. I'owui.t.. Hector.
Count- Ollleerx.
.llldpo O. P. roodall
SherltT A. N. HiimlltOTi
Clerk . K. Nelll
Tn usurer K. Itrn'nar.l
School Superintendent J. L. lliinlinun
Survoior M. Aus'lii
Coroner S. Alboi eon!.
.Tonn Chr'sman J. A. Hnmbio
State senator I.. 11. Hinehurt
Hue ksi;.ntativi:s.
Y. 1). McCully K. 13. Taylor
City Otllceix.
Mnyor D. It. Hecs
S. A.PurFol W. I). Ilo'dlomnn
J.S. Uillott J. it 'J'noiii' son
Jno. Kennedy A. Levy
Recorder M. V. Davis
Mnn-hal K. 13. ates
Treasurer .1. 1). Carroll
Street Commissioner I. Kriton
A'i"riervB-:v at i,aw.
Collecting and probate prnctloo ppcclalticR
Otllce, two doois south of Postollice, Union,
Attorney at Law and Nitary Public.
Odlce, one door south of J. It. Hilton's store
Union, Oregon.
Physician and Surgeon
Oltiee, one door south ot J. II. Knton's store,
Union, Oregon.
A. E. SCOTT. M. I).,
lias iiermnncntlv located at North Powdor,
where ho will answer all calls.
M. I?AKi:it.
J. F. Raki:k.
Attorneys and Connors at Law,
IiA Gkandi;,
D. 15. REUS,
Notary Public
OFFICE Stale Land Ollico building;
Union, Union County, Oregon.
Alloniev til I.nvv, EtVul B3latw
and Collccliu;;- AK'nil,
Land Ollico Eiiiiicss a Specialty.
Office, at Aider, Union Co., Orojron.
Will nrnrtico in Tnion, linker, Grant,
Linutllla, und Morrow Counties, also in tlio
Supreme Court of Oregon, the District,
Circuit und Supreme Court of the United
.Mining and Corporation business a sne
; cmlty,
OlhtfM in "nion and Cornucopia, Oregon.
Siriii Blossnm
Ji mi what l moaltr rat'.td Wltfra. Hie uklneot
wi-'i 'i. tn inatijr innnrr. .mr prrieu (ur Uriuk
InK i ' i trer fmni U Ii.l.i i mi uUni, mid la at Hfl.
t, ut in tia rrttiln '"an infant luaiidluli. It
in ii.. I fall ill rurlne hit' Iv 1 1 1 I A CI I lj
tail tor dlMaM anafui linn a diaurucrvU iir-uuii.
Hnvtne Icnseil the liitii;U mill beloneinij
to L. H. llineliart, we are piepare.l to lur
nish a superior quality ami make ot shin
cles at tin) following rates:
Delivered nt Union,
At the Mills,
$3.25 Per M
$3.00 Per M
We respect full v solicit n shine of the
ilroimse. "HOllIXS KOltKKTS.
A. L. C03B, M. D.,
Ilnvins perninnently located in Ahler,
Unioii county, ttreaon. will he found lemly
to attend to . nils in all the various towns
anil settlements of the Wallowa valley.
C'lironif B)i-oii.. ti WpM-i:ill.V.
JTO'Mv motto is: "Live ami let lixe."
A. C. CRAIG, - - Proprietor.
(Union Pepot. Oregon )
Splendid accommodations for commer
cial men. Tables always supplied with the
best the market affords.
ZTO-Hot a nii Coi.i) MiNintAt. IUths"?
Cor, Main and I Sts , Union, Oregon.
MII-MOIAN .V1CAM5V, l'rop.
Mnnufnctiirers and dealers in Soda
Water, Sarsaparilhi, Ginger Ale, Cream
Soda and Champagne Cider, Syrups, etc.
Orders promptly filled.
G. W.
M, D
Union, Union County, Oregon.
Ollico on A street. Residence three doors
Boutli of the Court House.
Special attention given to Surgical prac
tice. W. R.JOHNSON,
Main Street, Union, Oregon.
Plans and Specifications for Ilwellings
Hams nud Uridges furnished KHHH OF
Bridge Building a Specialty-
All kinds of Cabinet Work neatly execu
ted. Repairing done on short notice.
Nono but the best workmen employed,
and satisfaction guaranteed.
Call and interview mo.
Of well known varieties, suitable for th's
climate. Can also furnish foreign sorts at
oiic-third tho price, asked by eastern can
vassers. I dosiro to sell trees ut pricou
that neoplo can afford to buy.
Cove, Oregon.
Cr. Van Monciscar
132-131 M: J btreJ, PorllaiS, Orcgau
IS a regular graduate in medicine; has
been longer eiiL'ag-d in tlio special treat
mont of all Veneieal, Sexual and Chronic
Diseases than any other physician in tho
West, as city papers show, and old resi
dents' know; 1,000 iviwml for any case
which ho fails to cure, coming under his
tieatmeiit. by following his directions.
DR. VAN is the immt successful Catarrh,
Lung and Throat Doi tor in America. He
will tell you your trouble without asking
von a single question, and WARRANTS
PERM A N ISN'T I 'U R K in Hie followiiigcases:
NERVOUS DEUII.1TY, Spenuatorrhiea,
Seminal Losses, Sexual Decay, Failing
Meni'-ry. Weak Eyes, Stunted Develop
ment, Lack of Energy. Impoverished
Illoud, Pimples, Impediment to Marriage;
also Wood and Skin Diseases, Syphilis,
Eruptions, Hair Falling, llono Paiim, Swell
ings, Soto Throat, Ulcers, Effects of Mer
curv, Kidnev and Illadder Troubles, Weak
Rack, llurning Urine, Incontinence, Conor
hum, Gleet, Stricture, receives searching
tioatmi'iit. prompt relief and cure for life.
NERVOUS Diseases (with or without
d renins), Di enseddischargesrured prompt
ly without hindrance to business.
UOTH SEX lis consult confidentially. If
in trouble call or write. Delays are dang
erous. DisonrcH of Hie Eye or Ear, U'cora'tjin or
Catarrh, internal or external, Deafness or
Paralysis, Sinking or Roaring Noises,
Thickened Drum, etc., permanent ly cured,
LOST MANHOOD iieifectl.v restored.
removed without the knife or caustic.
M.dicniQ couipiiiiieleil and film shed to
all patients at oliicv-sti it t'y purtffiud vege
table. (illHIUIlU-e of I'KltlUNKNT cure ill
all rases undertaken. Consultation free
and strictly coulideutiul. All coiiomhi
ilence pioiuptl.v all eiultl to; mwlivine sunt
by expruss to liny aihlres Irfti Iroin expos
ure. Call or a Mr Piivti Disnsary,
Non. laa-lSl Tli rd St.. Portland, Or?on.
Teruitt strictly cusii. Ollico lioun 8 a in.
to 8 p. in.
W. CAPPS, M. D.,
Siiiieoii and Homcopatliic Physiciar.
Will go to any part of Eastern Oregon
t hen solicited, to peiform operations, ot
for consultation.
.llrttlrluci Ifurnlliel ltliout lixtru
Ollico adjoining .loncs llros.' Store.
Geo. WinnjiT,
W. T. WittoiiT,
Does a General Ranking Rusiness. Ruys
Mid sells exchange, and discounts com
mcicial paper.
Collections carefully attended to, and
promptly reported.
c -a
- w
02 m
c .tj
.5 t
o J
rs to
a a
rt C
fip CD
a -r.
7, f
5 71
rt a
ro u
g 0 2
j j fl
rt 2 o
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o 3
m O y
rt ti 2
vr enn snvo From $50 to flifl oa tho
JL O XI pin lmte ot an Instrument hy
huylntr tlnouirh
W.T. WltlCHT, Agent Ua!on,Ogn
Laundry Queen.
The Best Washing Machine
in the World.
S. M. WAIT, Proprietor.
Wait Bros., Agents for Union County.
Tliis mnchlno is without doubt tho best
in existence, and gives entiio satisfaction
wherever tried. Tnis machine is in stock
at. I. 15. EATON'S STORF. where they can
bobouuhtatany time. Try tho Laundry
a k fe k k k
Tonsorial Rooms
Two doors south of Jones Ilroa.' store,
Union, Oregon.
J. M. Joiinbo.v,
Hair cutting, shaving and shampooing
done neatly and in the best style.
Main Street, Union, Oregon.
IIknbon Brto.'a PnorniuToits.
Keep constantly on hand
Union, Oregon.
Dak. CiuNBixm
Hurlns recontly purchased thU Iintol
iiudrvlittMl it throughout, I am prepared
to acooiiiinoilato the hungry public in flist
rliiHH style. Call und tare me, LaiiouSui
1'i.K Rooms for the ucconiiuodutiou oi
ouiiiiervlul traveler.
The Irmj of the rotiim.ic--from the I'wIiir ot
tlic ltnililaii-T Hip Jilfito of I'drrtpcrp In
Tluro arc few tnoro graph ie pitt tires
of horror of war than tho following
sketch of the campaign in the wiidt'f
iunx, wtitten by Lt. Elias Hrookiims,
ol tho .'list .Maine fur tho Sptinglield
It is tho jinrposo in this account to
review brieliy some ot tho scenes and
incidents of which tho writer was a
witness. Little attempt will bo made
to ive the positions of tho dillVrent
corps which composed the army. For
the most part the observations are
confined to a single regiment.
Wliils our liuhtini; in this enmpaimt
begins at tho Unpidan, less than litty
miles from Uichmonil in a direct line,
so many rivers are to be crossed that
thenrniy must move up and down
these streams to find suitable fords
or for favornblepo-dt ions for pontoon
bridges. It must cross and recross in
accordance with the movements ol
tile enemy. The soldier, now looking
back 1212 "years, would estimate his
route from May 1, when the army
was put in motion toward tho Wilder
ness, to .luno 15, tho date of reaching
the James, at several hundred miles.
For 50 consecutive days tins army
of tho Potomac was in motion and on
the alert, marchine. one day and moot
ing the enemy the next; nuain march
ini three days, and either repellini: tho
attacks or charging tho works of tho
foe for i. a many more.
Consider also tho load which is car
ried by each soldier livodays' rations,
10 rounds of ammunition, canteen
filled with cofTee, and knapsack pre
pared for a three-months' eimpaign.
The weight of this burden, including
musket, is not less than HO pounds.
It is proper that every soldier's mon
tiniein in tho land should ho surmount
ed with tho representation of a sol
dier fully equipped. The son of ovory
veteran, to understand in any degree
tho burden which his father bore,
should annually buculo on tho old
armor and put himself on tho inarch.
Wonder and admiration would fill
the breast of that son whoso father
had for months and years staguered
under such a load. So much in
On May 1, tho army encamped all
tho way" from Culpeper court-hottso
northerly for 125 miles toward Alex
andria, numbered from 1125,000 to
lot), 000 men. Reorganizations and
consolidation of roL'iments, brigades
and divisions have been rapidly pro
gressing and are now nearly complete,
(rent activity every wliero prevails.
The drilling of troops, thodistribution
of supplies, llio moving of artillery
and above all the presence of Han
cock, llurnsido, Meado and Grunt, in
dicate an immediato advance. Tho
appearance of this vast army reach
ing on both sides of tho highway
toward tho distant hills presents a
magnificent picture. Look at it.
ibitnished arms on all sides, regiments
on dress paiude, inspection of com
panies, drill by squads, regiments and
brigades, budges, flags, tents dotting
the entire surtnee, knots of mon hero
and there discussing thosituation and
speculating of the future, ollicers in
gaudy dress, with aids and order
lies galloping over t ho field theso
are some of the prominent features in
this graml spectacle on tliesegala days.
1 Good health and buoyant spirits uro
tho rule. At the annearanco of some
woll-known and popular gmeral tho
men voluntarily rush to tlio roadside
and send forth cheer upon cheer.
And yet under all this there is u fear
ful foreboding, for Grunt is hero and
thereto! e tho army is never to retreat.
Generals are issuing orders to bu ob
seivetl on the march. Httrnsido, com
munder of tho Oth :orps, with which
our regiment is attached, caused to
bo read to each brigade very definite
instructions. Among others was tins:
On tho maivii no soldier should
quit tho ranks on any pretense what
ever without tho permission of his
commanding officer. Tlio army is
about to inovo into tlio country of an
nctivo enemy, with no friendly force
behind or near it, und ovory strnggler
runs t ho risk of 1 abby prison or bullet."
Almost every hour of the day or
night we uro expecting to receive tho
order, "Forward to Richmond."
May ii tho adjutant of each regiment
reuds Gen. Meade's address. Even
now comes a patriotic throb us wo re
cull theso words:
Soldiers! Tlio eyes of tho wholo
country nre looking with nnxious
hope to tlio blow you uro about to
strike in tho most sacred cnuso that
ever culled men to arms. Reinomber
your homes, your wives und children.
Hour with putienoe tho hurdships and
sacrifices you will bo culled upon to
On the sumo day camp is brokon,
six days' rations are issued and wo
aro in motion. A fow only of tho sol
diers of our regiment had fcoen service,
having BiilU'd in tlio winter and
spring. Tholliccrs, however, were for
tlio most part veterans who hud serv
ed in the 12d Maine regiment .
O! for n pen which ndoquutely could
set forth the suffering of even that
one dny's inureh of 18 inilos toward
thoRapidan. At 12 o'clock thu bur
den Hueins more than double, 80
pounds become 1200! Like a shin
at sou nartialiy wrecked, from which
homo of the cargo loss valuable than
tho rest must bo thrown overboard,
the soldier now examines his load und
begins to throw away article), which
in tho morning beamed iudispunuubln.
Jlelote Hiinsot liu bus simiiiiomtd all
his energies, marched und marched,
minutes seeming boms Tlio earth
ceases hor revolution. Rut there is
hope. A halt may be ordered. It
does not come and tho man finally
staggers and falls. Overtaken and
urged on by a guard whose duty it is
to allow tit! one to fall out, ho ts help
ed to his foot, pushed on a few rods
und again falls. Rurnstde's order bus
little weight wiih one so exhuu-ted.
lie welcomes either Libby or a bullet.
omo eteran at his side has told
him of the painful search for Ins regi
ment, when once falling out. His com
rades move on, regiments, bitgndes,
divisions and ooqn passing in rapid
succeession. The weary soldier is un
ubl to move, night finally overtaking
him. Rising nt daybreak new nud
strange badges tt;v worn by tho troops
now passing. From all sides the
"stragglers" appear. A, last upon
some comrade st raggler. like himself,
the old badge of the SUh corps, tlio
cannon and anchor, is soon, it is a
welcome sight. These two men, being
bent upon ono and t he same object,
tlig finding of their regiments, form a
partnership. Others wtnring tho same
badge join them until nearly a brigade
is loi n'ied. The search is continued
through tho day. Toward night tho
headquarters ol thu corps uro discov
ered. Rut the corps exttnds for threo
miles along the road. Ono hour more
nud the division is found. Short .vork
after this to find the brigade, regiment
and company.
On that first day at 7 a. in. our reg
iment numbered 800. At. 5) p. in. only
1300 responded to"roll call." Of tho
200 who have fallen out 50 fail to
overtaketheir commands and in afew
davs aro reported sick in hospitals.
Rut tho (100, what is their condition
e.fter tho first day's campa;gn? Out
good general, in addition to instruc
tions on fnllingout, had also mention
ed tho necessity of "washing tho feet,
at night, soaping tho stockings and
greasing tho shoos." Rut suggestions,
instructions, and oven orders are of
little avail with men so utterly pros
trated by the day's march. Experi
ence hero, as elsewhere, must mainly
be relied upon to correct the habits.
The feet are soie, tho shoes are taken
oil to relievo pain, but as a rule the
stockings, although saturated with
blood, are not soaped nor the shoes
greased at tho end of tho first day.
Tho Veterans aro thooxcept ton. Thoy
seek brooks and streams in which they
bat ho before sleep. This, too, is our
first night without tents. Stretched
upon tho ground for miles, tho army
of tho Potomac rests.
It requires more than a blast from
tho bugle to rouso the soldier tho next
morning. The company ollicers must
awaken each man. Removing his
blankets ho attempts to stand. After
several futilo efforts, ho finally suc
ceeds in taking u few steps without
shoos. Gathering wood, i ho soldiers
in groups ot six or eight light a firo to
boil the coffee, which with pork and
hardtack, makes their breakfast,
liar lly is tho breakfast eaten when
tlio order comes. "Fall in." Totter
ing and limping tho in M obey, tlio
acute sensation of pain gradually di
minishing under fio exertions of the
march. So heavy is tlio load and so
tedious is tho inarm that many a sol
dier prefers to meet the enemy any
thing but this terrible fatigue!
On tho 5th tho Oth corps reaches
the Rnpidnn by a forced inarch. Tho
sharp rattle of musketry is heard.
Tlio 2nd, 5th, and (Hli corps have had
hard fighting all day. Ambulances,
stretchers almost block the way.
Wounded und bleeding men nre cur
rind to tlio rear. Having crossed the
Rapidan wo uro in tlio Wilderness.
All night tlio grouns und cries of
wounded men uro hoard.
Eany tho next morning out lines uro
formed und wo uro advanced toward
tlio enemy. As wo near tho font hire
come from the ofliceis these words so
well understood just before a buttle,
words given in a low half-whispered
und yet linn tone: "For-wurd" "for
ward" "steady" "guide right." On
and on wo advance, with dilliciilty
keeping in lino owing to tho under
brush, A fierce buttle is already rag
ing on both sides. As yet wo liavo
re.'eived no firo from the enemy. Wo
uro near his entrenchments. Sudden
ly the order comes, "Charge." A (loud
ly fire is hurled in our very faces.
Our lines becoino irregular. Wo re
turn the fire, probably with little ef
fect, our unt agonist being protected
by his fortifications. Tlio storm of
lead continues us wo attempt to re
form our lines und again charge. Ry
this timo our troops uro strungely
Now comes a lull, men begin to look
about them. In tho oxcitenient of tho
charge ollicers urged on any men whom
they could. All bear tho stump of
bravo men, but many aro strangers.
Only a fow of those who started ut
tho first order uro hero now. Some,
moro during than others, settled the
works of tho enemy und aro now prison
ers; too many have fallen; some in
tho contusion fought nobly elsewhere,
wliilo possibly a fow considered "dis
cretion the bettor part of vulor."
Rut where is the regiment? Tho old
Hag is tho regiment, no matter how
fow nre with it. Out of such u charge
and in so much confusion HO men may
bo found with the colors immediately
after. Eagerly tho absent ones seurch
for u sight of the Hag, which all uro
hound to recognize us home.
All day long tho title of buttle ebbs
und flows, now on the right, now on
left, now at tho center, und again at
all points, fierce and sharp. Attacks
anil repulses, victories und defouts fol
low ouch other in rapid succession.
On tho march to the Rupuluu soldiers
longed to meet theiniemy. They have
met und fought him and Inst more
than 20,000 in killed and wounded
7,000 prisoners, besides many fioin
sickness and ot hi r hum's.
Again vc-nre moving toward Spott
sylvnni.i. On our way we halt upon
hist orto ground, being upon a battle
field where one year before 15,000
I nion men fell. It is Ciiancellorsville,
where Hooker was so badly ln-alen.
The skeletons of veterans st ill upon
tlio surface aro reverently buried.
Many marks ot that torribloslaughter
still remained, but the old order, "Fall
in." left in little time to wander over
this sacred soil.
Spottsyivnnia. seems much lik" tho
wilderness. The forest trees are larger
and the clearings more frequent. In
the live days of marching and lighting
one scene is remembered with distinct
ness. Our forces nt this point are in
trenched behind hustily-eonstnic'cd
works on tho brow of a hill. Tho
hostile forces ato posted on tho opro
site hill. Tho ravine bit ween iscover
ed witii a small growth of trees sulli
cent to screen troops. Suddenly 2.000
or I!, 000 men rush from the enemj s
lino toward tho ravine. Had tho
movement been discovered in time
the troops couid not have reached tlio
ravine, for before reaching it, they
were within easy range. Evidently
they are to make a dush towurd our
lines. Ollicers aro urging the men to
bo calm and take good aim. Our men
obey. At the first firo the foe retreats
to t he ravine. While ho is crossing wo
load to be ready as bo ascends ho
hill. Tho colonel rushing along tho
line cries out, "Now lie reudy, hoys."
As they emerge tho order is "lire."
The colonel seeing tho execution calls
out: "Good, good, boys. Givo 'em
another" At Spot tsylvania tho I'n
ion loss is placed at 10,000.
And now for eight days und nights
with scarcely an intermission this
army has been making attacks upon
a desperate foo every wliero strongly
intrenched. If sleep wore allowed to
any, it must be under arms. Tlio sol
dier must grasp his musket and bo
ready to spring to his feet at any mo
ment. Our loss has been fearful. Tho
sick, tho wounded, the killed and tlio
prisoners during theso memorable
davs must liavo amounted to more
than one-third ol tho entire army.
After tiis battlo reinfoiceineiits uro
pouring in. Troops nre encouraged
by the news from the North. Men gen
erally in tho army considered them
selves beaten. Our lots bad been
greater than that of thorebels. Imag
ine our surprise on learning that Pres
ident Lincoln hud on May 0, after re
ceiving intelligence from tho Wilder
ness, issued a proclamation recom
mending that all patriots "unite in
common thanksgiving and prayer to
Almighty God" on account of "tho
annv operations wit bin the lust fivo
duys." On the sumo dny the army
mourned tlio loss of Gen. Sedgewick
who was killed by a ball from a sharp
shooter. The objective point is not
reached. The army must move.
There is more or less of skirmishing
anil annoyance from sharp-shooters
all the way to Cold Harbor which is
reached .lime 1 .
Incidents aro constantly occurring
to break tho monotony of hot
and dusty roads, A man in tlio ranks
is whirled violently round and .alls to
tlio ground. Mis companions remove
lii.i equipments and search for tho ex
pected wound. It cannot bo found.
The man soon resumes his placo and
goes on almost ashamed lost ho bo
suspected of shamming. The sumo
night when ready to encamp and tho
blankets, which had been twisted to
gether and thrown over tho shoulders,
uro spread out a bullet .fulls upon tho
ground. Tho soldier, suspected of
shuniming culls his comrades for an
inspection, who find that tho robol
bullet has passed through 12 thick
nesses of his blanket. Tho verdict
was "justified in falling." Every
soldier will recall many similar in
stances. Sometimes tho bullet passes
through tho clothing. The soldier
imagines himself killed and often sendB
dying messages to his friends.
At Cold Harbor it is the old story of
attacks und repulses, slaughter nud
blood. In this light our brigade ut
one timo is placed in front ot artillery
for its support. For several hours wo
lie flat upon nir faces in the edge of a
forest, our artillery playing over our
heads und the confederates returning
the fire. Reyondu doubt this it tho
most trying position in which to place
men. Shot and shell ?anio screeching
through the air. Now a shell bursts
in our midst, killing several und
wounding others; now it comes tour
ing ulong cutting tho brunches fiom
trees; now it plows tho earth in our
front and halt buries those near; and
again it strikes in our rear. Rut in
each onto there is u panful suspense
Tho noise is deiiftning. Tho hands
placed over the ears aro but a slight
protection. Tho boom of guns is still
heard. If wo could only do some
thing! fire, loud, charge or retreatl
Wo must wait for orders, When tho
ordor,"retroat," cumoit wuh necessary
only to whisper it so readily was it
After this battlo of .TunoU tholinesof
hostilo forces uro very near each oth
er. Sharp firing is kept up by tho
picket line, dny and night. In the day
time it is death to show one'H bond.
The picket lino must ha relieved under
the cover of dnrkness. Men uro cau
tioned not to speak or muko any un
necessary noise. Even then many uro
killed and wounded by random firing.
Tho sharpshooters also uro making
sud havoe during tho day. Tho dead
between tho lines are yet unhuried
und tho wounded unenred for. A cor
respondence between (lens Grant and
leo resulted in an arms! ice of two
hours m which the dead and wounded
were tenderly removed.