The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, November 13, 1886, Image 8

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"Vnlunblo Obnorvntlons on the Scourco
From a Scottish Standpoint.
Says tho Banffshire Journal, of Abcr
doon, Scotland: TIio question of how to
deal with this diseaso Is ono that may
bo discussed with profit. In consider
ing tho subject, we do not pretcn'd to
do so from a professional point of view,
but wc may htato shortly what plcuro
pneumonia is and what it is not. It is
n foreign disease. It is a contagious
disease, and in most cases it is a dead
ly disease. Experiments were carried
out some years aco in Brown s Insti
tutc, London, and, If wo recollect right
y, it was found that even tho diseased
lungs from infected animals, hung bo
foro healthy subjects or laid in their
troughs, could not produce- disease
noithcr could tho disease be trans
milted to a healthy subject even when
a portion of tho diseased lung of
dead animal was injected into tho
These experiments wcro brought to
nn end by tho passago of tho Viviscc
tion Act, and tiioro may bo those who
hold that the deductions drawn from
them arc insulliciunt to provo Hint tho
theory of inoculation as a preventive
was disposed of. Without, however,
going into the question as to whether
inoculation is a provonlivo or not, wo
bold, and wc hope to show, that it is a
mistake to depend upon it.
A valuablo lesson is to bo learned
from the doings of tho Northumberland
Local Authority during t ho past few
years, and wo do not hesitato to bring
their proceduro beforo our roadors, and
to quote largely from tho reports of the
chief veterinary iuspectorfor tho county
of Northumberland, a gentleman well
known all over tho kingdom as a prac
tical authority on stock matters. Wo
refer to Mr. Cloniont Stophonson, F. R
C. V. S., who, sonio years ago retiring
from active practice, continued to net
for the county as their chief inspector.
Periiaps there are few, if nny, in tho
profession wlto have had such nn oxton
sivo experience of plouro-pncuihoiiia,
both in tho living nud post-rfiorlcm sub
jeet, as Mr. Stephenson. For about
thirty years we beliovo he, by nn nr
rangemont with tho Newcastle authori
ties, mndo post-mortem examinations,
and took notes on tho caso of every an
imal that died in tho largo district in
which ho lives. This ho did as a hobby.
It will be at onco seen, thorcforo, tlia.
tho county of Northumberland was
specially fortunate in tlioir chief inspec
tor. Let us now place beforo our read
or8 what ho says in his annual ropoi t
for tho yenr ending September 110,
"Tho work of tho past year lias been
troublesome, disheartening, and cxpon
slvc. There havo been six outbreaks
of plouro-pnounionia to contond witii,
in which a total of two hundred andlivo
animals have boon implicated. Four
teen disoascd animals have boon
slaughtered and buried; one hundred
and thirly-llvo linvo been bought up,
slaughtered and salvaged, and twenty-
two remain to bu dealt with; but an or
der for their slaughter was made on
the 29th instant, hi addition to tho
above, two animals died, and two wcro
slaughtered beforo the true naluro of
tho dLsonso was recognized by tlioir
"Tho origin of each outbreak lias
been carefully investigated. Three of
them, namely, tho Erringtoil Hill Head
(C3 cattle), liirkeusldo (.VJ cattle), and
North Sonton (10 cattle), wore clearly
traced to tho introduction of discasod
cattle from Ireland. Tho Newton Un
derwood outbreak (2G cattle), was for
sumo time shrouded in mystery, but,
from -information recently received, it,
too, appears to have been duo to tho in
troduction of Irish cattle. Tho Alnwick
High House outbreak (1G cattle), was
caused by a steer brought froiii Car
lisle. The history of tho remaining
outbreak, Halliugtoii (38 cattle), is an
unusual and interesting one. Tho lot
of cattle in which the disease ,llist ap
pearod woro bought in April, 188-1, and
remained apparently healthy up to
July in this year; the disease was then
developed, and in so virulent a form,
that tho iirst animal died on the seventh
day. This rapid death, not usual in
this disoaso, was explained by tho post
mortem examination, which revealed
tho disensu in two forms or stageo,
nanoly, recent acute disease, and old
encysted. Tho latter had lain dormant
for 11 ft eo u months. I havo before
pointed out tho peculiarities and dan
gers of theso old eneystod cases of
which, during the year, I havo found
no less than nine, eight of which were
in oattlo brought from Ireland. En
cysted plcuro-pnoumouia is found in
those uulmals that, from having been
in infected herds, havo contracted tho
disease, but in so slight a form (only a
small plecu of lung being all'eoted),
that apparent recovery has taken place.
In fact, tlioy may havo boon so slightly
nfl'ected that littlo or no deviation from
health may havo been observed.
'Lung tissue, when onco Invaded by
this disease, nuvor recovers its normal
condition; it becomes enlarged, hard
cued, and impervious to air, nud, In
thoo apparent recoveries tho portion
of lung affected is insulated and olit oil'
from the remainder of (lie lung by a
dense fibrous capsule, and it appears
that so long as this imprisoned piece of
doad lung remains (inn and unbroken
down, so lung may tho animal appear
to be doing well. Hut tho length of
thU, the tiriii (pUsi'iTl stage, Is us un
certain ns tho mcubativo ono. A timo
comes when tho imprisoned piece of
dead lung breaks up and liquifies, and
then the active statro of the disease is
"I havo found firm C3-sts in the lungs
of cattle that, during life, cave no
symptoms of the disease; and, in somo
of the most acute cases I havo seen, '.
have found old cysts with softened con
tents accompanied with extensive re
cent diseases.
"I have beforo pointed out that sixty
five days quarantine was no safe-guard
in plouro-pncumonia. At Newton Un
derwood eighty-six days elapsed be
twecn cases. Owing to the uncertain
length of the incubative and cysta pe
riods of this disease, there is, accord
ing to our present knowledge, only ono
satisfactory way to deal with it, name
ly, prompt slaughter of infected herds,
that is, botli tho diseased cattle and cat
tle that from herding with them havo
been submitted to the infection. Tho
Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act
gives permissive power to do this, but,
unfortunately, it is not generally takou
advantage of as proved by tho history
of tho outbreaks wo have had this year
all of which have been imported to
us, and not one of which we should
have had.
"A vigorous efl'ort should now bo
made to get tho dangerous permissive
word may in Section 21 (2) of tho Con
tagious Diseases (Animals) Act chang
ed into must, and slaughter of infected
herds made compulsory. Until this is
accomplished wo shall continue to havo
repeated outbronks. In tho mcanlimo
it is most important to maintain tho
present good feeling that exists be
tween tho stock owners and tho author
ities. Prompt slaughter and conse
quent short quarntine insures this; on
the other hand non-slaughter and long
quarantine will load to evasions of tho
law, and, instead of cases being report
ed, tlioy will bo hidden, and infected
cattle will bo sold and scattered in all
directions, only to become new centers
of disoase."
Weighing ami considering such state
ments as the above, it is not too much
to say that, oven although there may
bo something in inoculation for this
disease, which wo do not grant, it is a
short-sighted policy on tho part of any
local authority to risk its trial. Sup
pose ono of those animals Mr. Stophon
son speaks of with diseaso in au en
eystod state hnppcnned to bo amongst
tiio number of inoculated cattle, and it
is not too much to infer that in every
lot, of any nunibor, in a herd brought
u contact witii this that ono
had stioh,"v lung, what might bo tho re
sult? After a certain time, restric
tions would lie withdrawn, tho wliolo
ot mo cattle might no scattered over
tho country with, let us say. ono of
thoir number capable, though apparont-
healtliy, of spreading this fearful
liseaso whorovor it wont. On this
score alone, it is not worth risking in
oculation. Wo may remark that, ovon
when tho county of Northumberland
killed 1!17 apparently healthy cattlo
that had been in contact witii disoascd
inimals, tho assessment was loss than
ono tanning por pound. Even this
iocs notshow tho full- advantage of tho
killing-out system, as in tho onso of
killing-out tho printing, advertising,
salaries, professional charges, and in
spectors' fees are reduced enormously.
In tho mutual report on diseases 6
animals for the yoar 1885, issued by
ho Privy Council, most interesting
facts are given as to pleuro-pneumonia
n tho Netherlands. After giving in a
tabulated form tho number of eases of
this diseaso from 1871 to 1885, and tho
osults of tho workings of an 1871 Act,
making inoculation of suspected cattle
ompulsory, tho report says Tho
compulsory inoculation, added to tho
slnughtor of diseased cattle, did not
itivo any effort on the progress of the
disease, for, at the end of tho yoar. it
was found that the number of cattlo at-
aeked was noarly the same as in the
previous yoar vi.., 21H in 1871,
gainst 2179 in 1873. ,Tho slaughter
f alfoctod cattlo and tho compulsory
inoculation of those herded with them
was continued during 1875 and 187G
ithout any marked result, tho number
ttaokod boing 2217 in 1875, and 1723
18715.' In 1877 the Netherlands
Government resolved on tho compul
sory slaughter of all cattle which wero
erded witii diseased cattlo.
The roport goes on to say "Three
cars' active application of this method
f dealing with the dihcnso had the ef
fect of eradicating it from all tho pro-
incos of tho Netherlands, except
South Holland. Since 18S0 the disoase
as practically boon routined to what
termed tho Spading dlstr.ct, that is
tho district in which cattle are fed in
sheds from tho refuso obtaiuod from
listllleries. Hero most stringent recti- t
lations havo boon enforced: cattlo'
aken Into this district are not penult
cd to move out alive: and nil cattlo.
bother slaughtered, diseased or other
Inc. are examined post-mortem; tho
result of these iiiqtt ries has been most
instructive, as they havo revealed a
fact with which wo havo long been
conversant in this country, that num
bers of cattlo take the disease in a
nidd form, and recover and are looked
pon as perfectly hoalthy animals. It
was reported that tho last case discov-
red m tho living animal was in Mny,
1885, and no caso has been detected
since ttfnt date in any annual, oither
ivlng or doad."
From tho abovo it will bo seen that
in all but one province, three years o
tho stamping-out system cleared th
whole of tho Netherlands of plcuro
pneumonia, and at tiic end of other
live years even this peculiarly situated
province may now be said to have ha-1
a clean bill of health.
Theso facts and figures provo clcarlj
that our local authorities o ght to con
sider well beforo giving tnc slightest
attention to the inoculation idea, nn-
also that the sooner tho Government
gives the Veterinary department of tho
privy council full powers, which they
may do, to enforco compulsory slaugb
tor of all cattle that have been in con
tact witii diseased animals, the bctte
it will be for the country.
The Fatal Thirteen.
"los, said a man, who in conipant
with a part3' of frionds, was engaged
in conversation, "thirteen is a very un
lucky nunibor."
"I havo been brought up to thinX
so," replied a skeptical fellow, "but
havo never seen anything to substanti
ate the superstition."
"I have," said the first speaker.
"No, it is a fact, borne timo ago
there were thirteen of us assembled in
a room. Lvcrv one socmen to leci that
something was going to happen and a
strati go solemnity settled upon tlm
party. In fact, so deeply wero wc ira
pressed that two of the company got
down on thoir knees and prayed."
"Was tliero no ono with nerve enough
to make fun of such foolishness?1'
"No, sir. Instead of making fun wo
stood with bowed heads."
"Well, what came of it? Did any
thing happen to either of you?"
"Yes, sir; less than an hour later one
of our party was a corpse.
"Yes, ono of the men who had prayed
died within an hour. Ho seemed to
know that his timo was approaching,
for an expression of resignation had
come over his face."
'Died of apoplexy, or something ol
that sort, eh?"
'Well, no. The attending physician
gave it as his opinion that ho died of :
sudden ailment of tho nock, hemporo
pelia, I think ho said. Tho sheriff, it
appeared to me, was tiio immediato
cause of his death." Arkanmw Trav
eler. They Knew It.
A barrel with a bung in it and a sus
tieious dampness around the heads was
,-onterdny lying in an alley off Grand
River street. So wero two boys, two
straws and a gimlet. A grocer stood
n his back door and smiled and
chuckled as ho saw tho barrel and the
boys gradually drawn nearer each oth
er. At length, after ono last look
around, tho boy with tho gimlet bored
two holes, two straws were inserted,
and two suction pumps began work.
"Yum!" sighed tlte biggest boy after
a couple of pulls.
"Ain't slie'good?" queried tho other
as ho let go his straw.
"Purty good, but just Ojsliado off."
"How much aro you going to hold?"
"Oli. about a gallon."
"I'm going to hold inoro'n that."
The grocer then put in a sudden ap
poaraneo and said:
"Como, come boys! I
barrel up with water to tighten up the
seams. Come back here to tho pen
stock if you want a drink."
Tlioy left tho straws sticking in tho
gimlot-holos and walked oil without
saying a word until beyond reach.
Then tho big boy called back:
"Wo knowod it all tho lime. D'yo
'sposo wo thought it was kerosene?"
Detroit Free Press.
Badinago of tho Ministers.
There was a meeting of tho preach
ers of Lynchburg, Va., and when it
was breaking up Dr. John Hannon
could not find his hat. Turning to tho
Kov. H. It. Acree, ho said:
"Ono of you Baptists has my hat."
"Then," said Brother Aeroe, "your
hat has nioro brains in it than ever be
A few days after that Dr. Hannon
was passing by Brother Aeroo s yard
gate, and when urged to come in ho
"I am on my way to proaoh."
"You can't preach," replied Brother
"So I felt for a long time," replied
Dr. Hannon; "but since hearing you,
the other day, I havo changed my
mind." HicJimomt Iteliijious Herald.
Unfortunatoly Named.
"Your first name Is Wallkill, isn't it,
Mr. Foathorly?" asked Bobby.
"Yes, Wallkill." eumplawntly re
plied that young man.
"It's too bad."
"Why, hobby?"
"Because sister Clara told Etnol
Robinson that you would bo a nice
young man to call a dog aftor if it
wasn't for your name" Life.
Modol Men.
I "l'npn, what is it model?"
Utile Johnny. '
' "A model Is a small likeness of
.i.t. ..,
"And is a modal man a small likeness
of a man?"
"A groat many of thorn aro,
Johnny," replied his pa, musingly.
"A ureal inuuy of them arc " Mer
i chant 'I'uiveler,
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