The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, November 13, 1886, Image 7

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    Unci I h Coinage.
In tho second northern gallery nt the
British museum litis been nrrnnged in
ehronologicnl order a series of English
rains in gold, silver nnd copper. It seems
that the coinage ol tho English had no di
rect connection with the earlier British
coinage, nor with tho short-lived currency
rrhich tho Romans introduced. It noj
, Henry VII., in 1504, who placed, for the
Brst. time, nn authentic portrnlt in English
coins. Ho nlso ninde ndtlition to the gold
coins by strikinc "sovereigns," .so called
because they bore tho figure of tho sovcr
tign seated on his throne. It was during
and nfter tho rcicn of Charles II. that tho
English coinnce declined very greatly in in
terest nnd variety. Tho first guineas wore
in this reign from gold brought from tho
Guinea coast. In tho reign of Queen Anno
there was somo coins bearing the namo of
"Vigo," because thoy were made from bill
lion captured in Vigo bny.
Ilourtllng House Ulnxiius.
Kover order egi;s.
Never nsk to bo served twice if you owe
any bnck board.
Steer clear of the young widows who are
boarding in tho house.
Sco what kind of a enme tho boarders
piny before you buy any chips.
Never appear to bo deeply intorcstod in
the mnn who is full of schemes.
Bewnro of the bonnier who never has any
chnngo when tlTe washwoman calls. The
The editor of tho Corsicana, Toxna, Olw
server, Mr. G. P. Miller, had a sevens at
tack of rheumatism in his left knee, which
became so swollen and painful that ho
could not walk up tho ntairs. He writes
that after a few applications of St. Jttcoba
Oil, tho pain entirely disappeared, nnd tho
knee assumed its normal proportions.
Sir Astlcy Cooper relates the following
anecdote of nn Irish candidate before tho
exnminlng board of tho London college:
"What is a simplennd what is a compound
fracture?" asked the examiner. Tho reply
was: "A simple frncturo is when a bono is
broke, nnd n compound fracture when it's
all broke." Sir Antler asked him what ho
mennt by "all broke." "I mean," he re
plied, "broke into smithereens, to be sure."
I ventured to sk him what was "smith
ereens." Ho urned upon mo with an in
tense expression of sj'mpnthy upon his
countenance. "You don't know what
is smithereens? Then I givo you up." Sir
Clinrles A. Cameron in Dublin Journal of
Medical Scienco.
Summer coughs nnd colds gencrnlly como
to Btay, but the uso of lied Star Cough
Cure invnrinbly drives them away. Safe,
prompt, sure.
Unci Cnuno to Grumble.
Old Bob Brayson, just after putting on a
pnir of now bro?an shoes, went out to chop
wood. Whilo Htanding on a log, chopping,
his nxo glanced and cut hi left foot nearly
off. His son came out nnd nsked:
"Pap, whut's tho matter?"
"I've dun mint my now shoe," tho old
mnn replied. "It beats nnything I
seed. Ben choppiu' wood for a mouth in
my old bhoes an never touched 'em, but
now that I'vo lummcd down $2 fur a new
pa'r, I hov to cut nn' b1uh1i 'em all to
picces."&-ArkatiHaw Traveler.
About Coal.
According to tho calculations made by a
scientific writer lately ft requires a prodig
ioub amount of vegetablo matter to form a
layer of coal, tho estimate being that it
would really take 1,000,000 years to form
ncoal bed 100 feet thick. Tho Unitod
States haw nnnreaof between 300,000 nnd
400,000 square miles of coitl fields, 100,
000,000 tons of coal being mined from
these iieliln in one year, or enough to run
n ring around tho earth at tho equator GJ
feet wido and GJ-j thick, tho quantity beinjj
ufllcicnt to supply tho whole world for a
period of 1,500 to 2,000 years.
What would our Forefathers have snid if
thoy had imagined that a cough could bo
cured for 25 cents as by that reliable rem
edy Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup.
Tho Art or Spoiling. 1
"The nrt of spoiling," George Kliotmakes
Theophrnstus Such say, "is within tho
reach of tho dullest faculty. The coarsest
clown with n hnmincr in his hnnd might
chip tho noee of every statue and bust in
tho Vatican nnd stand grinningat tho effect
of his work." This thought may hnvo
been forced upon others besides the writer
of this not by certain trophies displayed
by returned tourists of tho globe trotting
season just about closing. Vandalism has
been just n littlo bit rnmpant, it would ap
pear by tho fragments proudly exhibited as
evidences of travel and research. Buffalo
The Omaha Typo foundry can furnish
new newspaper outfits on short notice.
1 rices same as in Chicago and freight
already paid to Omaha.
Justin McCarthy hns mndo 535,000
from his "History of Our Own Times."
.TCHINC nnd irrJtatinnB or the akin anl
Ifftlp. burns CBldi piles, ulcers. piUons,
Hte. ot IruccU nd nllsU.n disoaties. qulcklr
jurod by :ole. f.irboll-,1 v, the Kroat
ttin remedy. 25 and Wo conta, ot Drug isU.
Civil Service Commissioner Oberly always
dres-ies in black.
Yon Can Learn How to Grt Itleli
By sending your nddress to Ilallet cfc Co.,
Portland, Me.; they will send you full in
formation about work that you can do
ami livo at home wherevcryou are located.
Work adapted to all ages and both sexes.
$5 to J25 a day and upwards easily
t arned. Some hilve earned over $50 in a
day. All succeed grandly. All is new. You
are started free. Capital not required.
Delay not. All of theabovo will be proved
to you, and you will find yourself on the
rond to a hnndsome fortune, with a lni-.-e
nnd absolutely sure income from the very
The German empress. It Is rei-nllcl. wn
, in her girlhood a pupil of Goethe.
PATKS'TS obtained by I.01H1 naSCfr &Co.. At
tcrnejs, Washington, U. C. Kat'j lSM.,hId vice ire i
Fred Douglas and wife nre attracting
much attention in Liverpool.
No Shotgun I'rartlce
About Cakteh's Littlh Liveii Pills; mild
and gentle.
Ilenn ought to lay tho Galatea up for the
winter in K-jg Harbor.
The Omaha Typ foundry can furnish
tew newipaper outfits on uliort notice.
Prices same ua in Chicago and freight paid to Omaha.
Editorial Writers.
Shall editorial articles in our now?-
papers uo signed f Uno says yes, an
other no. Each- can givo a reason for
his answer. Tne first affirm. that tho
author's natno affixed to his production
gives him a more exalted sense of per
sonal responsibility anil stimulates him
to his bestcflbrts. The other holds that
impersonality is tho sublimation of
journalism, ntui that individuality
should sliow itself only in tho master
mind that directs the courso of tho
paper, and which, in tho popular opin
ion, is tho author of every original
thing therein. Eacli of theso views may
bo correct from its peculiar situation
Viewed from tlixs vantage point of
tho editorial writer, as such, personal
journalism is proper. If lie have orig
inality, vigor and training lie will make
a reputation by having his authorship
known. Tho public will soon como to
distinguish the good from what is poor
or inditlerent, and will give credit to
the author of reputable work. Hut as
long as that author is unknown the
credit cannot bo ltis, and ho looks in
va n to the public for appreciation. As
reputation is tho capital of a Lterarv
dopi'iuient, tho unknown editorial
writer is defrauded of his capital bv
being kept in obscurity: and this is the
case in favor of personal journalism
i. c, tho signing of editorial article:
with tho name of the writer.
xno interest ot tne paper is with im
personal writing in the editorial col
umns. Tho public is impressed with
the mystery surrounding tho author
ship of leading articles, which are
vaguely regarded as the oll'spring of
the combined wisdom of the paper. In
lluenco is as valuable a franchise to i
newspaper as reputation is valuable to
an author. An editorial signed "Win
Johnson" dill'uses no more influence
than tho said jIr. Johnson carries with
him as an individual; and as that gen
tleinan is not often a man of command
ing position, his influence is not wide
ly distributed. -It is not the case here
as in 1 ranee, that statesmen and schol
ars eminent in literature are active con
tributors to tho editorial columns of the
press. There the man makes tiic
newspaper. His name is, therefore,
valuable to it. Ilt're the writer is noth
ing without the paper, and his name is
of"no eonscquoiice. Our public roads
tho paper. A signed editorial would
be no more regarded than as a perion
ai omuiunicauoii to tne paper, in
which tho writer's views, inclinations,
ami deductions are spread before the
public, and it would have no more
weight than the communications of
"Veritas," "Pro 15ono Publico," "Jun
mi, or any one of that great army ol
scribblers that we are fam liar with.
An unsigned article in leaded brevier
on the fourth page is tho concrete ex
pression of the now.spapor. Its inllu
eneo is measured by the standing of
of the paper and the ab lity or plausi
bility with winch tho arrum ut is car
ried out. Its authorship is popularly
attributed to t ho cditor-ni-chiof. Mr.
Charles A. Dana is praised or blamed
for what The Sun says, yet Mr. Dana
writes very little of what 13 printed in
The Sun. Ho simply assents to what In
written by allowing it to appear, or he
may suggest the outline of an article.
The impersonality of tho article makes
it his, becaiHo liu is the onlv person
known to the public as the editor ol
The Sun. Sign one of thoo editorials
and take away from it the superstit on
of Air. Dana's authorship, winch is tho
sign-manual of The Sun newspaper,
and it will pass for only what it is actu
ally, worth: and as a groat nianv of
them are worth but ver, little, the pa
p ;r is the loser. Ilfiico it is with the
interest of the paper to preserve that
impersonality which jrives a fictitious
value to its editorials by fixing them on
a mysterious authorship.
We smile 111 good-natured derision of
the oracles of Greek and Egyptian dei
ties, and put a true value on their pre
tended tlieoinancies. Tho fraudulent
priests who deluded their votaries with
tho bel of that they woro intornrctin
tho words of the gods were venerated
not for what, thoy said, but for what
the deities said through them. The
prophesies and counsels were obeyed
is coming from tho gods; but had they
as men, said the same things, thoy
would not havo been heeded. And
yet when wo read an opinion of "Win
Johnson" in the Gazette or the Times,
111 our ignorance wo give it tho whole
weignt ot tno respect wo feel for tho
paper. I ho paper is our deity and its
utterances aro oraelea to us. The
fraud is as great now as it was when
practiced on the ignorant heathen
Hut would wo have it different? No,
There are many idols that may hotter
be worshipped than shattered. The
deception hurts no one. The newspor
is me ureal nirvana in wmcn inuiviu
ual ty is merged and consciousness
Jost. Why disturb tho relations to
which tho public is accustomed, and
inako the paper a rellex of tho minds
of A, is, and L, without liomogenoity
or riguiantT for that is what pure
personality in the editorial columns
must load to, if logically carr'ed out,
lead to, if
If tho controlling mind of tho cditor-iu-
chief is to direct the policy of the nn
per; then all tho editorial opin ons
must conform to mat policy, and tun in
dependenco of jiersonalisin is destroyed,
which was its chief om'l. Tho writer
who signs his namo to nn article, die-
mien aim uiniiea ov a sunonor. nrac-
I uces a nauii on 1110 public; lor llio
views therein set forth aro not h s own.
I Tho languages and stylo only arc his,
hut not the thought and will. There
fore, he has gamed nothing except,
perhaps, that his vanity is tk-klod by his name in print; wh.le.fho pa-
1 per has lost its influence by ilissolvin"
tho solidarity of tho editorial nil mi!
, So wo reach a negative conclusion, and
' answer to tho question that premised
this article, pursonal journalism is not
. i r . r : .
needed. t.awara, n The Current.
A mound containing many curious
Indian relics was recently opened near
Mnynma, Now Slux 00. Among tho
articles taken out wero spear-IhsmIh,
hatohuts, feki'lotons. bends, unrr tigs
mndu of stone, nnd a ploco of wood
which boro tho follow, ' curious in
scription : Stvpap'Wi-it d uoln t dero
lahw jcht lads morf uiT bi.jiiT.M
And Ono Willed Appeal to Common
Sonne, ninny fumble Omen.
Medical Stilus.
"Many persons die of Consumption who
could easily bo cured," says Dr. S. C. Clark,
of Wntcrtotvn, N. Y., "if they would go at
it right. I have a new view of tho disease,
Consumption is not always ot lung ori
"How bo? What Is it then?"
"Many cases of consumption are second
nry. TI10 uiscnso ilsell prevails every
where, but tho best practitioners refuso to
attribute it entirely to inhcritanco or to
tho weather. If a person lives in the most
favorable climate in tho world and hns any
tendency to lung weakness, it, certain con'
ditious exist in tho system, tl.nt climate,
however favorable, will not prevent de
velopment of the disense. Tho disorder in
such cases is only a secondary symptom in
the lungs ot somo other ailment, and can
never te cured until approached through
its source."
"Yes. doctor; but what is tho method ot
"II you dip your finger in ncld you burn
it; do you uot?"
"If you wash this burnt finger every sec
ond witli the acid, what is the result?"
"Why, constant intlaiumntion, festering
and eventual destruction of tho finger.
"Precisely! Kow then for my method,
which commends itself to tho reason and
judgment of every skillful practitioner,
You know certain acids aro developed in
the body. Well, if tho system U all right
these acids aro neutralized or utilized
nnd carried out. If tho system is run
down by excesses, nnxiety, continual ex
posure, or overwork, theso acids accumu
late in tho blood. If thero is any natural
weakness in tho lung, this acid attacks it,
having a natural alliuity for it, and it tho
ncid is uot neutralized or passed out of tho
system, it burns, ulcerates and finally
destroys, tho lung. Is this clear?"
"Perfectly! Hut how do you prevent tho
accumulation of thesencidsin the system?"
"Ii regularities of tho liver and kiduevs
create this excess of acid and the supply
can be cut off only by correcting tho wron
action of theso organs. Tho kidneys alone
should carry out in quantity, in solution,
enough of this acid daily, which, if left In
tho blood, would kill four men. When tho
fctomach, tho liver and tho kidneys nro all
conspiring to increnso tho ncid, tho wonder
is that weak lungi resist death as long us
they do!"
"J!ut you havo not told us how
would treat Hiich cases."
"No, but I will. Tho lungs aro onlv dis
eased ii8 an effect of this ncid or kidney
poison 111 tho blood. After having ex
hausted all authorized remedies to correct
this acid condition, I was compelled, in
justice to my pntients, to use Warner's
safe cure; though a proprietary remedy, it
is now recognized, I see, by lending phyal
cians, by Presidents of Stnto Hoards ot
Health and by iusurauco physicians, us n
bcieutifieand tho only specific for tlioso great
organs in which over ninety per cent of dis
cuses originate or ore sustained."
"Is this form of treatment successful?"
"ft i-s wonderfully so, nnd for that reason
I am only too willing that you should an
nounce it to the world of consumptives."
Koto by tho Publishers: Wo havo re
ceived tho abovo interview from H. II.
Warner A Co., Hochestcr, N. Y., with tho
request that wo publish it for the good of
surfering people. In a foot nolo to their
letter they say:
"Tho experience ot ' Dr. Clark is not
strange to us. In our corresnondenea wo
have found that many thousands of neonle
are Buffering from what they think is Con
sumption, whereas tho real diiliculty is
with the liver and kidneys, nro veil bv tho
fact that whon these orgausaro restored to
health by the uso of Warner's hhTu cure, tho
consumption disappears, and so does
uremic or kidney poisoning, which causes
ho ninny symptoms of diseases that tho
human system is subject to. Tho sumo
may be said of rheumatism, caused by an
acid condition of tho system. Wo insist
upon what wo nlways havo claimed, if you
remove tho cause, tho system will soon per
fect tho work already begun. Mrs. ftev. Dr.
Theodoro Wolf, of (Jettysburg, Pn., wifo of
tho editor of tho Lutheran Quarterly, said
her friends thought her 'far gone with Con
sumption, 1 but after a thorough treatment
with Warner's nafo cure, M10 says: 'lam
perfectly woll.' Wo can cito thousands of
such rases, but ono is enough. If you pub
lisli tho abovo article, kindly- send ua a
marked copy."
Wo gladly give place to tho article, for if
wo can in any way stny tho ravages of Con
sumption, wtiich canies awny bo many
millions yearly, it is our bouuden duty so
to do. Pun.
Simon Cameron is tho only survivor ot
tho senate ot Polk's administration.
A uniform and natural result is produced
by using Huckingham's Dyo for tho Whis
kers. For a slight cold, a hacking cough or
lung troubles, take Ayer's Cherry Poo
torul. Tho wind Ih always blowing about some
thing; but thero is nothing in it.
The Youth's Companion.
The other Prize Stories, eight in all, will be published tking 1887. ,
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Siunplo Copies and Full Announcement Free,
Plettio meaUoa tola paper.
The youngest school teacher in Alabama
is little Mary Duke, of Clantou, six years
As a horse and cnttlo lotion, Salvation
Oil has proven itself nn infallible remedy,
it has received the hearty indorsements of
many old and well-known horsemen.
Grand Master Workman
devout Homnn Catholic.
Powderly Is a
If sick headache is miscrv, what nre Car
ter's Lttlo Liver Pills il they will positively
euro it? People who have used them speak
frankly of their worth. They nro small
and easy to take.
Ex-Empress Eugeno thinks the Napoleon
ic outlook in Franco is hopeless.
I,von' Patent Heel StlfTcnrr 1 ttie only Intention
that maVci old boom tralulit new.
If wo were nil of ono opinion there would
bo no betting.
It is a pleasure and satisfaction to tunny
to learn thnt Allen's Lung Italsam, that
standard family medk'ino forcoughs, croup
and nil lungdisenses, can now be procured at
i!fic., 50c, and 51.00 a bottle at any drug
A Pittsbnrger hns taken out a patent
for a mnchino to crimp Hour bags.
AVoiiicii Knully Startled or A larmcil,
Grieved or vexed, hliould use Gum:u's Ikon
A phrenologist says thnt "fullness under
tho eye denotes language."
I'rizos for Most Storloj, .Sketch
es and Poetry. Addres, with stamp, Tun
Cui.TiVAToit, Omaha, Neb. Montion this
Lndy Churchill's fathcrgives her $15,000
a year.
Every person is interested in their own
nffairs, and if this meets the eyo of anyone
who is suffering from the effects of a torpid
liver, wo will admit thnt ho is interested in
getting well. Get 11 bottle of Prickly Ash
Hitters, uso it ns directed, nnd you will al
ways bo glad you read this item.
Jules Simon thinks tho weak nolnt of
ktho French republic is its universal buffer-
Bo merciful to dumb Animals. Ileal
all open sores and cuts with Stewart's.
Healing Powder, 16 and COceutaa box,
The fortuno ot Mrs. Murk Hopkins if
titmited at $10,000,000.
Ilet, ea'lest to uc and cheapest, l'lso'a Itcmcdy
Sum JnncH Ih atteinpling to totiiul it
lege at, Cartel Hville, Ga.
At this jmioii nrrly eTery nn nrrdi to tne rom
aortof tonio. I It (IN enter into alnuwt nvury phy
aiclui s prescription for thoto nho noud building up.
;or cnkneR, I.naialtiiilr, hark of
Knew, etc., It. IIA.. NO JiQUAl,, and ia
tho only Iron jonjirhio that ia not III
It Jiurlrlic" tho lllnod. JiivlKorutm llio
njHicm, if cm or en Appetite, Ahln lllujratlon
It does not blacken or inmm the teeth, hum hAd.
actio or produce constipation ofArr Jrnn inr, limit, da
Mils. JIlTItA iUXKiELi), Norfolk, Neb., aaya; "I
have used llruwu's Jrou Hitters as a tuuio with most
happy rnsulta."
Mil, Chab. Waonkr. 811 Klehth St., Omaha.
rieh..Bijrs; " I usud Uniwii'H Iron llitters fur tienoral
liability and it rnailo almost a uuir man of luu. I
cheerfully recommend it "
Mn. J, V ilAUtTttiK. Wilson. Neb., enrs: "I have
ned llrown'a Iron Kitteri for t.eiu-ral Ji-I,ility and
gladly rocommend it to like eutfururs. It has uiode
a now man of mo."
Genuine has above Trade Mark and crowed rod linea
onwrapimr. Tllliaiiu "llier. Idadeonlyby
mmws viiuiuuAi. to., iiai.tiaiuui:, 11 i.
QfG -.HiBARif Copies
and oTHtfl eoiAuyuriciEMTRWtaics
It baa stood tho Tost of Yean.
in uunng an iiieentea or the
ELS, Sec. ItPuriflcstbe
Blood, Invigorates and
uieangos tne uysiem.
disappear at onco under
its beneflcial influonco.
It ia purely a Medicine
Rsita cathartic proper
ties forbids its uso as a
beverage. It is pleas
ant to tno taste, and as
ccsilv t alien by child
ren as adults.
Hole Proprietor.
KT.Louia uad Kansas Citt
ar.jn. km m hh kAn b-
HTffl ta FJ B
First Prize Story "Blind
Prize Serial
Address PERRY
Catarrh is Caused
llr crofnlou tnlnt In the tito.TJ. Tlicr'fire. to cure
caturrli, purify tho MmhI. TIioim imlt who luu e been
troubled with the dlugresble nymplonn of catarrh,
lisvebeen entirely cured by lhod'11 Sii-ap.irllla, tli
hrtt blood purlfylne medicine before tin public It
expclsevcry taint of Impurity from tho Mood, an 1
vitalizes and cntlclio tu If you mlTcr from catarrh,
Klc ltood'a Sarsapnrtlla .1 trl-il.
"1 have differed with catarrh In my head for yt ari,
and paid out hundrcdi of dollar for medicine, but
have heretofore received only temporary rellel. t
bctran to take Hood' Swaprllla and It helped mo
to much lint 1 decided to keep on. Now my ratarrh
l nearly cured, the wcakncn of my body l all gone,
my Appctllo Is good-lnf.ict, 1 feel like another per
ion. UooJ'a S irsaparllla Ii tho best medicine I have
ever taken, and tho only ono tluv hadono 1110 per
manent pood." Mns. A. Ci.nm.nouau, l'rovl
deuce, IL I.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Fold by alt drnsslt. II 1
C. 1. HOOD & CO.. Lowell,
fix for M.
Prepared by
100 Doses One Dollar
The moft practical, law slied
OH Can lu the market ljimp'iiro
tilled direct by tho pump without
llftinK ran. No drip nirollon
I'loor or Table. No Faucet to
leak and nusteroutenU or ru 110
explosion. Cloaoa perfectly air
tlk'lil .i I.rnUimr Xo l'.x m
oriitltiii Almiluf rly aufr.
Don't be ltumbiiKced with
worthier Imitation, liny tho
'lJool t'.iuuiiili." Man'f'
Worron, Ohio.
Bold by Klral-rinaa Driilrra Iheryu here.
NUriM.IKll 11 V ,IOHlti:iCN.
liniJC STl I)V. Si-euro
ltulnrt Kduratlon by
,. t U.11U lit. 1... 1.. V V
IIU.TiC nun, from 1Ii:ya.t' Collkok
.1 UlllllU, .1.1.
A WOMAN uXl'll
eulnry Kiiin.iiiitvil. Arcade Publishing Co. CluraKo.
TClTfnAPMY I-enrn here and
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nlihed. Write Vuleiidnn llrna., Jaueavllle.Wl.
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nut uniler the Ii'ii-si.'h feel. Write Hreuflter
Safoty Roln Holder Co., Holly, Mich.
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HIMIviZn Hospital fur rat'inti. Write foi
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Miirplituo Hulilt Cured In III
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, I.eliauou. OUId.
orncKItS' lny, ltniuity. V.te.
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w. Mccormick agon, Cincinnati, o.
end Morphine lliihll Cured ill 10 to
ISOdiiys. lUlerio itxio imllrnieiueil
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A positive cure. No Knire.
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l'uyne, VlarahalltoviD.Iowa.
ititre relief inmnaia
hyinall. Klowrll.tC'u.
N rl, t ...
eni'WtloworkcriliiiKlnomlnlilsuofllon. Bnlary 8TU
lU'fcrenoea. Am. W'f'n House. 13 llarelay Bt., N. Y.
tPt F" rin D'-afnrsa and Naaal Tatairh
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MASON & CO., Publishers,
Dr. H. H. Green & Sons
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II. II. OKi r.N .1 HONS, M. Ila.t
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Oniohn, Nab., 12th and Howard
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Xddress llr. 11.11. UOOT. m Pearl St,, NswTU
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JCATUUUN & UAII.IiV, Oluuliu. Nou.
Jan. 1st.
37 Temple Place, Boston, Mass.