The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, November 13, 1886, Image 1

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NO, 20.
An independent weekly Journal, IsBUod ovory
Saturday by
1'ulillelicrs and Proprietors.
A. K. .Tonus, I
Editor. 1
J II. CitANCr.r,
I l'orciutiti.
One copy, ono ycr f M)
" Fix months 1 J'
. Three montliH
Invariably cash in ndvnneo.
If by nny chnnco subforiptions are not paid
till end ol voir, two dollar will bo chanted.
R ites of advertising mndo known ou nppli
cut Ion.
Con cepondenco from all parts of tho county
solicited. , T
Address all communications to A. K. J ones,
Kdltor Oregon Scout, Uillon, Or.
lentigo Directory.
GllAMl ItONDK VAM EV l,()lnr.. Xo. fifi. A. V.
nnd A. M. Meets on tho second mid fourth
SatLrilnys of cncli month.
' W. T. WKIG11T, V. M.
A. I.EVV, Secretary.
Union Lonnn. No. B". I. 0. O. R Kciriilnr
mtet njr.' on Friday ovcnln"1 of each week at
their hull In Union. All brethren In pood
Muudlnif are invited to attend. Ity oiiler of
tho Indue. G. A. THOMPSON, N. 0.
CHAS. 8 MII.T.F.U, Secy.
Cliurcli Directory.
M. K. rituticn Dlvino service ovcrvSunday
nUln.iiinii(17p.ii. Sunday school at 15 p.
in. Piayer mictlnir every Thursday evening
ntfi:3i). III5V. 0.M.1UWIN, Pastor.
I'm snvTEittAN Cliriicit lleKiilar church
Fervleos every Sabbath morning and evening.
Praver meeting o idi week on Wednesday
ovenlng. b'nbhiith pchool every Sabbath at
10 n. in. Kuv. H. Vehno.n Hici:, Pastor.
St. John's Episcopal Cnuitcn Scrvico
every Sunday at 11 o'clock a. in.
Kkv. W. It. Powell, Kcctor.
Comity onieers.
.Itidpo O. P. Oooilnll
SlierllT '. A.N. Hamilton
Clerk A. I-'. Nclll
Treasurer I-. C. Ilralnard
School Superintendent J. L. llliidman
Surveyor M. Austin
Coroner S. Aluoi son
.Tonn Chrisman J. A. Itnmblo
State Senator h. H. ltinchart
T. D. McCully E. E. Taylor
City Olllcorx.
Mayor D. 1$. Ilees
S. A. Pursol W. n. Ho'dlcmnn
I.S. Elliott J. II. Thompson
lno. Kennedy A. Levy
lteeorder M. Y. Davis
Marshal K. E. ' ates
Treasurer J. D. Cnrroll
Street Commissioner U. Eaton
Collecting and probate prnctlco specialties
Ollico, two doors south of Postodioc, Union,
Attorney at Law and Notary Falilic.
Ofllco, ono door south of J. IJ. Eaton's storo
Union, Oregon.
Physician and Surgeon
Oflico. ono door south ot J. H. Eaton's storo,
Union, Oregon.
A. E. SCOTT, M. D.,
Tins permanently looated at North Powder,
whero no will answer all calls.
M. B.VKElt.
J. F. JJakek.
Attorneys anil Counsellors at Law,
La Giiaxde,
1). B. REES,
Notary Public
OFFICE State Lnntl Oflico building;
TJnion, Union County, Oregon. G
Attorney aft, Steal E'slntc
ti ml Collecting- Aunt.
Land Oflicc Business a Specialty.
Ollico at Alder, Union Co., Oregon.
Will praclico in Union, linker, Grunt,
Umutillu niut .Morrow Counties, also in tho
huprcme Court ot Oregon, the District.
Circuit and Supreme Courts of the United
Mining nnd Corporation business a spc
cinlty. OiUcea in Union nnd Cornucopia, Oregon.
J not wbt liuullr fllf d nittr. the Uklnror
nlcti. tn iniujf luMiiirri, ! only prf text fur drink
tae. ul It free from neulinllc linuuun, and U em
ciciout In hi ri'ulli loan IpUiu lunaUuli. It
will nut fall lucurlr.zf.IOIi. 1 1 HA U.tC'i rid
jil aiur Uiicax analiu tiiw a dUordered ttvoadt.
QDDIWfi ni nCQllM Our sBour Stom-
la.hi Foal Breath.
Mm Bin
Iluvtnp l.'nr-d the slitnlo mill helniiRin:
to L. . Itiiielmrt, we are prepurcil to tur
nili i superior (iimlity nmt nuike ot Hhin
"les nt the tollowin rules:
Delivered at Union,
At tho Mills,
$3.25 Por M
$3.00 Per M
We respectfully solicit a slinre of the
patronage. UOHINSA: KUHhlil.-.
A. L. CODB, M. D.,
IlaviiiR perninnently located in Aider.
Union eotintv, Oreson. will be found ready
to nttend to rallM in nil the various towns
nnd Bcttloinents of tho Wallowa valley.
Chronic Hiscascw a Xnccinlty.
J5S3?Mv motto is: "Live and let live."
A. C. CRAIG, - - Proprietor.
(Union Depot, Oregon.)
Splendid ncconimodnlions for commer
cial men. Tuh'en always tmpplied with the
best tho market affords.
jr-IIoT and Cold Mi.nt.kil I1atiis''W
Cor, Main and I Sis.. Union, Oregon.
suicit;t:.N titiHiv, I'rops.
nnd ileiilern in Soda
Water, Sarsaparilln, CiiiiKer Ale, Cream
Soda nnd Champauno Cider, Syrups, etc.
Ordcib promptly Tilled.
G. W,
I. D
Union, Union County, Oregon.
OITicoon A street. Residenco three doors
south ot tho Court House.
Special attention given to Surgical prac
tice. W. R.JOHNSON,
Main Street, Union, Oregon.
Plans nnd Specifications for Dwellings,
JJnrns and Uridscu furnished I'ltEli OF
Bridge Building a Specialty-
All kind a of Cnbinct Worh neatly execu
ted. Repairing done on short notice.
Nono but tho best workmen employed,
and satisfaction guaranteed.
Call anil interview inc.
Of well known varieties, suitable for tins
climate. Can nlso furniHli foreign Horts at
one-third tho price asked by eastern can
vassers. I desire- to sell trees at pricv
that iieoplo can afford to liny.
Cove, Oregon.
132-134 'flirt Wrest, Portland, Cregou
IS a regular gradunto in medicine; hns
boon longer ongagi-d in tho npecial treat
ment of all Venereal, Sexual and Chronic
Diseases than any other p'liyHician in tho
West, as city papers show, and old resi
dents know; SI, 000 reward for nny enso
which he fails to cure, coming under Ids
treatment, by following his directions.
Dlt. VAN is the most successful Catarrh,
Lung and Throat Doctor in America. He
will tell you your trouble without asking
you a singlo question, and WARRANTS
PL RM A N U N T ( 'U R I'J ia the following cases:
NKKVOUS DLHILITV, Spermatorrlnea,
Seminal Lofesen, Sexual Decay, Failing
Memory. Weak Kyes, Stunted Develop
ment, Lnck of Knergy, Impoverished
Itlood, Pimples, Impediment to Marriage;
also Klooil and Skin Diseases, Syphilis,
Lruptious, Hair Palling, llono Pains. Swell
ings, Sore Throat, Ulcers, KffectH of Mer
cury, Kidney nnd IJIndder Troubles, Weak
Uaok, burning Urine, Incontinence, Honor
Inea, Gleet, Stricture, receives earehin;
treatment, prompt relief and curofoj life.
NKKVOUS Disensos (with or without
dreams), Di-enseddischnrgescured prompt
ly without hindranco to business,
HOT! I PKXKS consult confidentially. If
in trouble call or write. Delays are dang
erous. Disenres of the Lye or Ear, Ulceration or
Catarrh, internal or external, Dtmfness or
Paralysis, Singing or Roaring Noises,
Thickened Drum, etc., permanently cured.
LOST MANHOOD perfectly retord.
ieinoVBl without the knife or caustic.
Midicino compounded and furnished to
all pationtB at ollico strictly pureand vege
table. Gu.irantoo of I'kkuanknt cuius in
all rases undeitaUoii. Consultation free
and strictly cuiilideniiul. All corioipon
dence promptly utUndad to; medicine sent
by expros to any iuldri free from expos
ure. Call r allien Private Dispensary,
Nos. i;i2-LH 'lb rd St.. Portland, Oron.
IVrms strut ly cash. Ollico hours 8 a m.
to ti J', m.
Hr. an ionoisoar
tV. CAPPS, IV!. D.,
Saraeoa anil HomGopatMc Pliysiciar,
Will go to nny part ot Kastern Oregon
when solicited, to perform operations, or
for consultation.
ITIcdleliicH 1'uriitt.lieu AVItliout X3.tra
Office ndjoiuing Jones Bros.' Store.
Geo. WmotiT,
W. T. WnioitT,
- of-
Does a General Ranking Business. Htiys
Rnd sells exchange, and discounts com
mercial paper.
Collections carefully attended to, and
promptly reported.
c o
c .ti
u '
O m
2 "
g 2
o 3-
rt a
rt 2 o
ci a
m O zj
S o
4 -
.5 v
-cT can Pftvo From $,0 to tlO on tho
X OH pureliuto of uu instrument l7
buylmr tluoutrli
W.T. WKIKIIT, gent Union, Oga
Laundiy Queen.
The Best Washing IVIachlno
In the World.
S. M. WAIT, Proprietor.
Walt Bros., Agents for Union County.
This mnchlno is without doubt tho best
In existence, and gives entire Hiitn-fu'-lion
wherever tried. Tnis mncliiiiu Is in otock
at.f. II. BATON'S STORK, whuro they can
bo bought, at any time. Try tho Laundry
Tonsorial Rooms
Two doors south of Jones Bros.' store.
Union, Oregon.
J. M. Johnson,
Hair cutting, shaving and shatnpooinj
donu neatly and in the best style.
Main Street, Union, Oregon.
Benson Bko.'s Pifoi'iuuToua.
Keep constantly on band
Union, Oregon.
Dan. Ciundleii,
HaTing recently purebnsed tlili hotol
and refitted it throughout, I am prepared
to accommodate the hungry public In (list
class style. Cull and see me. Laiiok Ram
l'i.E Rooms fur the accommodution oi
ouimcrcial truvt-Icrj,
v"0' ' 1 viSZ
Tho Thrco Groat Industrial
Classes All in tho Groat School
of tho Lord.
Energy of Soul and Patience Es
sential to Success.
Mogrity Only Too Small at tho Fresont
Day Kuin Caused by Ouo Dishonest
No Misfortunos in Heaven, but Auiplo Re
wards for tho Upright.
tywc'ii' to The Kansas City Titms., N. Y., Oct. ;U. The services at
the lirookljn taheniaclo arc attended by large
numbers of meichanls nnd business men from
all parts of this country and from foreign
lands, and the following sermon, preached by
Rev. T. OeWittTidmage, 1). 1)., this morning,
was timely. He selected for the opening
hymn and service that beginning:
"Must.Jesm lienrtlio crow alono
Ami all lliu world K free?"
The text was Romans, xll., 11 : "Not sloth
ful In business; fervent hi spirit; serving the
Link" nnd Dr. Tuhnage spoke as follows:
Industry, devotediuss, Christian services are
all recommended In this one short text.
What! Isltposjllbleto conjoin them I Oh, yes I
There Is no war between religion and busi
ness, between bibles nnd ledgers, between
churches mid counting houses. On the con
tray, religion nccelerutcs business, sharpens
men's wits, sweetens acerbity of disposition,
flllpis tho blood ot phleginntles nnd throws
more velocity Into all the wheel- of hard work.
To the Judgment it gives more skillful balanc
ing; to the will more strength; to industry
more muscle; to enthusiasm a more concen
trated fire. You cannot show mo a man w hose
business prospects have in nny wise bceu de
f polled by his religion.
The Industrial classes are divided into three
groups producers, manufacturers, traders.
Vroduccrs, such as fanners and miners. Man
ufacturers, such as take the emu and change
It Into food, or the wool nnd flax and chnugo
thcin luto nppaiel. Traders, who make a proilt
out of the transfer and exchange of that which
is produced or manufactured. Now, n business
man may belong to one of these classes, or he
may belong to nil of them. Whatever be your
avocation, If you plan, calculate, bargain; If
into your life there come annoyances, vcxa
lions nnd disappointments ns well ns gains,
dividends and percentages; if you nre harassed
with a multiplicity of entragemcntB; In a word,
If you are driven from .Monday morning to
Saturday night, and from January to January,
with relentless obligation and duty, then you
nre a business mnii or t business woman, nnd
my subject Is appropriate to your ease. We
nre ntit to speak ot tm moil ami ton oi ousi
ness life as though It were an Inquisition or a
prison Into which a man Is thrown, or im un
equal strife where, half armed, ho goes to
contend. Hear nie this morning while I try
to sliov you mat iioii iiiieuiieu n,i-incns nie
to be a glorious i diieatlon and discipline; ami
If I shall bo mcct'fsful in what I want to sav,
I shall rub the wrinkles out of vour brow and
unstrap some ot the burdens fioiu your back,
i.iiaunino r.NKitnv or soul...
I have tirnt to remark that (iod Intended
bus n ss life to be to ton a school ot Christian
energy. Coil started us In tho vtoi Id, giving
us a certain amount of i aw material out of
hlch wc were to new our owu character,
Every faculti needs to bo reset, rounded,
sharpened up. After our young people have
graduated fioin tho schools, and colleges, and
uuivcisimcs, nicy ueeii a uigiicr education,
tnut which tlie common anugraipliigot ever,
day lite alone can effect. Energy of soul
wiuught out oulv lu the lire. And when it
man ior ten, or iiiiccn, or twenty, or tiiirty
years lias been unhid through business activ
ities, ills energy can no longer he measured by
wclg ts, or plummets, or ladders. It can
tca.e any height. It can plummet any depth,
it can thrash any obstacle. Now do u,u sun-
xo that (iod hits spent all tills education on
you for tho purpose of making you a more suc-
ctssliil wiiilullug, of enabling you to more
II,. ., Int., .!,.ll..r . .!,.
lu .t tiadet Did (iod mukv you merely to be a
yatd-stick to measure cloths, or a steel ynrd to
weigu noun Aim ui i no iiiteu i ou to spcuu
your llle lu doing nothing but to dialler and
higgle? My freud, He' has put you in this
fchool to develop your energy for Ills causu
kuu Kingiiom.
Therq Is enough uiieiniiloyed talent In tho
churches, and In tho world today, to reform
nil empire", and all kingdoms, and people in
three weeks. O. how much Idleness unild
stiong mii'-cles and stout hcarfs! How many
deep streams that tin u no mill wheels, and
haul on the bauds of no factory 1 (iod do-
mauds that He have the best Iamb out of
every flock, tho richest s leaf In every harvest.
tho best men of everv generation; and lu a
cause where the Ncwtuus, and the Iiekes,
nnd the Mansfields of the earth were iiroud to
enlist, vou anil 1 need not be iisliameil to toll.
O, for fewer Idlers and for more consecrated
Clu Utlatl workers!
Again: (io.l Intended business life to bo to
jou it school of patience. How many l.ttlo
things thcie are In ouo day's engagements to
jx.-nuru, nun annoy, imu tiiMpnct you. bar
gains will rub. and !iieu will break their en
gagements. Collection agents will como hack
duply handed. Trie lifters In business will
pluy upon what they call the "liurd times,"
when in nny times they uevcr pay. (ioods
placed on the wrong khelf. Cash Ixxiks und
money drawer lu a quarrel, (mods ordered
for nu especlnl emergency fulling to come, or.
if coming, damaged lu the transportation.
People who Intend no barm going around
(hooping, unrolling good they do not mean
to buy, and trying to bleak the dozen. Men
obliged to take up other people's notes. More
counterfeit bills lu tho drawer. Moro bad
debts. Another ridiculous panic. Under
this friction men break down, or they uro up into additional nrigntncss.
How many you m.d I have known who, fn
,1... f..... ........ ......... I, ...... II,,.
pres(ure,and have become etulaiit, and choUr-
ic, imu crni ued nnu wjur, ami pugnacious,
until customer forsook their stores, and Hicjo
merchants huvo become Insolw.-nt und their
names were pronounced with detestation 1 Hut
oilier men liave lonuil In tills a euooi lor pa
tience, j iiev lougiiciieu unucr mo ezioure.
I Tlicv were like rocks, mora n ivlccablti for the
hlatOng. There Has a time wh 'ii they had to
cnoKe iinwii tin ir wraui. inore was a time
h ben tin r had to bite the r bp. lliulr was n
tune whin they thouiiht of u sting ng retort
thiy would like to utter, but m w th y have
MiiniH-rcd tneir iupa'1 nco Tiny bav kind
HonU f ' r aicat c Ibngs. Thcv ImV. u yoHe
1 'jtlmiur lor Ui-.c jurtcuui cu.tomcrs. TUtsy
linve fortvauee for unfortunate debtors.
Thcv have niord reflections for the sudden re
verses of fortune. How nre you going to get
that grace of patience! ot tliroitgli ne.tring
ministers preach about It. O, no! If you get
it at all uu w ill get It In the world where you
sell Hals, anil plena chucs, nnu im roois,
and make shoes, and turn bannisters, nnd
plough corn. I pru liod that through the
turmoil, and sw eat. ami exasperation of your
everyday life you may hear the voice of Christ
saving to jou": "If patience jmssess your tout,
let patience have n perfect work."
Again: (!od intended busiiiess life to be to
vou a school for tho attaining of knowledge.
Merchants do not read ninny books nor study
mint v lexicons nor dive into great pro
found'", et through the force of circum
stances thcv get intelligent on questions of
politics, and finance, and geography, nnd jur
isprudence, and ethics. Business Is a hard
schoolmistress. If her pupils will not leain
lu any other wav with unmerciful hand she
smiles them ou the head and on the heart
with Inexorable !". n went Into some
business enterprise and S.'i.(KV) got out of your
grasp. You say the f.",(M() was wasted. O,
no! that was oiilv tuition, expensive schooling,
but it was worth it Misfortune, with bind
hand, comes uihiii a man and wakes him up,
and by tho very force of circumstances btibi
ncss men get to bo intelligent. Traders In
grains mu-t know about foreign harvests,
Traders In fruit must know about the prospects
of tropical production. Manufactuiers of
American goods must know about the tariff
on imported articles. Publishers of books
must kno t the new law of copyright. Owners
ot ships come to understand winds, and
sho.tls and navigation. And so every bain of
cotton, and every nilsln cask, and every tea
box, and even- cluster of bananas, becomes
literature to our business men.
why hop .oivr.s riuisK i.kssons.
Now what Is the use of nil this Intelligence
unless you give It to Christ! Do you supposo
(iod gives you these opportunities of bilgliten
Ing up tour intellect and of increasing your
know ledge niciely to get larger treasures nnd
grander business"! O, no. Can It be that you
have been learning about foreign lands and
people that dwell under other skies and yet
iutve no missionary spirit! Can It be that you
Have been learning tlie lollies and lileueries
and hollow ness of the business world and yet
you are not trying to bring to bear upon them
this gospel which Is to correct all abuses and
abolish all ignorance and correct all mistakes
and arrest all crime and Irrudlato all darkness
and lift up all wretchedness I Can it ho that,
notwithstanding tour acnualiitauce with the
Intricacies of business, jou are Ignorant of
those tilings wlileli will last I lie soul loiigullcr
bills of exchange und commissions and In
voices and consignments anil rent rolls have
crumpled up and bceu consumed lu tho Arcs
or a judgment uiiyi
Again: (iod intended business life to he to
you a school of Christian Integrity. No ngo of
tho world ever offered so many Inducements
for scouiidicllsm ub nro offered now. There
Is hardly a slutuu ou the law books that has
not fount back door through which miscreants
can escape. How many deceptions In the fab
rlc of L'ooihl Commercial life piles the land
with trickeries Innumerable, and there aro bo
many people In Brooklyn and New York who
live a life of plunder that when a man pro
poses a straightforward, honest business it Is
aniiosi cnargeu io greenness aim iraiitui laci,.
Ah I nil' brethren, tills ought not to bo. Hut I
have to tell you that It requires more grace to
bo honest now than it did In the days of our
fathers, when business was plain, and there
were no stock gamblers, and woolen was
woolen, and silk was sill.-, and men were men.
How rure It Is that you II nil a man who ran
from ins Heart say: "i never eiieaieu in irauo;
1 never overestimated tho value of goods when
I was selling them; 1 never covered up a de
fect In a fabric; I never played upon tho Igno
rance of a customer, and lu all my estato
there Is not one il.shonest farthing." There
are those who can say It. They never let their
Integrity bow or cringe to pies 'lit advantage.
Tin y aio fis pure and Christum to-day as on tlio
day when they sold their llrst tierce ot rice or
their llrst Ilrkln of butter.
There were limes when they could hnvo
robbed a partner, when they could have ab
sconded with the funds of a bank, when they
could hnvo sprung a suiiii judgment, when
they could have borrowed inimitably, when
they could have made a falto assignment,
when they could huvo rubied u neighbor for
tho purpose of picking up some of the frag
ments; hut they never took one step on thut
pathway of, hell lire. Now they can pray
without being haunted with the chink of dis
honest gold. Now they can read the Bible
without thinking of tlie (lay when, with a Hi)
on their soul, they kl-aed the book In a cus
tom house. Now they can look Into the
laughing faces of their children without
thinking of orphans, left by them penniless
and houseless. Now they can think of death
without their knees knock together,
and their hearts sink, and their teeth chatter,
because there Is a judgment where nil do
fraudcis anil jockeys una tricksters nnd char
latans shall be doubly damned. Now they
cuu rend lu tho Bible without flinching: "As
tho pitrtldgo slttuth on eggs mid hatcheth
them not, so he that getteth riches, and not
by right, shall leave them In the midst of his
days, und at tho end shall bo a fool,"
Alas! If any of jou for the puroso of get
ting out of teuiH)rary emhnrrassment dare to
sell jour soul or any Kirtlou of It. You may
wuku up lu tho midst of embarrassment and
say: ' No ono Is looking. This may bo u lit
tle out ot the way hut It is only onco, only
once." On that ono occasion you not only
wreck your spiritual nature hut you despoil
your bulnc6s prospects. Yci put one dishon
est dollar lu an estate, but It will nut stand.
You may take it dishonest dollar und put It
down lu the very depths of tho earth ami you
limy roll on tho top of it rocks und mountains,
unit on the top of those rocks nnd mountains
you may put all tho banks and moneyed Insti
tutions, piling them up heaven high; but thut
ouo dishonest dollar down lu tho depths of tho
earth will begin lo rock, and hoavo, and up
turn llself until It comoi to the resurrection
of diminution. You can not hide a dishonest
In tlie review of this subject there nre two
or thrco things I want to say, and tho llrst Is,
let us hnvo a larger sympathy for business
men. I think It Is a shuinu that lu our pulpits
wo do not ofteuer preach ou this subject ami
show that wo appreciate the sorrows, and
struggles, und tcuiptutlo:is, and trials of every
day life.
Men who toll with the hand are very apt to
bo susiilc ous of those who inovii lu the world
of tralllc and think that they get their money
Idly and thut they give no equivalent. Men
who raise the corn and wheut and rye and
oats are very upt to think that grain mer
chants get easy jirollts. Tho first ts very ant
to bo jealous of the brain. Plato and Aris
totle were to oioscd to all kinds of mer
chandise that they said commerco was tho
curso of tho earth, uud they recommended
that cities should never bo built any nearer
the scacoust than leu miles. But wo nave be
come wiser than that, and you know thut
there uro no harder workers than thino who
plan ami cilculuto In stores and banks nnd
counting houses. Wiiat though their njiparcl
bo neat, what though their manners Lo re
fined, do not put them down us Idler. They
carry load lieuvler than u bod of bricks,
they go Into exposures keener than tho cut
ting of tho cast wind, tiny scale mountains
higher thuu tho Alps and Himalayas, and,
muliituliilug their Christian Integrity. Christ
til l at tho lust accost them, sating. ''Well
tloiui thou good uud faithful servant ; thou
hast be. u faithful over n t w things, I will
make theo ruler over iiiuuy thing; cuter thou
luto the Joy of thy Lord."
no vt:r.i or rnr.Trm.VRS".
1 nl.soenloin urn to oult all frotf illness about
business matters. Is there not something ia
jour own household that you would not giro
up for the worhby success other men have
liesiiles Mint, It lliee mien jou up juu
oueht to bless (iisl for the whip ot tllst Inline.
The larger the note vou have to pn, thn
greater the uncertainty of business life. Mm
better for tour soul, if .lesus thrisl leans you
triumphantly through. How do 1 knowl I know
It by this principle that the hotter the fur
nace, the better the reflnlng. There have been
thousands of men who have gone through tho
same path you are now going through with an
aching heart. There are multitudes be oro tho
throne of (iod who were 1 shed with caves nnd
anxieties Innumerable, nnd were cheated out
of every thing but their collln. They were sued,
they were rejected, they were Imprbone t for
deb"t. thev wcie maltreated they were throttled
by constables witli wliole packs of writs, tncy
were sold out lit sheriffs, they had to confess
judgments, they had to coniprom se with cred
itor's, and their last hour on earth ills
Imbed by the fact that thoirdoorbell was rung;
loudly and angrily by the hand of some Im
petuous creditor, who was surprised that that
sick man should be so Impertinent and outra
geous as to die before he had paid him the last
three shillings ami sixpence. O, how men are
tossed and driven I
I bad a friend who went from one anxiety to
another; a good and great heart he hud, but
even thing be put his hand to teemed to full.
Misfortunes clustered around and after awhllo
I lieiud ho w'as dead; and tho llrst word I Fitiil
was: "(iood! Helms got rid of tho shcrinV'
There Is a gicat multitude ot business men
who ou cni th had It hard, but, by the grace ot
(iod, standing on seas of glass, will cry out:
"These nio they who eaiuo out of great tribu
lation and luil their robes washed and mndo
while hi the blood ot the Lamb."
Onco more: I want ton to seek business
grace. Commercial cthlca, business honor,
laws of trade may do very well for awhile,
but thero will come a time when the ground
will slip from under your feet and tho world
will frown, und the devils will set after our
soul, and you will want more then than this
world can give you. You wilt want the eter
nal rock to staiid ou. Tor the luck ot that
grncw j ou have known men lo forgo and to
maltreat their friends, ami to curso their ene
mies, and you have seen their tinmen bulle
tined among scoundrels, and suit upon, ami
blistered by scorn, und ground to powder.
They not only lost their property, but their
souls wero mauled and put relied and bias toil
for eternity. You could count up scores ot
such persons, while their are othora who,
tossed on tho samo sea, sustained by the graco
of (iod, have nil tho time kept their eye oa
tho lighthouse.
itnwAims ron Tin: upuioht.
Men coming out of that man's storo say!
"If there ever was a Christian trader that Is
one." Stein Integrity kept tho books nntl
waited ou the customers, bight from the fu
ture world flashed through tho show windows.
Wrath never stamped thut floor, nor did sly
dishonesty cover up Imperfections In goods.
Love to God ilud love to men were tho princi
ples that ruled In tho storo of that Christina
trader. Sumo days tho shutters aro not let
down from the store window, and the liars uro
not taken from tho door. .Men pass along and,
stop nnd stare, und go up to rend a curd oa
thn door which announces: "Closed on ac
count ot tho death Of ono ot the linn." Thut
death it Is talked In commercial circles that
a good man has gone. Hoards of trade nuss
resolutions of sympathy, and churches oC
Christ pray: "Help, Loi'd. for tho godly tnaa
censeth." Ho has mndo his last bargain. Ho
has sulfcred his last loss. Ho has ached with
his last fatigue. The results of his Chrfstiaa
Industry will bless his children after ho Is
dead, and bequests to the kingdom of flod
will gather many sons Into glory. Everlasting;
rewinds In place of husiucssdlselnllue. Thero
"tho wicked cease from troubling and Mio
weary uro at ret."
Dcliorniii'r Cattle.
During tho past twclvo months tho
pruotico of (li'lioining cattlo liaa inndn
considerable progress in tho North, and
is beginning to bu a recognized essential
to tho stocknians' interests. Many
good people object to the practice- oa
various grounds, but mainly becuuso
nature, having given bonis, man should
not nuitilato nature's work, anil be
cause tho operation causos pain to tho
animal. Neither of these objections
will have; much weight with the practi
cal stock raisor. Without uny Inten
tion of rcllectiug on tlie wisdom of tho
Creator, it lias been so long tho prac
tico to "Jmproro on nature," with ad
vantage to the owner of tho nuiinuL
tltat the first objection will he iittlo re
garded. The castration anil spiiying of
st6ek and tho docking of lambs' tails
may bo cited in proof of necestiitj of
interfering with natiiro's handiwork.
Tho other objection that tlie pmctico
is cruel, will hnvo Iittlo force when tho
advantages aro considered. It lias
been domonstratod beyond a doubt that
a full grown animal will sutler low
pain in dehorning than a calf, pig, ot
lamb in castration, and it is far iroru
being so painful as branding. The
fact is the peal of pain is not in tho
horn, bur in the central s iiua of tho
liuad. If tho dehorning is done wliilo
tlie animal is quite young, it will givo
no ovidenco of sullcring. 1 lor us aro a,
groat ornament to an animal, and so
long as an animal is only raised for or
nament it should retain them, but when
said animal is required for domestic or
commercial purposes horns becomo an
unmitigated nuisance and a ttourco ot
danger, and should bu removed. Ad
mitting the beauty to the horn, wo
cannot concede any other point, it iu
no usq to tlie animal except as a
weapon of ollbnso and defense, nnd if
all animals were hornless, such :i
woapon would not bo required. Tho
horn is a constant fcotirco of danger to
man and to beast; remove it anil tho
danger vanishes. Sonio of tho worst
niaii-kllliiig bulls, after dehorning, be
camo so gontlo and tradable that child
ren could handle thorn witli safety. Tho
absonco of horns will permit nearly
double tho usual amount of cattlo to ba
kept In ft given shod spacv, na tba
desiro to light generally leaves with
tho horns, and cattle will feed quietly
side by side, thus saving stable yjiae,
food and injury to each other. Kvey
thlugis iu favor of dishorning, and
woll-nioanltig humanitarians way
abandon tliotr opposit.on, ns it will
soon bo universally practiced. Thm
Farm ami lluuch.
A well kpowa oculist who 1ms examined tfea
oyes ot 1,100 er'Oii who work by tbo
descent light, fouud4u no caso any pa rt! enter.
ly lujurlomly effects.