The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, September 04, 1886, Image 4

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    Tie hop Scorn
The BCOUT has n Much l.nrjror Clmi
latlnn than nny Vn.vr In tills .Section
of tlic State, itiwl In, llifirefnrn tlm HV.HT
Thin Ik n Trne NlnlPiitrnt, nml c
hull notnlliiwll to lie qucnlionrd by any
oilier or. AdwrllmtiK will ilu cll
to niakn n note uf tills.
And now Mr IHuino Iiiih 'iimiiiipn
edM tlio democratic parly. We don't
know what tho dciiiorrnlic party
ought to do in this trying emergency.
Probably it will just worry aloiiir till
it cctR n clianco Is 'nmiiirn" Air. 11
once again as it did in 1881.
Wk learn from nn exchange- Hint
4(A bros?. band it to bo formed anion
the Indians at the Kliiinalh Agency.'
Thus it will be .seen that music Mill
continues to chnrui and soothe the
navage breast. Now when these In
diaiiH form a baseball club and a hook
nnd ladder company, their civilization
may be said to be complete.
For sevornl weeks past the Protes
tants and Catholics, of lielfast, Ire
laud, have been showing their Ohrist-
ain charity and love bv liuliting
maiming and killing each other with
an energy and gusto that reminds us
of the days of the InoiiiMtion. Vcrilv
a fanatic, fired by religions 7.0a I, is
the most blood-thirsty fanatic in the
Tub La Grande Gazette growls b"
cause the managers of the State fail
advertise in the western uregon pa
pers, and do not advertise in the
papers of Eastern Oregon. Mnvbe
ills choler will abate Bominvhat when
we remind him that the State fair
colons nro only emulating mo exnm
nlo set bv the inanairers of the Union
County "Fair," who advertise in the
Gazette and in no other paper. The
former think that Eastern Oregon is
too far awav from Salem for the boo
pic to attend, and the latter think
that Wnllowii nnd M10 southern por
tion of the county is too far from La
Grande, nnd conseoueutlv don't care
nbout going to the expense of letting
them know anything about it. If tin
fair has got to ho such 11 farco that it
Is not worth while calling the people's
attention to it, the managers are
right in not doing so. Doubtless it
will come and go, and not one person
in uve, ttirougiiout ma county, know
Anything about it.
Foil ways that nrc dark, nnd tricks
that are vain, tin heathen Chinee con
tinues to ho very 'peculiar." This
we infer from the fact that acling
Secretary Fairchild has received a
report from special agent Icriuoie. at
Tiiscun, Arizona Ter. , that large
numbers of Chlimnen are arriving
mid Hocking into the United Stales
over the mexico border in violation of
Jaw. Custom inspectors turn them
buck and do all they can to enforce
the law, blithe siivf with little stu
cess. The Chinamen have a hard
time of it and would bo instilled in
disclaiming their country after the
plan of the Chicago Chinaman who
exclaimed, 4 'Me no Chinaman, Me
Analchlst. Soeillist, Mnlmou lliiini
glnut. Chinaman have to go. Anal
chlst nnd Molinon immigrant stay
allee sinneo Melleau man; have ten
wifce, shoolee polieee, hoon-la thlow
boom shelle, kllleo, lioop-lal"
When it comes down to solid facts,
tlio heathen is not far out of the way
in his conclusions.
Tclocasot Tattlingft.
August 31st., 1S8C.
More immigrants,
General health bud.
Weather very smoky.
Thrashing about over with,
John Cutcs and futility are slopping
t North Powder.
Telootuot has mi amateur Wagon
and buggy painter.
Horn. To the wife of Win. Ashby,
nine pound "dish washer."
Mr. John llrooko returned from
Sumpter, Baker county, lust week.
Hubert Bussotto paid Baker City a
iiying business trip, n few days since.
Dan. Crowlie, formerly of the llrin
of Tomlinson it C'toWlio, now resides
iu Ellonshurg, W. T.
Mr. Blaketlee. of Union, passed
through on Monday, en route to a
quartz ledge recently dheovcrd by him
iu iho vicinity of ilogetn.
Mr. Yowi'H, of l'ylo canyon, a few
days ugo proved the factuf there still
being game iu the mountains., by
bringing down u lluu buck.
Died In Antelope valley, August
2fith., 1880, of cholera Infantum,
JVcllie, infant daughter of W. B. and
Lizzie BJakesleo, aged two years,
The "bloods" of TVloenset lire talk
ing some of organizing a base ball
club, to knock the very "dish" out of
tome other of those baby doings, We
uppose. North Powder papers please
Mr. Bladen Ashby and Wife took
their departure for Cornucopia, last
Hundiiy, U) visit their daughter, Mrs.
H. (Ireeli. Mr. tlreen, Wo are in
formed, is sullertug terribly from the
vtlects uf n pistol shot received itbodt
three years ago at the Hot Lake.
A few of tho pleasure loving inhabh
taut of TelociiH't and Vicinity are
vontcmulatiug a trip, or, properly, 11
feeling journey through the deuce fog
of smoke now over the country, to the
DPowder river lakes, situated uboilt
twenty five miles southeast from
Jforlh Powder. Full pailieillafs Will
fee given on I heir return,
In tho HcouT, u few weeks since, u
nrticlo appeared wherein it stated thut
AnteloHt jiossessed 11 fatuous jumper, j
. '
rl'l, null t ivrul (mnllu ilf iiliillur
llOnO 111 i
1 .,..11.... ,r...,'V.f..
vouug lady, who jumped up ti
story to tell to the person who inform
ed the Scout, nnd she convinced that
person that she was the jumper. But
her prodigious leap proved to be that
she had jumped the distance from the
fence, probably four or five feet, to
wards n horee she intended to ride,
but she missed the horse and struck
the ground with her nose, and thus
gavo rifco to the yarn.
Petition for Iicenso.
To the Honorable County Court of Union
Countv, ritatc of Oregon.
We, the undcrij.'ncd. your petitioners,
being legal voters of North Powder precinct.
union county, wregoo, oo iitrcny reaped
fnllv askvour Honorable body to grant, at
your October or November term, to Edward
M. l'omeroy.tCo., a license to sell spirit
nous liquors In less quantities than one
gallon, in the town of North Powder, of
said countv and State, for the term of six
months, and as in duty bound your peti
tioner will ever pray:
Thos tlltz, O W hull. Luke Kendrll, A E
Scott. .1 A White, O M Walk, O I) Thomlin
son. O II Holder, H W bowman. J, H. Car
roll, AlexFinley, A D Short. C T Irwin.
Thomas Jones. Herman Kothchild, .1 M
Hogarth, PW Young Miles Lee, Ed Mornn.
S II Turner, J TOodfry, Win Huron. O W
biggs, I) A Wiggins, Mike Liti-er, K II
Hrown. J B Ultz, John Hogen, John Craig,
Oscar Jacobson. Henry Washington, Wm
Busby, Thomas Denev, H G Craig. I) Bev
eridge, E Stout, T H Cumniings. Alfeid
Oooden, W M Dixon, S White, W W Kills.
C Heerlng, 0 E Allen. B F (Mark. Thomas
IJushv, James Castle. FSbaw, LKKclsey,
W Fo'rsev, J A Hand, A KCIiihlcrs.J 0 Dal
ton. N S'HIauk. John Davis, John Edward.
Phil Busby, 0 W Dolan, Mike lliddlc, O II
Watson, Juek Pluninier. OH Anthony. H
M Hughes, II B Stephenson. Kd C Hughes,
P Kenncdv, Chas Sehiedlntir, T I. Swane,
J II Pilear", Amos Field, W L Hooper.
Notice is hereby given that the above pe
tition wl'l be presented to the above enti
tled court, on the (ith'day of October, 188.1,
if an adjourned meeting of the court is bad,
or, if tlie court noes 1101 meei 111 wcioner, 11
will bo presented on the 3rd day of Novem
ber. 1SS0, at the regular term thereof.
Sheriffs sale.
Whnrrns liv virtues of an exceution and
order of sale,' Issued out of the Circuit court
of the State of Oiegou. for Union countv.
on the 17th day of July. A. D, lf-8'l. upon a
judgement and decree of said court ren-
iiereii on ine .wn. nay nt amy, inno, 111 1a
vor of L. Baer, and against John Baker and
Margaret Baker his wife, commanding me
that out o. the real estate described in said
decree and order of sale and hereinafter de
scribed. I make the sum of iffllS.OJ and costs
and disbursements. Therefore I will sell at
puhl'c outcrv. on' the 2.r)th day of September.
I8(l. at 2 o'clock P. M. at the court house
door In Union, Union county, Oregon, all
the right, title and interest which the said
John Baker and Margaret Baker had on
the 20th day of February, 1HS1 or afterward
acquired in or to the said lands, to wit:
The NJ$of the SICK of See. 3 1, and NW!4 of
SWlf and Nl of SW'4 of SWfcof .sec. 35, tp.
I South of Hange JM EWM, and all in Un
ion county, Oregon, together with the im
provements and appurtenances inereuuio
Terms of sale: Cash in hand.
Dated at Sheriffs olllce this 17tb day of
July, 18SII. A. N, HAMILTON.
ny J. k. 1 urrt.K, nnenu.
Deputy. au.2.s-wfi.
Ill the Circuit court of the state of Oregon
for Union county, .laliies C. Powers.
James Odell and Walter Kernald, ) lain
tlffs, vs. .lames C. Kurmiui, Jannle Fur
1111111,. John Kuril) a, Murv J, Kurmiui. S.
A. Iiollticr.S. Otteiihelmer, J. Durkh 'lin
er and Unite r Place, defended s.
To dallies '. Uurma 1, .laiuilo Kurntan,
John I'Vrinan, Mnry.l Purman, S. A. llell-
ner, S. Oltenlieliiier, S, DtU'kncluicr and
blither Place, defendants:
In the inline oi tlio state 01 Oregon, von
arc hereby required to appear In above en
titled conn a (I siiswortliu comnlati t tiled
against you In the above entitled suit by tile
nrst nay 01 me next term 01 tint anove enti
tled court, after the complete publication of
tills silum oils Kir six uiuiseeiitivt) Weeks ill
(lie OiiI:ion Scot'T, viz. bv the 7th 'lav of
.September, A. I) ISNt; and If you fall to so
appear mid anrtwer, pla tit lit-, will nsK the
011 it for itmueiiieiit against uereiiiiu us
lames C. I'm 111:111 and Janulu Purmaii for
th - Mini nf WU.00, with interest thereon
from the lift h day of Oetob r 188:1, at the
rate of ID per cent per annum and the furth
er sum of .fiart.OO, attorney's fees hi tills suit,
tl costs auu tiihuurnmueuts. aiiu for ine
decree of the court mr the sale, of the follow ¬
ing (losellhetl real estate, to Hie extent of
the Interest, had therein by defendants or
either of them on the At la day of October,
lrH'l. or afterward acquired bv them or eith
er of them: West of northeast quarter,
and the went half of the southeast quarter of
section HI, township 8, south of rangu 42,
list of the hh'iiietto uuirldlim, 11 d hi
'ulon cotluty. Oregon. And libit the pro-
eeds thereof be applied In payment of ihu
In 1 111 above described a (1 lliut dele idu.itN.
laities C. Kuruiii'i and la mla Unrina 1 a tl
all persons elalintng tllidur them by 1110 t-
uge, lie 1, deeiior pletlifOi tueitiiuug the tic-
ilu its. 1.1 tins sun, he forever inirreil a d
foreclosed of the equity of redemption
therein. And thai pliil tiffs have judge
incut against defendants, .tallies ( Ktlrillau
and Jannlo K nila.i for ally delieleney of
Ntihl claim remaining unpaid thereafter.
rills summons Is published bv order of
Hon. l.uthe B. lson.Judire of said tlistrlet.
uiiulo on the 4th day of August, 188(1.
1(1 l',AIU.N,
Att'y for PI'ffs.
Notice of Final Settlement,
In the Countv Court, of the state ttf Oi'egoti,
for Ulllon eon 11 y , ...
In tile liulllerof the-last Will and Testa
ment of John Burns, deceased.
Notice Is licrehv given tlutt tlietim ersbilt-
A executor of the MM Will and Test-uiteiit
of John Uttr s, deeeiiH'il, hii tiled and iHV-
sented for settlement In said I'litirl,
lis lliutl
account of his ililllilnbtratlnn of said estate,
auu nun Tucviiiv, tun nil diiv 01 septeiniier,
A. l)i IKSti. being a dav of a regular term, to
wit. S pteuiberlerni, I88il,nf said iMlirt, at
10 o'clock A.M.. nf that dav, at Ihu court
room of said court, In the' Court lulilsei ih
the eltv of Union, In saul countv arid state,
ha been appointed by the eotil'l us tile tllito
and place for the settlement of Mini account
and for healing and olilecllons to the same.
Dated AugiiM 4(h ikmi,
. , W. T. WUKlltT,
O. K. BHbb, Kxe utor of lust Will .10
Att'y f. r llx'tin of John Ihtrm, tleeeasi'd.
notick vou l'uTiucATioxT"
l.ANntli'.ricti At la OitAXiilJ, Oiii:(itii,
, , .lull 20, ifisrt. ,
Nolb'O Is hert'by given that the follouiiigi
tmmi-d selt'er has tiled itntlce of Ids Inti.'il
tlnii to make thud proof In support of Ills
chiltn.iliid that said proof will be tu.ide be
fore llfglster and Ib't-t lver at U Ol'alule,
Oregon, 011 Septetllber Hi, Ut
Sikiouel Smith,
lid. Nn.S8it1. fur the HV NK NW lli NK
SW nnd SlJ NW See 2 Toll lishlji 11 Suillli It 41
KWM. lie nrtines the MlloUfng witnesses
to prove Ills continuous residence Upon, and
vat Id! ofi s.lld ttuilv VU : Joseph Van-
.(...l.t.teM Vri..,..!.,.. l,l..l..l...l UKilll.
UU,Ull,ilf Ul'Ull VUKU.UV., ,l,,t. ,71,11.11,
Aiiriun ratuirvn urr, nti o u lion, ur.
llKftltT UtSKIIAItT.
A Profitable Conversation Hctneon Fath
er find Son.
"Father, why does Drake's Cnh Store sell
so much cheaper than other stores?"
"Good, 111 v son, I am glad to know you feel
an interest in the people,"
"I do, father, and 1 know one can save so
much at Drake's that I want to know how
be does it."
"Good again. Then you must know that
it is merely a problem of finance, that even
n child can understand. Mr. Drake buys
for cash and sells for cash. In buying for
eas,h he gets discounts-"
"What is discount, father?"
"Part of the cost of the go ids thrown oil"
for cash in hand, at the time of purchase."
"Why should he get this, father?"
"Because monev draws interest, and if
they have the. cash in hand they can atlord
to make a big leduction for the use of the
"And is this one of the reasons why Mr,
Drake sells so much cheaper than other
merchants in I 11 on?"
"Yes, one. Then another one is he sell
fdr cash exclusively, and instead of having
his goods nnd money too. as in the credit
system, in the hands of his customers, he
has i t to use in buying more goods, and by
Miming 111,1 money quicKiy, lie can till!
maxc more prom at a small margin a-il can
handle the same money four or live times
while those who sell on credit arc waiting
for their customers to pay thcin. for in the
credit system the customer has both the
goods and the monev of the merchant, and
consequently the merchant cun use neither
one nor the other."
"Then, father, you don't like the credit
"No, my son. 'tis the curse of every conn
try. Peonle have to imv more for their
goods, and more than this, have to pay th
bad accounts."
"Yes, I see, father. And Mr. Drake runs
Ins store economically too, and keens the
best goods and saves the people money bv
his low prices, and I shall never buy any
mure on me ereiiit svsiem."
Advertisement Tor Stilled Hid.
Scaled bids will be received at the olllce of
the County CImi Ij, at Union. Union countv
Or., up to 12 o'clock M.ol SetitV. 8th, 1880
for medicine and medical treatment of all
paupers, who become a public charge in thi
county, cither resident or transient, and for
all prisoners eonuneil 111 the county jail (lu
ring said time. The court reserves 'the right
10 reject any auu an urns.
Judge of Union County, Oregon.
Advrtliieiiinl For Healed Itiiln.
Healed bids will be received at the olllce of
the County Clerk, ut. Union, Union county,
Oregon, for the delivery of thirty cords of
good four-foot wood, to be delivered in the
court house yard, and corded up in a prop
er manlier. Bids will be received until 12
o clock JSI. of the Hth day of ficpteniber,
iu..i. rl . a
ject any and all bids.
O. P. GOOD Abb,
Judge of Union County, Oregon.
Atlvrrtlni-mciit f.'or Seiilrd Itlds.
Sealed bids will be received at the otlice of
tlio County Clerk, at Union, Union county
Oregon, for the construction of three suita
hie piers or stone abiittmeuts. to be put in
at the "lush Trap ' bridge on Grande Koiidc
river. The court in awarding this contract
will entertain bids for the construction of
thesuine of masonry, laid in lime mortar,
and also of piers built of hewn timbers of
durable wood, Idled with rock. Bids w ill
be received until Wednesday noon, Septem
ber 8lh, 1880. The court reserves the right
to reject any and all bills.
Judge of Union County. Oregon,
AdvarUnciiicnt For Hruled Hid.
Sealed bids will be received at the office of
the County Clerk, at Union, Union county,
Oregon, up to 12 o'clock M. of September
8th, I881I, for the keeping of the county
paupers for one year, commencing Sep. Utii,
18Sd and ending hep Dili, 1887. Said contract
is to be for boarding, clothing, nursing,
and ull neecssnry care of all persons who
become a county charge, either as resident
or transient paupers, during Miid year, at
so much per week for each person. The
right Is reserved to reject any and all bids.
In case of the death of any pauper the
contractor shall pay funeral expenses.
O. P. GOODAbb,
Judge of Union County, Oregon.
AdvnrtlMuiient Fur Sealed llids,
Scaled bids will be received at the olllce of
the County Clerk ut Union, Union countv,
Oregon, Up to September 8th, 188(1 at 12
o'clock M. of said day, for the construction
of a bridge across Grande Uonde river at
"Fish Trap" crossing of said stream. Bids
for the construction of a good substantial
bridge, on any plan in common use, will
be considered. The right Is reserved to re
ject any and all bids.
Judge of Union County, Oregon.
A dm in intra! ors' Notice.
Notice is. hereby elven that the undcr-
signed has been duly appointed bv the Hon.
ny aii
I ouuty ( ourt ol Union countv, State of
Oregon, lidminlstrnlor of the estate Of Adam
.Miller, deceased. 11 tit 1 I hereby notify the
creditors of, and all pehous having claims
against said deceased, to exhibit the same,
with the necessary vouchers, within six
months from the publication of this notice,
to the Undersigned at his residence two and
otic-halt tulles .North-west of Unioll.
I SIMON' Mli.l.HU.
I Adlilinirtiator.
. 10. 188(1.
Kstablishcd In
The Union Nurserv Coiiitianv offer for
salu for fall anil sbrltlit trade u'f issu and
1 W.
5,ooo Prill l, Shade Trees and
At JM'icos to CoproMnoiMl
With the tliuoH.
Having had tiffiity yea I1 espcrlopce In
the nurery bu.siness and mill urOwitln in
I'nlou county. 1 conclude that I well un-
der-staud wb'at lite climate .of Kalern Ore
(ton, ajllliiti
ton and Idaho Territorial)
most neeii,
1 Will issue clfelllars Miotl, for free dUtrb
btltloh, kIvIhJ,' lUt Of varielle.i and pril'usi '
1'or further paitloulai's, uddrcsS)
II, J. UElSlt, l'liUl'IUUtdrt,
Corei Union Cuuntyi Oreyum
Has jest received a verv large and varied assortment of Dress Hoods, Ladies' Cloaks,
Gents' Furnishing Good, Clothing. Boots and Shoes, and
Usually found in a General Merchandise Store, which ho will sell Cheaper
than ever before,
fill iiiii
Groceries. Crockery' Glassware
Bottom Prices, For Cash.
Highest Cash Price
Main Street, Union, Oregon,
Has just Received an Immense Stock of New Goods, which he will soil at a
Please compare tlio following prices with those of other stores in the county :
Wash Boards
Guns, Eevolvers,
Having rented the old stand formerly occupied by I. A. Boskowitz,
J have PERMANENTLY LOCATED and opened up a
New, Full and Complete Assortment of
HOOTS and SHOES, HATS ami CAPS, etc.
liflod nrc Constantly Arriving, and all Departments of the Store
will bo kept FULL and COMPLETE,
1 Witt NOT
And Invito everybody to coniu and examine goods, learn prices and
judge for themselves. 1 HUY and 8 ELL VOU CASH,
My motto is:
-A.. Xj. S-A-TTZLSTIDIEIEB. Proprietor,
i u i iA Lit mm jtxjd wmm
TAMAE TMATMBKT! s; -pssr tftt
yoiimrund tuiildle-aed. who have, by their indiM ietioiis or cce-'iveindilli,'etice. hrounlit
upon theuifi'lve nl'rvuus prostratloti. debility, nerVolisand phvsieiil wcakm., producing
soii.e of the followiUL eil'eets . Nervousness, Debility. Dimness of Muht. Defective Mem
ory, Pimples on the Face. Aversion to Nicietv, Want of Anililthin, Melancholy, Pvspep
kUi., btiss of Power, Pains in the Hack, etc., etc. ; for allfucb derangements
a permanent cure is guaranteed by the I'e of Tam lit Tkkat.mknt.
Tilinnt1 Treatment l'r.'Hci llieU lij-!le l.i
St. bdiiia. Mo., Feb. 10, Ittstj,
"For Wore than three years I have used
Ta1au TnnATMKXT witli the best results. 1
recall now ceveralea-e.sof aenilltal weakness
and debility with all its evil rolisequciicc!!
1 have treated durltlK the past J-ear, which
hiive been cured by tiie in-e of the Tukat
MHXt. and several Of these ease? wire iu the
last Ktaites, The composition of the dill'er
cut medicines contained in the Ti:hatmknt
indicate, and its ctlcet.s prove it to bu a spe
eiuc restorative of liorve and sexual power.
You are at liberty u-us my letter ill any
way that w ill contribute to your pleasure or
profit, There are so inunvnearlv woHhlcas
pronrietary inedicines of this Mud on the
market (and every dav Is adding to their
number) that w hen one is found to be re-
TAMA U TKF.ATMKNT is Mild on its merits. Kaeb package conlaittK all ne.Ueines
nteessary for over tine month treatiuciit.
LTessarv for over mm mouth's, treatment, with full and colnpletc instruction Jl .v to ex
else. diet, buthe, etc.; price. I ak.vk'I'kkatmk.nt, perpac kne fi.tKl; three puikugea f.VOO, 1
int pfontdd mid siOurelv sealed mi receipt of price.
TAM Alt TKKAT.MftN'T having liven used so mii cessfti'lj in privtup practice iind in
ercise.otei, ouine, etc.; price, l
tlio bopltnl of. st. IaHU for tlio past nfeeii years, und knov .Ug. ns we do, its wotiderrUl
curative etleelK. we will give the following guarantee: Willi cueli order for .1 iiackngvs
til inoiitn swuimout), enclosing f,v. we will semi our written gunnuduo to retiibd tub
money if the Tkhatmoxt ibuih not elVuet euro. Pnekagw im c. O. U. tin n oellit of $l,
US security ugaliwt Iiihs. Send monev by ;prtss P. O. Mohey Order, or regiMeml let
ter. l oUf . , Address: E. J,. iH.AXU A: (JOn t'ole Prtlprudvr, k W.UuriOtll, nnd
Mitr lull titfii) bti liouU, Moi
Wooden and Willow Ware, ifcc, Ac.
varied assortment. All ut
Immense Stock
paid for Procluce.lgJigJ
tined Hay Forks
Manure Forks
Itake, and Hoe bandies
... 2f)c
. ..7.r)C.
. . .Wo.
. SOe.
. fl.00.
. :ro.
Hand Saws. .
Kureka Wringers
. . 60c. 1
$2.60. ;
25c. i
Steel Traps . ..
Towel Hacks
Single trees, ironed
Neck Yokes ,,
. . 25c.
Tlr.! Finest Assortment of
In the County.
The Celebrated
and Amunition.
u.llnK l'h ol( Uimi
Henll tflirtt Thry Sayl
ally valuable I think It the duty of the pro
fession to make It known.
L .1. Z. HA f.I.. Mi D "
017 Walnut St.. St. bonis. Mo.
Tmaii Tiikvtmknt is nn ..seillifd dnllv for
all forms of nervous debility In both sexts'
jts well as for checking the uulnutiral secret i
hisses which cause jo much los of vitalitv
'1 be mediclnt s are prompt iu action nnd I
uerniancntly restore those weakened bvenr .
ly Indiserellnii. excesses or uVernnrk of tin
bftiin. A tUlmher of pbysleiaus Imve dis ,
eafded all the hyimphospliltcs, Dainlat'ii
plntspliorus formulas tttiil p i
scribe Tam Ait TitiHTMBNT with tiie hcm iv .
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tolerated ny the stomal b.
with tun ami coltm cteiiistrni'tiitr.x n .u tn
etc. I
Oregon E'y. & .Navi
gation Company.
Truin.s arrive and
depart from Union
dailv. as follows
Passenger. No.O, b've Passenger, Xo. 5, 1vc
at 11 :U" a. in. at 1 tffii. m.
Freight. No. I'), l.'ve Freight, No. 16. I.'vt
at (i:Qj a. in. at. 8:00 a. in.
Making close connection at HuntingUm
with trains of the Oregon Short bine Hail
road for Abb POINTS 15AST and SOUTH:
U I matilla with trains forTHHDAI.I.KS
At Wallula Junction for WALLA AI
LA, DAYTON, Aii:; also with trains of the
Northern Pacific Railroad for A LL POINTS
At Portland with trains for all points in
steamers for ASTOKIA. and all points on
Leaving at 12 Midn't., L'v'ng Spear st. wb'f
us follow: at 10 11.111. as follows:
Col'a., Tliur .. Aug KijState. Wed. . Aug II
State, Sun .. ,, IS? Iregoii, Sat . 21
Oregon. Wed... L'f Columbia, Tues ,. 24
Columbia. Sat . .. 28 State, Fii . . 27
State, Wed .Sep 1 Oregon, Mon ,,30
Oregon, gat ,, 4 Columbia, Fri Sep 3
Columbia, Thur. I' state, Wed ...
St ite. Tues . ,, 1-1 Oregon, Mon IS
Oregon. Hun ., b 'olutnbia, Sat.. ,- 18
Columbia, Fri.. ,. 24 State, Thur. 2.'
State, Wed . ., ft. Oregon, Tues . 2f
The company reserves the right to cbangf
steamers or sailing days,
0. H. PltlCOTT. ) JOHN MUIU.
Manager, f Tratlic Manager.
JNO J. BYBN K, Gen'l Pass. & Ticket Apt.
II. L. DUACON. Agent. Union.
G. A. HON 1 1 AM,
rnt wmm
H. 1IKJ L LJ XJ X 1 LJ Jl-IL 1 1 lUi i
Dentistry in all its branches. All
operations warranted. Gold Filling
Ollice Corner A and Main Streets.
Dealer in F.very Variety of
We now have on band a large assortment
.st P1MMT T ltt.I.Vrsi whifli nro iielnwuet.
'edged to be the purest and healthiest con-
lectiouery in tne woriu.
Particular attention is invited to my line of
Fishing Tackle,
Which .-ire in great variety and very
reasonable in prices.
III addition to the above we carry in atocl,
nearly every article usually kept in a flrn
class drug s'tcre, including
Sponges, Trusses,
Shoulder Braces,
Brushes, Perfumery,
Short Horn Cattle
As it is necessary to make s'oms change In
niv business, 1 will sell a very line one-yearr
olil xhort Horn bull, and twenty-live head
of Cows, Heifers and Calves.
Mv cattle arc all T lorottghbred IteRifdcr
cd JSliort -horns, of the best strain o' lilood.
I have the bct herd of Shorthorns in the
Mate, ami Ibis is the best opportunity ever
offered to persons wishl'.g to improve their
cattle, as thev can bus' better cut Ilu for lesx
money, of me, than from any importer. I
w II sell in v herd wit lout re-erve. Time
given If desired. I must sell, so conic and
see tnv stock, or address meat t'nloii, Or.
Jul.i7-tf. O. P.OOODAI.L,
The BEST Washing
Machine in the World!
WuitMro's. Agonts for Union county
This machine is without doubt the. best in
existence, and gives KNT1R12 Mitisfuetlor.
wherever tried,
nr-Machbiesin stock at J. 11. EATON'S
STuKE. where they can be bought at any
Ascension School,
(For Girls.)
Cove, Oregon.
Third year begins September 2nd., lft.
For proMicctuti civlng full information, ad
dress. JtBV. W. It. POWEbl.,
Jul.i7-tf. PHneipiil.
Second vear bi'irlns entetiiher Umb. ietf6.
For prospectus, address:
jul 17-tf. Prinelpal,
r iriTlrlMlll
- . ' - . .
I" Wm A T WW
la U A M K
lir4'r iv eii wniM.n
Hi wtarlnir QuidltlM art ulitarrf'VVil
tutliullUi,lwblH('rf snypthfrlirnn.1, ttwiiw
KiOaial OiUt tl MT T 1 1 K U US V I Ms
ron bale nV
Ofu nu4 WHiilautoii Ter. Mrfcm
mu4 Utbir srkll(.
JJI'LlU'iS mu. u