The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, July 03, 1886, Image 7

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rhellpht flashed In, past each shrunken board,
And blazed In the fragrant hay,
Q'hcrc the wifely hens tlielr esri: had stored
In howls of the new-made hay I
And there went the Iris-spattered dovfc
On the cross-beams to and fro,
Telllnc the sweetness of her love
To her mate, as white as snow.
fricrc through the open, knot-hole-door
Swift swallows hurtled past
To their hrneket-ncsts the rafters bore
Glued to their sides so fasti
.tilled to sleep 'ncath the "dishing" roof,
Ilv the drone torn; of the flv,
While the horse "marked time" with his fall
ing hoof
Stamping the floor hard hi'.
t was joy to be In the quiet place
In the sunshine and the rain
And we wouln feel It were quite a grace
To be put there once again I
Jerome W. Turner, in the Current.
The people of Lowcrton wero nioro
ar less given to talking among them
selves about the. boy. Ami in talking
ibout hint thoy always evinced a deep
pity for the parents, because they had
Dorn to them one who was of weak and
foolish intellect. Hut notwithstanding
the fact that this boy had been denied
for some mysterious reason that gift
which makes every possessor of it a
icing, and his parents the proud reflec
tion that their offspring was unlike
other children in the world, Clem
Peterson and his wife could not help
loving, and tenderly, the one who now
and henceforth was to claim uncon
ciously that greater consideration at
their hands which was only his due.
Ho was now a boy of a dozen sum
mers, and far from attractive in out
ward appearance, being singularly
grotesque of form, and in his move
ments, awkward in the highes degree,
His features were more or less distort
ed, his hair was of a saffron hue, and
his eyes the color of grass. His voice
w:n thin and nasal, and in speaking he
uttered his words in a drawing man
ner. Yet, notwithstanding all this
las k of comeliness and grace, there was
that element in his character which
drew toward him tho favorable regard
of nearly all ho knew him, and this
va his truly all'ectionate disposition.
Moreover, unlike most individuals born
to his lot, nothing ever appeared to
ruillo his equan niity of temper, since,
on such occasions he was tho same
gentle being. In infancy his parents
gave him the name of Tommy, ami la
this name he was known in the place,
though a few disrespectful and unfeel
ing among his companions had bestow
ed on him the unchristian appellative
He went to tho village school, and on
all occas ons conducted himself with a
lieroruin which ought to have put to
thumc many of his schoolmates. It is
open to grave doubt, however, if ho
ever required a knowhclgo of tho
alphabet, since, notwithstanding the
fact that his teacher sought most as
Bidtiously to instill into his mind an
Acquaintance with at least the simplest
rudiments of the mother tongue, she '
failed most signally in her ellbrts to
elevate the intellectual condition of ono
who had been far less endowed in this
respect than his fellows. And failing
as a scholar, Tommy also failed to do ,
bis part in the games and pastimes
which obtain with most boys, and so in
lime it grew to bo a. common saving
with the uncharitable and unsympathet
ic among his comrades, that, "Booby j
isn't good for anything."
The years went by, and Tommy was
now Hearing h s sixteenth summer. Ho !
no longer attended school, possibly for
the reason that ho had grown tired of
the never-ending monotony of stud
which fell to his lot.
His mothor had passed to her grave
leaving her husband to alone watch
over and care for tho one whose exis
tence, it must be confessed, had brought
to her life the pain of grievous disap
pointment. In tho foundry near his
home Clem Peterson toiled day after
day for tho support necessary to him
self and the dependent upon In in, while
Tommy an idle nobody wandered
hero and there about tho villago as
curiosity prompted him. tho sport of
tho small bos, and tho butt of the
largo ones. At heart tho father was a
lonely, sad man, and the burden he
was rested heavily upon him.
The 1 ghtcst of his cares was to have
food and clothing for himself and child,
and had mero labor been the one con
sideration of his mind his life in the
main had been an easy one. lint that
which, day after day, and week alter
week, preyed upon" his soul only lo
haunt him with a misery that would
not go away, was the reflection that
ho was not as other fathers in tho
world, and why he ho would query to
riimcnlf nrnr mill nirnin lM. .'
is curse visited upon me?"
"Don't take it so hard. Clem!" said
k Kuben, n fellow-workman, one
as the latter observed his friend to
an unusually sober mood. "It
notn ng vo :o to mmuo for! Hoar
nr Tin. mil loimwi i linr. nv
-- - - r ' - - - - - w ' "i
I 1! til
another workman, "lint don't
.! t 1 . L 1 'II ,
uu ui uiiu tin. nun mum
rillln of vn!"
course It was
wholly impossible
he latter individual to have spoken
..1 1 T l I . - . I 1- !!..
iwineiv. l nm led to t nnlc his re
Is re on his part to buov un the heart
of the father to a belief that in his
child thero was a spark of latent intel
ligence which, ono dav, would glow
with tho brightness of noble action.
Hut whether or uot tho speech had
tho effect intended, I am unable to say.
Certainly it did not weigh in the mind
of Kuben who, in language character
istic of him, retorted as follows:
"Bo blowed on If a iloin' .somothln'
and a fool at that. To dio will bo the
only thing he 11 bo r peoted for!"
A sigh was heard to fall from tho
hps of Peturson, and here tho conver
sation ended. One morning, n week
tor, littlo Paddy Barns patno running
o&t of broevUi int tfct fwuukry with tlx
alarming intelligence that "Booby" had
fallen into the river. Instantly all the
men dropped their work, anil started
to go to the rescue of tho unfortunate
"Oh! he's got out he's got out!
Got out all himself, (oo, I reckon!"
shouted the lad, as he gazed toward the
river some rods away. The men paused
short, and bent their eyes in the direc
tion referred to, and, sure enough, who
should bo seen coining hurridly up the
path leading from the river but the
veritable Tommy holding his arms ex
tended as ho walked, tho water drip
ping from his face and garments like
rain, and tho poor fellow an object cer
tainly of pity, yet merriment.
"teller cdi.ern!" remarked Ruben,
with an air of great seriousness and
dignity as Tommy drew nearer. "Hore
iu is fulfilled the loftnr prophecy once
delivered by our valued assoeiate'(turn
ing toward Burns) respective our young
friend. (Now looking in the direction
of Tommy.) Though startlin', it was
a brave act on his part! lie has did it!
Behold the cuss!"
Several present wero led to indulge
in laughter, and that of an immoderate
character, because of Kuben's speech,
though tho greater number, out of re
gard, I think, for Peterson, refrained
from any exhibition of hilarity. But
the father apparently unmindful of the
unkindly pleasantry on tho part of the
speaker, as also tho merriment it had
occasioned, went to his boy and taking
him by the hand as if ho nr.d been the
very paragon of sons, led him gqutly
past the crowd of onlookers to his
home, there to kindly care for tho one
whom God hadscnt to him to care for
and love.
Summer glided into autumn, and
autumn died in tho embrace of winter,
In tho foundry at Lowcrton, Clem
Peterson continued to toil as ho had
done, though lie was not the same man
even that lie had been. His hair had
grown very gray, his form was bowed,
his movements wero less sprightly,
winie in lus heart there brooded more
and more deeply tho sorrow which,
like a slow vet certain poison, was
wearing his life away. But Tommy
was the same personalitv as formerly,
only in physical staturo he had grown
unfil he was taller than most vouths of
his years. No special incident had oc-
eurreil m ins History since tlio adven
ture narrated,, save as this had been
several times repeated in his case, and
on one occasion, in late summer, when
a circus had visited Lowcrton, ho had
allowed himself to bo too familiar with
the elephant, the result being lio was
, suddenly and ungracefully lifted several
feet into tho air, and, descending to
trrra Jlrmn, he had been severely repri
manded bv the keeper for his daring
imprudence. Moro than onco Ruben
had taken it upon himself to remind
Burns of tho prediction lie had male
, concerning Tommy, and the answer lie
I would invar. ably receive from his friend
would be that there was "Plenty of
time plenty of time!" followed by the
1 sentiment somewhat varied in the
, speaker "Them as the gods love, thoy
! don't always die earlv!"
At length winter relaxed her rigorous
, hold upon the year. Tho air grew
1 milder, the snow began to melt, the
' ice-bound streams to burst from their
long impr sonnient, while Spring, in all
! the plenitudo of her ioyaneo and
bcautv, stood waiting in the distance
, the glad proclamation of earth "lie
turn!" Upon the high hills skirting
the valley of the Huron the dissolving
snows descended the steep slopes, and
, the little river, which in sununor-timi
and early autumn was as peaceful and
iairy-iiko as a poet s dream, com
1 inenccd to overflow its banks and en
large its borders until it was as a sea.
j Tor more than lifty miles back from its
j mouth, at the head of Lake Erie, a
1 demon unfettered and free, tho Huron
! rolled and plunged on hour after hour,
j sweeping in its mad career everything
j in its path. At no point in its course
did its waters rise to such a height
anil spend their fury with so much
: strength as at Lowcrton, where, in the
brief space of forty-eight hours, prop
erty accessible lo" their influence and
aggregating thousands of dollars in
j value was destroyed, families rendered
homeless and poor, and human lives
swept ruthlessly into eternity.
On the evening preceding the fust
' day of the flood the peoplo of the vil
lago retired to their homes at an early
hour, l.ttle realizing the terriblo events
1 of the morrow. It was no unusual thing
1 for tin Huron to overflow its banks at
I this season of the year, but to do more
j than th.s was so rare an event it had
j not happened in over twenty years.
Karly the next morning, as in groups
j tho excited inhabitants hastened to the
scene of desolation and danger, and
I gaz ng up and down the valley beheld
I homo afier homo surrounded by the
j merciless elements, and the occupants
thereof worse than prisoners, it m-oded
' but a glance, as it were, on the part of
tlioso who wero safd Iwyond all harm,
to understand that steps must bo taken
immediately for tho relief of the sull'er
er3. In less than half an hour more
than a dozen boats, manned by skillful
men, put out in various directions to
tho roscuo of those who, with hearts
full of anxiety and fear, wero watching
aud waiting for deliverance. Among
those who that hour stood gazing out
upon the awful scene was tho poor de
mented youth, Tommy Peterson. Stand
ing with arms akimbo, his head sketch
ed forward, his eyes staring wildly
about, and tho wind playing with his
long, unkempt yellow hafr, ho present
ed a picture which savored indeed more
of the ludicrous than tho serious.
Did ho really understand tho signifl.
canco of all that was taking place,
- I. . .1 . 1 . I , P . -
was no prompted to fend his presence
to tho occasion because there was some
thing going on?
By ten o'clock that forenoon fifteen
familieswith tho exception of six
members residing in humblo yot com
fortnblo homes in tho valley, homes ol
which they had become possessed
through tho hard, slender earnings ol
years, these had b;en removed to the
v.llage and carod for under hosp table
roofs. They had b;on saved from the
frenzy of the flood, but tho rest, con
sisting of property, either had been oi
was soon to bu borno away a wreck up
on tho deop and mightv 'currant. S
men who, at early daj break, had at
tempted to ford tho sir-jam to the v j
lage .n search of help had lobt tho.
Ilv? v cffvrt, and tli6 bodie-
were not recovered until the subsiding
of the waters on the seventh tin v.
Among the number who p rished
was Mike Burns, one of tin inot faith
fill and respected of those empioel at
the fommrv. 1 have skitcd that--with
tho above exception liftecu faniilie
had l een rescued from the frenzy of
the flood no, not all rescued, either
for at early noon that same dav it was
soon discovered that Ruben s youngest
child, hardly more than an infant, wa
missing! Up to that hour in tho fear
ful excitement attending the rescue of
tho unfortunate peoplo of the valley
strange as it may appear, neither Ru
ben nor his wife, nor. indeed, anyone
had noticed that this little bov, who
had been left sleeping in his cradle
was not among the number saved. No
time was to be lost. The child must be
found at once, since with each passing
moment tho waters were rising higher
and higher, and soon, very soon, in
deed, it would bo too late: I he next
moment the father, with blanched face
anil wildly beating heart, went rushing
down the street leading to the river,
closely pressed by half a dozen men,
ciu'h one eager to bear a part m the nits
sion of life and love. But there was onr
who had preceded all of these, one
who, half an hour before, through
presentiment which had eomo to linn
God alone know how, and why had
set out upon that sullen tide to seek
and to save! But see! Hois returning!
Has ho found the object of his quest.
and is he bearing it to tlioso who, tor
ror-stricken, will receive it with hearts
too full of gratitude lo express it?
Watch him as he comes! How adroitly
he steers his craft among the driftin
cakes of ice and floating debris! Slow
ly, yet surely, ho is Hearing tho shore
What is that little liguro that nestles a
his feet? Ah! it is it is tho child
tho child Itubcn's child! Tho boat
comes nearer nearer, and now
grinds upon its keel, and strong arms
reach forth and draw it and its occu
pants ashore, and Reuben, with tears
streaming down his cheeks, while ho
lifts his little one to his breast, looks
his thanks it is all ho can do to Ins
child's noblo preserver Tommy Peter
son. The rest of that dav, and, indeed,
so long as ho lived, Tommy and his
achievement was the talk of the village.
for the Hood was apparently lost sight
of in tho minds of the peoplo in tho
praises that wero bestowed upon the
bravo youth. But at tho cost of his
life had ho succeeded in his endeavor.
That night lie was taken violent lv ill
from undue exertion and exposure din
ing the preceding hours, and when the
doctor came to sec him ho gave little
or no hope of his living until the morn
ing. Toward midnight tho sufferer
grew rapidly worse, and, suddenly
clutching hold of bis father s arms.
and, raising himself up in bed, ho ex.
claimed, in a moment of delirious en
thusiasin: "Pa, tell tho boys that
Iloobu was good for sometiug, for ho
saved he saved Ruben's child!" and,
sinking back upon his pillow, ho closed
his eves and said no more. The third
day Tommy's funeral took place in the
little ehure'h in the village. The house
was filled to overflowing, and in his re
marks the pastor, with much feeling,
alluded to the sad misfortunes attending
tho life of the deceased, but said that
all these wero overshadowed anil for
gotten in the ono grand and beautiful
act which closed his earthly career.
j no lamer s sorrow, tiiougn calm, was
deep, but the grief of Ruben and his
wife was touching he had saved their
child! Geo. Xcwell Lovcjoy, in the Cur
rent. The Wood IlaL
J ho wood rat lays up enormous
stores of acorns during or prior to tho
wet season. But it is a useless provi
sion, as tho nuts can bo found at any
time. A nest recently opened was ar
ranged seemingly in a regular manner
as regards apartments; tho general
shapo was domelike, being formed of
sticks and other refuse piled upon each
other, so that it was torn apart with
great difficulty. Three openings wero
ipparcnt, loading in from below, and
entering tho nest proper, which consti
tuted the first story. This was provid
ed with soft moss material of various
kinds, showing that the wood rat had
an eye for comfort. Immediately above
this was an apartment, It it eau bo so
called, filled with acorns-, several quarts,
is near as I could judge, and abovo
this rose the domelike top, forming a
perfect watcrshcad, a fact proved by tho
dry nest, that did not show tho slightest
signs of moisture. The position of the
nest varies. In tho one mentioned it
was on tho ground, built up around a
tree. Others are constructed m tho
open greasewood, and still another, in
Millars canyon, is built on a tree six
or eight feet from tho ground. In
some nests the material is undutiblcdly
tho accumulation of years, and might
well weigh a ton, and would form two
good loads for a cart. Whother tho
wood rat hibernates I havo been unablo
to dolorinine, but am inclined to think
not; tho supply of acorns pointing to
nn active appolito, and 1 havo seen
them out within a month. Almost
every branch of animals has its repre
sentatives among the winter or summer
sleepers, and Dr. Abbott, tho eminent
archteologist, is under the impression
that ho has observed swallows in a
state of hibernation. As tho snakes in
southern California nnd all over tho
north hibornato in winter, so do tin
arge reptiles in Florida, as the alliga
tors, though this is only in the portions
where cold strikes them, as on the SU
Mary's river and about Fornaudtna.
aan trancisco luu.
A Masterly Effort.
A man came rushing Into the office
of ye scribe and Pharisee, wearing a
sinister expression cut bias, with scal
lops around tho edges, and demanded
in a voice of thunder and lightning:
"1b tho editor inr
"Is it any of jour business?"
"Yes, s.r. Bo you the man?"
"I am tho guilty wretch."
'D.dyou write that?" placing IiIh
finger upon an articlo wo had dashed
off at tin odd moment.
"I think I did. In fact, I'm suro I
did. What of it?"
Well," said ho, the pitch droppln
from ins voice in great chunk's,
was a masterly effort. "Qoodall's Bun.
One among the many eminent church dig
nitaries who havo civen their public en
tlotxenicnt to tho wonderful cfllcncy of St.
Jacobs Oil, In enso ol rheumatism and
other painful ailments, la tho Right Rever
end liishop Gilmo-ir, Cleveland, Ohio.
Itiillroiid Time Table.
Prof. Georgo L. Vose, whoso innnunl on
rnilroad engineering if ntithority tho world
over, was ono day puzzling over the time
card on the wall of tho Boston and Maine
station, without milking out what ho
wnnted to know, when tho president of tho
road, Mr. Purber, cnino by nnd nccostctl
"I nm very Rind to see you," tho profes
sor said. "I wish you would help nio out
with this tlmo table. I cannot make head
or tail out of it."
The president joined in tho Investigation,
nnd for somn moments the pair floundered
about among n. m.'s and p. ni.'s with no
satisfactory results whatever.
"Oh. I never enn mnUo anything out ot
those things," President l'urber exclaimed
nt length. "Let's nsk somebody!"
And they wont and asked a brnkemnn.
Providence. Journal.
The only cough mixturo before the peo
ple, that contains no opiates or narcotics
is RcdtStar Cough Cure. Price, twenty-fivo
I'rolinbly n Lous Semlon.
"When do you think congress will ad
journ?" Senator Hoar wns naked.
"I don't know now," ho replied. "Thero
were 5 10 sent into tho conscience fund yes
terday, nnd I suppose we will have to stay
until Senator Illnir pots upa bill to givo tho
money away to somebody."
"When do you think congress will ad
journ?" Senator Illnir was asked.
"Oh, it's impossible to tell now," he an
swered. "I hco that Senator Hoar has
given notlco of his intention to deliver a
speech." Washington Ilatchot.
"Hall's Nalr Kenower keeps my hair in
good condition." Mrs. S. II. Scott, Stod
dard, N. 11.
Ayer's Aguo Curo is a purely vcgotnblo
compound, and is fieo from dangerous
Our Pnxon grandmothors culled garters
7hen Eby -win nIc'V, -wo pure her Cutorla,
When ttm Child, she sried for Caalorla,
When olio became MUs, alio clung to Cmtorla,
V.'hsa the bail Children, she giro them Cajtoria,
Our Yo Somito Valley is hard); knowd in
I am selling consideiahlo of your valu
able nii'diciiio At hlophoros. My sales aro
Inrreat-ing every day. it is curing one case
of severe ihouiiitilisin of years standing in
which all doctors had failed. J. M. Kvnns,
druggist, Bvausville, Wis.
A sharp engagement a bayonet chnrgo.
Tho Omaha Typo foundry can furnish
new newspaper outfits on short notice.
Prices mimo as in Chicago nnd freight
already paid to Omaha.
Internal improvements falso tooth.
ltelli-f l Immeillale, and a cure suie. I'lio'i Kern
edy furCatnrrli. &)c.
Shouldn't organists take out a liconso to
OvEpilr of linnin enn bn (nvpd vrnrly by uttng
Lyou's I'tttcnt Mi'lnlUe lli'd BlUTenci.
An evangelical weapon tho Acts of tho
If nflllctrd with oro Hyes, nno Dr. Isnno
TlioinpMiii's Kjo WhUt. DriltfglBts Boll it. -jo
Coin from the mint of nature penny
royal. MJJ5NTN H'ANrUn,
To represent tho "Mutual Itesorvo Fund
Ufo Association of Xow York." The larg
est, strongest, aud most prosperous Insur
ance Company on tho Globe, age mid secur
ity considered I, 'KM) members In Pno-
DrnsUn, botween 5i, 000,000 and 5(i,000,-
000 insurnuce. Liberal Commissions paid
to active, energetic agents. No others
If you wish nn nconcy or to Insuro your
life in a jood Company, address 15. if.
Kohison, (jcncrul Mnnuger, Umnlia, Ne
braska. Somo of tho summer styles of lials nro
decidedly nobby.
Tho Omaha Typ foundry can furnish
now nowspaper outfits on short notlco.
Prices saino na in Chicago nnd freight
nlrendy paid to Omaha.
Only a saint's name is legal iu Fronch
Vigor mi Vitality
Arf quickly clvente every part of tbebody ly Ilood'i
Bripjrllla. Tlmt tlreil feellu ! entirely over-
inc. Tlie blood l purlfled, enrlrlied, and vhallreJ.
and carries liealth luticad of dl-ieaie to every orgm.
The stomach U toned aud tticnglhened, the ni Ute
rrilored. The kidneys aim liver ato uroued and In-
loiatcd. The train li refreshed, and tho mind
made clear and ready for work. The whole system
li built up and rejuvenated by this peculiar medi
Hood's Sarsnparllla has done me a great deal of
sood. It has I u It upmy k'cnernl health, Khcn me u
regular appetite, and made me full of new life and
energy. Tho sores on my face with which J have
uffered many years are also mucb het'er." Maby
Atkinson, Sumtnerflrld, 1'a.
My son sulTetel from spring debility and iois of
appetite, and was restored to health as soonss he be
Can to take our favorite medicine. Hood's Barsapa
rlila. We recommend It to all our friends" Mm.
TuatiA K. Smith, Kclplovllle, N. Y.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Sold by all druggists. (It six for U. Prepared only
ly C. 1. 1I00U & CQ., Apothecaries, LowtlU Mass.
IOO Doses One Dol ar
arse vol asivaiiiissaiwtiT,
VOSTfAlOai aOwe'TMla'S atIAT.
wmiii.i. itllo Itrana art. a noaltlra curs for
fllck Headache, Constipation, and Indication. DOSE: ONE el lizn.or this picture lent on re
BEAN. They stimulate) tin I. Iver and act freely on tbe bow calpt of 10o In stamna. Addrei,
els without griping, slckrnlnr th Stomach, omtakenlnt JIILK J5K.ANH,
the vittm. rrlc 2Bc pir Bottli. For ! bf all Dru(I.U. ht. X-ouIi, Mo.
O Liu
ktaasped lia lha aboyt
vaina mm.
Nono aenolao vnlett
loot havlTi"e)T'ri'H imnn
l. I. .1....
Don't waU your money on niruin or rubber coat ThaFIRfl IinANnsnCKKIi
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a ik Inrth.' VIH1I UltAKU" sucaaaand lakenoother. If our storekeenardoeJ
vrrythlntT I"rl'nlnir to a Tlinrnutrh Huslnrsa Filucutluu
tiAiiiflu hr ail nr rl mi cmi! u ml
Ar'nal Tlusluess I'ractlce. reinaaushln. I!eok-k
I r.i. iiiiarii a I aiuuenp
filteiil t,
Jouital, n44ma
reoiilevtho desire to preserve thcirhenlth
should b exceedingly careful nbout their
diet at this season, and nt no time should
they bo without a supply ot Pkiuiv Davis'
I'aix Kll.l.i:i:. the snlest, surest and speed
lest remedy tor all troubles of tho stomach
or bowels. All uruggisis sou it.
A society to promote plain writing Is
seriously proposed.
Ilcuutlliit Women
are made pallid and unattractive by func
tional irregularities which Dr. Pierre's
"Pavorito Prescription" will infallibly
cure. Thousnnds of testimonials. By
Sashes are no longer worn, nnd that is
tho short ot It.
I. It Not Slnsiilnr
that ronsmnntlvrs should bo tho least np
prehrnsivK of their own condition, while all
their friends are urging and beseeching them
to bo more careful about exposure and
overdoing. It may well bu considered ono
of tho most nlarinine svtnntoins of tho dis
case, wliero the patient is reckless nnd will
not believo that ho is danger. Header, il
you tiro in this condition, do not neglect
tho only mem s of recovery. Avoid ex
nosuro and faticue. bo regular In your
habits, and use Inithfiilly of Dr. Pierce s
"Golden Medical Discovery." it hassavod
thousands who wero steadily (ailing.
Hyperion curls and Inz&les delight the
gentler sex.
Don't haw, bawl;, blow, spit, and disgust
everybodv with your otfeasivo breath, but
use Dr. Sago's Catarrh llemcdy and end it.
Isn't tho "ond man" of tho minstrel stage
an en chll,',
A IUoms- l.ltllCU.Vl. OFFISH!
Tin: Voltaic Uki.t Co.. Marshall, Mich.
offer to send their Celebrated Voltaic Hklts
and Klectric Appliances on thirty days'
trial to any man nllhctcd with Nervous Do
bilitv. Loss of Vitality, Manhood-, Ac. Il
lustrated pamphlet in bi:u,i:ii knvki.opi:
with full ii.'iitbulars. mailed free. Write
them at once.
California strawberries aro so big that
thoy plug them to seo if they nro ripo.
For Cuts, Galls, Old Soros, Scratch
es, Thrush, otc, uso Stowart's Heal
ing Powdor, 15 and 50 cents a box.
"Fresh paint'' should bo plainly placard
ed oa somo of tho fashionable damsels.
Don't fail to see the Uatti.i: op GnTTVS-
nuitu when you visit Om.liii, Special ratei
to excursion parties. D.lI.Wheelor,Jr, Soc'y
Isn't it pretty near timo to pension the
men who thought ot going lo tno warr
i:cry strain or cold attarki Hint weak
nun neany irsiratoi jiiu
btreualbena the illunclea,
Stcudlrn tlio Nrrrei,
Knrlchri (lie lllood, Clves New VIor.
SIR. John W Kent. Starkvlllo. Out., nays: "Vor
the past twlvo yuan lliavo BiittVrnd with pains In
my back. I moil llrunn'n Iron Kilters vritb great
Imnetit, I foul better now than 1 hava fur twelve
Mish I.tzztr. Iinr.NNAK.S6l60ool.n Ave., 8t. Tiula,
JIo., airs; " I Diinurod with tplml woaUnera, palm In
my back, and fllHoplenauliCUtti, 1 triod MYurycnnceiv
abta mmody without inucU benutit, Four bnttlta uf
ltrowu'a Iron Iiittf ru have rtilieved mo, and 1 cheer
fully recomraaud it."
Genuine has abovaTrada Mark and rrorind red lines
on wrapper. Tulip no other, llailu only by
The most Wonitrrful Airieulturat rrk In Amorlra.
Suriountlrd br prn.p-rnna inlnlntr airl inanufuctni'lnir
town,, I'Alt.W lUfH I'A IC. KINIlt .Mairnlit
ernt crops lalurd In 111-.. Till) VH.X NUN Ol"
.ii KDNor ;o viui.N.M i:vr i.a.mi. subject
to vre-rmptl jn and homoflsml. Lands for sala tn ac
tual ttttlrrs at WW per acre. 1.II.VC TIM 12.
l'ark lirlpatcd by Imntrnie canals. Cheap railroad
ratoa. Kvery atttnihn thowit trlthrs. V'or map.
paiiphUla, to,aildrrs, COLORADO LAND .V LOAN
00., Opera House lllock, Denver, Colo , Uox nn.
5 Ton AViikoii 8rnlm
Iron Lcr. Ki el 1 eailiijti, Bri
Tui Ucaiu and Ileum llox for
PiTerr me s. ale, For irec fries nil
ntentlno ihl' vr ancl a.Mrei
j0hes of binbhamton,
iun;iia:uton. n. v.
1 faftvs a ixtiltlva lur 11.4 atOYe ulf.l ly lis
tnoui&ndi tfctt of in wort kind anl of Unc lUndlQic
h4 bt,m cure J. I, pnvt.-enr 11 rny faltti In l' efllraey,
11.. 1 1 will ,.n1 TWO i:uTTl.K nthE, too her with a Vafc
U4HI.K -IREATI1K en Oil. due..., la any sufferer, (lire Ft.
pran U4 ! O. .JJ1..1. UU. T. A. bLOCUU, 111 1'orl St., N.Y.'
ElfT" P A R D-afnrsi and Nasal Catarrh
BP IP JS K I I'tnari nt y cured. O.anoi
1 fu9 Kaat-QBllJ litt druriil forms of defoo-
lnsert'-d. Addrets I) K. MI l'HV, Oii'aa Vnh
Ilnblt. Qntrttljrand ralaleaa
ly cured at home. G'orrcspaudeiic
sollcltcdandre trial of cure sent
honestluvrslTcalora. Tim Humans
itsusuT LottTA.N V. Lafayette, lud.
.Morphine II 11 1 Cured lull)
to:j(liliiy. No ii.iy till UuraJ.
Ou J. brariiKKs, heuauou. onlo.
11LNIONS. Iirua-Klati sell It. or by mall UUililO
Sin of W. . l'J'.NK K, St. Joki-ph, JIo. . . .... i i
jHsvttutanmTHi oto, oiooiuf.
lllllnusness.l The orlelnal l'liotoirruuli. n.m-
IV Lit EM.
... , I THI'i; r. 'fcl L' I ... . - I' . If........ II i. a
I'risvlicskl Work In trom 3 to fl Moiithi.
lrMfltlenl Te-iaiilieira
tK. etc rorspcclmeuiof reninaosuip an (.onus
JttATHIiUN, Uuiittm, Holt,
p Msg pi I
!. liJ
eons j
In tho Krcat ItltKMl Purifier nnd LIfc-glvlne
Prluciple; a Ocntle l'nrg&tioiiuil Tonic; n jicrfeci
Itcnovator and luvlcorator of tho ayMem.
in Vlucnr Itlltrm thero Is vitality but
no nlcoholicor mineral poison.
l)l-.cii,.cs fii'tlic Skin, of vrhatCTcr nnmo
or nature, nro litemll r due up nnd ctirrled out of
the system In n Bhort time hy tio us. ' of the Hitters.
ViucRBr Hitter--allays feve jhness. Hr
tlevcs, nnd in time cures KlicutruViam, NccrnJcha,
Gout, nnd similar pninful illseafles.
Vlncsnr Hitter cures Constlpntlon aosl
prevents JJlarrhcen.
never befuro lias a medlclno been coin
pounded poMcaslng tho power o VtNtoAn IIitj
Trns to heal the Kick.
Send for cither of our valuable rerercne
books for ladles, for farmers, for merchanU. out
Medlcnl Treatlso on Diseases, or our Catechism
on lntemierauco nnd Toliacco, which last should
be read by every child and youth in the laud.
Any two of tho nbove books mailed free on
receipt of four cents for registration fees. i
U.U. McDonald Drue Co., 632 WafhlnstcaSU, K.Ti
It win euro any cako of I.lrer nnd ICIdney
troubles when propeily tnUi'il. It la a pertrcl
roiiontorand invlirorator. It cleanse the ays
trm of the iolnoti humors that develop Is
Liver, Kidney ami Urinary dtce&se, car
rylmr away all nofaonona matter Mid rmm
nturlnie tho Klooil ton healthy condition,
riirlrliliie It, rcfreahlnc and invlcorni'ug
ITItml (MiilKoily. It prevents the Rrowlh to
Nerioua Illnean of a Iinimeroti Cla-. ol
lHacnaca that lialn in inero trlvlnl au
meats, and fvra too apt to bo neglected ftJ aiicaa
of tho worst forms ot these tetrihlo dlxrMM
have been iiulrkly rcllevoil and In n shoii
tlmn iH-rfftctlv cured by tho use of Hop a 4i
Mult nittcra.
Do not pet Hona and Itlalt Bltteni cojh
founded with Interior preparations of shnllal
Itanie. Tulso Nothing but Hop& Malt IUW
tors It you want a am u Cu ro.
illusticatku SASirr.i: ritKn.
A (Inat Med'oil W. rk on Jlanliood, Xervoui au4!
Phj slciil Debility, I'renia lire lleclii hi Man, Kx
bnuist vl Vltnlltv Ac., .Vc.rihI the untold inlsrrlea
resu tine from Indbn-reihin cr exceatea, ,10
lilbstanilally In und 111 Kill, til u -II n t'ontnuis mors
tlmn l'i.1 tmaliiiibie nrcili'lon, eiul.raclni; rierjl
vrfiutable renicily in tho nliarinai irpla for ml acuta
and chronic ill cic. It Is rn phut ir-iilly a b ok for
every man. Price only II by mall postpaid, concealed
hi plain wrnppcr.
(i i.o.sritATi vus .-Mi'r.rc kkku to Atrj
rouniiiind nildnlo acd men for tho in-lit ninety daysJ
bend now, or cut Uil nil , n yn inny iieV'1'- son la
ac.itn Addrt-ks Hi:. W. 11. l'Al.KKli, 4 llultincti BtJ
Umtnn j
N II. Pr. I'nrker can b cnnlldf nilally consaltea
on all ilNcnsca nf limn. Ills ipeclslUes
I"iiiiiIn1io1 on Slioi-t IVof ivo tl'a-oiH)
Oiuitliti itt Clitcii'u lrlcca.
Omaha, Neb., 12th and Howard.
La a
Heat material, iwrfect lit, eijuniaauy tScrS.l lioe.
every pair wnrr.iuloil. 'lute iiuuu uu.uui atauiped
"W. 1 Douirlas' HU.Uil Klir.. r
warranted." ilomrrtKn. Ilnttim
nnil Laco. If you cannot Ki't
fiiureiuieii iKwtal card to W. Ij.
iinvio aiiixia iroui ucaiera, efciui
liouvlis, irocklou, 11 am.
w fw sJ "
0F MUSIC Boston, Mass.
THE LARGEST and RFST pnillPPFn Intha
IVOKLU-Jiwinlrurtori,'Jim.lHliidentlst jesr, T or.
oucn inKTucnonin vocalaml llillniiiirutalIutlc.
l'lano end
Oa'an 'limine. Fine Alts.Otatory, I.lleralurs, t'reuell. i .er.
man and Italian Iantruaees, Kn(rlUH Ursnrhri.Ovnnisr ra,
etc. Tuition,! ltn S.U boardaiidrnnin wlilibieim II si nd
hlertrlo I.lelit. S4Jtol7.fnerterni. Pnll Tnrm beeiui Ken.
temherU, IhNl. Korllhutrated Oalendsr, with full Infomni .n,
addreil, K.'lOUlUDt:, Dir., 1'iaukllu taj., IJOS'l'OS, alia.
A I.lfo Kxperienen. Jtemurtnblo nnd
quick cures. Trlnl racltBBfis. Consultia
tion und Jtoohu by Stall ntKK. Address
Dr. WARD &, Co., Louisiana, Mo.
Leading Nos. : 14, 0411, 130, 135, 333, 161.
or tsato Dy nil Btationers.
Works : Camden, N . J. 26 John St., New York
most rellabla on.l anra.
Lie IMls for Sera,
neck horses or mules.
Weather or wear baa n
effect on their curatlva
firopertiea. Our new
onps with straps mk
tlism .ell adju.tlne, Wa
kollclt n trlii I. rat
aala by all Saddlerv Jobber.. A.k your barneaa.
maker for Ihem. ZIC tOLLAU 1AJ C.,
ItuchHiiun. Mich.
Best Cough Uyrun. Tmes (coo.1. TJm
In time. Hold by druicbtU.
.nm 1 iiii. .1 mmm
Mif-lr F H" 11 1 iWlil ' I'MI
aa4 all iktir burMUMM, latliull.a la, Bue.rf1.MM fla", blrlk alwas,
lln, Vi,u, Jl.lV, ftiHm, K.J l, Aiaa,
Wu II..H.. Sea,,, l-lltlna iJ ts.'r iiM'iua
llu.j,. l. tUlVa UU). ts4llK.lKiuA.
A nosltlva enre.
Ho Kavliau
laaier. Nil I ain. W tj.
fnytte, UarhUteva,Iw.
no ns
W. N. Un Oinaliu.
'to I at
cs'AV A
H7 K.rMrllt.