The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, January 09, 1886, Image 4

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1 Nl'N. olti'i'ON. SAT., JAN. ti. IW
To tho slurs (f that newspaper nbor-
lon, the Ln Ornndc Argus, wo have
ii ) desire to retaliate. Tlicro is noth
ing in it. In our controversy with
tint jiapcr poniptiino nxo, coneerniii''
t 10 Pine, creek road, its expressions
and iirytimouis wcro so silly that we
wore forced to the conclusion tlint the
editor wns 'n little wrung in his
lend,"' or, nsSut Lovingood would
tpioss it, "n natural horn durn
tool," w'c didn't know which, hut
Mt once lot till desire to talk with him.
Our opinion ha not been changed .
HL''S.sof all kindMlui iug the past
ix months has been much belter than
at any time in the prccccding eighteen
months, and every indication goes to
n'iow that the commencement of hct
t ir times is at hand throughout the
entiro conntrv, and especially Union
'ounty. In a couple of months busi
ness will coininonce in earnest . Mi
nors, prospector and capitalist will
be flocking in, lured bv hopos of ac
quiring some of the vast wealth which
lies hiddon in the mineral regions of
ihis section. lloadf will be construc
ted, and new industries opened up.
X large influx of Immigrants from
uthtr States, seeking homes for thctn
holvcs, may also ho expected, who
will settle and cultivate our unoccu
pied lands, and add greatly to the
general prosperity. Our prospects for
the year LS80 are indeed flattering.
In our local column will ho found
the report of the- Mayor and city offi
cers for the past year. The city coun
cil have done exceedingly well, con
lidoring the circumstances, having re
duced the indebtedness several hun
dred dollars, hut (he fact remains that
the Indebtedness is still enormous,
and the city affairs in anything but a
flourishing condition. Wo have no
doubt, that the present council will
conduct everything in a proper and
conotnienl manner, and that a proper
showing will ho mado on the right
side of the ballnuco sheet at the cud of
tho present year. By proper manage
ment wo ought in a few years to be
out of debt, and have taxation re
duced to a reasonable figure. ICugene
City, in Lane county, on a three-mill
tax is out of debt and has $2,000 in
tho treasury, That is tho way a city
government should and can bo admin
istered, and when it is otherwise
therocan bo no excuse except incom
petency, and mismanagnmout of those
placed in authority.
Wk regret to learn by recent dis
patches from Washington, that it is
not altogether Improbable that Land
Commissioner Sparks will retire from
his present oflice pretty soon, it is
stated upon o Hi rial and high authority
ut the interior department that Secre
tary Laintir has consulted with Sparks
about taking a torelgn mission. The
commissioner, it Is said, expressed a
Willingness, in fact his desire, to take
some good position abroad if it Were
tendered him, saying that the duties
of the present oflice art) too onerous
and that ho believes a change of cli
mate would be henulli-hil to Ids Wife's
health. Mr. Sparks has been making
it altogether too disttgroe.a.ilt) for the
thieves, perjurers, railroad monopo
lies and laud grabbers ueuerally, and
no doubt will he forced withdraw
from his position, it. is to he regret
ted that scoundrels are in tlii. ascen
dency to such an eSteut as to make
such an event possible,
Tin; Mormons are having a worse
time If anything in Mexico than in the
United States, ny a iolorado paper.
The Catholic church predominates in
the land, and sends torth its edict to
the effect that, the Mormons mint go.
An imperative demand has been made
that tiro grant of 100 sections of land
lo Urigham Young, .)r,, for the pro
pagation of polygamy, must be can
celled. Tho Catholic prie.its demand
that tho laws of Mexico must bo rig
Idly observed by the Mormons, and
Unless they discard their plural wIvpn
they must "vamoose plah." The
church, the press, and the politicians
tire all arrayed against the new coni
fers, and It is not probable that they
Vlll he iibhi to withstand the pressure,
Tin; Commercial HttlMin lias three
columns of review of the wheat mar
kets of tho world during the past
twenty-flvo years, from which it ap
pears that tho price of wheat In (Srcat
llrltniii at tho dosi) of the year was
lower than any year since tho average
market prlccH worn recorded, n period
of 110 ycaiV and that the unsold
Hock of Mlmtt In this country
UVti litrgor lluiii In any previous yam.
l)ic au'rago prlco in llrlllsh towns
ollit mlly roporlod during the year 1H8S
bits been only iV.'s lud per iptitrter. 1
I 'ireful estimates show wheat annual !
viiiimptinu to luive been aliuifl four
uud tliice-tlflhs bushel pur en pit i
dining liu past llfteeii years, t'oii
nampilou from .Jul t, Imj, in July
1. lflKo. avcraircd four and ono-half
Lbushels per capita veaiiy. Tho sin
plu, uiiconv.tiiicd and unold. .inly
1, 18Po. must have been 121). 3'M.219
bushels. It will probably turn out
when crop movements for this year
are comnlctelv recorded, that
accumulation of the visiblo sup
points to about that surpliH.
Am: it an experiment of high license
in 1'lainflcld. New Jersey, it is an
nounccd that the most satisfactory
results have followed an adoption of
the policy, The revenues have iu
e reused. nlthoUL'h the saloons have
grown less in number and the temper
ance people profess themselves quite
satisfied with apparent results.'
UIJWIIM iirfiiwii mi II llifli I'll l i "Mini i
Of Social and Business Forms.
Revised Edition Fov 1S85.
A compleic manual of social, business
and political Information, clear, brlof and
Inelclve. The business mini, the profession
al man, the mechanic, the laborer, will Ibid
it Indcspcnsable. It is a complete book of
references, fjlvln the laws of oven State,
rrlatlvo to notes, drifts and the collection
of interest, the legal rate In each .State,
time hi which action can he. taken to recover
i debt, how to open accounts, how to eolleet
i ili'hl without iMiinlnvhiL' a lawvor. Forms
of book-keeping, self-instructor for the
merchant, farmer, mechanic and treasurer.
And all kinds of lenses for houses, real es
tate, etc. Power of Attorney. Information
regarding Jurisdiction of .lustiecs of the
Peace. Fortr thousand questions arranged
In tabulated form, giving tho value of every
coin In the world, United States land meas
ure, table of weights and measures. Popula
tion of the different countries of the world,
thovcar each state was admitted Into the
Union, and who they were first settled by,
the names of the Presidents and all the olll
cors of each administration. Forms of con
stitutions for every kind of meeting and so
cletv, from a debating society to a legisla
tive'assembly. The work Is printed on hea
vy paper, la'largu type, and is bound in a
superior manner. PuullMieU ny A. u. win
croft, San Francisco.
E3rl)uring the year I will make it thor
ough canvass of this section, and anyone
wishing tho book, will plcaic wait till I call,
or address mo by lottcr.
Agent for Union county.
Of Till) I'lrnt National linnk. lit l.'tiion.
Ill the Stain of Oregon, at tin? C'lose
of HiisliitiHN, Dir. 1 883.
Loans and discounts $ f)3,n3t..'
IT. S. Uonds to secure circulation
Othcr'stocks, bonds and mortgages iy.75.' )
Due troni approved reserve agon is i,.v:,-'j
Due. from other National Hanks 'AJ)W.u
Duo from State Hunko and bankers l,'2HA-
Iteul estate, furniture and fixtures .r).7K'i.().")
Current expenses and taxes paid 1 ,.1.'J1 .il'l
l'reinblins paid .... 1.100.(M
Cheeks ami other Cash Items.. 15.'t.a"
Hi h of other Hunks ... Ilium
ripeciu t:.nt:.iti
i.cgai leaner notes -ohm
ltcilemtilion fund with t . H. Treas
urer (S per cent of circulation) 670.00
Due from U. H. Treasurer, other
than.?) percent redemption fund Wxl.tlo
Total . $1 Iftji.s'J.W
l.t lltI.ITIEs.
ipital stock pniil in ? &0,000,m
Surplus lund a.Gtm.ijO
Undivided profits T.:i Kt.tit
National Hank notes outstanding lO.U'-'o.lXi
Indivltlnal deposiu subject to
cheek 1H,(V50.8!
Demand certltlcates of deposit ii"i.OI8.7U
("ertllled cheeks... WM.Ou
Due to other Natinnitl Itanlts tit. 7.1
Statu or Ohkuon, I .
County of Union,! N"
I, W, T. U'riglit, Cashier of the nlinve
named liaiik, do soloumly swear that the
above statement is true to the best of my
knowledge and belief. V. T' WItlCUT,
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
iud. day of .Ian., Issd. ItniuatT F.akin,
V.iff.ri' Ptll.Ht. fnf I IriM'tm
HUM- M. WUKiUTl Directors.
Administrator's Notice.
In the matter of tho estate of .btitics T. Ma
loney, deceased,
All persons having claims .uralnst the es
tate of .lamef T. laloney, deceased) are
liereby liotillcd to present the same, With
tho proper vouchors, totheitiiderslgned, ad
niliilstriltor of sitld estate, at his ollu-o In
Union, Union Ootlnty, Oregon, within six
months from the tlatoof this notice.
Dated ut Union. Oregon, this 4thi day of
Januitrv, A, D. ln.
t. M, CAItKOM.,
JanO-Wt. Administrator.
Nutlco of .pllrntlini tt rurulilisii Ttut
litr l.itiul.
V ,S. IjAnii Ot rtiK, I.vtlnAMii;, Oiicnns,
Jan. lib.. ISSU,
Notice Is hereby irivcti that, in eompli
aueowitn Um provblDiiM of tin) Act of Con.
gress upproviHl Juitc ;i. entitled "An
Aet for the sale of Timber l-ninN in the
States ,,f ('idifornia. Oregon, Nwndn. alid
Wash inKt hi Territory,"
t)iuiv(.) V. Molinnlol,
WliOse post-otllee nddf.'ss Is Union, Union
county, Oregon, has this day filed in this
iifllce bis apvlic.itioti to purchase the Sl-'J
NW 1-1 Section No. Itf, ill Township Nu. ii
S U mge So. to U. of tho V. lueridlaii. All
persons buldlug any adverse claim thereto
are required to present (ho same at ibic
ntlke wlUiln sixty days from tho llrsl pub
lieattim uf tills notice.
M O. StVACKiUMtia.
JmiiPwIOi Kogister.
Lund Nulilco.
I.sMi Urner.i I.k tlutMin, Ont:ios,
. Nov. DO,
Notice is hereby given th-jt. tbu fullowin';
namisl suttler has iiled ntitieu of ids Intuii
linn to iimke thud proof in support of Ids
claim, mid that ull proof will be nuulc U
fiirc lle4Uter nndlCceelvor tit M OruHllf.
or., on Jan. 15, fssil
Aiiiiilin'M It. tliniie.T
IM S'o. liOfur ll fVS Sv I Tp.
It ;i I'.U'M. He nitiiitfH tlu iiill'iwbcr
.1 s
In proe ins '(iiiii:iii,ius ri'si
up hi ,itnl i-nit i s'.t in r -iinl
lir irv' Cl'.ille. ,IoiIIm llol'I'Ci
I. h xikI P.litH'l h,i;
en. nil .if I.. i m.Hiili
S. o S,i
till IMi.ll.
Iil'ii -r
Proposal for T5itl.
I". tins. Or., rer .
N'nt'c Is beretiy riven t' tl.e Una- 1 ( f
coiiiinis loner." for I'm- 'iiiiidii of tin
Pine I'm) Npon rrt.'id will leeeive hid-fi
flic i-oi: ,triieti,ti of n bridge ucri..s U.r c
criH?k. on the line of stirvpy of tbi I'me
creek road up to 10 o'clock A. M.. of
Monday. .Ian. II. ltt.
The pccihYtitioiis of anid bridge nre :i
follows, tn-wit:
Dlnietiioiis The romluav "hall he
twelve feet In the elenr. the tloor of whh h
sliall be of timbers Hfttteiitd ntid jointed
anil to lime n mrfneo of net less than ei'bt
Irelies. nnd side joint surface not hiss th.n
tbne inches, to be sjxitte.1 dojn upon the
stringers to a five inch tlii' kiHs. nn-l
spiked with eiglit inch spikes, two spilxs
:it etieb end of each lloor t.mher. and one
s"ikc in e.ieli stringer alternately, other
wise. i lie Truss Span To be ts nhown on
plans, 75 fe.-t skiii. eonstrueted of hewn
timbers anil the neecssiiry rods, bolts and
washers, ns follows:
Cribbing fr Ahutttncnts and Pinr To
be of timbers llattened on top and bottom
side-, of not less than twelve inches thick
ness, each halved into llie otiier and drift
bolted together firmly with three-fourth
inch bolts. The bottom of these cribs to
rest upon a smooth gravel surface, and to
be compaellv filled with rock or stone.
The size of the west crib shall be ten feet
widebv thirty feet long from apex to base.
The crib shall be cross-tied on every alter
nate log with the snme sied timbers as
jut-ddc of crib, and drift bolted. The up
stream end of the crib sliall have a ten
foot slope. The top of crib or pier shall
be fourteen feet above low water mark.
All timbers In ciieh crib shall be of tama
rack or red fir ami necled of bark. Tin-
east crib or pier sliall be constructed as
shown on plans and shall be of equal
benrlit to the west crm.
Fink Truss--To be built as shown on
plans of the following sized timbers, to-wit :
Chords 1 1 by lrt inches, and sttnieiently
long to reach the entire span. Principal
mfiors 1' bv 11 and VI bv 12 .Stralnincr
beams V2 liv'l'J. Ties or purlincs 10 by
shore rests 1!2 by II!; stringers 10 by 12.
All timbers to lie of yellow pine, red lir or
Iron work -All foot bolts to be of wrought
iron, round, one nnd one-fourth inches in
diameter, nnd nrovided with angle washers
and double nuts. All niioen and kinc
rods to bo of wroucht iron, one anil one
fourth inches in diameter, round, unset
and provided with double nuts, I by 3
by :t inches, and a 1 by 12 by 12 inch
wrought iron waMier. au rods snau ne
of the best nimbly of wrought iron and not
welded. The ends of both chords to be
bolted to shore rests with one-inch drift
bolts. All purlincs to be bolted to chords
with one-inch drift bolts, and nlf stringers
to be bolted to purlincs With one-inch drit'
Hraring The ton truss to have diagonal
horizontal bracing, as shown on plan, ol
0 by 8 square timbcrx, well bolted to strain
ing beams and at intersections.
Hand-rail and guard-pianK to nei as
hown on nlnns. Work must be done in a
good nnd workmanlike manner to the en
tire satisfaction of the superintendent of
construction nnd the board of commission-
I'lic nlans are in the hnnds of tho secre
tary of the hoard. The bridge must be
completed by the first day of .May 1SS(I.
Kaeli bid ' must be accompanied by n
cheek, bond or other good and Miflieletit
obligation, in the sum of "fJW. conditioned
that t lie bidder will, in ease be should be
awarded the contract, filter into an agree
ment with the hoard to build the bridge in
accordance with the plans and specifica
tions adopted, The contractor will be
required to give bonds in a sum equal to
the amount of bis bid, conditioned that he
will construct the bridge according to hi
contract and ill a substantial nnd workman
like manner. I'.ach bid shall be sealed ami
niatkeil, "bid for the construction of it
bridge across Fagle creek on the I'ine
reek wniroti road. and del vcred or
mailed to D. !'. McDaiiiel, Union, Union
eountv, Oregon, so as to lie received by
him on or before. Monday, Jan. 11, lixil,
at 10 o'clock A. M. The board reserves
the right to reject any and all bids.
I. W. HTR.NOK, WO I, IN (AMl'llKM..
Secretary. Superintendent.
Petition for Liquor License.
To the Honorable County court of the
State of Oregon, for Union county:
i ne uutiersigut'o, comprising no nciuai
majority of Hie whole number of the legal
voters o"f Pine Vallcv precinct, in said Un
ion county, l-esiii'ctfnl v netition your Hon
orable Hotly to grant n" license to'il. II lin
ker, of sal'd precinct, to sell wines, malt
and spirituous liquors in tne town ol Allen,
in said Pine Valley precinct, in less quan
iitios tliaii onetiiiart, for the term of one
venr from the granting of said license, uud
i.. .1..... I I .....1.1 Ml
in iiui.v itnuun vour I'l'tiuoiie'is win I'vci
'"V F Davis. .1 K I.amler. M T liennett.
('has Jones, (i I. Howard. Chas Myers, (S M
lliompsoti, N I llarrie. I lieaiiore Purr, h
I, Cochran, Hubert Uellev.Col S M (iilmnre,
D liolding. 1) V Tiee. Samuel Jones, .1 I
Hand K V H.iushtllug. D V Shi han. (i It
Sims. .1 ONrn.Ceorge Lewis, A (i Waldmi).
It A (ileun, James I lai'iliiin. II SehieU
rani, It T Tomns, J Jnrklev, V. Sehickler,
Satnuel Ci'cston, V T Wetsel. O I, Allen,
Wm Flatt, II .1 llallet, V HTatmr. It A
Williams. Ira C I'.itinan. Chas Heller. H
Ostciiluirv. Ceo McClure, Ctiis Peterson. A
Kipper, I! Mills, John Hvnn (ieoObcrst,
II lticc. Y S Prtlte rson. (fe-orire CofTe'e. Jolin
Westeribtle, (ieorge Ulchter, J II ciiamllcr.
M Walsh, (i Kevroth, F. 11 Smith, Sherd
Khowlcs, (i I, Decker, John Kawdln. Ira
e:ll. I.' w I'lipit l.. I mi. .... i:,.,.ir.
Conner, Vat N'oouan, Win K(i wards, V C
Harris, .1 11 H iMiilu, O li Werts. C t.
11 Chllil". It Schmidt. HT Potter, Kdti
Hislioi). William F.llis. C 1) Morgan. M 1-
Fisher Frank King. W H Fowler. A Tarter.
O S Hlooili, C V. Uavlord, .1 A I.eep. .1 P Ar-Kcnshige-r.
Win M Kbuiell. JasC Pelton, II
,1 linker. H S I itnlcll, f t .Nteliolson, lioiu
A Wilkinson. Win Hart. A Honklns. Wil
liam Suiilli. J A H'.irch. C A (iraham, D
Orabiin.. J W Morrison. Win Mills, J I!
Wheel( k, Joseph I.udiper, I'r.iuk Jolin
son, Win M l.uttliu rY.
jan'JW P.
N. it Ire of APittlentlon to piirclwur Tim
mi- i. ami.
U. S. I.anii Orrteic, I.a (Sham tits, Or.inos,,
Hoe. is, iss.'.
Notii'i- is brrcby I'lven (list, in i-oiiinli-
nneu with the nro'vlsions of tho Ac: of Con-
gres.s approved Juno 3, IS7S. entitled ' An
Act fr the sale of Timber Uinds iu the
St.ite-s of California, Orugon, Nevada, nnd
ashin.tiin lorritory,
HttrttUt Ii !ituttil,
Whose iMist-olliee addruns is Union, UhLin
eoiuilyi ogu.. who has this day died In this
olllee bis application to purchase the SK'
of NWv-, Section No. Jl, in Township No.
I, y. Itttnge No. to. I!W M. All persons
holding uuy Mdvurse Claim thereto are re
quired to prtitCnt the satiiti at this olllee
within luy days from (he first publitation
it tin notice.
dcsWU-w lOi ltejiistiT.
Nulled nf .Mneilll- of Stookbolicis.
The r. tulwr AitUUnI ilertln of the StucV-
liohl. Ts ,,t ii,,. 'rsl Xntioliil HttliL of In
in. Ortyoii. will be held t the baiiklue
li. .u - o( sunt baliU, hit TUctsiiiv. J mi. I2'b .
ItVl, At 10 o'clock . M ,l illicit Mtt;int
. 1 1 .- t ut Hireet.m w .ll U mUm I 1 and
-u. , .';!vr tiilsiii -s t . riatK'tVti n tim)
i .hi,, t.ltilt S.ll.l 'I i i I
t I i .,.. ni . T, Wtuc .
! il lt i Ctw i.-r
Guns, Revolvers,
Call nnd czamino my stock anil prices at
ri J .. o,
1 - 1
U'o lead, but never follow, nnd defy competition in all our departments.
Kn route from Eastern nnd Western iinnufnctiiries,
We buy for Cash, and will sell the Choicest
An Immense stock or Dry (londs, Clothln-;,, (lent.", Funilshlnu Ooodi, Hoots anil Shoo,
California and OrcKit Hlanki'tK, (tr.ieeries, Hardware, Crockery Tobacco and
Clears, Stationery, Notions, etc., etc., constantly on hand.
3A cordhil Invitation extended to all to call on me. examine good, and Icurn pricen.
AdolpEi Levy, Union, Or.
Daily lim Lino,
Krom Union to the Co o,
.1, H, Elliott, PnorulETOii.
l.cim Union at lfl:oO A. M. and returns
.it ':S0 P. M. every day except SUnduj .
Fart! from depot to Cove 75
Hound trip 1.
Pasengor? will be taken from (he tlopot
tl.roiiKb lo the Cove, ia Uniun.
Depot Hotel-
A.C.Cuaih, - I'ltoPuiKfoiJ,
(t'nb.n Depot, OiP(oii )
Sploiiilldtiecuinodtitioil fur tHMtmici
ill I IIH'lli
TablO'i ahvitys attpliliuil u ith tliu
best Uo uiarkot afforils. .
jE"JSlUt ,m (louu .Minu.vt Ili7iiw-IM
.70S. "Il"GIIT,
St red, - - - - Uniou, Orcqon.
Draler in
rvt' n tt i
i 1 "in a uniir nrniin
, luu liQiuwaio,
The Celebrntcd
nrAJiA. sl'j:i:-
WAItJ, Ac.
and Amunition.
tho old stand of the late John T? urns ,
Fruit iindShiule
For Fall Delivery.
Sht'tlblx'i'y and Bhtido Troos
Of well known rnrlcticii snitiihlt- for this
ellulate. Can alnu furnish foreign norts ut
iiiie-tMnl the price n$kt?d by Jiastuin can
;i5cJi. 1 desiri) to ll ttces at prlcci that
pconlb ban afford to btiyi
1.. .1. HOUSE,
oelO-tf CoVt, orefeom
OFPICU-Coniir Main atld A Sttucti,
Union, oiuii,
.au. wdttK sfUicrr.Y first
(,'IjASSi GhaiKCS fOMsoinibbJi
mm mm,
At the old Hrainarel .Stand,
Union, Oregon,
Keepi on hand all kinds of
Paints and Oils,
Tobacco and Cigars,
Please call anil examine goods and prices.
Notice of Application to I'urcliaso Ttiw
brr I, anil.
U. S. Land Office, La Grande, Orecon.
Dec. 10. IS-SA.
Notice is hereby pivcn that, in compli
ance with the provision, of the Act of Con
Kress approved June .1, 1878, entitled "An
Act for the sale of Timber Lands in th
States of California, Oregon, Nevada, an
"Washington Territory,"
Jnmp It. Onrdncr
Whose address is North Powder.
Union county, Oregon, has this day tiled
in thisoflies bis application to purchase the
K NK .Section No. 7, in Township No. 7
south Htinge No. 33 KM. All persons
holding any adverse claim thereto are re
quired to present the same at this office
within sixty days from the first publication
of tli is notice,
dcclU-wlO Register
Notice of Application to Purchase Tim
ber I, and.
U. S. Land OKi'icn, L Grande, Oon.
Nov. 11, 188S.
Notice is hereby given that, in compliance
with the provisions of the Act of Congrcsh
approved .Tunc '!, 1878, entitled "An Act for
thu sain of Timber Lands In the States of
California, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington
Charles Ncilnor,
whose po&t-ofllee address Is Pine Valley
Union county, Oregon, has this day filed in
this office his application to purchase tho
K l-l! NK 1-1 See. No. lit and X 1-1! NW 1-
Set:. No. 25, in Township No. tl South
ltangc No. 45 E of tho W. M. All ieroni
holding any adverse claim thereto arc re
quired to 'present tho saine at this oftir
within sixty days from the first publication
of this notice.
dccVwlO. llegistcr.
Hig Creek Precinct, Union eountv Oregon,
Dec. IM, 1885.
Notice is hereby given tliat 1 have taken
up one brown horse (gelding) about 10 years
old, white spot oil hack, supposed to be sad
die mark, about 15 anil one-half hands high,
branded on left hip 8 1 and appraised at
t.nj.uu ny j. ts. woinv, .i. r,
James M. South.
Sliorifts Sale.
Whereas, bv virtue of an execution and
order of sale duly issued out of the Circuit
court of the State of Oregon, for Union
county, on the 0th. dav of December, 18M,
upon a eleerce and judgment therein rcn
dered on tho t!nd. dav of November, A. D,
18S-,, in favor of William Tillman, PUT.
and against N. It. Orgrcon, Defendant, for
the sum of ?1 10.00 and for the. sum of UM.'M
costs therein. I have levied upon and will
sell at public attctlun, to the highest bidder,
at the court house door in said eountv, on
February 1st. I.kti1, at the hour of 2 o'clock
V. M, ofbaid dav, the following described
real estate, to wit: The SI 1! of NICK of
See. a-anil the SK4 of Sec. 20 and NWJ-f
of SWh of Sec. -21 and Nl-'.' of N13l Sec,
all in Township - & of It 3!) Kttst, skua
ted in Union county, Oregon, with all the
interest or title the said N. H. Ornreen had
on thu 2nd, day of November, l.Sd'i, or has
since acquired, together with tho appurtc
nances thereunto belonging or ill anywise
appertaining, to satisfy a balance due upon
said judgment in the siun of $l.r7,U.
Terms of sale cash to me in hand.
Diitcd at Sheriff's olllee this 30th. day of
December, ISSj,
jan2-v.r. Sheriff.
SherilPs Salo,
Whereas, by virtue of an execution duly
issued otlt of the Circuit court of the State
of Oregon, for the eountv of Union, on the
tlth. day of December, 1885. upon a judg
mem tiierein entered on the lutli. day oi
October, lK8,-,t jn favor of Charles Kohn and
Nttpthaly Kohn, partners doing business
under the tirm name of Chas, Kohn .fcCo.,
IMllii. and against P. JL .Murray. Deft., for
the sum of .f.:c.&l, and tho costs in .said
action, I have levied upon,ail will sell at
public auction.- at tho court house, door in
Union, in said county, on the '2otb day of
Jan.. l.ssn. ut tlu nonr of !i o'clock I. M.
of said dav. all of the right, title and ih
terest which the said Defendant bail oil
the 10th, day of October. 1S85. or has siuco
acquired ill or to tho following described
premises, to wit: The Nl-2 of . Fl-I and
NI L' of NWW Sec. 7. Tp. t, H. of It. 10,
KWM, in Union eoullty, Oregon, together
with all the anntirtonaiiccs thefcunto be
longing or in anywise appertaining.
Tonus of sale. Cash tome In hand.
A. L. Sao.Vihus,
decl0-w5. Sheriff.
Shoring Sale,
II IIVIM).') fj II uy pi ill) i;..iii
issued nut of the Circuit court of the StatO
of Oregon, for the eountv of Union, on thrt
17tb. day of December. 188."), upon n jtldg?
incut and tlecreeof foreclosure therein f n
lere-ii on tne . in. nav of Novcniurr, in.v, in
favor of W. A. story, PIIV., and against K
A. roster ami Alice 1". Foster, ueiennanis.
for tlio sum of ', no tuul the stun of $ J.'i. M
e-osis aii.t iiisiiiireincnts. t win, on mo
.1.... ..r t.... il'Cii rti 1 f.r,.lrt
i ,..., ,ii utlllll.irv, irvsi, . '
house door ih UuioiLIn saiil cUillity, at thrt
hour of V o'clock P. M. nf Miid ilpy. sell at
....t.l! ..I II .f.. 1.1.. .....1 lit.
I'll. ill. ,11.1 . lilt, (111 LOU l.l... ...... ...
terest whirh the sunl Defcndnlit.s or cither
uf tbulli Imrl on tin. Alb. dtiv of S'o elllhiir.
iiuiiu- iiiii'iiou. an inu riKiie.
tJisVi rr I. ...... ii...n ,...,ili... 1.1 ill or to tllll
following dese ribvAl rt-iil estate, tn will All
iiudlxiutd one-bait. mu-rest in and t the
iildlxitttd oiie-lialf,im re-t In and t. the
f St-e. 34 anil the S! of Sty. 1 l.'nll lit
rowiulilp S South of Itaiwre . KWM. .di
lated In Union euuniy. Orvjtoii. i.ilhef,
. 1... O .1 ...!.. 1..
SW ;
iiaiiii ill L iiiiii ruum. . i.-sv... ..i4.i
with all tbu upptirte. elites thrreuuUi l0
IuukIhK, or in uiU is.- .ipixfulniiix.
Tertuii 'f -alt t asl, t,, me hi baittL
Dutwl ai sit. ri'ra "ib . thUt tilh. UiO' 01
DuttaJVi i' IWi
A, 1. KAwnHjs;
aiDrtrt', -