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FRIDAY, JITiNE 23, 1885.
JUL' f
Y ? regiiiar meeting's ou WedsipsOiiy on or before
qpach full moon. ; 0 A. BlvVTH, JV. 41. -j:
J. P. Duscan, Sec.
!&&&0?vs& No. s . I' - - meets
SiiEaciS-jJSisj? ou .Saturdav evening of
each week at 7 o'clock, in their hall at -Koneburg.-.
bers . the ordr iu (food standing axe invited to
attend. Br order of the A'. .
UNION ENCAMPMENT, No. 3, I. O. O. F., meets
at Odd Fellows'Hai! on t.h; ftmand third Thursduysof
everv nionfh. . Yiaitiu brethrun invited to attend. -
A. C. Marks, Scribe
OMPQUA "CHAPTER, Noll, F. A. M., hold
tjffi&k eir rejrular comruuukatious every first
s-f and third Tuesday "In each month. All
, &i$& members in good standing will takn dueand
timely Notice and govern themselves accordingly.
Visiting-companions are invited to Meet with the
..bapel when eon veuieut.
. J. C. FtU-ERTOX, II. T.
W. I.FurSDUAXDEP., Sc'v.
the Holtox, St, human, Yxkovd, uccijjEX
tkh and liTSRSATiosAL Hotels, Fouxlasu.
S. F. Floed is duly authorized to transact
all businesa concerning the Hoseecug RE
VIEW. e- J. 11. X. Bell.
Read the. ionndrv ad.
; - ' i . , . . . i , '"' "
- '.- - . . . . i, - ;
. A good shower last Wednesday.
Read J. J. Whitsett saw mill "ad."
Tropical Fruits! Tropical Fruits!! at the
City Bakery , v
Go to the Roseburg foundry and get j;
your work done.
Fresh California crackers of different varie
ties at the City Bakery.
For candies, nuts, oranges, lemon, Italian
as, firecrackers etc. Call attlfj City .Bakery.
Basket meet iog at Hudson's school house
campground next Sunday. Iv.tryLouy in
Ytted to attend.
D. 11. B. Winnif-u-d Doi'glas conntys
ex-ussos3or now or Ashland give us a
pleasant Cali this week.
Mr. John BowcaVlitlla child died Ut
night, IIo.v sad to Inoce our cherished loved
ones, they bloom and-, die.
J. II Whitman, r f the Iowa party is
in this city with a view cf locating iir
this 'favored portion-of Oreo.i.
J. Dut trey htn of Natchez 31 i4?. h.ts
returned from Coo: Gcuiity and ia stop
ping 'ut the house of J. 11 N, Dei I.
Bunnell and rowpn Bto:. ,e doing a
rushing lu.sine:-i?, for thu if.vsuu
they guarantee satisfaction of II wotk
The Iowa editors lef t ou thf horn i
st t etch Monday evening proceeding to
Payloiy W. T., thonca '-Smek lo Vv!u
Walla and then homo over: thF -Short
Lhiy : '
TitechiM ot Voltaire OtiraWy- died very
ntleuly thu wtk .idy twins; sick aUnt.e
lmlfau hour. r'.3id tiiouht to l.e bold
litvfs. Littlv: Cai.fiM.ra B. Ourncy tau 6ue
wlifcrti the ai:c!a dwed. .
AV iuniford will canvas.
the city and stn roH'idiog conntry' next
vttik for the Ini or s:v i;,g siuasa
in' hi;i :Ji:r.i. - 5Ivr' Ir.Hi. t hc Ll r slioiibi i
LaVr Ci'fc and k-t t lie v. iiing du Us::i.
Prof. Parvin ef t i GonserratO" of
music, of the Vv iliaui ! le Univt rsii v
1ik deeitled to K'tiiuid' in Bosebut a.
fpv vn'fks and teach vocal c.iltur--,
thoioiiirh bass - rod :.i:,sic;d corot M-
... 1
tioTi. 'ibo!-:e dt'.n iog to take 1 ssons
p!ase leave word with Mi?. Flint. .
The body rf Mrs. 13 ii! was ft uik! last Fri
ftrnooa by Uncle 'Jock NVtcdiuiT about a
mile and a quart.. r Ltlow th? st iie of the ac
cident ad p.3 hrouglit into town later in the
veniiii. The funeral "services-. were held in
the Episcopal Charc'a Saturday morniu at
lOo'vlwk. '
Mr Geo. H. Tyler, of the .WWler'i Im'
pivvtjd Spring B:d Co. '..who has been in our
midst fur soui-j tiaie as hus t.iktn hi.- de parture
for "ik-Ids anew and pasture green."
HuriDjj hia stay in KnSelurg Mr. Tler has
made niai.y warm friends ho w ill lef oiry
to hoar of hia departure, hut in us iu rec
omihendin him as a 'straight forward Imsi
nessi man, aud worth the. conli Juice of iiie
pubbo. '
Th Iowa editor?, 221 ia utimher,, lad-es
and KentltJintn, were o1i a special train to
'Ashland Thursday evehiutf iast wee'.:, ie
turu'nn; Friday afteruoou tluy mid 1 a teu
' minutea stop were sercuavled by the Yaukec
Dtwdlo Band ami received-a ij adibe&s of
welcome through Hon. L." F.Lane, to which
one of their number responded. They said we
possessed the best Laud and the poorest de
pot in the State. .
Wo regret very much to say to our
readers that the fourth of Julv fds and
the lateness of the receipt of some
Ot Our correSjiondeucc preclude their
appearance this week, but they will
keep for' another week when they aud
much other matter crowded out will
appear. FiietuU please forbear and
Bend your items ri"ht -ulunt; for next
,J , . " , , ,
week, plenty ot room titer, and bo sure
...... i ij-n ..t T..i.. ;
and read our 4th of Julv issue.
. ii m i ii-
Goon TnEATMr.N'r. Simon Caro one of
Rosebud's leading merchants, and llynian
Abraham Esq., foraiirry of t)oula3 uow of
Portland, have been visitiu iu Southern
Oregon. In Ashlaud, Fhoeuix aud Jackson
" villa they have been the recipients of one
continual ovation by their many friends.
We are re'iahly inforai jd by-one ot the party
that while at Fhoeuix Mrs. L-iVeiibur.;j the ;
Princess of caterers, preu iired teu chickens
for the part' all of which were dispatched at
two incais. . Now if this had been a Meth
odist party we could essily account for the
rapid disappearance of those orthodox fowls
but for our Hebrew friends to display snch a
later day taste is beyond our view of inter
pretation un'lea3 it lo the fore thadowing of
the millennium w hen all wiil "see ey to
eye," and we suppose all will sit around the j
Same tal)!ft an.l nrff si tniirtX'nfT thin ?
that is, Orcgo chickens are adopted to all!'s there being no indictments
tastes ainl all faith. But since we come to i. found and no jury cases tried. " The
think our Bro. Simon bciii2 present explains
the whole problem. Brother Abraham's fam.
Uy. remain at ' Jacksonville until Saturday
when they will return accompanied by Miss
Ida Fisher. No better j lace to visit than
Southern Oregon, wj tried that recently our-
Delightf i;l weather, . -1
Hurrah for the Fourth.
. Head our new qdveriisements. .
. MifS Lucy Hay's entertainment.
po to the &ntertainn:cnt nest Mon
day night. .
Patroniz3 Hiss Hay, and give" 0.ur
local talent a chance. .
i Roseburg proposes to have the - boss
4th of July celebrat'cn.
; If you want to enjoy yourself dont
fail to come to Roseburg on the Fourth
The Iowa Pres Excursion party num
bered 221 persons, representing Go pub
lications. , "-
J. II. Hervy from Chirks Branch was
in town Wednesday inquiting the
prices of .wool.
S. F. Floed went to Portland Mon
day' to transact business and visit
friends and relatives.
Win: ' MeCullough,' father of Mrs.
Samuel Moon; was in to wn this week
looking hale and hearty for one cf his
f' A. -O.-Itose received his check for
hid indemnity this week. You see that
the "Travelers" is the company to in
sure in.
If you want a good garden don't fail
!; to' keep the soil well pnlverizcd in dry
weather, one good hieing is equal to a
shower of rain.'.
If vou have anrthinjc in the-way of
protiucts "to fdiow the advantages ot
this eon nty bend a sample
It. G.
Serous at ilos(;bur'
The reported Liinanoial crash at Abh
land recently has been averted, and
the attached has paid one hundred cents
- U - tho dollar.. Good
B. T. Sharp will nreach at the M. E.
Ghureh- South in this j lace next Sun
day and .evening..- Ail, are
cordialy inviU-d to attend
Abtn.nouiers tell us that the. best
time to ic.w the tuoon is aboui the Lirst
ntarter. Any one bavins: a JTood ir!a;.s
sbouid take a loot; at that- time.
.-. lie v.. G. B. Esmonds of Goquillo,
former pastor" there, of the Cbriolian
church, gave us a pleasant call this
week, lie is rusticating in our hiUs.
While engaged iu -'-hauling' hay one
dy tii s V:u. P. Ireland by sotue
means got between -tbo .wago:i and a
gum pout and tract n red his collar bone.
Gunilon .w Black :u an have turned
t-d out a -dun bio- plow, for plowing corn
and i
,., ..p .r... i
i t0(
1 ;ltu' !fl(tl
wcric both duue
and ste it, a.
work; done.
d go there and gt
jtAnv A. E'i:er3 formerly- 'of . east-
j . - ...,r J .
T:nnes.soo called o:i ns this week, and
bv unuriatre he is related to thy Gor-
nu(.U of Cow creek. .Th
i luis'htdd sone hn porta ut Ksitions ci
trust ""in Tei incase. He may.-' locate
amoiig us. ' ' . .
We call 'attention to 'tha letter of
Idr. Colii a of Fort Dodge Iowa, one of
the late Iowa excursionists. We cer
tainly commend his practical sii'i-s-tioi;s
vhich he makes to . further our
dairy interests. We clip this from
the Duily Oregon tan of the'2J.
"While at Junction City last week
attending Conference we were assigned
to the new hotel, kept by mine host Mr.
Wilkins. The beds were all that one
could desire for cleanliness, and rest,
and the table was superbly supplied
with all an f'picure might desire. We
v, ill call again.
The Grand Army men are not at all
pleased with their treatment iu Maine.
Consignments of whiskey were sent to
these old .soldiers, the temperenee peo
ple iuttfcreJ and sjine bid feeling' is
lie nsult. .Surely the Grand Army
men are not ' tire drinkers theso re-
1 l)UltS 1I!U1CIU0'
ir t Tt t; u i
lion. d. li. iUi!eueIl was fferenaded
, Tr , - ,
at lalieus Hotel last Saturday
evening and was introduced by Hon.
! L. F. Lane in his usual happy style just
j aa !fc v3 does. 3Ir. Mitchell re-
! i :" v ti i ,i
sponded in a tew well chosen remark
, , . . t
land a number of our citizens ihei
called on the gentleman.
Peck's bad boy has come and gone
and the shovv was not what was -expected.
Mr. Howe may manage thea
ters jwell ia the metropolis, but he
presumes too much upon the ignorance
of county -editors. "lie paid his adver
tising bills however after ho got
through jrrowlinif about it.
Jud 'e Mosher returned last Satnr
day from a protracted "visit to Curry
countv where he had been in attend
a nee upon the Circuit Court at Ellens-
burg. He reports business at the mouth
of Rogue river a"s being dull, the catch
of salmou being an almost entire fail
ure this season. Court lasted but a
Judge caught a young sea Hon at ihe
mouth of Rogne river andeturncd
with a small museum of marine curi
osities from Port Orford consisting of
agates), pearl oyster shells, murre eggs
aud a great variety of sea mosses.
From Oakland. - I. .
Delightful weather.
Hay harvest in fall blast.
Editor PtEViEW smiled cn U3 Monday
We bear of :4th of July celebrations
which are to take place in several
neighboring localities, Vfe wish all a
pleasant time..
Mrs. G. T. Pwiissell is in Portland
attending the annual meeting of the
W. C. T. U. -
Arrangements are completed for a
grand Snnday school picnic at Oakland
cn th 4th of July., . . .
''Ease envy withers at anojliei's joy,
And hates that excellence it cannot
Mrs. Dr. II u tan has opened an "'office
two doors north- of the Depot hotel
and offers her professional services to
the public. - .
The i:ew ; building on Ff ndel Suth
eiJins corner is nearing completion.
" A J. Dear is furnishing (he hungry
with the choicest beef we have seen for
rears. :-:
Miss Laura Pinkston has returned
from her temporary residence at Dim
micks I'erry whore she rendered excel
lent ser i ice as teacher of th school in
that district. Uev many friends are
glad to welcome her home.
E. H&irtsook has cpened a -wacron
and undertakers shop one door north of
Iv G. Young's store. He does the
best work at reasonable prices.
Our energetic catll?. and uheep man
P. B. Beckley, brought up last week
from the Coos bay country aljout one
hundred and Cfty head of the finest
beef cattlethac wo ever saw in one
hand. They are now grazing in I113
Yoncolly pasture. Pit knowi all
uboit sheet) and cattle and is the risht
man in the right place for success.
Rev. Fail T. Lo-.kard preached one
of the most scholarly and logical ser
mons on last Sabath that it ha3 been
our good foi tune to hear tor many
years, snbjct "entire sauctificatioit."
Mr. IOckard is opposed to this doc
trine as lu.s been recently taught in
out town and neighborhood. His r
gn merits were entirely scriptural and
so forcible us it Kems to us as to le
inianswerable. " ' "-'.'-''" '- ,
llov. J. .Cy. Richardson preached an
elooucnt wrmou on the same dsy
touching thisimbject in a truly masterly
way. He will- preach a series of ser
mons onthis much agitated , question
daring next month when we espect to
hear semething grand and convincing.
Our young friend Johnie Stearns
formerly book-keeper for the late, firm
t f Chtuoweth Stearns & Co. hft us
this wek 'and will reside in your city.
We are soi l y to loose Johiiie bu t as
he must go the good wishes of his
many !rieuds go with him. Good
h;ck my. friend. ' .-; -
Mr. Z. L. Dimniick of the lirm of
Pago & Diuimick is now at ting by
appointment from Gov. Moody, as no
tary Pubhe. Mr. Dimmick is fully
capable of fulfilling tho duties of thi s
oliice and those entrusting business to
him will find him prompt and actuate.
Our genial -assossor E. C. Sacry and
Lady went to Roseburg Tuesday eve
Willis Young and Gen. 11
brook visited Roseburg Tuesday night
for the purposl of seeing "Peck's Bad
Rev. Mr. HoJman of the Christian
church is now the guest of his nephew
Mr. Erve Henderson. He preached
an excellent sermon to an appreciative
Tho Iowa excursionists were enter
tained by mine hosts Bailey and Thom
as in nice stvle the tables were abur
dantly supplied with, fruits of all
descriptions and all partook thereof
were well pleased."
Robt. E. Davis traveling for- Snell,
lleitshn Woodward of Portland was in
town Wednesday.
Mrs. Ilamblin was called lo the bed
side of her father who is not ecpe cted
to live.
A. F. Brown has purchased the
Stock of goods of Cbsnoweth Stearns &.
Miss Lillie Barnard has returned
home sereral days visit in the city.
A select party was given Miss Lillian
Russell at her residence Saturday..
Mrs. Mary Smith and Miss Fannie
Thomas are visiting in your city.
J ti3t see VV illie Broom and his buggy
A. T. Broom had a valuable horse,
saddle and bridle'stolnn , by a tramp
who rode it scuth of Wilbur when he
tinned it loose for fear of arrest as
Detective C. W. Gaddis was fol
lowing in hot pursuit, Gaddhj returned
with the horse. . Oeseuvef.
- .- - - - . . . -. , -;
Piano s Tuned by Prof. Parvin. Rec.
commendations given when desired.
Satisfasiion given, arid money eaved
by those who employ him.'
Oimaa Yalley Items.
Items are scarce.
We have tha glorious sunshine
again. -
Hay making is in full -blast
Arrangements have been made for
the celebration here, and a good time is
anticipated by all. -
Mr. 0. II. Flook of Roseburg was in
this valley last week visiting his
mother, Mrs. II; B. J ohison.
Miss Caroline Willsie, who has been
in Roseburg for some time past re
turned home this werk. , . . t .
A social hop will be given next Fri
day night ut Mr. Ferguson's and it bid
fair tobe an enjoyable afTair.
Mr. A. Martindale, the genial ' post
master of -Camas, paid Roseburg a
visit last week on business:
Prom Ea pie Point, Jackson Count j .
The prospect for a good crop is
brightening. The late rams have
helped 'us very materially.
The Johnson brothers are building a
new barn to make room for their grain
and hay. - - . . .' .
A young man by-the name of Caton
living on 'Rogne rivet cut his leg very
badly with an ax, and a man by the
name of Manning cut his ankle with an
A young lady by the name of Dora
Pool was thrown from a buggy, while
running a race and was badiv hurt.
Mrs. John Young was thrown from
a wagon the other day and had her
hand badly crushed by tho wheel.
Mr.. Vandyke, living near Phoenix
was badly hurt by a vicious bull.-
Some of our young nimrods took a
trip to Fish Lake and succeeded iu kill
ing four bears.
A. Pool ha3 purchased a plot o
ground cf Leo Brown on the south
side of Water street and is preparing
to eiect a large blacksmith shop and
hall and also a livery stable.
The rain is over and the sky is once
more clear and blue.
The rain has damaged the hay con
siderable. ' -
Evigle Point has taken quite a boom.
F. '"Blnlow is putting up another
room, to his store and property id
changing hands and the town presents
tho irtj tr tiiij oZ n i v !u:e. .. ....
Dr. L. L Whitney inputting material
on the ground for the erection of a tine
residence. - - -. -, -:
:i We have tv. o irrigating dltohes run
ning into the town aud tho future
prospect of the place is quite flattering.
It miiiht! be well for the home seekers
thfU are coming to Oregon to leave the
railroad (track and visit 'our to" a and
its fcunoundingK.. ;
Elders 'Whitney, from Eugene city
and M. Peterson have been holding a
protracted meeting at this place, but
nothing was accomplished. Uxo.
From Mciuit Scott.
iSiieep shearing is just closing in this
locality," Mr.- M. TiptonV being the
The haying season is upon us; the
click of the mower can be heard on
every hand, and tho air is laden with
sweet oders from the new mown hay.
Mr. John Dixon is among us again,
having returned from .his Eastern trip
last week, accompanied by his grand
daughter --
Dr. C. n. Davis and family of Wil
bur have moved into a dwelling at the
old Sa'ibert ik-Noblo saw mill, and
Mount Scott now has a resident phys-
lcian un acquisition Jong leit anu
Some of the young gentlemen of
this place paid Calipooia a Hying visit
ou last Saturday, and remained until
after Church services Sunday. The
boys speak in glowing terms of the
young ladies, and say they were very
pleasantly entertained by the Calipoo-
Mr. Abbey Abraham is rusticating
in this vicicity, enjoying himself fish
ing and hunting. By the way, Master
Abbey has rather a novel wav of coun
try trave mg which is upon a bicycle;
coming out to his grand father's on
last Saturday from town.
The schools will nearly all close this
week in Urn pait cf the county.
Mr. Isaac Mathews was driving some
very One looking beef cattle towards
town on last Saturday and we suppose
they w7ere intended for his butcher,
shop in Roseburg.
Miss Minnie Strader accompanied by
Miss Rosa, Master George and Ed.
Bushey were visiting at Mr. J. B.
Tipton's last Sunday. ' - :T -
The blackberries are ' reported more
abundant than ustwfl this sea 3on near
Mount Scott
Mr. T. C. Atterbury of this place,
who has been confined to the house for
the pnsj six weeks, we are glad to
learn is convalescing.
Rev. W. G. Miller of Roberts creek
will preach his monthly sermon at Oak
creek Church on not Sabbath at 11
o'clock a. M. -, The ordinance of bap
tism will be attended to at the North
Umpqua after services.
Mi.s Fannie Mclvean of Myrtle
creek was visiting frieuds and relatives
at Mount Scott last week. Fabeh.
Dedication. .
The riew Presbyterian v Church ai
Myrtle Creek was dedicated on Sabbath
last under the most favorable auspices.
Rev. Father Williams of Medtord
preached to. a cro wded house on Sat
urday night and Sunday morning, after
noon and night, with delight and satis
faction to a deeply interested "audience.
The sum of 300 was to be provided
for, about half of - which was subscribed
lit the close of the afternoon services.'
Tho aV of Bi o. Bell is stated a
sufficient reason for leaving the balance
Profrarvin of the Willamette Uni
versity presided at the organ and with
the assistance of local talent gave us
some excellent music. "
The new Church is an ornament to
the place and the good people of Myrtle
Creek may justly pride themselves in
the completion of such a task.
Rev.".W. A. Willis was present and
assisted in; his usual hearty manner.
An organization was effected with
live members.
D. S. Iv. Buick and McIIughe3 of
Cany onviile were-ordained elders.
J. E. D.
U. S. -Internal Hevexur, - -'
CoLLECTOli's OfFICI-8, ' Dl3T OF Oe.,
' rPortlaud, June-16, 185.
To the taxpayers of Oregon and Wash
ington Territory: Pending the change in the
Internal l.evenue Collectors for this district,
which will take place on the 22d instant, all
offieai, communications should pe' addressed
to the "Collector of Internal Kevenue,"
omitting individual name, and checks or
money orders should be drawn accordingly.
An adherence to these instructions will pre
vent confusion and delay ia getting stamps.
After said date you wiil address Hon. John
WhiteaUcr, who becomes collector ca " that
daj All mail matter should be 3eat to the
maia ofiice at Portland, until further notice,
as the branch offices for the sale of stamps
have been discontinued.
. J C. Caktsight,
Euoklen's Arnica Salva.
The Best Salve in: the world for
Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt
lllieum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped
Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin
Eruptions, and positively cures Piles,
or no pay required. It is guaranteed
to give perfect satisfaction, or money
refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For
sale by S - Hamilton. '
Eugene City has eballencrd tlogehorg to
form a team for a e!ay-pi-eon shooting match
; Oil from isatars's We'b-';: ' r
The skin on tho "he'adisltept soft and flex
ible by , a secretion from the oil glands.
When these ar.ocloed '. the hair dies
and falls ou'. Pa"ker8 xiair B.ilsam renews
their actio!, restores th wlgiflal color to tl e
hair an 1 makes it soft and glosuy. It also
eradicates dandruff; Not gr asy, not a dye
dttlicionsly perfumed. Djlihtfui lor a lady?s
toilet table. The test of dressings. Prefe
able to all similar articles because of it3 su
perior clean!: ufS3 and purity.
Mr. Parvin will assist in a Praise
Service '-'t the Presbyterian Clmrch
Sunday evening.
: A Eoniarkabls Escape.
Mrs, Mary A. Bailey, ot Tunkhannock,
Pa., was aflhcted for six years with Asthma
and Bronchitis, during Which time the best
physicians could give no reiief. Iter life was
despaired of, until in last October she pro
cured a Bottle of Br. Kind's New Discovery,
when immediate relief wa3 felt, and by con
tinning its use for a short time she was com
pletely cured, gaining in flush LO lbs. in a
few months.
Free Trial Bottles of this certain cure cf
a 1 Throat and Lung Diseases at S. llam
iitou'a Dru2 .Store.- Lari Buttles gl.00.
Rev. E. G. 'Mi.-hael P. E. of the Will
ametco district M. E. Church South
will hold the fourth quarterly meeting
for the Roseburg circuit at Oakland
July the 4th and 5th being the first
Saturday , and Sunday in July. All
the orlicial memFers are urgently re
quested to attend.
B. T. SfiATtt' P. C.
The Most Agreeable.
As we1 as the most effective method cf
dispelling Headaches, Colds aud Fevers or
cleansing the System - is by taking a few
doses of thfj plea3int California liquid fruit
remedy Syrnp'of Figs. 50c and 1 bottlse
orsalo fcyJJ. Ilairiiltob,
Take Notice.
Parties holding the following San Francisco
Bridge C-. warrants as follows: .N. 0G7,
?1,000 No. 534, SoOONo. oG'j$12:?J will pre
sent the same immediately for payment as
interest will cease from this date.
June 19, 183j. . Trcas, Douglas Co.
Accident. Mr. and Mrs. Silvers of Olalla
while returning from the,funerai of the child
of Voltaire Uurney Lufc Tuesday were bally
if not seriously hurt by their team running
away. Dr. Hoover hs been -tloing alt- that
could be done to alleviate their sufTerlugs.
They were at the house of Mr. Bounds the
past hoard from, but hope to get home soon .
To TnuEsuEn Men and Maciuse Mek.
if you consult your own interests, j'on will
before purchasing threshers, engines, inspir
ators, pump, farm, church or school bell?,
belting, hose, lubricating oils or anything in
that line, address Z. T. Wright, Portland,
Oregon, for prices and terms. All iroods
fully warranted. ; :r
0 1LMO IS K SAN DKItON. -At the resi
dence of the bride? father in Kiddle by
Jtev. It. p. Webb, J. W. Gilmore to
' ... Miss Lottie Sanderson. ;
We extend our congratulations to the
happy cou;U
JULY 4TH, 1885.
i- .,- . -.-'"..- 1 ... - ' ' . - .-
i . ijxjj , i - cflB- "
1 President of tli Dny:
lion. 1). S. 1C. BUICK, of Myrtle Creek.
!IIoa, J. C. FULLEitTON.
IS cutler ot tl:e BccIaratSou:
Pey. J. It. N. BELL.
Grand TvSarsIuil:
3Ii?sio nil Day l y tli fm
fumetFY nnlice Xoecllo
One Mile Running Pace, Purse of $15.00
Half Milr Runniuir Pace, Purse of 15.00
Entrances 5 to be added to Purse.
FoiotRaee, Purs S5.0a
Foot Race. Purse 2.50
Jumping-Purse $2.50 ".
Jumping Pur.-e "2.o0 T
Glass Ball Shooting, 1st Priza $5.00
' " ' " " 2d Pri23 $2.50
This will le the bi jest occasion ever
witnessed in Poseburg.
ti2 i U
mm wm
a Igreat bargain
550 Acres bottom hnt at .$25.00 per acre. G!0
At-rea t'a-sture 1-atid nt $4.00 i er aero lt200 trX
trees, but good twe!iia, two Ilariia. r Vv tu .watered
with eAcclltsnt ' .Sprinjr ail over the place. --I'lenty
of OaklwoUi, a Kjiroad- Side track uU tCAny oiher
conveniences.- Also another v'-e consistinsr of DO
Acres ofUnatom land -ut $i5.C0 itr acre, 230 At re
pasture Wild at 41 00 f iir acre, two dwelling aid
one small bam, well wntoreJ, l-lcnry of w od. Thc-e
two pia3& Jolft, joa c-.u parehauti mo or both on
nxwoniir.ia iruws v.tccs unuuw.. , pjiy w e.'
VIRW olii
articular "'.hi 'S a crr-Jit hat-pain
F 13 1 If f.-rwort
1 ta;rvaM
tiliiil valuabl,
worlvin.x people, " Send If) cents ros-
id will man you fiisk, a royal
valuabla box cif troodi that will
put you ui the way o matiini; more money jin a ie
days than Jou over taoa ''at v'MHibte atanv bu.4nets.
Caf'Ual uoS( required. You can iivo at home and
wor! ia sji.xre time only, or all the time. All of
bosh sexes,! of all jrrau.ily- saccassfui. 50 cents
to 35 easiily earned every evening. That all who
want work "it.v.test the business,, we make this un
parailelad ffer; To all who are not well satisfied we
will son il t; pay for the trouble of writing us. Full
particular direoiions, etc., sent free. Iainieiifce pay
absolutely fiure for ali who start at once. Oon't uc
ay. Address STiJiSOJT Co., 1'ortlaud, Jlaine.
!IK rREREXTSOIVES aw at. Send U8
a cents postage, and by mail you
will get FRjiK a package of goodj tf larjf value, thut
wiil start you in work that will at once briiijryou in
money fatdr than anything else tu America. AH
about the4,0i!oin presenU with each box. Agents
wanted everywhere, of either sex, of ad aan, lyr all
the time, or spare time only, to work for us at thcr
ov n ho;ne3. 1. Fortunes iora.1 workers absolutely a
tured. Don't delay. ' II. Hallkj. a. Co., rortland
Kt'i'ercc's .Sale.
d.1 and in of a ueciea and order ofjiaio
of tho cir.'Uit Court of the c-uteut Ore-ou for tne
t;ounty of Uolitas waue and ei Acred in said court
en die ei'hteentn (1) uuy of inty, lte, tu that cer
tain Bun wherein, laaao and
John lla-st are l'laiu: iffo and .J jha StCj.waai is Do
fondant. That I will ou
Saturday July 11th. A. D. 1885
At the hour of out o'clock in the aftcrnoou ot uaid
day sell at puolic auc.iou ui ir.mtof .no coufk House
door i.i lloieblng in said at ale and county ud rii-ot,
title and intere.-.t of the atoresald J'Uiut.ffs aaa de
fendant, ald of caell oi ilicm m a.jd to te nwlowiii,;
p;e-iiiei to;wit: T.i tt verUiU aluanir cianu ti.u.itej
Li 'l'cnno. S'ie . uioii iu DoaLis oucy, cruipjii, and
more pafaoul-triv dc&iriucd a- Coiiiuieneios at thss
nuitiiii t,i Vtn,uCM cruicb.- ruaiuntf. tauneo soum
about 750 Jiarua. and Kitu.aed on OoiU blued of oid i
Cnlcti, and bonnr about two hanJied-jards,
outaoiinir one hundred acreo, wore or lest;, toother j
c.viih tne dUclics, lUiiiicni, water rights and buitdiuAS-t
and puriettaiicc-a,. luutuutii "cout -Uave ana one-1
half wile! ot war diclnM., ruumu fm cjulnn a j
ditch to said Teiunsesatsuuio'h, ana about elevo hua- j
dreufeet oi 'Undnj, t,l;vkjiintli and miuin; koois
and ad bu Liiaj ji.a-auj J uij.i a."id ajipurwnaau i-
baid unn . . ' ,
That aid Sale will be made for cash m bund, and
itubjjct to the eonilrmation of said Cuouitcourt.
Dated Jui.e 0, lifi5. '
C. A. TAYLOFt, ...
- '- . . lieferce. .
Dewe-it of My rtla deck,- Douglas Comity,
or-'on, ou the I7lh day of April, H35, nia'.'.e a .goa
eral usiifniiicot to the undersigned 11. Vt . fetuj-non-aon
tX ail h.ft pr ijici'ty' iiudnr "the pr vision of the
Statuie of reon euutlcd "An act to secure credit
ors a just division ot the estates of debtor who con
vey to assigns for tho beueiit of creditors," and that
the undersigned ha.duly quaii2cd aa ucb assignee.
Therefore, All ih.t.-ii3 Iwviuif i tisns aau!-54. ti,e
said (Jcore Denitiut ara hereo-y notified to preaeat
the siunc, under oalh, to tho u ndcr.dned at Myrtle.
Creek, Uoulas County, O-cnl, within tnree mouths
from this dat Ail per nous inacbted to deore De
ment are required U make immediate paymcut to
me, ' .- ll. VV. sTceiifcisuX,
L. F. Mo!icn, " Assignee.
.Any for Ass??nco. .
Dat'jd April 21, lsa.
In Justice Court tr Calipooia Treeinct, Douglas
county, Jtate of Ore,r n. .
E. J. Fae, llaintiJ, ) Civil Action
vs. - !- to
- John Fiasr, Defendant. J recover money,
To John Fraoer, the abeve rained Defendant. -
you are i hereby required to appear before the
underiijmed,! a Jutiee of the l'eace for Cali pooia
precinct, Juylns County- Eit-ite of Oregon, at the
ofilce f said JiMtifie mi said preeinet on aaturdav the
25th day of July, l(3i! at the hour of 2 o'dock in the
aftcmo'm of -nd day to answer E. J. Faj.T', the
ab'ive named i'bdutiff iu a civilaetion -
The Defendant will take Voliee that i be fail to
answer the complaint filed herein the Plaintiff.- will
take jud.neiit-aaiiiit him f r the aunt of 117 i7
tojrethtjr with Hie cost a id disburs.'iieuts.
This Summons is published by order of said Just
ice Court, dutv made aud entered ii paid Court aud
action oh thelth dsy of June A. D. Irf5.
. -" Justice cf the Peace,
Sheriff's Sale.
In the Circuit Court ol the i uue of Oregon in anl
for Doughs Couuty. i ; : ' .-.-
T, It. Sueridan and J.' SliCtlan, Tartnors doinjf
busiaoss uuuer tne Ana oaaie ci fchtnuaa bros
FlamtaTti, - j - - -.
v-'; '.' 'Z ---. fu'-va I : 'ZZr--:Z''Z''Zr'
J. F. W. Satibcrt and X. E. Saubert, hi wife; F '
II. Nubia and S. Jl.s NubSe, Ids wuc U he tsud JL
. W. bHultcrt and V. II. .ob!e heui; jartnt rs un.
- dcr tht Unn muicot. SauUo.t r.tioie; and i,L
, Joselisoii, Oeiendajits
Notice is hereby given That by virtue cf an execu
tion issued out o the -ore-nit uuri tvr I'eeina
coun y, Oregon, on the ilCvh di.y of May losa ana tt
mo directed anddulivcrcalu J)u.-uu.ikc vi a Judgment
&-.d lie'itee duly cadj and entered in fril ca-euit
Court xa tlw th uay id" May ,lsrf) in favor vt tho
absve named rluiisulis and afea nrft t . e e i.oi:ied
Ijefenuauta, J. f W. sUubert. and ?J ic.&aubert, hia
wife, aim K. if. Kohls, au-i js. .m. ioLIe, iiss wae, amt
iiJ. P. W aubcrt aiiU t'. IU ulii Lemjf part
ners uncer the m ia naiae oi tdubi.rc & haunt ior tli
uuia a-( ana an atnirucy's ieecf b,bMv H.U4.
i( evbis ami u.isuurit'aiGnis, ana mr the forecioo
ureyia. luertgajje on real yropuriy by said fcauhcrt
iNoWe lo iuiu iionuau hum utiU for tho aale of the
morted reim ta 8;.tfy : aia o'uunnt, at- .
tt.ruc.v a foe ana c(.bts anu i; a:td
wntrcis SAiU Lxecutiuu coiuuianus lab t)i.,t out ot
ttie aia pieiiiiej tur tho lureehisure and
a.oeuf waiuu riuu uwereo Jui jjinont tre reco .
erU, 1 batitjvy tna tjau oum ami atUirncy'a tee, costs
una ukburiCiuuiits. 1 usvo lcMeu Upon ami on but
uruuy JUue li iu, cciwoen Uiu vt u o Ov k ah
ana o oo.k 4 it, t-j-wi at inu Hour of ii o'clock p m
Oi, ni writ t f-uiii;c avictmii to the luhctfc
biuUur lor uoii m liaiiu ai tuo Court iioiisv; IX'i'r in
huoeourg, Circam, au xuu rilit, V.t.ti and iuu:i-et if
tha eaiu i't'ieiiuaniB, J. b. W. iiaubert.vil. ii. fcau-l-ert,
I . 11 nobie, f M Aoble, or ot thcni? iu
aua to the luiiownijf uwuribv'd uiorixafc'ed pruUiiacs,
w-w.i, licv'iniiiinr at uio .uru tasv coru.r -oi 1
mi;!iy'iunas.ioi iauu c!ui;n in tuftum 15, l'own
kiup ., faouui ivuugu.'-l tjt, ;ii loulas county,,
uivn, aju ranniiig lhenct Dcuih b chain.-, t icncit
iouui (Ouertej cjC H clian.d, ihcuto irth 14
Oereej huiu a.;0 clucus (o i'i Jl bouuuar of said
ciaiin, liieacti i;l an ca.-te.-iy unvctiun along1 uorta
buunuary to tl.eiaa. e or tcUiuin; and voniuinin.;
S.1k airr.-vs, al.-so ana I&luid, knov u una dci ll-ed us
Lois nuuiiier 7 and S in beca-jn . la lowiiehiji.(i;
6outa of ratine 4 W'csi- in iJouias county lirt-jjon,
eonuininig acrts, tiKtt!iw with tlie &aw itiill,
ilia iHais, liiKiues aiiti other ininru .'ciiicnts -
situate on or oe.oii.Lj;-tr ;u ai.y wiyB ajiriaininjf
Uiuj ctn, also aii ln i .eht, Uiie aim mttix-bl or taiU
arcics in anu to ail louds anu rixhta of way for
irave-liiig or inauit.uijiiig', having or Ufivg rig lit of
way over, u 'potior aerobe iho lauuit of V. nnam lrak
anas. I'. ti.akciy, to: ana iiom gam sawmill and
uemuea, ail oi ilic ahuvo ucsenced reuuse heridi
tanieaiii, toneineuisaiid api-uritfuaiicej oenitiecuoa
to ana in tne tuaie oi u. A'auie Out uwi.ed and
lK)Kaei&ed oy t.ia s vid J. t'. W. saubert and F. 11
iiuOieas c l ai'tncrs. 1
Willies iny iw'uu lhib2Sth day of May, 1SSS.
G. A. XAVlAii, telioritf or 0ou0-!aa county, Crcjoru
In tho Circuit Court of the Stito of Creyon withia
and for the countv ol'loii'iii3.
lioalie Polluud and Kepna I'eiland, ber husbaod,
i'lain . . - .
;' ",'-.. ': - VS. -a "
Tlioiua3 tj'Iteilry and Fr.u.k M. Baker, Defendants.
Suiu in equity to quiet utic to real ejiitu. -
lo ittouutfj j iuiniv uiki tnink a. tuiKer, the above
namiid l'eltiiiiJl.i: 11 cue Uuu.e ot cue outtc oi Ur
eoii, you aro rcquiiua to upovur uiui vn
coiiipiuui( or t'ial u.iti .idea against jou in ine abovo
ciitivica omt, iu the above cuautxi cour,"oa or oe
toie tne irst oa oi ui next rouiar conit vncrco!,
to-wit, onMuUuay IU 1'Ji.nuay oc ucioCur l&S .it yod
loil to so ajipw and umu'ei' t'luituta wdl tipply t
vde Court lo. tue reiit-t otiauutu in kuio con.iuint,
t.-wie; .. i
A ue.TCe thatthe defeudant-s and all persons claim
iny uuuer ilium t-y tuie atcru.iijf tuttuciit to
Una sillv, utt loievtr LUirea Iiom uu ciauu to uliy
VAvAlil ill nan.u-.t--.Uce )n tnu L, ;s ot is 1j J of bfC. 1Q
.;u etie W j i4 o 4 oi bee. Iir in l' -o c ol tt 4
ia Uie uwtriAi oi l-aiiu. t-ubjo-cl to .o at cue Land
OliKe ol Uiv cioalitcl-n uidUicG of trcou. -
luld summons !s , UlU3ic4 by oiuif, of llotl. K. 8
cean, J ud c ul said ni ' iiw uiajr olu, i&oo.
Admi:ii.6lnitor,s Notice.
1 1 kir.y eonceiii, tn Jt lue biaoa ucui Oeeil
udiy uy us: vtunty couri. ci c-voia
t.uuittj, oreud Auiaia.sirtoi'v v. tin vid anuexcu of
tnc eotate ot joila i . jul;ic1i1ii, i.ue Ot bald county,
aii roons indebted to said e-itAte ara hereby no--tin
ca vo make luiiuuuiate puyiuent w tdo Uuuer
sijjuoa At u.s ouwii U toe c -j n vuaialid, ll tad
oviniiy, ana all parwej ua 'tu etaiiijs agUiust uui ai'B necty rouirea to i-it-iuii tne oiuc, vitu
proper voUcnua uui.t ciuieu, uj uij unueisiguea at
ii's iaw oiuce in tte city oi', iu k uiu county
ami bint, w.uun luontaa irou imui nu.eof.
OtUvj iiay lj.n, liSo.
C. A. KEIlLBilliDJi, ' -Administrator,
with wnl iini.i-ioj, oi ttie estate of
- .;Uii i-..uuit;Miii4 uvca:i-ii. . uu.l-7w
fllllK CO-tAKlhlt.SiliF liJiiiETCrrVitlS LXIST
JL liiif tiiiuei" tuo iii m iiiiio nau myie -i aoivu-hi,
v uceicr i Co., CoiifsiiOi ot (sol, Alv"aoi, x.Uuola -AOia.iaui,
L,. Wiiceict aud w. 31. viucuicr ia tu.s
uuy ucoiVfd try iuuiit edneiii.. Any ututs uua
iroui tne t:na are u Ovs paid ly ol, voranauj, and
ail accounts uuo to uiu iiiin at e to Oo Co can
caid isoi. -iliriiatn. I tdL. AttuadAll,
lioseoaiy, Oregon, J 1.. Ali.vAilAAl,
juy o.j, iaoj - -1 L. c. niii.i.cili,
V W . ii. lilbLblt.
Lisnti Corners.
lo eiWbiinau corners of Government surveys
wne.e tne wituejs trsj navu bccncui, or uave laneu
dowj, v. uoro tliere Aiuijaua cue otu.uo on wuietc
tlte teKiilTiig uiai Ka of j oluiea caa tun te setu, r
wncro oilier cviuciives ( O.jier.aueut tornerj
n.ay or cusi Re lmiud, wneivoy tae oatu cui'iiera es
lai.i.biUHi Oy Ci0.e,ii.u2i!6 ourcysca oo pO.lvlvciy
lirci.tcu Oj any ol cUCi o' wiw'r a2cal.t; e,lacilce, collier or uoraeia 1.0 ee rccaxtudoiicu m ttie man
mi' pixaiuiuvd in tuiu.ccUoii loi-c.;,
ana eiuad Lccp a t-t-t-i.-tc icooiu ul te cane lu a
oooa eaiicu ftcu.n. lrtco "i Li is. Kiurvcj&, and
g-Viug1 t.iu tiai.-, wia ii.iuiw'j. of pt Tou3 piccit, aud
turn ca-.d I'vi'i.-r i ovui io tiii Vnen o it
tsvjCily.i.'.i, iimy sii.tu oo rocofiiied Ihci'vultcr as
tne lc'al aid criJiaticUw cljii or coniv.'o.
Vt .a. 1'i.ixt.x., oo'auc.t ourveyor.
JL lie . oi :io '"..iyji'-a ' J.-ivc. ov.j-j.i, oi v.-i.Ma
v.-iK.K , ii t-6 Jr.rjy. .:i'e eirj u.a .ta i& (f a ult
u Uiiia coi'i"i ii ji-v.l.ta.s, cs j'CJkcaoKj jd
Kxad. Vvili ue b-a rctiio.o. j.i-jaii a -uiy
place, oo aja oaj a-ixi tulio oi .i-;.iv.iar, o.l
v.uo&tau ol t..o r.Vos'. fiw.v..ic .i;;..iiijC.i...
:ian:: n.iiULLK b;:.js iiavl; toi:;fo?.m
JL iu woa! e. j of iio.cOiL .iu. wiu iuru
.o.i a -rile- o. tii;is Ji wuiu iui' tej.i uiiicy t.uti
to cui baj i.ioi ay int wo.k .i.i.' iu ,a
ui cuuiiy M Ui Uaucaa-jf pnoe ! c i. ot, per coid
i -r.l.'jr-i.gj wjoJ. - rtif ui!.' f r Iu u.m is tuiiii
woou. c.ood laajaro -ui 1 aai.:tiJa ;U '.Uhhjcu.
Cr. e inj t o,ir oaei" iwti u i..i J. r. iirnjr. ZJ
For Sale ClKay.
run iiu-e v wou i ad i.i cood ur-ie'r is a .x
io .t cut and ia J it JuJ as nv iuid wni oe void
iu.' tit'.y coiled oa uio ajuar o. cost pries, enquire
oli-'ra.iA Jlyialioa ou a.j.I o e ncf iu.Ij SMutii of
MMitutg oa wa.1 side oi ui avg. F. iloluilei.
Btreets, sir.e woxio icvt, winch wul ive fucltt
ouildi.ijf lots isitxito lect. ooij nalnes noUAeand
aioo good uwjbia, wen furitisuod. nne wen, wit
lum ., alao wooa tnedana otitcr out btiiid.n!r and
all wed ica.eed. lor j-aracuiars enquire at aiaview
OlliCc. -;
In the matter of tle Kstatc of Henry Caterman,
OewCaud. "
Jji atnuo, adaaulstiau'iX oi tlie i-j-tae.oi iieary
wieniia.j, ue-xd.-ito, liiu ule-.i li.ji- tLti aocouiii, tu
Baiu mfivbur, m Aia ouii . court of uou-Ustxunty
Oregon, ana laa.- haid oju: ni appoiiicsj 'i'acMiay,
the 'iih uay ol July iai, at lue iu-ur of 10 o'ciocK.
a U of aaui uavai tr.o time for iicurnig oojecuoii to
uch linru aciiJUi ivn l tiitt oCvtieni-in, .j.-d i, -Dated
ilay 2otn, l ji bJoA.tA VxAi'KUllAN, Ad
miuiatratn; iiuie a. Lauc, n-ar At. unity.
Final Sattloiiieiit.
Oregon for lKiulas County, in the matter .f th
Estta of lcvi bat.kloy dei.'eis:t'.
VO'llcK IS Hh.itr.OY UlViiN TUT.TII3 UN
i.1 dv-riined Axlini.iiSiraiOr of tho -$tate of l."3.'i
ucckley, duaeJ, n !ilid hii liaai aejoii'it in set-'
tleueut of Kiid ea'.c, and t;ut tu Hon. J. S. Fiu
huh, Judjre oiibe a.iove nutll Couru, by. order
culy made and eiue;el upon the 'Jmirual of wd
Court, has lixodTdUiKi .y July T.lilci, for hjann
ubjeecions, if a y lucre b.i, to aaid noai aeount and
tne iuttieaicnt of t.iii-1 esu.ttc. , : .
HrJNKi' Bi-CiiUEY, Ad.xilr.itrator
June ila lai5. .