Roseburg review. (Roseburg, Or.) 1885-1920, June 19, 1885, Image 4

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" pni
lo a 7eokly Demo
cratic ITowopapor pub
lished in the interest of
Southern Oregon. Bub
ccription rates, 02.50
per annum. Advertis
ing rates are reasona
ble and made known on
pplication. Boseburg
is one of the most thriv
ing and progressive
towns in the State of
Oregon, and the "Ee
view" keeps fully
abreast of the times,
! . .
furnishing the citizens
of Douglas County and
the far-famed ULIPQU A
VALLEY with all the
latest General and Local
Hews;; Under its new
management the M Ee
view " is constantly im
proving and is rapidly
gaining in circulation,
4 ' '
having added more
names to its list durimr
the past threa months
than any country paper
in Oregon. If you want
to hear from a wide
awake, progressive sec
tion, subscribe for the
"Boseburg Beview." If
you want to reach a
large number of intelli
gent people, place your
advertisement in the
By special arrange
ments we will furnish
the Beview " and the
weekly "Hew York
World" for 03.00, in
advance. This is an im
mense offer. Subscribe
Of Oregon and Washington Terri
tory-Free Adviee front Texas
The Texas Sitings, in ita issue of
February 3, 1885, says editorially: We
receive a great number of country
weeklies from all parte of the" United
States. ' With one or two exceptions,
none of those that are altogether edited
and printed at the office of publication
are as good as those that use the mat
ter ready printed on one side of the
6heet. They could not be expected te
be so good. The patent inside is
edited by an experienced man, who
has facilities of obtaining better selec
tions of interesting reading matter than
the country editor can have with his
limited exchange list ; and this editor
lives in the city where he can obtain
the latest news much more promptly
and more fully than the country edi
tor can. He is trained to his business,
and has nothing to distract his at
tention, and no other duties to perform,
therefore it would be reasonable to be
lieve that he could put together a more
interesting and readable sheet than
could the editor in a country town,
who has often to perform the duties
not only of editor, but of compositor,
pressman, advertising solicitor, collec
tor, mailing clerk, etc. The fact is the
majority of these auxiliary sheets con
tain admirable literary selections and
compilations of the latest news, con
densed with great skill. As they are
better typographically and in aliterary
sense than the country editor himself
could produce, as they cost him less
than setting up type for the amount of
matter they contain would cost, and
as their use leaves him more time to
give attention to the local side of his
paper, we see no reason why any coun
try editor should presume to sneer at
them. These auxiliary sheets are fur
nished by companies located in all the
large cities, and they are becoming
more popular with publishers of coun
try weeklies every day. We would
add that publishers desirous of avail
ing themselves of this money and
time-saving method of publishing a
truly live and interesting paper, can
do so by applying to the Northern
Pacific Newspaper Union, of Portland
Oregon. It furnishes the best "pat
ent " in the United States and for less
money than any other house. This
Union pays particular attention to the
artistic appearance of its patents -uses
the best paper the best reading mat
ter does the best press-work, and has
several distinct and original features
which we have never seen in any other
patent side. They furnish latest mar
kets and telegrams, and can print al
sizes and supplements at short notice
From latest accounts they are doing a
large business. Publishers will con
suit their best interests by addressing
112 and 114' Front street, Portland
Oregon, for terms and particulars.
A Few Facta Showing the Beneficial Ef.
fects of Vaccination for Smallpox.
While the deaths from smallpox last
year throughout the entire German Era
pire averaged one or two a week, and
never exceeded four, there died in
Prague, a city of about 270,000 inhabi
tants, no fewer than 828 persons be
tween January and June, besides 409 in
the last four months of 1883. Between
October 1, 1883, and March 31, 1884,
5G cases nearly all children under five
years of ag;e, were admitted into the
Polyclinic Hospital wards under Dr.
Ganghof ner. Of these 52 were unvacci
nated and 4 vaccinated, 2 of. the latter,
however, not until after mfect.on. O
the 52 unvaccinated 11 (21 per cent.)
died: of the vaccinated none. There is
a strong local prejudice against vaccina
tion, with which several medical men,
we regret to say, sympathize. Buenos
Ayres is a city of about the same size-
namely, 287,000 inhabitants; and vacci
nation is not compulsory, and is unpop
ular. While the births in 1883 were close
on n.uuu, tno total number or vaccina
tions and revaccinations wis 8,643. The
deaths from al) causes were 8,248, or 28
per 1,000, and those from smallpox
1,487, or 5 per 1,000 cf the population,
and 18 per cent., or nearly one in five.
of the total jleaths. In Prussia the
mortality since 1875 has been from 0.34
to 3.02 per 100,000 yearly; m Austria,
5.57 to 50.83. In Berlin, in 1882, it was
0.43, and in Vienna 108.29 per 100.000.
Since 1875 not a single Prussian soldier
has died of smallpox; in the Austrian
army 10 to 47 per 100,000 annually, and
in the French I to 27 have died. Jsnt-
ish MedicalJournal.
In President Eliot's annual report he
says in regard to inter-collegiate foot
ball: "It is very improble that a game
which involves violent personal collision
between " opposing players can ever bo
.made a good inter-collegiate game.
Boxing and wrestling, which do requin
such personal collision, are apt to de
rfnArnt in at. na fnnt-.-Vmll baa Hnno An
ill effect of some of the inter-collegiate
contests is their tendency to restrict the
number of men in college who practice
the competitive sports. . The keenness
of the competition creates a high stand
ard of excellence, and persons who
know that they can not reach tha
standard cease to play. The athletic
sports ought to cultivate morals as wel
as physical courage, fair dt aling and
the sense of honor. If any form of un
faithfulness, unfairness or meanness is
tolerated in them they become sources
of widesnread moral corruDtion. If
students do notlind their sense of honor
cultivated and refined by their college
rfe they may be sure tnat their educa
tion is failing at ita most .vital point"
How many persons have evcu a
rough idea of the average sum upon
which-by far the larger part of the
citizens of the United States aie fed,
clothed and housed? A recent statisti
cian estimates that eighty per cent, of
the population of this country is sup
ported by from forty to fifty cents per
capita a day. At the latter figure this
makes f 164.25 as the average annual
cost of living; but, as by average we
mean the balance between extremes,
there must be many persons who have
not even this sum to live upon. That
fifty cents a day is a generous estimate
will be admitted when it is remembered
that many mill operatives earn only
from five to seven dollars a week, ana
that the wages of farm hands run from
twenty to thirty dollars a month, and
that on these sums several persons are
oftersupported. Chicago Times.
The Experience of an Austin (Tex.) Oen-
. tlesuan In Posting a Letter,
Colonel Yerger, of Austin, had just
finished writing a letter. It was very
important that it should go of by the
next mail, so he rang the bell, and upon
he colored servant, : Matilda, appear
ing, he handed her the letter, saying:
"Take this letter to the letter box on
the corner as fast as you can. It is
very important'
Matilda, the colored girl, went out
with the letter, and meeting the coach
man, handed it to him, remarking:
"Jess you take dis hear letter to de
letter box."
The coachman started out with the
letter. He happened to see a friend
passing, and it occurred to him that he
might save himself the trouble, so he
handed his inena the letter, requesting
him to post it without delay, as it was
very important 'That night the coach
man s friend, just oexore retiring, made
the discovery that he had forgotten to
post the letter, so he gave it to one of
the boys at the stable, enjoining him to
put it in the letter box early next morn
ing. . . ' .. .
The stable boy was about to comply
with the request next morning, when a
baker, with whom he was acquainted.
haDoened to drive past in his cart.
"Hello! Tom," exclaimed the stable
boy; you take this letter and drop it in
the letter box and save me the trouble."
Anions the customers of the baker
bov was Colonel Yereer himself. Just
as the baker Taov drove up to the Yerger
mfnsion. Matilda, to whom the letter
had been originally given, was just
sroin; out of the gate on her way to
market The baker boy handed her the
letter with the request to shove it in the
letterbox. But just at that moment
Mm. (Yerger happened to open the door
and saw the bov hand her servant a
"I will have no such goings on as that
in this house, exclaimed Mrs. render,
and she seized the letter from Matilda's
band, and running into the house, ex
claimed, in an excited voice to Colonel
"It is not safe to have that Matilda
about the house any longer." Here she
is setting: letters on the sly."
She handed the letter to Colonel
Yerger, who recoiled in astonishment
when he perceived the identical letter
he had wmten and addressed the night
before. Uttering: an exclamation too
profane to print in a family paper
Colonel Yerger violently forced himself
into his coat, remarking: .
"Now I will post that letter myself,
and. then 1 will know it is done.
Texas Sitings.
With Especial Reference to Thoie Who
Come Here fur American Money.
People go over to America good,
bad and indifferent to show them
selves and speak a piecje. If they have
any sort of name, or have written any
sort of look, or if they have made
themselves ridiculous or sublime in any
sort of way, tbey expect an audience aud
cash. With a little management anc
ready money the lecture bureaus work
up a man's reputation, grease it and
try to make it run. Newspaper cut
t'.ngs fly about. The great MacJones
it appears, is sutierrag from a sore
throat in London. The great Mac
well and will leave for America. Pre
sently he arrives; he is interviewed; a
hall is engaged, he appears the at
tendance is bad: Jones tries elsewhere,
the attendance is worse: Jones has
another sore throat and retnrns to Eu
Som j C Oiling poet, who has got hold
of a few press wires, is asked over to
tuscourse on other poets of the past aud
run down his contemporaries generally.
llns is a lvceum or university. lecture
hall affair; then it dwindles into a sort
of drawiug-room business seat being
paid for by any scratch adniir rs who
can be got together. T-ien Gosling
comes home ani perhaps even his best
friends do not know exactly how much
he is out of pocket And sometimes it
is a greater than Gosling. A Matthew
Arnold, for instance, thinks it important
that America should see him, if not ex
actly hear him. Accounts differ, but in
one respect they agree, that excellent
as might be the matter, there was room
for improvement in the manner.
Now that the Americans are getting
a little tired of our celebrities they have
begun to say so plainly. The fact is
that men with orStorical reputations
who can always draw a full house, are
not numerous, and the few there are
have no time, as a rule, to gad about
besides which they Sire in such demand
at home that the lecture bureaus .can
net tempt them across. The couse
qu. n:-e is the bureaus have to fall back
on worth, with now and then
fcienlili 5 star on I the wing, a novelist
hard up, a special correspondent or an
otiose literary critic who wants change
of air ami money. London Truth.
Dr. lieber Aewton says: "TaK.i
the average human life, he would be
bold man who, rightly weighing the
manifold daily blessings which come
like the sunshine and the dew. wou
venture to pronounce the lot of man
rather of pain than of pleasure. Much
of the pain of man is, moreover, to be
subtracted from the charges against
Providence and to be credited to our
human responsibility. The thriftless
ness of the poor, the greed of the rich,
and the common iguorance of social
laws cause most of our poverty."
At the Bald Mountain extension
drift mine, near Forest City Cal., re
cently, the steel wire cable broke while
loaded cars were descending the incline
860 feet long. One of the boys, by the
name of Veal, employed at the mine,
had the rare courage and presence of
mind to jump on an empty car and
chase the fleeing train down the tunnel,
over 6,000 feet in length, and overtook
and stopped it before the cars collidod
with the incoming train.
The boy3 of Turner, Me., says the
Lcwistoa Journal, are noted for train
ing domestic animals--dogs, calves,
sheep and steers are broken to all kinds
of vehicles. One day Earnie Morse
will drive by with a tandem team a
sheep and a calf. He may be followed
by Harry or Ralph Bearce driving a span
of merino bucks. Then a string of
Jersey calves driven by a dozen boys.
Willie French-has a nice Jersey heifer
trained to do all sorts of fine things. -
Why persist in ruining your digestion by
eating unwholesome food; and keeping it
ruined by doing nothing to restore it to
usefulness and right action? Some think
that dyspepsia is incurable. They are the
ones who have never tafcea Brown's Iron
Bitters. This valuable family medicine
makes short work of the tormentor and
soon enables the digestive apparatus tod
its work. Mr. H. E. Collins, of Keokuk,
Iowa, says : " I used Brown's Iron Bitters
for dyspepsia, and am greatly benefited.'
The. reunite which are attending the
administration byDrs. Starkey & Palen,
11UU (xlrard fct., rmiaaeipma, oi tneir
Compound Oxygen for Chronic diseases,
give new surprise to both patients and
physicians every day. Nothing like these
results has heretofore been known in the
treatment of disease. If you hare any
ailment about which you are concerned,
write to them for information about their
new Treatment and it will be promptly
Orders for the Compound Oxveen Home
Treatment will be filled by H. E. Mathews,
Montgomery Street, ban jb ranclsco.
Thft Austrian frovernment will hereafter
prohibit the publication of Sunday papers.
Is that of any man or woman afflicted
with disease or derangement of the liver,
resulting in poisonous accumalations in
the klood,. scroiuious anecuons, sick
headaches. and diseases of the kidneys,
lungs or heart These troubles can be
cured only by geing to the primary cause,
and putting the Jlver in a healthy condi-
. m it t . V . 11 JM
Tinn. -i n icrnmn nan inig resuiL BureuiJY
and effectually nothing has proved itself
so efficacious as Dr. Pieree's tC Gelden Med
ical Discovery," which has never failed to
do the work claimed ior it., ana never win.
Abe Buzzard, the Pennsylvania outlaw.
has surrendered to the authorities.
GET THE BEST Abell & Son's Pho
tographs. Take the elevator 29 Wash
ington street Portland.
Throat Diseases commence with a
Cold. Couch, or over-fatiguing the voice.
These svmDtoms (which, if neglected,
often result in a chronic iroume oi me
Throat) are allayed by the use of
"Browns Bronchial 1 roc nesr
Small parties of tourists ure now. going
through the x eliowstone iraric.
What can be more disagreeable, more
disgusting, than to sit in a room with a
Eerson who is troubled with catarrh, and
as to keep coughing and clearing his or
her throat of the mucus which drops Into
it? Such persons are alwavs to be pitied if
they try to cure themselves and fail. But
if they get Dr bage s uatarrh Kemedy
there need be no failure, t .
Both of the Garfield bova Graduate at
Williams uoiieee next montn.
CATARRH A New Treatment has been dis
covered whereby a permanent cure ia effected in
from one to three applications, i Particulars and
treatise free on receipt of stamp. A. II. Dixon
& Son, 305 King St. west, Toronto, Canada.
THE ONLY STRICTLY nrst-class Pho
tograph Gallery in the Northwest Abel
& Son's, 29 Washington street, Portland.
When Baby was elok, vro gava her CASTOEIA,
When she mi a Child, she cried for C ASTORIA,
When sh became Mias, she clang to CASTCfBIA,
When she had Children, she gave them CA3T0BIA
ink, water colors, crayon or oil. Send for
price list. abell 6t box,
' 29 Washington street, Portland.
Forty carloads of strawberries are ar
riving daily in Uhicago.
Rupture radically cured, also
pile tumors and fistulas. Pamphlet of
particulars two letter stamps. World's
Dispensary Medical Association, Buffalo,
New xork.
The.Brooklyn Navy Yard has discharged
au its employes. r, . ..
Tet Germba for breakfast
. ill w i.
Combining IK0X with PURE VEGETABLE
TOXICS, quickly and completely CLElJfSIS
and EXBICHES THE BLOOD, quickens
the action of the LWer and Kidneys. Clears the
complexion, makes the skin smooth. It does not
Injure the teeth, cause headache, or produce con-stipatlon-ALL
Physician and Druggists srerywhwe recommend it.
Dr. N. S. KtrQOI.ES, of Marion, Mans., saya: "I
recommend Brown' Iron Bitten aa a valuable tonio
for enriching the blood, and removing all dyapeptio
symptoms. It does not hurt the teeth."
Db. K. M. DKLZRLls Reynold. Ind., says: "I
have prescribed Brown1 Iron Bitter in oases of
anaemia and blood disease, also when a tonio was
needed, and it has proved thoroughly satisfactory."
Ms.W. Btrnb, 96 St. Mary St.. New Orleans, La..
ays: "Brown's Iron Bitten relieved me in a case
of blood poisoning, and I heartily commend it to
those needing a purifier." j
The Genuine ha Trade Mark and crossed red lines
on wrapper. Take no ether. Made only by
LADIES' Hakd BOOK useful and attractive, con
taining list of prizes for recipe, information about
coins, etc, given away by all dealers in medicine, or
mailed to any address on receipt of So, stamp.
Wholesale Agents, Portland, Or.
The best Blood Purifier and Tonio Alterative in nrft.
It quickly cures all Diseases originating from a dis
ordered state of the Blood or Liver. Rheumatism, Neu
ralgia, Blotches, Boils, Pimples, Scrofula, Tumors, Salt
Rheum and Mercurial Pains readily yield to its purifying
properties. It leaves the Blood Pure, the Liver and Kid
neys healthy, the complexion bright and clear.
I am a coppersmith by trade, and the small
particles of brass and copper from filing got
into sores on my arms and poisoned my whole
system. Mercury administered brought on
rheumatism, and I became a helpless invalid.
I took two dozen bottles of Swift's Specific.
My legs, arms and hands are all right again. I
use tnem without pain. My restoration is due
toS.S. S. Peter E. Love,
Jan. 9, 1885. - - -;- - Augusta, Ga.
"We have used Swift's Specific in our family as
an antidote for malarial poison for two or three
years, and have never known it to fail in a
single Instance. W. C. Fcrlow.
Sumter Co., Ga.gept. 11. 1884.
For six or eight years I suffered with ulcers
on my right leg. I was treated with Iodide of
Potassium and Mercury and I became help
less. Six bottles of Swift's Specific made a per
manent cure. , M. D. Wilson,
Feb. 28, 1885. Gainesyille, Ga.
Swift J Specific Is entirely vegetable. Trea
tise on Blood and Skin Diseases mailed free.
The Swift Specific Co.. Drawer 3, Atlanta
Ga., or 169 W. 23d St. N. Y.
;- ' -
Man and Beast.
' ! '
Mustang Liniment is older than
most men, and used more and
more every year. j
N. P. N. U. Na 80.-& . N. U. No 167.
1mm MgMg&
Foreign and Domestic.
Lendon now claims a population f
rapidity in Spain. -
TtatTala Vina fthinrtA1 tiai rVinranroll .
tain back to the donor.
More than 7.000 hnrnoa ora vi an1 Kv f Via
: " " 7 W.WWH SMW tWf VUV
street-car lines in Boston.
The Queen has accented the re donation
of the Gladstone ministry.
Ladies in waitinc to Queen Victoria re
ceive a stipend of 2,500 per year.
New Hampshire will not v&r claims for
bounties on woodchucks if thev have been
killed on Sunday. ;
The law reducinz railway fare to three
cents per mile has taken effect in Nebraska
without opposition.
The new steamer Etruria, durinor her
recent trip from Liverpool to New York,
ran 580 statute miles in 24 hours.
Waterspouts in Mexico have caused
great loss of life and property. At Pueblo
uuaranta over zuu lives were lost.
At Quincy Rapids, Ont. a lumber camp.
seven men were drowned while endeavor,
ing to remove the key-log of a raft.
Austria lost 844.000.000 from nleuro-
pneumonia introduced by a single cow
tnat was supposed to nave recovered.
Owinz to the ravages of chinch bugs
and hessian flits the wheat crop of Kan
sas will not exceed 10,UUU,UOO bushels.
Robert Broaddus, in a fit of jealousy.
fatally shtt K. U. Jobson and then com
mitted suicide, at Leavenworth, Kansas.
The net debt of the United States has
now gone below 81,500,000,000 for the first
time since the war. Twenty years ago it
was 82,700,000,000.
A colored woman living in Etowah
county, Alabama, was beaton to death by
neeroes on suspicion of being a witch
possessed oi devils. ,
At the Upper Cross Roads, Md., light
ning killed Mrs. Elenore Caldwell and her
seven-montns-oid bane, wnom sue was
nursing at the time.
Thirteen cases of smallpox were discov
ered by the New York quarantine officials
among the passengers on tne steamship
Weiser, from JBremen.
A lady pensioner has notified Pension
Commissioner Black, that, having inheri
ted a fortune, she has no necessity for the
pension from the Government.
At. TTnnnilnal Mn TTntHn ' Aired
- . , WWHW J -"C
freight train just as it started and was
crusnea to death oy tne wneeis.
A phenomenon in the shape of an almost
imperceptible shower of honey dew oc
curred recently at ClintoB, Wis. The
stuff was very sweet to the taste.
Charles P. Barnes, of Woodlawn, Mary
land, crazed by liquor and jealousy, killed
ms brother-in-law and his son, and
wounded another member of the family.
: The body of Charles F. Gay, the missing
railway auditor, was found in the woods
near Marquette, Mich., with a'bullet-hole
through his head, and a revolver in his
Secretary Manning has ordered revenue
marine cutters to observe unusual vigilance
and patrol the Atlantic coast to prevent
the arrival of vessels infected with cholera
or yellow fever.
Near Somerset, Ky., a construction train
on the QincinnattiSouthern Railroad struck
a cow and was thrown from the tracK,
Five laborers were killed and Un or fifteen
others injured.
A ' Til TtTo 11 rloa Tin trov mom,
ber of the bursted banking firm of Rhyn
der & Co., who was under bonds on a
charge of embezzlement, killed himself
with a revolver.
Mias Emma Weber died at Chicago
from the effects of a dose of aromatic
spirits of ammonia, given in error by a
druggist for a prescription of aromatic
syrup of rhubarb.
An" immigrant who landed at Castle
Garden recently had in his possession a j
8100 Confederate note which he purchased ;
in London Under the impression that it
was American currency.
At Dubuque, Iowa, the boiler of the
steamer S. Denman exploded, instantly
killing the owner, S. Denman, and his son
Dean. The explosion, made a complete
wreck of the defective boilers.
Andrew J, Johnson, the noted outlaw
of Bell county, Ky., lay in wait behind a
building in Pineville and killed Thomas
Napier and Josiah Hoskins and his ;
daughter as they returned from church. !
Two young men, ' Henry Rogers and
Wm. Nesmeth, were drowned in Alcove
river, near Covington, Ky., by the upset
ting of their boat, caused by a dog swim- j
ming toward them and attempting to get in.
Frank McGuire, made insane through
losses by failure of the Erie County (N. Y.)
Savings Bank, mortally shot his sister at
Erie. The wrecking of the bank has
resulted in' half-dozen persons becoming
Wm. Eddy, a farmer of New Bandon, !
N. B., was found in his field gored to
death by a mad bull. On the remains be
ing taken to his house, a daughter of the
deceased dropped dead from the shock, and
another daughter is seriously ill.
At the camp meeting at Zion Church,
York county, S. C, a conflict caused by a
rivalry between the city and town negroes,
reigned for an hour. Three men were killed
and twenty wounded. The country ne
groes retained possession of the camp.
At Nashville, Tenn., June 9th, Tolbert
Scarborough was shot and instantly killed
by his brother, : Sa m Scarborough. The
former, who had been drinking, went to
his brother's house and swore he . was go
ing to kill him. Sam drew a pistol and
shot him through the heart.
AtEvansville,Ind., J.II. Minnis was shot
and killed by John Butcher. Butcher was
Sursued and took refuge in a clump ef
ushes, and fired a dozen shots at the
excited multitude, without effect. He
emptied the last chamber of his revolver
into his own head, blowing out his brains.
For the purpose of being imprisoned, to
secure shelter and food. Flora Emily
Downs, a newspaper writer, broke the
window of a jewelry store at St. Louis,
abstracted some articles and then waited
to be arrestedj The woman told a story
of great suffering and wanted to be sent
to the Penitentiary.
i ' ' -
Ezra Cooper a banker of Union City,
Erie county, Penn,, who is reported to be
worth 82,000,000, has been fined 81,000 for
assault upon a woman. The Judge said in
tassing sentence that it - was usual to
nfiict a fine of 85 in cases of the kind,
but he felt it his duty to make the penalty
what the case deserved.
General Dallas and J. F. St. Clair, ac
compained by their wives, embarked in a
rowboat in the Allegheny river, near Pitts
burgh. When a short distance from shore
the boat collided with an ore barge and
was upset. Mr. and Mrs. St. Clair were
rescued, but Mr. Dallas and his wife were
drawn under a raft and drowned.
. A terrible accident occurred on the rail
way from Kastaff to Rostaff, on the river
Don, in Russia. A bar of iron was placed
across the track by robbers, and a train
which came along was thrown from the
rails, demolished, and a number killed and
wounded. Seventy robbers, who were
waiting for the smash up, plundered the
train. .. . .
A model in solid silver of Bartholdi's
great statue of "Liberty Enlightening the
World," presented to the city of New York,
and which is to be erected in New York
harbor, has been presented to the city of
Paris by ex-United States Minister Morton
and other Americans. The model is 80
feet high, and will stand on the Place des
Etats Unis.
Antonio Maecia had been in the Yuca
tocas (Mexico) prison for twelve years for
the crime of abduction. To vary the
monotony of his punishment he was
ordered to be taken out and shot. A file
of soldiers took him in charge, when a
well-armed andl desperate band of the
prisoner's friends and relatives suddenly
made their appearance and attempted to
rescue him. A regular battle ensued in
which the prisoner, his brother, his sister
and three of the soldiers were killed. ..
33 X If 1? 3E3-0. tS-
H. H. WASHES & CO , Rochester, N.Y.
H. H. WARNZS & CO., Rochester, N. Y.
Eldbr J. H.R. CARDEN. Columbiana. Ala..
reports that he gained one hundred per cent, in
strength hy the use oi Warners Tippecanoe,
The Bast,
A I."
H. H. WASKEB & CO., Rochester, N. Y.
B. A. WILCOX, Clayton, N. Y.. was cured of
malaria and dyspepsia, loss of appetite, general
lassitude, etc., by Warner's Tippkoanob, The
Best. . -.. v..,.':
Tha Greatest Hedical Triumph of the Agel
Indorsed all over the World.
liOBg of appetite. Nausea, bowels oos-.
fcive. Pain in the Head. with a dull sen-
eationlu the back part Pain under
pic part
the shoulder-blade
S3 after eat
Inei With a aSlnolinatlon to exertion
61 body or mind. Irritability of temp
er. Low BpirltBtLossof memoryjwitS
n. tfAHfl rr rtf Viovincr TmrrTaof or? anma
duty 1 1 ariness. t)lzzir4ess Flutter
ing of the i Heart, f)ots before the eyes,
Yellow SMrHeadaohetResUegsneas
at night, highly colored tJrlne.
mim SIS2&S23 will coon sa rcviLCfxa.
TUTTS FILLS are especially adapted to
such oases, onetlose effects such a change
of feeling as to astonish the sufferer.
They Increase the Appetite, and cause
the body to Take on flesh, thus the sys
tem is nourished, and by their Tonio
Action on the INgfistlve Organs, Regu
lar stools are produced. Price as eent.
Qrat IT air or Whiskers changed to a
GL088T Black by a single application of
this DTB. It imparts a natural color, acts
instantaneously. Sold by Druggists, or
Bent by express on reoeipt of $ l.
Office. 44 Murrav St., Kyj York.
Magnolia Balm
is a secret aid to beauty. (
Many a lady owes her fresh;
ness to it, who would rather
not tell; nd you cant tell.
Successful experiments have been
r?ently made at Cincinnati the
new electric railway brake. The trial
was made with a heav' coal train of ten
cars, each cur weighing empty about
eleven tons and having a tonnage ca
pacity of 40,000 pounds. 1 he loaded
train, with full steam on, was put to a
speed of forty-eight mile-; 1er hour on
a down grade of sixty-eight feet to the
mile, and brought to a dead stop m 34
seconds after putting on the brake, the
distance run in that time being 445
yards, exact measurement. Cincinnati
l ime.s.
- Iud calkm are not lacking that
the various photographic reproductive
processes will soon practically usurp
the prov nee of wood engraving. iSteel
engraving already is virtually extinct,
The wood engraver of the near future
m ist be a master of his art an artist,
m fact to obtain employment. Phila
delphia Press.
n n ej '23 cr jj n
Largest House in the Rlorthvest.
" Mr. I. C. Ireland haTlnjc retired from the above firm, the baslnesa -n ill
be continued as heretofore by the remaining members. Being under the
same management, onr customers are guaranteed the same Superior
Printing at lowest rates. BESP FOB SAMPLES AXP PH1CES.
For Men and Boys, to Order and Ready hl&de.
Cor. Kontgtnaery and Batter Et, - - - - - - Baa Francisco, Cal
MANN & BENEDICT, Wcssor. to C. C. EStiES & CO,
CTrinw av iioAxicn a isacsa
O I Clll If A I ,Gbior, RxT.iah Puls; Bura
Crgine, bwid inatrnmenU. Largest stock ct Sbrjt
Xusic and Books. Bands sir-plied at Eastern jt
i . M. GRAY. 906 Post S:rect, Sta Franateo.
A Boarding and Day School for Girls,
Under the snperriflon of The Rt. Re?. K WjstaR
) Mokkb, D. D., Bishop of Oregon.
Thorough lnstractioa in Kujlish, Art, Languages,
Vocal and Instrumental Music and Bookkeeping. A
corps of thirteen teachers. Pupils admitted at any age
and into any or all of the denai-troects. Tl new torn
natalome sent on application.
Lcrillard'a Clinas Phg
bearing a red tin tag ; that IiOMHard's
RsMslssf Una cut: t bat Lor! Hard 'a
KaTT Clippings, .nd that Loriilard'a Mnutia,ara
the best ana cheapest, quality considered ?
I hftva s, noaitive reruerir f or h e abors disease : br St
s thousands of esses of the vorst kind and of long -toMn
te h avo beon c n rri. I n c!e il , f o ' ron s I m y t al 1 6
In lieffloaey,tht I wl'l send TWO BOT11.K3 S,
together wtn a VALCABI.KTREATISB on thlsdts
to aaf sniierer. uire express ana r. u. laami. -
DK.T. A. 6LOCW, til Pearl St., Sew Tork
Mesals Grocers ana ccmmission Merdiants
10 North Front St Portland.
San Francisco Office 18 Front St.
Handle on commission Wheat. Wool. Hop. Seeds.
Furs, Hides, Chickens, Eggs, Lumber, Hoop-pole,
Balmon, Mill Feed, Oate, Barley, Onions, Pofeato
Tlarmn Tah! f " Anvinnt KAIAil rrnfipMMl nn d&V of
sale. Bend for onr market report. Oorresponaanos
and consignment solicited.
Established 1861. P. O. Box 2113.
k . mm mm m. m m
. Grain; Produce and GenersJ
. No. 813 and 315 Davis Street.
(Member of 8. F. Produee Exchange). CoDnifmraects
and orders will roceiye prompt attention. Cash ad
vances made.
" rrtfm tip.
i .'Tie MODEL
'up. Send for lr
Jcular containing
muck Taiuam
Pnultrv Sl F.ikm.
13 1011 Broadway,
oaKiana, uu.
This BF.LT or Ueireoerv
tor ' made exprwwly for
the care of derangement
of the generative orgrau.
There Is no mistake about
this instrument, tbe roi
ttnuous etr'lm of ELEO
TRICITY pcrmeckting
tlirotB;h tat parts oiiiKt
reftoro them to healthy
action. Do not confound
tnt with Eloctrw hen
adrerttsed to cure J1 ills
from hfad to tne. It Is fo
theONE sncIfo wiroose.
rOrCtrVUtBlVKlviIlK lull I'llUllIUlllUll, .kiunw tiUCIM
Clectrlo Ski Co.. 10S Wajshlwrtoa bU Chicago. 111.
i ... i . i . . . . . i . i . . .
Tlili Gr? a 1 Strenzrtten
ing Ktmtuj Mitn jrrr
Tonic .nres hdobi
t all; Nerrous and Physical
Debility, 1a t ot Vitality,
yveatcnefa, vinie xmcuua,
Im potency, Oversensitive
nni;Hnni TSnatjititl. Kill.
i VVUm"" .""I - 1
I Dineaees of the Blood.Erup-
tions, ana au me eviieaecia
of roathful follies and ex-
venting all invoinntary
weakening drains upon the
1 knw..i. f h..
J restoring Loet Manhood,
cue may be, sud where all other remeales have failed.
A Permanent Core Absolutely Guaranteed.
w- MEA e. ArM. Vu-lfJ-lAC fl-lPjUH. RrHlt
npon reoeipt ofprico, r O.O.U, to wj address, strlrt
lypriTate.lby DR. . ftSALFIEL!.
m Kearny Street, San Francisco Cal.
V buniaient io enow iim
SLSSJX tette
dansultations. strictly oouhdonUaL by letter or at
Eo. 11 Kearny St, Saa Francisco, Cal.
Treats ali, Chroshs, Special avd Pritath Dmhasis
Ta a. wrfiln rnm for
fiie' b'errons liability, Lost
JUUBiwoa, j roeia ior
boca, and all the evil
eilects Ct youthful follies
and excesses, and In
drinking iiitoxicntthg
liquors. Dr. SUutie,
who is a regular physician,
graduate of the Univer
sity ot Pennsylvania, will
syree" to forfeit $f00 for
a case ot this kind the
Vital Jtestor&tiv (un
der his special advice and treatment) will not cure.
$1.50 a bottle, or four times the quantity $5, sent to
any address on reoeipt of prioe, or C. O. I. in private
name if desired, by Dr. Mintief 11 Kearny St.,
S. 1 CuL Send for list of questions and pamphlet.
will be sent to any one applying by letter, slating
symptoms, sex and age. Strict secrecy la regard to
all business transactions. ; .
Publishers intending te purchase Type,
Presses or Printing Material, will
find a full stock and save ten per cent, by
calling upon Palmer & Key, 112 and 114
Front street, Portland, Or.
MM W Mai
gave Half; Largest
Factory in tne fetate
IT nil