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FRIDAY, JUNE 19, 1885.
y'v regular meetings on Wednesday on or before
f5each lull moon. U. A. BtViii, w. u.
J. P. Dukcax, Skc.
'-'fi.';i'-t No, S. I. tr o. t'.. meets
tszz?sJ ou Saturdav eveiiiti of
each at o'clock , in the; r hall a" Koseburg.
bent 'the ordir In good standing are invited to
f attend. Bv order of tiie N. U.
UNION ENCAMPMENT, No. 0, f. O. O. F., meets
- at Odd Fellows' Hall on th. firstaud third Tharsdaysof
ever mouth. o Visiting brethren invited to attend.
L. r.BLt as, c. P.
A. C. Marks, Scribe
UMPQ.UA CHAPTER, No 11, F. 'A.M., hold
their regular commuiucations every first
and third Tuesday in each month. All
vstmA members in good standing will take due and
.timely notice and govern themselves accordingly.
Visiting: companions are invited to meet with the
( .-iiapel when convenient.
' J. C. FlM.ER.TON, II. T.
W. 1. Fmbdlaxdeb. Sc-'v.
the Holtos, St Chklks, Oilman, Esmq.vd, Occidin'
TAt and I.ntk as atio.s'al Hotels, Poutlajvd.
S. F. Flocd is duly authorized to transact
all business concerning the Kosedct.g Re
view. J. It. N. Bkll.
Dram Items-. '" " i
From Our Regular Conrcapcindent.
Sol ami Ananias are gone'. Their best girls
, are looking foilorn, but we cheer them from
time to time, with the old refrain; "He will
return some day I" Charlie claims to be a
judge f feminine characteristics, and bo
wlien a tramp chopped about two cords of
'wood to pay for his dinner, and. then sat
down at the dinner tilde so carelessly that a,
long braid of glorious hair fell to his '-waist'
it is not surprising that Charlie exclaimed,
'by thunder; he's a she!" This happened
last Monday, and is the first case of female
tramp disguised in male attire that has eyer
beau brought to the notice of your corres
pondent. lAok for him (or her) at Kose'mrg.
Jimmy Sterling returned from W lllmr this
week aud is at his !d plaje aj cheerful as
Mr Johnson's little boy 13 very sick, but I
am glad to learn that ho is now slowly re
, covering. I ) ' '. ..
Two geutlemen from the East . reached
Drain this week, with the intention of
opening a tin store. We are much pleaded
with their personal appearance, ar.d expect
to deriveroat benefit from this addition to
our eoual circles. We also indulge the hope
that their biiiducss will prove a success.
Will T. rerkius, who has bteu "employed
in Lipmun's dry goods" house iu roitiand,
has returned to" spend the summer months
in our village to rcstors his health.
, We learn from a private letter th'r.t our
old friend and former student of Drain Acad-
. emy, Staul .Sirj k.-r lias won the pri.i in the
elocutionary contest at S.ilcm. Wc glory
in his triumph, ami shall luok for others in
the futtiif.
Mifs I la TJ.Kith, iHir IViinary teacher star
ted this week for ijiknshurg, iu Curry coun
ty, to take charge of the puMic schonl.
Kiieiishurg is i' -rtunate in securing her ser
vice's, ns oh c is a coir patent and buoeessfal
t-ac'ier. '
The Hoard of Trustees of the Stat? Nor
mal School at Dritin, hold their annua! matt
ing !ubt Thursday elected the f..iloi:ig
-additional trustees, totervbfur three years:
Henry Buckley, 11. G. IWivu', Wm. Wileutf,
md A!. Ap!e.v;atfc.- TheSnareall representa
tive men, and the Mh.-ttiou cf them as trus -tees
was a wise one-
The next year's work of the Normal school
begins on the tirst Monday in' September, at
which ttrue there ill be an increased uuinler
., of teachers, aud increased facilities for cheap
board. Tli i.Sifchaol now bou3ts and we think
properly, of being thebct,t in southern Ore
ton. The boys at the 'Palmer saw mill are rush
ing things and shippiug several car loads of
tirst-Jaas lumber every week.
We hear intimations of several new resi
dences to 1 built near fall. Dr an is a grow
ing tovyn, and a splendid jJace to reside, so
come on with yur families, we have plenty
of room, -building lots are cheap, audft!ie
spciial advantages are hea th, moral puiity
and a good school.
Oakdex and ORcxiAnD. Titos. Farfpiar
lias no rival it seems to us, when we looked
ab it, and went and made personal inpeetion
of his splcudid vegetables and fruits; Ho
has HOD tomatoes vines, L'000 mcilou hill-!,
four acres ;oo.l corn, t wo acres potatoes, 300
peach trees, 14 plum trees, which will pro
duce 50 bushels of plums. We noticed a
plum tree with niue props under it, and one
peach tree with 13 props to sustain the great
weight of luscious fruit. Some of the trees
are breaking Jo pieces, anald to sustain the
weight of fruit growing ou th m. Cau Jack
eon or any other county equal,' or even com
pare with what we have in old Douglas, in
tho way of fruits and vegetables. Let us
hear from you.
BoN'D3 Givex. Hon. A. C Jones this
week filed his bond for S5U.003 as Receiver
of Public Moneys at the Kosebnrc land office
with A. Marks, F. P. Hogan, W. I. Fried
lander, John Hast, I. Caro, Feudal Suther
b'u, V. S. Humphrey, S. Minard, W.,F
Owens and Burb Brockway as bondsman.
He will enter upon the , duties of the office
about the first of July.y ?
Fixe Suekp. M. Ruckles, of Oak Grove
drove 200 head of Spanish merino sheep to
Lis ranch this week. They are very tine.
Quite a number of our wool judges examined
them and pronounced the wool of splendid
fiber. That is right; improve the stock, and
we will soon have the best wool in the world.
" i- Take Notice" -
Farties holdiDg the following San Francisco
Bridge Co. war.rants as follows: No. 567,
JJl.OOO No. -554, 500 No. 5G6 1230 will pre
sent the same immediately for payment aa
interest will cease from this date.
r - , W. N. .MOOUE,
June 10, 1SS5.
Treas, Douglas Co.
The Most Agreeable- '
As well as the most eifective method of
dispelling Headaches, Colds and Fevers or
cleansing the System is by taking a few
doses" of the pleasint California liquid fruit
remedy Syrup of Figs. 50c andl bbttise
or. sale by 3, Hamilton,
Peak's Bad Boy.
... m.
Tramps are numerous.
Bring on your job work.
The town has been crowded this
week. - ..- .
Miss Lulu Willis is visiting friends
in Salem.
The rain did some little damage to
unstacked Lay.
Tiie 4th f J uly at Iioseburg is bound
to be a big success.
Fred Zig!er is the ne w leader of the
Yankee Dookle Band.'
R. G. Scroggp, Jr. is Itoseburg's eu
terpiising Real Estate Agent. -
Remember Peck's Bad Boy will be
in town next Tuesday evening.
Glenn Aiken of Coquillocity was in
town Monday, in good spirits.
Miss Rose Bushy lias returned home
from the sister's school at Portland.
lion. Binger Hermann will deliver
the oration at the Dalles on July 4th.
Re'. W. A. Smiek is building an
addition to his residence in Roseburg.-
Miss Minnie Ruckle will the guest
ii Miss Partie until after the celebration.-
. - "..;t ; '--'.' .
A city prisoner has been working the
streets .this week by order of his Honor,
T. Foid.
. S. Hamilton is to erect a commodious
brick store tor J. F. Barker," the gro
coryman. ,.
The Yankee Doodle Band is makinjr
elTorts to secure new uniforms for the
great 4th.
The rain this week ruined some
12,000 brick for Thos. Grisdale at his
A new sidewalk has been laid in
front of Carlou's stable. Other points
need improvement.
Mrs. Abigail Scott Dnniway, of
Portland, lectured at the Court House
in this city Tuesday evening.
Mrs. Hyman Abrahams and family
of Portland, were the gucsta of Rudolph
Abiahams the fore part of the week.
George Brown, ' son of Thomas
Brown, returned this week, having
graduated at the Willamette " Univer
sity. -
George Tyler is manufacturinir and
selling very cheap a patent bed bottom.
Give him a call. 'Next door to Review
oSice. . . - -
Read the proceedings of the Grand
Lodge of Good Templars published
elsewhere iu this issue. It is reported
in full.
Dr. S. Hamilton went to Euenti
City, Thursday morning to attend the
meeting of the State University Board
of Regents.
W. N. Moore took a trip to Ri Idle
on insurance business Saturday . last
Will is wide awake and a rustler for
his companies.
II. Woolenlerg & Bros. Cahvonville
will not be undersold. They have an
immence stock to select from. Go
and see them.
Wm. T. Wright, formerly treasurer
of Douglas Ccniniy, is in San Jose but
will shoitly move to Dakota to engage
in the cattle business.
Judge Bean and attorneys Hamilton
and Willis are back from Curry coun
tv. The J udf'e has returned to lr.s
home m Eugene city.
Prof. James, of Portland, was in at
tendance on the Grand Lodse this week
and displayed some of his tine penman
ship throughout the city
All parties are warned to keep on
of my garden on the island and in
Rose burg under the penalties of the
law. HenPvY Miller.
A small tent was erected near Ho
gan's store this week and a miniature
circus was carrivd on by one man, three
dogs and a genuine Mongoose. It is
worth seeing.
The State Teachers' Institute meets
this year at Astoria. The O. & C. R.
R. generously gives ten days time for
return tickets. A good chance to take
a breath of ocean air.
Hon. J. II. Mitchell is expected to
arrive in Roseburg tomorrow morning.
It is to te hoped he will remain over a
day or so and give his many friends
here opportunity to greet him.
Rev. J. R. N. Bell returned from
Portland Monday evening and went to
Eugene City Friday morning to atumd
the closing exercises of the State Uni
versity. He will return Monday even-
There will be a basket meeting held
the fourth Sunday in June at Hudson's
school house camp ground. Preaching
at 11 o'clock A. M. and half past two
o'clock P. M. by Rev. J. R, N. Bell,
subject: "Sanctification."
The lodges of gold in J osephine
county and on the southern boundary
of Douglas are undoubtedly rich iu the
precious metal. The trouble has al
ways been to interest capital, in then
development, but the near future ;will
disclose important facts in the matter,
The 21st session of the Grand Lodge
of I. O. G.T. of Oregon was called to
order at 10 o'clock A. M. b G. W. C. T.,
Chas. T. Tozier.
The folio wrng grand officers respon
ded to their names at roll call;
G. W. C. T., C. T. Tozier,
. G. W. V. T., Emma R. Fisher,
G. W. Coun., Z. T. Wright
G. W. Sec, J. E. Houston,
G.-.W. Treas.,-J. II. Lambert,
G. W. -M.,S. S. Girable,
G. W. Sent, J. J. Brown,
P. G. W.C.T., WillC. King.
The following appointments pro tem
were made: Fred Olds, G. Messenger:
W. L. Wethered, G. Asst. Sec; Mattie
Berry, G. I. Guard; Rev. Wo. Hous
ton, G. Chaplain. -. :'"--
The following persons were intro
duced and received the Grand Lodge
degree: Mary Fisher,. W. A. Sherman,
N. C. Whitney, L. F. Wooley, Belle
Wooley, Anna Ridenour, J. H. Veatch
Everet Knox,- W. E Long. J. Shaver,
Anna Wooley, W. F. Owens, Mrs. N.-
L Owens, Mrs. II. A. Atwood, Hattie
Yv'rfghr,. R. K. Montgomery, Jennie
Buick, R. G. Jenkcns, D. E. Brooks,
C. II. Yolkman, A. P. Johnson,. Louisa
A. llolierts, J. Richter, A. F. Brown,
D. W. Stearns, D M. Roberts, W. T.
Ricker, B. B. Branson, I.aura V. Bran
son.. r "
The: Committee on. Credentials- re
ported the following delegates entitled
to seats in this Grand Lodge:
No 11, Capitol L. R. Stinson, Enima R. Fibhcr;
alternate, Mary Fisher.
No 17, Hillsboro, Albert Tozier. W; L. Wetherred,
Charleu T. Tozier, Edith Wethenel.
No 40, Astoria, W. A. Sherman,
No 43, Marion, G. W. L'imniick.
No 57, Milwaukeo, J. II. Lambert.
" 74, YA Ponds,-S. S. Gimble.
" 8G, Western Wave, W. S. James, II. O. Whit
No 155, Valley, 0. II. Allen.
' 17t, Pacific, r.,F. Wooley, Belle Wooley, alter
nates, Anna Ridncnr, J II. Veatch. '
No 220, Onward, J. E. Knox, alt., E. Knox.
" 342, Lily, W. E. Long, J. W. Shaver.
" S07, Butte, J. K. Houston, Anna Wooley, al
ternate, Lizzie Houston.
No 3C8, Victory, Mattio Berry.
" 377, Eureka, W. it Houston.
" 3S9, l!o(!burg, W. F. Owens, Mrs. N. L. Owens,
alternate, B. F. ltanip.
So 383, Corvallis, A. Allen, Mrs. II. Atwood,
Ilattie Wright.
No 400, CorvaIlic,R. K. Montgomery
" 4(W, Myrtle,-Jennie Bi'ick.
" 410, Newport, 11. G. Jenkins.
' 432, l-hilomath, W, T. firynn.
" 441, Chainpiou, S. A. Durham.
" 4i-'t Midaktoi., Fi-eJ Olds, J. O. Smock.
40, A E. Brooks.
No. 464, Morning Star, E. H. Votkman.
471, West Chehalem: A. P. Johnson.
" 471, Believuo, J. llichter.
" 482, Evening; Star,-LouW Roberts.
' irid, lleineiito, O. Schlbrede, A. F. Erown, D.
W. Stearns.
No li-y, Fairview, D. M. Roheri3.
" 4J3, Banner, Will C. Ein.
' :-02, Landmark, V.'. T. liiches.
" 5 J3, Ilarwony, B. IS. Brauson, alt., Laura V
On motion the sessions of this Grand
Lodge were fixed as follows: Morning,
fiom 8:00 to 12; Afternoon, from 1 30
to 5:30; Evening, from 8 to adjourn,
G. W. C. T., Tozier made his report
for the Grand Lodge yenr ending June
16th, 1885.
Grand Lodge called to order at 1:30
p. m. by G. W. a t; Tozier.
The G. W. C. T., lead his teport fi r
the year, which was referred to the
Committee on Distribution.
The G. W. C. T., in his report stated
that last year when the third party
question was agitated he opposed the
same, but that he had now become
fully convinced that a Piohibition
party was necessary and ha would no
longer oppose the same. In regard to
appeals, but one appeal had been sub
milted dui 1112c tne past year, which
speaks well for the harmony of the or- i
der. The appeal was from Champoeg
lodge and was sustained. -The em
ploying of an instructor whose special
work shall be with lodges was reccom
mended. The last Legislature of Ore
gon was commended upon its action in
passing an act to amend the constitu
tion making it unlawful for a person
to buy, sejl, make or give away intox
icating liquors, except for certain pur
poses. Should this be passed by the
next Legislatuie there are strong hopes
of the temperance people accomplishing
their object.
TL e following persons were appointed
as a Committee on Music: C. C. Bate,
man, L. F. Wooley, Belle Wooley, E.
11. Veatch, C. A. Ridenour, and Edith
On motion of Bro. J. E. Houston it
was decided that a public meeting be
held to-morrow night. The following
Committee on Public Meeting was ap
pointed: J. E. Houston, W. F. Owens,
Emma Fisher.
. A short time wa3 devoted to discus
sing numerous questions.
A membership of 3308 was reported.
Males 1842, females 1466.
The Committee on Distribution made
its report,' which upon motion of S. S,
Gimble was adopted.
Recess of ten minutes. After which
the following committees were appcin
ted: Report of Supt Juvenile work,
Mrs. H. A. Atwood, I. F. Wooley,
WillC. King.
Committee on Lodge Deputies. C.
A.- Sehlbrede, C. Volkman, J. Smock.
Orphan's Home, G, Dimick, W, D.
Long, Mattie Berry, :
Grand Lodije called to order and
opened with Music by committee.
The Committee on Credentials re
ported the following additional dele
gates entitled to seats in this Lodge:
Newbury, No 002, Sam." Hobson. J
Paradise Springs, No. 208, Mrs. R.D. Pretty man
Oak Grove, No 379, Ashley White. :'
Rosa, No. 30, Mrs E. M. Vandevert. ;-
Eureka, No 377,-Minnie Ilouston.
Stella, No 423, Paschal Hill. '
The Committee on Orphan's Home
made a majority and minority report.
Speeches were made by Bros, Sehl
brede, J. Brown, Allen, Gimble, Dim
ick, Wright, W. Houston, Bryan, Lam
bert, Long, King and J. E. Houston.
Committee on Public Entartainment
made their report which was as fol
lows: Meet at Grange hall at 7:30 p. m.
to-morrow : and march to the Court
Houp led bv the band; installation of
officers; remarks by the retiring G. W.
C. T.; remarks by the new G. W. C. T.,
Music; address by Rev. C. C. Bateman;
Music; adjournment
The report of the Treasurer showed
that $3,931.54 were pad out during
the year -just closed, and that there is a
balance on hand of 8162.47 There-
port also showed 437.25 on hand be-
longing to the Orphan's Home fund.
The report of the Grand Secretary
showed that the number of members in the unwritten work. Rev. C. C. Bate
iniated last year was' 2,227; admitted man instructed tte lodge in the unwrit-
bv card 86: reinstated -302: rftsicmcrl
-j j j -:
499; suspended 2,283; expelled 116;
deaths 23; loss by dead lodges 1686.
The total income of the Grand Lodge
is $3,455.27 and the net assets $806.62.
Grand 1 mlffi r-nllpd In niilw nr. S-Sn I
- -
A. 31. by G. W. C. T. and- opened with
music by the members and prayer by
the Chaplain. Minutes of last ee
nig, read and approved.
A warm discussion took place on the
adoption ot the report of the Finance
Committee. On the reduction of the
per capita tax to 15 cents, which on
a vote was adopted. '
The Grand Secretary's salary was
fixed at $500 per annum;
Voted that all subordinate lodges be
supplied with credentials free of charge.
Voted that 110 Grand Lecturer be
paid more than 125 per month, and
he to pay his own expenses.
Voted that the Grand Lodge devote
no funds for the Band of Hope and juv
enile work during : the' next : year.
Adjourned to 1.30 P.M.'
Lodge .called to order at 1:30 P. M.
Minutes -of Morning Session read
and approved.
L. R. Stinson, S. A. Durham J. J.
Brown and A. Tozier presented a res
olution asking that this Grand . Lode
wnfribiirr nrif. fn uvnuArl SI OfiO rlm-im
the next lodge year for lecture work,
adopted. "
Committee on Grand Lodge organ
reported that they had found it unad-
-i3abi3 to insure any funds for the sup
port of a Grand Lodge organ. Re
port adopted.
The hour for election of officers Lav -
ing arrived, Bros Montgomery and
Robinson wcte appointed tellers and
the balloting resulted as follows:
C. W. C. T., 2. T, Wright.
Grand Counselor, Sam. Hobson.
G. V. P , Emma R. Fhsher. "
G. Sec, J. E. 'Houston.
G. Treas., J. II. Lambert. .
Delegates to the R. W. G. L., E. X. Hardimr, Will
C. King; alternates, B. H. Allen, J. E. Houston.
The bonds of the Giand Secretary
and uranu Ireasurer were nxed at
2,000 each.
Portland was chosen as the place of
holding the next session of the Grand
Lodge, which meets the third Tuesday
in June 1886.
The Committee on Band of Hope
reported thac they had found it best to
discontinue, the Band of Hope work
and Becomtuended that do further ac
tion be taken in its behalf.
Lodge wa3 called to order at 7 P. Jl.,
and marched to the Court House where
the officers elect were publicly installed
by P. G. W, T., C. A. Sehlbrede, assis
ted by S. A. Durham acting as Grand
Marshal aud W. S. James as Grand
Secretary. Beside officers mentioned
above the following were installed:
G. W. M., L. R. Stinson.
G. W; D. M., Mary Fisher ' - :. -
G, W. Chap., Mrs. R. D. Prettyman.
G. W. Sentinel, W. A. Sherman. i
G. W. Guard, Mattie Berry.
G. W. Messenger, Alonzo Allen.
After the installation ceremonies had
finished the retiring G." W. c! T. Chas.
T. Tozier made a bhort address in behalf
of the temperance cause, and his re
marks were as usual full of sound reas
oning, and were well received. The new
G. W. C. T. Z. T. Wright, followed
with a short but able address, showing
. . . O
that the temperance causo is a grand
one, and is marching bravely on, Rev.
C. C. Batemen, grand lecturer of Wash
ington Territory was then announced as
th8 speaker of the evening, ami this
gentleman came forward and delivtred
an address that reflected credit ' upon
himself, and the noble order he repre
sents. Such a speaker as is Rev. Bate
men, cannot fail to accomplish much
good, and to strengthen the order to
which he belongs. . .
Thupsdat Morning Session. .
Lodge called to order by Grand
Chief Templar, Z. T. Wright
Minutes , of . previous meeting read
and approved.'
Report of committee on distribution
refered back, upon motion. ,
This lodge voted to warn all subo!
dinate lodges against oso R. A. Haw
kins. Lodge voted to expend $150 foi lit
erature. The following standing committees
were announced for the ensuing vear.
''' Credentials.- J. E. Houston, Laura
Branson, J. E. Knox, R. R, Montgom
ery, Edith weatherred.
Constitution. B. H. jAllen, Anna
Ridinour, Ashley White, C. H. Vol
kmar, W -T. Bryan.
f Grand Lodge Oregon. Albert Toz
ier, W. E. Long, H. A. Atwood, Jennie
Buick, M. Houston.
Appeals. C, T.,Tozier, W. S. James,
will C. King, E. M7 Yandervort, w. L.
State of the Order. S. B. Morte, J.
J. Brown, S, S. Gimble, R. G. Junkin,
Paschel Hill.
Finance. G. W. Demick, W. F,
Owens, A. F. Brown W. T. Riches,
L P- Wooley.
;Most of the forenoon was taken up
ten work,
Oakland Items.
Freddie Russell is very sick.
Weather cloudy with slight shower3.
C. A. Sehlbride has returned from
Mrs. Cora-: Guess left Monday for
iuomana. ,
X i
Quito a crowd attended the wedding
on Sunday last. -
Mrs. Gibson is visiting her daughter
Mrs. John Medley.
Miss Mary Cooper of Wilbur was
in town Wednesday. : '
J. H. Ray has been north for sev
eral days on business. r '
Mrs. P. B. Beckley is visiting her
parents atSilverton..
The dance given by Henderson and
Batty proved a grand success.
Mrs. Dr. Rutan is talking of open
ing an office in town (shortly.
Fen and Stonewall Sutherlin have I
returned from camp meeting.
Mrs. Erve Henderson is now visit-
ing her parents at llarrisburg ;
Mts. Alva Pike visiting her rela-
tivos and friends at this place.
Blackberries are being brought to
town quite often lor sale of late.
A little daughter of Nat Evans had
two fingers cut off bv a hay rake.
There is some talk of having a cel
ebration heie on the 4 th, hope they wilh
Cannaly and Dear are running the
butcher shop- formerly occupied by
Wm. M.cUullough. ,
It is rejioi ted Dr. Little has ordered
lumber for a dwelling house, but 1
dont understand it.
Dr. Dimmick has about quit the
drug business, and devotes most of his
I'm f.-v ilia V!V.l 1 Af tl.o 1 U'nilr rrn
V kXl J 11U 11 A- WV Jl w W VUV flV W V
-Rvn DlmmiVlr.
o 1 t . 1.11.: r .
csaie oones is ul moving . u
the Giliam place in harden Jiottom
providing suitable arrangements can
made with a certain- voung lady.
Dr. Little has returned home from
a visit south, there must be some at
traction hot-e for the Doctor as his vis
its south are not so long R3 heretofore
Doc arise and explain.
Myrtla Greek.
Business quiet
Hon. D. S: K. Buick has returned
from a trip to California and reports it
completely dried tip. It proper means
, , t-w , . j
tO advertise JJOUglaS COUnty were made
i .i-r i " ' c lu '
he thinks a large immigration Of the
very best citizens of California could
be induced to come here.
Prof. Casebeer closed his teim of
school at the Hank Jones' school house
last Frida? evening with an excellent
entertainment by the pupils. Recita
tions, dialogues, tableaux, etc formed
the programme.
S. F. Floed of the
tiEVIEW was present ana maue a lew
remarks. lhere WaS a CrOWdeU hOUSe,
. ,c i
mauv attending from Myrtle Ureek.
Our citizen turned OUt en masse tOI
" " .
the Camp meeting Sundav evening last.
Some excitement C01ltinue3 Over the
gold prospects.
The pnblic school of Miss Kent and
Miss Uallahan closes JbriUay eve
ning- with a grand entertainment.
Everybody invited.
The 33d degree A. F. & A. M. has
been recently confered on a few Masons
in Oregon for their- fidelity and pl'Ofi
- i. .T
Ciency. lhere ar. only eigllfc gentleman
in the State who have this distinguished
honor of standing at the head of their
profession. This is a degree that can-
not be applied for, and the only one.
Horn R. P. Eaihartis the Past Inspec
tor General of this Jurisdiction.
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On Tuesday afternoon about one o'clock,
Mrs. Hill accompanied by ber daughter Mrs.
DeSouzer started to James Sheffield's in the
6ne horse buggy of Mrs. Jas- Moore. .'They
stopped an hour and a half at Mrs. Luney'a
aad continued their journey. In crossing the
river at Sheffield's ford by some means both
were drowned and the horse also: As no one
saw the accido-utit was toi knav.n until late
at night when their return had not betn !
made. Search was immediately made and
the body of Mrs. DeSonzer was found Weil
nesday morning in deep water just below the
ford. She was holding a fiower between her
thumb and foreliagcr aud evidently had not
made a struggle. The horse and bugay were
also recovered. Up to this writing the bJy
of Mrs. Hill has not been found. Mrs. De
Souzer for several years has been an invalid,
confined almost all the time to her room.
She was highly respecte 1 by all, being an
earnest Christian and bearing her sufferings
with great fortitude. She was the possessor
of a sweet and melodious voice and in good
health, often charmecl our citizens with beau
tiful songs. She has now taken her- place in
the Heavenly choir and the scene that knew
her on earth shall know her no more forever.
" Mr. Cortelia Hill, or "Aunty" or "Moth
er" as she was affectionately called by a 1 will
be misspd by every one. ; A kind, Christian
lady her many deeds of charity aod kindness
will long be remembered. And though her
skin wa3 ebon-hued the soul within was
white and spotless and filled with that wor
ship of God and love of humanity that makes
this world but the stepping stone to' Heaven.
She bad just finished he new house and this
summer expected her father and mother to
leave Washington aud come to make their
home with her. But now she is at rest, and
it is but meet that the tired hands that have
so often soothed the aching brow and minis
tered to the want3 of her daughter should
cetvse their worti when those rainisterings
could no longer av; il. Somehow we think
she might have wished ifc so. The ways ot
Providence are past all understanding and
in the comfort of the great prayer can the
anguished sou i only cry out '"Thy will be
done." ..-.-: -..-
Truly it has been a sad week ior Roseburg
and the dark, gloomy p Jl of sadness, sorrow
and death seems to have en wrapped the town.
There was considerable interest
manifested at thr camp meeting held
at tho camp ground near Hudsou's
school house, which closed last Monday
on account of tho rain. Revs. Jones,
Sharp and Roberts were doing good
work and thCir efforts were well spok.
en of. ... ' -; ; ' '." -
The Portland city election resulted
in the election of Gates, Republican,
for Mayor bv 155 maicrity. The Re-
publicans also carry two out of the
j three council men. The Republican
majority is greatly reduced aud shows
that the Democracy .is rapidly gaining
strength. -
Buck Callahan who lives near Cleve
land Douglas county performed a very
daring1 and heroic act last Sunda y.
While on a hunting excursion 00 the
head waters of Coos river he came in
contact with Bruin, who showed some
signs of obstinacy, and our hero opened
his batteries upon him, and kpt up
the tire until all his ordinance was
g0ne then he reset ted to the primitive
nindf. of warfare, and took a club and
literally vanquished his foe. His bear
ship's head was broken and he capitu
lated by a heroic death. The bear
weighed 400 pounds. Or.r informant
Newt Livingston says that it was a
wonderful fight and Mr. Callahan
slioulU have the iirst Honors.
Q f tQ tb deaJ Misa R . en
tertainment is postponed.
Rcfei'CC'S SlllC.
"VT01"1021 IS hereby given that under,
11 and in uur mance ot a decree anu oraer oi saie
of the Circuit Court ot the State of Oregou for tho
County of IHHiglas, mtde and entered in said Court
on the eighteenth t IS) day of May, 1835, in that cer
tain suit wherein Louis Belflls, Isaau Velzian and
John Kast arc Plaintiffs aud John Stepliani is lie-
fendant. That I will on
Saturday July 11th. A. D. 1885
At the hour of oue o'clock in the afternoon of said
day sell at public auction in froutof ihe court House
door i.i Koscbuig in said fctate and County all right,
title and interest of the aforesaid Plaintiffs and de
fendant, and of each of them in ami to the roi lowing
premise to wit: That certain Aiming Chum situated
in Tennessee uulch iu Douglas County, Oregon, and
more particularly described as commencing at the
mouth of Tennessee Gulch, running thence south
tbout 750 yards, and situated on both sides of said
Gulch, and being about two hundred yards wide,
l coutaiumir one nundrea acres, more or less, logetner
with the ditches, flumes, water rights and bnUuiugs
I and amiurteuances, including about tnree and one
( mUes of war ditches, running from Quinn',
Uulch to said Tenner-see Gulch, auu about eleve hun
dred feet of fuming, lil.v ksmith and mining tooU,
and all budui:iga situated upon and appurtenant t'i
uLid mine . - !
That said sale will be made for cash m hand, and
subject tff the confirmation of said Circuit Court.
Dated June V, 1SSS.
Assijrnec's Notice.
atotice is heueby given that geobge
1 IV Trn,t rif Mi la I . naif llrtlltrlaa I AlinT.V
Oregon, on the 17th day of April, 1SS5, made a gen.
j sm of all his property under the provision of the
i statute of Oregon entitled "An act to secure vreuit
l ora . iUst division of tho estates of debtors who con
1 . .. . ..
vey to assigns lor tne nenent m creditors, aim ms
the undersigned has duly qualified as such assignee.
J said George Dement are hereby notiSed to present
j Creek, Douglas County, Oregon, within three mouths
from this dte. All persons moeoted to ueorge ue
ment are required to make immediate payment to
me. u. w. ai.riir.OiM,
L. F. Mosiier, . vVssignee,
Attyfor Assignee . ,
Dated AprU 24, 16. ,
In Justice Court for Calipoow Preeine. Douglas
county, tate of Oregm.
E. J. Pae, Plaintiff, ) Civil Action
V8. V to
John Fiaser, Defendant. ) recover money
I To John Fraser, the above named Defendant.
j X you are hereby required to appear before the
undersigned, a ju.-ice oi tne reacts ior vaiifiooia
precinct, Douglas Co unt State of Oregon, at the
office of said J ustice la said precinct ou Saturday the
25tb day of July, 1&5 at the hour of 2. o'clock iu the
afternoon ot said day to answer ts. J. rage, the
above named Plaintiff in a civil action. - - J
The Defendant will lake notice that if he fails to
answer the complaint filed herein the Plaintiff will
take judgment against him for the sum Of $ 117 87
together with the costs and disbursments. v
This Summons is publ ished by order of said Just
ice Court, dulv made and entered iL said Court and
action 03 the th day ef June A. D. IS85. r
. ' " J. 11. KAY, .
-'. Justice of th Peace.
Sheriff's: Sale.-
In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon in and
for Douglas Countjr. .
T, R. 8heridanand J. P. Sheridan, Partners dolnjr
business under the firm cams of SUeKian be
Plaintiff,: ; J .. ' . :
J. F. TV. Saubert and X. IJ. Saubert, his wife; F.
II. Noble aud S. M. Noble, his wite. 'ihe taiU Jl.
F. W. Saubert and F. H. Noble being: partners tin
der the firm name-of Saube.t & Noule; and iL
Joiephson, Defendants
Notice is herebveiven thivt bv tirtue f an cxecu-
t"on issued out of the tnicmt court for lojwa
toun y, Oregon, on the 20lb day of May 1A&5 ana to
me uirccted and delivurea in pursuance of a J udgnient '
and dectee daly. made and entered in n;d Circuit
Court on the bih da it May 1j.5 in favor of the
above named Plaintiffs and against t. e aoove named
ieienUauts, J. F Vr, Siaubert and 41. E. Saubert, his
wite. and F. II. Noble, and 8. M. Noble, his wife, and
said J. F. W. SuubertandF. n. Noble being part
ners under tlu Ann name ot Saubert & Noble for the
-strui oi U69.s9 and an aucrui-y'a lee of &5.00 and
A.m costs aud disbursements, and for the foreclob-
ure of a mortsjasre on real nronerw bv said Saubert
& Noble to naiu Sheridan Bros and for the sale 'of the
mortjjaged prenuses to satisfy said Judgment, at
torney'; fee and coats and disbursements and
whereas said Execution command me out of
the uaid mortgaged premises for the foreclosure and
sale of which eud deeree and Judgment were recov
ered, I satisfy the said turn and attorney' fee, costs
and disburiteinents. 2 nave lovieo upon and on Sat
urday June 2?ih, between the hours of 9 oVIoik a m
and 4 o'eiock P h, to-wit, at the hour of 2 o'elock p u
otbaid'day, will sell nt public -auction to the highest
bidder tor can iu hand. at the Court Bouse Door in
Kosebunr, Orerou, ail the riirht, title and interest ii
the said ie:enuaat8, J. F. W . Saubert, M. E. Sau
bert, IV U .Noble, 8 M Aoble, or either of them, In
and to the fallowing described mortgaged premise,
to-wit, .beiunitJir at the North East corner of S V
Blakeiy's lonation land claim in section 1&. Town-
bhip sw, South liange 4 West, in Douglas county, ;
ureon, ana running thence ooutn &ch:Jn9, t lente
South JO decrees West 11 chaifis, thence North 14
decrees East 5.30 chains to Aonh boundary of said
claim, tlieuee in an easterly circcUou along north
boundary to the pla.e of beiriunine and- containing
5.(k acr, ako aud Island, known and described a
Irtji number 7 and 8 in nection 15 Township as .
South of ranye 4 West in Douglas county Oregon,
comaininr U.i'a acres, together with the Saw Mill,
Milt Dams, races, houses and other improvements
situate on or beionging or ia any wise
thereto, also all the rurht. title and interest of said
parties in aiid to ail roads and rights of way for .
traveling or uiaintniuing-, having or using right of
way over, upon or across the lands of Wil:uun 'IVaslt
and S. t. Biakely, to and from said sa wmill and
premises, all ;of the above described ureniites, heridi-
tanients, tcnenieiitsand appurtenances being deeded
to and in the name of F. 11. Noble but owned and
possessed by the said J. F. W. Saubert and F. U.
Noble as co-partners. - ' ..
Witness my hand this 23th day of May, 1885.
G. A.TaYLOU, Sheriff of Douglas county, Oregon.
In the Circuit Court of the State ot Oretfou within
and for the County of Douglas.
Rosalie Pelland and Zenha Peiland. her husband.
Plaintiffs r , .
vs.- : r '".' ;. '
Thomas O'Reilly and Frank M. Baker. Deferflantn.
Suit in Equity to quiet title to real estate. .
To-Thomas u'KeiiJy andtrank M, Baker, the above
named Defendants: In the name of the State of Or
egon, you are required to appear and answer the '
complaint of Plai'iuffs tiled against you in the above
entitled Suit, in the above entitled Court, on or be
fore the frstdav of the next regular term thereof, .
vo-wn, oa aionuay me latnuay ot oetoner 18S5.U you
fail to so appear and answer Plaintiffs wdi apply to
the Court for the relief demanded in said Complaint,
to-wit; .:. L :!
A decree that the defendasts and all persons claim
ing under them by title aceruinir bubneouent to
this suit, be forever burred from all claim to - any
estate of inheritance iu the E i of S E of Sec. It)
anu tne n jwan J oi seu. it in tkoi K(K
in the district of Ixnds subject to tale at the Land
Office of the Southern district of Oregon.
This Suiuwoits u published by order of Hon. R. S.
Beau, Judge of said Court di.ted May 5th, lss5.
Adiaiiiistrator's Notice.
JL3t it may concern, tnat i.he unoersigned baa been
ouiy appointed by tne Couuty Court of Douglas
County, Oregon AumiuistriiXor, with will annexed of
the estate ot John t . buUiorlin, late of said county,
decetun.d. . : ' :
All persons indebted to laid estate are hereby no
tified to make immediate payment to the under
signed at his othee in th 5 city of Oakland, ;n uaid
county, and all parties huving elajma against taid
estate are hereby required to present the same, with
proper vouchers duly verified, to the undersigued at
n;s law othce in the city or Oakland, in saia county
ami butte, witnm six months from aato hereof.
Dated May 121 h, 1S35.
Administrator, with wiil unnexeu, of the estate of
Joim t'. SutherJin, deceased. nir.yli-7w
ing under the fiim name and style of Abraham, "
Wneeler z Co., consisting c( Hot AbntKain, Itudolpu
Abiauam, L. C. Wneeler and W. M. Wheeler is this
day dissolved by mutual consent. Any debts due
from the lirm are to be paid by .Sol, Abraham, and
an accounts sue w tne ru-m are to oe paid uj tne
said tool. Abraham. 1 SOL. ABUAHAM,
Iioseburg, Oregon, 'j ' K. ABUAHAM,
jUaySkh, lto..-.- ;J L. V. WHEELER,
Land Corners,
JL late Legislature: r "
fo establish ad coders of Government surveys.
where the Witness trt hare been cut, or have fallen
down, aud where there remains the stump on which
the bearing marks oe blazet can mill be seen, or
where other evidences or Government corners
may or can be found, whereby the said corners e.
tubii.hod by Government surveys can be positively
locatea oy uuy oi suca or oiner decaying evidences,
said eorneror corners to be reestablished in the man
ner prescribed in thisSection forestablishliurcornerg.
and shall keep a teperate record of tho enuie iu a
book called Bearing Tree:! or u h, Surveys, and
giving tne date, and n uues of persons present, and
turn said reooru over to nts successir. w ben so re
established, they shall be recognized thereafter us
the legal aad permanent cornei or corners.
Wil. l ilt Kb, County Surveyor.
For Sale.
JL Ha s of the 'Myers" .lerjey stock, of Jackson
countj ; w -3 Jersey, de ye.ur otd and is bf a dark
nnn iio color; vrtir.n rsjj pouiids; is ieaceable and
kind. Will be soli retisoiiubie. Enquire at my
lac-e, one and one half mile south of Koseburg, ou
west side or tue river. t n.v;iv MuJ4LlLi.i.
Wood! Woo5!
the wocid baicrs of ttoburg that he will farn-
iah them a nice a.-tiole of wjud tor less ui jacy tnan.
the cau buy rrorn ay othcr.-wotd tuuler in Dong
las county at ihe uaheard-o pri-jo of 3.o0 per cord
f-T four-ioot wood; ifi per -tier-f.r ;ia aad u uicii
wotja. cool mea-iure and eatislaotion guaranteed,
uive uu your order or leave it with J. F. iWker.
For Sale Cluap.
run three seasons is ail ia good order is a six-
foot cut aud is just ai good as new and will be sold
for flftyentd oa the dollar ef cost price. Enquire
of Frank Mjilnllun and o te half mile south ot
Iioseburg on wet side of tbe river. F. McMullen.
i- Streets, size 90x130 feet, which will give FoUK
buildinir lots 32ix30 feet. Good business houeand
also good dwelling, well furnished, fine well, with
pumt, also wood snea ana otner out ouuamgs, ana
all well fenced. For particulars enquire at Krvisit
omce. ( ,"'-':...,..' r-.-
In the matter of tbe Estate of Henry Gaterman,
jL signed, adiniiiistratr'u; of the Estate of Henry
Gaterman, deceased, has filed her Anal .account iu
said matter, in the County Court of Doug las county
Oregon, and that said Court has appointed Tuesday,
the 7th day of July 1835, at the hour of 10 o'elock,
A 11 of said daras the time for heari n or objections to
uch final account and the settlement tiiere"f.
Dated May 28th, 1SS5, 8UsaNA GATER3LAN, Ad
ministratrix; Lane & Lane, her Attorneys.
trts nxn .
Oregon for Douglas County, in tbe matter of the
Estate of Levi Beeklev doceagad.
Jl. dersigaed Administrator of the Estate of Levi
Beckley, deceased, has Sled his final account In 1 set
tlement of baid estate, and -that the Hon. J. S.Fits
hugh. Judge of the above mtitle4 Court, by orJer
duly made and entered upon the Journal of sxid
Court, has fixed Tuesday July 7thlS85, for hearinr
objections, H any there be, to said final account and
the settlement of said
. . - ; - HENRY BiiCKLEY, Administrator. ;
. June 4th 18i5. .-..-