Roseburg review. (Roseburg, Or.) 1885-1920, February 27, 1885, Image 4

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Widespread Commetion Caused by
that Remarkable Statement of a
m. i. l 4i ..,-,u I
au atui j puuiuuni iu wekuuu.
' 4l T l... , 'NT V
Democrat, created a deal of comment
here as it has elsewhere. Apparently
it caused even more commotion in
Rochester, as the following from the
same naner shows:
Dr. J. B. Ilenion, who is well known
not only in Rochester, but in nearly
pvnrv TWTt nf A mprira. Kpnt an extended it
ortln tWa npr a fw lavs aero
uuper a. ie -ujp b
which was duly published, detailing his
remarkable experience and rescue from
what seemed to be certain death. It
wmiW 1.a imTvflsild;' in pniiniprate the
personal enauiries which have been
' . nt ,.iMi
tlie article, but they nave been so nu-
merous that further investigation of the
subject was deemed an editorial neces
sity. :V. :-. V .;. :i
With this end in view a representa
tive of this paper called on Dr. Ilenion
at his residence on Andrews street,
when the following interview occurred ;
" That article of yours, Doctor, has cre
ated quite a whirlwind. Are the state
ments about the terrible condition you
were in, and the way you were rescued
such as you can sustain?"
" Everv one of them and many addi-
neglecting the first and most simple
svmntoms. I did not think I was sick.
It is true I had frequent headaches;
felt tired most of the time ; could eat
nothing one day and was ravenous the
next ; felt dull pains and my stomach
was out of order, but I did not think it
meant anything serious. The medical
profession have been treating symptoms
It. t -. . J it- i
instead of diseases for years, and it is
high time it ceased. The symptoms I
have just mentioned or any unusual
action or irritation of the water
channels indicate the approach of
kidney disease more than a cough
announces the coming of consump
tion. We do not treat the cough,
but try to help the lungs. We should
not waste our time trying to relieve the
headache, pains about the body or other
symptoms, but go directly to the kid
neys, the source of most of theso ail
ments." "
, " This, then, is what you meant when
you said that more than one-half the
deaths which occur arise from Bright's
disease, is it Doctor?"
" Precisely. Thousands of diseases are
torturing people to-day, which in real
ity are Bright's disease in some of its
many forms. It is a hydra-headed mon
ster, "and the slightest symptoms should
strike terror to every on who has them.
I can look back and recall hundreds of
deaths which physicians declared at the
time were caused by paralysis, apo
plexy, heart disease, pneumonia, mala
rial fever and other common complaints
which I see now were caused by Bright's
"And did all these cases have simple
symptoms at first?"
" Every one of them, and might have
been cured as I was by the timely use
of the same remedy. I am getting my
eyes thoroughly opened in this matter
and think I am helping others to see
the facts and their possible danger
Mr. Warner was visited at his estab
lishment on North St. Paul street. At
first he was inclined to be reticent, but
learning that the information desired
was about Bright's disease, his manner
changed instantly and he spoke very
earnestly : ,
" It is true that Bright's disease had
increased wonderfully, and we find, by
reliable statistics, that from '70 to '80,
its growth was over 250 per cent. Look
at the prominent men it has carried off :
Everett, Sumner, Chase, Wilson, Car
penter, Bishop Haven, Folger, Colfax
and others. Nearly every week the pa
pers record the death tf some promi
nent man from this scourge. Recently,
however, the increase has been checked,
and I attribute this to the general use
of my remedy."
( - " Do you think many people are af
flicted -with it to-day who do not real
ize it, Mr. Warner?"
"A prominent professor in a New Or
leans medical college was lecturing be
fore his class on the subject of Bright's
disease. He had various fluids under
the microscopical analysis and was
showing the students what the indica-
tion of this terrible malady were. And
now, gentlemen,' he said, ' as we have
seen the unhealthy indications I will
show you huw it appears in a state of
perfect health,' and he submitted his
rn nuia to uie usual test. As lie
watched the results his countenance
sudenly changedhis color and com
mand both left him and in a trembling
voice he said: 'Gentlemen, I have
made a painful discovery; I have
Bright's disease of the kidneys.' And
in less than a year he was dead. The
slightest indications of any kidney dif
ficulty should bo enough to strike ter
ror to any one."
" lou know of Dr. Henion's case?"
" Yes, I have both read and heard of
" It is very wonderful is it not?"
" not more so man a great many
others that have come to my notice as
having been cured by the same means
" You believe then that Bright's dish
ease can be cured."
" I know it can. 1 know it from my
own and the experience of thousands
of prominent persons who were given;
up to die by both their physicians and
" You speak of your own experience ;
what was it?"
"A fearful one. I had felt languid and
unfitted for bifsincss for years. But I
did not know what ailed me. When,
however, I found it was kidney difficul
ty I thought that there was little hope
and so did the doctors. 1 have since
learned that one of the physicians
of this city pointed me out to a gentle
man on the street one day, saying :
. There goes a man who will be dead
within a year.' I believe his words
would have proved true if I had not
providentially used the remedy now
known as Warner's Safe Cure."
Dr. S. A. Lattimore, although busily
engaged upon sotaie matters connected
with the State Board of Health, of
which he is one of the analysts, cour
teously answered the questions that
were propounded him :
"Did you make a chemical analysis j
of the case of Mr. H. II. Warner some
three years ago, Doctor?"
"Yes, sir.,'
"What did this analysis show you?'.
TVih nmuoncp of nlhiimpn and tube
cagtg in eat ahundance."
"And what did the symptoms indi
cate?" "A serious of the kidneys."
"Did vou think Mr. Warner could
I did not think it possible.
" Do you know anything about the
-A 1 V.7 j Oil ,
remedv which cured him
Vra T Vinvrt f rimifflll V JinSllvZOd
and find 11 pure and harmless."
v3 jl int v v v j
l'uww" --""v '
' ,r,mmnlinn wbirh the
publicity 0f pr. Henion's article has
cauged and to meet the protestations
which have been made. The doctor
was cured four years ago and is well and
attending to his professional duties to-
day. The standing ot ur. nenion, xur,
WaniM nlHr. Tnttimore in the com
muuity -w beyond question and the
statements they make cannot for a
moment be doubted. Dr. Henion's ex
perience shows that Bright's disease of
the kidneys is one of the most decep
tive and dangerous of all diseases ; that
it is exceedinclv common and that it
can be cured.
Their Origin, Growth, and Cnth lit crilx-tl
I by I'rof. Proctor.
l roi. Kiciiaru A. l roc tor lccmreu on
"The Planpts.'" He compared the dif
ferent bodies in the solar system to the
forest some, like the sap-
.ingt younD. oth
"V- . J.
rs of mature growth;
others, again, old, and others still,
withered and dead. These thing's fol
lowed just as in any other evolution.
This earth is in its middle life, doing
what she was intended to do. The
stages oi a planet s, lue were given
from the time when it was formed
by the gathering together of the frag
ments until its death. The first stage
is that of intense heat, and the greater
part of the time the planet would be a
mass of vapor, the orb being lustrous
and glowing, gSvluc: out intense heat.
Later it would lose heat, and the great
er part of it would become liquid, af
terward becoming solid. The earth,
while in its first stage, had probably a
diameter ot 1U,UU0 or 12,000 miles, in
stead of 8.000 as at present In the
earlier stages the volcanic and other
disturbances were much greater than
now. The globe gradually became
cool enough for life, and life would be
gin. There is evidence that the earth
is ten minions oi years old, but it is
difficult to say what is the are
of j a planet- when life on it begins
Sir Isaac Newton believed that the
waters of the ocean were being grad
ually absorbed by the earth. The
waters of the sea were beingtliminished
in this way, but in what degree can not
be said. They are absorbed to the
thickness of a .sheet of paper in one
year, to the thickness of an inch in one
hundred years, in ten millions of years
(a mere second in .lime) ten thousand
feet, In time all the waters would be
gone, and m a long period the air itself
would become so thin that it would
not support life. Planets, like Other
bodies," cool slower as they are" of
greater duik. ii tno earth cooled in
ten million years, then it would take
Jupiter seventy million years to cool.
Thus, the. large planets are yet in their
youth r first stage, while the small
planets are in their advanced age.
Thus the moon shows old age, while
Jupiter is yet a baby. The larger ones
have the characteristics of youth and
the small ones old age.
Illustrations of those things were
thrown on the screen. The sun shows
better than any of the others the
vaporous firsts stage, and no one be
lieves it to be the abode of life. Being
the largest, the sun is the youngest of
all the solar system as regards advance
ment in life. The tornadoes of the sun
move at the rato of one hundred miles
per second. All tho tumults of earth
combined would not equal the noises on
iiflLSnuare mile of the- sun s surface.
The great disturbances of Jupiter were
compared with those of the sun. Jupi
ter j is still glowing, and too . hot for
life. Saturn was also said not to be
the abode of life.
The condition of planets less than the
earth was cons'dered. Mars shows
division of surface into land and water.
r ......
iu asses oi snow are seen, wnien grow
larger in winter ana smaller in sum
mer. This has been the case every sea
son for two hundred years the time
which has elapsed slnoc their discovery
Oceanic and air currents are also ob
served. The reduct'on of the seas indi
cates age.
The moon is so old as to be in plan
etary death, though evidences of her
fiery youth are yet to be seen in the
mouths of her extinct craters. She is
not too cold or too hot to support life,
but the seas are all absorbed, and there
is no air, or it is so thin that no crea
Ai 1 . 1 a
iure Known in mis worm could live m
in it. There is no water, and the moon
is ueau. i'lccures oi. tne moon were
thrown on the screen, showing her
uoatn ana uesoiation. Myriads or ex
tinct volcanoes were shown.
Calculation Which Exhibits
I Conclusion.
icw people ever stop to count the
cost of luxuries If they should they
might sometime j hesitate in their ex
penditures. A wealth v octogenarian of
flarlford, who has indulged in smokino-
during all his life, or at least during all
his manhood years, has made an esti
mate, based upon data kept, as to the
cost ot his cigars for sixty-seven years.
He knows the amount he has expended,
and calculating the sum invested in
cigars every six months, aud placing it
at compound interest at eight per cent,
on the basis of tho saving bank calcu
lations, he finds that the total sum now
amounts to $200,000.
If all smokers of the woel would
keep an account of .the cost of this lux
ury, and calculate their investments in
cigars and tobacco, with compound in
terest added, they would be astonished
at the sums wasted by them in smoke.
The large sum found by the gentleman
who had smoked for sixty-seven years
was of course greatly increased in the
last twenty, and especially in the last
ten years, as money compounded every
six months at the rate of six per cent,
doubles in a little over ten years.
We frequently hear of intemperate
persons drinking up the value of a farm
or other property. But it is not often
that such a fortune as 8200.000 is con
sumed in smoke by one person. Ii this
Hartford gentleman is not an exception
al smoker, then the aggregate cost of
smoking ia simolv enormous.-
If the water in your Washing is hard
or alkali, use the Standard Soap Co.'s
Petroleum Bleaching Soap. Its effect
will surprise you.
The Oklahoma boomers are to be re ar-
'.: 1 .
New Orleans has opened a war on gam
bling nouses. . -
Speaker Carlisle's health is rapidly re- .
turning to him.
Maryland farmer.
Theesodus of colored people from South
There are said to be 25,000 people out of
employment in Cincinnati.
A mysterious disease is killing off cows i
in the vicinity of I'alatka, Jb la.
Miss Longfellow, a daughter of the poet,
is to marry a Mr. lhorpe m 1 Jos ton.
A fine of $3 was recently imposed at
liamden, Conn., for skating on bunaay.
Buffalo, N. Y., despite her proximity to
Niagara, is threatened by water famine.
Cantain Phelan, whom Short tried to
kill in Kossa's office, has gone to Kansas
The bay trotting stallion, Gen. Green,
valaed at 15X00, died a few days ago of
lung tever.
Convict labor in the Hampden coun
Mass.. has been reduced from 20 to 12
cents a man a day.
The Board of Education in New York
city has declared that marriage disquali
nes a woman teacher.
It has been decided by an Arkansas lit
erary society that a circus is superior to a
district school as a civilizing agent
Priests in several northern Ohio
have denied the communion
of their churches who visit skating
J. CljaflV.e & Sons, cotton commission
mrrhats. of New Orleans, have assigned.
Liabilities, $(5:0,000; assets over $1,500,000.
England, is detained by the custom au-
thoritics at JNew xorir, ior payment oi uu-
Of the fifteen horses that had previous
riwords of 2:20 or better, only two beat
2:20 last season. These were Mojihca and
On a wager, a young man in Sullivan
county, N. Y., a few nights ago, uranK a
gallon of cider without removing the ves
sel from ms moutn.
The DeDartment of Agriculture reports
the value of cattle in the United States at
ai.l07.0W).0fX. and of all other domestic
animals at 2,450,000,000.
The farmhouse of George Liverpool.near
Reading, Penn., was entered by burglars
who chloroformed the family and secured
$1,200 in currency and notes.
The pacer Litt'eDan.owned by O. Whit-
son, New Burlington, Ind., died recently
from a dose of poison he got while in a race
at Lebanon, Ohio, in September.
After having watched oyer the city's
neace for liltv-two vears. tticnara o. xau-
ridge, the oldest policeman in New York,
nas re urea on a saiary oi a uwinu.
A mortgage was filed in "Washington
Saturday on General Grant s property
there at 1230 U street ana louu Vermont i
avenue for S 150,000, to secure v anderbilt.
A small house on the county poor-farm
near Cerro Gordo, 111., occupied for some
pars hv three demented women, was
burned by the upsetting of a lamp, and its
tenants perished in tne names.
The steamboats Ida Darrah. City tf
Helena and the Anchor line wharf boat,
together with all the freight on board, and
the wharr, at Mempnis, xenn., were w
tally destroyed by nre last weeK.
.gang of. prisoners working quarries
near Santa Fe, N. M., overpowered the"
guards, disarmed them and escaped to the
mountains. One of the prisoners who re
fused to follow said they had friends wait
ing, with herses.
Thirty-nine horses lost their lives by the
burning of C. E. Smith's livery stable sta
ble, in Philadelphia. Among them were
several valuable trotters, including two
belonging to Dr. Palmer Leidy, who
valued them at $10,030.
Four men were killed outright and
twenty wounded at Brazil, lnd., recently
by the explosion of a boiler in the Central
Iron and Sleel Works. Two of the woun
ded men died soon after, and several
others are not expected to live.
Joseph Harberecker, wife and three
children, while sleighing near Muncy
Valley, Pal, February 2oth, the horse ran
away and the father and one of the chil
dren instantly killed. The mother and
the other children were tatany injured.
The.Senatc passed the contract foreign
labor bill by a vote of 50 to 9. The bill pro
vides it shall be unlawful to prepay the
passage or assist emigration' o any for
eigners into the United States under labor
contracts, previously entered into, and
every violator thereof will be fined $1,000.
There is some excitement at Brooklyn,
N. Y among the local medical men over
the attempt recently made by Toronto
doctors to establish a traffic in corpses
with the schools of that city. The plan
was to pay small sums for the bodies and
smuggle them across the Niagara river at
Mrs. Lowell, wife of the American Min
ister to England, is dead.
Prince Louis Napeleon has gone to
Eypt in search of health.
There are in England about 200 jockeys
who make incomes varying from $15,000
to $30,000 a year.
A charity bull-fight, for the benefit of
the earthquake sullerers in Sapin, is to
take place in Madrid. -
A postal service has been organized at
Corea, and the houses are being numbered
for the benefit of the letter carriers.
At Paris, February 13th, Miss Eva Mac
key, daughter of the Nevada bonanza
kinor, was married to Lion Ferdinand Ju
lien Colonna, Prince of Galatro.
Mrs. Langtry's illness and the conse
quent closing of the Princess' Theater is
much regretted by her London admirers.
Emma Johnson, a Kentucky negress
who emigrated to Liberia, is now Prime
Minister to King Opobo, of the Cameroons
The German Reichstag passed the bill
empowering Bismarck by simple decree to
raise duties in order to prevent large im
portations of goods.
Henry Labouchere has compromised
with Messrs. Willyams & Co., bankers, in
the action brought by that firm against
the London Truth, lie has paid the plain
tiffs 1,000.
Blair Athol. the celebrated English sire,
earned at the stud the enormussumjof 325,
000, whilst his immediatedescendants won
in stakes on the English turf alone mre
than $850,000.
At Sheipco, China, February 15th, two
toruedo boats! belonging to the French
squadron sunk a Chinese frigate carrying
26 guns and 000 men; also a Chinese cor
vette carrying 7 guns and lau men.
French peasants in Ecouen receive sixty
cents a day for work m tne ueias. iney
rise at 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning and
end their labor sometimes not till 9 in the
evening, with o short intermission for an
ll-o'clock dinner.
A Russian peasant, a member of a Bible
reading sect, nas been sentenced to im
prisonment for three years and nine
months by the Odessa Criminal Court for
haviner DreaeheJ against the image wor
ship of the Russian Church.
Victoriano Nievez. a wealthy resident of
Carmen, Mexico, on the 24th of January
celebrated his golden wedding, gave a
banquet, scattered dollars right and left.
sent $500,000 in one lump to the locust
eaten district and $10,000 to the Republic
to help pay its debt.
' 1 ...... . ...
WHEAT Per ctl, valley,;
Walla Walla, $1.1001.124.
FLOU H irer bbl, standard brands,
$4.25; superfine, ?4.0Q; country brands.
BEANS Per ctl, small whites, S2,aa;
ba??M J111? jsr' vri-.
1-nnntTv Rrps. 12A(15c: Eastern. 224fe.25c.
CHEESE Per It, choice local, loc; 1m-
Pel?feif1TTTc.per RnnIw. raft-i
nlums. 62;8c: prunes, 8S4c: peaches, 13c;
raisins, 2.25 $ bx.
ittius rer aoz, loc.
LARD Per E, pails, 12c; tins, Eastern,
12c: tins. Oregon, llic.
OAT MKAL UorumOK, $3.0U tff CU.
CORN MEAL Per ctl. 3.
HOMINY Per ctl, $3.75.
CRACKED WHEAT-Per ctl, $3.
BUCKWHEAT FLOUR Per ctl, $3.75
RYE tfLUUU Per ctl,
RICE Per tt, China No. 1, 51c: mixed,
41c; Hawaiian Islands, 5&e.
VEGETABLES Cabbage, lie; onions,
lie V ft; carrots, f lCffll.50 & sack; turnips,
11.50; beets,
CANINEU GUU US Tomatoes, z-io cans
doz, $1.10, gallons, $3.50; pie fruits, as-
COFFEE l? lb. Guatemala, green, 1143
12ic: Costa Rica. 124c: old Government
Java. 2uc.
POTATOES Irish, ? bu, 253'Jc; sweets
.124o. -
FOU Ii K Y. Chickens, uoz, jwaa.o't;
ducks, $5C0i(; geese, $8&10; turkeys, tb.
PRC VISIONS Hams, v ity 13310c; ba
con. luwizc.
.10 m
dried. & 10Ib bx, 75c.
SUUAKS uuote bbis: (A) patent cube:
6ac; (A) crushed, tc; dry granulated, ojc;
. i .1 r - . . 1 J
i-iwtin rt mt , 1 . . M . 1 1 J
clover, $15; alfalfa, $16; white clover, f 35;
. .. W timfttLi ;... 7fint Kim.
alsike. $32: timothy, piinte, $7.50: Ken
tucky blue grass, extra clean, $15; peren
neial rve crass. $15: red top. $12: orchard
grass, $1; rye black, jpz; bone meal, v
ton. 838: bone phosphates. 45,
SPICES lb, pepper, 1825c; mustard,
18c; ginger, 18c; cinnamon, 27ic; nutmeg,
0c; sage, due.
TROPICAL FRUIT Lemons, $8(26.50
case; bananas, $1.00; cocoanuts, ,8c; or
anges, $23.50 9 100.
BRAN Per ton, $1315.
MIDDLINGS Per ton, $2'X25.
GROUND BARLEY Per ton $22'&25,
OATS Choice milling, 35c; choice feed,
30KS33C. -
HAY Per ton, timothy, baled, $11
loose, $12.
HOPS Per lb, ll124c.
WOOL Valley, 1315c; eastern Ore
gon, 1215c.
GRAIN JLsAuo Per IB, Calcutta, 22
30c, 7i7ic
HIDES Per H, green, 56; dry, 15
16c; one-third off for culls; deer, $12!
25c; bear, black, 1.95(25; buckskin, 1
dian, dressed, 50n0c; elk, 10c.
BROOMS-Per doz, $2.25(jr6.50.
San Franclaco.
BAGS Calcutta wheat bags, 6c.
FLOUR Best city extra, $4.37i5.00
medium, $3.7o4.25; shipping superfine
WHEAT No. 1 grades, $1.27; choice
milling parcels, l.3o & ctl.
BARLEY No. 1 quality, g7i 00c;
brewing, si.otrai.iu.
OATS Surprise an milling. $1.35
1.45; No. 1, $1.20l.'i5; No. a, $f1.10; off
grades, oci$i: black, $ii.iu & ctl.
CORN Large yellow,$1.101.17i; small
yellow, $i.i5i.zi: wiute, I.1U($1.15 pctl.
CRACKED CORN Per ton, $27.5028,
CORN MEAL Feed, $i7.5r28 ton
fine kinds for table, 2i3c v lb. -
SEEDS Mustard, $2.253 for brown
and $22.25 for yellow; canary, 44lc
hemp, o4(a)dac; rape, zj(g.Jc; timothy, &i
oc; attalta, loc n; nax, ijfS.xsft&z.&u c
HAY Alfalfa, $8.0Cil.00; wheat, $10
!5; oat, $812; barley, $m; mixed
$w,y. -
STRAW Per bale, 6070c.
HOPS-Perlb, 10 12c,
BRAN Per ton, $1213.
RYE Per ctL $1.15.
BUCKWHEAT Per ctl. $1.25(311.37.
GROUND BARLEY Per ton, $il.60
POTATOES-Early rose, $U525; river
reds, iot&Wc; Pet&lumas,9oe81.10;fgarnet
eniie, vuox;; peerless, Hum
boldt kidney, $1.10(&1.;'5; do red, $1.15
ctl; peachblows, $l(gl.5.
ONIONS-Per ctl, $3.00(24.00.
DRIED PEAS Green, $2.50; niles,
$1.50: blackeye, $2.25 ctl.
BEANS Bayos, $2.503; butter, $1.00
TO1.35; pink. $l.65l.K0; red, $2.12r!2.25
lima, $1.501.00; sma'l Jwhite, $1.251.50
pea, $i.f)U(fl)i.sJU v ctl.
VF.rJTTPA'RT.V.C! flreon naaa A . V n,
carrots, 30n0c; turnips, 50(i0cTbeet8, 4(5
(eouc; parsnips, si; cabbage, 5060c $ ctl
FRUIT Apples, 3575c; pears, $12
ican, $1112; oranges, . California, $1.15
$1.50 $ box.
DRIED FRUIT-Sun-dried apples, 2J
jc; apricots, uc; 1 blackberries, 9c; figs
4c; peaches, 1415c; pears, 4c; plums.
7c; prunes. German, 5; do, French, 6
wjc, w id; raisins, new crop payers, l.o
(a 2 V box.
HIDES Dry. lb.nsual selection. 161
uc; ary kip, wmii dry calf, 1920c
saitea steers, au to Bores, 7ic.
WOOL - Mendocino. I820c. Tb,
Humboldt, 1820c; San Joaquin, 68c
eastern Oregon. 14 10c
LARD Eastern, 11114 for tierces, and
UKflHijc ior palls; 4'aUfornia, 10-n,884c
f I ON E Y Comb, 7c; extracted, 45
B UTTER Fancy, 24c: choice. 22(9
fair to good, 2022c: ordinarv. 20(22Ac
mixed store shipments, dull at 12JU3il7Ac
pickled roll, 2022ic; firkin, 1820c for
good to choice, and I516c for ordinary to
lair; Ciastern. lsjcginc ? id.
EGGS dozex, 2021c.
POULTRY Turkeys, crobWers, 1518c
hens, 18a20c; dressed do. 18362 1 c ,lb
roosters, $55.50 for old and $66.5o for
young; nens, $p.k$8.00; broilers, $56,
as xo size; uucks, $a.&!jo.o(J y doz; geese,
$2.25(22.50 pair.
TALLOW Grease, 34; crude, 5J6c
CHEESE California. 1213c. " '
SALT-r-Per ton, $lf$22.
RICE Hawaiian, 5i; China, 4J(g61c.
SUGAR Dry; granulated. 63c: extra
fine cubes, 7; fine crushed, 7c; powder
ed, 7ic; extra fine powdered, 8c; extra
golden C, 51; golden C 5c.
SYRUP American refinery is quoted
at sue in obis, 3Zc in hi bbls, 40c in 5-gai
kegs, and one in l-gal tins.
A visitor to the queer little town o
hyc hundred souls and a hundred
houses standing on stilts on either side
of a narrow and deep natural canal at
the mouth of the Mississippi says that
tne men sit on their doorsteps and
bringdown wild fowl with their guns.
Tho alligator paddles leisurely up the
main street, protected by law, because
the muskrat, one of its articles of diet,
was becoming a nuisance by burrowing
the levees. These sluggish and good
humored pets open their immense
mouths sometimes and look yearningly
for a dead cat or dog or some like
delicacy. Chicago Journal.
An exchange says that "the man
or woman who has never loved, hugged,
kissed, played with, listened to, told
stories to, or thoroughly spanked a
child, has missed the cardinal joys of
Mr. George Home, one of the largest
canners of fish, on Columbia river, Oregon,
says that he suffered with rheumatism for
seven years, having spent aix months at
Arkansas Hot Springs, and at Paso Ilobles
Springs, Cal., four months in every year,
without benefit. Finally he tried St. Ja
cobs Oil, the great pain-cure, and in a
short time all stiffness and soreness of the
joints disappeared.
i snrtprt. jsi.juj. tranona. : creen com.
l.t!0; oysters, $1.25 2.25; lobsters,
f.v. i r2.75: iama and iellies. 82.50.
towns GROCERIES Pickels. V keg, ?1
to members l.5- starch. W m "7ic: codfish, 6c;
rinks, keael. No. 1. Itltt SI, No. 2, 81.75;
Many who were thought by physicians
and friends to be at death's door have
been restored to their families and to com
parative good health by the new Vitaliz
ing Treatment of Drs. Starkey & Palen,
Hti9 Girard street, Philadelphia. The
cures in Consumption, Catarrh, Neuralgia,
Bronchitis and various Chronic diseases
are indeed wonderful, and are attracting
wide attention. Nothing like it is known
in medical history. If you have an inter-
eH in learning an about this new Treat
ment, write to them, and phamphleta and
reports of cases will be promptly mailed.
All orders for the Compound Oxygen
Home Treatment directed to II. E. Ma
,thews, 608 Montgomery street, San Fran
cisco, will be filled on the same terms as if
sent directly to us in Philadelphia.
A ho was recently Kiitea at
Blooming Grove, Sullivan County, N.
Y., and when dressed a thick wire four
teen inches Ions was found in the
ifrhts and Trfjpd no-ainnf tht hnart. '
rhough twisted and coiled in different
shapes and forced into the vitals, the
Victor wrna sis hnnlthv na pvor.
r 1 t j j - --
Trov Times.
Writing poetry is like putting up stoves.
Everybody knows how until they try.
Many a case supposed to be radical luntr
disease is really one of liver complaint ana
indigestion, but unless that diseased liver
can be restored to healthy action, it will so
clog the lungs with corrupting matter as
to bring on tneir speedy decay, and then,
indeed, w have consumption, which is
scrofula of the lungs, in its worst form.
Nothing can be more happily calculated to
nip this danger in the bud than Dr. Pierce's
(iolden Medical Uiscovery. By drug
The new naDkins. with Roman borders.
are Intended for lioman noses.
Drs Darrin, 113 Stockton street, San
Francisco Sins: Your treatment has I
worked like a charm. I must say I am i
surprised at the quick and radical cure in
mv case: in tact, i can narcuy Deiieve mv
own senses. About twenty-five years ago
1 was taken with an aggravated and loath
some catarrhal trouble. The catarrhal se
cretions and incrustatioas were so great
that I conld scarcely breathe through my i
nose, and mv sense or amen was gone.
The secretions deranged the tunctions oi
the stomach and kidnevs. causing indiges
tion and loss of health. Catarrhal deafness
followed, and for ten years I have been
quite deaf. With six weeks' magnetic
. . a t . .r i ml
treatment dv you i am penecuy curea oi
my catarrhal trouble ana deafness in one
car, and the other nearly so. i our treat
ment, I am frank to say, Is regarded by
most people as "nothing in it," as Is every
new development in the world's progress
at first, but I can say for one that I have
tried it and am happy to say that I am not
1 J Ii TU i. ! - .J 1 11 a.
asuameu oi u. x uavo ineu ueany an him
known remedies of eminent physicians
and advertised nostrums witn no entct.
If this letter will do you any good, publish
it, ana oeneve me very truly yours,
Linden. San Joaquin countv. Cal.
The representative of this paper in San
Francisco is personally acquainted with
Mr. Jfatterson, Having served in the
Those who desire the strongast and abso
lutely the best should buy the Giant Bak
ing Powder, Thereisnomistakeaboutit.
Throat JiHeaKes commence witn a
Cough, Cold or Sore Throat. "Brown's
Bronchial Troc Ties" give immediate re
lief. Sold only in boxes. Price 25 cts.
Though the grass may
will recover in dew time.
be cut down, it
To break up colds, fevers and inflamma
tory attacks, use Dr. Pierce's Compound
Extract of bmart-Weed.
The Man in the Iron Mask is supposed
to have been a commercial traveler.
Tky Gkrmea for breakfast.
This medicine, combining Iron with pure
vegetaMe tonics, quickly and completely
Cures Dynpepala Indigestion, VH.k-nes,
Impure lilod, Malaria, Chills and Feverm
and NenraJaia.
It la an un&illne remedy for Diseases of the
Kidneys nnd Mver.
It is invaluable for Diseases peculiar to
women, and all who lead sedentary lives.
It does not injure the teeth, cause headacbe,or
produce constipation other Iron medicines do.
It enriches and purines the blood, stimulates
the appeUte, aids the assimilation of food, re
lieves Heartburn and Belching, and strength
ens the muscles and nerves.
For Intermittent Fevers, Lassitude, Lack of
Energy, Ac., it has no equal.
jb3- The genuine has above trade mark and
crossed red lines on wrapper. Take no other.
fi ll ligC
The Greatest Medical Triumph of the Age I
Indorsed ail over the World.
Loss of appetite. Nausea, bowels cos-
re, PaiaTn the fleacL-with a dnil senr
satlon in the back parti Pain under
the Ehoulder-blade, full
Mi-wless fttter eat
jlination to exertion
ing, with a disinclihation to exertion
olbodyorxQlnd, Irritability of temr
er, Low spiritsLosfojmeoryjjWlth"
a feeling of Eavlr negleoted some
daty wearinesaJPizginess, flutter
ing of the Heart, Dots before the eyes,
Yellow Skjn.geadache,Restlessnes3
at nigh, highly coloredlJrln e.
lUXTS PILLS are especially adapted to
sneh cases, one dose effects such a chango
of feeling as to astonish the sufferer.
They Iucreose the Appetite, arid cause
the body to Take on Flesh, thus the sys
tem is neuriahed, and by their Tonic
Action on tho IMgeatlve Organs, ltefrn
lar 8tol are produced. Price 85 cents.
t .,,.fc,:i nuns ,. t mSm '
Ul I 5 U UVL
Ghat riAra or WmsmM fhnno-nfi a
Glosst Black by a single application of
this Ute. It imparts a natural color, acts
Instantaneously. Sold by Druggists, or
sent by express on receipt of $ I.
Office, 44. Murray S New York.
Wholesale Grm anl Coiiissios MsroSaats,
10 North Front St- Portland.
8 an Francisco Office 18 Front St
Handle on oomniisaion Wheat, Wool, Hops, Seedji,
Purs, Hide, Chickens, Egg, Lumber, Hoop-pole,
Balioon. Mill Feed. Oats. Barley, Onion. Potatoes,
Bacon, Lard, etc. Account sales rendered on day oC
sale. Bend for our market report. - Correspondence
aud couKigunieriU solicited.
UVll 11 III u
One of the chief uses to which castor oil
is now put is that of dressing and soften
ing leather for boots. It was formerly used
for doling children whose stomachs were
disordered. And an awful dose it was.
Now we give suffering children Brown's
Iron Bitters, which tones the stomach,
regulates digestion, and Imparts strength
to the whole body. Brown's Iron ' Bitters
is incomparably better than castor oil, and
more pleasant to take.
The planting of the olive tree has been
much extended in Sonoma oounty, Cal.
Cancer of the lower bowels
sometimes results from neglected or badly
treated piles. By our improved methods,
without knife, caustic or salve, we speed
ily and permanently cure the worst pile
tumors. Pampniet, references and terms,
two letter stamps. Worlds Dispensary
Medical Association, 663 Main street, Buf
falo, N. Y.
Everything is fare in railroad war. N.
O. Picayune.
Palmer & Rev. Tyoe Founders and Press
Dealers, make special quotations on Type
and Printing Material to Purchasers m
the Northwest. Nos. 112 and 114 Front
street, Portland, Oregon.
CATARRH A New Treatment whereby
a permanent cure is effected in from one to
three applications. Particulars and trea
tise free on receipt ot stamp, a. u. jjixon
& Son, 305 King street west. Toronto, Can.
A C A ltl. To all who are Bufferinsr from er
rors and indiscretions of youth, nervous weak
ness. earlv decay, loss of manhood, etc. I will
send a recipe that will cure you, FREE OF
CHARGE. This srreat remedy was discovered
by a missionary in South America. Send Bell-
addressed envelope to Rkv. Joseph T. Inman,
Station V, Mew York. . - c
Absolutely Pure.
Thin nowder nover varlca A marvel of uritT,
otrencth and wholesomeness. More econonucal than
the ordinary kinds, and cannot be sow m competi
tion with the multitude ot low test, short weight.
Alum or nhosnhate nowders. Sold enly In cans.
Rot Aii Baking. Fowber Co., 108 Wall street, N. X.
Bronchitis, Influenza, Asthma,
Sold bv all Druggists for Fipty Cents.
J. It. A!m. jfiS & CO. Proprietors,
4 1 7 8a.13jME Street. San Francisct .
Misell Goli Mai
i Sat half. largest
Factory In tne btate
" "'.'.
Give Your Checks s Checkman
On Train Coming in to Portland.
1HHI Still Ahead!
3 Gold MedaU. 1 Silver, and li
First Premiums.
PRICE. ... 30
4 Hatches all Kinds of Egg
All sizes from 30 to 650 egg.
Rend for large illustrated circular N6. 11. Explains how
to hatch and raise chickens profit ably Circulars free. Ad
dress PETALUMA INCUBATOR CO.. Petaluina .CaL
Lcrilhrd s Cliaas ?hg
bearing a red tin too ; that LorQlard's
Itose Leaf fine cut: that Lor I Hard's
NaTT Clippings, and that Lorlllard's SnuC'a, are
the best and cheapest, quality considered 1
Commission Merchants
General and Dairy Produce.
No. Ill Front Street, between Washington and Stark,
Consignments solicited and returns promptly made.
Flour, Feed, Hay, tirain, Potatoes, liutter. Eggs, Cheese t
vry auu rresn rniiw riamueu.
Dreadful Creature That Scared a
Timid Little Poetess.
A blue-eyed girl with a dimple tripped
timidly into the room. Every man on
the staff but one gasped at tho beautiful
"Please," she said, in a sweet and
melting little voice that went right to
your boots, "does your paper have a
poets1 corner?"
Unfortunately she bad spoken to tho
oldest and crustiest bachelor on the
force, a creature who cooked his-own
meals and had dyspepsia the "Worst
"Yes," he growled, without looking
up, while everv voting manou the staft
tore his hair in rasre: "ves am the
poet-scorncr.Z ,
And then he lodged at her so dread
fully that she divined his cruel mean
ing and went softly crying out the door,
while" the young men on the staff banded
themselves together and swore a great
oath that fliey would kill the crusty
bachelor if they dared.
But they didn't ; dare. Eochland
Courier-Gazette. ,
f IT
Warranted to re lie e it Br
cure Heart DiseasA
J. J. MACK A CO., f
Aossns, -
70 E GG
Advertising Cheats!!
"It haa become so common to begin an
article, in an elegant, interesting style,
'Then run it into some advertisement
that we avoid all such,.
'And simply call attention to the merits
of Hop Bitters in as plain, honest terms '
as possible,
'To induce people '
'To give them one trial, which so proves
their value that they will never use any
thing else." .
the kemedy so ravoraoiy noucea in an me
papers, -
Religious ana secular, u
"Havinealartresale. and is supplanting all
other medicines.
"There is no denvlnsr the virtues or the Hop
plant, and the proprietors of Hop Bitters have
shown great Bhrewdness and ability .
; in compounding a medicine wnosa virtues
are so palpable to every one's observation."
Did She Die?
"She lingered and suffered alone:, pining
away all the time for years," '
" lhe doctors doing her no good:
"And at last was cured by this Hop Bit
ters the papers say so much about."
"How thankful we should bo for that
A Daughter's Misery.
"Eleven years our daughter suffered on
a bed of misery.
"Jtrrom a comt'lication-of kidnev. srrer.
rheumatic trouble and Nervous debility,
" Under the care of the best physicians,
" Who gave her disease various names,
"But no relief,
"And now she is restored 'to us in good
health by as simple a remedy as Hop Bit
ters, that we had shunned for years beiore
using if The Parents. -
Father la Getting Well.
"My daughters say:
"How much better father is since he
used Hop Bitters."
"He is getting well after his long suffer
ing from a disease declared Incurable,"
"And we are so glad that he used your
Bitters." A Lady of Utica, N. Y.
fSTNone genuine without a bunch of ereen
Hops on the white label. Shun all the vile, poi
sonous stuff with "Hop " or "Hops" in their
Dilreit Flaws.
Awarded PremliiKi 1883 and
State Fair, Portland. Oregon.
Mechanics' Fair, San Francisco, Cal.
State Fair, Sacramento, Cal.
Most Economical for use; cut up in six
diirercnt Bizes; full STRENGTH AND
Prepared by
San Franeleo and Sacramento. Cal.
Famous Kicker Cigars
The best scllftig Cigar on the Coast
ArMrnsa mvtora tn P ft Tlftn iTl Pnrflnnrt dr.
St CHASE,8n Francisco and Fort
land. Agents for Decker Bros., Fischer, Behuing Behr
Bros, and the Emerson 11 an OH. Also for Mason A
Hamblin and the Chase Or grans. These agencies are
selected for merit, and represent the best tn the Market.
Write for description and net prices. fjTHeadquarters
for Band Instruments and Bana Supplies.
0 I Hill If A I .OAbler, Rocnish Pianos; Bardet
Organs, band instrument. , Larpost stock of Shrei
Music and Books. Bands en- plied at Eastern triva
M. RAV. Post Stroct, San Fnnouca
Established 1861. P. O. Box 2115.
Grain, Produce and General
commission merchant
Kos. 313 and 313 Davis Street,
(Member of S. F. Produce Exchange). Consignments
and orders will receive prompt attention. Cash ad
vances made.
or warn vf!s
I tOM'RESSOB- $8 ARB 13.
Bnre cor wlthoDt operaUou. Circular ud cooulttto rtm.
cxviAia tinr'- asssoi. lea raiua ct., Tat
i'.t fsEL.1 or TiJcnfrst
tr 'smft'le cxpifss-tv for
the cure of di'i-ant'vments
of tho cehi-rauve onrain.
Tlieif is no misraJte about
this instruiiot, the con
tinuous strsaru ct RI.EO
TKICITY penneutin',
throcph the parts mu
restore them to healthy
action. Io not confound
tms with Electr.c Belt
lu'vertiwd to euro all fib
t or circulars girirvi uiu ir.rormation, aaaress uiwr
WMitrfe x.. 103 Washiacrton SC. Chicaco. 1U
th ONE Bueoitio eurtKwe
I his Siren t Strrnptben
Ins iienscdy ami Sen t
Tonic Cures. Vv'Httonl
f 'all ; Nervous rz?ci Pbystcal
Debility, Xot Vitality,
Weakness, Virile decline,
Impotency, Oversensitivo
Conditions, Prostatitis, Kid
ney and Bladder Complaints,
I )ieaiifls of the Blond . Krun-
L j tions, and all the evil effect
( of youthful follies and ex
's X cesses; permanently pre-
I venting ail involuntary
weakening drains upon the
X j SJSKm, uowew wivj wkui ,
1 restoring Lost Manhood,
however complicated the
case may be, and where all ether remedies have failed.
A Permanent Cure Absolutely Guaranteed.
Price 2 50 per pottle, or five bcttJes for $10. Rent
upen receipt of price, or C. O.D. . to r.rj address, strict
lprivsU.,b7 UK. C. . SAtllELI.
81 Kearny Street, Man Franelc Cal.
mm . M fc Bufficieut to show its
aanaMaiBaMamitttiiii symptoms and go
Consultations, MUiaiig eoundentiai, by letter or at
office. KEK.
direct importers of Norman Stallions from
France to California. Every one is recorded in the
National Register of Norman Horses, and those in
want of this class of Horses, if desired, ran purchase
them on one or two years time, at reasonable inter
est, with satisfactory security. We will sell chcajwr
than the same class of Stallions can be bought anv
wbere else in the United States. ' fSend for Cat
alogue. Petalnma, Sonoma Co., Cal. -
I have a positive rented r lor the above d Iseaxe ; by it
thowandsof eaMsol the worst kind and of kise
tmodtns; have Been enrea. inflen. otrnnei myfslth
la 1UI fflcwj,tht Iwl I inidTSO EOTTl.Ei4 KRE8,
together wllh a VA I.0ABI.KTREATI5 H on thlsdisease
toaay sofferor. iiv express nd P. O. addr. e. 4
i0. T. A. S1ACUM, ui 1'esrlSt., how York.;
rf ih Oenei
tlve Ore-ana
quickfy"ii?dbytneClViAl.i r iisft Adonttiinaa
the HOSPITALS OF FRANCi- 1 fompt rtai-n of VIGOii
Btraplecses,f3tof5. bevere ones, st rsmwiiiT
Hie JteratdUU. Aoeaejr lev i
Aoeaejr 160 fuiton St.ew Forife
N. P. N. U. No. 64.-rP. t. . N. U. No 11L
-SI 1 It B I Fj B In H I