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    ''t ,'amr:. r-w-TSS afe.-
BATURDAYri)ECElil5EIl 27; '8.
YvV rooet ngs oil Wednesday on or More
i. .ii each full moon. B. U S KilAN N, W . .A.
J. P. Dtnccas, Sec. .-.
: - '- V'- 'r:---. No. 8,1. o. O. K., meets
h.. r'---A on Thursday evenr-iir of
raeh weOt at7oolocs, in weir uau
Mwaer , the or J in i,'ood sUuUmy are mv iwcc
attend. Btf order of tha N. U.
at Odd Fellows' on th first ail tnui rridivs or
!....,.nii, Vi ;id:i.'brethraa invited to attend.
Cli4 I MiVHJ"M . - i
L. UEiHts. c. -.
A. C. Harks, Scriba
V'. their ieuUr eimmaaloa.iou every first
6' and third Tuesday in 1."?,,,ltlJ-,'.0A1
members in jpwd nUuuiin wdi Uke due and
timely notice and govern thei.i-cives
Visitiui' co:uwt:uoHU are invited to mect vith tuo
haoel when convenient. & Fl?LLEBT0S U. r.
W". I. Fuot.A.VDKa. Se in
Wanted. Four hundred new sub
scriliers on the Indepexeent list.
Fob Pale. A spleiuHJ upright
piano otfertd for Hah cheap. Apply at
this oriiee for particulars.
A Narrow 'Ejcam..- Three .raca who
were nautug iu tuc r.vcrun Uarist.ii.n day,
il. Hill, H. JioHlivay ami Jwuu Luhcr
got into the swift wafer at the head ol the
rapids aouth f Iio.;t burft' iu the endeavor
fco rec-iVcr a seuie which tliey haU lost a few
lav 8 previous. By son.e un-ans their boat
became unnianairel.Ie au.fc capsized leaving
them clinging to some willows iu l he middle
of the swollen current, ir ieni Oweus, upon
beiuji lufutuied of their dajer, tcok a loat
aud weut to their rescue. He succeeded iu
jjettin the men iu his boat but being una le
,t' row back to thj shore steadied tile boat
ahd shot through tiie r.ipids aud laaded
thetn Sat'eiy below, welter aud iio douot
wider iu regard to ill e waUw ol the Untp.iu
thao they wer Itfure they weut tisuio.
Mr. Owens rescued Morris Abraham in the
same dace and la the stue maimer just a
year aoon Christmas day. .
A libel.- Li last week's issue we ru'
lis'ied a notice ot' JamesG. iiarsha: atatiujj
that a eack of wool bad been UmuA at the
Grange warelioaso iu Kostbur. Theartu-ie
'was intended. by its author to -reflect Uj;ou
th integrity ot ILm. W. F. Oecs. aeut
of the GrauL'. Ou tlie day the article waa
lU''iisiied Air. Owens had Marshall arreateii
for criminal liicl. JNlarshal, in order t
avoid farther prosecutiutt, paid 'up the costs
and mado out aud signed the, reti action
which we publish in another column over
his signature, iu ' which he ackuowiedes
that he wrote tha aiticia in naetnu oecauee
ha waiaury at Air. Owens, and that he
knew at the time that the sack cf wool be
longed to him. hi.e the Uoace could do
lir. O ens uo liana with p rsuns acqaaititeu
with the pal ties, he is to be couimeuued for
bis prompt action in uiiiiginn his accuser tu
a retract'.on. This should be a'warning to
persons who viaut to siaader their ui!ibors
. not to publish it ii the newspapers
Death of '21 ns. Lang cxEUEG.-i
Anna l aria LungenUerg died at li:r
resideuce,iu ihla city on the 21st. inst.
cf old age Sht ws born on the river
llart' iu tha German Empire Jtu:e 24t h
1813 nJ at the time of her death was
7i 'years 5 months and 23 days. She
was tho mother of our respected town;
Tiien Louis, George nud Alphons Lrg
enWrg and caiuo to Oregou in 1380
from Iowa to make her home auioug
her children, litr husband whom sh
accompanied to tlna western coast, died
a few mouth after thuir arrival, bhe
was but ied under the soUaim cereuio
nies of the Catholic church ard laid to
rest in their cemetery. Of her round
ed and complete life it may be said
" ell done thou good and faithful
The 18155 Bvoa.-Suuihetn Oivgcm
apjfeara to be pre paring fr a big boom
durtiig 1885. Hair, .jnipiovtuiientis are
expeced with asi-uiance f realization.
$150,000 is to be pt nt bv the govi-rn-meiir
ar- .Port Oi foul; the Buutln in
Oregon ImproxfiiM'i.t C. jis pioiu
iseof lUHiiy v aluably uudertakiiy; ' Mi
th ba, lti! ll.e UCKlv
probabiily br ci:ected lib lhi Cers
U-hi Paeifif, hus tun ing . lh t! !o t
progi'csn to thl ' il i ii Hi. Xv-'Jt- -fillip
vi i m.ikv its itu;ai- j b it . t
a..d Sure g:o.viii, ti.iHa.t':'M wi4 uk np
MS ft WMllllVll VlUlKt'lpl-' ! .ni 1 th- '
tiliiVH ill be -i ,i f' r :
lilii-iii-tvf ti- ft u li'i i ill- iif' G V ', '
opml and money m.oSe. Vv ? .i-ijt .'
men of money wili tii;' .in nxct e-.
ihr groAih and . io.-p r t the- 'on
and boom.. l! p;.c !..- .0'iiin-4 nti.
The fcTo:;si.-Tiitt state f jui Ltgs
City to its f.u thi i eiisu-iii atl mrih
tm lumntbilicM has lieeu visittfl bv the
moHt severe stnt iii nn tecord for Oreutm.
Stiw i.H leportc 1 from t!ire to sevt-n
feet deep in to diib-ivnt ioenlitp w.
Pioin tlie DougMS CdutitV; bonlo'in
line, south and :. eer thing w lovo
Jy and pleasant mh in ye otden ttuie.
1 Cows County having ben visited by m
severe wind-storm, ho wevr, which did
no damage. Tom (pn-.-itiir.-is whether
lite climate of the Stat i cUuitin.-,
If ir U ;-h, th. c'.u,,ed - hiiU ..f.
Old Umpqua apj.r to Ih- a' barrier the inclemency of the weather,
and like our B publi. nn friends s-re
Crying out against a cha ge Tiie
.imirw tiave not U .unnM.g thisw,;ik
but conimeneetl again Fi idav. rvmih-
ern ()rron will count to the front s
the garden upot, if things vuhtiuue in
the present line,
Bull holiday times. ' -
A happy NewYeir.
The lawyers are busty. "
Cross-walks need cleaning.
Frank Ogicrj is ajjain on deck.
"Swearing oflj day approacbeth.
Lee Rodenlrtrfc' has cone to tho mines.
Ed. Sheridan is the bow at a wedding.
Side-walks are sadly in need of repairs.
It is hard to do withont the regular mails.
Wm. lao has been in our city the past
week. 4 t
Ilt-ury Ablf is doing the boss butcher
Grass was never better and stock is iu
line condition, . '
For lamo Baek. Side or Chest nse Sliiloh's
Porous Piaster, i Price 25 cents.
The Cbristmaai E?e dance was enjoyed by
those i resent, j
No etork lost iu Douglas county, the
Paradise of Oregon.
Jdo. W. Lane w in the employ of Wells,
Faro aud Co. at Portland.
Only clevcni feet of suiow at the Coeur
d'Aleae muiesjteu days ago.
A switch is to put iu by tha
company at J as. Burnett's frni
Henry MeDSor beat Chas. Pendej?ast a
font rat e fur 500 Christmas t-ve.
SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, made miserable
by that terrible cot:gh. Sliiloh's Cure is the
Uemedy for you.
Charley C ements looks as bright as a new
dollar. Wouder what hanneiicd". M
Jfrs. Gihn'irtv of this county, is aiitoiija
the 8:iow bound paners at the Dal'es.
Old Umpqua seem to be a our. a'l that, is
'eft to eujiy ta old fasoiotud Oregon
weather. ;
The rainy wratber male To: Criitzei a
siwib s a little broader. He was thinking of
his mines. !
. i i
quickly cured by Sliiloh's Cure. We guar
antee it. . " .
Douglas county may enter a dark horse in
the Senatorial contest. If she " does, sand
from us d?r -
A little child of Thos. Critezer was severe
I3' but n-t diini:erouly scalded ou the right
am Vv'edne3-l3y .
Now is your time to lay in a supply of
inerchandixe. Go to Hoyau's and sve from
0 to 30 per cent-
Hon. Bmcer Herman, Con irrESinan elect,
will proaMy attend the inouguration of
President Cleveland.
semi-drunk, semi-crazy German is in
town and has been a burden to our night
watchman. Something should be doue for
him. n is an old mau and has a few dol'ars.
CATARHII CUilED, health aud sweet
breath secured by Shlioh's Catarrh I'emedy,
Price 50 cents. Nasal Injector free.
R. L Cavitt, of tlie extreme eastern por
tion of the county, was in town this week.
He reports no scow and stock m ilaa con
dition. I -
If strange' lights in the sky are the fore
runners of wars and rumorj of wars, a little
coid weather seems to he the forerunner of
weddings aud rumors of weddings.
All those 'indebted tome will pl?ase pay
immediately and save costs so that I can
pay a few of those I owe immediately and
save cost. I S. F. Floed.
SHILOH'S VlTALIZEPi id what you neetl
0 Constipation, Loss of Appetite. Dizzii cs
and al! symptons of Dyspepsia. Price 10
and 75 cents per bottle. ,
W. T, WnVht an J family will leave for
Santa Barbara, Ca!., to visit friends as soon
as the trains bcGt'u 1 mining again. They
may extend their visit t a residence. Our
people wruld be sorry to lose them.
We return our thanks to some discern
ing frietid who sent us a present through
the mail of a pair of 'ring-streaked and
siriptd pair of socks for Christmas. How
he knew that th'iy were especially what, we
needed we do not know.
positive cure for Catarrh, Diptheria, aud
Canker Mouth.
Tlie Jiici.souvil.e I'ini-id h is j ncd p
many of our C' iopoiarieo in itvocatin
Mr. i P. I iiouau as (J. S- under
".-.- --,'.
ine CltVeikii-l aduiiiilailailuu. da iar ae
note aiuon out excoaocs tuviv ccios to e
Out ine iipioiou g io,a laijA r.iot
'1L1 3 !i.-fui. UcluCb. Vt i
itjU ttiio.., jiii. oitr.n. lut'gii'y, u:Mju5i-j
il'u.t.l Oiiliiy aul :a .c.i tlt imavj .
: . ' .. ' .. . ''':'.
li IL . - I" I. 0.. 1 i
I. tile f1 fc u 'j u.. v o . f.
C.ii U .- 1 lll. .
C ;
IU i
t Ii t v, 1..1 . ll
u id.
. ' ; - i "
lUi.ii'- iu-;
..ioai v a lit
-.Sf'it a a -... r vii.r "' t. i.v, . . " . ...
.i.v-- .i ty. W . U" -vi-i..-.i - .- i . -
out, Liu ii.tve o-1 it:; -.a ' i. . i..
u-(.J clicul
v'tiLL. YtiC aUiFE.; vttn i t i
and Lu ei Cuiplain. f aidV V t. liz. ia
4ju.iiiicco 1 to cure you.
Tlia BiO-EL ot Daauty.
. i
On her btow tiitiual-S the glow, ol
. "
henbdi withi.u What clia.e truiii
th invalid of a few luonihs ago. Da
yon know the seent of hr reutwJ
heaitnl We will Wiien she
1 1 xf 1 t V. a i '. t 1 1 " a-tk-au l t. hiiiiiit frtllt
ainiuti iiinv 1,114 ' "
remedv S.i'Ui of Fig -is as igiwMe
to il, unto a it i ifcct,v u. cie..
ing the system, calming tht nVrves au-1
j av,akt-i,g tf L.ver, Kilne, Sfom-
1 acli ami J.uwvU to a healthy acttvi-y,
sh began jising it, and you see the
' result.' Ladies nia!i ng toknow it the
Sv ru, vf figs really pci-s niich on-
deiful erlicart-, ran d uin a trial !miie
free, of -clwvgW nt S, llniiijttn's Prug
1 blore, l
List of.Liccasa.
The following is a lUk of Marria-e License)
irsued by the County Clerk of Douglas coun
ty for the ear of ISSi. -
A J Dear
F A Brown
V L Arringtoa -John
Tnomas AleX3uder
Charies E.iioree
William E Morris
Simou McAliutvr
Au. ust Hu tetheir
P.obert M Oley
Eugene Ambrose
Wiiiiam Wootls
it S Dickenson
Alttert Johuxou
itichurd Ash wood
Ernest L Kice
Wallace Mynatt
U E Jordan
L St Ores
Jonn H Ahlf
Joseph ti Brown
John McCurdy
William Ktlem urg
A E Hansbro
v' m & Elliott
G V Baies -Frauk
J G Wilaco
S G Long
Wm A Langfeld
C Mankelm ,
fl P Come isou
Walter L Wagner
Fannie Vail
Mary F Johnson
Julia S McCortuell
E:na WriifJ
iSusan It Walker
Mary E i'o- i
Peruut E Thaaipsou
Emma Gauo "
Ttiteiiia Tower
Linda J Maori
Agues E Williams
Kusa Gage
Mrs Sue fc'awyer
Aline Harnes:i
Edltli Beaumout
Nelllie J Bosauger
Olive Catching
Mry J Gateii,
Fay farmer
Carolina F Eickhoff
Annie E Conn ,
Ju iaA Wagoner
Juba Dysert
Mary E Laach
Subi- Davis
Itosa W&tkius
Stel a t itch '
; Alice J Bracllord
Felina E Drtin
Dora Joseph
Bosa Comutt
Eunice Ktrthey
Josie E Cnw
Margaret M Gurney
, Ella M Atkins
Abe 15 Steel
Mrs Kate Butler
Alice Bay
I.ia Johns !
- Dtra H 1 is-lale
fcMagiiie JSaciry
Zerilda Critea r
Mary E Roler
Add:e Bol ted
Ldy M Belcher
Sarah Froisr v
; Dniceu.a J Parott
! 31erie Iv Yocmn
: Mary E We tier
Ssan M b com 11
Alice A Mucins
Sarih A!ic Co.vaa
i Lucy Tin t
: Mary A:n D.v;s
, M:ry E!leu-Aytch
Am a M Nichols
Adtliue Hart
i Emma Daxis
M 13 Glendeuiiimr
Annie Smith
Amanda J Young
a!tie Pi its
A ex Eiihley
C A Bivi;
G W Hawkins
S A Iarant
J hiiu s alvtit
Jistj b Ceiph -.
Tnmas Hartley
Janus M Fletcher
James lico
J 1 Hauuan
J W Be!l
Isaac U Bichey
J H Copeiaint
J C Shainlirook
N T Jewett
JTiivs E Gregg
B F b-iir
ii M C aoman
U L BiUillieil
J W Kmery
1 j damler
Sherman Huff
W i Buichard
A 11, H Brdtieid
Wnl Q Brow a
Adna L (ior
Juiin McKay
M W l..,vi:f
Ciiaiies 11 Osleu
M iSimi.ioua
J P Keru
tieotbe Lai.enbcrg Joie S hitney
1J Wilson
juararta f v nsuti
hwy J BaL r
, Cac he l ine lugram
E'inor Hime
Ida Selig
. Millie Sni-ler
Martht Smith
Mary C Singleton
Elia Gn iaAviy
Cathariu- Ingram
t ir - l
E B Chap 1 an
j M De. au I
S B as ley
Frcily Gabbert
W G Kinney
f bib. i t L inard
A T Thompson
tiso B iuiford
E M Deuvual
Ail ia tha Line of Hatriro-
There is notliing iu tlu- line of uimric,
or ui't'st'?i'v about ibat woiniutful ant
popular mediciue, Parker's Tonic. It j
is siuijdy -the besc aud most scientific
coinbiuution possible of the e-seutiai
principles of those vegetable cuiauve?
which art powerfully and directly on
l ue stomach, liver, kidneys and blood,
but there neither is, nor will be, any
successful imitation of it. It is all
the time curing those who had de
spaired of ever getting well. For
yourself, your wife and children.
Ladies' Msdicai Adviser.
A Complete .Medical Work for
Women, handsomely bound in cloth
and illustrated. Tells how to prevent
and cure all uiieased ot the sex, by a
treatment at home. Worrh its weigh
in gold to very lady suffering from any
of these diseases. Ovtr 10,00U sold
alteady. Postpaid only 50ctt. . Pos
tal note or 2 ct. stainjis. Address
H. Y. Nov. 1st 3-m
Twenty-fivo Years in Prison-
J. W. Hamilton, District Attorney,
and Wm. K. Willis, Attorrey, of Bomc
btirg, vvtie iu Eugeno last week at-t-udi.'g
a called term of the Circuit
Court at lUal place. Ti;e tmn us
c-itii. d 10 ny A iron Luicn, o!" Cottag
jft'Vf, 101' tvii'ei y. tiUiaiei"oi 1.,-
'!!;. iit?it.s t un s aitiiil hit' d -
If'iHl-Oi.t. il
iil i;i .i l l iV-il
i'i 1: . t
giUity 11
. ': i in 1
. .1 -, ; .
V ft rll . l.l i
i.U i 11 I.i llj ilif. -i.-,
rt..ti voir ec:pe ol I lie . lore g'Uig cl Li-
Doivv vuipJoycl In biaoiii; 1 u,., itmi
I r. Oil.
01 vtntip, whs tuwacuijiis, t;i Ipjuvc
. . '
i"ur' titiiiiig on an bints i tneiii.
i tn ,:.i . . .
ine UiMdlUI wa IN -tOt KllOAll.
A Lue fc-a7h-g Present-
V M E Hlj4U.t tCntfh;i-o! TCm
a m. a. -.vii.bU.i, HULcUiU-Otl, Ivan ,
d his lite by n S uiip.o Trial Butt! e I
1 ....'
! ve
: " -i w.-cov , fr Uun-
muiUu, wuicu cau.d nun to pt,cniv.
, a large ooa:e, that compl,.cd, cured
uiui, wueu ij.ior.s, oi c.i.uai
"d wwj linng else ua.i taiitfd. A-uinua
: iioiicinti, uoarsenesa, wwr UougLs
uU U luioat nu Jung uiMjaHejj, I- is
guaranteni to lure. Irial l.iif!i Iree
at S. Hauidum'a Dm-' Store. Lr.'e
3 ' m - v . .. .I -
t size one dollar.
: Syrup ct Tigs. "
Kattn-e's own true Laxative. Pleas-
unt to the Palate, acceptable lo the
Stomaih, hal'r1les in its nature, pain
less in. its action Cures habitual Con
stipation, Dilious'tess, Indigestion and
kl- dred ills. Cleauses the syslein,
purities the blood, regulates tho Liver
and acts on the Dm els. Breaks up
Colds, Chills and Fewvs, etc. Strength
ens the organs on which it acts. Bet
ter than bitter, nauseous Liver medi
cines, pills, salts and draughts. - Sam
ple bottles tree, and large bottles for
sale bv S. Hamilton.
UAiii.itl jELI. uu Uecewlxr ut ihe its
iuense cf the brldea parents by tLo Kev.W..
Siuick, Mr. Frd'l-iaJrt to Slisa. Ida Sells
lintii of My 1 tie Creek.
KliSKEV SNIDEit. At liosebur', December 23d,
at, the reiideo-" oO.bc brl lca mother, by Kov.
J'oha Howard, William O. Kenny, of Melford,
Jacltaon eounty, to Mis3 Mollic . cider,- of lh:s
We ackaoieVrj comp'.imeat?, and iu turn extend
'; our cci'ir. iiulatioua tLe re sincere aiitl earncBC.
j The iiapjy couple arc youo? and tbo world pmenfc)
; to ihtui a future of genuine ba;p;no3s the awocteat
fruitd oi whicii we idh tUcin. i
S Dr.UVUAL INiiHAi;. 'n Deeemler 0th, by the
j Itev. U.K. lUj-moml, 2. 51. Deuvnal, jf Jack-
8on county, to lnjra":n oi oous'.iu
eounty. s
V.'INIi OaD CANXAWAilY.-December 21st, at
the residence of l'hos. Wiiiif its by Kev, 'f. il.
Sharp, ieo. 3. Wiuif .ird to Hijj Ella (JU:ir.awary
both ot l u,Ias coutity.
I MIXAIID-SMITH.'-At the Modallen Houte iu
Iiosebur, Friday December 20. h, by Hon. J. S.
Filzhujjh, Comity Juc!0'e, Bobcrt Lce'Minar.i
to Miss Martha Suikb. B th of Doii;,'!us county.
THuMSOV SINGLETON. At the re.dJbn ot
Baiky singleton, on Deer cre.k; JL. iiiglas count.",
.- on TVjducgdjy DeccinVer 24th, by !:c. II. t.
Webb of tlie M. E. church, A.T. Tho;ps..n o
Miss Carrie Singleton. Both of .Dou'l is coun y.
We atkno lede a good supply of c ka and rolu n
the yo-nig poo:.3o our ( hrbtmsh. We sins. m
. frie:id T,ny not only rt !e a man h tm tl;e Deer creek
: boys by tek'ng one of the fre?t flu'-vcr Iro:n Lb;
; lovely vjHcy, bur as the wedding U d bi.Vvi uu.'toiuv.
( to lake piaoe on Chri3trna j, by h a'ins the cere ;v ny
derfortne! ths day before, and leaving vitb. hi fair
j bcede he ihe ted tho boys out of a firt-el is.s charl
j ari.
to 'mi: ru3LS. ,
I 'i siie tc fny li nt jl:H i tide ; pnb
lisiied in tin Douglas Independent of
the 20th Decern beiylSS 4, of which the
fallowing is a copy:
Wanted, an ownei for one sack of
wool, found bv tiiH iind' rniinl in
y . . . .
882, near the Change Warehouse.
JSaid saj-k wat sold, and proceeds kept
bv tlm Ae't, (Jranfe. Owner to D.iV
f,",. Iu;tive. Jus. G.
Boseburg, Oregon, Dec. 18, 1ST4."
I did not intend to reflect on the
personal integrity of Hon, W. F. Ow-
b An-pnt for tho GranrO Business I
--" '
sS0ciati0H at lloseblirg, Oregon. 0:i I
the controry, I have hud much dealing
with 'Mr. Owens arj'l always found hi'n
to be strictly honorable and honest.
T. further i.tate that the sack cf wool
referred to had rolled off tho platform
of, and belonged to the Grange Ware
house and was duly accounted for and
that th foiegaing article was written
bv me whilst in a- moment of tempor-
. 1
ary anger.
Dated at Itoseburg, Douglas courity
Oregon,' this 22d day of December,
A.J). 1884.
jas. g. Marshall.
In presence cf:
L. F. Lane, '
John Lane.
. United Staies Land OIlce,
Itoseburg, Oregon, L'ea. 13, 1SS5. .
x Act, of cutcreis of Juie 3, laiS for the sale ol
timber lands in the Staie.4 f California, Oregon, e
viioa an 1 in W,ihi,,gton TeiTititrv.t'.iAt lie .ry J.Sim
U1..113 nan a.jpnea 10 jiun.h tne L it No. 5, , 7
Hiia 6, oee. li, T. 2a S, II. 1 Weji, W'dlaiuette iier -
Any aud all persona claiming adversely cny of the
above ocsCi'iO. u lauu, luuat ine tnoir cl.onu wiiii ifte
lijiiLiir 01 uieG. a. LkI id fn juai. uo.seourg, oreg.-n,
uti.-ny iiio oixcj aa.y Unii.:aiion herd i, auii fa.
vouotti., wio.r riliL will 0c iMrrea uy 9i..i.tii&.
vV'.a. . i.S. VMLS',
uejii.'-iii. ii'
Ic. ti..i, ucjc.ij..d-
I I . I .1 i I i. . .
Vl.i... lii.O ii,1. 1. ...
O. : ..J .O .Jt 1 -.Ul't iri
1..-. Ui i:..i, .oot
....T..a .-. ... vtic c....e
-.. ...atj .jiiA.. xi a
.-. .11 .H-..J '., . ..j .
, - . O... . ; j lii ,
1 i t c . -. ... ."
... ., - .......i. -.i ...i.-.-c i. .,;u
. -.
j , - V'aJ-l, --O
0.1 -til OJuV., I i&.41uf, L. i.LSOU -'..ill-.H .iilO iiiinvo, .00. a uo'.it; bns.ouud to juroola
j '-oa.-ty, elate ot vre-u uituer toa uau.e oi uron
; . ,
AltLl.lll AC LkW Ij rfi.:l)VR? I".10!lfV.
; , 51 r;ii.jN au.u.- as Uauvi:y huown
' : X tae auove.Maiea ueteauani: in the name of the
; ii,aie of uretfon, w .u a.-e no. eoj ru.jairej to -.i.-ar
; :o auower .he eonpiiuui Utl aaoiat jou by uu
1 alt..-.-.i t..iintt..i l''lf ti.n xt,
ine iooe uaii.ej igluii wi.uii ton Uay iro-u le
Oawi ol the .scr.'i;e of tiosiuai.n j lnuvon you if crvc t
wttnln tlii enmity, or if serve 1 at any oiuur eounty
in tiiib.'ate tue i witinn twenty Ua.w from t.'ie uaU
of too service of ih.n upo.iyou, or 11 scrva
by publication tnereof you are hvieby re..u red m ap
pear nU answer liie e-aid omplan 1 ,,r btfore the
riritd-yottiie next te,ul!r term of the nboieu-nica
courti which lg the fivw Monday, the i.tb day ot Jan
ury lad.i, a 1 i UVvou fail so to i- j-wr and answer,
for want thereof, lue f lamtill wiii U:l:e JuUjjn.env
i . Z v
Jj anJ "-.d uUbu.sen.eM,
; Kftul?tt oV V,
dpaf Jiftit?i "wJl'S'j'" JU,a,,J
, 'uovs? ' AttoVncv f Jr 'plaintiff.
i V ' - ' ' -
1- 1 Bs'r Xf75 w,nil Ictfw'ou ff wda
Li ' ' I I r.ivef8.a eosMy bvc f
11 I I i wliic:i wji help all, of cither sax, t
i i IJ -
more m' r v uu nythlnjf e! int
waH.I. Pf.rfitn.. .wtt. th. . ..!,... .1 1.......
1" w - - -- v. . w Mo&uiuieijr .or.
Ai ones adore laUJS and Co., Anffusta, Xia.
imi this srs. '
U. - " .;
Assignee's Notice.
1 of l ias Preri-ct, loi!glis Ciuaty, btate
or Orem, on ihe 2ul day nf Deuvir.bur, lsa'i, nud -njfeoir,J
a-tsicotieot to toe ouilcrj-igned I'rain,'
ot ail hi. proocrty; under x)u provision of ihe Atacut-
oi Oregon cut tied "An Aeu to .evure LTtditors a ju3:
division t.f the K.taies or L'ebtor who convey to as
wjrneea for the be.jctii at Lredl jrs."
Therefore, AU' ciums aainsi!, the
taid U. it. titoa are nesebv noticed to present thtir
ciaiias, under oath, to the unoeraiswd tusiee at
thesiore o Dnin 4: Co in Drin, Lii;rUw county,
Oretc, whbin three mouth irom this date. Ad
persons indebted to lh said it. IU 1 itcanro required
lo niiike iinnjevUute paynjeot to me.
Dated L'o.-euibcr liih, 1S81.
J. C. DRAIN, Assignee.
Hermann & Tall,
Ati'ysfor Asiitinee. - de2l3-7t
Ek cutor's Notice.
In the County Court of the St.-.te o Oregon for the
County of l-'oiilas !
l!i.he matter o the rotate of E. CJ Dry. deoeased-
ll wi-1 and teiitamont of E. O. Irv, -:eeeatied h
b-jen duly imiw, and pursuant thcreu too undiar
Kigued, by order of the t.ounty Court of i.'oujlus
com ty, Oregon, made ard entered tlierein on the
2d day of 1 eUM!r,. A. !.. isil, lns been appointed
Executor ot said Kstute, aod has duly quaiilied as
uuh. Now, therefore, ail persons having leal ulatins
awiust s,ud c?tsre are noiiiied to preieii t .e same'
to tha undersigned Executor t Koseburjr, Douglas
county with pro;-tr youclwr, within fix it nth irom
the date oi tbiei publication to ihe undersijrned Exe
cutor of said estate. And all p3i&ont owinj; said
estate are ro;uireJ to make uiuucdiitc itayraent
thereof to tho .undersigned. .
Dated fioscltur.r. l'eeember 6ib,
duoo-75 TIIOJlAS 'uKfbDALK, txecuttir.
In the County Court for the Sstate of Oregon, county
of Douglas.
Henry Waller and August Walter,' partners doin
busuiuj UuUer the linn name if Walter i; co-,
I'.aiouils, vs. h. iiorkley, i-efemlaui.
Action at Lnw to leVover Aioitey .
To S. lieauioy, Defendant: in the naiaa of the
ijiais of Oresoo, you are iieivhy required to apper
and a.isUer Uie cviupuuut ti.ed nami yon in ihe
itbove e.iiitlua couruao.; action, bj 1 ta plaintiff j, Hen
ry i m.or asm Aiyu-si Waiter, nrtiiors' ioi;i ousi
nci u.iuer ih . nroi n;;ijie of v'aiiiir Uros. vY w.., oa
or bcf,rs me fii ji day oi iho nexs rki'iiir term ui
ai:i cxurt, toM'it, Bi nduy, tlie oln Cuj of .lamutrj,
A. D.r lj..; an , if you fail tu s aiuwer aiu cuio
plaiui ine iiuumft'j will wko juueiaent agui:i
yiu f r th-j sum uf one hufiurei una tic itv-suvea
anil Uj-Ioj ai!mi-d wtih biterest thcreuii a,t iusrale f
eiglii. i cr te a. ;tf annum f' iu loo ith ur.y 01 June,
looi ninii ju gun.enl, loencr wuh the auu
Tlu iMUuii.o'.is is p t;diV:ijl by or ier of Hon. J. S.
Filziiush, ju-igfioi siiil County .uu.'i, 01" tue
reg.ii, lor the county of iJ.;u0'!a.i. ilade and enter
ed Lie 1st day of October. A. i., laSl.
Attorneys for paiiutiffs.
Elicriff's Sale.
In the Circuit Court 01 the State of Oregon for the
tha Cou'ity of Daugia!.
. Fendol butherlin, Plaintiff "V
Vi. ' I
J. Woi'drnff, incretia Wood-
ruS ;id J. 11. jeil-sit. )
of an order lj:u-a iu if the Circuit Court oj
iiij above entuk-d Court 011 the SHib
lay ot. November, lis1, and to ma threoted and de
livered in pursuance 1 a jut'trmeiit anU decree Uuly
niado i.nd enujred i'i 1 circuit ourt on the 2 111
diy October A. 1 li, i.i livwr of the abue
tiiinsd j) hi in tiff and the above n.'.n:e'i detenu
ants, J. WoourufI ana Luurjii t Woodruff for the inns
of eigiio ktmared ana sevonty-ttine and 17-100 U"Ihir.
tiuiher wt. 00. UO aforuvy s f ie utid 1'J.05 i-ot
;iiid oi-liur.ien'io it and wuercas jt.jd defottjaut J. il
eliet4 rocovvred a jtmsoient a.r. ia-it a.d aeiendaot
J. Wo hirutT for the sum .f einiy-tiirco a id 3 10J
d ilivi-s bgal iiueret frotit -inly 7tii, utte
miojit to the nen of tlie p.amtiff herein by mason of
hi a vid mortice, aud for no foreclosure i a i;irt
Vaifo on real r-pcri.y by said J. Woodruff and l.u
cretia Woodruff to -aid 1 ii:.t It Feudel Mi.heriin ana
for tho sale of :he uiofltciged prinnsc. to satisfy the
dd judgment's tutereist nd c-.nntt. and whl-re.i the
S8ia r:xeention comtaatids ir.o tint out of eabl inert
ied preaikc-v for tlu forcc!oure attd sale of whioh
'j' do.-re.. and ju lufsnt were recovered, I n.ti,fy
the said jn-lfiae'ii' Attorney' fe,-interest and unt
m the following mantiar, .to wit: I ii st, i;t payment
01 ir.o costs ana expeim of s.nd rorc closure and sale;
Second, in payment of the said attorney f'-e; 'I bud.
in p.ij nont of t-w pUm-ms in f.tvor of tha j.hdn'ili
t'ert'lol .S.jw-.arjin; i'"our,li, i-i ji-vyment t.f the ju g
nieiit of sa'd iitfeiidant J. II. Joilett, a subset ueut
lien encumbrance, and the if nv, pav oer
to-tho defeiioants J. Woo.1n.ll ana" J.uc-rctii Woddrulf .
I bivo levied upon r.nd on Saturday tho lOlh
day of January, A. 1), 1SJ., between the hours of
nine o'clock m the forenoon slid four oTc!ock in th.
afteruooii of wild d iy, tj wit: at the hour of one r, si.
of mti'l day will xol at pobiio au jiion to the highest
hiodc- for cash in baud, at the Court Hou-e dnor, in
Koeb irg, Douv?a county, Oregon, ail the right, title
and interest of the defendants J. Woodruff, Lucreti
Woodruff aud J. II. Jl-1 ett i' and to the following
mortgaged premises, described ns followu: Lou nn. 1
ber four ami fiveand-iouthhalf of lot, number'd
fveu, and lot mrnbered seven i.i block nuinbereU
ei'fbtesn in tho city of li'weburg, Douglas c-iunty,
Oregon, with tencmcnt.4, hendiUineuts and anpui
teriince. V,'it!!.js my b ind and official signature, this 2d
day of December, list. G. A. TAVLOtt,
Sharill of Da-.ijl.ts county, Oregon
Guardian's 'Sale.
1 dersiined ciuaraiin of Creed L. Chsnoweth,
muior heir of John Cheiioweth, lave of Douyia; coun
ty, orcjrou, deec-uicd, has baea duly licensed ana i
reyteJ by the Couaty Court of Donate j iJoitiity ore-'
yon, by an order cudo and entered of liejord, on
tha Jlatli day of Octoiier, A. D. ViU; to soil all the
riyht, title and intercut of naid minor, the same being
an undivided one-iourth (il imoro.t, (-iubject to the
iiowcr rib'ht or .i)tcret ol ids mother, Mai; m a chon
owetu; .11 and to the lo'iowin iie;icribci lieal Lstate
in unn-lai County, Oregon, 10 wit:
'I'ha UoiihUo.i Land claim of Jvihn B. Slills and
wife Notitljati- n iSo. Slti7, the tsame bemjf the
fraoiio'.ial i of Sec. ii, anci the fnictiousl N of Sec.
T. 20 rt. K. 5 W. conu-buiijr 010 acre of land,
more or Ie:;s; fractional N. h. of the N. JS. of
ec -id, T. SJ S., it." 5 W. the same beinjr designate 1
aa lot one .f SiLtion 2J, 'lowi.h:p iO b, lia ise 5 W,
comainitiij 23.75 ucr.-u of lau.l, more or le-:s
. i e is Ir of tlio S. W. of hcc. IS, and lots 4,
and tf.f sicj ill, T. -;i3 o-, if. 4 VV. couta.iinijr 151.51
aere- pi laim, wore or led-.; .be W. J , the vv". oi
the u K. J; ihe ri. Jof toe N. E .and lot ie of
co. I't, 'f. a s, ii. i VV. coinaini:!,.' alo..y acnv of
a a, laot'u r ItMs; Ait mat of toe uoa iiioa
i. .laii.-i of ii. tV V .ii.s.,le: 'claim .No. II, tiyln'c it
: (into t ..f ;h IS,-1 "id ft, i 4 V, tlio soiUl, p.ori'of
aii! io vitii;n cniiiii c t.tii:iii!j: VU acre- of fml,
in u-e or !..- and lyiiu oa tne no. ihsioe of tho vor-ti
I r.i; ; k ru er, ihe fc. j ! t.!e ii i, an i 1 t i.nj of
he- ii, 1 lit i V e.inou -on .us -J acre of l .n-i,
more ' le-s toe .x j oi the b Ii 4 it t: l;.t, T ii'J ii,
i 5 W o .i .a.'.in ee-acro; o; laii.!, oioro or es ; tha
S J of Ibe s V 4 ol iS.'ic 1 ; ta.e b ii oi tile n K J of
lien ll. me u i 1 -ns n ii i, a to io s i a i II, wtd
ihe A Ii 4 .f vai $ ii of ojJ Zli, i &:j O, it "5 W c:.
I uiiiiu' -ill -ore- of 1-tiul, ioo.e or ie..
u a. -.'.add one iuiii' oi..i!' e a- in :t;i tit tho N W
i ..i cm tt V t -f o -i.j a. T .-j s. i i W, ail of the
b s o y.vtiBU i.iu.1. be nj in iAiur'.aj County, jtate
,a e.' :j UJ'-' of -id li.ien-e and r.'.o . I wi 1 nn
...-a i iv ot? .okcj ! a.ii',. iWi, .v. me uoiir or lo
... . i.j k, a. H. ! i.r u..y, -. tie ; rerjji-C'- in
. i is.j viy j.Uc -e l iar iii i.i ii t.-ifi a.-, poolij
i it-.oi w b-.' bt.;tet aUJ ne--t. bit dcr ail the I'ttclp.,
v 5: iiil i M'e-Vk :ii a.d aliuof .i ali-l t llm IjK:i--
'ti 'lO'.o. j 'i : A h.tpift of ih- i."na.ioa
.:-a.t ! . .''.:!.ii ll. ..!!. . and . if.!, Ni:i 'cat oi
.. ('-.' i i;i 1 ii o i aJ v oi WU!&iit.;t.te !er.dK3
y;.-f; rfi. -vaiu ta of ihs No.'.h i'mjfjo river
n ...i.i i'jv-.i ana ::, eoiitainin- abriti. 00
a..; e iii i iEJ, o'i'.ie or je ;. Alo lue ntuUvidel
i.i-c-a.-t in ail of me N W J of the srWJ of be? S'j,
i' 2:i il S t or Wii.auiolte . Mcrali.tu in Doul.-w
co, inly, re,.j.i. : - -
l win also the h Vur of 19.50 oVaoek, a. m. of 1
day '-"till tiiJ hereinafter i)eorited iirenii-es
in nail County and Stite, sell for ca-ih in
h and at public ..uctloti to the iovhcut and bet bidder,
ail the ri-hi. title aud iatt-rerit of said minor in and
to the f jilowinj described premises, to wit: The
J:ution LanJ claitn'cf John 11. Mills and wiis, Nf
U ioaiio;! No. Blo7, the saire beinjr the fractional 8
o, .-c: SI, and lb i frctiou.d N 4 of Sec 5, T 2'J S, K 5
W c i"t i iinr ti'.O iwrea of tanO, or iesa, exeept
inx thcrtf.Mmso uiueh thureot alic aa the couth side
of the North Umptjua river.
Fractional N E i of liie N E i of Sec 2G. T2fl S, R 5
W, the lame lin CemU'tated a lot 1 of bee 26, T 2d
S,. tt 5 W, c3ulainrt 2 ".7o a -res of land, more or le-.
tiie S of the SW A .Sea 14, and lota i, 5 and 0 of
bee l-Vf 28 S. Ii 4 W containing 131.11 acres. more or
tcs- The V W i . th ? W i of the S ii J, the N E J
of the N E and lot 1 of Ho : . T 0 ii. R 5 W con
tainiiv -l".5i a.T-; of bind, m ire or .less All that
nart oi the wonntijii Land cluim of K, f. Whistler,
cl.i:n 41. be n 'a jiortion of Sec 13. T 2 it 4 W. tlie
Honth 'art fl xani Ponatton laimconrannnuii acres
of wild, more or less, nud lyiajf on the north rile of
i iSft'S: Ira
fit- rt.mre or le:ll-e S t of tha S E i of Sec 13.
T :i. It 5 W c itii iin SO aerei of 1 oi 1, in.ira or
t:i the of the S W 1 of Sea 13: the S E 1 of the s
E tf e II. the E cf the N K a-.d Ut9 10 and U
a.-S thn V K of the 3 K t of See 2X 1 2J S, R 5 VV
conttin'nq: 279 avron ot land, more nr AU of the
l-.n.-l berin iic 'crib.i.1 to be sold will be sold at the
undivided interest of tha aa?d Mhwr, and subject to
fie 5tier riifiit or interest of a't Minors motaer.
Malinda Cheiiowcth. Javus t hbsoweth,
! cuardian of Creed L. C benoweth,
C, A. Schlbrede,
Attorcer for Guardian.
U. Land OSle at Eosebur?. Orearan. -
; : . Lejeiuiier Ud, lSi. 1
jfiie by Jain'.- MeDouaid Cjjalusir Aifnue jr-y-
etie for aljaiatonius bis H.iiHMH'ua V.ntry, No. i, '
2vrownshm-22 sow.., K:.,i?o v, i j. iicr..
in bouhoi .omitj, UlCcn, vatb a view I j the c-n-
coll mou of sdd entry: tuo sunt p-rt.o, re bcabj
feumnioned to a .pear at the oltice 01 il. ji- ta.iWcil,
it ioiafy lub!ii: att'rain on ihe 15th Cav oi J;v u o,
183&, fat 10 o'ciotk A. M., 10 re"Oj!d and, fuiniiU
tcstiiiioiiy LOiicerninQ sawi alleged uUitna.i ntiv..
WM. fi titiXJMUS, H.fcist: r.
J. C. iUtita-ii'iUN, Ueecivir.
In tho County Court tf tho S'.ata ot Oregon for the
County ot Joi'jj!i. Iu the matter of tho estate of
lViIiitin Bai'iun, dccca J. " . ;
uiuiUiU'rj.trix of the estate of Wil
liam Earton, deceased, baa died her caid account of her
ajiumisinir.iii of tuii estit . in tiu Gounty court of
Dou.ia Ciuncy, LStte ;f Ure- in. To ij said court
by au nrdor t'.uty nude and enured therein on Thurs
day, tho 2."ith nay of oO;)t., 11, apjiiunUtd Mouday
Jaiunry Zth, loi , at 10 o'clock- a. M. of said uay,
at the four; room 01 raid Lourt, in the court house iu
iiobe'iurg, j time aid place for hearing objections, if
a:;y there bo, to toid liu.v) account and ihe aunieiueut
ofaiu estate. TU notice is publudiea by order of
lion. J.S. riUhuii, County Juiie.
' Adm.nistrutnx.
Willis &, Jones, Attorney for Estate.
Xoticc of Final Jsctilemeiit.
In tbo County Court of tho Stata of Oregon for the
County-of Douglas. In tlm matter of the estate o
J. M. M. Veuable, deceased.
enab.e, oeuadcU, ha liiea her anal account, of her ad
laiuiatruUoii of saiu estate in tite county duit o.
l'ougla Couury, Suite of Oregon. Tuat said cour
by un oruer uui made unit enlercu therein on Tues
day vheli ttiua,N oiccpt., l334,aj'iiovod Monday, .lan
uary, lsS5 it iCo'uiock a. u. of said day. at the court of said 1 oitrt. in tlie court- liouAs, in Useburg,
a time ar.o vlaee for heai ing objections, if any iheia
bii, to &i;d final a"couut ana toe settlement of said
estate. Tins notice in oubhuhed by o:uer of Hon. J. S.
ir'niiULli, county Juac.
- - . - Atln.ii.iairatrix. Jfe Ball, Attorneys for Katiitc.
People going to Poktland .
""Should kemembeuthat
Aue TliE Photoguaphebs,
East Pobtland, Okegonj
Cailcy Block, 4ih St. bet. I & J
To the Public.
Roseburg, Or., Oc-t. 29th lt8L
To the Public:
Desiring lo engage in other pursuits
I hiivw dctermiucd to close out mv en
tirti Sloiik: of " Guuerul Merchandise
within the next sixty days, atactual cost
prices. This is no hu.nbng; I ineaii
wimi I say. Any parties purchasing
of ine can have the liberty of examin
ing in y invoice books and satisfy thein
selves as to tho wholesale price paid
lor each ai tide. Those desiring to
purchase their winter supply ofjGoods,
Oiothing, Boots and Shoes, Crockeiy ,
Glassware and Groceries, will make on
an average from 20 lo SO pel cent by
availing themselves of this opportunity.
My terms will bo strictlv cash for al!
bills under $50., aud over that amount
approved notes will be taken on three,
four and six months' time, bearing iu
'erest. Tiis wiii enable those having
wheat and wool. to sell to retain it
until tt mere favorably price can be
had. I shall begin selling out on the
tho above terms on and after Novem
ber 1st,: 1884. F. P. IIogan.
Dealer in
Drills and -Statioaery,-
Oilers for sale in Kegs or Tin;
4000 poaiids of riosiecr White
hand; oOOtialosssSalem Boiled
Linsectl OH; 250 gals. Tur
pentine; A complete stock of
Paints, Brashes, Varnishes,
ami Can Color. (II you arc
Solng to lo any painting cali
anil set prices before purehas- j
ing Elsewhere.) A complete
assortment of Selzool Books, '
c!ool .Stationery, Writing
iiiper, Envelopes, tc. ivliUh
I will sell very Cheap. Gai".
ten .See;! Tatent SletlScint-s,
iiiiJ -everything that' is kept kt
a ili-;t-c!asi Srstfor'e Or-Scr-
hy nrxll and Espie.
rr:nptly sittJ;Ic;l to.
AT - Y
IItLIjARi9 51.
would respectfully inform the pnldio that he
hai ou haud a tine asaortiiient of
Dry Goods, CJrocerics,
Kendy-SIadc' Clothing,
aud in fact everything usually kept at a first
c as store, uive linn a cail.
Goods at Lew Prices
All femdaof Produce
Tahen .n Exchange for Goods.
t33.AU ordct promptly attendtd fco-TEJ
Oakland, Douglas Co.. Or.
ZchooY Year Begins r.ianjay, teptenber I, ko.
.. - .
nuiary ............
'irt uniue Junior C'la-s.. '.. , .,
! teeand .j.-mie Junior clam...
Firt Grade ilkhiie clas. .......... .. , .....
Seoottd urado, ILdule vl
or Ua...,.,
'.' ': MUSIC. :
Tweu'v-four Lessons. .$12 00.
L' of liutnuneut ... 2 0.
Twenty-foui Lessons... ............. .l 01 to $12 CO.
O" Send for Catalogue.
Wet). T. niiSsell, Piincipal.
S. BmrSli 5 Co.
Next door to the New Balterv.
I? x i o e ss Moder ft to!
Office On Oak street, one door west of the
Central Hotel, ; .
Ciriior of Call and Rote . Streets
Ilotieburct Crejjon.
Eoard $1 psr Day; Single Meals, 25 ccntt.-.
t-3" f his bouse has lately changed hand a -anaid
tuoiouiny renovated and lefuruished
tlio tiaveiiny public will tiud tha best
Free 'Bus t o j; n d fro in t he
(Next Door to Key's Iletaurant.)
RoseLurs, Oregon.
Finest liquors and the celebrated Kicker
cigars passed over the bar to every Lody.
M001E & FAllr.lH.
,Rosebur. Oiegon.
J. H. CKttcr Whiscy,
Best Cigars,
And leading papers. Cozy Club Koom
for the use cf patroua.
uiUis of E. Stei.hcn and Co., we e now pre ;
pared to furnish anv ; amount of tho Lett quality a
ever offered to the public in Douglas county. , .
will furnish at the mill at the fallowing prices:
No. 1 rou'jh lumber.. ....... .12 per M
No. 1 flooring, inuh. . ...24 per M
No. 1 Hoort-i,', 4-inch.. -2perM
No. 1 finiMbinjr lumber.. .. . ..... ..$20 per H
No. I tinishinjf lumber dressod on 2 sideB..$24 per if
No. -finiisbinf lumber dressed on 4 Bides.. $(J per M
. r-:..fWF'-PT, r.w.
I" .. ...-....-
PT7T? r 5L I A- n
V.'l be mailed F?n r? g? if
to all applicants V I- -Xl1 L
end to customers oriast vear wituout
ordering it It contains illustrations, p rices,
descriptions and directions for piartinj all
Vegetable and Flower SEEDS, BlXBS, et
(A U iSbvl U
KUNN & CO., of tbo Bmnmric AMirticAK, eon
tlnnetonct fts Kollcitors lor 1'atents, Caveats, Trao
Mark. CopyrlKhu, for the Uuited Btates. Canada.
Enjtland, Francfl, Germany. etc. Hand Book about
Patents sent free. 'l'hirty-e.n years experience.
I'stcnt obtJtlnU tbroueh MUNHA CO. are noticed
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