The Douglas independent. (Roseburg, Or.) 187?-1885, August 21, 1880, Image 3

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    Cwcist7 Ileetin&s.
-.TJMPClUA CUA.-TEtt NO. 11. k
U a. ML, hold regalar timniuniee-
lion every first and tbiid Tuesday
I each month All memonni in irooti
tanding will take da u4 titrely notice
aid gown themselves aonordingly. Visit
ing companions are Invited to meet with
hm CJiapWr wmi oonenie.nt.
uw" t bold regular meetinga on V edm-a-
V" UlT nn or betofe each rot I moon.
I. C. FULLhltTOJi, W. M.
NEWCOMB, r-eey. -
fhnAm. Nv 9, 1 0.0
F. meets x Saitrrday evening, ol mcIi
week at 7 o'clock e j their hull at Rose
barg. . Member of the order in goo.1 etanrt-
la g sr invited to attend. By order of tlie &
O. '.'.I -.
F- met at Odd Fellows' Hall on tli Ui
and Sd Friday nt every tnontb. Visiting
Urethras inthied to attend
E. a. Hoa. Saribe .
1L, wiUuetKt hereafter en the 1st fc-atu -ot
amcU month. t Orange Hall, in Rose,
bare. All members in good standing an-
MnMtlftll Til ill il a tMitt
J. P. JDvNCAJI. Secretary.
. . T?..Q Pirectorv. 1
Onu d after Jane lOrti 1880. the' mailt
(at tin jnth, including California, Nevad
and eastern States, will close at 7 o'clock
r. M., sharp. ,,.
The mails for the aorta will elate at
8:45 p. at. !
The mails lor Coos and Curry eounilee
will close each day, Saturday excepted
at 8:43 p. H. . I '
Mail for Oak oreek. Moon 8eo1t and
aPattersoa's mill will oboe Friday evening
at 9 o'clock p. K. I
Mail from south arrives at 4.45 A M.
dallp. i !
Mailt rrm tie north dally, Sunday
excepted at 7:13 P. M. i j
From Coos and Carry counties t 12 it ,
-daily, Monday excepted. j
. From Pattersoa's mill Saturday at 6:3U
, I !
Monday order business transacted each
day, Sunday a excepted from 8 o'clock A.
M. to 9 o'clock P. M. Valuali'c loiter and
parcels registered to all tmrta nf ihe world
- , H. C. HTANTo?f. P. M.
Mrs. Joseph Aiken is at SHvertnn.
More financial failures are looked
tor. .. - j
Senator Orover will soon arrive In
this Irtale. . . ,-j.
See the new fruit and reg tables at
HaCTeisdeti'a. ! . I
Go to H. Hamilton's for your flsli
tines and hooks. - ,,,
Abraham, Wheeler tt Co. hare an
extra Aae stock of ladies ahoes.
Empty wine, alcohol atvt whisky
tarrels for sale at 8. amiltoa'a.
Ob the 14th, to the wife t Da-id
Lennox. ' a daughter weight lrj
pounda. .. ' . j
An immense amount of wood Is be
ing broncht into town, and commands
fair prioe. .
Two of Mr. Klnff children, living
Dear Myrtle Point,? have just been
takea 111 with diptberia. .
Mrs. Emma BaBenden, mother of
Isittcg her aon and nb ladr. :
Geo, Ben. Simpson arrival laf
wventait, and Is In town. Time deal
odly with Uncle1 Ben."
VT. H. ' Byara. acoompaniel by
Jleasrs. Kent, Hancock and other,
have gone eat of the monn tali s, mr-
' Ororg Jonneon anu Htm iNeme j
Good wre married at the residence of
the bride's parent on the 8tl, wl.'t h
the hafpy (ridegroom says is good
ttoagh. , ! v
B. F. Dowell, F-aq., and daughter,
are In I lie city, Tltev will sotin da
part for their home in Jacksonville.
Bon voyanev
The! latest and stan lard noveU at
Dr. Hamilton's chenp from 10 to 20
cent" eafh. A rare cuauoe for hep
reading matter. j
" Having rented his f-rm. Mr. Fr-n iel
Cuthetliii oflers same fine i rattle,
bor-ws and aheep fur a .le. Adilre4
blm at Wilbur - i j
Col. 8l-"ne, superintendent of the
California atd Oregou atnge coiupany
wa in theeity during the week, at
tending to business . '.'
Wells a Flook of Ten Mile and
Looking Olaaa made an assignment lo
favor of creditors.! 1 labilities $12,
000. James Byron Is asslgnee.
The Portland Bee says: ' A bfusblnir
Vtald of 84 years and a widower of C3
, ere mtrried at Hillboro a few days
since," All same Douglas county.
We acknowledge a pleasant call
from Mr. Bettnet, the gentlemtt who
- will superintend tbj building of the
Myrtle Creek and Canyon vllle bridges
" Mr Wright and Mrs. Partie were
ell.-iting abi for the widow Hamil
ton., Mrs. Hanilton's little daughter
1 reported la tbe last stages of cou
cumptidn. ' . , ..,::;'
A letter front Abe Mensor, mention
f ahota we made last Week, states
that he ra doing well wish hi new
store at Wert Berkeley, Cai. Glad to
bear it, boy.. . - ; ,, -j .
Tell eases have been already docket
ed ainoe County Clerk ftherblan eft
for Cooa Bay. Of the ten eight are
suftafor the recovery .of money aud
two for divorce, j - j
The lady Injared several days ago
bf I he Stage accident, is already r--ccvere.!,
The stage did not upset, a
at first reported, and the lady was nut
erioualy . injured. :.t V ; J
' Mr. T. 8. Roadman, nor collecting
agent, when not at bis office, will be
found at the tr ' Broa w
hop oar patrons generally will re
epoodla li'scails upon Uiem.
Y: iAiieat?rtlai'"ht wiirb given at
tbs-Cbcrt house fiaThurMlay, ffplem
ber 9th. It will be ErM-cias in every re
spect, and uadoubtedlr thaafKiIrj of the
aeaaou. rrogTatt.rae next wee
1 "Mrs. T. P Eheridati baa returned I
' "froia Coos county, cd reports a very
plearatst i:it. Coonty Clerk "hefldan
aud lady left Empire fur San Fiautis-
. cooa Ei!irJiy last. . .
? Wrs, Vr. H- Vlllls, aeoompanled by
her daugher Lulu, are in Portland.
: Lila . wlU rTfikia. at school- J. C
i'lotd, Rr aeoompanled by Mhw Mag-
. gie. MisaFtoe i aili altetid achoal.
Most Bevers; sd i J. Patera, Arch-
r a, U p--l., will lw!d
e i i : v i .. i at St. Stephen's Oath
iia t'ts city, on Sunday
i .. v n Ma way tm tbe coast
: (;,t J Curry. -
Mr J.O. Fulierton and lady and Mrs.
Dr. Bunnell have gone to the country
roatieatlnc. There la a poor devil of an
editor who aadly complains because it
Is bis bad fortune to not be out in the
mountains with such good company.
Don't you forget to call on Haflen
den Bros., and lay in your supplUs.
They are selling . very cheap, the
finest rttick iu the county. Domestic
and foreign fruits, of all kinds Queens
ware, glassware, etc., at bed-rock
The ad. interim of the Plalndealer
carrier hia sign on his hat. He be
lieves hi advertising doubtless. Well,
tlieie is nothing like advertising
newspaper, especially when it does
not advertise itself There is nothing
like being generally known. -
H.C. Paige is still in the Pendle
ton ja'l awaiting trial for the robbery
nf Wt-H's Fargo A Co.'s treasure box
at Umatilla.: Numerous ' former
friend of the asoused have been so
lieited to go on his bonds and give
bint temporary relief, but alJuve re
Old friends or Sol. Abraham say
they miss liU form-r clerk Geo. Tetu,
and tlmt the a ore does not look natu
ral without him. Georgo is now in
Canada, and often, he writes, thinks
of DoukIus county and his many
friends ler.
Mr. James Woodward has returned
from Portland, aud is now at work for
hia father, Mr. W. Q. Woodward.
dn hU return, Jumea his put up one
of 4 lie fltirst saddles we have seen in
ibeKtati We advise all to go and
see it, as a look at it will pay for the
Mrs. Hoi. Abraham, accompanied by
Mi xx Myra Abraham, aud two sons,
aailed on the Columbia for San Fran
ciwo uring the week. They are on,a
pleasure tr p, and will remain absent
from BoMd'iirg several 'week. We
wish litem all a safe voyage, a pleas
ant viwit and safe return.
k watchmaker named Johnson,
came to town last week and set up in
liti'inesa. This week, be hits flown In
prts tinkown. A milkman wear a
rwy hue in his fitce, and others are a
little out of humor. Truly Johnson
has a notice, and we are watchmakers
It is remarkable that the active In-
gredients of Fellows' Hypnphospblte
are alknloids from tree which attain
lo the vcrv grett aire, taken in con
nection with the fact thttt thi-t prcpa
ration will increaae the long longevity
of the human family Is a someiYbil
singular coincidence.
Mr. Jam8 W. Conn has gone t
WaiUburg, W.T., fVr the benefit of
his health, and to liNik after a farm
he and his brother Francis own there.
Mr. Francis Conn will come to tliia
county and superintend matters here.
We wih for Jiiniea a p!eannt jour
n y and renewed health, Hint that be
will timl the .ndepkndkkt a welcome
visitor at bis borne beyond the moun
tains. We arj pained to hear that Sylves
ter King ('arlile, a former reald-nt of
thin county and brother of barn 'I V.
(.arlile, dit-d t lone City, Cai., Aug
6th. The deceased was a man led man
and leaves a wife and other relatives
to mourn the loss of a loving husband,
dutiful son and kind brother. May
bis last sleep be a peaceful one. and
upon his grave grow the evergreen,
emblematical of the faith tbat taught
him how to die by pointing the way to
Mr. a VV. Shane and Miss Martha
Stepnenson were married on the 14th
int., by C. Gaddia, Comity Judge, at
the residence of J. D. Van Burefi. Tbe
Judge, it would seem, is likely to get
himself ino trouble over the matter;
be made affldait to the effect that the
contiaciiug. parties were 21 years of
age, when th- lact Is that tbe lady is 64
years of age and tbe gentlemen CS.
We wish the young and. happy couple
a long and merry time ot it.
A. E. Uagsdale, general agent for
t'.e Pacific roost, for enlarging photo
graphs aud other small pictures in
India ink anJ water colors, and silver
type, crayon and oil paintings, will
remain in Koseburg but a few days.
In the meantime, be will canvass the
town for orders. It would be better
for all who wish good pictures or por
traits of their friends or themselves 10
secure Mr. Rig.lale's services at onca.
The work done by bitn Is all the moat
exacting could desire. He wants a
local age ut, also.
A "Shooting Affair.
Says the Cpns Bay Mail: A man
named Harris, a logger, who has been
w rxitij at John leaver's camp at
Sum n-r, met J. A. Yoku-n on the side
walk in place list Sunday even
ing, axbed him, "Why did you in-ull
my wife! I am to blow tbe t"
of your head iff now," and commenced
firing at him the parties were but a few
yards apart at tbe first fire, wldcli but
for the intervention of sir. Odder
might h ve been fatal, after the first
shot, aud b- fo-B the second Mr. Yoa
kum took considerable of a ' 'go aa-you
pleaee ' walk. It appears that Yoa
kum weut to Mr H's house In Manh
field last week and made indecent pro
posals to bis wife, hence the shoot lug.
To be Kemarried.' '
Alout a jear a?p a cur le of young
people ran away from Camas' Valley,
and were married at Coos Bay. It was
claimed at the time of the marriage
that as tlie young lady was under ase,
and bad not the e'mrsion of her par
ents lo wed, lhat tbe license issued by
tl.e Clerk was illegal. Ho it seems the
lady's father thought. Hnce theyoung
coupl -came back and were bbssed be
haa worried considerable. To put an
etid to douU, this week tbe young man
came to deputy County clerk Wright,
this time with the consent 'f the par-,
entr, aud took out a sveoud l cenae,
aud ban b en by b!s time marred a
secoud tiice.
Has KetnrnwL
John Howley, Esq.. has returned
from California. He came back Mons
day erenimr, and will remain perma
nently in Douglas couny. Mr Bow
ley was detained abroad longer than
he intended, owing to the settlement
of private business. He has scoured
a contract tu build a ferry boat at
Winchester.' and other contracts al
ready. John, we are glad to see you
without doubt.
Mr. Henry Woodward Is now sole
agent for ths stls of charts of tbs can
didatee f t tlie presidency,
which are
neat, cheap and instructive. Mr
Woodward baa our t banks for a chart
of Garfield and Arthur.
Archbishop Searhers will bold ' ser
vtae at the Ca'httie Church at 10 a. m.
and T P. U. to-morrow. "
There Was
a SbootiM
Brain Turns the Joke oa Them AIL
Thursday morning about S o'clock
those of our citizens residing in the
neighborhood of E. C Dry's salnou
were awakened by the report of live
pistol shots following each other in
rapid succession. As the express of
fice is near by, it was thought that
burglars were attempting to break In
to or bad broken into it, aud a dozen
or so of Fuller's many friends armed
themselves with shooting Irons and
atarted to tbe rescue. But, : before
many arrived at the scene of the diffi
i-ulty they were reassured by Fuller's
hearty laughter, a?d they continued
on their way to learn the cause of the
shoo-log. many of them sans coat.
aatis bat, sans breeches, sans every
thing but nightclothea, some of which
were not sufficiently lo ng to hide long
and lank spindle s istika.
They soon were fully Informed. The
tame bear of Mr. Headrlck had broken
loose and climbed uuou tlie rof of
Mr. Dry's aaloon. In climbing on the
roof, his chain caught just over Ned's
bedroom. The catching of the chain
exuspe.-atetl the bear, aud to get eyeu
on something r somebody, be com
menced teariug up she thingles at a
fearful rate, 'lhenoit-e ao occasioned
aroused Mr. Dry, who thought the
bear inside the saloon, an 1 he took
two candles and : e.tlled to those
ueide to let him lu. He soon
found that . the bear was auv
where but inside, aud as he started
out the do-r, accompaniod by Fuller,
be was met by Marahal Cox, attracted
by the uoiae made by the Dear. : Then
further search was instituted, and the
bear was found eugaged as above
rtated, and the ahingle were flying
in every direction. An effort was
made lo get bruin down by calling to
hiui; failure No. 1. Then clubs, stouea
stove wo.mI, .and other prenuitsi ves
were employed; failure No. 2. Here
came in a council of war. After louir
id deliberate consultation, it was
agreed between the Marshal aud Ned
that there Mioutd be a shooting
match, aud tbe bear shot down,
whereupon the Marshal shot one
lime. ihe flrat shot soured the bear,
and be tumbled over; but as soon as
be found lie was u-t hurt he
went right along with his occupa
tion The Mar.-lial ued none churcu- i
inembet by-w rds in au expressive
toue of voice, ad fired tvrice niord j
without effect. Net! was about this
time quite out of patienje, an I xrati
Idug the piaiol, wi n the remark of
"Ob, St. Xvier! give me tbat nun,"
be ared two ahota delibeiately. Aud
after all the shingles were yet being
twisted into the air. Her Mr. Head
rick was aeul for, and wbeu he
came aud pulled ihe animal down,
bruin turned over ou his aide
and began how ling. Ned was all sym
pathy at ouee. hit him,
Cam, without doubt," be said to the
Marshal, aud as he spoke, he stooped
down Hlib a lirbted candle in each
baud to see where the bullets bad
struck the b.-ar. Just whu he came
cl-ae enough, the bear stopped bawl
ing. Huh the quickueas ut a flash
of greased lightning the bear slapped j
out both caudles with both paws, and i
before Nel could reover from tbe sud-1
ilenuers of Mio attack, the bear rainjd
upon bis haunches and with both can-dlt-a
in hia mouth, commenced eating
away. Ned took tbe whole matter in
at a glatice, aud with a look of bewil
dered diBappointuieut on his face, be
turned to tbe Marshal and mid "I'll
be if we hit him!' Hr Fuller's
laugh came in. Bui us to Ihe shooting
match, we let the following score tell
tlie tale:
Marshal C -x 0 0 0
h. V. Ury, 0 0
TheBear,. .. .'.....1 1 1
Ho entlalb the chapter, aud the bear
yet standing three lo uo.hlug villi two
candles thrown in.-
J V, Owens Killed.
Mrs. Owen, the other day received a
letter from Laqnash, Colorado, stating
that her son, J. P. Owens, had teen
shot, aud two weeks thereafter died
from bU wounda. It appears that a
quaarel arose bet ween Mr. Owens and
another man wboxe name we did not
learn, and Mr. Owens whs ahot twice,
one bullet sttiking him imhe arm aud
the other iu tbe. tce. . Tlie wounded
man lived two we, k.i after tbe shoot
ing and died u tn- Cth of Aogun.
The deceasHnl w.. a i rother of Hon VV.
F, Owens, and io'V the news mine of
his sad taking off, we huve heard many
of his old frieii is iu this county de
ploring tlie d-ath of a friend wh m
they sincerely loved. Our sympathies
ara exteutled to his Sorrowing rela
. Open liCtter.
Ban Jose, Cai , April 16th, 1879.
Messrs. Griffin A Co. Genlemen: We,
the undersigned merchants, have sold
your Cream Baking or Yeast Powder
to nur beat customers, and It has
given entire satisfaction, and all who
have used it contlue o do so. If you
continue to keep it at its present de
. ree of excellence, we predict that it
will be tbe best yeast powder of the
country. A. Friaut A Co., A. G. Que
vedo. F. Lamory, J. A. Beibdi, D.
Corkery, M. Hartman, Geo. P. Bull,
C O. Wise. For sale at Marks A Co.'s
store, Koseburg.
The f'eople's Illustrated Journal.
Mr. M. Bretauo has been appointed
gn-ral agent for tbe People's Illus
trated Journal, an illustrated news
paper of 33 paves. The journsl Is not
only one of the best family papers
published, but la the cheapest. To
gether with the paper, subscribers
will be given six fine cbromos, for
the small sum of $1. The one dollar
pays for fifteen month's subscription
Mr. Bertano will eoon start out on a
eanvassing tour, and it would not
surprise us should Mr. B. secured sev
eral thousand suusorlbers lor the Jour
Drowaed in a Tab of Water.
On Tuesday afternoon, about one
o'clock, says the Statesman, Stella,
youngest daughter of E. . Hosford,
Km., was drowued In a tub of water
i into which she ten wmie piaymg. ao
one saw ."her when the accident occurred-
She was aged two and one
half years. Dr. Pay ton, of 11 em, was
sent fur immediately but all effort to
restore the child to lite we. e unavail
ing. Mr. Hosford lives in Polk couaty,
auont two nailee from tbe ferry,
la Which
The Momtalna a Sheet erFlaas, and
I Wild Aniiaals FleeUur to theJPral-
L rie for Shelter
Many af our citizens for the past two
weeks have experienced a suffocating
sensation from a dense amoks which
has filled tbe valleys and rendered
everything obscure to . tbe sight. So
much smoke led os to Inquire into
tbe cause. From various sources w
learn tbat timber In the mountains
surrounding the valley U one, con
tinuous and almost unbroken heet of
flame. One of tlie driver on the route
to Coos Bay informs us that the roar
ing of the flames Is terrific, being much
louder than that of the surf ou the
beach, and one of tbe drivers on the
Oreton and California stage line says
tbat the mouu talus are a blaze of fire
south of Canyonvlle. On the southern
line of travel trees are falling In every
direction, and scarcely a minute passes
that the ear la not eatuted by tbe crash
of some miahty forest monster burnt
off at the base and tumbled to tlte
ground. So great and extensive is
the fire south of Canyonville, the deer
ami bear seek the open prairies for
protection. Tbe driver in question
nays, that without doubt, game could
be slaughtered In endless numbers now
in any of the prairie i near Hardy El
ItT place,
The Presidential Party Coming to
Oregon Overland.
We learn from Col Stone, superin
tendent of the California and Oregon
stage line, tbat the manager of trav- j
eling matters for ,' President Haye
and party, had telegraphed to know
whether accommodations In the way
of stages could be furnished to enable
the President and bis friend to reach
Oregmu by the way of Yreka aaJ
Roseburg. An answer in the affirma
tive was immediately ; telegraphed
back. In return C4ine another mes
sage to have everything in readiness
b thedh of September, as President
Hayes would surely he at JleadnK at
that time. Superintendent Stone lias
arranged stapes and t-ams in such a
manner that the President and party
ill travel only during the day, and
Will lie six days In reaching Roaeborg
from Reading. This will hrin the
party here about the 12th of Septem
ber. . i
Would it not be well for our citi
zens to make preparations for wel
coming our President. Honor la due
him, and we should pay him that re
spect to which he is entitled as Pr-i-
detof the greatest
republic under the
' Tbe story eoin to u that twi
ladii-s from Wilbur and one from Rose
burn wliuw husband is A C;'J' offi.;,
went out Dtaktvrring in the moun
tains the other d.ty. They look along
With them a ynuuir toy to drive the
team, aud had wiih thnt s'X loi-hels
of as to fetl the horses, blttiltets
and other beddinir. provisions, etc !
It was at independent crowd, sod
when starting tie declare-! all mu
a uuisitnce, and not worh being
about. We don't for a ru.tuient sup
pose one of I hem would have s)oken
to a gentleman under any circumstan
ce; in fact, all there were anxious in
prove that mility is w.i d in but
feeble and worthiest i4 mtn. Ih-y
arrived at the tierry patcii safe
aud sound, p;tnad a quiet night,
aud next -morning, after breaktast,
they started out after berries. Tln-y
got the berries to the am iunl of toree
pint, Were frighten -d netrly l i death
every time the wm I sit uri the
busbes, thinking that as lietrs ate
tond of sweetmeats, flu re wua one
after them, and finally returned to
Ctup, tired, huiiifrv an.l disgite-t
with the tramp. But what a sight
they gaxed upon! During ihe-r ab
s-tice, a spark fr-tn ihe ctiupHre
kiuditrd quite a b e.ze idaze em n-l
lobutu up bedding, f sl ami :ainp
equippage, and to snori-h the wagon
Of course, the adirs did not swear;
ladies never do tlt.t; but t-tme b e t'h
they rcii'iiiiic.t-ii their iiileieudence
and soleinuly protni-o I never to g
on a tramp again w tiiay were
sure they with unn wuose
stroutr right arm wits cert tin to pro
tect and pre4rve tii.m from ni s.or
tune. A belter resolution was never
before agreed upon at a public ineet-
ug. We vote this way because we
aie a man. -
7 A Desolate Home.
Sad aud lonely is the home where
death has entered and taken an only
child, but mote desolate if msible the
house that has resoii'i led wi ll the
hum of children's voices an I the treai
of many feet, when these are all ruth
lessly silenced. The sad record of fuch
an one is furnished in th-j horn j of Wiu.
Kineliart, of Suinmerville, where less"
than a month ago six merry t.hil Iren
gathered, and from which, but a few
days tince, the Inst one was consigned
to the grave. The devastali n nf this
household was caused by the dread
scourge of childhood, diphtheria, and
the complete 'reck that It wrought is
spoken of as one of thesddest events
that has ever taktn place iu Graud
Koude valley.
Seeking Refuge.
The Port Orfor.I Post of the 5th lnt ,
says the steamer Uylton Castb, Capt
Joseph Banmann, anchorel In our
bay ' last Friday morning at ten
o'clock. She left 8 in Fr!icici Hat-
urday, the 24ili at 3 p it for Victoria,
li. C., and was six day reaching his
port, not half the distance to her des
tination. At Point Arena met heavy
northwest swells and the northwest
wind increased to a living gale; from
that on had a strong bead wind and
a rough sea: ran into Port Orforl har
bor for shelter and fuel, havlug only a
day an I a half's cosl left. ;
The Whitman Monument.
The executive hoard of the Pioneer
and Historical Society, at it meeting
at Ast rla, passed the following reso
lution: ; Resolved, Tiiat the- corre
pondiiii secretary, W II. tlrty, be au
thorized to confer with the citizens of
Oregon, VVashlnjrtwi Territory and
Idaho, and end.avor to secure their
united aid, by such means as they
insy dem proper. In the raising of ad
ditional funds to continue the w-rk of
Improving the Whitman cemetery,
and erecting a monument thereon.
Readers get ready for the entertain
ment, to be given at the courthouse,
on Thursday tbe Oth of September, It
is going to be a rare banquet of mu
sics!, metorical and theatrical dishes
Some of tho most gifted and a ceo in.
plithed Isdles of your city have the
matter In charge, and may be relied
on to furnish a thoroughly enjoyable
feast, . . .
oxes kosjs T6 tss rnoNT.
: Ths OregoalaA has oaee store o oms
to ths front la favor of a rehearing of
eases tried before the lata supreme
court, W believe we are begianlng
to Uko that paper mora than ever.
IU best argument Is that justice shall
be done, and that right never wronged
any one embodies all there Is in the
natter. Let ft be so tbat the present
supreme court shall raopea the oases
and review tbeaa, And, certainly uo
wrong will be doue tbe innocent; and
if a wrong has been dune and Is eor
reeled, the ends of justice will
be served. This is. If we mis
take not, wbat ' courts . are con
stituted for. And as to the matter of
"establishing a dangerous precedent,"
tho a who offer sucb a plea against a
review do not anderetaud what they
ate speaking of. Tbooourt knows of,
and next week wa wil, name, twenty
cases where reviews have beeq granU
ed by the highest tribunals, including
ths Supreme Court of tbe United'
Mates. Tbe Oregooiau Is right with
. out a doubt, aud w ape laused it for its
good sense.
Bosebnrg Marble Works
.... ' I
Monuments, tombs, tablets Marble
Mantles etc, made from the best For-
eign and Domestic marble. Designs
and estimates furbished free. Rnd
! - .
ion-s irota iu upwards, uive me a
call and examine mv work before
purchasing. R BBACKENS1DGE.
Various Causes.
Advancing year, I cans, sickness, disap.
ointment aoa UBrwniary prodiipogiuon
all operate to tare the hair gray, and
either of hern iacliaet ft lo sbed pram-
turwi.v. ats a maih viooa win restore
b on or deep blact, as mar be desired. It
soften and o inaea tbe scalp, giving it a
htralthy acthHi, and removes and cures hu
more and dndrafl. By itaaaa falling hair
is checked, and a new irrualh will lie pros
duend iu all cases wWe tbe follicles are
not deal roved or u lauds decayed. . Its
eilecia ar tx-aaiifullr shown on braaliy,
ak or aicklv hair, to which a tew ap
lilicutloiia wil produce the (loss and
freslitiein ot r.-nili. Uarmleaa tod sure in
its operation, it is incomparable as a dress
ins, and i esH-ciahy vamed for tlie lt
lustMand riciin-waol tone it imparts. It
eontaina neither ni: nor dye ami wid not
oil or color white Cm a brie, vet it lasts.
longoo thn liairaud ketU fresh and rig-
rons. H'Klite. Oivis It -Co., Portland,
vliolesaln lieatchrs.
I Wish Ever body to Know It.
Bev. Gsorittf H. rhay-r, aa old ciiixtm of
this ritiiiiiv, knoarnto every him aa a mcst
inlluen iai ci'iien, and Christian Miuisier4
tbe M. K Clmrci, jjsi tins ruomxnt step
ped iu mi stoivi t. ay. "I wish everybouy
lotnotr timt I c iiis.iJer IwmIi myseli and
ile oweur lives, to Sj:iU;i's Cinaumption
Cure, It is liavutir a t rememioua sale
over nur liounu r sii.t l- ffivinir erlectal-u-fction
in ali cs- s ol Lunif Diseases, tuc i
sa ooilnnj elsf lissftiMie. Dated Bonrboi ,
:ud., Mst U-li, 78 )r. Mutc'.tet A Franc .
o,- t.V S. Dritittst. !
Tb- ittost p.''"Ur a.kl rravrant perfume
.f t:ie kr.y is H ACfviiKfACIk. Try tf
Sld by Ha.nilton, Jtewbursc, Oregon,
We Cliallciirfo .The World, c
Wliwu ivs , -.hi Otfil ire. we iiavs evi-
eni w unvti ht b iHu'aA'oiisuup:ion
Cure is deciui-d'.r ihe best l,uuir Medicine
made, in a ntiicu a- It will cure acotumou
i I'l.nni c t'nii)i i in one half tbe time
slid reln-ve Aailiina, Bioi.clrii. Wboopinj;
' Vault. .aii, aii t show more cases of
OoiMiuuiti -n rurel . toan all Mnera. It
will cure where tiiey fail. It is pleasant to
iik-, da m e-M to Ilia youngest chiM and
U irar-t!itrs Jr.iat are . frine. to eta.
tec, amt Jl.dJ 1' yrtur Ltma a.e aorn
stesl o Bui! lame use HUiloli a forus flan lit in:ltoti, druggist.
The aututu-i session of this institution
will commence oe Monday, fwpieinlaw 6tb
183d. aud wilt be in ciiarire ut Dr. Bro ne
ami lite usual corps of competent arsis
tan a.
Tne Brat month of the tsrai will be (roe,
the other iwj ruunths wilt be charged
r accord 'U. to l.iu lol lowing rate:
Ultli trslilir, reaiiimzl
VVnt.inf ami Hr V pr. month $1 65
ti.ary Arithmetic. I
(J.-Oijrajioy, or Ensf. Q.-amuiar " 2 00
Hiiiot Ariiiiinsi.r, Aluebra or
iieti.rc, ir. iu..Biii 2 f0
La! in or iri-ek, pr. moatb. ......... 3 0U
P. BbXKnii K.
A. W, COMF703, Biiard ol Directors.
C. Uadd.s.
llors-sliiieiiiir a ajserialfy, and satislac-
ti..o KuaiuKi eo. T.-rnis low for Casu o
approveti or ilir, and Work done wheli
wnt- d. Tliose in letited to me are hereby
notiheii tlisi all ouistamiinir debts must
li-paiu liy Jjinisrv 1st, 1HH); by so doing
II old natrons wli- do-me a favor, and
fin t me ! to put to a thai-class tuxk in
"he cominii Uprteg ' i lie anak will Le
TSiere ; t-ut 1 wisli a settlement with old
friettils. and witti a tuM 'ik be able to
se.l ilii-m work ct eanei than vver:
.. . JU. U. ARZXER.
3V ?. W. SAU3S8T, H-D.a
liOsEUURG Oil -. ON,
im rested to Us ear. Office at
bit residence 80tf
Great Eeductions
- AT v.-'.' . '
commencing August 1st, Haffou
ilen Bros will sell tbe following goods
at very low prices: A full Tine of
Q'lectiswaie, glassware, lamps, plated
castor, stone jar, churn jugs. pots.
fruit jnr. itifauts chairs, baakets, coal
oil, br mna, lanl oil, castor oil, china
nut on, tc . etc. oap, Syrup, can
dles, 2our. canitea goods, ear
flues, oyster, coffee, tea, aslaratus,
bluliiif, beans, stan-.n, hickory . axe,
pick helves, cigars aud tobacco. Call
aud beemivlnced, , ' ; .
Opposite R. 8. A J. C Sheridan's Hard
ware Store,
The finest nf Vermont 'and Italian
marble always on baud. Orders from
borne and abroad promptly filled.
Parties desiring work In Jackson or
Josephine routine wiu nod tbat i
can aecomondAte theni with lowest
rates. : -
9fft ff "s Trbe tsm& tm
I iSl i.4 U.l Idvui. A COS
Kewmxsnrr Ail'wnfetsf f l,i fwuo
WTeeH.wbereailver- s - ' - - f
tlaln.Mii.santn f ?
be BwMte Am( t e ba!i; w-.--4
Office of S. Marks & Co.
- To J. O. Baker, Agent Westero Fanning Mill. Sir. We Uke
nleaanea tn a-o tt.-.- baoa naa.l nnrl nro liatnffthe "Western" for
, . ...
HIM VIVHtllllKa OS 1 A . k I U V V U14U a
can, therefore, recommt-nd it to
We full endorse the above.
Ti e Western, manufactured
have ever used.
A Fine Stock and Fanning Ranch.
Term reasonable, snd desire for sale Is
occasioned through a wish to emigrate te
Kastero Oregon.
For price of land and refemnees 'O-inirs
of John W.Kelly, at the iMDWEkOEST
offlje, or the protirietor on the prtm'ses.
Lacd for sale 800 srrea of limber aud
flrrasinar ana rarmtnir tana coiitninea ;
about 75,00- of fanning land and the re
mainder pastor and timber laid. The
abova contains a fine orchard and about 3
acres of garden land subject to irrigation
There also is a G oe lot ol ynuuir trees iu
tlie above named orchard, embracing all
kinds peaches, cherries snd apples and
vines of all kinds. . There is a gissl water
wheel on tbe stream oo the premises that
affords about a twelre-lmrse power, and
runs the sUngle mill of K. B. Msrtindata
Son. it. L. STEPHEN 6.
Coles valley. Oregon. -Ti.ere
is a chance for a good bargains,
who aupi enrlv
B.4CIiSffIITll I
Dearling Gibson,
. O f LAND, OUX.
Would announce to ths public that
they ard prepared with .he best of mate ri
al to auppW all detuanpa in their line.
Having eujoyed over twenty years expe
rience in their trade, all work performed
by them s arnaranteed to be Grst-clats, and
strictly according to ordr.
Gibson's Celebrated Ear-
Pmnoaneed by all who have used them to
tm tbe best ever Invented, always on
hand snd fur sale cheap.
PAIRKD, Criwe Them a Call:
C?mm,itz ME&ca&misE.
uthern pordou of Oregon that they
The stock in question is ermplete in every detail, and waa purchased in San
tuch low figure that we are able to sell at aucn rates aa to permit us to dety
competition in wholesale aud retail price. The slock comprise
First-class Dry Goods,
Pull Lines of Clothing,
Ladies' Dress Goods,
Fancy Millinery Goods
Hats and Caps,
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Glassware, Tobacco, Cigarsi Wimes and Idquors.
We have also everything In the way of HARDWARE, and can aapply farmers altb
Of all kinda la reapert, mowers, etc, on the
Eighrst Plica Paid for
In oonettion with the s-or. sod
warehouse for tbe MOraae or grain. an au,.n.sT t aT
. , fj.i u- ..t,r n.l (train t leaner, which fsna'-ra wilt snu aav3tajreou-
rtkeeD. wdl find Tm application we ,sn 0fT,r them aare-ri. bargains.
Country Store-Keepers win aim "HI ibhiuiu WHKKT.R't l fl
Give u a 'ri', f r wa will n a ne now '
The maeag-r would state to the farmer.
ow than lie baa evr Dtien uatore to safipij w.. ---r- ----- ---
machinery, and at U.wer than can be offered theat by any other
ealtoral dVlerer dl-alrrs -the Mate. Be is the aeat for oaly the best fJT.
and he ea every article he sella. U wisnet i antHsstiaa. e
good, which ar otberwieelhaa aa repreaenta-t. and if tbey aw aot .hT ,h
qwattity than those onVred for sale o her dealers, will navar uoujplaa U bis oBers are
alecMa. iae manager nasHtr asa.
Also: the Celebrated -La Belle" Wagon a O. Cooper On. doable and sisgle
. ,t Aim aarlaei Kamd tor eiicalsrs and pnee-iiW -
. . '1 ALFlIliD JSLOgOXI- Mawtser, liosebnrg, Ogn
Roseburg. Oregon. Angnst 12tb, 1880.
it t Kpnt mill wo have tried. We
aa,av -ar - ------ -- -
the ublic as the heat cleaner in
8. Marks & uo.
TF. F. Owkss, Agent G. B. A.
II. la. MUBTON, 1
J. C. Flokd,
by Lou. Holman is
11. Cons, Sr.
tho best
Always on band, and orders promptly
filled on the shortest totice. All kind ol
dr-esed lumber constantly on hand. Lum
ber furnished at any point In Rosebur
wiebout extra chaise, and by application
to ma it will be lound tbat my luinb-r it
not only tlie last but iua cheapest ia tbe
market. Try me and aa ,
Address all letter to
jy3 Patersou'a Mills, Or.
. PSTBB KfiH8t.-.;
id fla.isa:2:
be promptly atteuded to, and charges
moderate. Can be found when wanted.
Inquire for me at Roseburg hotel.
mniM ;&:-:''a&'SPSB
The best Four in the Marke..
Tlie Flour of these ta ils has gained in
popularity until it baf !
by purchaser as the best 'n ths market.
Orders fro home and abroad CI d
promptly At dress,
v . It KES a GATES.
have Imported to Roseburg
one ol the
abort arnica tad moat rsaseaaWa urn
TTcol. Grain and Proiucs.
lJS 7!
f As Z2ZE2S
, , . ,
Taey weaid awawtaos that they bare
KWt broatrkt to D atfla enawr, sad
TERNS asd BE DE TIN W A BE, tbey are prepared te declare tbey have tbe
beet sui ply la tbe.r linerof any etalUaLuieot In Son hem Oregoa, which they propasa
cuKia onrj&zz vrjbii aitz- chd -
ess purehaae ur Uera. j ; - ....
Ia the shape t liSdding nK rials ia the way of locks, butts, eta, ws ssa e&
superior lducenot to purchaser. Try as.
Weeaa irlva you bargains ia the following brands of stoves, aot rqaallei esxa
where- Back's. B-nause. Fsrmer T7tility. Dexter, Pacific Wide West, Clarasde,
Occident, Iroi, Kintr, Empire City, and attu-r stove and ranges.
The best of worrp-n are constantly esaph-yed ia the man u I act ore of oar Tiaware,
snd hnrers sbould l.-io our prices, i . .
We nave a'ao taravtua tu-r iu j;uua. uwo mm luvunin, susip anu vtunr juoea,
as we' I a te rlhot-getis and Pistn s
Ws ate a!t Airema tar the While. Peerless and New Home Sawing Hachiat .wkiab
we aell at lowest rates and warrant as complete in every respect. .
We eau also supply . y.'
.iveril! atitl Unbbcr Paints,
The beet in the market, at tbe newest rates.
Uive as a call, inspect our snick, inquire as oar prices, and w promise te salt all
Gen'l Merchandise,
Caslaimsrss of all Variety and Sliades en Haa
- AT THE v -
Gentlemen & Boy's
JSH 233 JX 1U "SST - 33-21 JSL 32L IS
Tbe Preaaoter aag Perfeeter of Aa
Tbe Reformer and Vltallser of tins
- The rraatuter aad Invtawrater of
Xerre aad aluacle.
The Builder mail eapewrterwf Braia
Fallows' Compound Syrup Is eora
posod of Ingredients Identical with
those whieh constitute Healthy Blood.
Musclo and Nerve and Brain Substance,
while Idle itself is directly dependent
upon some of them.
By its union with the blood and its
afreet upon the mwsclee, reestablishing
the one aad toning the other, it U ca
pable of effecting the following results :
It will displace or wash out tubercu
lous matter, ar.d tbag cure Consumption
By increasing Nervous and SXuscular
Vigor, it will cure Dyspepsia, feeble
or Interrupted action of the Heart and
Palpitation, Weakness of Intellect
caused by grief, worry, overtax. ?
irregular habits, Bronchitis Acute or
Chronic Congestion of the Lunge even
In the most alarming stages.
It cures Asthma, Loss of Tolc
Kcuralgia, St. Vitus Dance, EpllepU
Fits, Whooping Cough. Nervousness,
and is a most wonderful adjunct to
other remedies in sustaining life during
the process of Diphtheria.
Do not be deceived by remedies bear
ing a similar name : no other prepara
tion is a substitute for this under any
Look out for the name and address
3. 1. FELLOWS', St John, NJJ., on the
yellow wrapper in watermark, which Is
seen by holding the paper before tho
rrloe, $1.50 per Bottle, for $7.e&,
Sold by ail Druggists.
I. S. Hossabaum & Co.,
Dealers in Tobacco,
S. E. ''-or Batter f y Streets
Would announce to tlie trade throughout
Southern On-iron that Ihej are prepared
tu off -asuperi'ir adrantae in their line,
rod would reaieettully call attention ea-
is-cialtT not tut It lo -
T A T1 1 N I T Z A-
Their purely Havana, ami cent eiirar,
but also to i tie followiaa popuiar brands ef
whieti tbey r- ma.-tufaeiurer :
"ii'.Hanmnd," - v
"Our Charlev,"
"Oinaie, "
And which brands are now It Brsl-clas
demand everywhere,
1. S. Rosenbaua A Co, also would have
It understood that they are willlus- to and
will Sell ai: articles io their has ft puma
cheaper than can traveling airenta Im any
fl-m, and tbuaii orders sent Mieut will be
furnished without delay and ia tbs Beat- j
est sdd UKi reliable meaner.
Uive as a trial once, and yno wui re
maia our pemtaul patrons -
1. 8, KUSUOab ji a m
B. S. i J. O,
(Saeeeasora w rho. P. Sheridan)
Uana, Cutlery and T ! ar
aiahiagr t?oot!,. .
EHlv't STC ECwlX JH3f C
Having secured tha abova bua!aes.we
ara prepaied- l keep up lt former good
aama fur work and price. We have tbe
faeat of uatenat aad alwara a tail stock of
graxb en band, and U ia imr aim u far
nih carwiuteit with firv-cisa article at
let it t prices. . .
k fall stock ot iron ana etc' r v.
Order from abroad will rewve
ruMMa. 11 ; 4 J. C buLKDA;
1 :'. I -
liist rscaivel and sow have ea hand aae at tiaB
cf HstcIttcxo 'M
whea added to their STOVES OF A XX FAT
intBiUAi BKiltt.
. for
Ltuz. Faints. Oi'a. Varnish, Window asp
Picture Uiasa, Stall uierv. Perfumery,
if you wisli to purchase them cheaper
than a' an? pl iee sou'h ol
And keeps full lines of
Ctth.'rlalp, Kail & Toot!,
wash, Ytpntshi &fo.isfa'
Windsor and Nrwtooa tabe colors. Wis
do w sad I'icinre U lass, every mse, at
lowest Price, by box or pane. Blank
Boka, VV'ritiuif Paper, envehrpes, pena,
AH new Patent Medicines in stock A,
demand will warrant. U L CUT
TO OKOKR.ifree of charge, Ag-nt ft
The eelebraietl and tlion.osrh'j -.ested PAy
PAINT, aad Tbe
ENAMEL FA1VT. Atreut for Jd.
; Oray, ilusic Ueak-r. a Francisco.
Prescription filled with dispatch, st th-
Inwest rate, tstore ia aecetMhle at rie til
window on back sir t at all btnr of the
night, Betneniherths pi;o. l!rirk busld-
ag oppoiite Jietrvixili an Ui-trl. litMonrs.
PlaliKS & !RLIs
In a Metrojiolitan Style,
; AKO -
LAzraEiriRa snos.
This firm has const a ''von hand lb fioett
stock of
Boots and Shoes
ever Fiiouanr to rosebdro.
Ssst cf Sost3 and Ehzza
Hale to order aad liepaired.
roa I
; aastss at saanr
Boot and SJwe JfweU.y'
ratvaatt mMnf arer aad
waaeaaj ear oa the ,
The firm ha ne had llwt Seest stock of
of Lsather is ttra ftate. aBd is piv pared
do all kinds of work In a 6 rot -rla man
ni'Ty open the most n-aaooab e terms. Fajv .
ties needing In lhir line, altau'd Call Qpoa
til em flrrl, as they fjil'y '
Turned oet of their shop to be Al sad.
certain to wear well..
All aiadaef Madnal Inatratnmts Sold st
Saa Francisco t trices. Violia aud otbes.
wrins a apeeiallr.
tmis snd See us. ..
LaaUi i
O Is. X & aOk 2.
' Aad all kinds t( work
v'ttVlMir' ikaS-asS-
ie$tal fe.
CITS Fiaa A cm.