The Douglas independent. (Roseburg, Or.) 187?-1885, December 14, 1878, Image 3

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    Tbs 1niepkndbnt The be t newspaper
: ever published in Douglas county.
Society Meetings.
A. M., hold regular coram amca
.ewi tiona ever first and third Tuesday
,ia ech month Alt members in good
islanding will take due and ticaely ant ice
a id govern themselves accordingly. Tisiv.
siuiZ coropanious are invited to meet with
the Chapter when convenient.
-L holds regular meetings on or beto.-e
- .r each full moon.
A.F Campbell, Secy.
l.ndr 'o. 8. 1 O. O.
I? iiiui.ii .in s;infi ev'eninir. of each
xreek at 7 o'clock. in their hall at Koae
bufit. Members of iheorder in good stand
ing are invited to attend. By order of tbeN
Wet! Wet!
Mage your turkey.
Institute on January 9th.
Episcipal service last Sunday.
Bill Glover is dangerously it).
... i
Much sickness is now abroaa.
Aiteud tLe ball December the 20th,
Potatoes lor sale at the Grange .vart
house. " j
Tiie tost rains tiae tilled the creeks to j
' Uncle Sam" Marks was in thucity dur
ing the week, hale and h .-arty as eve.'.
D. A. Levins has gone to Sau Ftancisco.
He will return with Mr. Sol. Abraham.
The blow Sunday night was equal to
forty poiititians alt talking at the same
time. ,
The indebtedness on the Ashland Acad
emy lias been assumed by a joint stock com
pany Mrs. G. O. Ih.rman has returned from
Sa!ein, where she has been visiting re!a
A new restaurant has opened, next door
to Mrs. Conipton's dressmaking establish
Snow on the oast range of mountains
for the first t me this season Tuesday
lnorniux last,
Bvb. Troxtel wili have a shooting match
f.,r turkuva near the dunot Christmas
; New cross wlks Lave been laid on Jack
sou ftrer. Others are to be put down o
Main. Good enough.
Fresh garden seeds in endless quantities
and from the best seed growers, just re
ceived at Hamilton's drug store.
James Woodward and "Pappy" Gilder
sleeve have gone ' prospecting for the pre
ciuus metals south of Koseburg.
Two marriages in high life are soon to
occurr. To kiss the bride in either casn
would be something pleasant toremeii.ber.
"Jim" Wright has once more gone into
the livery stable business at the old stand.
If ou want your horses well cared for pat
ronize him.
H. C. St n ton has a fiue lot of school
books, which ln will continue to sell at old
prices. He has also a fine lot of gift books
lor holiday presents.
Carpenters are at work on the Metropol
itan hotel, and it is the intention of the
proprietors of the building to give it a
general overhauling.
Mr. Hyman Wollenberg has gone to
8an Francisco to remuin during the winter.
Borne-one t ild he was going to get married,
but liymaci say therd is no truth iu the re
port. '-
Dr. Callender of Jackson county, has re
moved to this city, where be proposes to
practice his profession. His family will
goon arrive, 'l it- Doctor comes to us with
the bet of rcomendations.
After all said ti the contrary, Sheriff Ho
gau captured Charley Brown in Lane coun
ty and brought him back Saturday evening.
Ctiarlny wit board at tho expense of the
county until Uio next term of lb a Circuit
Another Gone.
Tuea laj evening at 9 o'clock Dr. 8. Pal
mer breathed his last, and the: soul of an
other pi ineer whyed its flight heaven
ward. Wednesday following the remains
of the deceased were burried by the Ma
sonic fraternity, with the solemn ritea of
that Order, and wert followed to their
last resting place in Masonic cemetery by
neiiilem if l.anm) T-odie No. 13 and &
great number of friends of the good, old
D cior. Dr. Palmer was 04 .years of age;
had once served as physician and surgeon
in the United States Army, and since wag
a successful practitioner iu this county. Ilia
death was caused perhaps by worry ol
mind, as well as wear ng away of body,
and tlioxe who caused it must satisfy their
. owu consciences. But after all, Uir is
left to tiie satisfaction of his aoble wile,
the thought, We died good luau, and the
world sa v 8 so. Peace to hi ashea. aince
his soul has fouud a home with his Father
and God. ,r
A Brutal Murder.
The Portland standard of recant date
gives an account ot a brutal murder that
occurred near Feattle, W. T. Two married
men, who were neighbors, and whe were
on friendly terms, were visiting each other
with their wives. While bo doing they
got" into a religious discussion, which en
gendered unpleasant feelings. One drew
his pistol and attempted to shoot the other,
but was prevented bv the women. Ttey
were at length reconciled by agreeing to a
silent disageemeui.. B it in a few tuos
menta they again engaged in the debate,
and finally came to blows. One of the sien
" seized a large meat knife and plunges it
through his antagonist several times, Wio
fell tithe floor and expired. The a
Beeinf what he had done fled. The nsnaea
of the parties were Brown and Gallagher,
the latter being the man killed. ;
Philalathian BalL j
The Philalathian Literray Society Will
give a ball on the 20th of December. Ex
tensive preparations have been made to
render the ball a grand success. The ball
w'll be given in Marks 4 Co s sew brick.
Pied, in Camas Valley, November $7th,
1818, Emnia Venus Pouge, youngest daogh
ter of W. R, and L. A. Ponge, aged twenty
months. Jacksonville, Eugene and Por
i land papers are requested to copy this ne
, Met. - - . . v .
Houses Unroofed, Trees Torn L'p,
and fences Prostrated.
One of the heaviest w ind storms ever
known to oui people, passed over tLe
Unipqua valley lata Monday morning
The storm began about 1:00 o'clock, and
filteen minutes Defore it Lroke npon this
city, a tearful roaring, rumbling sound
was heard, which increased as the storm
drew nearer, and finally when the wind
came one could hardly hear another per
son speak when both parties were inside
of a building. The etorm came from the'
south west, and, as an old salt describes it,
"it was a regular sou'xwestei." The sig
nal set vice record shows that the storm had
a velocity of Sfcy miles per hour. What
made it most destructive was that the wind
came in gusts, and formed whirlwinds,
which took most everything in their way
The dninige done in this city was con
siderable. The engine house, at the rail
road depot was thrown to the ground and
completely wrecked. "Pat," the fireman,
as good luck wuld have it, was in the cab
of tiie locomotive when the building lell,
and escaped crushing to death. He was
starting the fire beneath the engine, and
was startled, as might be supposed, when
the house tumbled over his head. The
headlight of the locomotive was torn off
and ot : er damage done to the machinery;
bat '.Big Jack" ."putted out'Tor Portland
the same morning with his battered en
gine as though nothing unusual had oc
curred. W. F. Owen's chicken coop and
smoke-house were unroofed, and had it
not been for a wire-clothes tine whicli held
them they would have been carried into
the river. The river at the time
whs as angry as the sea ever becomes
comparatively speakinjr. - Its Surface was
violently disiurbed. Mr. Thrasher had
some damage doue rbout his premises, but
it was easily repaired. The southern cor
ner of Wright & Carlon's stable was torn
off', and a fched covering hay scales, and the
scales also, were demolished ' A large oafe
tree standing near was blown down upon
the dwelling houso of W. G. Woodward,
and a portion of that structure shivered a
if struck by lightning. Tom Grigdaie'e
barn and Jacob Biuer's stock thd were
carried away. Mrs, Compion's millinery
establishment also was d .majed in the
matter of cornice destroyed. For a time it
seemed as if the whole town would go,
and tLere is leason to believe that much
serious loss would have been sustained had
the storm lasted 'luee hours instead of one.
The barn oi John Bruckner six miles
southwest of this place was thrown over,
and, a year's crop exposed to the rain that
followed the storm The greater number of
telegraph poles were uprooted on the differ
ent lines, aod George Dement lost a smoke
house. All lences iu the county have been
prostrated. George Koberts BU'tea there is
not a line of fence standiug between Can
yon vi lie. and liosebuig, and parties irom
Coos Bay, say ther- are no fences standing
in Ten Mite and Looking. Glass districts.
In addition to this Col. Thos. Beale lost two
sheds and a portion of the roofs of his barn
and dwelling were ripped off;BenAgee
lost his barn; Jeptha Green a blacksmith
shop and wood house; Tim Crossman half
the Toof of, his residence; Jim Velzain a
smoke house- J as. Diliard the roofs of two
granaries, and Jeff Singleton the roof of a
The force of the wind was more plainly
shown at Looking Glass- There the roof
lo H. G. Crrw's barn was completly raised.
One half of it was carried the distance of
thirty yards, and the other half fifty yards
and deposited on the roof of that gentle
man's dwelling. At Oakland the damage
done was not so great as in other districts.
Fences everywhere ware blown dowu. A.
Hr 'wn's stable was unroofed. Half of the
roof of the large stable was torn away, as
well as a part of the roofs ot Hsynes' and
Frazer's barns. Pat Snyder suffered only
in the loss of a wood shed.
There is no record of such a storm in the
history of the county bt fore. Parties who
have resided here tor twenty-five years say
ft is 'he first.. The lmbsof the trees, show
ing a growth of forty year, do not exhibit
any signs of a similar storm, and there is
evidence to prove that it is the first storm
of the kind in this valley within a half
century of the past. While we cannot es
timate the full amount of damage, it is very
easy for us to attribute the storm to acci
dent, and nothine more How it was it
dropped upon us cannot be told ; the chances
are, another generation will have come
to take the places of the present before
another such oocars.
.Worth Twice the Sam.
We have just received a copy of The
Chicago Ledger, ttie leading family paper
of the west, which is now" entt risg jppon
its seventh volume. The Ledger Is a forty
eight column weekly, printed in jbold,
plain type easily to be read by young
and old, and is filled with choice stories,
and reading matter of interest to every
household. This excellent journal is sup
plied to subscribers, postage paid, for the
low price of $1 50 per year. In order to
increase its present large list of readers,
the publishers of t; e Ledger have made a
new contract for several thousand fine
Nickel-piated English Steel-barrel-and-Cvlinder
SevenShot Revolvers 22 cali
ber which they propose to distribute" to
iheir Buhscribers at cost, and therefore of
fer one of these elegant weapons ol defence
and The Ldger for one year for 8-1 00.
The revolver will be sent by mail, postage
paid, on receipt of the price. They have
already-distributed 3,000 revolvers and are
mailing hundreds daily. Now is the best
time to get first-clas revolver and the best
paper in the country for less than half the
actual worth of either. Tli ree sample cop
ies will be sent to any a 1 drees for ten ets.
Address The Ledger, Chicago, 111. !
New and Cheap Jiusie. ,
Lovers of new first-class sheet music,
embracing some of the compdsitons of the
greatest composers, at less price than such
Bheet music can be purchased in San Fran
cisco, cannot do better than to call at the
etoreof Dr. J, Woodruff. He has a collec
tion of fine music of over five hundred
different pieces from wuich a com planet
critic cannot fail to select something nice
andpleasing. It is without doubt the fin
est stock in the line ever brought to Iiose
burg. Go and see for yourself.
Fine Display.
It is almost useless to attempt to de
scribe the splendid piles of goods in the
capacious rooms of M. , Josepbson. The
nice warm gentlemen's and boys' snit, the
xcellect selections or ladies' goods, and in
iact there is nothing wanti g to . make up
a magnificent assortment of holiday goods
Kotel Impiovements.
Perkins & Headrick have been making
extensive Improvement at the Metropoli
tan hotel. " The bar-ioom has been en
1.1-owd and received a new floor.: They
have received a Bplended safe and placed H
in oosition. Tney nave maao vuo ini r
politan popular hotel,. . : ,
Garjteb, Dec. 9, 1878.
At a regular communication of .Aurora
Lodge No. 59. A. F. and A. M the follow
ing resolu'ions were passed:
Wbbkbas. It has pleaaea the Grea
Architect of the Universe to remove from
our midst our late. Brother Edward Green,
and :
Wherbab, It is but just that a fitting
recognition of his many virtues should be
had, therefore be it .;- -
Iiesolted, by Aurora Lodge No, 59, A F.
and A. M., That while we bow with hum
ble submission to the will f the most
High, we do not the less mourn for our
Brother who has been taken from us.
That in the death of Edward Green, this
Lo3g lament the Joss of a Brother who
was ever ready to profler the hand oi aid
and voice of sympathy to the needy an i
distressed of the fraternity, an active mem
ber of this society. wIiomh utmost endeiv
ors were exerted for its weltar and pros
perity, a friend and companion who was
d-ar to us all, a citizen whose upright and
noble life, was a standard ot emulation to
his fellows.
That the heartfelt sympathy of this
Lodsr'J be exteuded to his family in their
afflc.l ion.
That the Lodce nd furniture be cloth
ed in mourning tor thirty davs.
mat these resolutions be spread uoon
the records of the Lodge, and a copy
transmitted to the family of our deceased
Brother, and a copy to each of our county
papers. J.W.Leeds,
W. M. McGee,
P. Nklsos,
; Committee.
Sunday morning last K. W. Singleton
one of the first settlers of the valley of the
Umpqua.deparred h a life at the ripe age
of 60 years. The disease which carried Mr.
Singleton's soul y the home of his God,
was that of accumulation of fat iu the re
gion of the heart, and the good old uutn
died surrou du.l by his children, grands
jldren and great graiiucliiliiren. His ill
ness was not patuH ; his death was ac
complished without a sigh, fie had lived
a good man, and his feorsfnr the unknowu
hereafter were few if any. There was but
one gasp for breath, a rattle in the throat,
and Riley Singletou was dead. Up to the
last momtnt he retained consciousness of
all meturs surrounding hiin.uud at the last
moraont his excianiallou was ' My God, I
aiu dyiug." The remains of the deceased
wert interred iu the buiving ground ot the
family, on Deer Creek, fourteen miles from
Uoseburg. They were followed to tjieir
resting place by those who regretted he
who was ioved was lost without Uod gave
iLein way into heaven.
Handsome Wedding Dress.
Mr.-. Compton is now engaged in com
pleting a wedding dress for a handsome
young lady in this city. The joung lady
will go to Salem 'with hiei intended, and
in -re the ceremony will be performed not
only for them but also for another couple,
relatives of the expectant bride There
will be a double wedding 'of course. The
dress is made in the style cf the Princess,
of white cashmere trimmed with white
diagonal satin puffs and lace. The front
is square, of white satin puffed with lace.
The front is also finished with satin van
dykes and satin reveres. Elbow sleeves.
filled with white blonde lace, and a kilt
train of seven feel completes what the skil
ful hands of the artistic milliner has fash
ioned into a beautiful dress.
Forger Captured.
About two weeks ago a man named
Bumgardner sold several forged notes to
Delashmutt & Oatman, Portland, and then
decamped. A reward of $500 was offered
for his arrest, and the man was followed
from Portland to Taquina Bay, and thence
along the coast to Empire City, where he
was arrested while engaged in playiug a
little game of poker. Chief Of Police Bes
ser took the prisoner by tra.n to the city of
Portland. Bumgardner is said to be the
son of wealthy aud respectable parents in
the East, and we are iuformed that an els
fort will be made to compromise the mat
ter. Hired his Own Horse.
A certain M. D. went to Wright & Car
Ion's stable the other day to hire a horse.
The Doctor had put his own horse into the
stable several weeks before, and the sadle'
keeper gave the animal ro him. The M.
D. rode that dayv and the next, and in the
evening of each day returned home. Each
time he paid for the use of the horse, lie
cuised the breed of the worthless animal,
and swore when the keeper smiled at his
threat to change his patronage to another
stable. The Doctor, however, cooled dowu
wi en lie found out he had been riding
his own horse, but he will have to ;atch a
stranger before he can sell tne animal.
Captain Williams Returned.
Capt. L. L. Williams returned from the
north Tuesday evening. Since he took
his departure from this valley, the Cap
tain has traveled over Grande Koude, visit
ed the Coeur d'Alene mountains, and took
in Spokane, Palonse and Walla Walla,
lli s appearance is that of one who has pers
formed a long journey and enjoyed his
travels, and his welcome her is that of one
who enjoys the unselfish friendship of
' A Second Case-
Two hundred head nt Stover's sheep in
Webb's slough, Umatilla county, strayed
away three weeks ago and have not jet
returned. fis
This a second case, perhaps, of
"Little Bopeep lost ber sheep,
And didn't know where to bud them,
Leave them alone aad they'll come home
And bring their tails behind 'em."
Sentence of Death.
Sentence of death was passed upon the
two Indians who were convicted of the
murder of George Coggan. last Dec. 7th.
The citizens of that locality are prepariug
for any emergency that may occurr on the
ray of execution, January 10th, 1878.
In Luck.
John Clark has again been doing well
in mining stocks. During the the week be
sold 150 shares of Hale &, Norcross at f 12
per share. He paid $ 9 per share for the
Twisted Them Off.
: The storm of hst Monday morning pas
sed through a pine grove on John Jones'
lace, and, twisted off the lops of a dozen or
so of the trees forty feet from the " ground.
Amateur Minstrels. ?
A company ot amateur minstrels has
Deen formd to give a series of entertain
ments in this city during the holidays. A
number of fine vocalists have been secured.
Improving iit Health.
It was reported on the streets Thursday
afternoon that Ir- Gen jer was dead. This
was not true. Front Dr. Hamilton we learn
that Mr, Genger is improving in health
and will soon recover, l
From the Jacksonville Timet via gather
the following news of the mines of South
ern Oregon:
Everything on Kodenberger & Co's. mine
is in a flourishing condition.
The miners in the region of Uniontown
are about ready to commence winter oper
John GofF has been doing considerable
work on his cinnabar claim in Sam's Val
ley recently.
The Sterling Mining Company have
completed extensive preparations for work
this Winter.
The Grand Applegate Mining company
has a large number of men at work on the
btg ditch,
John fteckaer St Co., on Forest creek,
have a small head of water and are sluic
ing some ol last Winter's ground.
The Silver creek miues of Josephine
coun:y are holding out and will probably
lure a targe number of miners thither.
Aioie milling will be done in Josephine
county this Winter than ever before.
Gin Lin is repairing his ditch and get
in g ready for the Winter rains. The late
wet spell euabled him t do a little clean
ing up, fro-n which he is said tJ have real
ized a hifudsomf sum.
The survey of the Magruder, Owen &
Co's. proposed ditch was this week com
pleted. Thj surveying party has returned
and work may soon be commenced, though
there is a probability of its being deferred
until next spring.
The Coyote Creek company is about
ready to coounence work. The ditch from
the old MeWilliatns & Ash claim , to the
ground recently owned by P. O'Shea has
been completed ud the pipe lam. This
is one ol tiie most proiuiMU enterprises m
JsouUiern Oregon.
The 'Oreg inian" and the Koseburg In
have a bad way of appropriat
ing the i lines' mining news and palming
them off ns original with them. Very
naughty, indeed. Jacksonville Times. It
is naughty, but then it is nice.
N. D Uideuout, a prominent banker nd
resident of California, is now in Jackson
c unty, inspe cting mines of this sec
tion. He intends to invest in some of the
claims. He is a Director of the Oregon
Si California Land C uupany. ' -
We have beeu presented with a lot of
dried cherries by W, C. Evans. They were
grown by Messrs Luelliug & oon, at Mil
waukie, iu this Sta'.e, and were pitted with
Lillie's prune pitter. The cherries were a
jood urticle of commerce, end Messrs Luel
liug & Son deserve credit for their work in
drying them. These gentlemen have grown
and manufactured this year ot this fruit
above four tons, which they sold in bulk in
the San Francisco market at forty cents per
pound. We have no doubt had this fruit
been treated by the 'iAlden process, it would
hare retained, after cooking, its natural fla
vor and would as readily have sold for fifty
cents as forty. Th recomendation of -the
Alden process is, that fruit dried by it re
tains the delicious flavor frnit is noted and
prized for before dried. The Alden dried
fruit at the Stae Fair has often carried
away the premium for the reason the nats
ural flavor was not d stroyed in curing ;
and what can be nicer to the palate in the
Winter than dried plums and cherries, pos.
sessinir the same flavor as when plucked
from the trees and choked t
In this connection it is a pleasure for us
to announce that Mr Evans has purchas
ed the Alden fruit dryer in this city, and
that he proposes to hereifter successfully
conduct its operations. We have no fears
of the result of his labors. Different from
other men who have invested in the enter
prise, he has practical knowledge of the
business, aod wisdom sufficient to inform
(be famers as to the - trees they should
grow or the fruit they should cause their
farms to produce. This is what is needed
in the owner ot a fruit-drver, and there is
no doubt . Mr. Evuns wilt meet the en
couragement he deserves from our people.
If be is not triven this, .the farmers of
Douglas county have not the foresight or
judgment we would give them credit for.
There will be preaching in the
AI. E. Church on Sabbath Dec.
loth, at 11 o'clock A. M. m Rose
burg ; in Pine Grove school house
at 2:30 P. II., and at Rosebur?; at
7 in the evening;. In the Cofes
Valley school house there will be
preaching on the 19th, 20th and
21st, at ntgnt. Ou Sabbath the
22d. at Cleveland, and at 1J P.
M., will commence a aeries ot
meetings at the French Settles
meat school house. -
JN. A. Starr, Pastor.
A country editor eaya that alter
discussing the qnestiou all Win
ter, he conies to the conclusion
every Spring that the ciren ia
immoral; but when the bill
poster comes along with the big
pictures, his nund changeB. He
adds: "As we gazo at the lions,
tigers and moukeys, aud thinc
that nature made all of hem we
are not so sure And when we
look at the beautiful young lady
wun no:rnng on Dut a Dlue rib
bon around her very blender
waist, with one very plump leg
pointing to six o'clock and the
other to high noon, and think
that nature made her, too, 'just as
she was, except the ribbon, we
begin to lean up to the circus.
But when the brags band begins
to play and tne elephants go
rouud, we rush tor a front seat to
get in ahead of the deacons, who
always wear Btovepipe hatst and
won't sit down in trout."
San Francisco
fctoie next door to the barber shop and
nearly opposite to the Postoffice, and has
one o the largest stocks of Imported and
Domestic Cigars in stoca ever brought to
Koseburg. His Block also embraces all the
favorite brands of Chewing and Smoking
Tobacco, Meerschaum Pipes. Notions, Can
dles and other articles found usually in a
S first-class establishment of the kind. My
prices will be low and my time cash, and
a share of public patronage is respectfully
solicited. .
Notice of Final Settlement
In the County Court of the Si ate of Oregon,
fort e County of Douglas, sitting in
Probate. .
In the ma ter of the estate of Alex Porter,
deceased :
of said estate, having filed in said
court his final account for settlement, and
also praying for an order toy setting the
time for heariug the same, therefore, no
tie is hereby given that said final account
wilt be heard and fctermined in said court
on Tuesday .the 7th day of January. 1879.
at which time all penons having any ob
jections to said final account and settle
ment must then and there snake the ame;
and that notice of the saane be published
in the Independent for lour consecutive
weeks. By order of Hon. C. Gaddis.
T. K. 'SHERIDAN, Clerk.
Ada Short, ha left my bed and hord
without cause, and I hereby warn all pel1
sons not to cred . Ir.T on my account, as I
shall net be liable for her accounts.
RosEBitno. Oregon, November 19.
MlIBilifJ BHO'S.
This firm has constantly on hand the finest
stock of
Boots and Shoes
Ever brought to KocDurg.
uvrctd to Order
Boot and Shoe Heels.
Prevent running over and
wearing off oa the
THIS Fl KM HAS to u.i.o itiii i? lN
est stock of leather in the r-'tate. and
is prepared to do all kinds cf work in
fl'it-clas manner, xipon the most reasona
ble terms. Panies' needing anj thing if
their line, should call upon them, fit ft ss
they fully
Turned out ot their shop to be 11 90'
c"'in to wear well. 11
.-T7a7s&UHi & GO.
mm iiiEiiT
Patton's Block, State street, Salem, Ogn.
to prescriptions, and all .orders by
mail or express tilled promptly and accur
ately. Physicians ; and Country Dealers wil
save money by examining our stock, or pro
curing our prices, before purchasing else,
where. 40-tf
Of Final Settlement in the Matter of the
Estate ot Loren Da vis Deceased.
Frank Davis, administrator of EtRte of
Loren Davis deceased.having fi ed his final
accounts showing all his proceedings in the
premises, It is, therefore, ordered thav.
Wednesday, December 4th. 1878, be and is
hereby et apart tor the hearing of objec
tions thereto, and the final settlement
thereof, and that notice of the same be
published in the Douglas Independent
for tour consecutive weeks.
By order of Hon. C. Gaddis, County
County Clerk.
Rosebchq Or.. Oct. 12, 1878.
Monday, Dec. 2d, 1878.
Under the svpervist.m "1 the tinder-i'jnod
assisted by Miss Giili-and and J..M.
Bower The term-will continue sixteen
weeks, end'ug March 2Sth, 1878. The f i
owing art the
Orthography, Reading and W ritiug
per month $1 CO; per term $
6 00
English Gtamniar or Geography per
month $2 00; per term 8 00
Higher A-ithniatic, Algebra, Geomtry
Bookkeeping pr nio$ ' 50; per term 10 00
Lai in. Greek or French per month
$3 00; per term 13 00
Nearest to the Kail ro ad Depot, 0 klan
J AS. MAIIGN'EY, Proprietor
wines,: iQzoas ciqa is -
In Douglas county, and the best
Kept in proper repair.
E3"Partfe8 traveling on the railroad .vill
find this place very handy to 'visit du ing
the stopping of the train at the Oaki nd
depot. Give me a call.
Tills is notify the public that h
copartnership heretofore existing oetween
W. L. Button and O. C. Perkins has been
diswlved .,y mutuat consent, Mr. Button
retiring from the firm. The firm will be
known as Perkins & Headrick. The friend
ship of the public is asked for the
new firm by the retiring partner, who
would thank it for many fa tors.
Eosebuug, Nov. 15, 1878.
Has Permanently located '.a Roeeburg,
Workmen fey&l as GggcJ!
Superior to aj performed in Oregon
notice: to the public
IJIotic 5 hereby given that all debts
due Oy the late firm of Button & Perkins
will be paid npon presentation to W. L.
Rut ton, Metropolitan Hotel. All those
indebted to the firm must pay the same to
him at once and save coats. .
Bosebubq, Nov. 23,1878. "
r i
V 1
ITaa jus returned irom Sau Francisco, where he haa purchased the
1'iuest Aesortment ot .
Latest Styles
Ladies' Dress Goods,
Fifteen trarieties of Ladies Cloaks just received.
" v
Which will be sold at Prices to suit all purchasers.
Also a
Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods
. ..AND......
HATS, SHOES, Boots, ET8.,
More complete than thai of any other establishment in the city, and at Fairest Rates
JCSgrRerp ember I will occupy Dr. Hamilton's brick opposite the
the Metropolitan hotel where I shall sell goods cheaper tor cash than
ever before. M. J03EFIL30N.
3 '
and Paterus,
Full Line of
Wheeler Bros
Postoffice Buildfng, Locust street. Oak an..
. ...DEALEK8 IN...,
jdfcit goodw
wool and country produce.
We will
Pay th Highest Price
And store
We are prepared to receive wool at
either ot the following plares:
Roseburg, Wilbur, Oakland,- tonca ll
Drain's and Scottsbmg .
Mills, Reapers, Pumps, and all kind.
and styles of Machinery made t nrdr Ma.
chinery repaired at a short notice. Pattern
niaainir aone in ait its various forms, ana
11 kinds of brass and iron mk intra fnr-
nished at Bhort r Also manufacturer
of-Enterprise Planar and Matcher and
Stickers and thtrp ir. , '
RICHARDS & ROGERS, Proprietors
Manufactures of tl.e famous
JDexter Cools Stdves
Front st, bet. Main and Madison'
Portland, Oregon '
1 'ft SIMON,
Staple Dry Goods
Keeps constantly on hand a general as-
. eortiuent ot
Wood, Willow and Glassware, also
Such as required the Public County School
Toys and Faancy Articles.
To Suit i-both the young and old.
Sole agent for the celebrated
Including the well known
Buys and sells Legal Tenders, fumishea
Checks oii Portland and proeures drsf's on
San Francisco in sums to suit all require
j 3133 333 302 T2? 5
Freshly cured and of FINE QUALITY
The undersigned woftld say to the ciU
sens of R.eburg that tie lias just cured the
finest lot of llamB R.irvm nnrt K,f
offered to this market; and that no one will
tau to pnrcbase the same wnen once they
examine it.
Prices lowtr than ever.
A&Da a
Feed Stable,
TLis establishment in the
Best in the State
" ami connected wfth it is a larva -
Capable of accommodating an. urnl oa.
nurses and wagon.
Always in full supply at living prices
And No One is Allowed to (Jo
Away Dissatisfied.
Don't fail to give us a cat), for we atv (ta
termined to suit you in quantity, qufrfity
and prices. WliKiHT & CARLO fl.
: J. D S TUT II,
Opposite i-ti u a 3mwu, Oakland, Og-
. . . .DEALER IN ..
Stoves and Tinware.
! K-1 aitvays n band a
And U !jv ready ; sell foods tor cash
at prtO'K s.ithat a.t wilt be satisfied.
Is iny motto. m.m is the tint for rout "