The Douglas independent. (Roseburg, Or.) 187?-1885, November 23, 1878, Image 3

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Thb Ihhepbxdbnt- The be t newspape
err published in Doitjlas cunty. j
Society Meetings.
IT UPon A (MA TEH NO. 11. K
V M, hold resialKr communcs-i
tioim everv first and third TueiwUy
In each i All member in j
rundin will take, due and timely n.rcet
ilit-miMlv-a acnordintflT. VlMt
in companions are invited to uieet with
th Chapter when convenient.
LAUREL U)D E A. F- and A. M
hoids regular meetings on or before
each full m win.
F Campbell, Secy.
.Lodge. So. 8, I O. O
F. meets on Saturday even njr, ol each
week at 7 ocl ck. in their hall at Howe
bnrg. Meinlwrs of !hor.l-r in good stand
iiijf are invired to attend. By order of the N-G-
By the Governor of the State of Oregon.
Through a s-ne of vratiiude for the
many benefits and hlrssinflrs enjoyed by the
peoplof this State during the itt year,
and iit compliance with a. vetieraied cus
tom, I hereby ap;iiii Thnrwlay, ha l: th
d y of the present month, as a d ay of
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto
et my hand and ransed the great seal of
the State of Oregon to affixed.
D me Ht ilie cny of Salem, t t s, the 6lh
dav of Novemuer, A. IV, 1S78.
Govern t of Oregon.
By the Governor: R. P. Kakh auv,
Secretaty of 'ate.
'ooa Bay in full of salmon.
Capt. II Kelley, of Jacksonville, waa in
the city his week.
We heard some one say the Unipqua
river is "loiism" with trou...
Teni'iHur diggings arn repor'ed t have
been lately found onlillee.
The last instnl'm -nt of the May-bond hat
been paid into the State Treasury.
The Litenrv S ciety had a very !at rest
ing meeting Fridv,15th Let every one at
Col. Heuifl-rs -n, the j illy, fat print from
Kiigene, uaid .our city a visit duriug the
wj k.
The channel of ti.e Coquille river at the
' rnotiMi Ims b-en shifting aixmt considers
l.i,. ........ ,,i
George Fugles and wife will return to
R-ineburg. to permanently remain, in a
short time.
Quite a numer of our citizens i Headed
the lecture oi Public School? by Prof. L.
P well last Wednesday.
It isaid thrt the Blue Gravel mine, of
Josephine couuty, is the only quartz mine
now in successlul operation in the Vale.
We are pleased to announce that Senator
Colvig has rtturned to Douglas county,
where he will soon regain former good
The eldest eon of Judge Bonham, of Sa-
Jem, was burned in a tearful manner by
the explosion of a can of powdur which he
had in his hand.
Quite a number went out to the dam
above the city, last Sunday, to witness the
antics of the salmon in their attempts to
leap over tbe dam.
Member of the Literary society are Can
vassing among themselves in regard to
giving an entertainment in a few weeks.
Byfall means let us have the entertain-,
M:ss Ella Davis, of Polk county, while
visiting some relatives on Roberts' creek
was violently thrown from a wagon last
Saturday. he was unconscious several
hours alter the accident.
The Scotii-burg Canning Company was
incorporated the other day. The puruoee
of the' incorporators is to can fish, fruits
and . vegetables, and the capital stock of
the company is fixed at $12,000.
M r marriages. At Oaklan .Nov. 15th,
J. 0. Kre a to Miss Martha Eccles; at YYil
ber. 19. li, F. Haj-ernud Miss Etta Poet; at
Gar.liuer, Utli, P. A. Br .wnell and Miss
Jennie Jarnigan; in Hoseburg, 20th, David
Gibson aud Mrs. AmauJa Purlin.
A Savage's War Club.
Mr. A. Marks has a warclub, sent to him
by Mr. J. II.Price.of Victoria. It is made of
b IgKid wood, measuring lour feet in jlength,
weighs four pound, aud is k Lot ted at one
end. The club was captured by the crew of
the American ship Newkirk, several years
aifo, in one of the ports ol the Fiji Islands,
where the vessel was becalmed, in an attack
of ten days duration, by the Islanders, from
the cuiet of the attacking lrib., and waa
presented to Mr. Price by the chief engin
eer of the steams'..! p City of Pauaiua. It is
a desperate looking weapon, and otus of
sufficient power, it skillfully handled, to
kill an elephant, io those who have never
seen one ol the kind, the club is quite a cu
riosity, and owin to i s history, and the
name ol t ie donor, Mr. Marks prizes it very
highly, and will put il awav with the mam
on., r curiosities he has collected during bis
travels or received from his ineuds.
AH Complete.
Urc e Jimmy Cox and Mr. Simon Lane
have completed their new residence. T. P.
Sheridan, with ab:e assistantanta, complet
ed the plumbing work last week. Uncle
Jimmy put on consid- rble style since he
moved into his new house, and Simon
wa ks after the style of a millionaire. Both
of the old boys, in fact, turu up their noses
at us youjg fellows, lately. Let them
wait until our shi. coines i'u. Then they
will see what they do see.
Our Mining Interests.
The mining intermix of this portion of
Oregon have became more extensive than
ever The amount of capita invested in
Improvements of this c aracter in Soutli-
em Oregon is aMm i-liiiiA We. can say
that while our coun ry is rirh in agricultu
ral it is rich ill mineral resources Capital
ist Seem to have confidence iu th
extent aud rich ess of ibese mines, aud aie
inves ing their nieai.s in opening up and
developing them ni nes.
The Singers' Agent.
. V. K. Davis,' agetit for the Si.,ger sewing
machine, is in the city nu re. He re
ports many sales o that style of sewing
machines, and happy Irenuseot his ac
cess. He has a new p'ait'i (. machine, this
time, winch we think i-lnml.l nudaplace in
th home of -very faiuiiy. It is simple in
construction, cannot get out of repair, and
nil wove a la-nefit to any lady who may
purchase one of t ni. ;
Public Tocnment
i-enstor Grover has oar thanks for valna
ble public documents received by laa
Jaatern maJL
The Portland Standard, ol November the
17tb, gives n Hccuuut of a heart-rer.dinp
acciden , which occurred in Port atid mi
the 16 b. It sa's : A ytnr ago last May.
Michael Rijjys and family arriveil in tliis
Stale troin llnlifax, Vermont, and s-curinsr
a farm near Pl.uenix, in Miuihern Uri-jron.
m ved oil it. For so, e cauneirnub e came
to their home and caused hitler teelintf
in ilie husband atfaiitxt the wife, ro in
lense tw :atue toe haired that Rijfjjs shot
his wjfe in he uead. tlie wound not I roviuir
Mr." Ifijrun ui.n r.cverii.jr oeter-
mined to leave what had been called home.
it nd staned f. r r-aerani' nto.where lives her
broi her in-law. She arrived t Portland,
in company-with her son, Willie A Per
kins, ag'-d 2.1 years, aud two little girls.
Wiliie cairied the money. As the ferry
ooat wuit landing, one rope I aving been
made fast, aul toe boat wm swiiikring up
ton pontoon, Willie thiuking a hinling
had hei-n made, walked forward to look rl
ter his bagyiige. It bein dark he wuikd
ov rboard and sank to rie w more. The
poor woman, wit out friends or money,
alked up i,lte street alone to the waiting;
r om of Hie di'Ht. Here she was found
and provided foi by Mr D. H Stearns at
his espense Willie A. Perkins wts a r. hi
a;iveof .Mr. Perkins, til the Metropolitan
hot. 1, slid I as liven in this place
Vonh Twite the Sum.
We have jut received a copy of The
Chicago Ledger, the leading family paper
of the west, wh eh is uow entering upon
its seventh volume. The Ledger '8 a for'y
eight columu weekly, priated in bold,
plain tyiw easily to lie read by young
and old, nd is tilled with choice stuiie,
and reading uintier f interest to every
hoUHehold. This exo'llent journal issur
p I led to subscribers, (Mistagu. paid, for the
low price of (1 50 er year. ln-drto
increoe its preseut large list of readers,
the publishers of t e L. tiger have made a
new contract for several thousand fine
Ni.rkel-piated English Steel-barrel-and-Cy
liuder Seven-Shot lievolvers 22 cali
ber which they propor-e to distribute to
vheir subscribers at cost, a- d therefore of
fer one of these elegant wenpoi s d defense
and The Lodger lor One year tor $3 00.
The revolver will be sent by mail, postage
pcid, ou receipt of the price. They have
already distributed 3,000 revolver are
mailing bund ret s daily Now is the best
time to get firxt-cla-g revolver and the best
paper in the country for Ir-ss thn half the
acturfl worth ol either Three sample cop
ies ill be sent to any address for tenets.
Address The Ledger, Chicago, 111.
A Lucky Strike.
Several weeks ago, Mr. John Chirk, !
this city, invested a couple of hnndred
dollars in t'onsolidated Vir ini.t mining
s;ock. A short time a'ter Cons.-lidaied
Virginia went up to $15 tier share Friends
of Mr. Clark adviseu him to hold on llnit
Con.-oliduied Virginia would go to f40;bui
he was wise enough to c 1 wheu lit- had a
large profit. n cienred. by so doi. g. the
haudsime sum of -f'-'OO. Had he waiiel, a
he was advised lie w. uhl have found j ii
slock worth that much less4 than he paid
for it.
Bodies Arrived.
The remains of Thos. Di on and Hick
erson, were brought to this city by Mr. Geo.
Wj Short last Saturday. Hickersons' re
mains were forwarded by train to his rela
tives in the Willamette valley, while those
of Thos. Dixon were buried in the family
ground on Deer creek, last Sunday afer
noon. The funeral .vas largely attended
by friends who thus paid the last sad token
ot respect to the memory of one loved and
Started Again.
Once more the Coos Bay mail service be
tween this and Marshfield is being per
formed without hindrance. Money from
C. C Huntley was received last week, and
all 'indebtedness incurred by him has been
paid. Our friend Laird, of Siikum, de
serves much credit foi the way he worked
for Huntley, aud Huntley should never
forget his faithfulness in tiie hour of need.
Letter from Charles Cohen.
A letter received from Charley Cohen
8' ales lie is in the enjoyment of the bet of
health. lie asks that some of his Rose
burg friends write bun a letter or two.
Charley is one of 'lie favorites on this
routedf commercial touris.s, and ifcertliis!
apiecl for corres onuVnee we expect io
bear of all the boys buying in a fr. sh sup
ply of writing materials for his exclusive
Ceggan's Murderers Convicted.
Twri of the Indians engaged in the mur
der of George Cogyan were convicted of
niurd.-r in the first degree. The 2d day ol
December was tixfd for sentencing them.
They will doubi less expiate their c-ime ou
the scuff d. This is as it shou'd tie, and
will have a wholesome effect on the Iuui
anB in this S hi.-.
Whitney Convicted.
The trial of John D. Whitney at Salem,
for the killing ot Hibert. on the Silvvrton
road last September resulted in the jury
finding the accused guilty of murder in
first degre.-. It is said he has made a confession-
Mr-. Hibeit was put on trial on
the charge of ' being an accessory to the
murder of her husband.
Running Steadily.
"Pap" Comstock was in the city during
the week, and in general appearance, look
ed better than ever. "Pap" informs us
his saw mill is now cutting l.SOOteet of
lumber i-er dav, and that the reoairinir of
bis plan ng mill will be completed in a lew j
days, ami it will be ready to answer all de
mand for dressed lumber.sashes. doors and
In Town.
Lowry Watson, one of the ablest law
yers in Coos county, is in town, having re
turned from Jacksonville, where he has
been iu at.endfnee upon court in the first
d strict- Mr. Watsjn is in the et i .vturni
ot the best of health, his numerous friends
will be glad to bear, and ba lost none of
bis usual warm-neartedness which ha
won f..r hitii so many friends. He has re.
turmd home.
Surgical Operation.
Last Sunday Dr. Cozad performed a dif
ficult surgical operation on the left foot of
a son of Mr. Howe, of Coos county. The
iteration consisted in amputating a por
tion of tiie toot, including the two yrea
to-s. Jl'he operation was performed in a
scientific manner, and will redound to
the credit of Dr. Cozad as a thorough
surgeon. The pniient when last heard
from ivaa in a fair way to recover.
Goal Wa k.
Alex Ireland writes us from Oakland
that lj til u tth r pary went ouij i ,
the mountains, w st ot tliaitowc.a few
dnysaso, and, during three days' hunting
killed! twenty-six fin.- deer. The meat
slaughtered was all sold al f;iir priees in
Oakland. Preity goial work, my boy.
' Railroad Accident.
Last Snturday afternoon while th
freight was swiu-hing off at Oregon City to
allow the A bany express to pass, the
track spread, letting four cars on the lies.
The eipresfl was detained several hours.
PROF. L. J. P0W' uailkis.
Following are a few iteis from lecture
on oublic schools, by PrtV- L' J- Powell,
Superintendent of Public nstructi .de
livered at the Cojrt HouseV Wednesday
The common schools are thl- means by
whicl the ireat m-.isses are d&fH,,')l If
these schools are neglected, or irA'sifed,
ou youths will not receive thst cdftuje
ncessar- to make useful men and women.
The idea that tin-re can le too much edu
cation is fui e There cannot lie too much
culture uuioiig the young. The directors
and parents should interest themselves in
these schools to attend ihetn frequently
and see how the pupils are advanci. g, and
ascertain whether the buildings are kept
in proper cone it iou. The success of schools
rest on the matter of means. Competent
teachers must be pa'd or thi y cannot per
form the duties successfully. There should
he unn in unity of sentiment regarding the
regulation of public schools. The schools
i-aiinoi be conducted according to lashion
and wishes ol each particular individual
Every one shout I conform to the general
wish. There are imiw rlecnons in the free
kIi.miI system, but il is the best that can be
devised at present, and we should, work
under it with unflagging z-al. in all re.
siects. let us nave the schools possi
bly under the circumstance. The olj -ct ol"
public wihools is to place education within
i he reach of every you'll. It is the object
not to eiiurate the youth above labor hi. t
to it To furnish the'yoitth, wiio are una
ble to attend) colleges, with liberal culture
Is the design ot the free -cliools. To do
this, there must be money to support he
schools. The Legislature should provide
a school tax. The people would endorse
such a measure. There must e citiu e
tent teachers and a live Omu'v Superin
tendent. Toe time of the Suiieriiitendeni
should be devoted xclunive y to ihe duties
of his office. A salary should l urovided
that he may do this. Lei the people re-
memiter thev must sustain these schools.
I.-t uh work t-gclhi r and mould the se ti
ll Ul .-lit of the masses to an opinion favora
ble to pracica! culture.
I he Professor dossed with an eloquent
appeal fir the supp rt of the people, and
announced his iuteiitiou f holding
Teachers Institute some lime in January, in
A Scarcity.
It would be but retributive justice if
those who grumble at the sma.l amount
of news in Lome papers just now,
were ,ut up.-n the tre d-miil, and com
pelleii to fuinish "c-'py " They m gnt
vriie-f the weather give one or ln , er
snnal notices cr out against a prevailing
nu. same in fie s ppe ol a bad d -c"t ..r
quarrelsome lawyer but how S:ul he
would be, his labo.s nish'd aud ye. ihr.e
empty column of space to lili! Take
' a.eri-ge Oregon nespapi-r, .-f the i.r
eni wriiing. cud speak ol ivinjul terms,
ai.d a'ter a 1 the work done to turui-li
something of iniert'-t yet there are
many ciianccs f r i h- local critic to show
his taci. .n t o ; ' - timtm
IJo.-eour's i.sitors
Judge Grim, ho d over nator, and Hon.
F. X .Matthew, representatives of Mar'on
county, gave us a pleisant call Tuursday.
Both gentlemen are visiting our city be
cause ihey have lizard so much in its favor;
and they t-ll us they will return totheii
homes, feeling all that is said good of Roe
liurg abroad is but half the truth told. W
know they are satisfied that ours' is a
tbr ving c mmunity ; snd b th say our
present city is in striking contrail to the bar
ren waste that meet their eyes when they
passed through the val ley of the Cmpqu'a
in-1848 thiny years ago.
Wanton Waste.
Every Sunday a number o boys and
men congregate at the mill dam south of
this city, and spend the day killing salmon
for sport, and after the fish are h -oked nr.d
drawn from the water they are thrown
upon the sand and there allo vnd to thp
themselves to death and af erwards rot.,
Xea'ly every on of the fish dest royed are
thus stopped before they reach the soa fil
ing grounds; and in this way the n'iiber
of fish that otherwise would be found in
our rivers and smaM streams is decreased
immeasureably. This is wrong. A sinyle
sensible man would not ergitge in such
want in was. e of future reliable food.
Steam lieer Mine.
Tlios. Critzer left Tuesday morning for
th S earn Beer Mine, in Jackson county.
Ueports received from these mines are to the
effect that them is already plenty of wrier
running through rue f"i ch to enable work
to proceed ; and Mr. Crtzer's trip is f..r the
purpose of s'arting the hydraulics. We
wish the proprietors of the mini abundant
Entertainment Postponed.
The entertainm iu announced last week
to be given on Thanksgiving dcy by the
Presbyterian Sunday Schiol, has been
postponed until one week la'er, in order to
allow those who will tnk- part an opportu
nity to more thoroughly fit themselves for
the occasion. Whe the concert is given is
will be worthy of tbe patronage of the
Prof. Powell.
This gentleman was in the city during
the week, looking after the interests of the
public schools. I'r Powi'll is a man
of fine attainmen's, and under his direction
the public sc'iooi system of Oregon must
bee me every way improved and generally
Changed Time.
The stages of the Oregon and California
Stage Company are now running on long
time, and nerealter pae-ei'gers arriving
from the north ami bound south will lay
over one night, at K-.seburg.
(Joing to Albany.
In a day or two Mr. J. C. Mitchell and
wife will leave for Alintny to take cha ge
f a hotel lately purchased at that plce.
'I he good wishes of nr citiz -ns will an
with Mr. Mitcluill an 1 'tis ii in U itnn lady.
Returned to I lis Post.
Professor J, P.rot ne, principal of the
Roseburg Academy, has returned from an
extended visit to San Francisco. He is in
tnjoynient of good h laltli. and his many
fneuus gladly bail his return.
"Jupiter Pluvius."
Had we the local ediior c.f the Oregoninn
here to help us this week, we might write
a half column or so under the above head
ing. As we have him not t aid us we
will simply remark, it rains.
Expected Home.
The wife and mother in-law of Mr. J. C.
Fuller'.on are expected to arrive a Port,
land by the next steamer from San Fran
cisco and from the latter port will pro
ceed irumedtaiely to :liis city.
Thanks for Assistance.
We received a letter from Zaz Van Or
man, in w hich he requests us to return
thanks to his friend for the aid they gave
Lini during his late trouble.
Last Sunday, by Rev. John Howard, in
Flournoy's valley.Mr.Jas. Duncan and Mhs
Lucy Hilbum; all o' ib' county.
iiij a
From the dipt. H. Kelly and other sour
ces we gather the following information ol
the mines of Southern Oreg'-n :
Miners are awaiting the Winter rains.
Jos Saltmrh reports the in.ners on
Sterling confident ol success.
Work is piogressmg steadily at French
Flat, Josephine county.
Frd.Bauirhman will put up a hydraulic ;
on Josephine creek below lo g. j
John Marshal is preparing to work his '
extensive mines ou Coyote creek on a larg-r :
scale than' before j
The (irave Creek Company has niBde ar- '
rangen-nts to start a hydraulic in a j
dav or two. !
Parties are returning trom Silver creek, j
J-sephine county , driven' in bv the snow i
Some of the claims have paid well. ,
The Sterling snd Blue (travel mines on i
r3..i; ..i. .... .. l- i.. !
erations. and are simply I t water.
W. I . 1 1 it in . 1 1 . i ii & Co., on Forest
creek, will put up the hydraulic formerly
used at Uui.'iilowii ami can on ..p. r.tti -n-Ulore
extetifive than vt-r before .
The "Grand Applegue Mining otiipa
ny" will incre'is - ihe nzo 01 iis ditch, now
in cour of .ii, vul. ii 11 , it cm
siderably on bolt, the top and botioti-.
Bybee. Benetlict & Co. are sinking a shaft
on i heir cia-m-i S.t-a u! eit 'hy , and
will run a tPilt at one -. They projaise to
do some thorougii pr fhis Win
ter. Tlr survey f Mairruder, ''onsfant &
Co's. ditch is lieing cotnitiu- d b Charles J.
Howard. It has progressed several mi ot.
wiili a prospect ol its extending much fur-thi-r
Beck Bros ,v ho l.e taken up a mininu
c iii'ii ni Ao;)'e'a:,-. vvill e euplete their
dam t Lis week, and expect to have iheT
ditch finished in time ihe ensuing sea
sou's work.
The Coyote Company has c. mmenced
oietatii iis villi me l.y tiiHiilic. ud so n
as another arrives ii will le set l work
The prosj eels in tins claim are highly en
curageing. J. B. Coates came in last week Irom H.
B. Seyb. ri's ditch, wine., is designed to
Hike water Irom Applegate across the
conn ry to the For.y nine mine digging
west of Phoenix, and mi touching var.ous
cret ks in its rotiie.
The la'e la ns Iihvh fuinished '.L.
BecK, ol Willow Springs, euoilgli water to
nwi up so tie gr u.itUsiiiiciiiif tloiie la-tt
Wimer.w i.ich is pa. ii g well He wnl u
gate qiine exiettsivi ly in nrnii g opt ra
tions this inter.
I he hoseburg Colli pa iV. composed of
Lie l;l.lenl'.gir. Julill li.tfl H ll Thomas
J Cri'Z !, have aboui ci'ltl,.ifted tlitlf dl C i
from Tom creek.aiid are now engaged
in.getimg ih'-ir pipe into posi
tion lor ihe inter's nor 4-
A numb r 01 iii.'ic.i.iuis who retireil irom
liusiiu-f-in J.cUs n c'-urty m-v il years,
have r.-iurn- d to invest ilo ir ii imis in i he
grnVi-1 lietis .n Ap, lega'e cre k "lii'Hi!
in in are-Dr I. .it'll. si ii and Js. Glenn.
' I ii 1 1 1 in I. ii I.ii n. since
st .-prin. has
keu iJliOOO .u "f cl.,
m. - Win-ii In
fiist ill. (I up or tieied cii'im ai.d lim rt te
no nis f..r s.'le at $-40 000 aim was iaiigiiet:
i.t Xw h s pric is $250 000, or a quarter
of a million.
I. N. Money passed through the cit
Thursday, on his way to Portland, to pur
chase a crushing mill for the Tellurium
mine. The mill is ol the pattern kit wu
as Salmon's patent crusher Mr. Mtiney
pr 'pi ses to ship the miil le the mine beiore
bad weather rets in. He reports w rk st
the mine, as progressing satisfactorily to al
inter" sted.
Two mTe wagons, heavily lndened with
liytlrau'ic pip-1, tun Middle creek, went to
Ahral ani.V Willis'mines ou Applegate last
Frinay. All the mining apparatus Irom
thai deserted camp is being brought over
the mountain this week, and will be con
veyed to the Applegat. mines in a few
weeks, where it will probably be ussd to a
good purpt se.
nother mining enterprise, wh cli prom
ises to I- quue m port a n . is under w ay.
f he co op toy w ho propose to cenduct ii
is composed of C. C. Beekman, U. S. tiay
den, Win. Bybee, W. . 'Iiimei ami o.ii
ers. Tne gravel bed lies ou .'.;ue. river,
a few mihs fr.mi Wiidervill. , in Josephine
county, and ii is proposed to run a
taKii g the water .roin 'ate cr-ek, Tne
diicu he lil'.eeti niil.s long, out, nhnty
ofoiimp anil an inexhaust ii.le supply !
ground seems asst.reti. A party stalled
loribat sertioti thin week, intending to
make a survey ofth" prop .S'tl ditch aud
"ake so. ne gen-'tal oWs.-rvaiion.
Fred Austin, a tiWpenter. was foutid
dea iu achmr at the Cosmopolitan hotel
."aiurday morning by J. s. B. mith and
1. Cnro. A few minutes before he came,
into the lime . placed his lantern under a
chair and sa down, and thero the Heath
of life lelt him s timet I v ha none kuew
j when the Soul of tlie man winged its wav
! toward heav n. So merciful was Death in
this instance, mi l so quick was the work
oone, that those present kuew not the lime
when the divorce to body and soul was
gran eil. 'I'll re, rigid as an icicle, pa. id as
d.-ath, ihe body re-ted as t ougli the man
ll 1 gone quiet ly to sleep. Uis Ceath was
w ith ui pain, an i his I owed form may tie
lik. dim umothe pla .1 that lives fT-ugh
a season, loses, as is proper, ihe sap of lis
existence and dies with bitter frost of
an uuiiNiiied-tor tret-zing gale from the
nor li in m early SepiemlH-r
Po r Fied bad been a ie identof Oregon
for sometime He was ah ut 45 ye-s of
age, and came originally Irom Duchess
county. New York. His health hail been
tailing for a year or I wo, and bis death was
looked for many months before it came io
relieve Imu of bis sutteriugs
A coroner's inquest was held upon tne
remaius, but. s range as it may seem, an
autopsy of the body a as not sanctioned
by the Justice in charge, and the jury re
turned a verdict to the effect 'hat ihim
med'.ato cjuseof death was unknown.
The lime of uneral of th) deceased
w s not announced, anil the body was not
f.i.ln-ed io the yrave ly a single triend,
thou h Austin ha many. In this much
too great haste was shown
Good growing weather.
Tlwewillbe a grand shooting match
at this place Christmas.
A ball will be given at the residence of
D. G. McHette, Friday night. A good
lime is anticipated.
The revival at the Winniford school
house has been very successful so far aud
quite a parcell of sinners have been con
vened. The Cole's valley laiy, with the red. neck
tie, as sicken of by the Calapooia corres
pondent, was so intimate with the young
ladies that cine iff the boys got his "ire"
raised. This occurred at the sociable.
Hi Germond and Pat. 0. Murphy have
taken the contract ot digging the tunnel
to. the Hubbard creek saw mill, and think
of bringing it to a focus bvthe (list ol
February, 1879. " Tica.
Will Visit Uoseburg.
Dr. B. F. Swick. of Salem, at the re
quest of many former patrons, wilt visit
thiscity next Monday, ou professional
hnsicess. He will remain only a few d; ys
Those having dental work to be done,
will do weil to give the Doctor a call.
George W. Short has returned home,
and reports rough experience . When he
rear I ted i he place of burial of Dixon and
llickeison's todies, h tound no one wil
ling to aid him in conveying 1'ie remains
from the ru le Ix.xes n which they Imu
been iu'err.'d to the air-ugiit c iflins wine i
had Iceli prefiared lor ih.-in. Kf offered $25
f-'t the assi-tance ot one m. in and even a sum .but to n. purpose, he had
to p.-rlortn I iie task a "ii '. Owing to the
Itier. ih-lndyot Dix in. and also that of
liicker-hi, I a l ne. n etpt seit to the sou's
rays tor t .vsi a mo. nit. the fj.-sii had
bar sened um the skeletons; .and there
v o- h:ug off lisie u ihe uiell. Dix
on's t.ody showed no si. lis of havi g been
toadied nv ihe Indians a'ter l .e fatal shot
w me -, liepr ved il of tile ha i been fired.
D.xoti appeared as though he had quietly
one t- s.eep, ami there was only a crilll
noii slai i on uis brenst to bear evidence
!' hi.- violent il ath. I he s.ivnges. howev
er, scu p- d ILc-k.-.tuin, and the fleshy part
of li- dy in r .tie. d ep jashes, sitia-king-
I luiil ot tiie lli.iigllitieS ItealM-ii upon bis
person, (ir.i, nli v al'' or death had relieved
t e poor ..1,1 111,111 !i-o :i Lis suffc. nigs. Af
ter t he r-in ot tie- remains fiom tie
oimv.s, ir. Ii rt iiii.d. the journey to
i.'osePurg almost. H one; and, wiih rougu
loa'ts a. i.i H sad carg . ie .in i a s .ny trip
of it
hrf bi-s" q'la iiy ot I in . an I cb'-apr
t liau the c u'apeitt a: Dr HuuiltouV.
Tin- tioiiiicial siilletitiirin Fr tuec
last ve-'ir in .rntne ieniw of tiolit
itril auiiatini ail stiiiiafi-iii ot tnlit-it.(l !iy thtt taut. fiat.
f!i' piiwii s Hps hi I'arin hi it
nearly S.0H) ()Q, ,(f ln ,ii.-.ii al
itiosf 2 "00,000 i j'i-r a greater
iiiioutit Hutu I r ve rs lieiiii'.
Caituil'uii itti 'i ritlej sIhuv tiie
tiieaniiesJ ut ttusr rti ly L lar
nii; Aiiienuiti seatiU'ti fr u r.j
cet vi ii er r.-wml wliiuu is tj veo
t' Ciijifaiiis an I i res of v.--seir-finuii''
t" relieve vessels iu lis
tr -ss .in. ttiA'iug them ti place
f s,IVtv.
Gail Ilauii inn suys : "Kctoriu
hd licieti tiiie a screen lehm I
wi.u'h Hie ii ,t ri Itii'ioii ii ihe
!-jl"ls .(- ltei'll if .jor liu ut Ohlv
.ifii"ii- fit in r, v;itlu;i iviii ii
its s -rent iplheie Is Vinillttl, I'tlt
wiilp.ut 'h- column-' tli-ctetimi
will It Tlio I in ii-litnist pr,u;! I'tl.
Mas Perou.tifiitly mated In Uoseburg,
VorDan by We as GqqJ
.-u.H-rior . any performed in Oregon
UA(ii,.Bi:i(i Biitfs.
This firm has cot s antly on hand the fiuesi
stock of
Boots and Shoes
Ever !'rout.h to KoscDurg.
IJVEa,clo to Order
Boot and Shoe Heels.
Prevents rnnn'ng over snd
wearing off on the
Till fii..l HASso ruN
est stock of heather in the r-'tate. am'
is prepared to do all kinds (f w.irfi m -flr-t-clas-i
manner, upon the most reasona
hie terms. Paries needing anUhit g ii
their line, should call upon them fiiri ss
they fill is-
Turned out or their shop to be 1 as
. re"1 in to wear veil. 1(
T7GTiyilTH& QO.
... AND ...
Patton's Block, State street. Salem, Ogn.
to prescriptions, and all orders by
mail or express tilled promptly ana accur
ately. Phricians and Country Dealers wil
save money by examining our stock, or pro
curing our prices, lietore purchasing else
where. 40-tf
Ol Final Settlrmellt in the Matter of the
Estate ot Loren Davis Deceased.
Fra .k Davis, adiuinisTitor of Estate of
l.oreu Davi ilecased, having R ed his final
accounts showing all his proceedings in the
premises. It is, therefore, onlered ilia.
Wednesday, D- cetuber 4t'i, 1878, lie and is
hereby tet apart for the hearing of objec
tions thereto, and the final settlement
thereof, and thai notice of the same be
published in Ihe OoUOLAs INDtiPBNDENT
for tour consecutive weeks.
Bv ordet of lion C. Uaddis, t'ouu.y
J ud e.
t'ounty I'lerk.
liosKBUito'Or.. Oct. 12, 187
Nearest to the Uailro sd Difot, Ok Ian
jAil. MAHONKY. Proprietor
(VINES, ijaJHJ dr CtO A tS
In Douglas county, and the besi ,
Kept in proper repair.
3P"Parties traveling on the railroad vill
find this place very handy to visit da 'ng
the slopping of the train at the Oaki nd
depot, (iivy me a call.
9 if J A S. MA1I0NEY
canlile Business at Canvonvilie to
Messrs. T"k las Badeu L Co., of San Fran
Cisco, we wouitl respectfully call the at:e
lion of those indebted to us and ask them
to make immediate settlement.
Marks. Sideman & Co.
''as just returued trom San Fratici3co, where be baa purchased the
Jj'niest Assortmeut ot
Latest Styles
Ladies' Dress Goods,
Fifteen rarieties of Ladies Cloaks just receired.
Which will be sold at Prices to suit all purchasers.
Also a
Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods
Gentlemen's clotming.
More complete than that of any other establishment in the city, and at Fairest Bates
ESS-Remember I will occupy Dr. Hamilton's brick opposita the
tbe Metropolitan hotel where I ahull sell goods cheaper tor cash than
ever before. M. J0SKPII30N.
and Paterns,
Full Line of
Wheeler Bros
Postoffice Building, Locust street, Oak an
... .DEALEKS IN....
rxFvir goodw
W will-
Pav tho Highest P tiu
And store
We are prepared to receire ,ool w
either ot the following places:
Roieburg, Wilbur, Oakland, VoiH!iU
Drain's nd Scottibi'ij
Mills, Reapers. Pumps, and all kiads
and styles of Mschinerr made to order. Ma-
chinery repaired at a short notice. Patter
makintr done in all its various forms, and
ll kinds ot brass snd iron eastings fur
nished at short " Also 'manufacturer
of Enterpris. Plcoer and Matcher aud
Stickers and Si rp . .
RICHARDS & 1KXJERS. Proprietor
Manufactures ol ti V amoas
Dexter CooTc Stoves
P'rotit st, bet. Maui and Madison
Portland. Orejrea
Staple Dry Goods
Keeps constantly n hand a general aa.
t-oitu eui of
Wood, Willow and Glassware, also
;shooi. morns
Such as required the Public County Schools
Toys and Faancy Articles.
To Suit both the y-iunjr and old.
Sole agent for t ie celebrated
Including the well known
Buv nod kpIU l.etral Tenders fumiittiua
C iecki uu Portland and proeures drwf's on
iin rrauccoin sums to uit all require
Freshly curad sad of FINE QUALITY
The undersigned would nv to the cil
zenspf li sehnrur (ha' he has just cured the
fined lot of Ilanw, Bacon and Keel
offend tothis market; anl that no one will
fai" to purclikse the rane wnen once they
examine i'.
l'ric-s hw r than ever.
a tAMl
Feed Stable,
This esrablhdiment ia the
Host in the State
an ) connected with it is a Isrtre
'apable of accotutiiodatint; an . units
horxes sod wa(Tnn
Always in full supply at living prices
And -No One is Allowed to
Awaj' lisatisfiud.
Don't fail to tfive us t call, for wsai, u
ermined io suit ru in qnaiitilv, quality
and prices WKI'iH T & CARLO JM.
t posits Ahrahatit Brown. Oakland, Og
Stoves and Tinware
Keeps always on band a
And is always ready t sell foods for cask
' at prices so that all will be satisfied.
Is toy motto. Now Is the time for yomr
W in t e r Trdc,