The Douglas independent. (Roseburg, Or.) 187?-1885, November 16, 1878, Image 3

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Thb In dependent The be t newspaper
ever published in Douglas county.
Society Meetings.
tJ2siJ' hold regular coraraamca
vsMtiA tione every first and third Tuesday
io each month All members in good
standing will take due and timely notice
aid govern themselves acoordingly. Visit.
In? companions are invited to meet with
the Chapter when convenient.
VV. I. Friedlauder, Sec'y.
V.3f holds regular meetings on or before
each fall moon.
A.P Campbell, Secy.
, Lodge, N'o. 8, I O. O.
F. meets on Saturday evening, oi each
week at 7 o'cl-'Ck. in their hall at Rose
bare. ' Members of the order in good stand
ing are invited to attend. By order of tlie N -
By the Governorvof the State of Oregon.
Through a sense of irratitnde for the
many benefits and blessings enjoyed by the
. peopl 4 of this State during the past year,
and in compliance with a venerated cus
tom, I hereby appoint Thursday, the lbth
day of the present month, as a day of
In testimony whereof. I have hereunto
set my hand and caused the great seal of
the State of Oregon to if affixed.
D ine at the city ot Salem, th.s, the 6th
day of November, A. D., 1878.
(L. s ) VV W. Thater .
Governor of Oregon.
By the Governor: R. P. Eahbakt,
Secretaty of Slate.
Married, by Rev. J. R. N. Ball, at the
residence of Washington ledges, on South
Deer Creek, Sunday, J as. U. Poe aud Miss
Mary E.
His Reverency,
Although triend Bogart has not yet been
assigned ministerial duties he now signs
himself Rev. Bogart. We are sorry to
lose you, but we know the church needs
your services. 7
Gone to San Francisco.
Mr. Sol. Abraham has gone to San
FranJgco on business, there to remain
for several weeks. We hope success may
crown his efforts, and that he will return
home in the full enjoyment of health.
The Philallathian Literary Society was
reorganized last Saturday evening. A
new sot of officers were chosen, duties as
signed and a question for discussion was
selected. The society meets every Fridav
niuht of each week. We wish the mem
bers success in the matter.
Fine Bacon.
Many of our readers who last winter
purchased fine bacon of Mr. Jacob Bit
- zer, will be pleased to hear that he is now
patting up a large supply. He, will pickle
and smoke in his usual good style, the
sides, shoulders and hams of over one
hind red fine Logs this year.
Singular Coincidence.
On the Cth of the present month Mrs.
Louis Belfils gave birth to a bouncing boy,
and of course Belfils pert is very happy.
. The boy is the ninth child born to Mr.
Belfils, and first saw Heaven's- pure light
on Tuesday of the week. The remaining
eight children were bora on a Monday.
Thanksgiving Day.
As wiil be seen the Governor has set
apart the 28th day of this month as a day
oi general thanksgiving. Oregon this year
has much io be thankf ul for. Her crops have
been abundant and unfailing. The peo
are generally healthy and otherwise in tne
enjoyment of prosperity. Let the fattest
turkey be brought in aud let every one be
iPP7- - -
Tin Wedding
Th re was a happy gathering of warm
hearted friends ou Tuesday evening. The
day named was the tenth anniversary of
the wedding of the Rev. J. R. N. Bell and
bis charming lady. The call was a com
plete surprise to the happy couple, and, as"
usual, the presents various. Of course, Mr
Bell and lady fee grateful to those who so
kindly remembered them.
Fine Run of Salmon.
Any one at the dam, south of town, on
Monday evening last, might Lave wit
nessed, in a Bingle hour, at least two hnq
drej salmon jumping over the dam into
the pond above. The salmon making the
leap were immediately followed a trout or
two, as robbers in quest ot salmon spawn.
The run of salmon in the South Umpqaa,
this season, is considered unusually fine.
Will Contest itIs It Legal ?
Parties interested propose contesting the
late city election held at Oakland. . There
are doubts as to the legality of the eleei
tion held, aud as to whether the provisions
of the incorporating Act has been com
plied with. Judge Willis hat been em
ployed on the side of the contestants, and
Hn. Lafayette Lane on the side of- the
defendants. If the matter is pushed there
will be some interesting arguments made,
as two of oar ablest lawyers are engaged
In the controversy.
Went by Drain's. .
Monday morning eight sacks of mail
matter for Coos county, left this place for
its destination via Drain's station. It had
accumulated in the Roseburg omce.through
the failure of the mail contractor on the
order roue-Huotley to fulfil his contracts,
aud ry th.e engaged in his service. We
appose the mail will thus be carried until
; a new contact is made; in the meantime
the people of Douvlae and Coos counties
will be sufferers, into whose hands it
would not be afe for Huntley to trust him
eelf. .
Question of Construction.
" Cmpua Ferry" asks a question If a
man living in one district and owning
property in another district pays all his
road taxes In the district in which he lives?
The question is one of construction of law,
but able lawyers express the opinion that
road taxes should be paid ia the district
in which the property is located. The
benefits o protect! n are afforded all the
property in a district, and its value is en-.
hanced by improvements made by the tax
ation ot other property. It is plain that
all property should pay road taxes ia the
district ia which it is located. There has
been considerable litigation on this sub
ject, but good lawyers hold the above is
Several days ago a complaint was filed
against certain parties, for catting timber
for milling pjrposeson Government lands,
with the United States District Attorney,
Hon. Rafus Mallory. The parties hus vio
lating the law were engaged in cutting
timber near Pat tei son's mill, on the North
Umpqua- If we have the story right, the
District Attorne at once notified the! par
ties of the effense they were
Fending an officer, deputized for the pur
pose, to the scene of actiot ; and the result
was, there was a geueral scampering down
of teamsters, teams and wood "choppers.
Now, tLere is the question presenting itself
to many of those engaged in the work.who
will be called to Portland firet to answer.
The trees felled and logs cut were not for
Patterson's mill, but t'-ra mill lower down
the river; and the Informer is a ie-tueBt in
the neighborhood of the parties accused. It
we temember rijrhtlv.the lightest pun
ishment or such off. nse is, fine of from
one hundred to one thousand dollars, and
the highest, b. th fine aud imprisonment.
Whether there will be anything further
done by the Authorities than what has
already been accomplished we are unable
to say.
P. S Since the above was put in type
w ; learn a compr-uiise has been effected
by the loggers depositing at the land office
in this city the amount necessary for the
purchase of the section of land on which
they were at work, s owing by this act
that it was not their intention to wrong
the Government.
Worth Twice the Sum.
We have just received a copy of The
Chicago Ledger, the leading family paper
of the west, which is now entering upon
its seventh volume. The Ledger is a forty
eight column weekly, printed in bold,
plain type, easily to be read by young
and old, and is filled with choice stories,
and reading matter .f interest to every
household. This excellent journal is suf -plied
to subscribers, postage paid, for the
low price of $1 50 per kht. In order to its present large list of readers,
the publishers of t. e Ledger have made a
new contract for several thousand fine
Nickel-piated English Steel-barreland-Cylinder
Seven.Shut Revolvers 22 cali
ber which they propose to distribute to
their subscribers at cost, ai d therefore of
fer one of thei-e elegjui weapors of defense
and The Ledger for one year tor $3 00.
The revolver will be sent by mail, postage
paid, on receipt of the price. They have
already distributed 3,000 revolvers and are
mailing hundreds daily. Now is the best
time to.get firtclans revolver and the best
paper in the country for less than half the
actual worth ot either. Three sample cop
ies will be sent to any address tor ten cts.
Address The Ledger, Chicago, 111.
"A Sure Sign."
Two fat bears were killed on Middle
creek, the other day. They were unsually
large, and were roamiDg through the
timb. rat the time the dogs en ployed by
the hunter found them. There is nothing
in the incident worthy of notice, further
than the ''oldest inhabitant" emphatically
declares that so lone as the bear does not
"hole up," there is no danger of bad weath
er, and that when they are traveling about
so late in the Fall there is nothing to fear
so far as a hard Winter is concerned. A
bear roaming the woods in November, is a
sure sign with old hunters, wo are told,
that there is to be no cold weather during
the month.ot December, Jauuaiy and Feb
ruary. Tellurinm Mine.
As the work on the tunnel of the Telluri
um mine advances, the interest increases
among the shareholders of the mine. The
work is being performed by a set of as good
miners as has been brought together any
where in this country, consequently the
progress is . rapid. They expect to reach
the ledge soon. The directors Lave deed
ed to put up a crushing miil on the work
immediately. TheSut. of the mine hao
negotiated for a mill. The election of offl
cers passed off quietly; all of the old officers
were re-elected. Harmony prevails am ng
the c lunsal rs of the c m;any. and all feel
confident of exm realizing a reward for
their toiIs.
Sunday School Concert
A concert will be given by the members
of the Presbyterian Sunday School on the
evening of Thanksgiving Day; and if the
concert shall prove satisfactory to those
who attend it, it will be repeated on the
evening following Thanktgiving. Mr.
Leviuson will have charge of the instru
mental music, Mr. J. W. Strange of the
vocal music, Mr. Hursh of the literary, and
Mr. Da scorn b of the wax figures. The
principal instrumental and vocal musicians
in the c'ty have kindly volunteered their
services, an t it is expected the concert will
be all that is asked for it. We hope it
may be a .grand success in every panicu
Church Revival.
The revival which has been ii progress
a couple of weeks at Rev. Ball's church,
was transferred to Rev. Starr's church on
Thursday evening, where it will be con
tinue.! so long as it is thought the inter
ests of religion may be promoted thereby.
The ministers in charge have workea zeal
ou ly for the caune from the beginning,
and. as a re-ult .ratifying to themselves
and the church, have made thirty converts
since conference) closed.
Lively Times.
The railroad coin piny is crowded with
business, and its hands full in moving tbe
present year's grain crop, The Standard
ia authority for the statement that there
are now 177 box cars employed on the
Oregon and California line alon . These
cars move 1,770 tons of wheat mch trip,
and half of the amount reaches East Port
land daily, and is cons.gned to the com pa
ny's warehouse at that place. To accom
plish this gteat task trains run dy and
Delicate Surgical Operation.
Dr. Aiken, of Jacksonville, one day last
week performed a hair-lip incision in the
case of Miss Alice Jordau of Williams creek,
Jackson county. The upper lio and roof of
the mouth were entirely cleft from tier
birth." The Doctor succeeded in stitching
the parts together after excoriating the
contiguous surfaces, and last Wednesday
the stitches were cut and the wound found
completely healed. The operation was
perfectly successful.
The New Mill.
Any one who visits the new mill on the
Umpqua south of this city, will be sarpiis
ei at the great amount of permanent work
being done, and the extent of the opera
tions so tar. There is good work showing
all along the line, and the mill proprietors
give evidence of their capacity as thorough
business men iu everything they do. Sue
Cess to them.
Gone to Jackson County.
Jndge Willis has gone to Jackson coun
ty to look after business connected with his
placer mines. He will remain there sever-days.
The Portland rtautard ofovember lStb
has the following item : Some time sinfce
a disturbance occurred in the famous Roos
ter Rock settlement between a man named
Wm. H. Allison and Charles Littlepage.
The former assaulted the latter with a rifia
and came near sending him across the river .
Ia due time the matter was brought before ;
the grand jury, aud an 'ndictiuent ot as-
sault ilh a dangerous weapon fiund '
against Allison, but the assaulted was writ
ten Charles Little Page. Yesterday the
case was called before Judge Bellinger, and
nearly 40 witnesses had been summoned.
The defense engayred Mr, Edward Menden
hall as counsel, who took the indictment,
read it over, and discovered the mis ake at
once. The jury ws in ther;-eat8 and the
first witness called, who swore that the per
son Rtv-aul'ed was Charles Liulepage, in
stead of that found in the indictment. The
attorney at once moved for a dismissal of
the case, tvhich was granted, the jude in
structing the jury to remain in their seats
and render a verdict of acquittal, as the
error made by ihe grand jury was fatal iu
its character and tuo defendant must be set
at liberty, which was done. This is the
first instance ot the kind that has ever oc
curred iu Oregon and is one ot interest to
the legal fraternity. The grand jury wiil
have another trial at the name Litfepuge
in all probability this Session.
Everybody is busy.
The farmers are all going to plow all ot
theirold lnd twice, bulk nut fur linu
crops here next season.
The sociable, given by Miss Mollis Leh
man was a complete success.
Mr. John (Minrehill in iM.f.inrr hilunm
at this place, where he intends to retrain
.t... i .i
iuc rcei, ji ins ubvb.
They are having a time about the school
and school teacher down here. It will
make somebody bmsh when the school
teacher walks away with his wages fcr
three mouths, having taught only oue.
rome of the citizeus of this place had
quite an argument the other day, and I
want to know your opinion. The question
is thif : A. resides iu road district No 9 and
aud holds propi ny in No, 10. Has the
road supervisor m district No.9 the power
to mate him work the. tax out on his prop
erty in district No. 10 iu district No.9 T
Mr. J. Roseustein has received a couple
o'let ers this wek from two former resi
dents of this county one from Mr Neeves,
one of the first school teachers iu Umpqua
valley, and the other from Isidor Wollen
berg. Mr. Neeves uow at Penule
ton. In his letter he says: "The Indian
raid inflicted considerable loss on this
coun;y. Many feel veiy uneaay about the
prospects tor next seasen. A few India s
could c. use 200.000 stieep to be turned
loose in lue- Blue Mountains again next
Summer. We nope for the best." Isidor
writes that he is enjoying good Leal h,
doing a good business, aud wishes to be
remembered to his many friends.
Gone to Sandwich Islands.
E . Buick, Esq., son of D. S. K. Buick
left this city Thursday for Portland, where
he will take passage on the Mattie Ma
cleay for Honolulu: His health has been
failing for sometime past, and his trip is to
be made with the hope that he will soon
find permanent cure in the mild climate of
the Sandwich Islands. He Las our best
Visiting Portland.
County Clerk Sheridan has been on a
visit to Salem and Portland. We should
not feel very mueL surprised that on one of
these fine days "Tom" will bring some
body home with him; and a little while af
ter lie wiil be bunting for a baby wagon.
Now, we don't mean to be telling tales out
of school.
Remains of Titos. Dixon
The remains of poor Thomas Dixon, so
cruelly killed by the Indians near Stein's
mountain, last summer, will reach this city
to-day in charge of George W. Short, who
had them exhumed, and has brought them
overland n a w; gon from the spot where
they were so hastily buried-
Sold Out and Going Below. .
Mr. George Mickle has sold his black
smith shop aod other property in this city
to Mr. Alexander Gibson, of Oakland, Mr.
Gibson will take possession on the 1st of
next month. George will soon after that
lime leave for Salem, where he proposes
permanently remaining.
Change of Proprietors.
M, L. Button has sold his interett in
the Metropolitan hotel to E.C.Headrick. We
are sj.Ty to part with Mr. Button, and wish
him well wherever he may go. To his
successor we extend the best of wishes, and
believe he will make one of the most
obliging landlords.
Will Soon Start Again.
We Lear it rumored that C. C. Huntley
has sent on means sufficient to pay all
the debts due by him in carrying the Coos
Bay mail, and that service wi.l be resum
ed on the route between this city and
Marshfield in a day or two.
From Dr. we learn that the health
ot Miss Saddie Moore has considerably im
proved since our last report, and the indi
cations are favorable for her recovery Her
father's conmtion, we -ire sorry to hear, has
not changed for tne belter.
New Wagons
The Yreka 'Journal" says the new com.
tractor of the Roseburg and Reading rout
has shipped half a dozen eight-passeger
wagons ts Reading, which looks as though
he intends to running the line, but how
soon is not yet known.
Lively Fracas.
A row occurred near the depot last Sun
day, and one of the combatants sustained a
pull of the nose and two black eyes.
The matter came up before Justice Hnrsh,
and tbe defendant was discharged from
custody without tine.
Fire at Hillsboro.
A large warehouse belonging to Mr. L.
L. Williams, at Hillsboro, was desiroyed by
fire last Sunday night. There were stored
in the building oetween 7,000 to 8,000
bushels of grain belonging to the farmers
living in the vicinity.
$2,000 Damages.
At the present term of the Multnomah
county Circuit Court, Miss Mollie Lahey obs
tained $2,000 damages in a suit tor breach
of promise against Joe Knott. Oh,
you naughty, naughty man, uncle Joe!
Dr. V. Gesner has located permacetly in
Roseburg. He will he found at the Metro
politan hotel,
We gather the following- mining ne vg
from the Jacksonville Timet of recent
date :
"The miners are busy making prepara
tion) for the winter.
Work has I een suspended for th e pres
ent on the ciunabar mines.
Kahler, Robb & Co. are building a re
ervoir at the Palmer creek diggings.
We hear that Abrahams & Livens have
put up a store near the Grand Applegate
Diidge & Kellogg, of Sam's valley, have
completed a ditch taking water from
Grave Creek to the claims.
( aptain H. Kelly has been at Portland
endeavoring to enlist the interests of capi
talists in the Grave Creek mines.
The English Company at Gali se creek in
tends making soma improveinents.and has
a force ot men at work on its ditching.
i he Grave Creek Ditch Company has
now but four men employed on its ditch at
pri B- u ; but will increase this force to
twentv soon.
The Fort Lane Mining Company the
other day completed the crushing of 1,500
pouuda of picked ore iu its arastra, realiz
ing $216 therefor.
Al. McKenzie, a practical miner of ex
tended exberience, has been employed by
J. Brandt, of the . & C. R. R-, to open and
work his mine near Willow Springs.
One mile on the "Grand Appl"ate Min
ing Company," lias been completed, aud it
is expected tnal everything can be got in
readiness by the commencement of winter.
I he hydraulic pipe on the Squaw Lake
Ditch Company's diggings, will be extvul
ded 600 feel when the winter season has
opened, and several hundred more when
.J. H. Penn Is now engaged in getting
out a considerable amount of hydraulic
pipe for H. Deneff.of Fanners' Flat, who
will carry on miniiig operations more ex
tensively than ever before.
Henry Pape and Charles Schultz went
over to their mines opposite Palmer cr ek,
where they have quite a force of hands
digging a ditch leading from Bea
ver creek that will not he less than three
miles in length. They report matters
The farmers speed the plow from morn
ing till night.
C, T. Pinkham has taken his departure
for California.
Wm. Stephens & Co. are fctcening one
hundred and fifty swine.
Farmers are making their seed wheat
perfectly clean before son ing.
J. H. Mires gathered and vut sway for
win er six hundred bushels of apples.
Miss Lilly Barnard is making prepara
tions to attend school at Oakland this win
ter. The sociable give" by Miss Mollie Leh
man was not so largely attended as was
Mr. A E. McGee, u ho has been visiting
the scenes of his childhood in Missouri, is
expected home next week,
The Baptists.during their late meetings,
added four to their number by couver
sion and two by letter.
Mr. J, T. Daniel, who has been afflicted
with the inflamatory rheumatism for sever
al years, is not able to be out of doors.
H. Davis has received the sad news that
his daughter, who recently left here to ats
tend school at McMinnyille, is quite sick.
Mr. T. Barnard's team, wLile harrowing
a few days since, became frightened and
and rauj away; no serious damage was
Some of Cole's valley's noble young men
attended the sociable given by Miss Leh
man. The one that wore the red necktie
seemed quite popular with the young
Wm. C. Burk is erecting a fine dwelling
house on bis mountain farm, and also Mr.
Brunner is constructing a nice one on tu larin
he recently purchased of the Starr
Farming don't pay 1 This Las been the
cry all over the civilized world for ages,and
yet this same occupation. which ia so often
decried as unprofitable, has made the world
what it is, and is the foundation of civiliza
tion. Farming does not pay the indoleut
and slothful; nor does any occupation.
Planting Gardens in November.
A stranger to the climate of this county,
would be surprised if he were to visit the
Umpqua Valley just now, and see many
of our gardeners planting their gardens.
Thomas Farquar Las two or three acres of
onfttns growing finely; and within the
past two weeks Las set out 3,000 cabbage
plants. Other gardeners are following Mr.
Farquar's example, but not upon so exs
tensive a scale, and expect to Lave an
abundance of early vegetables by tbe 1st
of next May. Each Spring Douglas county
furnishes the leading cities and towns of
the Willamett valley with the first vegeta
bles of the season, and hence a large trade
has grown up which must increase in im
portance as time advances, and more atten
tion is paid to the demand thus made upon
the tillers of the eoil.
Winter Term.
The Winter 'era of the Roseburg Acad"
emy, comprising sixteen weeks of actual
tuition, will commence December 2d. Dr.
Brow ne, a teacher of rare ability, aided by
competent assistants, will conduct the stud
ies of pupils, aud parents should be pleased
to entrus' their children to his care. Pars
ticular attention is hereafter to be paid to
the commercial department of the Academy.
Was Referring to Numbers.
She was looking at some fancy hose in
Floed's store. " Number seven number
eight," said she, musing; and then, looking
up at the blushing salesman, " How high
do they run, sir7" "Ob, np to to as
high as I think, ordinarily, as high as the
a kuee." She flung down the goods
and left the store. Feuner now thinks she
must have been leferrinj to the numbers.
New ituuiiiery Goods.
Mrs. J. O. Johnston, of Oakland, has just
received from San Francisco a complete as
sortment of ladie' underwear, in suits and
otherwise. The lady in question is a first
class milliner, and th ; ladies who patronize
her will find that she is fully prepared to
furnish anything they may wish in the line
of best quality and at lowest prices.
Will Go on the Columbia.
We are that after leaving the
Metropolitan and closing up other busi
ness, Mr. M. L. Button will take the post
of engineer on one of the O. S.N. Co's.
Columbia river boats.
Quite Feeble.
Dr. Palmer is again quite feeble, and his
many friends are anxious for his speedy
recoveiy. All hope for the best, and all
pray for the Doctor's early convalescence.
Heavy Grain Purchase.
During the week Hon. James Chenoweth
purchased ten thousand bushels of wheat.
As to the price paid per bushel we are not
Oakland. Nov. 13, 1878.
Editor Independent: Many of our cit
sens admire yonr satire upon the organiza
tion of our city government of last week;
but some would have oeen better pleased
. Lad you dealt with the facts in the matter
inyour usual caustic style. To those who
bare, acquainted wiih the truth iu the prem
ises, the meaning of your article was very
clear, aud there is no doubt its publication
has made you many warm friends in this
Had you Stated that the city was in.
corporated wih tbe sole idea that the price
ot town lots might be increased to the ex
tent that one large owner of toem might
raise the money wherewith to pay off a
man whom h lateiy bought out in busi
ness, and to whm he is deeply indebted,
you would have struck 'he nail square on
the head. Il you had stated that s me of
the rai raad mon (not L ttle Mac. and his
triend) voted io put an additional burden on
the railroad company, from which they ob
tain their bread aud butu-r, you wouid not
have been wrong in oue single particular.
Plain Truth.
Better Keep Quiet.
There is u poor, halr-witted fel
low over at Oakland, who every
w and theu bowls at this paje
the cur bays the moon. ; lie
d better keep quiet. and yelp no
re through the columne of the
Plaindcaler, for we ought iuforni
JL)r. Hawthorne that one of, hia
escaped patients is to be lound at
Oakland, simply to rid that com-.
munity of a uuisauce.
- 0 i
Ben Butler will not be the next
Democratic candidate for Presi
dent, the Kepublicans ot Massa
chusetts having settled that ques
tion, i
Sent to the Insane Asylum. ;
Mrs. Kjchards was adjudged insane by
the County Judge, aud sent to the Insane
Asylum this week. She was violent in
her madness. !
Greatest Quantity!
Boots and Shoes
Ever brought to KoecDurg at
HVEcLci to Order
unixs in nw
Boot and, Shoe Heels.
Prevents running orer
Wearing off oa tbe
THIS FIRM HAS uAu lufc r lN
est stock of Leather in the Plate, and
is prepared to do all kinds f w.rk in r
firtt-class manner, upon the most, reasons
ble terms. Parties needing anjtliipg ii
their line, should call upon them Gift as
they fully
Turned out ot their shop to be V 1 an'1
regain to wear well. It
T.G. & CO.
Patton's Block, State street, Salem, Oga.
. to prescriptions, and all orders by
mail or express filled prrmptly and accur
ately. Physicians and Country Dealers wil
save money by examining our stock, or pro
curing our prices, before purchasing else
where. 40-lf
Of Final Settlement in the Matter of the
Estate ol Lorm Dnvis Deceased.
Frank Davis, adminis'rator of Estate of
Loren Davi deceased.having fi ed his final
accounts showing all his r.roceedinis io the
premises. It is, therefore, ordered thav
Wednesday, DtCmber 4th. 1878, be and is
hereby ret apart tor the hearing of objec
tions thereto, and the final settlement
thereof, and that notice ot the same be
published in the Douglas Independent
for tour consecutive weeks.
By order of Hon. C. Gaddis, t'oumy
Jud e.
County Clerk.
Rosebcro Or.. Oct. 12, 1878.
Nearest to tbe Railroad Depot, O k lan
J AS. MAHCNEY. Proprietor
Douglas county, and the best
Kept in proper repair.
"Parties traveling on the railroad .vill
find this place very handy to visit du ing
the stopping of the train at the Oakl .nd
depot. Give me a call.
8-tf J AS. MAHONE1
cantile Business at Canyon ville to
Messrs. Toklas. Baden L Co., of San Fran
cisco, we would respectfully call the ar.e .
tion of those indebted to us and ask them
to make immediate settlement.
Marks, Sideman & Co.
tm l ::::::::::::::::.:::::::::.zr:::::::::i
Has just rturned Irom Sau Francisco, where he Laa purchased the
Finest Assortment ot
Latest Styles
Ladies' Dress Goods,
i -. i
i... !
1 ;
' . '
Fifteen varieties of Ladies Cloaks just received.
Which will be sold at Prices to suit all purchasers.
Also a
Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods
More complete than that of any other establishment in the city, and at Fairest Bates
, , .I': ' - i
Bgplletpemberl will occupy Dr. Hamilton's brick oppbaiU the
the Metropolitan hotel where 1 shall aell goods cheaper tor cash than
ever before. M. JOSEPHSON.
and Pateros,
Full Line of
Wheeler Brc3
Postotfice Building, Locust street. Oak 'and
I?AlEK3 XSm .
We will
Fay the Hia&est Prico
for wool;
And store
We are prepared to receive wool at
either ot the following places:
Roseburg, Wilbur, Oakland, oncalla
Drain's and Scottsbmg
6tf ' WHEELER bliOS.
Mills, Reapers, Pomps, and alt kinds
and styles of Machinery made to order. Ma
chinery repaired at a short notice. Pattern
makintr done in all it various forms, and
all kinds of brass and iron casting fur
nished at short notice. Also manufacturer
of Enterprise Planer and Matcher and
Stickers and Sharpers.
BTOS wo ass
RICHARDS & ROGERS, Proprietors
Manufactures oi the Damons
Dexter Cooh Stoves
m A-KD. .
Front fit, bet. Main and Madison
, Portland, Oresrea
Staple Dry Goods
Keeps constantly on hand a general aa
sortnient of
Wood, Willow and Glassware, also
Such as required the Public County :hooLa
Toys and Faancy Articles.
To Suit both the young and old.
dole agent for the celebrated
Including the well known
Buys and sells Legal Tenders, furnishes
Checkt ou Portland and procur s drafts on
San Francisco in sums to suit all require
US IE J32 TP 1
Freshly cured and of FINE QUALITY
The undersigned would tn tl ..
zens of Kteburg that he has just cured the
nnest lot or Hams, Bacon and Beef eve
offered to this market; and that no one will
fai,' to purchase the same wnen ones they
examine it.
Prices to wtr than ever.
Feed Stable,
This establishment is the
Best in the Stale
and connected with it is a large
Capable of accommodating an. umbi o
nurses and wagon.
Always in full supply at living prices
And No One is Allowed to fcto
Awajr Dissatisfied.
Don't fail to irive us call, for r. ,t
termined to suit yoo in quantitv, quality
and prices. WRIGHT & CARLON.
Opposite Abraha m Brown. Oakland, Og
....DEALER nr....
Stoves and Tinware
Keeps always on hand a
zf', si?v-o:k;
And is always ready ta sell oods for c&sa
at prices so that all will be satisfied.
Is toy motto. Now is the time for your
W in t c r T rde.