The Douglas independent. (Roseburg, Or.) 187?-1885, October 26, 1878, Image 3

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    Tbtb InnKPKNDEXT TUeW t newspaper
ever published in Douglas county. !
Society ZXeetings.
t A..; M., bold regular communica
tiona every first and third Tuesday
in each month All members in (rood
standing will take due and timely notice
-in? companioua are invited to meet with
the Chapter when convenient.
VV. L Fkiedlandeb, Sec'y. -
holds regular meetings on or before
each full moon. '''
A.F Campbell, Secy,
..--s Lodge, No. 8, I O. O.
F. tneets on Saturday evening, o( each
week at 7 o'clock, in their hall at Kose
burjf. Members of theorder in good stands
injf are invited to attend. By order of the N-
Conrt week.
Frosty mornings.
"Very lively this week.
"He truly lives who lives in other's hearts.
Apples ate quoted at 60 e -nts per bui-hel'
Fare is $5 from Ctx8 Bay to Sac Fran
J. H. Mahoney, Oakland, was In the city
Tuesday. : ?
Eb. Stephens, of Calapoola, was in the
-ity Wednesday.
Sheridan Brothers have just received an
invoice of Rubber Paint -
Hon. Richard Williams leaves for Waib
:iogton city November 20th.
To those who want ftpl nidid pasturage
we say apply to J. C. Aiken.
Jusephsou's elegant sizo again floats on
the breeze. Long may it wave.
Tlie new dray under Noble's charge is
r securing a liberal share of public patron--age.
J udge Kelsay, with his usual ousiness
"look, has been in the city attending the
Hon. (leorge Riddle, from Canyonville,
lias beeo in the city attending court this
week.' -
There will probably be an exodus of the
thieves who iufested jSalenv during the
State Fair
The Work on Marks' building is going
forward rapidly and in a few days -will be
under root.
We would not live always, we ask not to
tav, where subscriber atter subscriber res
fuses to pay.
The Roseburg flouring mills are now
turning out 8,000 pounds of flower every
twenty.-four hours.
The trains have been crowded with pss
. eengers returning from the Fair and legis
late all this week.
X N. Steeves was elected State Libras
nan. His fair competitor Miss JNora Binip
son run him a close race.
The gross value of taxable property of
.Josephine county is $410,985, and the
county is in debt $92,860.
George Mendle, formerly milkman in the
city, writes that he has located at Saratoga,
tianta Clara county, California. ,
The gross valuation of the taxable prop
erty of Umatilla county is $2,263,172, and
the county is indebted $657,251.
The city has been full of strangers, and
' it is safe to say tbat Koeeburg has never
presented a more lively appearance.
Tbe Coos Bay News says U, S. Marshal
rrerted several citisens charged with trivs
ia.1 infringements of the revenue laws.
Preparations are progressing in Jackson
county foitnore extensive mining opera
tioiiS the coming season than ever before.
Farmers throughout the county have
been making large investments in improve
, ed plows and other farming implements.
We hat e received a copy of the Walla
Wall Daily Statesman. Friend Newell,
-we wish you , unbounded succwr in your
new enterprise.
Mr. Ellison, the postmaster at Yoncalla,
wag in tlie city attending court the fore
par of the week. He i a gentleman both
pleasant and agreeable.
All fixes window and picture glasses
from 30x40 down for sare at Portland prices
by box or pane at S. Hamilton's drug store.
Jlas cutting done to order.
We received a letter from George H.
Shambrook, of UmpqaaF rry, saying that
he inteuds leaving shortly to attend col
lege. We wish you success, George.
It is almost impossible to rent a house in
this ci j. This is in the face of the fact
that omething over fifty dwelling houses
have been erected in the city this year.
A correspondent of the Portland Bee says
that the law making power ot the State
was undressed by the Speaker. For tbe
sake of decency it is hoped the correspon
dent made a mistake.
t37"The National Gold Medal was awa rd
ed to Bradley & Rulofson for tbe best Ph
tographs in the United States, and the Vi
enna Medal for the best in the world.
423 .Montgtury Street, Saa Francisco,
We call atte.unm t the advertisement
of Mrs. J. O. Johnson, of Ookland. which
appears io to-day's issue. She is n w pre
pared to receive h r fu riner customers in
Wter style tha e vr. Give heracali.
The hotels bav b-en jammed full all
week. U has been difficult for many of
our visitors to find a nail to hang upon.
Our hotel keepers did everything in their
power to make their guests Comfortable.
The Mechanic's and Farmer's exposition
at Portland. Oregon, has been in session
this week. . There were on exhibition a
grea. variety of Oregon articles, and from
the list published the exposition must have
been very creditable. -'-
The splendid improvements that hare
been made and are being made in th
' city this year astonishes our numerous vis
itor-. Improvements show that Hoseburg
has business men who do not fear to invest
.- their money in permanent improvements.
We will say we had the authority of
some of Oakland's best citizens when we
penned the item in relation to incorporat'
ing that town. We have since conversed
with Oaklandera and they sa the item was
correct. It is no matter of ours; the item
was published as news.
- Ha was just chancing his shirt when he
heard footsteps on the stairs, and as there
was not lime to Iocs, the door he crawled
tinder the bed. The intruders were his
jB ster and five girl friends, and during the
- next hour be learned all about bow to cut
fall wraps, and also to do his trading at J.
C. Floed'a. ' : . - - ;
The new saddle and harness shop just
back of Marks' new brick is now eomplsw
ed. Mr. G. W. Woodward has shown
. himself to be a most enterprising citizen
in the erection of this building. While In
his shoo the other evening we were shown
nnM work on a saddle, wkich in point of
v finish and excellence, cannot be excelled,
- Farmers appreciate Mr. Woodward's work
And purchase it za last as ne puts n up.
The Circuit Court for this district con
vened in this city Mondav, Judge Watson
presiding. Besides the local we notice
several prominent lawyers trom -abroad.
Our county officers are doing their work
well , Following are the proceedings :
State of Oregon vs R Gibson; rape, con.
tinued te the next regular term.
Same vs R Gibson; seduction, continued
to next regular term.
Same vs Quock Warn; larceny, continued
to next regular term.
" Same vs G W - Vickars: larceny. The
indictment having been an old one and no
arrest having been made the action was
Isaac T Weekly vs Ed Weekly, et al;
partition, report of referee confirmed.
Joel Dixon et al vs W G Dixon et al;
to set aside conveyance. Continued to the
next regular term.
S W Crane vs W E Jordan and T W
Block; to recover money. Judgment for
plaintiff for $429 50, cost and disburse
J F Gazley vs G Dimmick and J Wil
liams . Dismissed at plaintiffs cost.
J E Biker and Sons vs K H Taff; to re
cover money. Continued for next regular
H Weaver and Sons vs Solomon Ady; to
p-cover money. Judgment for plaintiff in
the sum of $475 75.
W B Willis us J W Hurley et al; tores
closure. Proceed u re confirmed by order of
the court.
Martha A Levins vs John Levins ; di
vorce Dismissed.
Cyrus Powers vs WB Williams and J
E Dixon; to recover money. Continued to
next regular term.
Jas Clme vs Wm Watterson, appealed
trom Justice Court. Judgment for $3 and
costs. -
Same vs Henry Hall; larceny. No true
indictment found.
Thomas i'rown-sT M Logan and E S
Logan; equity to correct mistake. Decree
in favor of plaintiff.
Woodson Patterson vs Alcinda Patter
son; divorce. Decree in favor of the plain-
Wm E weekly vs Richard and Sarah
Jenkfns; equity to recover niottgage. Dis
missed at plaintiff's cost.
Same vs J C Engles; forgery. Found
guilty as cu arged and October 26th fixed
for seutence.
" T R Hill vs Button & Perkins; to recov
er wooer. Jury disagreed.
Shooting Affray.
The Salem Statesmen of Suniay, Oct.
20th says. The quiet little town of Leb
anon was thrown into a fever ot excitement
occasioned by a fatal shooting affray which
occurred there about 3 o'clock in the after
noon. The facts as near as we can learn
are about as follows. Last summer two
men named respectively Col ton and Long
had a little difficulty during harvest. Long
threatened to slap Cohen in the face the
first opportunity which presented itself.
Sunday Long met Col ton in the streets of
Lebanon and struck him in the face with a
levolver, whereupon Colton drew his pistol
and shot his agressor, tbe ball entering the
body just below the left nipple. The ball
lodged in the body, producing,as every one.
supposes, a fatal Wound. Long, the wound
ed man, had a quarrelsome disposition and
was a dangerous man when excited. CpJ
ton gave himself up. U- to the time of
the stages leaving, no examination had
been made concerning the wounded man's
condition. Further . particulars given at
the earliest possible date. ;.
Railroad Accident. -Last
Friday a terrible railroad accident
occurred near East Portland which resulted
io the death of a man named George Tra
cy. The engine had left the round house
and movl g down the track at about nine
miles an hour, when a man appeared walk
ing towards tbe approaching train. He
showed no intention of leaving the track
although warned to do so. The engineer,
noticing tliif, endeavored to stop the locos
motive, but was unable to do so in time
to prevent striking tbe man. The man
was struck by the pilot and cruelly man
gled being rolled and crowded twenty
ties before the engine could be checked. He
died about an hour after receiving the Ins
juries. ......
Needles! Needles!
Last Monday night this cry rang out
startling the curiosity of our citizens. A
crowd gathered around a speaker who was
straining his voice with aphunny song. Af
ter he had tortured his growing audience
soineime he proceeded to business. He
sold a package of needles for one dollar.
He had a package of envelopes con, aining
numbers which represented money. If
a man purchased a package of needles and
drew envtlope containing $5 he was paid
this sum. It was observable, however,
that mow 25 cent pieces were drawn than
anything else. Of couee he did not lose;
at anv rate he paid his city license and
confo.-med to the law.
Supposed to be Drowned.
Last week Dr. J. C. Grubbs, a gradu ¬
ate of Willamette Un'veisity, and a forme;
resident ot Dallas, but of late yaars resid
ing in Corvallis, went up the Willamette
river above his late home, for a duck hunt;
not returning, search was made, and his
boat fonnd upset against a snaz : it is
thought tlat the boat must have capsized
and that the Dr. ws drowned. The river
has been dragged.but the body has not been
found. Dr. Grubbs was well and favorably
known throughout the State.
The Hon. George W. Riddle and Mrs.
Helen Stewart, were married in this city by
Rev, E. W. Dixon, October 20ih. W
wish the happy couple a pleasant compan
ionship through life, and we do not think
that any couple deserve more of the joys of
life than do Hon. G. W. Riddle and his
wife. Mr. Riddle has made himself a ho3t
of friends in Douglas county, all of whom
will be giad to hear of his new happiness,
Grand Jury.
The following names comprise the Grand
Jury: John Applegate, foreman; G. Hoover,
E. H, Livingston, George Stearns, Wm
Moon, David West and E. A Wood.
Passed Through.
Sheriff Aiken, of Coos county, passed
through Roseburg Friday, having in his
charge an insane woman hom he was
taking to the asylum.
The Jacksonville Sentinel of Oct
contains the following mining news: ' -
The pipe put up at the Tolman mine, on
Middle Creek, Las been taken up and on
last Saturday it was removed to Willis &
Abraham's mine on Applegate. We learn
that ail the mining appaiatus. mcvable,
will be taken from Middle Creek, wh'ch
indicates that work has been permanently
suspended at that place.
About two weeks ago Billy Dorn, a well
known miner, sunk a shaft abaut ten feet
deep in the channel of Elliott creek, where
he siruck the bedrock. He proceeded to
prospect a pan of gravel and soft rock and
got two dollars in heavy gold. Still further
prospecting has established the fact that he
has struck a rich lead which is likely to
prove extensive. Other miners in tue sarre
vicinity are encouraged to prospect for the
the same streak in their claims, with good
reason to expect success.
Sheriff By bee came up from his quartz
ledge on Galice creek last T uesday. One
thousand pounds of ore from this ledge
was recently crushed and twenty dollars in
gold obtains 1. The sulphurets amounted
to $268 per ton and the ledge shows a fine
surface. Work will be commenced next
spring to red ace the ore by the most aprov
ed method, and the best judges of quartz
mines are confident of rich returns,
W. A. Owen and Charles Howard came
over from Applegate last Monday, where
they had bsea with a party of men survey
ing the ditch to bring water into Mgru
del, Owen, Ribinson nd Oo.'s mining
ground. The rain rendered further opera
tions at present anything but agreeable.
Nine and a half miles have been surveyed
and 160 feet fall obtained. The survey
will be completed in a short ; time, now
that the weather Las cleared up
Fine Stock.
Mr. Sam Dement, of Coos county, whom
we mentioned sometime ago as having
gone to the State Fair with the intention
of purchasing some fine stock, returned
last Saturday to this place on, his way to
Coos county. He did not succeed in se
curing all the stock he wanted, but he
brought with him the fiuest two years
old bull and heifer, short-horned Durham,
that were On the fair ground. The bull is
thorough-bred and poetesses the charac
teristics which go to make up a splendid
stock animal. Both of these animals took
the first premium at the State Fair, and
we do not hesitate to say Mr. Dement has
the finest two years old buU in Coos. The
same may be said of the heifer. She has
that benevolent loos; and dish face which
are c'aimud by stock men of experience as
indications unmistakable of superior qual
ities. Hr. Dement is enthusiastic iu his
admiration of fine stock, and in his recent
purchase we cannot do otherwise than
eimmend his judgment and his enterprise
in improving the stock of Coos county.
Gone .to Rest.
J. M. Sutton, the editor of the Ashland
Tidings, died at his residence in th at place
on Monday evening at eigh o'clock, after
an illness of only forty -eight hours. Mr.
Sutton was one of the earliest settlers in
this valley, having arrived in '52, during
which time he has been engaged in a num
ber ofdiSVrent pursuits. He was formerly
a merchant of this place and afterward Post
master for a cumber of years. - Something
over a year ago he began the pul lication
of the Ashland "Tidings," hut his health
fa'ling. he retired for a time and went to
San Francisco. Taking charge again short
ly afterward he held the posiion of editor of
that paper up to the time of his death. He
has been suffering for a number of years
past with a severe attack of Rheumatism in
one arm, disabling that member almost com
pletely but otherwise he has apparrently.
been in good health. By his death his
family lose an, affectionate husband and
father, and the community in which lie
lived, one of her lest citizens. Jacksonville
Passed Through.
Mr. G. W.Allen, of the firm of D. M.
Ousoum & Co., of Auburn, N. Y., accom
panied by Mr. M. Ayers, Business Mana
ger for the firm, for this coast were in this
city last Saturday and Sunday, and spent
the time in conversation with their repre
sentative, Mr. J. W. Strange, as to the
business prospects of this part of Oregon
We understand they were highly pleased
with Oregon, and also with the prospects
of building up a good trade at this point
Mr. Strange informs us that the machines
now being constructea ior uregon, are a
decided improvement on the old style, and
especially adapted to this country.
Following are the appointments of the
M. E. Church for the year 1878: First
Sabbath, Ten Mile 11 a. m. Looking Glass
3 P. M-; the Second Sabbath, Canyon
ville. 11 A. M.. alternate be'ween Day's
creek and Cow creek 3 P. M.; Third Sab
bath Roseburg 11 A. il., Pine Grove school
house on Deer creek 3 P. M , Roseburg in
the evening: Fourth Sabbath, Cleveland 11,
alteraate between French Settlemeut and
Cole's vail y 3 P. m. N. A. Stark.
' Pastor.
One Price Cash Store.
Mr. Cohen has moved his entire mer
chiiniiiae to S. W. Crane s store room
formerly occupied by M, Josephson.- Mr.
Cohen, duriag Ms stay here, has shown
himself to be a gentleman in every sense of
the word. His goods are of the finest quaw
ity and he Sells to his numerous custo
mers at prices to suit the times.
Highway Robbery.
One day .last week at Mrs.Henry
States was going to her home in North
Salem she was attacked and knocked
down by a ruffian, who attempted to
rob her of her watch and chain, but her
cries for help aroused the neighborhood
and the scoundrel fled.
Mill Renovated.
The flour mill of Jones & Gates, which
has been thoroughly renovated, is now
running and turning out a superior quali
fy of flour. A new roof has been placed
on the building and the mill is otherwise
First Premium. .
The improved New W ilson sewing ma
uuuo wm awaruea tue nrst premium at
the State Fair for a general laniily sew
C . VI rit ' .
it luwuiuo. aub awara was a correct
one. . - . -
JlfoJfnga fow items would be adinit
table I sendyTJa the, following:
Farmers are plowing for fall sowing.
Rev. Swick preached at the school
house last Sunday to a large congregation.
Simon Starr puechaseu at the State
Fair a pair of fine chickens. Simon cer
tainly means business.
Hail beauteous maid of grace d!vine.
Why do you wear a bump behind. ;
Mr. Wilcox closed bis school for the fall
sn account of so much disagreeable
Our voung men who attended the State
Fair have returned home thinking they
have enough State Fair to satisfy them
for years to come.
The funeral sermon of Mr. Martin's lit
tle daughter who died recently of con
sumption, will be preached next Sunday
the 26th, at the school house by Rev. J. C.
Charles McGee purchased the Rice farm
for $1,600 and also the Black farm joining
the Rice place.for $450 and sold his ranch
down on the river to C. B. Wilcox for
Misses Maggie and Ada Mires have
gone to Wilbur to attend school, and Ma
lissa Davis have taken her departure for
McMiuville, where she will attend t-chool
this winter. We hope these young ladies
will improve their time and return much
You are correct in your inference that
your suggestions in regard to careful culti
vation have impressed the tanner of the
county favorably. A great number are
intending to give he matter a fair test.
Mornings are getting frosty.
Some sunshine and shower.
The farmers are busy gettiug in their
winter apples and digging their potatoes.
Mr. l.ovell made more from his "truck
patch" this season than most of the far
mers will from their farmers.
Some liht fingered individual tried to
break into the house of Joseph Brock Sun
day night, but soon concluded, when he
saw Mr. Nelson making for him, that the
best thing he could do was to "put, and
so he did.
A. E. Clayton and sister. Mrs. Woodruff,
arrived last week. Mr. Clayton has been
to th-- fair and his sister came up on a visi'
to her parents.
A. L. Adams and E. A. Eirkpatrick both
departed last week, nd we mourn our
loss. Mr. Adams started on his way back
to Mich'gan and Mr. Kirk pa trick started
to the Willamette. He intends to
start for the Palouse country in the spring.
We wish you a pleasant and profitable
journey. '
Justice Court.
State of Oregon vs. Marlbonogh; on a
charge of setting up and promoting lot
teries. '
Examination commenced before Justice
Hursh 1 o'clock, J. M., Thursday. The
State appearing by A. F. Campbell, Deputy
District Attorney, the defense by himself
and his attorney, G. O. Hoi man.
At the close of the examination of wit
nesses on tbe part of the State defentant's
counsel moved to disnii ss the proceedings
and for discharge of defendant, for want of
evidence to sustain the charge, which mo
tion, atter argument by counsel was al
lowed and prisoner discharged.
The Appropriation.
We take the following from the general
appropriation bill passed by the Legisla
ture :
Executive fund ....$ 19.400 00
General Fund.
32.060 00
Fugitive Fund.
2.000 00
52,780 00
124.000 00
32,000 00
2.000 00
3,000 00
1,000 00
38,328 50
Incidental 1 und. . . . .......
Insane Fnnd. ...... . .....
Judicial Fund. . . ........
Indigent Fund...
Common School Fund....
State Laud Fund. .......
Total........... $322,754 50
A Shipwreck.
Last Friday the British ship City of
Doublin attempted to cross the Columbia
river bar without a pilot and became fast
on the sand. Tug boats were sent to her
relief but nothing could be done but save
those on board, after which the ship went
to pieces. The distster was the result of
not procuring a pilot. The British Vice
Counsul at Astoria lyis instituted a court of
lnouiry as to why the commander tried to
Cross the bar without a pilot.
New House.
Mr. Gates has just completed a new two
story house for Mr. John Chapman. The
house is 44 by 26 feet in size, and one of
the most substantial and best finished
houses In the country. "Uncle Jimmy"
Cox has also a fine new house just
completed by R. McCullocu.
Tuesday evening by Justice Hursh, at
the Metropolitan hotel, Mr. 1. Graden and
Mrs. Carolina Car. were married. We
wish the couple a joyous campanionship.
t ;" Appreciated.
The citizens of this district appreciate
Judge Watson's ability as a Judge and
have circulated a petition asking Governor
Thayer to appoint him for the term
Dr. Browue, of tbe Academy,
has gone to Portland on a flying
The prisoners in county jail at
Salem attempted to escape last
reek, but were foiled.
W.: B. Clarke is
sawing out
shingles at the rate of 10.000 per
day in Cole's valley. Some shin
gle. ;
The Governor vetoed the bil
authorizing the constrcction ot a
fish gate-way at the Willamette
Falls. -,
Immediately tollowirjg court
week an effort will be made to
reorganize the Phillallathian so
ciety. We hope the members o
of the society will take notice and
t8W t
'Mis' M(mifu!i
fl.W vim
lias just returned trom Sati Francisco, where he has purchased the
' Fiuest Assortment ot
Latest Styles
Ladies' Dress Goods,
Fifteen varieties of Ladies Cloaks just received.
Which will be sold at Prices to suit all purchasers.
Also a
Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods
HATS, SHOES, Boots, ET8.,
More complete than that of any other establishment in the city, and at 'Fairest Rates
jESTlleipember I will occupy Dr. Hamilton's brick opposiU tbe
the Metropolitan hotel where I shall eell goods cheaper tor cash, than
ever before. M. JOSEPHSON.
Hill I
and Paterns,
Full line of
ESTABLISHED. : . . . Is5.,
PiOneer Establishment
The first haidwate dealer la Umpqua
Valley, in the Brick Building,
I ceiving one of "the most complete
stock of ' ' r
Of the Most Improved Patterns ever re
ceived in this city.
And besides has the most complete stock of
General Hardware,
And manufactures everything in the line of
In a wo.kkmanlike manner, and on most
reosonable t-ms. ,
Iron, Steel and fta?
Always on hand, and in qutntities to suit.
Wheeler Bros
Postotfice Building, Locut street. Oak and
... .dealers nr.... I
We will !
Pay th Hieftest Price
fur woo u :
And store
We are prepared to receive .vool si
either ot the following places
Roseburg, Wilbur, Oakland, tone 11?
Dram's and Scottsbi'ig
6tf VV HEELER bRliS.
sAl-t-'M. OK EG ON ;
Mills, Keapere. Pumps, and all kinds
and styles of Machinery made to order. Ma
chinery repaired at a short notice. Pattern
making dne in all .its various, forms, and
all kinds nf brass and iron casting fur
nished at short notice. Also manufacturer
of Enterprise Planar and Matcher and
Stickers ani Sharper
RICHARDS & ROGERS, Proprietors
Manufactures oi tLe fcamous '
Dexter CooJe Stoves
All D a
Front st, bet. Main and Madison
Portland. Oregon?,
Cigars and Tobaccos
Candies land Notions
llSll ' f ' j--"'"!"" 1 1 JJ . '- r V-naM HHiiunmi' in Hst jwinisl Mreafgin
' " -'' ":,,lr ' "J Wlliul uiiiJiiiiJ.ii.ui n" ;.
' " --:'-'':.- "W"- """" , --- . ..." jw -i 'vA J
Jf Invention
Wl Tire
In workmanship Is equal to a Chronometer Y7a':ch,
and as elegantly finished as a first-class Piano, it
received the highest awards at the Vienna and Cen
tennial Expositions. IT 8EWS ONE-FOURTH FAST
ER than other machines. $ Its capacity Is unllml :ed.
There are more WILSON MACHINES sold In tho
United States than the combined sales of ail the
doing all kinds of repairing, WITHOUT PATCH! :c,
given FREE with each machine. A Certificate Is given
with each Machine, guaranteeing to keep it In ref air,
free of charge, for five years. It requires no spsci&I
instructions to learn how to use it. Gatisfacrion
guaranteed, or no pay. Machines delivered freo cf
charge anywhere in the United States.
Send for Illustrated Catalogue, and ask for sample of men ilng,
and our circular No. 197 for further instructions for buying macf dnea
upon terms stated In the Catalogue. 9
827 4b 829 Broadway, New York Hew Orleans, La.;
Cor. State and Madison 8ts. Chicago, Ilia and San Francisco, C;
For Sale by all First-Ctass Dealers.
1 n
IU STMfllf
deal ee irar
Staple Dry Jpcc Jb
Keeps constantly vn hand a jrein ral as
sortment of
Wood, Willow; and Glassware, also
scsool moms
Such as required the Public County Scshoola
Toys and Faancy Articles. '
To Suit both the y Ming and old.
eSole aarent for e celebrated -
Including the well known
I Buvs and sells Lesral Tt-nii. rs fnrhfnTiM
Check! ok Portland and procur s drafts on
San Francinco in sums to suit all requires
menta -
WILL commence:
Monday, Sept 2d, 1878.
Under the '.'pervisi.n '1 the undernijrned
assisted by Miss tJiili'and and J.M.
Bower The First seven weeks of the
the term will be free. 'I he last five weeks
weeks will be charged for according to tho
Orthography. Reading and Writing
per month. $ 1 80
English Otammar or Orthography
per month........ 2 00
Higher Autbinatic, Algebra or Gaotn-
per month. ....... ...... 2 50
Latin, Greek or French per month. . . 8 00
Such pupils as desire to continue th
study of Latin or enter upon a commercial
course during the seven weeks free school
can have their recital i na hard as was
done last sprinir, ei'bvr befor or after di.
trict school hours. J. BROWNE, L. L. D-
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Freshly cured and of FINE QUALITT
-r The undersigned would say to the dta
sens of Roseburg that he has just cured the
finest lot of Hams, Bacon and Beof evei
offered to this market; and that no one. will
fail to purchase the same when once they
examine it.
Prices lower than ever.
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E.H 2I00EE, Agent.