The Douglas independent. (Roseburg, Or.) 187?-1885, August 24, 1878, Image 3

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    f ns IsiEPEHDENT The beet newspaper
ever published ia Douglas county. J
- Society Heetinss. r
a. M., hold regular communica
tea tions every first and third Tuesday
each month AH members in (rood
tanding will Uke due arid timely notice
ad govern themselves acoordingly. Visit
companions are invited. to meet with
W. I. Fbiedlaxdes, See'y.
. LAUREL LODGE A.; F. and A. M
A holds regular meetings on or belore
V each full mooa
, ; : A. JONES, W. M.
A.F Campbell, Seey.
Lodge, Va 8, I O. O.
F. meets on Saturday evening, 01 eacn
week at 7 o'ckck. in their hall at Rose
l.nrfr. Members oftheorder in good stands
ins are invited to attend. -.By. order, of the N
(. , Sails Sunday.
A'f-ispatch from Empire City announces
that the Gussie Telfair will sail from that
tort for San Francisco on or about Sunday
The Grand Lecturer.
Tbs Grand Lecturer of th5 Grand
Chapter of li. A. M. D. P. Mason, Epq . ir
tends to visit Umpqua Chapter, No. 11. on
the 24th of Sept em I er next.
He ward Increased.
The Portland City Council has increased
the reward offered for the robber- of O'Sln a
and murderers of Louis Joseph from $250
; to 1 1,000. 1
Going East of the Mountains.
Carl Castle and Will Crane will start for
Eastern Oregon next Monday; there to res
main permanently. Good luck attend you
boys. '
Got Back.
Mr! James Hamilton has returned from
... - t
Coos Bay, where lie has been reacting law
fur the past thirteen months, preparatory to
Applying for admission to the bar. . W ebid
lim welcome to his home-
Pleasant Affair.
The dance given by Langenberg Bros
in Dr. Hamilton's new brick, on Tuesday
evening, id generally pronounced by those
who were in attendance to have been & very
pleasant affair enjoyed by all.
Not So Heavy as Usual.
Most of our farmers are now engaged in
threshing. Reports lrom different parts o
the county are to the effect that the yield ol
wheat this year is not so large as usual, but
the grain is plumper and of finer quality.
A Long Siege.
Depositions are yet being taken in the
Dixon case, and the plaintiffs will continue
to take tertimouy for -4 lie remainder of the
week. Attor ttie plaintiffs are through, the
defendants will -have forty-eight witnesses
to bo examined. s
An Old Offender.
G.ant, the Indian, under arrest iu Port
land for the murder of Denis Spellin, is
known in tins county as the Indian arretted
Stealing, and upon onviction, was sent to
the Penitentiary for the period of one yiar
. Already Sewing Grain.
Several farmers in the neighborhood ol
Looking Ulasd have already commenced
sowing Fall wheat. The earth in that sec
tion is easily pulverized, and those now en-
paged in planting u.e a common cultivator
to. upturn the soil, and then harrow the
irrain in
We acknowledge a fraternal call from L
SamtMl, E-xi , f the Portland Went bhore
Oregon's only illustrated newspaper, on
Friday morning, lie proposes canvassing
this county for his vxceileut paper, and as
he deserves success in his endeavors, we
wish him g k1 fortnue.
JiKstice liose Dea:l. .
Abram Rose, Esq., departed this life in
lloseburg last Sunday inoruiug, at li e ad
vauced age of seventy-eigiA years, and on
Sunday evening his remains were buried in
the Mas tnic cemetery. Mr. Rose was one
tit our oldest citizens, and had many lrh-uds
who sadly regret his d ath.
lieligious Services.
Rev. L. H. Wells wil hold divine per,
vices at the Episcopal Church in; this city
on Sunday morning, and Bis"op Morris wii
preach at the sjine church .n Sunday eve
ning, at the same hour. The Bishop will
hold divine services at Oakland on Sunday
morning, and then come on io Koseburg.
Heavy Rain.
On Thursday night this county was vis
ited, by a heavy raiu, which continued
with but few . interruptions through
Friday. While the siorm will have the
effect of purifying the atmosphere and- ims
prove general health, it must necessarily
prove a source, of injury ta those of our
farmers engaged in harvesting j
Private SehooL
Miss Lucy Hay will commence teaching
private school at Masonic Hall on the 9th
of September. She has already thirty
pupils promised, and her school will open
under most favorable circumstances. Miss
Hay has had much experience as a teachera
and those who know her will readily testify
as to her abilities with this regard. v
New Mining Enterprise.
S. W. Crane has shown us a specimen of
gold and silver bearing quartz, taken from
the Excelsior lode, in the Bohemia mining
district, which will assay $ 3,000 to the ton
r"uch specimens are very . rare in the Ex-
celsior, but the ore, sixty fort from the eur-fnc-3,
will average, he claims, $20 ir ton.
'In ' k few welc Mr. Crane will take o;it
supplies a'ld workmen lo rnn in a tunnel on
;hi ':?U!ie, -WO 'f-5i below.. Vnn surface r-d
? i-. ) y a. suflici wit .' numro.' si.-urs
. ( . q'HTiz irt k..'i'j? the. unll ruumag uut-i.
toe va:i m rcacud. ' i aere at
.etxzy a tec M
i&nz mm or nr-ar tue uiiiie
The Accident at Drains.
The Salem Statesman i Tbe particulars of
the accident near Drains station to Mrs. J,
E. Pay too," on Saturday last, are s ibatan
ti&lly as follows : The ladies were driving
to 'Fnowden Springs, where Mr. Ben Belt
atd family of this city are stopping; (Mrs
Belt and Miss Payton are sisters). When
"D a-uan miies irom Drams
where the road runs on the top of a cut
made tor the railroad, the horse became
frigbteued by a hand car that came along
and he commenced backing, precipitating
occupant, buggy and horws over the bank
on to the track, a distance of about fifteen
feet. In failing, Mrs. Payton cleired the
traek and missing the rails struck npon her
had and shoulders clear of the horse and
vehicle. 31 isa Payton, less fortunate, fell
directly across the rails, the buggy falling
upon her. Both ladies were picked up in-
sensible, and conveyed to Drains upon the
handcar. Dr. Payton .vas absent on a
professional trip some twenty mi ies, from
the town", and did not return until several
hours after the 6ad occurrence. Dr. Payton,
of this city, the father jf Miss Payton, Mr,
.nlbert N. Kinney, the brother ( Mrs. Dr.
Payton, wiih Dr. Sharpies, upon the receipt
of the intelligence of the accident, chartered
a train and left at 10:30 on Saturday night
for Drains Ptatlon, where they arrived at 2
o'clock a.m. Mrs. Payton was found to be
badly bruised and cut, but not dangerously
injured. Miss Belle Payton was more fe
riously hurt, and it is supposed that her
spine is so injured as io render her almost
helplew for li e, even ii she should re
cover. ; Death of White Prince.
A letter from W..C. Myer, dated Ashland,
Aug. l?th, says : White Prince died this
morning, A postmortem examination of
his stomach showed near twosthirds of the
inner c ating gone, plainly indicating that
he had bean poisoned while in the val'ev
by a slow and subtle poison. I had
thought until the past day or two that he
might reover. but the condition of his
stomach upon examination showed that no
course of - treatment ' could have saved
him. He 'lid not rally from his last at
tack at Salem, as he did from t'.e attacks !
in Albany and Corvallis in July and August.
Notwithstanding his loss to the sto?k in
terest of the State, it is now being deuioc.
st rated that Ins stock or produce are the
most uniform of any ever bred in Oregon
as will be shown in the njxt several years
whea Ids colts arrive at rhatnr ty and are
set to work upon the farms of the William
elte valley and Southern Oregon. I shal
bury him with due honors, put a picket
fence around his; resting place and er.-ct a
suitable monument, recording his age, toi
nether with his pedigreo and tha fact of his
being the first princely representative oi
his race ever in Oregon.
A Ten ibfe Death.
Mr. Edward C. Tenny arrived at Seattle
with his family, a wife and two young
children, from California about six months
ago, and for a time was engaged in th
foundry, of which his brother is one of the
proprietors. He was obliged to quit work
about two months ag on account of his
health. Feeling much better on Saturday
afternoon, he went to the foundry and said
he thouirht b,'d go to work aguiu. Hu had
not been to work but a.few iniputes when
ds brother heard a sort of gurgling noise
and on looking around saw a fearful stream
of blood issuing frrn the poor fellow's
niouvh. Medical aid was secured ae soon as
possible, but before two minutes after the
first noise was heard, Mr. Edward C. Teniy
breathbd his last. The doctor stated that a
turuor in the stomach, from which the de
ceas.d had ben suffering for a long time,
had burned, thus causing almost instant
death. . v
Fearful Tragedy.
Three men entered the pawnbrokf r shop
of Walter O'Shea, Portlaud, on Tuesday
morning, about 9, o'clock, knocked the old
man down with rev I vers, and robbed his
safe of a lare sum of money and jewelry-
he robbers were discovered in the act, and
chasi was given by a constable. One of the
robbers turned round and flred at the con
stable, missing him1, but the bullet from
the - pis ol struck a bry ' named Louis
osepli, in the breast, killing him almost
nstantly. The robbers then jump d into
grocery wagon, forced the horse into a
gallop by beating him witu their pistols,
and succeeded in reach! ng the' mountains
n the rear of the city. All Por'land nearly
turned our. to help catch the nsbber , but
u . to the present moment all efforts havi
een unsuccessful. A reward of $250 is
ffv-red for their arrest by the Portland City
Special School Meeting.
There wdLbe a special schooi-metiog
held at the schuo'hous n this district
August 27th, at 1 o'clock, P. M , for the
pur ose of voting a! tax. in uddition to
money on hand, to ca. ry on thr e montt.s
school, and to take into consideration the
building of a new room, in which to teacii
'he smaller pupils. Several of our leading
citizen seem to be opposed to the levying
of the tax, on the ground that a select
school, from September on until February,
at least, would answer ail demands, and
thtn there would be sufficient school funds
to prov de for six months' uninterrupted
fiee schooling, which would be better tor
pupils than three months' schooling, ' fol
low d bv six mout s' vocation.
As Wm. Ralston, Lonner Ralston, Mifs
Rittenhouse and V U. Parker were re
turning from the Yaquina Bay and passing
through BlodgeU's va'ey. the hoises be
came fiightened.ran op a grade and threw
out all the passengers with the exception oi
Miss R, The hon-es ran for toms, distance
when two of the tugs came unff stenei, lei
ting down the tongue, breaking it and
turned the horses into the fence, which
succeeded in stopping! them. During all
this Miss R. was an unwilling passeager.
but when they come !i contact wiih the
fenc, she did not hesitate long to land on
terra Jirma. ' The only damage was a broken
touguf, which WHSsoon spliced up and the
came on their way rejoicing,
" i
one i
.'.Tiier?.wilji be- a'.'.ra.--
mile t (a!thnd tt?
I bttR'tea tlie Vinceuv
1 .'.1 Tiul'fl V. 1
and Crouch
Thrashers are fast running through the
grain at this Dlace. It is turning out more
than it did last year. ;
W. B Clarke has sold hia; interest in the
saw mill on Hubbard Creek to Robert
Stephens, and it . is thought that in the
hands of this energetic young man it will
be soon completed. ; j
Everybody is getting to see that the In-
bependent ; is the best paper in this sec
tion of the State, and they say that if they
did not take hem other thrashy things,
they would take two copies of the Ijf
Gentlemen : At the earnesf solici'ation Of
many of the taxpayers of Koseburg, I have
consented, to become a candidate for the
oli'ce ol , City Marshal at !' the ensuing
October election. In soliciting yeursupoOrt,
I will pledge you my word a8 gentleman
that if elected. I fchall endeavor to fulfil the
various duties of the - position with credit
to myself and satisfaction tp -all. Order
loving and lawabidin citizens, with
charity for all and malice toward none, I
am, gentlemen, your obedient servant,
Still Another.
We bear it stated that at an early day
E. M. Mo ire proposes to erect a fine trick
building on the present site of Thos.
Critezer's sal dou. Work will
not be com
menced until next season, when brick can
be obtained witho-it difficulty When our
leading business men thus sh w their faith
in the future of the city, it s not worth
while for outside prtrties t.i do otherwise
than invest in property within the city
limits. !
Simple Assault.
Lura King, charg.-d with assault with
intent to kill, was brought frojm Portland
by Sheriff Hogan on last Monday. Young
Sum. another heathen, was t)e victim of
Lum King's wrath ; but Jusiice Hurs
thought Sam was hurt only to the amount
of ten dollars, and he fined King that
amount, and taxed hiin for the costs. King
is in jail for the reas m lie had not the
j ustice.
to satisfy the demands of
8 UmrKjua Academy.
Attention is directed to the ad
of the. Urapqua Acad my. published else
where, under the able management of Kv .
J. II. Skidmore. The Umpqua Academy is
certain to become one of the popular i
stituiion of learning in the Stat.
Col. Stone.
We had the pleasure of meetin
g this gen
tleman in Rosel-urg duriug the week. Tin
Colonel was busy with affairs I connec'ed
with the Stage Conipai; , but
yet found
time to make himself ayreeatle c mpuny
to the many who know him.
. ; -
Probably 110311
Ilorsei, it seems, f r troubled vyith heart
disease aa well as members of the human
family. One of the horses of jthe O. O.
Stage Company fell dead while a'
ttached to
the stage, on Yocnm's grade, on
day evening. -
Leg Broken.
We are sorry to announce that one day
during the week the team, belonging to VV.
B. Singleton, ran away, throwing that gen
tleman from the wagon, and breaking both
bones, between the ankle and kni-e, of the
left leg.
Turned Poets.
Two of onr leading members of the Bar
have turned poe's. It is a long lane that
ban no turniic. savs a tired camel, esoes
cialiv when it turns upon you. Clq
on w it Li
M. W
iht fun, geutlemen.
Returned. .
Mr. Sol. Abraham returned frord Apple-
gate creek on Friday morning. He is
highly pleased wit i the prosieCi of his
company in their new mining enterprise on
Main Applegate.
Lee's Circus.
Lee's circus, from California, wil
put in
It is
an appeerace here in a short time
now .raveling this way, en route to
to appear at the M tte Fair.
Gone to Reno
Mrs. J. C. VI -ed, accompanied byher two
dauglfgtrs. has gon to Reno. We hope the
trip may oe a leasam one to an wuj par
ticipate in it.
Funeral Sermon.
Hi v J. It. N. Beil will preach the iuneral
sermon of the late John Wood ard ;at th-
M. E Church Sou;h, on Sunday, September
Protracted Meeting.
There will be no camp meeting
eld at
W Creek as heretofore anuounced,
but a
protracted me.'ting instead.
;ot to be Recommended.
The Indianapolis styl at
ranging religious news can liard
y be recemmentied to youn
iournulists. Here is a Ileraul
cerpt: "Rev. J. S. Reager,
Itero of the steamboat Idyl on
Ohio; with a buxom widnvf as
a party of the second part
succeeded in scooping one
dred souls in church the first year
ot bis pastirage in this city.
R -ager is a rusher."
Only 1,500.
The Texas Deoiocratc (jon
ventiou eontaineti 1,500 dtleajte,
and the rll vas railed se yen
. p.
times in" one (lav. It took tliem
; -wt-ek to sret throush with the
business and the onlv wonder is
that it did not take JoDger-
A meeting of the citizens of
Coos Bay and vicinity was held at
Watsou'a hall, Marshield Au
gust 17ih, 1878, pursuant to a
2all issued in the Coos liiy Aeics,
to take, into consideration the
propriety of an organization f(r
the purpose of getting a concert
ot action for the impiovement ol
the Cov9 Bay tar and other mat
ters, ff local interest.
The meeting was called to or
der by S. S. Bailey and organized
bj' electing Hon. A. G. Brown
Chairman, and L. Hacker, Secre
The chairman stated the pur
pose of the meeting, alter which
brief addresses were made by the
follovring named gentlemen 'f J.
M. Sigliij. U. Webster, S. II. H.iz-
ard, T. G. Owens C Laiidredth
and D. L. Watson.
On motion a com mi tee was se
Iccted to carry out the onjocts ot
the meeting, consisting ot the tol-
lowing nam-'d gentieiiieti: C. II.
Merchant, S. II. Hazard, W. I.
Simpson, G. Webster, D. L.
.Walson, I. Hacker, S. S. Bailey,
S. S. Mnn, J H Nosier, B. B.
Jones, J. M. Sizhn, T. G. Owen
and C. Landredth.
On motion the f llowing reso
lutions were adopted:
1st. -fesoivd'That the commit
tee'selecied bv this meeting . are
herebjT instructed to compile sta
tistics ot the resources ot this re
gioti, ot our commerce in past
years uud at the present time, of
the ext nt and vain of our ox
ports, ot onr facilities for., s ip
boiiditjg, (f the practicability. of
cjring railroad communicuik)n
with the interior, and upon, mich
other ?uljects as wiil promote our
eiibrt to secure an appropri.itioi
tor the improvement ol thj har
bor of Coos Bay.
2d. That said committee be
iristruuted to open correspond
ence with the Board of Trustees
ot the tow:; t Roseburg, with the
leading citizens of Son hern Ore-
gon, an i wnn me various news
papers ot the Stat-, i'ur tin jur
pose of securing -the mutual co
operation t all who ar interest
ed. in making this harbor wliat
nature designed it to be -the
commercial- outlet ot Southern
Oregon. (
3d. Tha; committee be reques
ted to furnish our Senators and
Representative in Congres-y as
well as our Representatives m the
btate ljeojitJiutnre, such statistics
as will show tbe necessity tr
Congressional aid for the harbor,
and the great benefit that may be
derived, not on.y - by the people
of Southern Orerou but the en
tire State, from the expenditure
of a coir paratively small ot
money for that purpose.
4th. That our Senators and
Representatives in the State Leu
islature be instructed to introduce
md urge upon that bodv the pas
sage of a joint memorial to Con-
propriations as may be allowed by
Congress at the next session, .for
improvement of nvern anu har
bors, a reastmable sum shall hi
appropriated for the improvement
ot the harbor of Coos Bay.
On motion, vo'ed that the Sec
retary furnish copies of the pro
ceedings of this meeting; to the
prejs ot Oregon, asking iheir
publicati in.
On motion the meeting adjourn
id ti meet ngiiu at the call ot the
A. G. BRO WN, Chairman.
1. Hacker, Secretary.
Stranj e, Wasn't It
A gentlemaii who is Bunimyrino;
at Li g Rriinch with ''hi wit- left
the latter eutiilo tably seated.. in
h'jr room, and went out for a
stroll along the heaeh. It was be
tween dny-light i ml dark, and the
ahore v. as m arly deserted. After
w .Iking slowly over the hard, cod
aiid tor a short linie, he djcrivd
a h indsiinio fema!e figure in the
distance. lie waved his ha: dket
ehiet, and the signal was unhesita
tingly returnad. It was growing
darker, and he was d early by the
bide ot the lady bef re he sav that
she was his wile. ,kIIow t-tta?ge
that we fshoti id recognize each
other at snch a distance!" botu
said, in the ame "breath. Then
they dropped the snbj ct.
Gvorge Francis Train prediete I
that the world would go up in
smoke August 14th. It didn't
go up. -
To Be Imi cached. '
The Chicago 7'iwcsha inform-,
ntion to the effect thar, at t o
winter session of Congress, Haye-
will be impeach d as a party to
the bargain -winch gave Loul-iana
ta. the Demoerars, in return for
permitting the electoral Count
go on; that the '.impeachment will
be tried by the Senate,irt extraor-
dinarv session, after Match 4
when it will be a Democratic Sen
ate; that it will certaiulv eonviet;
mat V ice Fresidem Wheeler will
resign rather, than profit by the
iranc: and. finally, that bv Hie
removal of Hives by impeach-
rnent, and of Wheeler bv resio-na-.
tion, tbe president pro toi of the
j senate, who w'ill bo a Democrat,
win ue made acting l'r sident.
further Trouble Anticipated.
Gov. Cliudwick left Silem'tOr
Eastern Oregon Thursday. H
mtik.-8 the trip at thev request of
citizens of Umatilla countv, a"d
to'attend a council of the Indians,
to be he'd on the reservation.
Since the treachery of the Utn iv
tilias was discovertid, the relations
between the whites and I? dims
have not heen i a most' satisfac
tory nature, an i now 1h citizens
ot Utnatilla county .' ijprehehtl
trouble from the .Indiana if some
thing is tiot fpeedily done to
make all hands satisfied."
New York Justice.
A hot ot seveisteen , years wns
sent to the state prison tor two
years in New York, a few days
ago, fnr breaking open "a box in
which only a - nickel was found,
which he stole. Before .the same
court a sonndrel wlio had de
frauded a widow out of her estate,
about 27,000, while acting as
her agent, was acquitted un;'e.' the
instruction of;the judge. He was
a church deacon and a member ot
several religious societies Yet
he was practically a thief.
Reaiarkablo Birth.
The m st reiwirkable birth
ever kno u in the histtrv of ac
couchments, occurred near Sales,
Ohio. Mrs. McCormick - srave
birth to five healthy children, tour
of whom were boys, ind one girl.
The medical ;. wo"ks give but ew
iustance9 ot such wonderful births
and when they do occur, the clnl
dren have scarcely been known to
live. In this cae the orotber and
children are, iu common language
on such occasions, "doing well."
The First Flogging.
The first man flowed "unltr
Virginia's new flogging la"v was
a white man, and a "nigger" con
stable laid on the lash. Virginia
is a stiong Democratic State, and
a radical Legislature passed the
act, which required a "nigger
constable to Pnforcf.
Texas to he Divided.
Southern Democratic i.cwspa
Der3 are reviving the ialk abou
dividing Texas, so as to get avo
more United States Senators
Should the Democrats get the
next Congress and admiuistra
tion, this scl erne wTtTdoubtless be
carried into effect.
The Picnic.
The following ia the programme for Sun
day 8fchool.couvention and mass meeting to
he held in Ganger's grove Saturday, Septem
ber 14, 1878:
1, meeting called to order at 10J o'clock
preciselyoy Rev. W. A. Smitk, President of
the day; 2, singing, "Shall We Gather at
the River," by congregation; 3, prayer by
Rev. A. D. Manion; 4, singing, "Sailor, Pull
for the Shore," by congregation; 5, oration
by Hon. Binger Hermann, of Koseburg; 6,
singing, "Sweet Bye and Bye;" 7, refresh
merits and amusements. '
Addrpss by Rev. T. B. White, of Albany;
short speeches by Revs. John Howard, Bell,
White, Moore and others who may attend,
all to be interspersed with "singing, &c.
Committee of arrangements, K. L. Mc-
Farland, charirman, P. Benedick, J. S. Cock
elreaee, Mrs. D. S. K. Buick and J. T. Sin
gleton; organist, Louetta Grubbe; marshal
of the day, Leonard Howe, Esq.; assistant
marshal, G. W. llenger,' Esq.; special com
mittee for procuriug organ, the Misses Gen
ger; Rev. J. R. N. Bell, fii aace committee.
Every babbatn school in Donglas countv
should be reoresented. One and all, old and
young EVERYBODY is invite ik Bring
your baskets well filled ; that we may have
fragments left. Innocent amasementa
ill be provided, and a good time for the
little folks is anticipated. We solicit essays
(short) by the ladies. Should yon write,
notify the President of the same. All are
requested ro bring their song books. Make
no mistake we want everybody to come.
Dental ITotico.
York Cash Store, wherj; he will be found
prepared to Fill, Clean and Extract Teeth.
Nerve destroyed, and sensitive t-etli filled
without pain. He will insert full or par
ial eei.s. All work done in a workman
ke manner, and at reasonable rat s
They all Take It.
When the system is run down to tn
extent that you jm sleepleg nights, are
nervous and irritable, have gloomy fore
IxMiin p. sour gM.m.ich, gick h adache and
coated tongue, do not enroll yourself as a
high private, in the rear ranks, under
(Jencrat Debility, but cheer np and try
to! Wste8 Prairie Flower, The Great Liver
j i'airacea, now for sale ! in every city and
I to'v" )U ixt Continent ! No medicine ever
! c ,,,'!"unbd it ha f its equal for the cure
hat h Sj-ciiic power ovVr the liver, and by
etmiiir toe uvi-r, dysjifpHia and all other
u.Migfii-i wiiiwiy: ir m it, vaninh as i' by
in-ijic vSiiia;;l b.ttled are told at the
same oi 25 cents that will convince
you of its uit ritb. Larjre sizo bottle, 75
cents, for eal ever where. -. -
A Card.
P-ttronsol the Orauo, Business As8ocia
tion h have jjraiu to igtdl, are resiect
fuiy n nietj;ed to uieeti at Grants il all
utu:da.v, August 2-4. at 1 r. M
Aeut for Associa:ion.
T. B 611 EK 1 1 'AN
lacks street, Rosebarj.i Oregon, nea to
Poet Office
. . . DEAI.EKS IN..
rJ3? d W
.AND. ,
Tin, Sheet-irou Ware!
Are prepared U
Give Satisfaction to all
Mills, iinpers, Punipe, nd all kinds
and styles of Machim-ry made! to order. Ma
chinery repaired at a phort notice. Pattern
inuk in if done iu all its various forms, and
ill kinds of brass nd iron 'castinjre fur
nished at short notice. Also manufacturer
f Enterprise I'Janer and Matcher and
Stickers and Slmrpere. j
tbe production of flax-seed, the un
djrsijned jrive Dotico that
- . AT THK j .
. .. i v
Will Couruct for hll that mnybe
. Uettred. j
Of next season scrop, through their agents.
of Portlaud, j
From whom seed can be had on inpplication
JOHN' O. KITTLE, Manager.
Pacific Od and Lead Works,
.niG San Fuancisco.
E.J. 2OItTHiUP & CO.
Portland, o::i:ao:;i
ias Perumnently hx-attxi io U?eburg,
' - - i
VTQekBan hit as Gaacf
Superior fo any performed in Oregon
Cosmopolitan Scatauraa
KOSbBLiKir. UtttliO.i I
A. E. CHAMPAGNE, Prcpne.ficate to that effect from any member of
The only fireglass house in Rosebag
v. tr. I
Kept on the European pi an)Not.
v. R.2 WILLIS,
Attorney and Counselor at
Ju&yr. I
- Roseb ir, Orejjori
Greatest Quanti ty
Boots and Shoe
Ever brought to KoeeDurg at
3VLa,cLe to Order
est stock of Leather in the Ptate. and
ia prepared to do all kinds Ct w ,rl iu a
nrst-clasB manner, upon the most, reaswus
ble terms. Parties needing an) $vg h-
their line, should call upon them fiiH as
they fulljr
Turned out ot their shop to be 1 1 ai d
. certain to wear veil. 1(
:- ' " " " '
Importers and Wholesale Dealers in
Tobacco and Teas,
Manufacturers of Cigars,
And sole proprietors of the non-f quailed
Pink of Perfection l South.
Nos. 101 and 103 California street,
Sajt Francisco.
Richards & Rogers; Prop ra.
K15D8, M - 10 CDia
.of ti e 1) umous .
JBexter Ooolc Stoves
Front st, bet. Main and Maduou
Portland, Oregon
Beatii's Saloon,
opposite Metrpolitan Hotel, Rosebur
"GEO. BKATH, rroprietor
WI N E S, L I Q U O R & C I G A R S
Always on hand, and in con .ection.
with tbe saloon .will be found &
. . A2iD
Where 'Stil'.P"15
u,ia 'u
clark e McGregor, Props.
ly in Roseburff, and havinir secured
the building adjoining John Clark's saloon,
we are preprrea to turnluli this rasrkei
wth the choicent beef, mutton and work:
and anything else in our line of tiade, at :
he ver lowest prices. Give ns a trial and
voa w t uep' wis-d. We pay the
Highest Price for Beef.
Upholslerj, Spring Mattia8ses,etc.
Constantly on hand.
I have the Best Stock of Furniture south of
Portland, and all of my own -manufacture.
Residents of Douglas county are requtstd
to give me a call before prrcbasmg
Risewnere. ,
All Work Warranted.
' " 1 -. a
Notice is hereby given to whom it may
concern that the undersigned has been
awarded the contract for keepinir the
from said conntv most firm procures, curti
?,un7 na P"55" " w one f t
the r-llowing named persons who are au-
tborized to, nud will care for those present
ing each certificate: Button k r'erkins;
Koseburg: L. L Kellogg, Oakland; Mrs.
Brown. Looking Glass. Dr. Woodruff is
auinonzea io inmisu meaicai am to an per
snna In need of tb Rma and who oav
I been declared paupers -f Douglas countv.