The Douglas independent. (Roseburg, Or.) 187?-1885, August 17, 1878, Image 3

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    Tils In DEPESOEKT The befit newspaper
trer published to Douglas coiinty.
Gdciety Ileotinas.
A , M., hold regular comraunica-
LJ tiona every first and third Tuesday
: .a .eaCh month : All members, in good
tandlnjj will take due and timely notice
d govern themselves accordingly. Visit.
companioaa are invited to meet with
ae Chapter wuen convenient.
W. 1 Fbiedlakdkr; ikc'y.
. T f hold-regular meetings on or before
. eacu fun inoon,
A. P. Campbell, Secy. . .
.. ...J Lodge, No. 8, 1 Ov O.
F. , meets on Satttrday evening, o( each
vreek at 7 o'clock, in their ball at Rose
barg. Members of the order in good stands
' i ri jj xe invited to attend. By order of tue a
fc - " " "
A sad we"eV. ' "
Baia reateted.
TJrouse plentiful.
t3rain, wood, wool, etc.
A paradoxTwo physicians.
Wool still rolling rapidly in.
More fishermeu last nnday.
Toun? chickens in the market.
It takes a pickpocket to disperse a crowd.
Soap Tor 00 cents oox 20 bats at Dr.
Tne Wretlands did not go to Coos Bay
kg anticipated. x
Coal oil for 50 cents a gallon at Dr.
The County Board of Equalization wil'
tonveqeon the2Cth.'
A inelot of school books just received
at Dr. Woodruff's.
l ne larmers are cu-uu-cutiug mo icoum
of their year's labor.
Doll babies in families of six for 50 cents
at Dr. Woodruff's.
The prospects for tliei State IJair this
year are said to be flattering.
Dr. Woodrff has the finest stock of fancy
goods in Roaeburg. :.
Bishop Morri will hold divine services
in this ci'y on Sunday 25th.
A man w th a bad breath never ha to
elbow his way through a crowd.
An invoice f the finest cigars has just
been received at the Liv Oak saloon.
Cty folks are determined to haVe plenty
of wood oa hand this year. A good idea.
M. Appel has just received many addi
mtions to his line stock of cigar and to
W. F. Benjamin purchased the house of
J. W. Hurley, sold at sheriff's sale for
Justice' II ursh sustained his character of
an able Justice in 'several cases during the
week. : .
The difference between a bov and a barn
Is that shingles are applied to the roof of
th barn.
The man who attempted to wrestle with
adversity wore out his silk hone and got
. .. . s Gossip is when nobody don't know
nothing and somebody goes and tells it to
Mrs. J. Henry Brown died this week at
Salem from the efllects of chloroform ads
ininistered by a dentist.
Tie tin ro f on Hamilton's new brick
will b placed there by T. P. Sheridan. The
- wbrk will be well done.
-Georgeand Lib Short, and several others
rs2lt armed, have started out to the Indian
country to collect stock strayed!
We are always glad to speak of Oregon
industries. The Oswego iron works are
manufacturing iron and receiving good
prices. "
Those sn desiring can either purchase or
rent th residence of H. L. Marlon. The
location is very pleasant and healthy. In.
jqulre at th's office.
D. D. Pretty man. Of Polk county, rais
ed five different varieties of wheat in the
head, one of which measured six and one,
half inches in length. They are to be sent
W Philadelphia
There-will be a social dance given at
Dr. Hamilton's new brick next Tuesday
evening. Everything will be done to make
the affair pleasant. The music will be fur,
bis bed by Langenberg Bros.
" It is reported by a fashion journal that
dressoeleeves are made so dose" that the
wearer can with difficulty crook the elbow.
Wouldn't it be a good idea m some cases
to have coat sleeves made in the same way?
Roosters take notice New oider of af
fairs in Roseburg. Roosters are not allowed
to crovy before six o'clock; Any violation
ot this ordinance will ; be immediately foN
lowed by the execution of the rooster and
thicken pot pie. i
. Prof. Brown ot t;e Roseburg Academy ,is
on his way home from San Franciaco. He
will open the Academy in a few weeks, as
sisted by J. M. Bower as Professor of Mathematics;-
Under ths supervison of such
able instructors the Academy is certain to
flourish. .
The Eastern Oregon Sentinel says that
one hundred immigrants passed through
Union eu route to Weston. Wal'a Walla
and Palouse country and various' north-.-
era points. They appear to be families
possessed of considerable means, and they
are the kind to build up and improve a
country. ; '; .
The practicability of nairow guage rail
roads has already been demonstrated. The
Dayton and Sheridan road is rapidly being
completed. Soon the entire State wil I be
traversed by narrow guage railroads. They
are cheap of-construction and have been
; found to answer all the farmers purposes
v . Notice.
Those indebted to S. W. Crane must set
le immediately. : -
I Caro paid Jacksonville a visit during
th weefc. i -
Mr." Sol. Alraham has one South, on
business. ' r.
Dii k Foy, for private reasons, has gone
to San Francisco.
Mrs. Abrahams and Mollie have return
ed from Portland.! . :
Cfeoirg koberts is the father of a fine
boy. By Goorgel
Several Oakland peop'e were in, the city
during the week.
H. L. Murton has retnrnt d from San
Francisco. "
Judges Burnett and Strahan were in the
c'uy during the week. i
Judge Watson and lady rave returned
home from San Francisco. " '! '
Thos Critzer has gone to Josephine coun
ty to look after mining interests.
Ashff Marks, Esq. is in Portland adding
to the stock of the firm of S. Marks & Co.
That prince of good boys, "Jim Hamil
ton," will return from Empire City this
evening. "We'll be glad to see you, boy.1
Tin. B. Kent, Esq., of Jackson county,
is in town as counsel in the matter of th
cnntet in the DTton case. Oar acq aa ins
tance with Mr. Kent has been short, but
Wo cannot but like the gentleman.
' Gone to Couquille.
We are infarn.ed thai Assistant Engi
neer Bolton, with a paf ty of men from Port
land, have gone to Coos Bay for 'the purpose
Of making a survey !of that harbor to ascer
tain the extent ot improvements needed and
the probable cost of j them. After this is fin
ished they will also j make a survey of the
entrance to the Coquille river.' Although a
government survey" signifies but ' little, we
sincerely hope that the next Congress will
make appropriations for the much needed
improvements. At the Coquille some
work has been done by private subscription
and a small appropriation to extend and ren
der it more substantial, would make navi
gation easy and safe. We have not learned
that Mr. Bolton intends making a survey
of " Rogue river, between its mouth' and
Scottsburg." Tbis nrvey is the result of
a bill introduced in the Senate bv Senator
Suit for Damages.
Miss Mollie Laheny, a lady recently
from Wabhington City, has instituted
suit in the State Circuit Court against Mr,
Joseph Knott for the recovery of $50,000
damages. The laintiff alleges that th
defendant met her in Washington City and
promised to marry her; that he furnished
hr with the means to enable her to come
to Portland; that when she arrived here
she found he lmd married. By reason of
his failure to mate good his promise, the
plaintiff avers that she j has been greatly
he sufferer, and a&ks judgment in the
sum above named. The case will come up
for trial at the next term of court.
Attempted Suicide.
Monday Sheriff Hogan called in Dr. Hamil
ton to see George F. Lbvering, a prisoner
confined in the county jail on a charge of
burglary. , Lovering had been ill for Beveral
days, and the Doctor, upon making an exam
ination, discovered that his ailment was the
result of an attempt to commit suicide, he
having made a desperate effort to mutilate
himself in a manner which modesty for
bits us to mention. The string by which
the torture was inflicted waa speedily re
moved and the man released from his self-
imposed suffering. The following day he
was examined before Judge Gaddis and ad
judged insane and on Wednesday conveyed
to the auvlum bv Sheriff Hogan.
An Accident.
On Saturday last, while a twelve
-year old son of Mr. R. Flournoy was on
a wagon, assisting his father in haulinggrain,
the team started to run away. The father
commanded his son to jump off, and in at
tempting to do so the lad fell in front of the
wagon, and both wheels passed over the left
side of his body from hip to shoulder. Dr.
Cozad was summoned and found that the
boy was badly hurt, the most serious injury
being the result of a kick which he received
on the back of his head. At last accounts
the little sufferer was in a fair way of re
The Bible Society.
The regular annual meeting of the
Douglas County Bible - Society was held in
the Presbyterian church in this city, Sunday
evening, when the following officers were
chosen for the ensning year: Rev, W. A
Smick, President; Rev. John Howard, Vice
President; J. W. Strange, Secretary; H. C.
Stanton, Treasurer; Messrs;. A. R. Flint, S.
Hamilton, C. B. Marsters, Rev. W. A.
Smick and J. W. Strange, Executive Com
mittee. We regret that want of space for
bids the publication of the report of the
meeting in fulL . i
Gone to Survey.
Judge Willis a'xompanied by John
Tlulburt. one of the most accomplished civs
il engineers in Oregon, departed on Mon
day evening's stage for Jackson county, to
survey the line of the proposed ditch to
carry water t the gravel deposits of the
Appiegate Grand Mining ompany, on Ap
plegate creek. Ve are not advised as to
the time that will be required to make the
survey; but that matters little with the
company; kS it is general iy known, this
claim is a rich one, and in the end the re
turns will be large. i
Serious Accident.
From a private letter to the Salem He
ord, written from Taquinaj Bay, we give
the particulars of an accident to Mrs. T. U
Cox, a short time since: ''Mrs. T. H. Cox
was sitting on a log overlooking Isea
Bay; she fell off the log down the bank,
the log rolling aft r and uj on her. inflict
ing a dangerous wonnd down the forejit ad.
and one over the eyebrow.
She was car
flail was call-
ried to the camp, and Dr. C.
ed and the wound d?epsed.
Rattlesnake Killed.
A rattlesnake, neasuring nearly three
fevt in length, wag; killed in front of Mr
Geo, Beath, residence; "Friday . The dead
ly reptile wore five rattles and a button in
the way of ornaments, and showed & desire
to do mischief.
Two 3Ien Killed One Shot kind the
. other Stabbed. - h
Lust Wednesday Vv'enihg our
city waa startled bv Distol shots,
fired in the neighborhood of, W-
li. Woodward a saddlery snopv A,
crowd at once gathered lat-t that
point, where it was discovered
that William O. Dealy had been
mortally Blabbed and John
ward mortally fhot -one
the othc. The circumstances of
the shooting and the cause for it,
mo far as concerns the public, are
aoon told Deny was the son-in
law of the senior Woodward; and
a short time ago a separatum took
place between him and his wife,
and the latter returned home to
her ftther, taking her child with
her. On the evening in question
Dealy sent Marshal Kerns to W.
G.; Woodward to ask permission
to seethe thild. Mr. H'oodward'a
- j
answer was thuty he could go and
see the child whenever he vji-ished
so long as he treated the ladies at
the house respect fully . Dealy was
aUo so informed by Mr. mnd
ward: and vitti this understdnd.tiff
Dealy ptartfd for the house, a
companied, as he requested, lv
Marshal Kerns. Arriving then
he was admitted, anl upon asking
for his child and it was not itu
iiifdiatiy t rtheoming, he hj'catne
t-iriont", and used Mich violent
laiifctiae that the Marshal tool:
him out, and the door was shut
heh na them. Th's n exas
erat ,
ed -Deidy that he turned round
and kicked at the door, and po
ii bly would have broken it down
had hot the Marshal been there to
take hira by the arm and compel
him to come away. .In the mean
t'me John Woodward had come
up from the house aud uilormed
his father ot what had taken
place there, and the old gentleman
had started for home. The result
was, Dealy and the Marshal! met
Mr. Woodward at the end ol the
alley. Neither party was n the
very best of humor nd ugh
words followed., Dealy pu hi?
hand into his coat pocket and
cocked his pistol. As the dis
pute grew warmer he raised his
pistol to fhoot Mr Woodward, but
the Marshal struck the pislol as
it was fired a. id the hullet'enfeivd
thesidt of Ha a ley, Dodd & 'Co.'s
hard Wi re shop John IFuodvvard
just at this moment. came runiiing
U, and behind Dealy. i'asing
hi- hand quickly over Dealv's
right sbou'der he stabbed Dealy
: i i. i i t
in iuo ureasi w.m a uitk Klllie
At t lis Dea y whirled and fired
ar John, shooting him irthe stom
ach. Join: ran a few steps and
fell, and Dealy turned round ard
fired at Mr. TFoodward, n bo was
maKing nis escape tnrougn the
hardware hop. Dealy then 6tart-
ed to pass through the allev for
tne 3treet. In the alley was the
Marshal and Deputy r herift' Cox.
He said to the Marshal, uim a
aeaa man; g;et out or tne war or
1 1 ....
I:U Rhoot you." He rushed mto
the street, arriving there in time
to fire one race ineffectual, shot
at Mi'. Troodward, reeled and
. 3 ...... II. 1 t' I
siaggereu wriKew a rew steps up
tieet and sat down in the same
place where Mr. Woodward Was
sitting when he gave him perm s
sion to visit the house. FrJni
thence he was removed to the
drugstore, and one hour after he
was dead. John went home vvh6n
shot, and died at 11:30
lealy was buried Thursday
evening, and John Woodward
Fiiduy morning.
coroner's inquest ox the BODY
The Coroner's inquest was held
at City Hall, E. (J. Hnrsh, J. P
acting Coronen
The fol owing jury took th0
oath prescribed by law: Thos.
Parquar, A. Fisher, P. De S jut
zer, J. W Strange, L. Levi, aud
A. Buselmeir.
A Green testified a few facta
... i
aud was dismissed.
Harry Lambert, sworn Know
deceased; saw him near the build 4
ng belonging to Hawley, Dodd
& Co.; saw Woodward, Kearn
and deceased come oit of th
building; Dealy shot twiee at
Woodward; Dealy threw hihand
up to his ureaRt as if he werd
hurt; taw two nu-u take hira
Peter Kearns, sworn Known
deceased sinccchildhood; he ask-j
ed ice to go down to the (Woods
ward's) house with hira to see his
child; after getting here he talk
ed pretty harsh to the women,and
I got him out ot doors ; Mrs.
Woodward shut the door; he
then turned round and gave the
door a shove and a kick,and went
m; grabbed him aud made him
go up town with me; on the way
back met Jack Woodward;' he
asked Jack what he had to say
about it; Jack told himJbe JtadUgot within ahiut '
nothing to say . - ' .
had told uthit' '
t ru t h ; Vood ; wa'rdJ e'QTj
. . . -
the alley; he spoke to Billy, tell
ing him he aid not want him to
goto his house and abuso his wife
and call her names Dealy said he
had not done so and it any njau
said to the contrary he was a
liar; while Dealy, was talking he
put his baud into his pocket, and
cocked a pistol; Woodvvard ftep
pea backhand I grabbed Dealy's
pistol; then Jack Woodward cume
up and tapped- Dealy on the
shoulder; Dealy wheeled and shot
at the same lime; saw the knife at
the same time; nearly both to-'
gethet; afterwards Dealy. phot
two l ots at woodward. Wood
ward ran through the wagonhoi;
I went through thn ally, Dealy
lolioue i tne, atid -aiil it I did
not let hlrn . through, he w'nl!
sboot me; I turned townid- the
Metropolitan hotel; Deah after
wards ttirued back; he. cam jup
and gave me his piatol; Di-iaiy
suid, coming through the alley, he
wala ilead man; paw Dealy wheel
and shoot, aud I saw the knite in
Jack Woodward's hands; saw
Jack strike at Dealy; Jack then
fell buck and Dealy struck l-jini
after the sh:t; there were three
shots fired in the badovard, and
one in the street.'
i " n - -rr-
li. r. Ljane, sworn Knew de.
ceased; was talking with Messjrs.
Compton and Farquar; heard sev
eral rep rtn from a pistol or gun,
coming apparently from tjie
blacksmith shopf; saw WTood
ward come into Compton's sa.
a some exetterMit; atter- went to S. Hamilton's drusr
store, and then saw f r Mrt ttm
.... i
the bo iy ot deeeast-d; did allj I
could to secure relief for him
he died at the time I held bo
his hands in mint-: think hi
death occurred, .not , later than
quarter after eight.
W. G Woodward, sworn--
rxnew deceased tt.e last eii.nt or
nine yvars; hia name was, Wil
liam Doaly; do not know where
he waa born, think in Mr souri;
do not know his a.e; was sitting
n my shop ihis evening; it was
about 7 o'clock: KjarKS cam 1 3
me and said Dealy wanted to g i
down and see his child; told
Kearns I had no objection to
Dealy going; jut about that tirafc
Dealy came up; he said to Kearns!,
"come on;" they started lor my
houe; a' short time after John
(my son) came and told me to go
home, as Dealy was cutting up
shamefully; answered him neveij
mind it would be all right; sat
still a few minutes, and then g t
up and started for home; started
through the alley, and net Deai
ly and Kearns coming to meet me;!
told Dealy that I had 'lo blje!
iions to hi,i going to my honse,buti
1 did not want mm; to call my
wife had names when. Jhere;
Kearns was standing rather be
tween him tnd Theard something
click" in Dealy's pocket; John
came up just then, spoke to John
alid told him to go home; broke
and run through Hawley, Dodd
& Co.'s building; a I came on
the street Dealy hot at me
again; run into 'orapton's saloou,
and out of the back door; my wife
came running over and said John
was shot; heard the pistol go oft,
but did not know ; that" John .was
shot or Dealy cut Until inyvwife
told me; four shots were fired;
Dealy married my daughter.
Dr. Hamilton, , sworn Exam
ined the bxdy; found a wound 3
or 4 inches above the right nip
ple; had the appearance ot a knife
wound, and running backwards
towarus the spine, attended. with
free hemorrghe; rendered whrt
medical asistance I cohld, such
as stimulants and anadyuci; found
the hemorraghe continued; placed
him on his stomach and side m
order to tree the lungsTa"rjtI vchest
of blood, nothwitbstanding he
gradually sank and tiled; am sat-
isfied the wound, caused death
Dr. Woodruff was sworn as to
the epme points, and his testis
mony was1 substantially as that of
Dr. Hamilton's I
A C. Cox, sfom Was on the
sidewalk; trontifVgi .Woodward's
shop and Hawley. Dodd & Co.'s;
saw Woodward, Dealy and Kearns
talking as if they! were out of
humor; started through the alley
to neip iiearns stop the quarrel,
: -
put hia hand on Dealy's bhtidder;
Dealy whirled around, drawing a
pistol, fired at John VVood ward;
Jf tin fell; Dealy then turned and
tired at VV. G.Wood ward; Kearns
started through the alley, and
told ma to get out 1 ot the waj;
Dea.y fired another shot through
the alley at the elder Woodward,
and once more aftor; he got into
the street; did not know Dealy
was stabbed until I t went to the
Court House and returned; gor
the kmte at Woodward's house,
ftom James Woodward; askfcd
tor the knife Dealy was stabbed
with; haVe'seen it before.
Jury's verdict. .
.The following u the verdict of
i it - jur. ;
Uoseburo, Ogn' Aug. 14, 1870.
We, the undtTfinet't jury, :ii)'
.mnelled by K. G. Hursh, J. V ,
leting Coronvr. to inquire -into
the eucUmstuneea att i.ding tht
the wounding and dt-ith of Win.
Dealy,' decea-edt afn r iieari g ul.
the te.tiiuo!y of wltnefses exam
ined find, That the name of tin
leceaed was Win. D- aly, a teaU
den ot Vo" thing, Urogon; and
that he was vroun le I oi
Tue-da) eveiiiiiir, Aug. 14, 1878
between the hours' of ix nnd
eight, and that the woundinr
was done in tlv rear,ot the w"a
house ot Hawley, Dodd & Co., bj
means ot stabtung with a knife,
held in he h ind ot John Wood
ward. We find that Ui deceased
came to his daih from the effect
of this wonnd; but rs to whether
the wound was inflicted in st II
lefe se or not we are unable lo
J. W. Strange, Foreman.
A. Huselmier,
PlJlLiP D& t lSKK,
Louis Llvi,
HknrY Fl-HER. i
' fllf'S. Fa It QU AH. -
By arrancferants randa wiili th Or.-jjon
& Culiotrn a Central K. 4 a& i3 als ivitii
the O. N. Com any, tfachers visitiny:
the S ate Tt-ncliers Institute, and pa i:i;
full fair, can procure from the Secrutary of
thu Instil ute a certincite ihat will euiitlt to rrtura rassae free. (!oKt hotel
accommodations will bo - fonud ai ifale"",
at: vt:ry reasonable raits. . l'MraruimfS
will lu out iu a few days.
Arrested at Gen'ais.
The Indian thai recently shot r Sheriff
Eag;in, of Lane county, was orrt-fltfHl at
Oervaia Tuesday afternoon by otficef P. K.
Murphy. It suppo8d that he has a horse
and gun eecreted somewhere in the woods
near by, as he passed; Brooks with -those
articles. Afttr being arrested he mado his
escape, but .wa capt ured al ter a long
chase.' lie will be held until Slif-riffEa-can
arrir-s to take him back to Lane.
Committed to Jail. DiekStevonson, con
stable of C?nyonvttle precinct, arrived in
this city Wednesday morning, having in
charge one Jas. McNeal, who was committed
to jail by Esquire Paraely, to await the ac
tion of the grand jury on a charge of afsault
with a dangerous weapon. The assault waa
made upon Henry Menville. McXeal's bonds
were placed at the sum of $200.
. .
Another Convict. Wm. By bee, Sheriff
of Jackson county, arrived iu this city last'
Wednesday, having in charge a prisoner by
the name of Andrew Galvin, whom iie was
conveying to the penitentiary. . Galvin was
arrested in Keokuk, Iowa, a short time ago,
and brought back to Jackson county, upon a
charge of embezzlement, lpon being ar
raigned. be pleaded guilty and was sentenced
to the State Prison for a term of one ear.
A Card.
Patrons of the Cranio Business Associa
tou who have grain to 8ll, are resject
fully requested to meet al Grange Hall
Saturday, August 24, at 1 -
. W. F. Oweks,
Aent for Association. .
Too Much Lack. . S"
- Mr. Louis G jldsmith, senior partner . of
the firm of L, Goldsmith Si Co., in Pur'-
, land, has fallen he'-r to a considerable share
of the M. Ee e er As n -ar rs can I o
a8Crriained,'M.r. . Goldsmith's share in the
ealate is $1,000,000.
CThe National Gold Medal was award
ed to Bradley & Ralofson for the best Phi
tographs in the United States, and the Vis
enna Medal for the best in the world.
429 Montgomery Street, San Francisco.
There ae now more tban 200,
000 Mermot.ttes iti the United
S tat ?s,? dist ri l u ttd ' Ui rough y per
uaps a dozen S rates. -nThey-are a
p eopl e of . Ih rit t . a n d e h eryi an d,
by their wood conduct- commend
themselves to those among whom
they, live.
. .j. THE j ,t::f
' S THE ! ' :
Greatest Quaiitliy
AND1; '
Tlio BEST VAaiil7Y
Boots; and Shoes
' . -
Ever brought to Ko?CDurg at
mm boo's,
-':' ;" .,; ';.; : ;.: V:-'.:;-1-;-':
:-... .,..-.; r-1 ..." . - . , .-J;, ,
JVEctclo to Order
mm oat Rtock of Lnutlier. iii tlie Klat. au;
is -prepared to do all kinds (f - w irV' in ?
S'st-class manner, uon the most reaaona
ble tenns. Par'ies needinjr Rnvtliirfr "n
their lino, flxotdd. call np-)U them fllft, as
they fulls i "
- I ! '
! . . !
Turned out ot thir Kiop to lie- ' l b
WM-lrtiJl tO Wmr V'Hil. v 1!
1 !
j Jy I X -3 L IX If , j
in workmanship fs! equal to a Chronometer Watch
and as elegantly finished as a first-class Piano. It
received the. highest awards at the Vienna and Cen
tennial Expositions.! IT 6CVVQ ONC-FOUnTH FAOT
ER than other machines, o Its capacity is unlimited
There are more WILSON MACHiriCG cold In tha
United States! than; the combined sales of all tho -others-
doing all kinds of repairing:, WITHOUT PATCHING,
given FREE with each machine. A Certificate Is clvcn
with each r.1achinef guaranteeing to keep it in ropalr. -free
of charge, for five years. It requires no special '
Instructions to learn how to use it. Satisfaction
guaranteed, or no pay. Machines delivered frco c?
charge anywhere In; the United States.
Send for Illustrated Catalogue, and ask for sample of mtnithcTr
and our Circular No. 197 for further instructions for buyins '
upoti terms stated jn the Catalogue.
. 827 & 829 Broadway, New YorV New Orleans, La.f
Cor. State and Madison Sts., Chicago, His and San Francisco, CzZi
For Sale Jby all Mrst-Ctass Dealers.,
KM, ! MO PBS, Agent.
jit may
Notice is herely given to whom
concern tlat the "underpijrnd liiis been '
awar!fd tho cornmct lr 1 1: C
Douglas comitj paupers for a period of two ;
rears. Al' pernohs iniie'd of as$iptanre
frfm said countv mast firm procure a ct-ni '
ficat to that effect finin Hity im'nrlf of
the County B ard. and present i' toiono f j
the f Howinjr named persons who are au- J
t!;or;zed to, ar d will care f;r those present J
inir euch certificate: Buttrn &. .Perkins;
Roseburpr: L. L Kellop, Oakland'; Wrs. t
Brown. Looking Gla8. Dr. Woodruff ia !
authorized t furniuli nieriical aid to all perj
sona iu need of the aam and whn nave'
been declared paupers f Douglas count r.
- '
Cracked Wheat, Graham! Flour,
and Cornrnear
Filled cn short notic?, snd on most, libera
terma. JuNES & Ci
Marks. Saul Marks. Asliei Marka. an
Win. Fritnilitid doiua buaineas und
tLj firai nam . Marks & Co. is dipsolv
ed by th .remtiut of Mr. raul Marka
AU1" .ea of said firsm will be ;Hrjui
-m-. nd all debts due said 6rm to becoi
c?cted by tiit r-mainin;r tnembera. -Tha
firuvname remuina the Hume aa hereto! om
RosEBtrno, I ., Se-jtt tuber 21 187.7'
liahed for a number f veara. and has
become very popular witL the liyvllinif
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A the Table supplied wrtii the wst;tLi!
markt aSorda.
llotel at the depot of. the Railroad..
Importer? and Wholesale D.
JJamifactuiers uf '. Cyars, . ,
. A,nd sole projtnetora f the n'm-'qualtej4 -
Pinli of PorfoctiD Sl Soutit
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N8. 101 and 103 California streeC ;
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RlLHAUDa & . ROGERS, Froptie;ori
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HOLLOW WAS!?; iio:: E1C7-
Portland, Oregon
Largest;: St 3
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