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,-7;Y.; .JUNE 15, 1878
ITbvr that the State and countr
elections are decided, the next
bone oi contention will be who
the United States Senate, i Of
coarse Mitchell's successor must
be a Democrat, since the majority
in the nest Legislature will be
Democratic and vote lor the elec
tion of a Democrat to fill Mitch
ell's shoes.
Among the aspirants lor the
fcigb and honorable position we
name Dr. J. C. Hawthorne, Jas.
H. Slater, 8. F. Chad wick, J. V.
ITesmith, and Judge Primm
They : are .the riost prominent
cow, but we doubt whether eith
r named will . be considered a
suitable by ' the Legislature to
assemble. Multnomah county
already has secured the Governor,
and it there is to be an equal di
vision of the spoils, according to
thS Jacksoniau idea, that county
cannot consistently press Or Haw
thorne's claims. Slater is a d. d.,
as interpreted by J. W. For
ney's enemies, and generally re
garded as an old, worn-out, bro
kendown political hack, without
wheeli, coupling pole or horses;
' mm.rn.rn -M u. a u tjrm. a w .am a a n w m. bibb a a bbt bbs b b
lor putting him into the highest
position within its gift when it
has better men to reward. No
one knows whether Gov. Chad
wick is seeking the position, and
as yet he has not developed the
strength he may be possessed of.
bauds and lay they are clean of
the defeat of a) portion, of the
Democratic State tbket,and Dem
ocrats are, therefore, liable to
ht shy ofhim. This brings us
io' Judgo Primra. He was re
sentlj elected Circuit Judge, and
,4t ia a question whethor the pais
ty desire - to honor a man too
mush. A good many are very
liable to think he m already pro
vided tor when it comes to the
election of Senator: and if ' this is
tfca esse, it is very likely he will
&e compelled to content himself
xttih the control of his judicia
dh'rict and its consequent talarv
cf 3,000 a year,
. a J . a at
nui it musi must not be fcr-
gotten that in the selection of the
candicates on the Democratic
Congressionnl and State tickets
;this year Southern Oregon was
altogether left out in the cold.
.Eastern Oregon, Multnomah
.county and the Willamette ralley
ftrete all remembered, and repre
a m m
aemauves oi muse sections were
tfarored with nominations. Un-
der those circumstances it is very
'likely that there will beany nam
;Der oi ox men pernaps tne en
itire Southern Oregon delegation
to point to this fact, and argue
'that it is dje this part of the
Btate that one of our citizens be
preferred. It is also pmbable
Abat this delegation will also ar
gue that the wants of Southern
Oregon, in the matter of national
legH-'ticn. are many, and that as
I"citcra Oregon and the Willam
ettt? vaitey hare enjoyed the priv
ilege . jointly heretofore of nam
ing the Senator, it is now time
that the people here should hare
something to say with this regard,
and name a man from Southern
Oregon whom they know i will
look after and advance the inter
ests of Southern Oregon. If the
Bo nth e rn Oregon delegation go
united, and contend in this spirit
for the election of a Southern
Oregon man, there is no doubt
thev will be successful. Withont
the votes of our delegation- there
can be no election ; and it would
be a masterstroke if, by expressed
determination to accept no one, Southern Oregon mem
bers of the Legislature should
compel the politicians of the par
ty td" stand back, and give to our
ebpleije 'Senatorwe 'so ranch.
eed to" secure ; appropriations
for thrimprerement of our har
bors, the aurrty of our lands, and
the development of our natural
resources. It will be strange it
our members elect do net go to
the Legislature with the knowl
edge that they are tent there to
represent the people who elected
them, and it will also be strange
ljf they do not having the baN
ance of power elect a man whose
interests are with us and for us to
the Senate. - Let him come in as a
compromise man or otherwise,but
the motto of ' our representatives
should be: "Let him come, from
Southern Oregon'
1 .i-. ... : .. : - . - M
The reports received up to the
present writing go to show that
W htteaker is' eI.ected to Congress
by from 500 toOO majority. As
to who is elected Governor ... re-
mains in doubt, but Thayer's
"chances seem to oe better than
those of Beekman, and it is quite
probable that Thayer is elected
by a rery small majority. There
is no doubt of the election of
Earhart, Iiirech, Carter and Pow
ell by handsome majorities.
Herewith we, give a table of ma
jorities received by the candi-
didates for Goretnor the latest
figures received up to the present
' Beekman.
Benton.....;. ...31
CUcktmat. . . . .233
CUiBop 10
Cxni4 25
Marion. .. .....1500
MaHnoma&. . . : .'446
Tillamook....... 54
Wisbinifton. . . .189
Tambsll... .:..if;
tsaker ..160
Columbia.... .. .22
Doalas.. ..60
Jackn;. 83
Jocepbise. . .....49
Lake.... . 150
Linn .....288
Polk. ....62
Union .........180
Waaco..... 249
Umatilla.... ....514
Curry......; 12
In the event of the election of
either Thayer or ' eekman (and
we think the actual result will
not be known until the official
count of l he vote is announced)
it is certain the Governor will ns
a good man. AW will agree with
us iu the assertion that two better
men uever ran for the same office,
in this or any other State. The
people will be satisfied to hear of
the election of either. :
i - Exciting News.
The dispatch received by Ash
er Marks, Esq., from Gov. Chad
wick acopyot which we publish
elsewhere created considerable
stir among our citizens. Ten
miuutes after its receipt, an "ex
tra," containing tb,3 dispatch and
an answer was published from
the Independent office and circa
lated upon the streets free of
charge; and : at once : nwuy brave
men sigiJfied their willingness to
go to Eastern . Oregon to help the
snfieiing settlers it so authorized
by the Government. It Govt rnor
Chad wick will ask it ot our peo
pie we will f Ornish a full compa
ny of men. In ' times' like these
Douglas county does not propose
to stand in the rear ranks. Put us
in the front ranks, Governor, and
if we do not prove ourselves good
soiuieri, men can . us cowarat
but not till then.
t nQ ii ii ;
Grows Small.
y nen iionanz - u urien was
alive the value of his earthly
possession was set down at enor
mous figures, but since his death
it has very materially dwmd ed.
Selby died and lett about $75,000;
Kalston died and could not pay
his debts, r What wonderful
scenes can be seen in many pala
tial mansions in San Francisco
when death shall uplift the cur
tain! Therv ure men there to
day .dwelling in modern palaces,
whose wives are bedecked with
diamonds, whose stables are
filled with expensive stock, whose
d'uners are gorgeous and whose
mistresses are extravagant who
owe. more money than they can
or ever expect to pay. As a gen
erat lule, the ostentatious people
of this coast are not the mhest.
: More Alarming.
-The Indian jwar in Idaho i
daily increasing iu iinportance.and
it is now certain there will be a
general outbreak of the tribes in
Idaho, Utah and Nevada. The
departments at .Washington ap
pear to recognize and appreciate
the situation, and all troops avail..
able are being rabidly hurried to
the front. It' is, now irenerally
admitted that the war will last all
summer,? if uot prolonged lor a
Settlers Deiaj Hamcred ia C&Ler Col
A Dispatch teem Gover&cr Chadwk&l
;TbL following ..dispatch Lu
beenr received, and'elair- in
self '
. Salem, .Oreeon," June' 14 1878.
To Asueb Marks Roseborr
Oregon : i ; .
. fl'. have . receved r-s dispatch
statirg that the. Indiana aro mas
eacreing settlers in the - Southern
portion ot Baker, county.
y. B. F. Chadwicx.
In answer to the above dii
patch ; . the following ; reply ,wa&
sent Gov; Chadick:
t .--'
Rossu?o, June 14, 1878. :
GoyCfiAnwicK Salem.
Trail from here to JLake rcoun-
tylspen. Wbeti orgahizod can
get troops in eight days to scene
of trohble. I . . i
. I. F. Lane, .
j. C. 'Hutchinsok,
Two . convicts. Bargemen - and
Wilson, escaped from the Peni
tentiay recently.' -f
A pamphlet, sketching 4liw.
ard's Campaign against the. Nez
Perce," has been received. It
was written by Tho. A. Suther
laud, and presents a well connec
ted narrative, j V
The first case of a wife asking
tor alimony ' withotit"?oeinjsr di
vorccd happened-;' in Sju Frati
cisco.the other day under a sec.
added to the Codes at the last
The strikers in Quebec, C,ana
da, have causid every nanufc
tory in that city to eease opera
tion's by con pol'ing working
men to knock; off work. Onr
rages have been coin t-d.
The Npi. bir...;VV -jkinijinen
desire the bill punch ivr-ni in-
trodoed in that city, believing it
to be more jiHt tlian the rr!t
method ot .'"taxing salowis. Why
would not the system be a sjot d
one to introduce in the State? .
.The congress of the Enr.pean
powers uill be opened by. Prince
Biinarik, as president. It is be
lieved that the origiiul unticipa
tious that the lasers ot the . con
gress will rV completed within a
fortnight will likely to be realiz
ed. The condition of.Nbeling, the,
assassin of the Emperor ot Ger
many, is impttvmg.a The empe
ror is i eeov. rU.g with a t-juih-
ing rapidity. Arrests for treason
able utterances among . classes
infected with socialism continue
The commencement exercise
of the Willamette University were
held at Salem this ee!c. Also
that of the medical department
There" are several .'graduates m
the literary depa-tment who will
go forth" with their diplomas
never to be heard from again.
One or two are scholars. The
medical department is to be mov
ed to Portland. :. '' ,
Only 50 women took rooms' at
the Stewart Woman's Ilote The
women of New York thought the
tning wag a private Bastile, and
they did cot wish to be;imprison
ed:' Stewart, during his lite, was
hnrh to all the women he had
anything to do with, and' now uf
ter bis death attempts to make
araeuds. . , .. .
In February next the Pompeian
theater will be re-opened in that
ancient village recently ucearthed
between the - Bay ot Naples; and
the foot of the burning moan
tain. This opening is to be he
annivsrgary the eighteen .; hun
dredth anniversary ot its clos
ing on that ternnle night iu the
long ago, when old v e-nviu. 'an
gered, rained "dwn upon it fir;
and ashes in such alui:da,c- hb
to cover li so matiy tathouis deep
that for cent lines' its site was un
known. In thisTe-openiug ev-
erytbiogyiil be. new new faced,
new p!aw new : scenerv, new
ne pr.'iupterx,
Krtr. ' whose arm was ampatafd last '
reck by. Drs. HattilU4 asd Davkisoa - ,
. CoQuttLs Cm,. Or., June 4
Ed. Idepsdent. - Inasmuch
e yoa are occasionally in receipt
of iiemsrom correspondents in
the CoquiUe valley, you will be
so kind as to indulge me for the
first and perhaps the last time.
I fear that an uncohflrenial iru-
p re? si on has gone abroad in re
gardlq the Coquille City school
house. 'from r articles written bv
some . opt our - wide-awake and
. ...... .
nclt meaning scribes. While we
are far from impugning the mo
ttves of your .Coquille oorrespons
dents we feel it our duty to make
a few' remarks by way of ex-
plaratioh; :. ;
W hile it js very true that we
nave by no cacans a school house
snGcrt eithW-in- cqraf rt, con
veniepce .or ; Rapacity for the
presenf demand ik is equal! r true
that wwe, cannot at - the present
juncture, erect such a building.
The 'ptcseut bcUding was erected
while C'oquille City was in its in
c'pieccy, ,and inasmuch as we
have not at our service at the
present time, "Aladins I.amp,M
not a salliciency of money and
material - for building such a
house, wc4dnt know what better
can be done than to "wait for the
.wagon," and we will all have a
new school bnildwir.
Ii is very true the public have
used the school house t othr
than' 8hooi purposes. Well, .in
the first plaje, the public built it
und it is their pr 'perty.and while
it is not in: Ufe for school purpo
sestt U ued as a church build
ing, a justice court house, f.r
electiou. caucuses shows, - sing
ing, etc. : . v ,
Vhile we are far trom believ
ing your.. correspondent; wrting
from fjNor way' would allow
an''uihto'come forth
from his pen. or his cranium to
ue int recepiHcie oi anyming oui
what he uuderstauds to he 4o,"
yet we Hie of the impression that
be, being situated in the'Ouvot
Norway," onie , ten .nnlea from
Coqmde City, has not the biinli
tics lor knounjg that the whit
tling-' o lvsk. &c, was dJne
d u i ng v Ii i rcit.'f v i vici?", its i acli
us Mnn: ot iis ti i' in jind about
VoqujUv1 CiUi,, '.. . ' .
If v rv iiuc 'in houe has
b t n uti-;k$r.eiit Iel for" religi
4h purpiir,'irbHnsi'" lh only
house avcvstb1e.:. - '1 1e -.different
dejtoiimiutii'U have uaeil it and
tneigotwi jidiiive'ut ot tne citizens
lias dccio.if that it hall be so '
usedJ f he '(JnivtTalijt tnenas
Usei it UMUl aiiej W r ilu.blfd
id erect a - coimnouioiiii cnupei.
Als4i the Campliciite or Chri-tian
dettorninatioii is. making arrange
ments .to erect a uhuich building
this summer, and wd ipv e that
tiie Mtcthooisl brethren will soon
follow in the "'"wake." r So you
see .the religion-, denonanatious
wil .ftmcfbluig some easily
tiicetPsed sensation spirit that ru
diatea not a' thousand miles from
Coouitle City;, ;
We long to. see the tune come
when we can boast of a building
for a graded, school a) well as
church buildings, and other im
provements in our beautiful tow n.
We rathei admire the course pur
sued J)y the . directors, l. e., in
withholutug the keys, pr conse
quence a building spirit has in
spired the lesstms of many.
Electro? ff dto 3f oc roq a a ph 7.
. Gbavb-Oresk, June 5.
' Murder in ho fire degree was
comruitted on,, ray lat communi
cation. Please correct to read
A. Afell & Co., on the . head ot
Wooifu;eek(iiaye a large giant iu
operatiou. ' v
That shft -was intended to
strike ancient jd rsus..;
f-jt'onj9 gver aqtf .lJJs kjniet
at t'he.. bortojaif r" "
Corrtvpi ndence of - the 26th so
changed tor the. better that I de
cline the honor. s:,-
flnit grasshopper is in his' holy
grave, like the one oilweet pota
to notoriety..
V;ill you have the kindness to
publish this and "Lee" will retire
from, .active pen-, notoriety and
crawl into that shalt. Lee.
It is anuouncd by telegraph
that .Manager Maguire, ol San
Francisco, is to give Henry Ward
Beecher $10,000 for ten lectures
in Calilornia, and he will put the
tickets at 2 e ch. I A acramen
totuHn oftVred $10,000 to Belch
er's agent tor twenty lectures and
thin k he could have had twenty
ut of him for 012,000.
Tut' fl-t itf bst.cbjt nd Urtrvct u
w staient ol i&diV geMi' and childrea't
mm. aitn aad slippers Ter1m-
.ic5 to tW-. eoosty nowf be een at
U atooi igeabfrTjot.
Brr .,.w- a. m
Tote est Governor !
Thayer Certain of Election t
The following dispatch was res
ceived in this city at 1:S0 to-day
, F. P-jIIooANIoseburg: I am
about th'rty ahead ot Beekman
outside of Grant county. Grant
is reported to have gone twenty
W. V Thatkb.
Ilay making 4 has commenced.
Perry Cook is the . happy man
-ri(s a boy. :
David' Hurst and wife have
gone to Salem. '
Benton Mires left ns last Mon
day for bis home in Eastern Ores
gon. ,
Our singing teacher talks -of
administering a tew. Gizzle pills
to some ot his students.
,v Our old friend J. T. Daniels
received one vote for surveyor.
The geueral supposition is be
voted for hirnaell.
Jesse Cook, a few days since,
had the misfortune to lose a very
fine horse ; the third one
Mr. Cole hat lost in the past 12
Sundav School reoreaniz d and
the filovmir oliioers eiecterl r
Miss Matrgie MuGee, superi'i
teiidtn t; T. Barnard, assistant J.
A. Stephen, clerk;. J. U. Baker.
treasurer; A. L., Daniel, librariau.
M r T Bt rn a r d's fi r. e reid e n ct
is neaF completion and the youn
people are anxiously awaiting to
have that chin chawin? that has
been so long promised.
Mr. A. Brutier, of One's vul-
icj, is making extensive prenara-
ti to build a fine dwelling
houe on the larni he recently
nnrchaftd ot the Marr hovs.
"Tliat Flag."
Our c 'temporary up street
would growl because gentleme?
were. kind enough to loan us the
old Unim League flag tot cele
biate ihe victory achieved In this
county ni l the late ejection, and
thinks that the flag was out of
place. No more so, Mr. Plains
dealer, than were your rooster.
flag and cann m and train of cars
flt tho hrnrl nf thp Wrld
Qifius of the Ftar in
of a "Democratic victory."
. Tendered His Services.
That gallant old warrior, Gen.
Joseph Lane, has tendered his
services 4o Gov. Chad wick, - to
commanu any forces that m-y be
entrusted to his care, to fight the
savages now murdering innocent
settlers in Baker county. The
Geueral i a brave man his rec
ords shows it. It the red devils
ever get the old veteran of Vera
Cruz and Mexico after them, they
will find that there is no tun in
fighting. lurrah for the General!
i Emiently Correct.
The Pottland Stwdard gives
Independents the credit for the
result in the late election in the
counties and L t "Tin? paper
is correct in thh much, and
awards honor where honor is
due. '
. Harry Up.
Persons who desire to settle
their accounts with their creditors
by paying SO Cents on the dollar
mist hnrrr np for the law repeal
ing the bankrupt law goes into
effect on the first of September.
That "Voice of God.'
It is generally : conceded now
that if God called upon Brother
Hines to take the Republican
nomination for Congress. He did
so to show Hines how badly He
could beat him.
- - PORTLAND, 0tSQ05.
" T7AI.TZ21
inon-Fimnn nounno, tmr
stme nnapano.;--;;;::i
Only soecesafolBioderyet iotodoeed la Oregon; iron Drire 7hfssl. - Farmers bay
Binder that has ben thoroughly tested oa this coast and you knw will work a
machine no longer an expesineafc
teJlnq. 3h feslicf. $ngjze; Jci Jelle
, fllagan, SPlL and tfomfdete J&Jte
Bead two if the many testimonials rewired last tea ion:
""- - . Mokkoic, BentoaCo., DcembrStli,lS77.
- Messrs. Frank Bros. & Co., Portland. Ortjron Oenilamea ; HaTinr cssd one o
. f your Wood's Harrestfrs and Self Binders the past season, it afbrds me mneh pieasar
to testify to its tueiits. 1 eat and b.and 250 acrraof wheat and o&ts witb oae team, do
Snfir the wo'k without chunprinjr. and I can say that ia my . judgment ii is the best mas
bhine which has been o ffe. ed to the farmers for harrestin- Ics pact f silly Tours,
Fobkit Gbovb. Orrsron. January list, 1878.
Mepsks. Frank Bros. & Ca, Portlrod. Orrjron-Gents : The Waler A. Wooa's Har
iesur and Self Binder I parchase! of you
jcres with and I consider the machine to be the most -TiJaable one for a farmer yet
uinnufaetar. d. . ... : -,. . -. ..
j Th cost oi the wirn per-, aero was only thirtytne cents, and - eanwd no trouble in -.ibmihtoir.
. v . Yoars truly, HE'SItY BUXTON,
j Uoods can be found at all the principal points in the 8ta:e of Oregon and Washinjr
jon Trrifry. - ' . ..-'!; ;-
I Send for descriptive catalogue and orice list to FRANK BUoS. & Co 104 and ICS
Front Street, Por nd, Oregon. .
DiiuiuiMiw tsuuxH jrenfs, Koseburj:.
r 1
In workmanship (3 cqu&l
end aa dcrrantlw 1nlhri
i i
received tho hlshest awards at tho Vienna and Cen
tennial expositions. IT OZVJQ OriE-FC'JHTn FAST-
1 n XL. 1 . . . . ... mm ... a
ii.14 uian winer macnincs $ lis capac;xy 13 unumisca
iThero aro moro VJI LOOTJ t.l ACIi I H HQ cold In tho
United Ctates than tho combined sales cf all tho
others. THC WILCOH r.lCr:Dir:G ATrAQnL:zn7, for
doing all kinds of repairing, WITHOUT PATCIIiriC,
Given FnCO with each machine. A Cc rtls- to i3 Qh-cn
with each f.lachlno, cuarantccir.a to iiccp 12 in repair,
freo of charge, for iivo years. St requires no epesial
Inctructlons to learn how to uso It. CrJc faction .
rjuarantocd, pr no pay. Kachlnca delivered frco cf
chanjo cnywhero In tho United Ctt:c
I Cend far liSirxttsd CataleiMa and tsU, tor uantta c?zr.ltt
end our Circular Ko. 107 far furrar instn.sfiIr f t?-v i - r - -'ass
upon terms st&sd In the Csju3 t - -
Sg.f l7ILG0n GG17U3Q LllGLn.-iiGD.
' oar a 020 Crcsdwsy, Kew Ycritj Ksw Orlzznt. Ls.s
Cr. Ctxta end tisZlssn Cts Ctxlcz K3tcn3 Czs. Vrzr.zlszo, Czl,
j For Sale by all Mrcf-Clasa Beatcrc. '
. X-M 1 iOEE, Agent, " EosoVurg
.....!- . .
Of Male and Female v
-I .
RICHARDS & RCK3 E RS. Proprietors.
irmixr&iJ, cr it Kissa, ejudx to e&sn
. ... t
. Hanufactar of tie Famous
.,: . ?-"., i . .,
Baxter Gpotentoyco
- j - .- i
. : 1 . . :
Front st, bet. Mam and Madison
j- .i Portland, Oregon
f 31 j : i'-t. si . -1 t. : ii
A. T7pcr5'0
"O f W tft
last season 1 cat over two . hand red and forty
. -
t& a Chrc;icmctcr Vstch,
nt n ir-if EJf-rrt. 1
office or
. 1 (tifuaTtBsTf
Xattsua tnu Ctxrur.
. S. IIAItES c; G0.
: i, .- 1 ' '
General llerchimdiED
' Unre a)tantlj on Land
. 4. 1 ... t
- cizza.
Wool QKd Proclnce
Of e-ery description "
.... , . AXP . . . . V . .
Highest Cash rnce Paid for them .
P- : S. MARHS & CO.
YHTT 'aa IDf ko money faster at wot
W U r up hpjx atanythia dse.Cap-.
hal n'tr' aired; will r.rt yea. $12
rvr d y at 'm nude by tt itdsririsca.
Men, women, beys ntd girls traatei every
where to work tor us. I'oxr is tin t',
Toatt aai teres, fr?
TRUE Ce, Aogu:ita, utiz x