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    County Cletk 31
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no. sf;
In Oregon Under Pen
alty of Fine.
At Next Session of the Legis
lature for Utter Extenni-.
nation of "Coffin Taek.-
Representative-elect Charles
McDonald, of Multnomah coun
ty, has drafted a bill which, he
will introduce at the legislature
next winter, haying for its pur
pose the utter extermination of
the "coffin tack", in the Beaver
State." Even substitutes for
cigarettes will be placed under a
ban, and any one, caught giving
or selling the "makings" will be
subjet to fine, and if the fine is
not paid, then off to prison he
' for she) must go. Conservative
; "statistics show that 500,000 cig
arettes are smoked . daily . in
Oregon. The figures may reach
800,000, for the 500,000 daily
consomption is based on 40 'per
cent of the voters smoking only
ten of the "tacks" a day, and qny
cigarette smoker will confess
that ten "cigs" a day is' a nig
gardly allowance, anchsheuld be
20 or 30. Then again, more
than 40 per cent of the voters
use cigarettes and many who
are not voters are heavy ' custo
mers. . The "makings" sold in
this state in a weed run into
several thousand dollars, so the
passing of the proposed reform
measure of Representative Mc
Donald would cut deeply - into
the profits of the tobacconists.
The bill which was prepared by
an attorney and sent to McDon
ald for approval, follows the
Washington law. McDonald,
who is now in Curry county on
his vacation, has written that
the draft of the measure is satis
factory to him, and promises
that it will be one of the first
bills introduced in the coming
session. The bill does not pro
hibit the smoking of the "coffin
tacks," but it makes the secur
ing of .the materials difficult,
almost impossible, in fact. Says
the bill: "It shall be unlawful
'for any person,., by himself,
clerk, servant, employe, or
, agent, directly or indirectly,
upon any pretense or by any de-
vice, to manufacture, sell or ex-
change, barter, dispose of or
give away, or keep for sale, any
' cigarettes, or any paper made or
prepared for the purpose of be
ing filled with tobacco for smok
ing; any person for violation of
the same will be guilty of misde
meanor, '. and upon conviction
shall for the first offense, pay a
fine of not less than $25, nor
. more than $100 and costs of
" prosecution, and stand com
mitted to the county jail until
such costs are paid; and for the
second and each subsequent' of
fense shall pay upon conviction
thereof, a fine of not less than
$100 nor more than ' $500, and
costs of prosecution,' or be im-
f prisoned in the county jail not
ess than one month or more
than six months; provided, that
the provisions thereof shall not
apply nor interfere with the sale,
of, nor disposal by any person
in this state .to any . person out
side of this state." Forest
4Jrove Times.
Improvements Made.
The water commission is mak
ing improvements in the water
main on First street. Over the
engine and boiler at the old
plant a building is being erect
ed, 36x100 feet, which will also
be used as a storage room for
the tools, water supplies, etc.,
belonging to this department
and this pumping station will
be preserved for use in case of
, Workmen are also busy, put
ting new timbers in the tunnel
leading from ; the river under
First street to the pumping sta
tion, and when completed every
thing will be neat and clean
around the place and the city
fully prepared to meet any emer
gency that might arise,.
"Corvallis 'citizens acted wisely
in .securing . the new water- sys
tem and.'; the commission has
shown good business .sense in
the management of it. We have
the reputation of furnishing our
people with the finest water on
the Pacific Coast and it' has add
ed many" good citizens to our
population. . (V -
The McHenry brothers are' do
ing the contract work.
A Wise Selection.
. "
Mrs. Gertrude L. Strange has
been selected by the school board
as the new teacher for the tenth
grade or High ' School depart
ment. The board certainly is to be
congratulated on the selection,
as Mrs. Strange is peculiarly fit
ted for . this .work, having, had
several years' experience as a
teacher in the public schools at
Oregon City and was at one time
county school superintendent of
that county.
Her many friends will be
pleased to learn of her. selection
to this important position.
Of His Experiences in Africa
- Y- This Yeafe W
The Gazette will soon begin
to publish "Roosevelt's Hunting
Stories," written by Theodore
Roosevelt and completely illus
trated. The publication of these
stories will he according to the
custom heretofore of the Gazette
to publish popular stories during
the long evenings of fall and
winter, when, readers enjoy in
teresting reading matter during
the long evenings after the busy
work has' become more quiet. It
is now time that all persons sub
scribe for the Gazette, who wish
to read these thrilling stories, as
they will soon appear in the pa
per. . Similar writings of Presi
dent Roosevelt are To be paid $2
per word for the writings by
eminent publishers.
Subscribe now for the Gazette
so you may not miss any of this
interesting reading matter.
These stories are complete
with the excitement and dangers
of the chase. They breathe the
free air of the mountain and the
plain, and reflect the glow of the
camp fire and express the unique
personality of the author.
During the fall and winter the
Gazette will also publish others
of the latest popular stones."'"
Buy your coffees arid teas at
Still Growing. .
The enrollment- at the public
schools has now passed the 600
mark and many more students
will be added during the week
With the addition of the new
teacher" for the tenth grade, Su
perintendent Fulkerson thinks
they will be able to make ample
provision for all comers during
the hrst semester without furth
er trouble.
The new addition will allow
the school to run on department
lines which will necessarily give
better results.
The carpenters and plumbers
are still busy at work on numer
ous improvements and when all
is completed the schools will be
in splendid condition for active
Quotes Holy Writ in Behalf of the "Big'
Statesman from Ohio.
Its Wisdom; Its Integrity; and
ped With
Milwaukee, Sept. 24. tWis-,
consin had a political climax to
day in the complete and ''em
phatic manner in which Senator
LaFollette nrst declared .Judge
Taft to be radical in his politi
cal ideas and then gave him nis
own unqualified endorsement.
This is said in LaFollette en
dorsement quoted from the
Bible: . ' ' f
"Thou shalt provide out of all
the people able men, ' such . as
fear God ; men of truth, hating
covetousness. ,
He then said, ''Such as the
great leader that we have .with
us today. Nature gave.him
poise, judicial ' temperament,
great force of - character and
tenacity of purpose. ;f
"His long life in the ; public
service is distinguished lf for
marked ability; its - wisdom; ita
integrity ; its patrotism: H$ has
taken . advanced ground upon
the great issues ' of v this great
country. - - He is- prgtesSive in
principle, lie is equipped: with
wonderful experience, j Two
.presidentslnr sutcesslftil'iiave
summoned to their aid, the man
who is our guest today."
LaFollette's endorsement of
Taft was delivered at Mason be
fore an audience composed of
farmers from, all portions of
the state, attending the national
farmers' convention, who cheered
every menjiion and all that he
said about Taft as they did, the
candidate himself, who in turn
before delivering his speech,
naid his compliments to the
In his tariff speech tonight
Taft reviewed ..the promise,, of
his party for revision of . the
tariff and promised . that the
party would adhere to the
promise. He said that where
tariffs are too high they will be
reduced and where too low , they
will be raised."
"It would be revision," he
said, "contrary to democratic
policy of tariff for revenue . only
and would be along the lines of
protection only' .
Taft also spoke today at Beloit,
Evansville.Janesviile, Madison,
Waukesha' and at Racine.
Called to Albany Saturday to
Wait Upon Cnpid.
A prominent Corvallis physi
cian, accompanied by his par
ents and Rev. H. H. Hubbell,
was among the passengers who
left this city Saturday morning
for Albany, where he was called
to attend Cupid's wants, and for
once his '-professional call" was
utterly useless without the - ser
vices of a minister of the gospel.
He was Dr. W. T. Rowley, who
surprised a host of old friends
in Corvallis by his marriage to
Miss Iva Stevenson, a prominent
young lady of Halsey.
The cerenionj', which occurred
sooner than had been planned,
was performed at high noon,
Saturday, at the Christian par
sonage in Albany b Rev. fi. H.
Hubbell of CorVali... Only
relatives and a few . intimate
its Patrotism He Is Equip
Wonderful Experience and a ProgressiTe
friends of the contracting parties
witnessed the ceremony. .
Dr. and Mrs. Tlowley left at
once fof Portland and 5oos Bay
on their wedding trip and will
be absent, until next Monday.
They will make their home in
the Wiles, property on Eighth
street, . which was recently pur
chased by the doctor.
The bride is a charming young
lady of high character and is
well known in Corvallis, where
she has been a popular teacher'
in the public schools. She lias
a wide circle of friends in this
citv who will warmly welcome
her in their midst. The groom
is a prominent and talented
physician and is a young man of
good character and splendid
reputation. " r.
A host of friends extend Dr,
Kowley and his fair bride a
hearty welcome and wish them
all happiness and success., y-"'--.
College Graduates, United For
Tuesday evening, September
22nd, at their new home at vol
Commercial Street, Portland, oc
curred a wedding of interest to
bid Corvallis friends, when Miss'
in marriage to Charles Y. Rossi
Rev. E. H. Mowre, pastor of the
Second Street Sou,th Methodist
church of Portland, officiating.
About 25 relatives and intimate
friends were present to witness
the impressive ceremony.
The bride, who is a winsome
girl, was very dainty in a white
lingerie gown and carried a
beautiful bouquet of white asters.
The guests were received by Mrs.
Roy Birke, sister .of the bride,
foimerly Miss Effie Michael, an
OAC graduate, assisted by Miss
Bessie Yates of Vancouver, also
a graduate of OAC and a former
Corvallis girl, and Miss Winnie
Michael. After congratulations,
dainty refreshments were served
by Mrs. E. H. Mowre. A num
ber ot eiegant; presents were re
ceived, among which were sil
verware, cut glass, art pottery
and many other beautiful and
useful gifts.
The bride is a daughter of Mr,
and Mrs. J. E. Michael, former
residents of Corvallis. and is a
graduate of the Oregon Agricul
tural College, being a member
of the class of 1901. She was a
bright and popular student and
made many mends during her
residence in this city who wish
her all happiness and success in
the future. The groom is a
member of the graduating class
of 1903 at the University of Ore
gon, and is an employe of the
furniture firm of J. G. Mack &
Co. of; Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Ross will reside
in Portland and are at home to
their friends. May the richest
joys and successes be theirs in
their wedded life.
Farm for Rent.
A good grain or , dairy farm
for rent, three miles from Cor
vallis; address P. O. Box 186,
Corvallis, Oregon.
Disastrous Fire.
At about five o'clock Thurs
day morning fire was discovered
in what is known as the Excel
sior Prune Dryer on the Wil
helm farm, six miles south of
Belle fountain. .The fire evident
ly caught from the stove and
was under such headway when
discovered that it was impossible
to extinguish the flames.
Seeing it was impossible to
save the dryer, attention was
at once directed by the men in
charge to the storage room which
was saved by bard work. Had
this building caught it would
have been impossible to save
any. of the buildings about the
place as they ; re .closely con
nected. The storage room stood
60 feet from the dryer.
The drying 1 season - had just
commenced and about 300 bush
els of prunes were on the floor,
which were, a total loss. .
The building was owned by
Mr. Wilhelm of Monroe, and he
reports his loss at about $3000
with, an insurance of $1500.
Another Good Citizen.
J.J. Howser, formerly of Jack
son county and ex-Mayor ; of
Medford, who has been in Cor
vallis for two months, has pur
chased a very desirable 5-acre
tract near the college on Monroe
street of X .. S. 1 rue, the consid
eration being $4,550. It is Mr.
Howser's intention to have the
tract laid out in lots this fall
Mr. Howser is a hotel man and
a builder and contractor, but
just what business he will ven
ture into here he has not yet
decided. His family will arrive
in October. They are at present
over at the coast where they
have been living the past few
years for the benefit of the health
of one of the. little boys VV; - Mr:
Howser has been a. resident of
Oregon for 22 years, coming
from Ohio, and has located here
with the intention of making
Corvallis his future home. Mr.
and Mrs. Howser are members
of the pTesbyterien church and
the former is an Odd Fellow.
Passes to the Great Beyond
: Friday Morning.
A life went out and another
Christian was called to meet her
God Friday morning at 2 o'clock
when Mrs. Annette Baldwin fell
into that deep sleep that knows
no awakening on earth. Death
occurred at the home of Mrs.
Clarence Starr, who is a daugh
ter of the deceased, and was due
to old age, Mrs. Baldwin having
passed her 7oth milestone at the
time of her death.
The funeral occurred at 10:45
Sunday morning at the Evan
gelieal church, Rev. E. E. Mc
Vicker officiating, and interment
was in Crystal Lake cemetery.
A large number of old friends
and neighbors were present to
pay their last respects to the
departed and many beautiful
floral offerings were in evidence
A large choir furnished several
appropriate selections.
Deceased was a quiet, cheerful
Christian woman and her pass
ing is mourned by a wide circle
of relatives and friends.- The
immediate survivors are two
sons, Ed Baldwin, of Corvallis,
and A. L., who reside at Wald
port, and two daughters, one re
siding in the hja,s and Mrs.
Clarence Starr of this city. Mr.
Baldwin died many, years ago. ..
' The' bereaved ones, have the
deep sympathy of the commu
nity in their loss.
Alcazar Stock Company Coming.
Next Friday at the opera house
the Alcazar Stock Company will
begin a two nights' engagement,
playing "His Wife's Hobby," a
sparkling comedy of the firstclass
Yaquina to Newport
in Near Future.
0'firian Then takes Trip to
Sclifz Country By Way of
Roek Creek.
J. H. O'Brien, general mana
ger of theS. P., and Att'y Cotton,
accompanied by J. Iv- Weather
ford, vice president of the C. k .
E,, came to Norton's, Thursday,
and leaving their private car,
struck out for the' Siletz country
by way of Rock Creek. ' Deputy
County Clerk Lee "Wade met
these gentlemen at the Agency
and piloted them down the
winding Siletz river to the Bay.
From there they came . to New
port by livery Conveyance, John
Fogarty in command.
In this city Mr. O'Brien was
waited upon by some of pur of
ficials and business men and
asked to restore the old schedule
of train service, with a little var
iation in the time of departing
in the morning and returning
in the evening. ; Mr: O'Brien
promised to consider the matter
and make the change if it could
be made consistently withthfcir
train service. s He spiWfe.1.
encouragingly ; in regard o
tending the Toad from Yaquina
to Newport and thought the ex.
tension would be made in the
near future.
Sunday the party went down
the beach to Seal Rocks and re
turned in time to take their
special train to Albany.
They did not make us wise as
to their tour of the Siletz coun
try and we' are at liberty to form
our individual opinions with the
probability that none of us will
get within a thousand miles of
the correct solution Yaquina
Buy your Coffees and Teas at
D. D. Berman's.
order. This is a play that every
husband and wife should see, as
well as those who expect to be
come husbands and wives. It
will creat a roar of amusement
that will cause you to , laugh for
a week.
The leading woman, Miss May
Barbour, well . and . favbxflbly
known in the East and on this
coast where she has played for
years, is an excellent actress and
is especially adapted to strong
emotional lines.
G. Lester Paul is a leading,
man of wide experience and
reputation. He is playing lead
ing roles and has personal direc
tion of the productions, which
in itself is an assurance of a high
class artistic performance.
The cast is first class in every
respect and gives as fine a pro-:
duction . as any of. the big road
companies. It is the aim of the
management to have the people
of Corvallis appreciate the fact
that they have a home interest
in the Alcazar Company, inas
much as it belongs to the Wil
lamette Valley, and will visit our
town from time to time during
the present season, always with
plays that will merit the patron
age of our best people, and at
prices that will be within the
reach of all.
Reserved seats for this attrac
tion will be on sale at Graham &
Wortham's drug store Wednes
day morning, prices 35 and 50
cents ; general admission 25c.
This is the company which is
engaged to play here two nights
in the week.