Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, December 31, 1907, Image 1

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Vol. XLV.
o i am is. Benton County, Ori-ocms ' Tubs
No. :r
Fancy Chinaware,
Light and Dark Art Rozine Ware,'
Souvenir Ware. A complete stock of
Lamps and Jardinieres of all kinds. A
complete stock of
.Staple and Fancy Groceries
at reasonable prices. Call Independent
Phone 7.
Thatcher-Johnson Co.
We Will Smooth Your Wrinkles
ot perplexity caused by the trying time of selecting Hol
iday Presents. We cffer a lew suggestions :
Ladies, Silverware, Lockets, Sterling Silver Pieces,
Opera Glasses. Gents, Paiker Fountain Pens, Watch
Chains, Emblem Pins and Buttons, Field Glasses. A
large variety of appropriate presents.
E. W. S. PRATT, The Jeweler & Optician.
Store Ooen Evenings.
0. J. Blackledge
Furniture Store,
Corvallis, Oregon
You Take PJo Chances
When You Buy Grocencs
At This Store
All our goods are guaranteed to
comply with the
Pure Food Law
We have the best
Wo Warn Your Business
Hodes Grocery,
That's It!
Cough yourself into fit of spas me and
Hm wonoerwhy you don't per. well. If
tro will caly try a bottle of Fallard'e
Horehonni' Byrup your covgh will be a
tbiig ol the raft- It is positive cure
lor Con (the,- 1: flneria,. Brent hilie and
all Polmcnary diseacea. Ore bottle w ill
oo vipce yet rt vrttr r'rrroitt. 25c, 50c,
f .CO Sold by Graham & YYertham.
V. hat's
Worth doing is worth doing well. If
Ten wish to he cured of Rbeoniatinr,
iiee Fallard'a fto Licin-ent and you
will oe "well cured." A positive cure tor
Sprains, Neura'gia, BrristB, Contracted
Muscles ard-ell the ills tbst fit-th is heir
1o. A. G. M. YVilliarre, Kavasota, Tex-as,
wiitts: "I lf'e csed Srow 1 ininent lor
sprained ankle and it psve the bet of
satisfaction. I always keep it in tbe
house. " Sold 1 y Ciraham. YYortbaua.
Favorite tonic ie While's Criam 'er
tniluge, the core for woirre, and all chil
dren's diseases. It not only kills the
woiune, but Ten ovee the irucus and slime
iu which they build their peat. Its ac
tion on the child ia roi'd and leaves him
in a healthy condition. Joe Daniel, Sur
Dir, Tenn., eava that be pave oe of bia
rhlldrea Wbite'e Cream Vermifuge when
,tbe doctor theagbt it bad colic, ad irotn
the flrat dot the child paaaed 73 er.
Sola r Qrahaaa AWefttatn. 7 - fl'
and nothing but
fiotlce of Final Settlement.
In the irattcT ol the estate of Varc J. Single,
deceased. "
- he ice is hereby gTven that the Bnd'raigrned,
c"irii!islTMnr ot tf-e ette ot Fy J FlfiJe, rie
etafKd, 1 sf f led riKflal acfntai- Mich adn itt
i stutter- itb tt-e t-Urt o; 11 e cunty court c f tbe
state of Crept r frr Fci tfr f cvrtv. r.o" th said
ccurt has Used Mot .rr. theSfthdsv ofjamtary.
IPOS, at tbe 1 cor of 2 o'clock in the" afternoou, as
the tin e . irr tl c 1:1 t ei lit item in the court
house ir Ccnallis, Ferton County. Oregon, as the
place for heani? r pro all ct jw ti us to the
B)d ecrcvtif srdfor ettlu rt therecf.
I'atcd this Pecemter 6th, I9O7,
E. F. WlieCK,
fi n iuifittator cf the tslste of aucj J. SlPK'e.
deceased. MMtf
Early to Bed
rd early tr riee, n tier cne IfaMby,
hrppv erd wift f sr it lly if f u tkf
HtrHre tefcie rf 'irirt-. A rceitive roie
for Ccrtij.stion. rysterfia- rd all livei
ccrrp'a ntp. Mrs. h ' Colon bis, lerr..
writes: "I alf is leep a supply c Jc nr
Heibine cn bard. Am to pleated with
the relief )i gives in tcnttij aticn m d all
liver ccn ilrir.ts. that wcrds cpe'i u
presp d y rrr'fcistitn." c;d bj fcia
ham & Worthsm.
Jersey Bull For Sale.
Deeeended frcn. Grand Coin and Gold
en Glow ; irrrorted tow testis a 18 lba
i;aurr lat m i ubti uifjjfai tvii. ou-.
dresa, M, S. Wpixcccr, Ccivallia, Ore-J
SOB. V 72
Spirit of the Day Should Linger
Throughout the Year.
It is a good thing to observe
Christmas day. Tbe me.e mark
ine of times and seasons, when
men agree to stop work and make
merry together is a wise and
wholesome custom, writes Rev.
Henry Van Dyke, D. D. It
helps one to feel the supremacy
of tbe common life over tbe in
dividual lite. It reminds the
roan to set bis own little 'watch
now and then, by tbe great watcb
of humanity which inns on sun
But there is a better thing tbaa
tbe observance of Christmas day,
and that is keeping Christmas.
Are you willing to forget what
you have done for other people
and to remember - what other
peop'e have done for you; to
ignore what the world owes you,
and to think wbat you owe Jo
tbe world; to put your rights in
the background, and your duties
in the middle distance, and youT
chances to do a little more than
your! duty in the foreground; to
see that your fellowmen are just
as real as you are, and try to
look behind their taces to their
hearts, bunprey -for joy; to own
that probably the only good rea
son for j cur existence is not what
you are going to get out of life,
but what you are going to give to
life; to close your book of com
plaints against the management
ot the universe, and to look
around you for a place where you
can sow a few seeds of happiness
are you willing to do tb.'se
things even for a day? Then vou
can keep Christmas. .. . . .-.
Are "you "willing to stoop down
and consider the needs and desires
of little children; to remember
the weakness and loneliness of
people who are growing old; to
stop asking how much your
friends love you, and ask yourself
whether you love them enough;
to bear in mind the things that
other people have to bear on their
hearts; "to try to understand wbat
those, who live in tbe same bouse
with you really want, without
waiting for them to tell you; to
trim your lamp so that it will give
more light and less smoke, and
to carry it in front so that your
shadow will fall behind you; to
make a grave for all your ugly
thoughts, and a garden for your
kindly feelings, with the gate
open are you willing to do these
things even for a day? Then you
can keep Christmas.
Are you willing to believe that
love is tbe strongest thing in tbe
world stronger than bate or evil,
stronger than death and that the
blessed life which begaa in Beth
lehem 1,900 years ago is the im
age and brightness of the eternal
love? Then yon can keep Christ
mas. And .if yon keep it for a day,
why not keep it always?
Bnt yon can never keep it alone.
Played Basket Ball in Albany.
In a most exciting game of
basket ball at tbe local rink on
Thursday night, the Corvallis
skating team defeated- the local
five by a score ot 31 to 6. In
spite of the large score which the
visitors piled up against tbe Al
bany beys, the game proved most
interesting to the spectators
because of this beirg tbe first
basket ball game plaed on
skates. Familiarity with tht
finer points ot the game combiner
with the ability to throw baskttf
whenever tue opportunity offered,
gave tte Corvallis bos their
laigesccie. In tbe first ve min
utes of play the visitors by swif
work piled up tbe majority ol
their points, but tbereaiter cui
ing tbe icmaincer of tbe first hsli
and throughout tbe second half,
the local ,boys held the visiter.
down, and tbe game was men
even. At the end of the fiist
half tbe scere was 25 to 3. Th
points . for tbe ucme teem
were made on thiows from the
foul line with one exception,
when Beeson threw a. goal from
tbe field, Foster, tbe OAC cen
ter proved tbe star for the visitors;
and his remarkable accuracy in
throwing baskets irom tbe field,
was responsible in a large degree
for tbe big score of tbe Corvallis
boys. "' While tbe game was rough
at times, it never failed to be
interesting and the spectators
were kept in a fever, ot excite
ment throughout the game. . It
is probable another game will be
played between tbe two teams.
The All Oreroa Fruit Show.
Portland, January 14-15, 1908,
will be the scene of the greatest
horticultural meeting yet held in
the state. Not only will an in
teresting and instructive program
be presented, including talks by
tbe most successful growers and
shippers in the states of Oregon,
California, 'Idaho and Washing
ton, bnt there will be the finest
display of winter fruits ever wit
nessed in . the Northwest. A
splendid set of cups and awards
will be given for the best fruit
shown, and the "iudsing will be
done; by a government officer of
national ; repute. The complete
premium list will be announced
shortly. ' :'v . .
The regular reduced rates will
be accorded by the transporta
tion compapies provided fifty are
present, and the occasion will be
one of wide interest to the fruit
growers of this entire Northwest,
and particularly of Oregon.
At this time we want to call
tbe attention of every producer
of choice winter truit to the sub
ject &t exhibiting and tbe impor
tance of filing bis request for
space at an early date.
The exhibit already exceeds
in promises, that made last year,
so that it is impoitant that ex
hibitors file their request for
space at an early date with J. H.
Reid, Milwaukie.
It is sot every year that we
have an opportunity of having
our products passed upon by a
a national expert. The occasion
ought to be one of great value
to our growers. Bring or send
your unknown or new varieties
as well., so that they may be
named. E. R. Lake,
R. C. Kiger Will Filed.
Tbe will ot the late R. C.
Kiger has been filed at the clerk's
office for probate. The instru
ment was executed in Corvallis,
October 22, 1900, and George
W. Irvine and H. S. Peinot are
the witnesses. -
Tbe estate is valued at $37,000
and after directing the payment
of all just debts, tbe expenses of
his last illness, and burial, Mr
Kiger authorizes tbe payment to
bis widow, Mrs. Minerva Kiger.
for tbe maintenance of herself
and daughter, Miss Minerva Ki
ger, pending the settlement of
estate, f 1000, to be taken from
the first money received from the
estate applicable to such purpose.
He then bequeaths to tbe widow
during her lifetime all tbe proper
ty of which be was possessed,
the same aiter ber demise to be
given to tbe three children, John,
Will and Minerva Kiger, share
and share alike.
All tbe remaining pioperty,
personal . ard mixed, after
tbe allowance of $ 1000 is
paid,, is oideied to "be divided
equally between tbe widow and
the three cbildien.
Tbe widow is aj pointed guar
cin. of the peisor, proreity and
tstate tf tht miter child, Mi
nerva Kif,i, to serve vitboct
prcbatt precetdiegs of an kind;
atd l&stiv, ii.t widew it appoint
ed txe cntiii. tf tl e last w;ll aLC
testament deceased, to serve
without bo 1 '..
.The folkwirg tppraisers of
the estate beve been appointed:
J. R. Rowland, T. W. B. Smith
and Fundetson Avery.
Of. Sight's Seen in California-
- Coach Swarm's Letter.
. "I am now in sunny California
and the weather is prettv nice,
I must adroit,'?, writes Claude
Swann .to ..bis parents 'in Cor
vallis, - from San Francisco on
December 23. Lilies and all
kinds of bouse plants are in bloom
out of doors. We went .out to
Golden Gate Park, saw tbe ocean.
San Francisco bay,' tbe r place
where the Clin House stood and
many other places of : interest,"
writes the little basket ball coach,
and continues: ; '.'-v.-''':,'v.:v
' "San Francisco looks like a
village tor it has never been
cleaned up good yet and manv of
the old buildings are lying just
as they fell . Tbe streets- have
(never been cleaned . up enough
. t r , - .
so an auiumoDiie can get aiong.
You cannot imagine how terrible
the shock was unless you could
see things, and of course tbey are
much better now than they were.
I can sit right where I am in
Hotel Stewart, and look ; out
tbe window and see for miles and
cannot see a building of auy con
sequence that is whole, and all
the . buildings l ean see that are
over three stories high are noth
ing but ruins. There are great
piles of brick and twisted frame
woik to be seen-Mr every direc
tion. The city hall is certainly
a tough looking customer, and
and so is the St. Francis Hotel,
which was the finest on the
coast. We are staying just
across the street lrom it at a fine
hotel. There are. eleven of us
here, we get a rate and still pay
$35 per day,
"California is all right and
tbe.e is certainly lots to see.
We saw some beautiful scenery
as we were coming over the Sis-
kiyous, but the best of all was at
Shasta Springs. Tha't is cer
tainly a great place, everything
one could wish. we landed
there at 7 p. m. and all the
lights were on. A little stream
flows down the mountain there
and it has about 40 small falls
and the bed of the stream is
lined different colored electric
lights with the water flowing
over them and maybe yon think
it isn't pretty.
"The whole Sacramento Val
ley is not so slow, either. We
play tonight at Berkeley, on
Wednesday and Thursday nights
at Santa Cruz aud New Year
day at Salt Lake City, so we will
be going some in the next week."
Why Girls Leave Home" At
Opera House Tonight.
Tbe problem "Whv Girls
Leave Home" is one that has
taxed tbe minds of many parents
to solve, but it is said that a care
ful study of - the play by that
name which will be presented at
the Opera House tonight, will as.
sist materially, in the solution,
and also point out a moral that
cannot go unnoticed. The story
is one that is told in a new man
ner, aud by tbe use of dramatic
license forms many stage pictures
of interest. It deals principally
with four persons, mother, broth
er and two sisters, one of whom
being susceptible to flattery it
induced to leave her borne against
the wishes of her mother, and if.
Jured to a dubious re?f?nrant,
and is there induced todtiijk and
associate with debonair sccun-
dieis and women without princi
ple or aim in life. Tbe story
is unfolded in a coherent and con
nected manner and is absolutely
devoid ot all bcrse-play and blood
and tburder, so usual in present
day productions. The play is
produced by an excellent cast
and comes highly recommended.
Sheep For Sale.
Eifbly bead of good ewes bred to
thorcuptbred bucks. L. A. Eouck,
Manroe, Oregon, E. F. D. 1. Phone
BaUefouatain. ltf
n Woods Family Reunion.
1 be home of Mr. and Mrs. J.
W. Woods, of this city, was the
scene of an enjoyable family re
union on Christmas day. Aa
unusual, feature was 'that four
generations were represented t -the
gathering. - The first ws
represented by J. W. Woods, C.
A., ,-C. N. v and Master Aestou
Woods, all of - Corvallis. Tbe
second, vMts. J. N. Woods, Mrs.
Linnie Grimshaw, Mrs.- Etta
Woodworth and little daughter,
Lois. "
. The . host and ' hostess have '
passed their 52nd wedding anni
versary but are both' unusually
hale and hearty, and on this occa
sion proved themselves royal en
tertainers. . -Tbe dinner served
by Mrs; Woods will Jong be re
membered. .
Mr. and Mrs. Woods have two
children, nine grandchildren and
four great grandchildren. Two
grandsons were prevented by
business from being present at
the reunion. They are ' L M.
Grimshaw of Portland, and Prof.
J. M. Woods of Toledo:" ,
. Those present were: ' Mr. and
Mrs. C. A. Woods and two child-
ren, Walter and Edna; Mr. and
Mis. Ar N. Woods and ; three
children, Aeston, Raymond and
Isabell, all of Corvallis; Mr.
and Mrs. G. L. Giimshaw and
three sons, Leonard, John and
Ray, of Portland; Mr.and Mrs,
Woodworth and daughter, Lois,
of Portland; S. S. Woods, of,
Oskalocsa, Iowa, a brother ot J.
W. Woods; also a nephew and
family, Mr. and Mrs." W. G.
Wooas and son,.of Forest Grove. ,
N ot withstanding - the . ; stormy-''
weather ""peace and "goodwill""
reigned and the reunion was in
deed a happy affair.
Death of Anna French.
Friends and acquaintances of
the family were surprised and
shocked Sunday to learn that
Miss Anna French had died sud
denly at the family home west of
town. According to meagre de
tails learned, the young lady had
been ill for a couple of weeks
with jaundice but nothing serious
was thought ot it. On Christ
mas day Miss French was down
town and took cold, but still ber
trouble was not regarded with
alarm by ber relatives, Sunday
morning, however, : sbe was so
much worse that a Corvallis pby- .
sician was summoned, but before
his arrival tbe young woman was
Tbe funeral occurred yester
day afternoon at two o'clock from
the family residence,, the services .
conducted by Rev. J. R. N. Bell,
of the Presbyterian church, and
interment was in I. O. O. F.
Deceased was aged about 19
years and was the second daugh
ter of Mr. and Mis. Henry
French, well known and respect
ed residents of Corvallis. The
parents, brothers and sisters have
tbe deep sympathy of all in their...
Real Estate Transfers.
Geo. A. Houck to J. J. Houck.
land r.ear Belllountaiu; $10.
Cynthia E. Henkle and hus
band to M. E. Abbott, 160 acres
near Philomath; $10.
M. E. Abbott and husband to
C. E. Henkle, lots 7, 8, and 9,
block 2, Co. Add Corvallis; $10.
P. E. Williamson to Malinda
C. Williamson, 40 acres near Al
bany; $2500. c
P. E. Williamson to W. A.
Williamson, fio acres near Al
banj ; $2500.
M. L. Buckingham to A. M.
Taylr, 120 acres near Bellfoun
tain; $3000.
J. H. Merryman to Mary E.
Wright, lots 166, blk 43 Brqvn's
Add Philomath; 150.